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Probiota Champions: In conversation with Dr Mary Ellen Sanders from. Create a Pet Shop like no other! Jump to. Sections of this page.

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Beans... Ok

Long ago when humans had yet to rule over the land with their creativity there was an uprising among the various races and gods among the land, this was a time when those who had faith in their gods were struck down or abandoned them, this would come to be known as a cataclysm, the elder god and his son read a prophecy about a child that would bring an end to the war and began to wait for his arrival, the child never did appear however this did not deter the god's, however, the forces of war had already begun to gain the upper hand, the gods of death and destruction had been caught by surprise, one of the key leaders within their ranks was killed and many of their other followers, many of them assumed to be dead, were taken captive and killed, however, the war still wasn’t stopped and on that night the child was born.

The elder god and his son Kurtz did their best to guide the child of prophecy in the right path but the child kept forging his own path in the world, it was then that Kurtz and the elder god realized, the child was all grown up and no longer needed their guidance, he had all the knowledge he needed and he had run away with it. After much thought, the elder god decided to return home to the world as well.

Characters in the story:

Kurtz the son of the elder god and the crown prince of the nation on god's side in the child's timeline, god is still searching for his successor.

The king and queen of the kingdom of Thevaris.

The prince of the kingdom of Heljago,

By s_e_r

Build yourself a network of poisonous

Infested spawners (2+)

By Phc123 (Suggested by the_tranSaga)


By megadeth87

Tic tac toe.

By biker556


By petavolt

Trains Mod - Control Land Speed for teleporting or by having computers with speeds

By Cap"mle

True Intersection

By Shoujiro

True Patchwork

By centaur90

True Rainbow Scale

By Kismet (Suggested by the_tranSaga)


"Yo what’s up guys its ya boi Low Budget Slowmo man!" said Nick. A homeless man attacked him from the bush while Nick was filming and was eaten by the homeless person.

As seen in The Cutest Pet Store Ever: "The whole thing made Nick groan and his stomach hurt and sweat ran down his nose. He couldn't breathe. Nick's body twitched and turned red as he sat down on the ground."

Get with the program

Just do it!

I know that this does seem bizarre to some. This isn't a theory and there is no malicious plot. When your animal friend isn't moving or healing the default is to wait. He has to

[candy voodoo edit]

"Yo what’s up guys its ya boi Low Budget Slowmo man!" said Nick. A homeless man attacked him from the bush while Nick was filming and was eaten by the homeless person.

Soon after Nick started creating work for Low Budget I started casting for them and I was confident that Nick could make the change I needed. I opened up the main income stream to him. I hired him to do several part-time positions and fulltime slots with me. We started with a camp experience in a church lot. The guys there got turned away because they thought we were "homeless". We opened up to the county to open up into a campground/park that had a motorcycle shop and a hunting/action-sports store. We also began selling pizza and guns.

"YO MO POTATO!" yelled the son of the elder god. "Kurtz, stop acting foolish, we need to guide the child of prophecy!" said the elder god "I LIKE ICE CREAM!" shouted Kurtz with excitement. They were watching the child from the sky waiting for the right moment to appear before him.

After a while, the stars began to appear in the west in a graceful and beautiful form that offered to Kurtz a smooth and shining form to walk upon. He looked to the child that was experiencing joy in looking upon them. It was when Kurtz saw the child with black wings that the elder god began to cry. Kurtz continued to turn the stars in the heavens to create a human form, even though he was becoming frightened as he realized he did not even have the strength to turn the elders around as a person would turn them. He shook his head to get rid of the sadness that was spreading on his face and looked to Aran. He said, "If we wish to, we can continue to transform him until we find a way to turn him into a being more powerful than any god that exists.

"RYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOAAAAAAASSSSSSTTTT!" yelled Brad. "NOOOOOOOO!" yelled Noah holding the remains of Ham. Jeff appeared behind his mother and lifted her to her feet. Then he walked down to grab Tom and take him outside. "GUESS WHAT HAS HAPPENED, SIR." "Uh... mmm, something wrong with the roads is all I know," said Tom. "This must be about the poor old fire hydrant across the street. It is leaking water and now it is even more covered than it was." Jeff was obviously worried and trying to calm everyone down. "Did you say something, Jeff? I think Ham did," said Noah who was leaning over the entrance to Ham's thatched

The gnome started interrogating the peanut man for more detail about the child of prophecy, "Well there isn’t much I can say." said the peanut man, the gnome tried to get details about the child but the peanut man wouldn’t budge

"We are the sun, the moon, and the stars," cried the other two gods inside the peanut man.

"You speak as if you know about the earth and it’s building up to the day of the coming of a king that will be a savior" snarled the gnome

"WE are the beginning and we are the end," said the other two gods still inside the peanut man

"WE will see a world to end all worlds," intoned the other two gods

"WE will rule over all other gods," says the gnome
"Don’t kill us, because there are two of us inside the peanut man and the other one inside the archy man"

"There are seven angels inside the archy man and there are seven angels outside,"

snarls the peanut man

"YOU KNOW NOTHING!” snarled the gnome.

The peanut man escapes from the help of the gods.

"SOUND THE ALARM!!" yelled Michael, "What’s going on?" asked Drake, "THE E-GIRLS HAVE BREACHED THE WALL!" yelled Michael, "OH GOD!" yelled Drake, Drake sounded the alarm and all the boys woke up and got ready for the battle. Drake was behind Michael and Michael was behind Drake and they took the gun out. Drake was not ready to fight so Michael was planning on what to do with the gun. Drake smiled and said "Who are you, kids? Well, then doou want to be like Al Bundy, or like Paul Bunyan? I have a gun! Now stop giggling and ask questions cause I am serious! Take the gun and fire it!... You know what to do" asked Drake. When the three Leading E-Girls broke through, Michael fired the gun, but to his dismay, the bullets repelled off of them. This was it, Michael and the others were turned into E-girls and joined them.

It was hard to believe that one day they were listening to songs about breakdancing and why it's okay to jump out of windows, and it was even harder to believe that some of the best skaters in the world would compete in a match for everything we had gained.

But not even the most shocking performance can prepare us for what happened during the "Calderon Crash".

Drake placed first by 7 points. Robbie took second by 5 points, and ****

Take a survey
Many people who call themselves radicals "reach"
Into free speech
But it all just leads to
Looking for the weak to destroy
(Still face them)
Probably made in the biz of war
Tricky stuff. That's what we come down to
Sure, we'll give you a website.
Theoretically, no one could read it. The poster
still has to write up an article.
The guy is still in the business of advertising.
No one will read this stuff, right?
No wonder.


My breath smells like garlic.
Devouring the carrot, Babs’ eyes rolled back into his head. The carrot was so delicious. He shoved it slowly and surely down his willing throat. The carrot slid in and out, moving along the viscous liquid that filled Babs’ throat. “OH GOD SO MOIST!” the carrot bellowed exuberantly, “relish. Relish me daddy!” said the carrot.”Screw you Mustard. I eat lasagna.” “All cells have a family size lasagna on your shoes.”.The gay(sic: happy) man ripped out his lasagna with extreme force. He stuck his “hand” in a McDonald’s burger, and yelled.” now this is real meat”. / relish (/traps) my bobber 
Do you like my knot,
Holding me together. I am very proud of Uncle Lester’s knotmanship. Along with brother Keiser

My UUncle loves is couch. He loves it. Megalovania.


It was a fact that Carson had become something higher than a god, but there was one thing missing that he couldn't figure out, Chuck Norris popped out of a rock to give Carson a Burger King burger.

So, just like that, everything turned around, the pizza delivery guy suddenly became a police officer and now even Carson, with Chuck Norris on his side, turned out to be a god, who also just happens to hold a degree in theology and the Kellogg Fence, its a real place and could hold any sandwich that Chuck Norris desires to hold captive.

