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Mobile 10th gen igpu problem?

I got LG Gram in around March and having some screen issues.
Comment me if you know better place to ask. Thanks.
My gram 15 (2020) has 10th gen Intel i5 processor and igpu. (1035G7) I bought this in S. Korea, so this is the domestic model, but I doubt all grams should have same internals. Model no is 15ZD90N-VX50K. This is FreeDOS model, which doesn't come with Windows. Users would have to install (and activate if needed) operating systems by themselves.
(Btw, sorry for terrible English and some of Koreans in the evidences. )
Here are symptoms:
  1. Screen crashes(?). This could happen again in less than a hour or not happen for like months. ( https://imgur.com/isyVI8J )
  2. Screen flickers after the crash. This happens 50% of the time after the crash.
    1. When this happens, it happens even after restart. Amazingly, this symptom keeps happening EVEN IN UEFI OR OTHER OS (Like WindowsRE)
  3. When it is flickering, it leaves afterimage for few minutes. (~10m) - Doesn't always happen. ( https://imgur.com/VYmbNt6 )
    1. When this happens, it happens even after restart. Amazingly, this symptom keeps happening EVEN IN UEFI OR OTHER OS (Like WindowsRE)
  4. Video's color sometimes look misaligned/sperated. ( https://imgur.com/rYSHfxq )
  5. Sometimes, scrolling when video is playing is not smooth. (e.g. YouTube video, @ 720~1080p)
    1. When this happens and I scroll down and video player gets hidden, it resolves temporarily. But as soon as video player, symptoms reappears (scrolling up back to player)
  6. Buttons on program (especially ms office suite) break or shows black from time to time. ( https://imgur.com/x9BlDUP )
  7. Program's UI elements (especially ms office suite) get shifted sideways from time to time. ( https://imgur.com/isyVI8J , https://imgur.com/inx6yce )
  8. HW Decoding works crappy from time to time. Really crappy. In worst case, I can't preview while I'm seeking, whole image breaks. This resolves as soon as I turn off HW decoding.
    1. When I save frame via integrated frame saving feature, it saves normally.
    2. Some specific file type (or source) mades this reaaaaaally worse.
    3. I used ffmpeg and LAVfilters but same result.
    4. Windows Movies & TV app is free of this symptom. (Movies app uses "Video Decoding", whereas PotPlayer used "Video Processing".)
    5. Even if it playes, I can feel... something's wrong. Just not right. It feels unresponsive.
  9. Not related to graphics, but one really annoying behavior: When my laptop is in sleep mode, it randomly shuts down disgracefully (Literally powers out). This resets all UEFI settings, taskkilling chrome, opened documents (duh). I know this because mobile messenger KakaoTalk(Whatsapp of S.Korea) sends notification to my phone when PC version of messenger logs in. This login process only happens when a user logs in after log out or reboot, unless I hit logout button. Also, when I reopen chrome, it says chrome wasn't shut down properly, asking my whether I want to restore last session. Same applies to ms word etc.
Here are what I tried until now:
  1. Reinstalling drivers.
    1. Used DDU in safemode and installed latest stable drivers. Symptoms 2, 3 keeps happening even while DDUing and after driver reinstallation. Doesn't resolve issue.
    2. Tried different versions of drivers. Tried latest from LG, Intel, or old versions of driver that shipped with my laptop(from oem recovery partition of laptop.)
  2. Reinstalling Windows.
    1. Tried different versions of Windows 10. 1903, 2004, more previous versions, but no luck.
    2. Couldn't try other OS like Linux, because our country is being $h*t about other operating system. I can't use tools required properly since lot of essential software only supports Windows. (Like HWP word processor, security program forced on government or school websites)
  3. Not installing ANY apps. Literally.
    1. Didn't install Chrome, MS Office suite, printer drivers, even 7z or video player. Was pain in the butt.
    2. This was suggested by LG Customer service, btw.
  4. Tried rendering videos or running GPU heavy benchs, but symptoms didn't appear when doing this. Only in normal use cases lol
Well, you might say I may have faulty unit. You may be right, but I also tried following:
  1. Changed LCD pannel.
  2. LG Reinstalled Windows and their drivers and configs.
  3. I took out my upgraded RAM module.
  4. I CHANGED WHOLE UNIT. I got a new identical laptop.
Weird behavior:
  1. Symptom 1, 2, 3 don't appear on my secondary screen, EVEN WHEN LAPTOP'S INTERNAL SCREEN IS SHOWING SYMPTOMS.
  2. Symtoms 2, 3 don't resolve (or rather keeps happening) even when restartING, in UEFI settings, or different OS like Windows RE or Windows PE on a thumb drive.
