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Below, however, is a list of exactly what you're looking for. It is ready to use for Anti-Bullying Week from 11th-15th November. Tell MAMA and GMB offer free, condential support to people affected. The MIT license is very permissive and permits use in proprietary software.


Tools for Leaders: Resources for Racial Justice

These multiple computers attack the targeted website or server with the DoS attack. Best free anti-malware tools. Employee Workplace Harassment Prevention Toolkit: (Your guide to preventing and identifying harassment in the workplace) Question: Answer: What is harassment? This toolkit consists of following documents.

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The Anti-Hacker Toolkit isn't really designed for developers as such. Safe From Harm Anti-Bullying Toolkit 15 The goal of this toolkit is to raise awareness amongst Scouts and non-Scouts on the topic of bullying and empower them to become Safe from Harm advocates. Greater Boston Anti-Displacement Toolkit. Its job is to compare each and every file with their database of viruses.



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Cain & Abel is a password recovery and hacking tool, primarily used for Microsoft systems. Flash Player support deprecated, lot of ugly code removed – Unity 5 fully supported – plugin project updated to the Unity 4.5 (still can work in earlier Unity versions with few restrictions) – obscured fields are now bold in inspector if values changed in prefab instance (mimics regular behavior) – minor. Overview of Anti-Doping Purpose The purpose of this section is to provide participants with an overview of the structure and programs of the Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) training the DCOs, to provide an introduction to the World Anti-Doping Program as well as to provide participants with a general overview of various areas of doping control. Anti-Virus since we will never touch disk or memory.

Serial number anti Bullying Worksheets

Mathtype software product key source. Microsoft also supports Office Open XML Strict starting, a format which Microsoft has submitted to the ISO for interoperability with other office suites, and to aid adoption in the public sector. A sample toolkit of resources accompanied the draft guidance. This hacking toolkit is also widely used for ethical hacking.


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Legislatures should also consider making the policy easily. Socioeconomic inequities have been amplified by the disease and a host of public health policy failures, with the worst outcomes occurring in. Folx manager serial keys read here. Toolkit 1: Antiracism Toolkit for Allies Toolkit 2: Antiracism Toolkit for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Toolkit 3: Antiracism Toolkit for Organizations Antiracism Toolkit for Allies.

Free revised draft anti-bullying guidance and toolkit

Effectively Employing Young Adult Peer Providers: A Toolkit 4 GLOSSARY/TERMINOLOGY AND ABBREVIATIONS FEP - First episode psychosis. Agency Portal, see the Agency Portal User Guide. So, now we move on to reviewing free anti-malware software and malware removal tools. Maybe you have been the victim of bullying or you know someone who has been bullied.

QHRC: Guides and toolkits
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2 Toolkit: Becoming Anti-Racist - Chicago Beyond 100%
3 Anti-Stigma Toolkit: A Guide to Reducing Addiction-Related 1%
4 Continuing Courageous Conversations Toolkit 28%
5 Racial Equity Toolkit 86%
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It includes five tools: Image2PDF, Office2PDF, PDFWatermark, PDFHeaderFooter and PDFOptimizer.


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Using this Toolkit will help you plan, execute and assess your community event to prevent and stop bullying. Youcam 4 full crack mien phi https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=3540. Possibly, you are aware of bullying problems in your school or neighborhood and want to do something about it. The Federal. This list is based on industry reviews, your feedback, and our own experience.

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Quickbooks premier 2020 crack https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=2140. The explanation is technically quite easy to be understood and followed. Safe From Harm Anti-Bullying Toolkit 11 All the workshops that are proposed in this toolkit are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the SDGs. Therefore, people stored data in a smartphone.


Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2020: Anti

Anti-Hacker Tool Kit Mike Shema! Non-essential cookies are also used to tailor and improve services. The purpose of this toolkit is to improve the consistency of. Get Verified Software & Keys.

