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I have two Cronus devices, each loaded with scripts, one for my PlayStation 3, and another for my PlayStation 4. When I sign in to the Cronus pro software on my computer, I can't get it to toggle between the two. The studio installed fine, mapped my key buttons as to my preference, loaded a gamepack. Crouch spam works if you got c as your crouch and also no crouch toggle.

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Warface: Breakout brings the classic, gunplay-focused competitive FPS experience to Xbox One, enhanced with optimized console controls and free post-launch seasonal updates. This is AHK color aimbot I scripted. There are free hacks out there.


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Aim Assist and Anti-Recoil are of course included, both capable of tuning their settings from your controller while playing the game. Since this is an online multiplayer game, there are no ways of cheating, such as cheat codes, integrated in the game, forcing us to come up with our own methods. I should work on any kind of 16: 9 resoultion.

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PUBG M alternatives guide. Do add your suggestions.

Since PUBG Mobile got banned in India, i went on a spree of trying fps games. No doubt PUBG was the best because it had all the options, controls, physics, smooth movement. The tilt and scope option was so useful, I don't know why other games are not including that.
My search was for a game with controls like PUBG Mobile with Arcade style gameplay similar to Counter Strike. So here are my views about what the games offer.
COD Mobile - Most close to PUBG. Fast paced, good Battle Royale and TDM with popular maps. Movements are good, too much audio, but no tilting option.
StrikeTeam- Closest to what i was searching, has good controls, but the movement is choppy. Userbase is very poor, interface is full of bugs. Wish to see this game to get popular.
Standoff2 and CriticalOps- Very similar to Counter Strike. FPParcade game. Good user base, but movements are not so good, No scope/ironsight option, only hip-fire.
Battle Prime- Good graphics and Gameplay, good Battle royale and TDM. A developing game and has good potentials.
Garena FreeFire- Lighter BR mode, okayish graphics, no recoil, movements are not good. Wholesome game for fun but not as skill-based and competitive as PUBG or COD.
Area F2- An exact copy of PC game 'Rainbow Six Siege'. This was available as early access, but because of some legal issues was taken down. Not available anymore. Hope it gets back.
Other worth mentions- Mordern Combat Versus, WW2, Warface, Blitz brigade, Gods of Boom
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Halloween [Part 2] Update 2020 coming soon! [PC]

Halloween [Part 2] Update 2020 coming soon! [PC]
This post will continue the discussing new content from the last post for the upcoming Halloween 2020 update. The list below sums all of the new features/content that we will discuss later in the post.
  • Weapons:
  1. Golden Katana + Stats
  2. VSSK "Vihlop" + In depth stats
  3. Pumpkin Grenade
  • Map:
  1. Ghost Town
  • Other cosmetics:
  1. New banners for old Christmas weapons
  • Armor:
  1. 4 new Halloween themed masks

Golden Katana

The long awaited golden Katana has finally arrived! The weapon features higher damage and wider hit radius. And because it's one of the most old weapon in the game, the golden variant sports a unique golden skin design that no golden gun that came before it has!
Golden Variant statistics:
  • Primary attack damage: 90 damage (+10)
  • Secondary attack damage: 180 damage (+20)
  • Range (+wider hit radius)

VSSK "Vihlop"

VSSK "Vihlop" sports almost the same statistics as the good ole' SV-98, yet it features an integrated silencer that doesn't decrease the damage and an integrated bipod that greatly reduces recoil and sway.

Damage 350
Minimum Damage 285
Maximum Damage Drop 135
Range 55/60*
RPM 46.7 (while hipfire)/38.8 (while ADS)
Minimum Spread 30
Maximum Spread 40
Body Multipliers 5,0 (head)/1,08 (torso)/1,3 (arms)/1,3 (legs)
Weapon Switching Speed 300ms (same for both switching in and out)
ADS Speed 125ms
Exit ADS Speed 125ms
Reload Duration 3620ms
Magazine Capacity 7/9*
Total Ammunition 49/63*
Full Repair Cost 5400 Warface Dollars
*Golden variant stats differs

Pumpkin Grenade

Perhaps one of the most unique item out of all Warface Weapons, Pumpkin grenade acts as a throw-able claymore! It bounces from walls, rolls on the floor and only explodes when an enemy is in it's trigger area. It deals the same damage as the 360 anti personnel claymore when triggered and stays on the map for 25 seconds after it has been thrown before vanishing! And because it's a throw-able claymore and not an actual claymore, anti-claymore boots doesn't work against it!
Video demonstrating the new grenade! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4tuu2PhnAM&feature=emb_logo
  • Damage: 400
  • Minimum Range: 0.5 meters
  • Maximum Range: 2.0 meters

Ghost Town

Ghost Town will be the 4th Bag and Tag map for said gamemode. The map layout highly resembles the Battle Royale map, Exclusion Zone but a bit smaller. As of now, we only have little amount of information about the new map. But rest assured, I will create a new post once more info gets announced. As of now, enjoy a sneak peak.

New Achievement for old Christmas weapons

  • Get 2000 kills with Christmas ACR
  • Get 2000 kills with Christmas Kriss Super V
  • Get 2000 kills with Christmas Spas-12
  • Get 2000 kills with Christmas AS50
  • Get 200 kills with Christmas Desert Eagle

New Halloween Masks

After being a console exclusive content for a full year, the masks will finally makes it's first appearance on PC! These masks are also unique to each classes (except SED, how sad).
  • Head protection: 40%
  • Flashbang Protection: 40%
Annddddd..... That is it. There's still some more halloween content that has yet to be announced, but you bet I'll cover it sooner or later. I also want to apologize for the late post. Due to reasons i didn't have enough time to create this post until today XD So what's your opinion soldiers? Good? Bad? Wanna know how to get free kredits in totally legal way and not some kind of scam? Whatever it is, don't forget to leave your replies below!
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