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Ars Alchemica: Rotes for House Solificati/Children Of Knowledge - PRIME

I felt inspired by "Basic Rotes" of Mr. u/kaworo0, so i wanted to make some simple effects for one of my favourite Crafts in all of the MTAs. Do consider, that i tried to mix together House Solificati, Children of Knowledge and some Wu Lung flair, as to give whole practice of Alchemy this universal, inclusive and international approach. Of course, after i finish with all the Spheres - i will edit every post to be more readable and short.
Any feedback is welcomed, fellow Storytellers, especially on the subject of mechanics: i could've jumbled Sphere rules from M20 and Revised Ed.
Keywords: Meditation, Purification, Cosmos, Light, Solvents, Sublimity, Pigments
O - Bathe One's Soul: Every connoisseur of Art understands that the ritual ablution of body, spirit and mind is as important, as having access to reagents, devices and formulas. Only purified beings can revel in currents of Ether, that has no cravings, but is full of potential. Most of the Solificati open their senses to primordial energies through ritualized cleansing: it requires putting on a snow-white/charcoal-black or simple clean clothes, use of breathing techniques, and in the final act of purification - pouring water on oneself, standing in the cold rain or sinking into a night river. Others take more rational approach by disinfecting implements, drinking antitoxin beverages, taking a bath or washing hands with hand-made soap. Any liquid in use must not have any dirt, additives or odor, as it symbolizes rungs to the Upper Celestial Orb, pulse of Ley Lines or vibration of Noosphere.
Similarly, mental preparation should not be ignored, as the alchemist with clear mind - will always feel any quintessential disturbance in his surroundings. The best way to think about this, is to imagine a calm pond, where even the lightest gust of wind will cause the ripples to reveal themselves in full glory. This purified state of conscience can be achieved with meditation, stargazing and focusing on the goal. Some people can find it difficult to discard every distracting thought, thus they rely on use of alcohol and other depressants.
Perceptions are subjective, and so is the definition of purity for every willworker. While one might feel luminiferous background, as if it was thousands of snowflakes on his skin, the other - will observe specks of light, that remind him of dying fireflies. At the end of this rote some side effects persist throughout the day, such as excessive carelessness, goosebumps and a feeling of fresh air, surrounding the body.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to discern the fluctuation of Ether in the air, surrounding area and moderately distant points. Practical use of it mostly narrows to: finding Nodes, Wellsprings, Wonders, Tass, otherworldly creatures and substances, or different arcane anomalies.
O - Regal Tools: At the beginning of the Path, when mage has not yet learned to use a minimum of resources for maximum results - he gets a bunch of instruments. Among the latter there may be laboratory equipment, such as crucibles, retorts, mortars, beakers; more occult type of objects, like metal rods, pendants, crystals; or even common devices, for example - tattoo machines, e-cigarettes, scalpels and garden utensils. Regardless of their purpose, each of them must be tuned to the processes, that will help Solificato in his goal: refine every being to perfection. That's why tools are subjected to temperature and substance treatment, obscure symbols are carved into their structure and the Awakened One adjusts them by referring to charts, calculations, ancient texts, etc.
The so-called "Investiture" ends when the arcanist feels a spiritual unity with his instruments. It can manifest itself in the form of less weight, faster work, smoother texture or modified shape. Usually the new characteristics depend on the Resonance of the willworker: the Fiery Echo makes implements always warm to the touch, Greedy Notes - meticulously accurate, and Picturesque Features express themselves on metallic surfaces with the play of colors.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to consecrate magical instruments with his own Resonance. Thus, they provide lower difficulty, when performing Effects, can be brought into Umbra*, and - are transferred into a* shapeshifted Pattern.
OO Crucible Gifts: The origins of alchemy date back to the dawn of human civilization, when first smiths and potters mastered the craft of transforming matter with fire. Of course, even the most primitive artisans understood, that in order to gain something valuable - they must give something evenly precious in return. The sacred process of Calcination works even in the Modern Nights among those, that believe in the laws of equivalent exchange. In order to ignite the Flames of Creation, one must sacrifice valuable possessions or materials: these can be expensive herbs, minerals, food, blood, clothes, etc.; Eastern tradition, on the other hand, mostly works with things, that hold sentimental value for a Solificato, or are a symbolic reflection of Five Fundamental Elements - latter often include animal's/human's organs.
