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Then you can start the queue manually, or schedule its start with a convenient scheduler. Basic Steps to Manually Configure ASE Cockpit: Step 1 - Setup ASE Cockpit Network Ports. NMM servers have been kind of shitty the last year or so. Fallout: New Vegas. Since then, this software has become the industry standard not only in raster graphics editing, but in digital art as a whole.


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The sequence of numbers/digits can be defined in the application. IDM-8341/8342 Series Instruction Manual/English Characteristics The IDM-8342 and IDM-8341 are portable, dual-display digital multimeters suitable for a wide range of applications, such as production testing, research, and field verification.

Summary of Dr. Jason Fung's main suggestions: Consume less sugar and flour, eat enough protein and fat, and try intermittent fasting. More inside.


  • Eat vegetables, beans, and fatty foods until you're full. (Eating fat doesn't make you fat, but may protect against it.)
  • Try to avoid added sugars, starchy stuff, and snacking.
  • Try intermittent fasting, but only if it's safe for you.
Snacking, and most carbohydrate-based packaged foods, cause weight gain. If you eat high-fat meals, you'll likely end up eating fewer snacks and fewer carbohydrates, and you may lose weight.
Intermittent fasting can help to reverse a condition called insulin resistance, and therefore can also lead to weight loss.


"He gave up and decided to eat himself to death.
"Sten Sture Skaldeman had failed in his last attempt at dieting and was more obese than ever. ... He could barely walk out to the mailbox. A doctor had given him six more months to live unless he lost weight.
"Like many times before, he had tried eating less. Despite having tortured himself, the scale showed no progress. Nothing worked, so he gave up.
"During the remainder of his time alive, he planned on eating all of the food he had once tried to avoid. He was going to gorge on good food.
"The results were dumbfounding. A year later, he was thin and healthy."
Dr. Eenfeldt's book, page 9.


Dr. Jason Fung is a weight-loss doctor. He's posted a primer. It discusses why we gain weight, and it also summarizes his suggestions. I'll summarize his primer, talk more about his suggestions, and also add some other points.

High-fat eating is safe

It's safe and healthy to eat a high-fat diet, as long as you choose reasonably-healthy fats (e.g. butter) rather than unhealthy fats (e.g. partially-hydrogenated margarine).
This article, signed by 80 doctors, says so. So does this summary of the article.
Much later on, I'll explain why high-fat eating is healthy.

Three causes of weight gain

Three causes of weight gain are: excessive insulin, insulin resistance, and stress.
Healthy eating and intermittent fasting can decrease insulin, and can also reduce insulin resistance.
Exercise and massage can lower stress.
Perhaps 30% of US adults have insulin resistance. (Source.)

