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Atlas Major Update! 1.5 bring new Game Modes, New Settings

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Daedric Artifacts (Skyrim) - The Elder Scrolls Wiki
1 CosmicSky - Minecraft Skyblock 90%
2 Dayz standalone server restart times 99%
3 Essentials Warp permission? - Server Support and 10%
4 Game Server, Voice Server, affordable hosting and 17%
5 Port Manteaux Word Maker 38%
6 Game Servers Done Right 73%
7 Naim's Command: Tinkers Construct V2 in Vanilla Minecraft 58%
8 Forums - DayZ Forums 14%

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List of plugins from the old repository

The following list contains all plugins that were last available on the RocketMod Plugin Repository.
Contact their authors and suggest them to set up Github releases to publish their plugins. If the author abandonded the plugin, feel free to fork them - all plugins on that list were published under the MIT license.
Once the project has linked releases, feel free to create posts for them on this Reddit sub.
Note: I have moved all my plugins to the RocketMod Plugins Github organisation - they are no longer maintained.

submitted by fr34kyn01535 to rocketmod

Map editor (would be nice if nelson read this)

I thought about a few of these, if you think they are ridiculous then just comment what you would add.
  1. Ability to group models Explain: Self explanitory
  2. Like a simple item browser which would be set in the current tiers , Explain: here is a bad image explaining what i mean http://imgur.com/yyDHetK . Also anyone saying this would not be usefull is wrong, the many times it takes and the effort to look up ids all the time is just so god damn annoying.
  3. (advanced) Ability if grouping will be ever added to create a percentage chance of that group of models and item spawners spawning when the map is loaded/created. Explain: at first ridiculous right? but think about all the new and epic possibilities when creating maps with this tool, it would allow for randomly generated plane crash sites and possibly randomized building interiors, how awesome would a every restart changing enviroment be.
  4. Release the blender files for current unturned models Explain: i mean sure this would cause some problems (possibly other games stealing nelsons models) however it would allow our community to modify the current models to their needs, i needed this for example for a snow map (no snow barrack models :C) sure it would maybe cause some issues however community would be able to make their own Vanilla based unturned models learning from the original ones.
  5. Ability to customize the colour and particles of snow Explain: This would allow users to do different enviroments such as Sandstorms ect. cba to explain it further
  6. New official models Explain : Its been ages since new official models were implemented, some new one would be nice, i remember nelson having new models on his trello to-do however he removed them?
If this stuff doesn't make any sense for you guys tell me in the comments, kind of tired whilst writing this down. Also be sure to post YOUR ideas, maybe Nelson will read this.
submitted by HeliosHDS to unturned