  3. Symptoms above don't appear regularly.
    1. I sent my laptop to customer service for them to test it out, but didn't reappear.
    2. Even myself can't reproduce symptoms. It appears randomly. Maybe once in a few hour, or even once in few months.
What I think is the problem(s):
  1. Faulty design of Intel chip, iGPU to be more specific. Reasons:
    1. Symptoms 2 and 3 ongoes even in UEFI settings, boot logo, other OS, where system drivers couldn't affect hardware directly.
    2. Reinstalling drivers or Windows don't help.
    3. Keeps happening EVEN AFTER WHOLE UNIT CHANGE.
    4. Most importantly, 10TH GEN IGPU WAS KNOWN TO CAUSE PROBLEMS.
    5. But, if this was the case, Intel would already become more famous than before.
  2. It might be RAM modules I installed. Reasons:
    1. Same problems occurs even after unit change. Only the RAM module is the same.
    2. But, if it was an RAM issue, why doesn't it happen on secondary screen? If memory is corrupted, similar symptoms should appear even on secondary screen.
    3. Similar to previous one. OS runs fine. If memory keeps getting currupted, OS should also be unstable. Why does it only appear on graphic side of things?
    4. Happens so randomly. If it is clear hw issue, problems should almost always occur. Why is it so random?
  3. Faulty screen panel design. Reasons:
    1. Symptoms 1~3 only appear on laptop's internal screen. Secondary screen isn't affected even when internal one is having trouble.
    2. Happens even after reboot, in firmware settings, boot logo thing, other OSs.
    3. Symptoms 2 and 3, the flicker and afterimage issue looks like panel issue.
    4. But, if this was the case, LG would have acknowledged this and should be widely known issue. Also, rest of the symptoms like hw acc. issue wouldn't have occurred.
  4. Driver issue. Or software issue in general. Reasons:
    1. Assumption 1, 3 isn't realistic to be honest.
    2. If it was a hardware issue, should already have been resolved since I changed whole unit.
    3. If it was a design issue, the issues should have been widely known. It's LG and Intel. (LG is one of the most famous and popular laptop makers in S. Korea.)
    4. LG told me sometimes driver might affect hw in weird way.
    5. LG also said it some of customers had similar issues with mine with other 10th gen mobile intel processors. They said they were working with Samsung, Intel and Microsoft to work on drivers and would be fixed on next big Windows update, which was 2004.
    6. Then, again, if it is a general sw issue, why isn't anyone having same problem as mine?
    7. Is Intel and LG that dumb to leave this big problems behind? I don't think so.
    8. When I look up on the internet, last posts about similar symptoms of mine is around Apr. Other customers aren't having issues, as far as I know.
  5. Software I use is colliding with other sw or drivers.
    1. But I used these softwares for years. Even before I had this laptop.
    2. Softwares are MS Office 365, HWP 2020 (The Korean's own word processor. Everyone uses this in Korea. Ask your Korean friend if you have one.), TreeSize Free, PotPlayer 64bit, KakaoTalk PC (Korean's Whatsapp), Chrome, VS Code, Adobe Acrobat DC Pro, Python, qBittorrent, VS Community, Bandizip, MinGW-W64 (For compiling C in VS Code), Steam, OBS Studio, Authy Desktop, Zoom Client, Adguard, Edge chromium, OneDrive
    3. Drivers I installed: Intel ME, Intel SGX, Intel DPTF, Intel Chipset, Intel SerialIO, Intel Graphics, Intel WLAN, Intel BT, Epson L355 Printer, LG On Screen Display 3 (For keyboard shortcuts and images when shortcut is pressed), Thunderbolt, DTS Sound Driver, Synaptics Audio, Samsung Mobile USB Driver, LG Airplane Mode, Fingerprint. Though, Windows Update installed LG UWP drivers, Intel Extension, Intel SoftwareComponents, LG HIDClass, LG System, LG SoftwareComponents on its own. Also, I blocked Windows Update from installing graphics drivers.
What should I do? And what are your thoughts? I've uploaded evidences and added some text on the picture. Couldn't upload 2, 5, 6, 8 though. For 2, it was hard to notice it on video as screen refreshing messed up capturing the flicker. For 5, similar to 2. Hard to take notice on camera. For 6, it was so brief that I couldn't capture. I uploded graphic of what it would look like if happened. For 8, footages I have are all copyrighted like lecture videos, so... I'm not taking the risks.
Sorry for poor quality and bad masking of pictures. Didn't feel like installing adobe suite just for this. Ask me if you need more details.
Imgur link for all of pictures in one place:
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