What to eat

Some suggestions:
  • Try to avoid added sugars. If a dessert contains white sugar, only eat it during special occasions. On other days, eat fruit. Some association studies suggest, but do not prove, that fruit might be okay. If you eat fruit in moderation — and you eat it with a meal, not as a snack — you might feel fuller, eat less, and lose weight. For opinions on the healthiest fruits, see this figure and this article.
    • If it doesn't trigger you to overeat, it's fine to combine fruit with fat. So, you could slice your fruit and mix it with nuts or full-fat yogurt or sour cream. Or you could eat a bowl of banana slices with peanut butter.
    • Try to avoid sugary drinks and fruit juices. Fruit juice is unhealthy. Diet soda might not be as bad as regular soda. But unsweetened drinks are the best choices of all: water, full-fat milk, coffee, tea, and reduced-sodium vegetable juice.
  • Eat low-energy-density foods. For example, non-starchy vegetables. They're healthy and filling. Please see the article "Why you should eat like a wild gorilla". I think that parts of the article may be completely wrong. For example, the article claims that genetically engineered foods have potential health hazards, and then sources this claim to a group of likely quacks. On the other hand, much of the article is right. Especially the bit which cites this review paper.
  • Eat fewer refined grains. Eat less bread and pasta. Refining encourages overconsumption. Also, because refined grains don't contain that much fat, fiber, or protein, they digest quickly, and you might soon be hungry again. Instead, eat buckwheat, quinoa, spelt, hulled (brown whole-grain) barley, steel-cut oats, brown rice, potatoes, or yams — preferably as no more than 10-20% of your diet. (PDF source.) Don't eat corn, peas, or potatoes in excess, because they cause weight gain. The best course of action might be to simply eat cauliflower, zucchini, beans, legumes, and other non-starchy vegetables; they're healthy and filling. Or just eat proteins and natural fats instead. Even refined grains with a moderate glycemic index, such as white pasta, are probably not very healthy. (Still, in general, glycemic index is probably a useful metric.) Refined grains are easy to overeat and low in fiber.
    • Even whole grains might not be ideal choices. Association studies suggest that potatoes (baked, boiled, or mashed) may cause slight weight gain. Some claim that whole-wheat pasta and brown rice are fine, because they're high in fiber and contain a lot of water weight. Still, Dr. Fung leans towards low-carb eating in general. He also enumerates various problems with wheat-based foods. Instead of pasta, he suggests eating: spaghetti squash, zucchini pasta, brown-rice pasta, or spelt pasta. (PDF source.)
  • Eat protein. Meat is probably healthy. (Source.) Other proteins are definitely healthy: fish, beans, legumes, eggs, and full-fat dairy. Protein fills you up.
    • High-fat protein products are better. Buy fatty meats, oily fish such as salmon, and full-fat cheese and sour cream. Eating too much lean protein may slow weight loss, which is why high-fat protein products are better. If you do buy lean proteins, add some fat. Mix mayonnaise into your tuna. Refry your beans in oil.
  • Eat lots of natural fats. Nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut oil, sour cream, and butter. Fats help you feel full. Eating fat doesn't make you fat, but may protect against it. (Source.) Low-fat dieters often regain all their lost weight, plus more, within a few years; see this source.
  • Eat real, unprocessed foods. A bowl of meatball salad is more filling than a bowl of French fries. An apple is more filling than a piece of candy.
  • Increase your intake of acids, spicy foods, and fiber. To help you lose more weight, consume vinegar, pickles, lemon juice, salsa, hot peppers, and/or cayenne pepper.
  • Eat until you're full. You'll be less likely to get hungry between meals and have a snack.

When to eat

  • Try to avoid snacking. Drink water, unsweetened tea, or homemade broth. The hunger will pass. If you must snack, choose low-carb healthy snacks, but know that even healthy snacks cause weight gain.
  • Intermittent fasting is useful. See /intermittentfasting. It can help to lower your insulin resistance and your weight.
  • While fasting, get enough fluids. You can drink water, carbonated water, tea, and/or coffee with milk or cream — whether you're thirsty or just hungry. Without sugar or sweetener. Salty homemade broth is fairly nutritious. Chia water might help to suppress appetite. Once your thirst is quenched, feel free to stop drinking. You could also take multivitamins. Dr. Fung has published more guidelines (PDF).
    • Acidic things, like carbonated water, can cause tooth decay, but it's still fine to consume them in moderation. Coffee is also acidic, but only slightly so. I looked at these sources: source 1, source 2, source 3, and source 4. To help prevent tooth decay from acidic things, you can:
      • Brush with plain water before consuming them.
      • Drink acidic fluids using a straw.
      • Add milk or cream to your coffee.
      • Drink water afterwards.
      • Chew xylitol gum afterwards.
      • And wait half an hour before brushing your teeth.
  • In most cases, eating just one meal every day is unwise. This is because of the daily-calorie-deficit problem: You may become full before you've eaten enough, and so your metabolism may eventually slow down. (Source.)
    • If you want to avoid the daily-calorie-deficit problem:
      • You can alternate between eating one and two meals per day. (PDF source.)
      • Or you can eat just one meal every day, as long as your meal contains sufficient calories at least every other day. Consuming high-fat foods, plus at least a bit of salt, might make this easier. Smoothies, with no added juice or sweeteners, can also be helpful. Total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) can be tricky to estimate accurately, but even a rough estimate might be good enough. If you'd like more information, you may see this source.
      • Or you can eat just one meal every day, even if it's only a small meal every day, as long as it's a very-low-carbohydrate meal. (Source.)
    • If you do eat just one meal in a day, earlier is better; eating the meal sometime between dawn and 10 a.m. is best.
  • If you eat two meals per day, it's best to eat only breakfast and lunch, and to skip dinner. But, if you do eat dinner, it's best to eat less for dinner, and more for the other meal.
  • If you eat three meals per day, it's best to eat more for lunch than for dinner.
  • Most breakfast foods sold in stores are full of refined carbohydrates: for example, instant oatmeal, flavored yogurt, and most cereals. Better choices include: Eggs, bacon, All-Bran, or steel-cut oats. Or full-fat plain yogurt (you may add fresh or dried fruit). Or you can eat lunch or dinner foods for breakfast: for example, fish or steak plus a large salad.