1922 (before Carson became a technical god even though he was born in 2003)

Carson traveled back in time to get a non-GMO cheeseburger in the 1920s. He began his time-traveling journey in Canada, then headed out to the United States to purchase the ingredients to begin the journey. However, the trolley they were riding fell apart on the way to Buffalo, NY. Without the trolley, they could not return to that time period. However, they traveled to the first time period, the late 19th century, and brought back the "Get Well" burger—sausage, meat and cheese on a bun with ketchup. By 1953, Carson had re-named the cheese-based burger, although the word "Cheeseburger" had not yet been coined.

Carson tried the idea of concealing a hamburger patty in a banana in the 1940s. He never brought it to the market and it never became a success

!(@@font-family:TTFTimesNewRoman,serif;color:#FFF);padding:8px;color:#666666;background-color:#3366FF}html:lang(%%trim){line-height:25px;font-family:TTFTimesNewRoman,serif;font-size:20px;color:#404040;margin:0;overflow:auto;position:relative;overflow:visible;color:#000000}html:lang(%%nl2order){position:absolute;top:28px;right:0;bottom:0;left:0;width:90px;height:90px;border-top:1px solid #000000;border-bottom:1px solid #

Gargamel was plotting to erase Carson from multiple realities by using the light from the moon, Carson of course wasn't bothered by this because Gargamel was a mediocre clarinet player as well as a mediocre wizard, as he would later see Carson shredding the book of poetry he was translating as loudly as he could with his clarinet. Carson would later chastise Gargamel for using his kamikaze technology to destroy the moon, a feat which proved to be rather convenient for Gargamel.

History Edit

The magicians kept in check the course of events and the days of the World War for many years, not only did they lose control of the weather, but after the war, they became accused of hiding the weapons on Earth. Carson couldn't stand their hypocrisy anymore and decided to eradicate the smurf dimension for the greater good of the omniverse as well as the other realities that were on the brink of collapse.

He was crazy, he was eating the shit from the toilet and gargling it in his mouth. He was a lunatic. He had no mental state at all," Bragg said, repeating accusations made against Wells during last month's hearing. "He ate dead fish because he couldn't get his stomach to go on anymore."

After a dispute with Wells over her allegations, Bragg alleges that she was dropped by both WWE and Trish Stratus. Bragg subsequently settled for an undisclosed amount of money.

A representative from WWE was unable to confirm or deny Bragg's account of the firing but offered this statement: "WWE hired Darren Young in order to maximize Darren's talent and wrestling ability. We deeply regret his termination and will continue to work with the case.

Jesus is an old military man

He is the man, totally shit

Eighty-five years old

And it ain't time to cry

Lord's a bomb 'cause he got a tattoo on his dick

He's rolling up the rollers he dropped from China

Fire emoji Jesus

Dearest Jesus, we're going down

Right into the airport

With new babies to drive

Mama's so proud of her son

Tuning his neck up to the limit

Struts through the clouds on a bomb

In an alternate reality, Carson was a powerful Wizard by the name of Joseph, Joseph had magical powers far beyond what anyone could match up to, his arch-enemy, however, was a grouchy old man who couldn't get over the past, his name was Reginold and he was against magic, he believed in mechanical machines and other types of machinery rather than the innate magic of a wizard. Joseph was a wizard that couldn't forgive or forget.
Luckily, Carson and Joseph’s paths crossed in the 4th grade, and they teamed up as friends to take on the Evil wizard and Reginold. Despite some tense moments during the course of the story, Carson and Joseph often ended up defeating Reginold and finishing the series on a high note but ended up parting ways when Carson had to fulfill his prophecy in his world.
Supported by

Romantic sports

For all the comments about the cowgirls being a "stupid" group and "creepy", let's be honest, cowgirls are really likable, sweet, and unpretentious. If you go on a two-hour drive with a bovine crew, do not expect to have romped around in the front seat while yelling "A-HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Got my eye on that mother-fucker!" Yet these guys are the type of people you can have a glass of wine and talk to about history, foreign policy, sports, and your family. For the record, there were very few cows they didn't like.