Despite the most common practice of burning offerings in crucibles and bonfires, some people actually bury, dissolve, break or even ingest them. Latter example is the most common among Children of Knowledge, that are often known as thriftless cooks, barmens or drug makers. In the end, alchemist feels, as if contained Ether inside those destroyed materials - has been harnessed and repurposed for the future magical decoctions.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to pull a single point of Quintessence from an object that has been ritually destroyed. This doesn't mean, that the character can go around and break shit in order to gain more energy, simply because the materials must be precious. Although the definition of this quality is left up to the Storyteller, objects with naturally occuring Resonance can be viewed as such.
OO Solidify Under Change: Among the jewish Solificati there is a popular saying: "you cannot revert omelette back into an egg". In other words, the act of change is in of itself - paradoxically an irreversible event. That's why many judaic weddings require newlyweds to smash glass with their feet, that symbolizes sacred permanency of marriage. This principle applies to arcane workings as well, which can only disable each other, but have no way of mingling. Many alchemists use this law in order to stabilize their Pattern from magical influence or Gifts of the Night-Folk. Such protective layer can be achieved by pulverization of minerals, application of makeup, burning incense or different forms of cosmetic modification.
More spiritually inclined mages tend to include Daoist neigong in this list: series of hand and leg positions, accompanied by a breath holding, which redirect the flow of Quintessence. The main goal of such exercises is to create flexibility of the mind therefore making harmony between internal and external environments. This helps Pattern to relax and replenish it's mystical defences.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to heighten the difficulty for someone casting a Spell or using a Night-Folk Gift*. Range can vary from +1 up to +3, and not any higher. Alternatively, mage can take away finite number of successes - from the enemy's arcane deed.*
OOO Luminary Of Excellence: Although abodes of alchemists are best suited exclusively to the whims and needs of their Masters, some share this ethereal comfort with guests. History knows examples of a few people, that have been lucky enough to see Solificati doing miracles in their shops. Caustic fumes and cracks of an artificial lightning, mystical sheen of a glass apparatus, movement of complicated machinery, and in the midst of everything - hunched figure, surrounded by books, dried plants and schematics. The more visitor studies his surroundings, the more he is enthralled by them, concomitantly curious of man behind the curtain and his work. Mysterious atmosphere is achieved through simple, yet effective means: maintenance of instruments, tasteful interior design, and especially - placement of light sources, that give the most dramatic impression of the whole scene.
Experienced Solificati maintain this flair for the sake of opening Sleeper's eyes to the foundations of Art. They often wear shiny/colorful clothes, carry miniature lanterns/lamps/сandles or even - dance with glow sticks and neon face paint. Every person can feel sparkling vibes of creativity, chance and secrecy, which surround this paragon of light. Eventually, radiant tendrils touch the heart of other being, who begins to slowly, but surely - walk on a path of Enlightenment.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to transfer any number of Quintessence points from his Avatar to other people by: making Charisma*/Dexterity/Intelligence+Expression/Occultism/*Craft check while at Sanctuary, or any form of grandiose or performative act in public place. With certain kind of individuals, like occultists, students and historians - it may lower the difficulty of Social Rolls. Sleepers, that are on verge of Awakening also can be pushed to the final stage with manifestations of mage's Resonance.
OOO Ethereal Oil: One must not underestimate and hold Solificati for mere goldmakers, because in times of strife - hundreds of people have fallen from their brutal creations. Flammable oils, that have been blessed by Sphere of Luminiferous Ether itself are one of such instruments of war. When exposed to high temperatures, they ignite with primordial fires, that can incinerate the utmost dreaded foes. Depending on the individual alchemist and his culture, there are different ways of harvesting this substance. The most common one's include: exposing сombustibles to the moonlight and sun rays, distilling them to the point of non-existence or even mixing them with materials, that are considered to be spiritually pure (quicksilver, alcohol, tears, etc.). For the sake of bypassing the resistance of other supernaturals - poisonous, caustic, or incendiary chemicals should be combined with the base essence.
Before the industrialization changed the face of battle, this glowing liquid was applied to swords, arrows and fireworks, but now it's mostly used on bullets, knifes, Molotov cocktails and homemade explosives. While such anointment holds a special place in pyromaniac hearts of most Children of Knowledge, the new generation - tries to abstain from such barbaric and terrorist methods. They see them as a waste not only of precious Quintessence, but lives of many sentient beings.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to infuse his weaponry with fundamental energies. Such elevated arms inflict aggravated damage and cost one point of Quint per use or, for arsenal that last for a length of time, one point per turn.