How to eat

Here are some suggestions, based on this book:
  • When eating, don't bring the bag, box, or serving dish to the table. Keep the bag, box, or serving dish on the counter. Put some food on a plate or bowl, and then bring your dish to the table before you start eating.
  • Don't store unhealthy food on your kitchen counter. Store it in a cupboard, fridge, or freezer, preferably at the very back of the least-convenient shelf; or don't buy it at all.
  • If you sometimes overeat a certain food: Buy some of it, then divide the food into pre-portioned bags ahead of time.
  • If you sometimes overeat a certain food: Go to a corner store, bulk-food store, or restaurant. Buy a small amount of the food, bring it home, and then eat it as part of a full meal.
  • Try not to buy food when you're hungry.
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it.
  • Buy and use smaller plates and forks.


Don't fast without a doctor's permission if:
  • you haven't yet reached your full adult height, or
  • you don't weigh enough to fast (you have a BMI of less than 20), or
  • you're pregnant, or
  • you have certain medical conditions, or
  • you take certain medications, or
  • you meet certain other criteria.
For more details, please see this important safety advice.
If you feel unwell, break your fast; you can try again another time.


Being mildly overweight can be risky. But disordered fasting is riskier. If you feel guilty or bad around food, eating, or fasting, or if you experience disordered fasting symptoms, it might be wise to visit a support sub-Reddit for help, as well as to consult a doctor or psychologist.
As with many things in life: The sooner you start working on changing bad habits, the easier it is to recover.


Alcohol and drugs

  • Be wary of alcohol. You can drink low-carb alcohol. But, on a low-carb diet, the same quantity of alcohol might make you twice as drunk. And, in the morning, you might be twice as hung over. Also, your inhibitions decrease, so you might end up eating unhealthy food such as sweets.
  • CBD is better than THC. Marijuana causes the munchies; see this thread for suggestions on what to do. Low-THC varieties of weed are less likely to increase your appetite. (Source.)

More thoughts

  • If you're eating at a restaurant, or at a friend or relative's place, here's a guide to dining out.
  • If you want to conceive, try a better baby diet with beef, butter, and bacon. These are fine fertile fatty foods.
  • If you're breastfeeding, see this advice.


Most of the above is based on Dr. Fung's primer, as well as his other writings. But some of it is based on other sources.


I have no association with Dr. Fung or Dr. Eenfeldt. I've been trying some of their ideas in the past few weeks. Dr. Fung's book about obesity convinced me of the scientific basis behind their ideas. Plus, I've lost some weight already.

Potential biases

I've read Dr. Fung's book about obesity. It looks well-researched. It has a lot of endnotes. Still, as MyFellowMerkins has pointed out elsewhere, Dr. Fung wants to sell books, seminars, and classes. I suspect that some of his claims might be mistaken. See, for example, this comment by SnakebyteXX. I've so far not managed to figure out whether Dr. Fung or SnakebyteXX is correct. I'm not even sure which part of SnakebyteXX's source I should be looking at. Your thoughts and explanations would be welcome.
Dr. Eenfeldt also wants to sell subscriptions to his website's paid area.


A) Does this post contain too much bold text?
B) Is this post too long?
C) (Optional:) And, if it's too long, what should I cut out?