How can you help Hong Kong protests from abroad #StandwithHongKong

. LAST UPDATED : Dec 27 bit.ly/HelpHongKong
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Coach Carter
Thank you for standing with Hong Kong. Feel free to post or message me your ideas to help the Hong Kong protests. No guns, no violence, nothing too radical, BE WATER :)

GENERAL - anyone can sign the petitions below (no citizenship pre-requisite)
1.1 Join your local bit.ly/StandwithHongKongRally. If you can't find one near you, start one. Some tips bit.ly/How2Rally4HK
1.2 Petition International Court of Justice to Investigate Excessive Force of Hong Kong Police
1.3 Cancel or postpone your vacation to Hong Kong until the HK government meets all 5 Main Demands of the protesters. Do not give your money to Carrie Lam's government. If you must go to Hong Kong, do bring along some protective gears at least for yourself, then give them away to protesters before leaving Hong Kong. [MORE INFO]
1.4 Support Editorial Independence for RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong)
1.5 Join online protest campaigns, retweet, share, like #Eye4HK l #Shout4HK l #Mask4HK l #birdfoldingchallenge l #PokemonforHK l #freehkxmascard
1.6 Revoke Carrie Lam's Legion of Honor Award (France)
1.7 Setup a Lennon Wall in your community l Melbourne l Prague l Ottawa l Hong Kong l Vancouver l US High School
1.8 Petition United Nations to Condemn Hong Kong Police for Excessive Use of Force and Call for an Independent Inquiry
1.9 Petition Amnesty for July 1st Legco Building Protesters
1.10 Join HongKong Subscribe, Like, Thumbsup, Follow, Share Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Social Media or Channels
Chilli Lucas - 智利仔 (ENG) l China Uncensored (ENG, related to Falun Gong)
1.11 Raise awareness of the Hong Kong protest. Spread the word to friends, family, schoolmates, pray for Hong Kong
#StandWithHongKong l #NoChinaExtradition l #antiELAB l #SOSHK l #反送中 l #FreeHongKong l #StandwithHK l #HKLastwords #SaveHongKong il #HongKongProtest l #DemocracyNow l #NoExtraditionToChina l #Shout4HK l #BoycottBlizzard
1.12 Make Meme, Posters, Videos, Drawings, etc.. to spread awareness and stand in solidarity with Hong Kong
Posters : Bus Stop in Budapest l School in Canada l New York City Subway l San Francisco Street l Backpack l Airdrop
Stickers : Protest Stickers l Bumper Stickers
Videos : #MeiSupportsHongKong l Sound of Silence HK l We are Brave l Liberty Prime liberates Hong Kong
Art : XinnieThePooh l Hawaii l Manga l Pooh l #BoycottMulan
Cosplay : Overwatch FreeHK l Protest Mask l #MeiSupportsHongKong l #LadyLibertyHK l Pooh bears
Shirts : Poland l NBA Washington DC l Paris Fashion Week 2019 l NBA LA l Danish Parliament
Crafts : Pumpkin Craving l Print 3D #LadyLibertyHK l Free HK Pins l #birdfoldingchallenge l McNuggets
Outdoors : Climb a Mountain l Under the Sea l Chicago Marathon l Rugby World Cup l Soccer Lyon l Rename Wifi FreeHK
Gaming : Blizchung l LOL l Magic l Fortnite Dance l Fortnite Banner l Game Cards l Game Store l GTA 5
1.13 Reporting HKPF to the International Police Association for breach of professional conduct and excessive use of force
1.14 Petition to terminate Starbucks franchise to Maxim's in Hong Kong
1.15 Petition by Global Academics Against Police Brutality in Hong Kong
1.16 Petition Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to regulate the use of riot control agents
1.17 Petition Olympics Commission & Corporate Sponsors to relocate or cancel the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics (Dateline Jan 19)
1.18 Petition to freeze assets of Chinese government-backed entity in response to seizing humane support funds of Hong Kong protestors (Dateline Jan 20)

2.1 [ENG] Send protective gears to Hong Kong protesters (helmets, goggles, gas masks ...) via a US address
2.2 [CANTONESE] Spark Alliance Legal Aid. Funds frozen by Hong Kong Police Force on Dec 19th
2.3 [ENG] Hong Kong Medic Volunteers crowdfunding for first aid supplies, saline water to wash eyes from tear gas [Pic]
2.4 [ENG] Sue the Abuser crowdfunding legal aid [News Article]
2.5 [CANTONESE] The Stand News Not-for-Profit News
2.6 [CANTONESE] Hong Kong Citizen News Not-for-Profit News
2.7 [ENG] Hong Kong Free Press Not-for-Profit News
2.8 [ENG /CANTONESE] Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (PORI) Independent Research
2.9 [CANTONESE] 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund Legal Aid
2.10 [ENG] Crowdfund (target $100k) to send protective gears to Hong Kong protesters FREEHKUSA (pics included)

3.1 Support Whitelist (Pro-Hong Kong, Pro-Democracy)
3.2 Official Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong T-shirts. Not Made-in-China. All profits donated to Hong Kong charities and causes. Free shipping in US. Additional international shipping charges applies.
3.3. Official LadyLibertyHK figurine (12cm) HKD616 or USD80 Not Made-in-China. All profits donated to Hong Kong charities and causes. Additional international shipping charges applies.
3.3 Buy local. Support your local farmers. Buy fresh and in-season produce.