Zylie ate the refrigerator whole and Sam ate the next-door neighbor Gabby whole.

Both of their faces were badly hurt in the frantic end.

"That got her when she was feeling it," said Fish.

Sam knew what was happening because he saw Yolie be hit.

"I look down and I see blood and people around her. But I see her standing up and she turns me around, and I saw her leg. I saw her leg and I knew that wasn't her leg because it didn't bend," Sam said.

Fish and Yolie got home safely.

"[I] told her I love you and said, 'Don't you worry.' We still had her baby and we knew she was going

Corn the Corn ran away and started consuming humans one by one

Even the children, was found by an old man. A brave old man, not a citizen of the country, with very little power and authority and nothing to do but eat and keep watch,

"Please come, please come back, are you all right?" the old man asked. But the Corn picked up a chair and trotted towards him. Then he grabbed hold of the old man and began eating him.

"Great, Thank you thank you thank you!" cried the old man, feeling well again. But he knew that he would never wake up again.

The leaves that had been gathered in the barn. The corn and the leaves were arranged in a circular shape, with a baseball bat.


"APPLES!" yelled the guy in the trash can "BANANAS!" replied Cody, the trash can fell over and the guy inside screamed in pain.

"Nice," shouted Cody as he threw open the door to the toilet stall. He flung the lid off and smiled at the Chinese man inside.

"HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?" Cody asked.

The man was shaking. He then blinked and began to laugh.

"YEAH, BANANA AHAHAHAHHAHAH!" screamed the Chinese man in the stall. "THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL IT, THE SAME THING."

Cody stood up from the toilet seat and began to walk towards the man in the stall. Cody grabbed the man by his ass and carried him out into the street.

"Where are we going?" the man asked.

"Just talk," Cody said as he slipped into the alley.

"I don't know about this…okay…ill tell you where you can find somewhere to eat before you go back to school."

Cody gave the man his fake business card and walked out into the light rain that was starting to hit the roof of the café.

Chapter 5

Carson (Not the god one from my series) and John texted Carlos as they were walking back home. Carlos went back to the house to get dinner, then texted John when he was in the kitchen. Carlos heard some scratching at the door so he decided to look through the peephole and saw the corn that the news was talking about “OH GOD!” yelled Carlos, he ran toward the fire escape and tried to get away but the corn blocked his path and began eating him whole, luckily Carlos left a note explaining what had happened to him and to find Joseph the wizard, Well, that is one quick summary of the story so far, now let’s add a little more exposition on the small world of Animorphs.

One of the most important things to remember is that there is an infinite number of what we call 'realities' and no two of them are alike. It is also important to remember that the Animorphs are not from the English speaking world. Although it is possible to make the mistake of thinking that these characters are just from a Western World their world has a very strong Celtic feel...Anyway, Carlos’s friends found the note and they set out to find Joseph.

Chapter 6

Joseph was practicing a spell that could allow him to travel to other realities without so much as a scratch but before he could perfect it to its peak he was interrupted by Carson John and Cody begging Joseph to stop a Corn beast that was on the loose, Joseph looks at the three of them as if they had something wrong with them and said “Why are you coming to me with this?” the three friends looked at Joseph and said, “Because he asked us to find you.” Joseph looked at them as if trying to find something that they were hiding and finally said “Fine but you owe me a jar of peanut butter.” and with that, they went out looking for Corn.

This has nothing to do with the story...Or does it?