OOOO Align With The Celestial: Alchemists schedule their work after the movements of stars and planets, planning so that it will be initiated and end on correct days. While the most conservative Solificati still insist on using sextants, optical telescopes and armillary spheres, others are content with an ephemeris and elaborate computer models. Certain celestial events, like planet parades, apparition of a Blue Moon, solar eclipses, flight of a particularly large comets and the like - could help Awakened individuals to make godlike feats. While not every one of them has personal observatory or planetarium, they need to prepare certain watching site. Apart from bringing any required apparatus, mage must employ astrological knowledge and be patient in his observations. Only those, that are sure in their goals may proudly bear the name of the Crowned Ones.
At a certain point, beholder will notice curious patterns in the night sky, that will give him divine inspiration and guidance. Offsprings of the Universe unravel themselves as animal shapes to one individual, an abstract geometry to second, and enigmatic entities to others. The most impressionable Solificati should be careful in their work: some visions can inadvertently scar them for life.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to tap into Wellspring: time period, event or place with a strong Resonance energies. Number of Quintessence points that can be harvested - determined by the quantity of successes and judgement of Storyteller.
OOOO Sovereign Tinctures: Paints have been seen for eons as a symbol of creativity and potential. Like artists make beautiful sceneries on a blank canvases, so is the Solificati can instill their vision upon the real world. Of course, magical transmutations cannot be achieved through use of simple inks: mage needs to produce pigments, which intrinsic nature is of the highest kind. Unlike their fellow Verbena, most practitioners of Ars Alchemica do not discriminate against inorganic raw materials. They understand, that the object's value lies in a meaning, that the society and culture give it. Nothing is truly “artificial,” as everything still comes from the prima materia. So they equally employ lapis lazuli, ocher, charcoal, vermillion, chalk, and even blood of all things. With the addition of secret processes of refinement, Solificati creates the Sovereign Tinctures: substances, that can permanently hold and release magic. Often there must take place some form of sublimation, boiling and liquefying.
Adepts of old used these superior dyes on their clothes, homes and paintings, so they could separate themselves from ordinary folk. Modern alchemists, though, are trying to unite with their spiritual brothers and sisters, because they understand the importance of collective Ascension. Their methods include tattooing, spraying pigments at the celebration of Holi, street art, body painting and application of makeup.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to create Tass in the form of inks, which can be tapped for Quintessence or further enchanted with separate effects. If the structure of painted image has been damaged, then the magics instantly dissipate.
OOOOO Smoke and Mirrors: Unexpected explosions, SWAT teams breaking doors down, mysterious rival steals equipment - these are one of the few problems, with which proud and boastful Solificato has to deal with. Majority of his ilk acknowledge, that their work must be done in secrecy and privacy, or else, prying eyes will make life a lot harder for them. This is the reason, why ancient alchemy tractates hold a lot of symbolism, allegories and formulas: even in modern times, you don't want competitors to have the upper hand in your field of study. By incorporating secret language, residing in secluded cellars, surrounding himself in a dreamlike haze, paying bribes to officials for silence and covering one's face - mage can avoid most of the dangers, which accompany his Art.
Blind sages remind younger members, that unenlightened folk isn't ready for the mighty spark of divinity, that slowly burns inside each and everyone one of them. So it is a goal of the Crowned ones, to lead and shepherd them into the Light, even if they themselves must reside in darkness.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to prevent Paradox points from generating or cleanse himself from already accumulated ones, even if he is employing vulgar acts of magic. This can be done through Social Rolls with people, holding power; making a Dexterity+Subterfuge*/*Stealth check; establishing new hideout with ones Resources. Still, mage must remember, that hubris and carelessness can bring him to his abrupt end.
OOOOO Camera Prismatica: In the dusty depths of the forbidden libraries there lie grimoires, that describe one of the most wondrous acts of Alchemy. Amongst them, like a diamond - shines the secret of bringing upper layers of reality into the mundane realm. Legends tell of Masters, that achieved even the most unimaginable goals, while using this source of infinite primordial energy. In order to create a breach in the shell of the World Egg, practitioner must find a place, which will contain waves of Luminiferous Ether. The sacred ritual needs to be nauseatingly pedantic, because even the slightest error in calculations can result in a disaster.