Stop funding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)! Are you supporting the Chinese Communist Regime? Every dollar spent on China will contribute to building more concentration camps in Xinjiang
4.1 Boycott Blacklist (Pro-CCP)
4.2 Boycott CCP owned/controlled : Alibaba l AliExpress l WeChat l Baidu l TikTok l Taobao l Tmall l Lenovo l Meituan l Miniso l Haier l Huawei l Hisense l Xiaomi l TsingTao Beer l Bank of China l Air China l South China Morning Post l Vivo l Oppo
4.3 Boycott Made-in-China : Pick it up, Turn it around, Made-in-China, Put it down.
4.4 Boycott Made in China clothes Did a muslim Uyghur child slave made your Chinese clothes? 80% Chinese cotton comes from Xinjiang region in China (East Turkestan)
4.5 Boycott Made in China - Do not support Forced Prison Labor. We are foreign prisoners in Shanghai Qingpu prison China. Forced to work against our will. Please help us and notify human rights organisation.
4.6 Boycott food from China : Garlic, Pork (African Swine Flu) , Seafood, Fruits and Vegetables, Tainted Milk, Adulterated Honey
4.7 Boycott Pro-CCP : Disney, NBA, Blizzard, Cathay Pacific, Maxim, Vans, HSBC Bank
4.8 Boycott brands which you did not know are now owned/controlled by China : coming soon
4.9 Do not travel to China for holidays.
** I loosely use the word "boycott" to mean do not support, buy less, look for alternatives if possible and do not mean complete 100% rejection of that brand. A Chinese company has invested some shares in Reddit, however, my personal view is if I can use Reddit or other mediums, be it Chinese or otherwise to reach out and promote the Hong Kong protest to a wider audience, which may include Mainland Chinese, I strongly feel the pro outweighs the cons. Use your own judgement.

5.1 Write to US Congress (Senators and Representatives)
5.2 Call your representative https://www.callmycongress.com and tell them you are very concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Hong Kong
5.3 Call on U.S. Campuses to Address the Needs of Their Students Affected by Hong Kong Police Force's Assault

6.1 Write to your Members of Parliament (UK)
6.2 Petition UK to Uphold the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration
6.3 Petition Liz Truss from Department of International Trade and Dominic Raab from Foreign and Commonwealth Office to Stand up for Human Rights in Hong Kong
6.4 Petition to recognise the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) violations of democratic rights guaranteed by the Sino-British Joint Declaration.
6.5 Petition Wolfson College, Cambridge University to revoke Carrie Lam's honorary fellowship

7.1 Write to your Members of Parliament (CAN) Canadian Lobby Toolkit : What to say in regards to HK?
7.2 #BoycottBlizzard Request PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act) before deleting your Blizzard account and if they do not comply within 30 days, you can complaint to the Canada's Federal Privacy Commissioner

8.1 Write to your Senators and Members of Parliament (AUS)
8.2 Australian Taxpayers' Alliance Campaign to Save Hong Kong
8.3 Petition Australian Prime Minister to Expel the Chinese Consul General in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
8.4 Impose Sanctions on Persons Found to be Suppressing Human Rights in Hong Kong
8.5 Write to your MP to re-introduce the International Human Rights and Corruption Bill 2018 (Magnitsky Sanctions)
8.6 Hong Kong is under humanitarian crisis , Please defend against atrocities with us
8.7 Write to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade to call for the enactment of comparable legislature to the United States Global Magnitsky Act (Dateline : 31 Jan)

9.1 Write to your Members of Parliament (NZ)

10.1 Write to Your Members of European Parliament (EU)
10.2 Petition to Jean Yves Le Drian, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of the French Republic calling for concrete actions against China to respect Hong Kong’s autonomy to prevent a humanitarian crisis
10.3 #BoycottBlizzard Request GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) before deleting your Blizzard account and if they do not comply within 30 days, they will have to pay a hefty fine of 4% of Global Annual Turnover of Blizzard.
10.4 Petition German Parliament to stop the humanitarian crisis in Hong Kong with immediate concrete measures [Video] (dateline: 25th Dec)

