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[List] Essential Software for your Windows PC


  • Notepad++: a quick notepad for all your quick editing needs.
  • Atom IDE: an IDE-notepad hybrid.
  • VS Code: after acquisition of GiHub (creator of Atom) by Microsoft (creator of VS Code), it seems Atom won't receive any attention. Moreover, VS Code is working on Live Preview (Google Docs like live document which can be edited in real time!) which will blow Atom out of the competition even in its current state.
  • Libre Office: a worthy competitor of MS Office.
  • TeraCopy: a power tool which predicts copy-paste time accurately. It can also perform hash check to ensure your files we copied correctly.
  • ueli: a simple software which will eliminate the need for Start and dock. Just press Alt+Space and search apps, folders, and settings.
  • f.lux: reduces blue light from your monitor and helps you maintain your sleeping schedule. Alternative:
  • Metatogger: a complete solution for editing MP3tags. Alternative:
  • Todoist: a simple cross platform to-do list app.
  • PeaZip: a modern zip program which supports almost every compresses file there is. No more annoying trial expired popups.
  • qBitTorrent: a fast and secure torrent client. Alternative:
  • BitComet: this is great for both torrents and HTTP(S) downloads. A free and secure alternative to IDM.
  • MusicBee: a customizeable music application with great tools which won't get in your way.
  • WinDirStat: get a visual representation of what is hogging space in your drive.
  • Sumatra PDF: a really small PDF viewer. That's it, its just a PDF viewer for fast loading and no bloat.
  • PotPlayer: a cleaner, faster alternative to VLC.
  • youtube-dl: a completely free tool to download audio, video, and playlists from websites like YouTube, Soundcloud, and Vimeo. No more ads, quality limit, first 20 files in a playlist restriction.
  • darktable: somewhere between stock image viewer and lightroom, and it is non-destructive. Suggested by SparxNet. Alternative:


  • Photoshop: nothing really comes close to the power and accessibility of PS. Alternatives:
  • MS Office: the good old office suite which started it all.
  • SmallPDF: a tool which converts your pdf to almost every popular format. It is also available for free as a PDF viewer.
  • BitDefender: after personally trying all the top 5 AV software, this was the most effective while keeping resources in check.
EDIT1: added youtube-dl
EDIT2: added some suggestions from comments
EDIT3: check this comment for some niche and specialized tools.
EDIT4: check this markdown file for some more classified tools aggregated by TheChiefMeat. Fixed a typo.
EDIT5: added vs code
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New to server and eager to learn. Help is appreciated :)

