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NS legend imitating literary suggestion? Possibly. Literature imitating legend? Not according to Haliburton. In his preface he says that the stories are entirely fictional. Without a stone we somehow have managed to acquire symbols published in other later literary works. Some people desperate for them to be real have gone out of their way to suggest enough to cloud the waters and keep the possibilities intact for the gullible. The 90 foot stone is an essential element in the legend of Enoch's shaft. It is said to be covered in mysterious hieroglyphs that cannot be deciphered, and it is located just above the vault. The characters we are given are similarly without meaning. Today you can put them into powerful cryptological tools that test for letter to symbol ciphers and see for yourself that the engines cannot return solutions for the symbols into English. Yet, someone did apparently solve it by direct translation to English (!). 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Creating a Cohesive Party - Hacking 5e with Dungeon World

Having a cohesive campaign is a rare thing in Dungeons and Dragons. Try as they might, the DM puts in countless hours to create something that will pull in all there characters, but the characters show up with their own backstories and their own ideas of what adventure should be and suddenly, it's all in shambles. These guidelines hope to help you create a more cohesive party. This may be slightly at the expense of your own story as the DM, but hope to provide, overall, a more rewarding experience for everyone.
The rules here are heavily base on Dungeon World, and incredible, 0 prep, fiction first role-playing game based off of the Apocalypse World Engine. If you haven't played it, you should. I love dungeon world, but I also love 5e

Set the Expectations

Your Players being on board with this process is critical to it's success. Tell your players to show up with nothing pre-made. The entire process of character creation will be done at the table. No elaborate backstories, no min-maxed characters, no rolled stats. Show up with an open mind, some dice, a pencil, a notepad, and maybe a PHB.

What you bring to the table

As the DM, you'll be bringing a lot to the table here. No not just books, we'll need some pre-made materials in order to make things easier.
Classes First, you need to make a couple of decisions based on what you will allow. Will you be allowing all races? All classes? Do you hate warlocks? Do you think gnomes are stupid? Make these decisions now, prior to having the discussion with your players.
Now, take some index cards and at the top of each one, write the name of each class. Only create one of each. If you have new players, I'd suggest writing a quick one sentence description as well, to make things easier. Below this, write Race: and one or two suggested races for them to circle. Leave space for a different race to be written in if you're allowing it. Below these, leave a line for the Character Name
Below this create Four lines with room for writing. Label each line: Body, Eyes, Hair, Outfit
Lastly, at the bottom of the card include the Starting Wealth for the class, found in chapter 5 of the Players Handbook.
Allowing More than 1 of each class
Since we're basing this on character creation from Dungeon World, these rules are written with the assumption that each character will have a unique set of abilities, but you don't have to play my way! If you'd like to allow multiple of the same class, create 2 or 3 of each index card. It's your game, play it your way.
Backgrounds Backgrounds in 5e provide a lot of flavor when creating a character, but the trouble is, that flavor is never really tied into the rest of the party. For these rules to work, we'll be forcing all players to use the Custom Background option. The backgrounds they create will include traits that relate to those around them.
To make this process easier, we're going to be creating index cards for backgrounds as well. They'll all be identical, so make a couple more than the number of players you'll have.
These index cards should have the following sections (leave about 2 lines for each):
  • Background name
  • Proficiency (2 Skills)
  • Proficiency (2 tools or languages)
  • Personality Trait 1
  • Personality Trait 2
  • Ideal
  • Bond
  • Flaw
Campaign Survey As part of session 0, you'll be asking the characters a series of questions to flesh out your ideas about them and help you fold them into your campaign. To make this easier, take some time now, prior to your first meeting, or write out 5-10 questions you'll want answered about the PCs. These should be questions that allow you to pull your player's character into the world they'll be adventuring in.
Are they going to be fighting hordes of zombies and undead? Ask how they're character's feel about necromancy.
Will they be overthrowing a tyrannous leader? Ask what atrocity they committed that affected the players.
Are they going to be venturing into other planes of existence? Ask them if they believe they even exist.
Your questions can tie back to the first adventure you'll be running, or they could be about the entire overarching campaign. This is your chance to get them involved.
Play loose with your story These character creation guidelines will work best if you aren't dead set on running a specific story, and are willing to take the PC's responses into account in your planning. If you are just going to have them go about the same way regardless, this entire process will be a waste of time. However, if you do it right, it can be very rewarding.,