11.1 Considering you are reading this on reddit, that means you already know how to use VPN. My suggestion is for you to speak out but be anonymous. Let other Chinese, Hong Kong people, the world know that there are Chinese or Mainland Chinese who do supports the Hong Kong protest.
You are not alone! l ChenSiuQi 陈秋实 l Passports l HK Stay strong Be vigilant l I support HK from Mainland l I will pray for HK l Hong Kongers are also fighting for Mainland Chinese l Beijing supports HK l XuXiaoDong徐晓冬 l Please Save HK l Hang in there Hong Kong, Mainland stands with you l Dear Teacher, I am your student in class 2016... l Mainland students support Hong Kong l One day we will take back our country (Mandarin 汉语) l Hang in there Hong Kong, Mainlanders Stand with you (Mandarin 汉语) l @WeSupportHongKong | Wake Up All China citizens!!!

12.1 Switzerland Write to your local representatives
12.2 Japan Write to your local representatives and councilors
12.3 Petition Japanese parliamentarians to introduce a Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Bill in Japan [Petition Japan]
12.4 Petition President of South Korea to help Hong Kongers and Korean citizens including students in Hong Kong (Dateline : 13 Dec)

100k+ signatories : Petition White House to nominate Hong Kong Protesters for Nobel Peace Prize 2020
100k+ signatories : Petition White House to suspend crowd control equipment exports to Hong Kong
100k+ signatories : Petition White House to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act
HKD 3m+ raised for Hong Kong Journalist Association Protection Fund
HKD 200k+ raised for Lady Liberty Hong Kong (Statue) 3DPrint Your Own #LadyLibertyHK (free 3D file included)
100k+ signatories : Sanction Hong Kong government for its State Terrorism conducted in Prince Edward train station
100k+ signatories : Reject nomination of Andy Tsang (former Police Chief of HK) for positions in United Nations
HKD 8m+ raised for advertisements in major newspapers around the world People's Republic of China's 70th Anniversary
Petition to the Canadian government e-2268 sponsored by MP Michael Chong (CLOSED UPON DISSOLUTION)
Serena Lee's petition to address the violation of human rights in Hong Kong : Stand with Serena Lee
100k+ signatories : Petition UK to give full British Citizenship to British National Overseas (BNO) passport holders
HKD1.8m+ raised 催淚之城 The City of Tears Documentary of Hong Kong, Summer of 2019 (Goal achieved < 16 hours)
USD40k+ raised Giving away free Stand with Hong Kong T-shirts at NBA Opening Night
Petition Australian House of Representative to bring the true condition of Hong Kong’s predicament to the United Nations Human Rights Council [EN1029] CLOSED
Petition Australia to add Human Rights clauses to the Australia - Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement [E1032] CLOSED
Petition Australia to grant asylums to Hong Kongers [EN1022] CLOSED
Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019 passed in the US House of Representative [House Bill H.R. 3289]
Protect Hong Kong Act of 2019 passed in the US House of Representative [H.R. 4270]
USD34k+ raised to fund 7k The North Stand with Hong Kong T-shirts giveaway on NBA Opening Nite Toronto Raptors
USD43k+ raised to fund 10k Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong T-Shirts giveaway on NBA Opening Nite LA Lakers
USD12k+ raised to fund 2k Free Hong Kong T-shirts giveaway on NBA Opening Golden State Warriors
USD5k+ raised to fund Stand with Hong Kong T-shirts at Blizzcon 2019, Los Angeles Oct 31 - Nov 2
The hated Extradition Bill has been formally withdrawn on Oct 23rd, after 4 months of protests.
2000+ signatures Stand up for Hong Kong and Petition to Canadian MPs and Federal Elections Candidates
USD400k+ Demosisto International Campaign - Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow for international outreach
USD390k+ Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegations (HKIAD) lobbies international governments
President Trump signs the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019 [Senate Bill S.1838] into law on Nov 28. Sent VOTE YES postcards and writing letters to US Senators and US Representatives
USD20k+ raised to resurrect #LadyLibertyHK 2.0 (Global Version)

Source: https://github.com/hongkonggong/beyond-lennon-walls/blob/masteREADME.md
submitted by BleuPrince to HongKong