Hi all,
I’ve just joined this subreddit a couple of weeks back and was really interested in trying out building a server and virtualizing it.
Some background, I don’t have much of a computer-related background except things that I google and follow. Similarly goes to my knowledge in Linux [though I would love to learn more things related to Linux, currently looking through videos by Eli the Comp Guy]. I have setup some applications in Raspberry Pi, know a little about Linux CLI. I’ve tried virtualizing some OS to test out Snapraid functions for a NAS that I might build soon.
I have a high interest in learning all these server related stuffs and would like to get some clarification and guidance from everyone :)
It might a kind of a long post, so apologies in advance. I’ve gone through quite a number of posts and found out that there are so many server types available. Managed to find the explanation for a few of them; some I understand and some are still vague. Could you double check them for me and perhaps explain one or two and answer some questions as well? [Pardon if formatting isn't good]
Server Types Functions / Qustions
NAS • Used for data storage within local network • Provides redundancy options, if one chooses to • Not a sole backup option, but instead one of the step • Never to virtualize a NAS to avoid complication • OS/Software to use: Freenas, Snapraid, UnRaid, Flexraid
Database • I read that it uses sql [yet to try and learn this] • Stores things according to how the owner assigns it • Basically like Excel but on steroids?• Question: For database server, I only have to learn sql? • **Question: What OS/Software do I need for a database server?Question: Do we have to manually input data into the database or we can set/configure it to obtain it from a certain application/server?
Webserver • Used to host websites for internal or external use. • Can be used to host files as well? • Question: What do I need to learn to host a webserver? To write a site, I need HTML, CSS and javascript at least, correct?Question: What OS/Software do I need for a database server?Question: Does one webserver only host one website?Question: If hosting website for external use, how do I make it more secure?
FTP • Used to transfer file between clients • Currently I only use Filezilla to FTP into Raspberry Pi. •Question: For server, what software do I use? Is it Filezilla Server software? Do I run it inside of Virtualized Linux OS?Question: Is it possible to allow FTP between two computers that are on different state? If so, how do I make it more secure?
Torrent • Used as a machine to download and seed torrents. • Question: Do I just run Transmission on Linux OS? Or is there other way I can learn?Question: For those who using a monthly seedbox, is this torrent server necessary other than as a learning opportunity?
Firewall • Mainly a firewall, just much more better than what currently that is being used. • The only one I heard about is pfSense [which is both a firewall and router]. • Is there any other alternative for this? Perhaps use pfsense solely as a router and something else for firewall?
DHCP • Basically server in charge of assigning ip address. •Question: Is that it’s only function? In that case, instead of a separate server, I just put it together with the pfSense?
Web Cache • From what I read, it caches websites and videos, so next time it loads instantly. •Question: Does it mean if I were to watch a Youtube video, and a few hours/days later, my sister watches the same thing, she doesn’t need to buffer it at all?Question: How long are the caches stored? Does depends on my setting and storage? How much storage would I need?Question: Is that it’s only function? And similarly to DHCP, I let pfSense handle it?
DNS • Assigns name to ip address? • Does it mean instead of typing, I just type something like mynas.something.something once I configured it?
VPN • Encrypts incoming and outgoing data • For extra privacy protection • Question: Again, do I just configure this with pfSense? If a standalone VPN server is possible, what OS/Software do I use?
DMZ • Never really understood this but it’s essentially a server that sits outside of the firewall and connects to the outside world. Is this correct? • Question: Can I know the benefit of such a thing?Question: What do I need to learn or have to use it?
Remote Access • I can’t find a clear cut answer to this.• Question: Does this mean it’s a server that allows me to access it from another location and via this server; I can access other server in its network?Question: What do I need to learn or have to use it in terms of OS/Software?
Account Authentication • Honestly, have no idea about this or how it works? • Is it a standalone server or it works in tandem with other servers?Question: What do I need to learn or have to use it in terms of OS/Software?
File and Print Server • Is this different from FTP server? • I understand that Print server would refer to a server where all the computers are connected to and if any of them were to press print, it redirects to this server, correct? • Question: What does the File part refer to?Question: What do I need to learn or have to use it in terms of OS/Software?
??? • I don’t know what this is called but it was a website server.myname.co.uk, and it has files in it that one can download directly using a download manager. • Can I know what it is?
I realize that there are a lot of things up there and many more out there, while I’m excited to learn all of them, I’ll be learning them one at a time or so, depending on how much time per day I have. I really would like to learn as much as possible, doesn’t matter how long it takes :) So, if there is anything else I can learn, do let me know
As for the hardware, do I need to get refurbished servers? I notice that many suggests the Dell R710 servers and similar, but in my country, those are really expensive, even used ones.
  • Is there any drawback if I were to build mine from scratch using server hardware [CPU, Motherboard and RAM that uses ECC] vs refurbished servers?
  • As far as I know, I’ve only read about ECC RAM used for correcting errors in mission-critical data like for example in NAS. With exception of NAS, is it necessary to use ECC RAM for the above servers? ECC RAM here is quite expensive. I could buy 2x16GB ECC at US with what I could buy 2x8GB ECC at my country.
  • For the vCPU allocation, assuming I’m running 4 virtual servers and each need 2 cores, I would need a CPU that has 8 thread cores [4 Cores/8 Threads], rights?
  • For dual CPU motherboard, can I run it with a single CPU first, then add on a second CPU later? Is it possible to mix CPUs like Xeon E5-2650 and Xeon-2670?
  • For servers, there is usually a redundant CPU that acts as a failsafe if one of it fails. Is there something similar for normal desktop use?
That's mostly the questions I have gathered these past few weeks. Again, sorry for the long post and I appreciated any and every help that I can get.
Thank you in advance.
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