Stereotypically, such a location is found inside of a laboratory or workshop: some Solificati fill their working area with prismatic pyramids, magnifying lenses, stained windows and different assortments of lanterns and occult symbols. All of them are required to form intricate light patterns, that open the heavenly gates in particular periods. The latter mostly occur, when Sun has came to its zenith, or Moon is fully visible in the clear night sky.
Mechanics: This rote allows Solificato to create semi-permanent Node, from which he can get Quintessence in certain time of day. Little and weak sources of energy can be made by one person, but more powerful ones - require presence of other Awakened individuals and masses of Acolites*.*
submitted by Koromuslos to WhiteWolfRPG

Noah Heflin- The Not So Scary Son of Phobos

" Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away. Just let it out, my friend." - Adabella Radici
general information
Name: Noah James Heflin
Nickname/Aliases: Heflin
DOB: September 25th, 2018
Age: 17
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Other Notable Info: ADHD (attention deficiency and hyperactivity disorder), Dyslexia, Latex Allergy

Relation Name Relationship
Godrent Phobos Noah never met his father and it bothers him quite a bit. He wishes his father would actually visit him but he understands why it probably won't happen but he thinks about it often.
Mother Rhea Parker Noah was always a bit of a momma's boy, hanging around his mom quite often as a young boy and even now. She seemed to be one of the few people that weren't on edge when around him.
Stepfather Kurt Parker Noah doesn't spend too much time with his stepfather but they occasionally watch sports together even though Noah doesn't care much for them
Half-sister Natalie Parker Noah loves his little sister and would do anything to protect her. She's some years younger than him but Noah enjoys hanging out with her. He often participates in whatever she's doing, even letting her put makeup on him and paint his nails.


Faceclaim Voiceclaim Height Weight Eyes
Kellan Lutz 1 2 3 4 Tom Welling 6'2" 175 lbs Hazel with small flecks of gold.

  • Physique: Noah is board shouldered and well built due to much time he spent working and keeping in shape for high sch football
  • Clothing: Noah was never one for flashy outfits or planning what he wears the night before. He puts on whatever he feels like that day, the usual being a white or black tank tops paired with relaxed fit jeans, along with some work boots. He's also particularly fond of Henley shirts and will wear them with a pair of the usual work boots
  • Digital Walkman - As Noah was informed that he wouldn't have access to his cellphone while at camp, he went out and picked up this little device before his departure. It's filled with a number of songs that he downloaded.
  • Cecilia (Viola) - Noah wouldn't leave for camp without his beloved Cecilia. He takes very good care of his instrument and never lets other people touch, for fear that they might break her.
  • Aluminum Baseball Bat - Without any proper weapons, Noah took to using a baseball bat he swiped from his stepfather's closet. While he doesn't have any proper combat training, he has a mean swing.
  • Calamine Lotion- Due to Noah's latex allergy, he brings calamine with him wherever he goes. Although he's pretty good about avoiding it, it's better to be prepared.
(Passive) Ability to Sense FeaTerror - Noah has always had the uncanny ability to sense the fear of others, often wanting to help calm them down while unknowingly being the cause of their fear.
Ability to Emit an Aura of Fear and Terror - As a young boy Noah would unconsciously emit the aura, causing him to not have many friends during his time in grade school. He learned to control the distance of the aura recently but has yet to fully be able to shut it off. When he's not actively manipulating the aura. it's radius rests at 5 feet and causes targets within it to feel on edge. At the moment Noah is able to stretch the aura up to 20 feet and targets within range are overtaken by the sudden feeling of terror accompanied by the urge to flee.
Ability to Vanish in a Curtain of Yellow Vapor - This ability is quite an exhausting one to use, resulting in Noah not being able to use it too often. He is able to vanish and reappear in a different location, although it requires him to have already been there and picture it in his mind. Noah is only able to travel up to 25 feet.
Combat Expertise - While he isn't much of a fighter, Noah has found that he's weirdly proficient in close combat. Although he doesn't take advantage of it and would prefer not to.