List of preparedness measures for protesting inspired by Hong Kong protesters

It is our constitutional right to peacefully protest. With a "prepper" mindset, you should go to a protest prepared for the protest to turn into a potentially dangerous situation. This does not mean condoning violence or looting, a protest is just another event where a prepper shows up prepared both mentally and with the right tools.
  • use a secure messaging app to organize beforehand (more) How about Riot.im or Signal? (remember to bring an extra battery)
  • prepare your cell phone, expect it will be used to track you, consider leaving your phone OFF until you need it, consider carrying your phone in a faraday bag (more)
  • if possible, go with a friend or friends and watch each others backs
  • tell someone where you are going,who you are going with and when you will be back
  • wear clothing that does not stand out (such as black) - avoid being targeted. also consider having a different shirt if you need to disappear targeting.(a trash bag and change of clothes is also useful to change if pepper-sprayed)
  • protect your eyes, cover your face - ballistic\construction eye masks (but not swimming goggles), face masks or respirators (both against pepperspray, for privacy and against covid-19)
  • don't wear contacts or make-up, do wear sunscreen - prepare to be pepper-sprayed/tear-gassed (sunscreen with avobenzone may react with pepper spray)
  • bring an umbrella for concealment and cover(also against pepper spray)
  • wear a helmet (hoods are also good to avoid pepper spray)
  • cover up - protect your arms/sleeves from gas (detachable sleeves or just layered long sleeved clothing )
  • wear gloves (dealing with barriers and tear gas canisters which are hot)
  • consider other protective equipment (shields, forearm protection, groin protection,knee pads, shin pads, hell, even chest plates if you've got it) . Wear under clothes if possible to attract less attention.
  • bring tissues/baby wipes - pepper spray is nasty, clear you throat and nose and wash it off you (Sudecon wipes work better)
  • prepare to wash out pepper spray from yourself and other peoples faces (spray, or squeeze bottles of plain water are safest. Hong Kong protesters would sometimes add in baking soda, but be careful. Milk does not work better than water.)
  • bring some first aid equipment and know how to use it
  • consider ear-plugs as protection from flash-bangs or other explosions
  • tie up your hair, so police can't grab it
  • write down emergency contact info and your own name on your arm or thigh
  • bring something to cut zip-ties with like a wire-cutter
  • consider bringing a sign that is also a shield against rubber bullets (see-through riot shields are 3/16 inch or 1/4 inch polycarbonate. Other light plastics ABS, HDPE, and UHMW are strong at similar thickness.)
  • journalist and medics may be targeted, consider if it is wise dress to stand out.
  • be water - when cops start grouping up, everybody leave before things escalate, and regroup somewhere else (this tiers cops out in their heavy gear and avoids you being boxed in, a common police tactic). Pre-emptive movement makes you harder to surround.
  • plan your escape route in advance and don't let yourself get trapped (be aware that police may surprise you from behind and try to box you in, junctions are better than alleys for this reason)
  • be prepared if you are separated from your group, have a rally point away from the protest to meet up (along your escape route)
  • rubber bullets can blind or worse, and are often aimed at the face. If they start shooting, start running.
  • be on the lookout for agitators and infiltrators amongst you and expel them if found
  • disable tear gas with water bottles, cones, metal bowls (remember to bring water!) (example) (example2)
  • build improvised barricades between you and the police to stop their vehicles
  • paint or glue\glitter thrown on windshields will blind any car, forcing it to stop.
  • be aware that cops will be surveiling rioters, and that police may be out to snatch leaders they can identify (be aware of "snatch squads")
  • consider waiting to upload photos and videos until you get home (you could even use digital cameras instead of phones for this), and doing so from anonymous social media accounts after scrubbing(EXIF-) metadata and hiding protester faces (more)(Signal now has blur faces feature)
GQ - How to handle tear gas
The cut- what to do if you are exposed to tear gas
Hong Kong protest gear infographic
HongKongFP - How frontline protesters toolkit have evolved over Hong Kong's long summer of dissent
The Scarlet - if you are planning to protest, come prepared
Popular Mechanics - 7 ways Hong Kong protesters are using low-tech hacks to fi___ back
Twitter thread from @AWEONAOJUSTIN explaining Chilean protester tactics(nitter)
Warrior Crowd Control and Riot Manual (large PDF)
as well as feedback from countless Redditors.
Feel free to copy, edit and share this information at will.
submitted by SingaporePing to preppers