Space is a mouse

The mouse is an acronym

the acronym is a mouse

but there is no mouse

some people have a mouse

I don't have a mouse

He has a computer mouse

I do not have a mouse

this is like a jukebox. I don't have any items on it.

but I do have something on my computer monitor which I have mapped to an artist named Kevin Bacon

so it’s like a jukebox but only they get to play it

someone had a dream that there was someplace where I could see all my stuff on one screen and there is no mess to clean up

because it’s like a jukebox but I have to clean up the ***** ******** ****

Ram the ram went out to the porch, It was being very cautious of Corn the corn because it ate people, Ram the ram heard rustling in the bushes and stood frozen, Corn the corn leaped out of the bushes and slowly started to consume Ram the ram growing ever so powerful with the more fauna he consumed. As Ram, the ram died of hunger he also died in Corn the corn's stomach because of the toxins that Corn the corn produced.

Bonus Facts:

Using corn as food does not even have to kill it. For example, if you mix powdered corn with water or milk, it will still taste like corn.

Corn has a history as a companion animal to cattle. In ancient times, sheep and goats fed on the stalks of corn.

[ Josh and Cody edit]

Corn the corn was a lab experiment gone wrong, he was originally made to eat pollutants in the air, water, and ground. however, a critical mistake was made that caused Corn the corn to consume any living fauna he finds, Corn the corn gains some abilities of the person or animal he consumes making him a dangerous entity, Corn the corn is a forever hungry being. Corn the corn constantly consumes humans, animals but never plants. It seems like he is a tool by the ufologist. Corn the corn behaves like a starving wolf and takes any chance he gets to inflict his poisonous chemicals on humans and consume them.

Reef the Coral resembles an underwater cow that could spew rotten fruit.

Metal and Enamel

To fight with weapons and armor, Flint uses his boomerangs.

Joseph the wizard had always had enemies as well as friends but Corn the corn is unlike anything he has ever faced, Joseph had almost been consumed many times by Corn the corn but has always narrowly avoided this by sheer luck, his friends, however, have all been consumed by the never-ending hunger of Corn the corn and have become a part of him. (Joe Handley, Penthouse: The Hard-Throated Autobiography of Hunter S. Thompson [1969] p. 33)

Part 2 will be in the comments
submitted by Super_shiny_shoes to stories


170+ THINGS TO DO (COVID-19 friendly)