Session 0

Session 0 is critical for this to work correctly. While in dungeon world, the first session usually includes some play time as well, the additional rules of D&D will mean the remainder of the session will be used to fill in the gaps of character creation. Again, remind your players they should not show up with any per-generated ideas. We'll all be in this part together.
The Introduction The first thing you need to do is set the stage for the adventure. This doesn't mean telling them the full plot, just what they need to start off with. Are you playing in an already existing campaign setting, or is this a non-setting you'll be creating as you go? Should they be aware of anything that will come up in your campaign that will impact how they create their characters?
Many DM's will give this information before the session, but what we're doing here is keeping this collaborative by not having anyone thinking on their own.
Picking classes After you've introduced the campaign, place the Class Index cards you've created on the table, spread out for the players to see. Let them know everyone needs to pick one, and if two people want the card, they need to decide between them who will take it.
Describe your character The players will now individually fill out the rest of their Class card. As they fill it in, let them know the goal is to give everyone a quick snapshot of what they see when they look at your character. For Body, Eyes, Hair, and Outfit, keep it 1 (maybe 2) colorful words. For example "blue" works for eyes, but Haunted or Laughing paints a better picture. You can make this easier by pre-filling in 3 to 5 adjectives for them to pick from, if you'd like. It's just extra work on your side. Leave the Stats and Gold for later.
The last step here is to hand out the Background cards. Instruct the players to write what they used to be before they adventured at the top. They can then fill out a single personality trait for their character. Instruct them to fill in nothing else.
Introductions Make sure you're players are all ready and have note paper before beginning this. And make sure you have note paper as well. This is where you start taking notes.
Go around the table and have each player introduce themselves using the information they've already filled out. Remind them that this isn't a full backstory of their character, just a introduction. This is what the other characters would know from meeting them and traveling with them for a period of time. As they do so ask questions and take notes, and encourage the other players to do the same.
As the DM, feel free to ask questions of other characters about the character introducing themselves. For Example: Arthur, Jack just said he learned his skills while being a pirate. As a paladin, how do you feel about his past criminal activities? These sorts of questions will help the players in the next part.
These questions should remain about their characters specifically, and not trail into building the campaign, that will come later.
Character Bonds/Traits Now that they know a little about each other, it's time to establish why they are together. Have each character create a Personality Trait, Ideal, Bond, Flaw that relates to another character at the table. Encourage them to discuss these with each other and make sure both players are on board. This doesn't mean they need to share the same traits, but it doesn't make sense if Arthur owes Lancelot for saving his life if Lancelot doesn't know.
Tell the players to do this will at least 2 of their traits, though encourage them to do all 4 if they'd like. For the rest of the ones left, fill them in with what they desire. The trait doesn't necessarily have to have the other Character's name in it, but it should be something that either pulls you towards or pushes you away from them that you could act on, just note the name of the character it's targeted at.
This could be as simple as "Flaw: I don't trust elves (Legolas)" or "Bond: I must convince my people that I deserve to return as king (Boromir)"
Leave Gaps for Fiction Encourage your players to leave empty space in these traits. Sure, you may have stolen something from Arthur, but you don't need to say what or when that happened. Leave room for it to come up later.
The DMs turn Remember that Campaign survey you wrote? After the players have settled on their traits, it's time for you to jump in with those. Feel free to change your questions or add and remove some now as you see fit. The goal is to gather enough information that you can start folding the characters into your campaign settings. Take notes on everything they say. Look for things that you can pull in as plot points or side quests. This will be how you get your characters actually involved.
Finishing up Now that you have your questions answered and your characters started, players can move through the rest of character creation including rolling for stats and money, picking their skills and abilities and all the other crunchy parts of character creation. Encourage them to work together in doing this part, though don't let one player steamroll the others telling them what to do. Help out where you're needed, and when you aren't, start thinking about how your going to use your new found information.
If you have a smart phone or camera, it's highly suggested your snap a picture of both of the index cards for each player, so you'll have them for reference later.