  • skills - Without many kids his age to play with, Noah took an interest in viola at the age of 12 and has taken many lesson. He's gotten pretty good at it over the years. When he wasn't too busy with viola, Noah enjoyed helping his mom in the kitchen with the cooking, eventually making some of the family dinners when he got a bit older.
Noah is often mistaken for an aggressive and hostile young man, mainly due to his menacing leer that he always seems to wear along with his tough mannerisms. However these are all misinterpretations of who he truly is, deep down the boy is pretty sympathetic, kind, and emotional. Noah isn't one for fighting, he couldn't picture himself actually inflicting pain on another person without a good reason and is more likely to walk away and cry than engage in any conflict. Along with his dislike of fighting, he tries his hardest to be the mediator in situations, keeping everyone calm. Despite this, he does posses a bit of a temper that he practices keeping in check. As a young boy, Noah didn't have the image of himself. He figured something must be wrong with himself due to his lack of friends and these thoughts never left him as he aged. Despite what his mom said, he still felt like he was ugly, often checking himself out in the mirror and working out in order to maintain his physique as he claims it's something he can actually control. Noah tries his hardest to keep his feelings a secret, not wanting others to see him too emotional and would do anything to keep other's from seeing him cry.
  • Likes- Viola, Cooking, Professional, romcoms
  • Dislikes- Heights, violent conflict, insects, horror movies
fun facts
  • Noah has dreams of being a pro wrestler
  • His favorite music artists are Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and Brent Faiyaz
  • "Too Good At Goodbyes" by Sam Smith is his favorite song
  • He can juggle
  • His favorite movie is The Fault in Our Stars
  • Lilac is his favorite color but he doesn't think he looks good in it
Noah never had many friends during his time in grade school and he couldn't figure out exactly why but eventually came to the conclusion that it must be him. He spent much of his time hanging around at home since he wasn't invited to many things. While he wasn't involved in much, he picked up viola at the age of twelve after seeing an orchestra concert. He practiced everyday and fell in love with it. When he was , his mother met a man by the name of Kurt, who would often take her on dates, leaving Noah with his designated family babysitter. Eventually the two would get married, which Noah didn't mind at all, his mother was happy and that's all that really mattered to him. He hadn't seen her happy in a long time, not since the disappearance of his father.
During his years in high school, Noah was able to keep very few companions but he never really considered them friends. He was rarely invited to things but it was certainly a step up from where he was at years before so he was a little happier about that. The young man worked hard to improve his appearance, figuring if his body at least looked good, people would want him around more, he would spend quite a bit of time at the neighborhood gym and purchased tons of workout equipment. He joined the football team during his freshman year, hoping he would befriend others through it. Noah didn't really like the sport at all but enjoyed the activities the team would do together, surprised that he was even thought about.

Switchin' the positions for-
"Hey, I was listening to that!"
Mr Sandman bring me a dre-
"Would you stop changing the song"
That I won't do, switchin’ for you
This had been going on for the past few minutes, the young demigod and his satyr companion fighting over what to listen to on their last stretch of road before they reached the intended destination. Eventually they would settle on listening to a song they both actually enjoyed, blasting the music through the rolled down windows of the old Audi as Noah pressed on the gas a little harder. It was pretty late and no way did he like driving at this time. When they neared the destination marked upon the map resting in the satyr's lap, Noah pulled the car into a slow stop. Well...here he was, his most likely new permanent home, Gods, it was hard to even think about. The boy cut the ignition and hopped out of the car, gently closing the door behind him. The fact that he let himself be convinced to come here bothered him, he had lived perfectly fine back home, even with the knowledge of being a demigod but the guessed it was only for the best. He didn't know what he would do with himself if he family were to be harmed on account of his own stupid actions.
Noah walked himself over to the truck, popping it open and grabbing his belongings from the car. He tossed the car keys to the satyr, giving him a slight nod, "Here, I trust you won't mess it up. Just park it wherever you see is best." He shouldered his duffel bag and taking a couple of steps towards the forest with his suitcase rolling behind him before looking back at the satyr, "Hey...um, thanks for everything. I really do appreciate it. Be safe, alright?"
"Right back at ya, kid." The satyr gave Noah a parting nod as his entered the driver's side of the car and started the ignition. Noah eventually made his way into the forest, quickening his pace so he wouldn't have to be in there for longer than he actually had to. Soon he was crossing the the boarder into the camp as an image of a shield possessing a terrifying face would make it's appearance over the boy's head.
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