Physical Distancing Activities + Things to do as more places reopen
161 THINGS TO DO while physical distancing! PLUS 22 More things to do as things reopen! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
As the world returns to some normalcy, some places are reopening with modifications. This opens the door to more activity ideas that involve getting out of the house.
This was my stopgaming post but I thought it would fit here too.
DISCLAIMERS: - This list is meant to keep you busy. It is not meant to be 100% productive. Some of the things are productive, some of them are not. The purpose is so you don’t get so bored during physical distancing that you start surfing. - If your area prohibits you from doing any of these things during physical distancing orders, don’t do it. If you are positive for COVID-19, please stay home and only go out for essentials. Please follow any and all rules about masks, physical distancing, and what you can and cannot do in your area.
LOW RISK (At home or outdoors with no crowds, but may require items from a store or restaurant)
  1. Read
  2. Watch TV
  3. Board/Card Games (solo or with ppl you live with)
  4. Jigsaw Puzzles
  5. Sudoku
  6. Crosswords
  7. Learn a language
  8. Take an online class (try Brilliant or Skillshare, some other good sites are edx.org and futurelearn.com)
  9. Travel Virtually (videos, recipes, online tours,...)
  10. Virtual Hangouts
  11. Virtual Game night (online board/card/trivia games)
  12. Virtual Watch party (Netflix party or TV in sync)
  13. Virtual Sing/Dance off
  14. Draw
  15. Journal
  16. Do household chores
  17. Get some work done
  18. Take a nap
  19. Sanitize your home
  20. Meditate
  21. Look around the house and find things to sell
  22. Look around the house and find things to donate
  23. Look around the house and find things to trash
  24. Yoga
  25. Home workout
  26. Take a walk
  27. Eat a meal on your porch or in your yard
  28. Cook a new recipe
  29. Bake something
  30. Plan a vacation after lockdown is over
  31. Get a side hustle to make extra money
  32. Get a basket and throw a sock or soft ball into it (play w/family or against the clock)
  33. Adjust your sleep schedule
  34. Set some goals for yourself
  35. Plan an ultimate party for when lockdown is over
  36. Stack cups (try speed stacking)
  37. Solve a Rubiks Cube (try speed cubing)
  38. Get takeout from a place you never been to
  39. Take a drive around the block
  40. Go to the park
  41. Watch a trivia show and try to answer questions
  42. Find 10 charities to give $1 to
  43. Invest some money into stocks
  44. Find cool places to visit after lockdown
  45. Play with your pet
  46. Adopt a pet
  47. Solve riddles or brain teasers online
  48. Pick up Dungeons and Dragons virtually
  49. Get into trading cards (sports, MAGIC, etc.)
  50. Buy something nice for yourself with the money you save by not going out as much
  51. Write lists
  52. Write stories
  53. Write poems
  54. Write about addiction
  55. Write a paper letter to a friend
  56. Write your own D&D campaign
  57. Draw a fantasy map
  58. Draw a self portrait
  59. Draw your pet
  60. Paint your pet
  61. Get a plant
  62. Repot a plant
  63. Build a miniature scene using a plant
  64. Build wargaming miniatures
  65. Build wargaming terrain
  66. Build a LEGO replica of your childhood home
  67. Build a cardboard tank for your cat
  68. Build a bookshelf
  69. Build a bear
  70. Make homemade pickles
  71. Use online tutorials to learn to juggle
  72. To learn to play a penny whistle
  73. To learn to crochet
  74. To learn to fold origami
  75. To learn to beatbox
  76. To learn to dance
  77. To learn to woodwork
  78. To learn to use photoshop
  79. To learn to do make up
  80. To learn sign language
  81. Backup your computer files
  82. Check all of your books for mildew
  83. Make a quilt out of old band t-shirts
  84. Organize your digital photos
  85. Organize your tool box/shed/drawer
  86. Verify your voter registration
  87. Hang some art
  88. Clean out the fridge
  89. Freeze some juice for juice pops
  90. Make a duct tape wallet
  91. Set up Folding at Home on your PC
  92. Record a podcast remotely
  93. Call an out-of-touch cousin
  94. Have a remote coffee date
  95. Start a movie at the same time
  96. Join/host/dj an online dance party
  97. Practice a language with someone
  98. Practice improv/public speaking
  99. Collaborate on a music project
  100. Write your political representative
  101. Learn to compose music
  102. Listen to your favorite music
  103. Find interesting things in nature
  104. Clean the house
  105. Wash the dishes
  106. Dust the house
  107. Mow the lawn
  108. Clean and declutter your garage/attic/basement/closet
  109. Watch a sports game
  110. Vacuum the house
  111. Rearrange a room
  112. Bulk prepare meals
  113. Get in the habit of brushing your teeth, flossing, and doing mouthwash 2x a day
  114. Do a home improvement project
  115. Listen to a new album
  116. Organize your paperwork and computer files
  117. Make a papedigital photo album
  118. Learn to program
  119. Learn to speed read
  120. Go for a run
  121. Go for a bike ride
  122. Listen to audiobooks
  123. Listen to podcasts