Playing the game

All of the steps you've gone through will mean nothing if you don't actually use the new information you've acquired. Use the answers to questions to add plot points to your game. If there were blanks left in, explore those in a session. Encourage players to reference their traits when interacting with the rest of the party.

Optional Rules / Suggestions

The below rules and ideas can be used to encourage players to feel involved in the world and see their characters as involved and changing with time. Feel free to use all, some, or none of the ideas below.
Altered Inspiration This bit is from The Angry GM so I can't take credit, though I may have made some slight tweaks.
The players handbook encourages the DM to hand out inspiration as a reward for acting on a trait, however it does not specify how that inspiration must be used.
Instead of this, allow players to start out with Inspiration, but only allow them to use it in relation to one of their traits.
Allow them to earn inspiration back only when they take a risk or make a potentially bad decision due to one of their personality traits. You may optional also allow them to give this inspiration to another player.
Evolving traits At the end of each session, check to see if any player feels they have fulfilled a trait that they have, especially one relating to another player. If the other player agrees, the character should remove the trait and replace it with a new one, relating to one or more other characters, or a plot point in the campaign.
On doing this, the character should also receive some sort of boon. This can very from game to campaign to campaign, but be sure to make players aware of what it is up front to encourage them to work towards fulfilling their traits. Some examples are:
  • Extra XP, if you are using XP for leveling. 1/4 of a level is enough to be beneficial, but not put them too far ahead of other players.
  • Additional Downtime days allowing them to train in a skill, work for money, or any of the other downtime activities in the PHB, DMG, or XGE
  • Tell a truth about the world if you're world is being built around what happens, this can be an exciting way to give players the ability to effect things. Always use your discretion on whether it's reasonable.
  • Gold Everyone likes gold, if you're players are only motivated by it, reward them with it.
  • Inspiration give them an inspiration point they can use toward anything. This point would not bear the restrictions listed normally if you're using the Altered Inspiration rule above.
In the end, it all depends on your play style. Give them something that's worthwhile, otherwise, they won't pursue it.
Allow Players to build the world This is a common thread I've seen elsewhere, so I'm not taking credit for it either, it just works well to keep you engaging with the notes you took during session 0.
One of the things that can draw players into the world you're building is to allow them to build parts of it that relate to their character. If they are a Pirate and are looking for passage, instead of creating the crew of the ship yourself, say to the player "You recognize a familiar face from your days of privateering on the dock that might be helpful, who is it?"
Feel free to ask follow up questions and take notes. Always take notes and use what the players give you, either for or against them, later.
Play off the traits Look for good times to prompt traits from your players. Does the paladin think the rogue is untrustworthy? Question whether he really thinks it's a good idea to send him scouting ahead. Did they just find an ancient tomb of magic, but the dungeon is starting to collapse? Ask the wizard who's flaw is that he'll do anything for knowledge if he can really resist leaving it behind.
If they decide not to act on their traits, that's a great reason to prompt them to replace them at the end of the session using the evolving traits rule.

Thanks for reading! This is something I'm experimenting with in my games, as I've been exploring other systems to see what I can hack into 5e. Dungeon world resulted in my players actually enjoying character creation instead of it feeling like paperwork and creating connections they never use. Any feedback is welcome!
submitted by bluerat to DnDBehindTheScreen