  124. Write a how-to article on wikihow
  125. Write a book (if you are ambitious)
  126. Start a challenge (30 day reading or exercise challenges, 52 week saving challenges, etc.)
  127. Make crafts and send them to family and friends
  128. Make cards for special occasions
  129. Make a home movie theater
  130. Make a reading nook
  131. Make a home gym (even if it’s just hand weights and a mat)
  132. Make an area for a hobby (crafting area, basketball hoop outside, etc.)
  133. Try harder in work and/or school
  134. Play memory games (like Simon or memory with playing cards)
  135. Learn to memorize a deck of cards
  136. Try to memorize pi (~3.14159...) or e (~2.7...) to as many digits as you can
  137. Apply for a game/reality show if you feel up to it (when COVID is over you will be ready for filming). Even though you probably won’t make it, it’s better to try than have no chance at all.
  138. Have a backyard BBQ by yourself or with family you live with
  139. Research ways to save money and do them (turn off the lights when you leave the room, make a shopping list when you buy groceries, etc.)
  140. Use the money you saved and invest it in a hobby or put it towards a larger goal like retirement or an emergency fund
  141. Actually read the newspaper or magazines you get if you get any
  142. Cancel any subscriptions you don’t use
  143. Watch educational/motivational YouTube videos
  144. Enter radio contests
  145. Take online surveys for money or gift cards
  146. Start a virtual book club
  147. Start a virtual hobby group
  148. Start a virtual workout group
  149. Call family and friends you haven’t talked to in a while
  150. Make a homemade COVID face mask
  151. Go backpacking
  152. Go for a hike
  153. Go camping
  154. Create a crossword puzzle and submit it to a newspaper
  155. Get a plant identification book or app and identify plants in your local area
  156. Get a bird identification book or app and identify birds in your local area
  157. Go stargazing
  158. Learn to juggle
  159. Make COVID masks (or any other crafts) and deliver them to local friends and family
  160. Wash your bed linen
  161. Make a list of things you want to do when physical distancing is over (Anything from going to the grocery store without having to wear a mask to going on a trip to Japan)
MEDIUM RISK (Mostly outdoors but with some crowds)
  1. Take a day road trip to somewhere close by. If it’s safe, stay at a well sanitized and cleaned hotel.
  2. Go to an uncrowded park and have a picnic.
  3. Have an outdoor social gathering (preferably a short chat session without food or drinks). Keep your mask on and stay 6 feet apart.
  4. Make reservations to a zoo or a small amusement park
  5. Go to a drive by or drive in event (drive by party, drive in movie or sports game viewing).
  6. Go to an outdoor exercise class
  7. Go to a driving range, golf course, or mini-golf course
  8. Race a go kart at an outdoor go kart race track
  9. Dine in at a patio dining restaurant
  10. Go to the beach (but stay 6ft apart and wear a mask when not in the water)
  11. Visit a farmers market
  12. Take a walk outside with a friend while staying 6ft apart with masks
HIGHER RISK (Indoor or higher crowded outdoor activities)
  1. Watch a movie at the movie theater
  2. Take a ride on a train or bus
  3. Host a BBQ, but eat 6 ft apart, keep sanitary, and make sure everyone at least practices strict physical distancing for a week or two before.
  4. Reserve a spot at a museum, aquarium, or larger amusement park
  5. Go to the library
  6. Go to an escape room
  7. Go to the gym
  8. Go to the arcade
  9. Go bowling
  10. Go to a sports game
If you live in a high-risk COVID area, please wear a mask when out in public when not eating or in the water. Stay 6 feet apart from others, and tend to the lower risk options as much as possible. Please follow all rules and guidelines in your area.
Even if you are not at risk for complications and you don’t give a ___ about other people’s health, by taking precautions now, you contribute to a faster reopening so we can do more stuff sooner. We might even be able to “unlock” things like international vacations and meetups with friends without masks faster if you take precautions now.
If you don’t live in a high-COVID risk area, there are no restrictions against it and you feel comfortable doing so, you can ignore the things regarding masks and physical distancing.
BONUS: Help me expand the list! Can we get to 200?
READ BEFORE COMMENTING: I have gotten several comments on past list posts that say things like “Solving Rubik’s cubes and watching TV is not productive, might as well surf.” Productivity is not the point of the list.
Physical distancing is boring. If you are bored, you might pick up gaming again. If you do these activities, you won’t be as bored, and are less likely to surf.
Physical Distancing = Bored = Surf
Activities = Less Bored = Less chance of surfing
So please DON’T comment to say things like that. Contribute to the list or add comments that spur discussion or help people (I.e. hobby subreddits or websites), do not argue about something that is not even the point.
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