I've cross-posted this to various places. There's a copy on the DrJasonFung sub-Reddit, a copy on the fasting sub-Reddit, and a copy on the intermittentfasting sub-Reddit. Each copy has its own separate comment tree.
submitted by tealhill to DrJasonFung


Climber7 Review

I've been interested in either building or buying an IDEX for a while now, and the Climber7 appeared to be a decent choice for an inexpensive one to start with.
Instruction manual is decent. Good even. Almost entirely photos, some added captions where necessary. Also includes leveling and calibration instructions. The manual and Cura 4.6 (plus profiles and instructions for different printing modes) are sent as a dropbox link from the seller after purchase.
The cheapest shipping option available (at least for me) was DHL. It ended up going FedEx IP, which is no big deal really. It arrived a week after purchase (it would have arrived a day earlier, but there was an address mix-up though no fault of myself or the seller).
Build time: 3 hours. This is not the first printer I assembled, so with less experience it may take a little longer.
Again to the manual. Most of the pieces are in bags labeled with the corresponding steps. A simple yet very nice touch that I haven't seen with many other kits.
Parts bags
Initially I had thought it came with a glass bed. It doesn’t, it’s either PC or acrylic. The odd bed size may make finding a different build plate interesting, if you're not using glass/mirror custom cut from the hardware store. This confusion was my own fault for not reading the ad thoroughly and seeing that it's advertised as flexible.
Feels solid, good combination of sheet metal and extrusions. The heatsinks appear to be a v6 clone, with tiny heat blocks. Extruders are creality-style.
Wiring it up was a bit of a mess, though I've never been great at wiring. Still would have liked some of the wires to be a little longer (I haven't done much for making the wiring look pretty, as the printer will get an overhaul shortly)
The control board is a MKS Gen L, with a single driver expansion. Comes with A4988 drivers. They are not soldered so you can replace them.
The SD card slot is coupled with the screen. Notice I said SD, not microSD. You'll need an adapter or full size SD card. One is not included.
Although I knew this before purchase, it does come with 9mm rails for X and Y, which is a nice touch for a printer in this price range. I did not feel much play, either I got lucky or they source half decent rails. Movement could be a little more smooth, but lubrication should fix that (lubrication instructions are included as part of the manual).
It is 24v, which is nice as well. Came with a euro plug and preset to 220v, but switchable to 110v.
I was not a fan of the bed levling system, basically just standard m3 nuts with a tool provided for adjustment. I had planned to keep this printer 100% stock for the review, but I gave in a bit and printed knobs for the bed adjustment.
My main complaint about assembly is the rods. They're not secured very well at the bottom, but at least they are at the top.
Linear rod base

So, all of that was prior to the first power-on.

I powered it on, and initially the screen did not work. At this point I'm not sure if I screwed up the instructions, or they were incorrect, but swapping the two cables between the screen and board solved the issue.
Standard monochrome screen with wheel for settings. This is actually the first printer I've had with this type of screen, I imagine it's not much different than others, but it is farily easy to navigate, including the second hotend and IDEX settings.
One issue I ran into early was that the initial SD card I used wasn't recognized. I blame it on being a 64GB card, I switched to a 128MB card and it was fine.
Bed leveling wasn't bad at all. You level the bed to one nozzle, then there is a screw to loosen the hotends, you can loosen the second one and raise/drop it to the level of the first.
This being said, the heatsink mounts are friction fit and not groove mount, which is a bonus for IDEX leveling.
I am assuming that the heat break is PTFE lined, though as of this moment I haven't checked.

I did a dual-benchy print (duplicated). This was with the provided Cura 4.6 installation with stock profile (for duplication mode), no changes whatsoever.
I was thoroughly impressed with the result, considering this came from a $415 (incl. shipping and Aliexpress PayPal fee) IDEX printer.
Benchy in progress
I'm not sure if I would recommend this for someone's first printer, but if you're looking for a cheaper dual extruder option, this is definitely worth consideration.

**Edit: It was requested that I check thermal runaway protections, so I tested that.
  1. It appears that it will continue attempting to heat for approximately 80 seconds without seeing a change in temperature before it errors out and prompts for a reset. This is enough time for the hotend to reach 275c+ (tested by swapping the thermistors between the two hotends, heating one and seeing the temperature reported by the other before shutdown, prompted a maxtemp shutdown, not a heater error).
  2. Hotend max temp is set to 275, which with the heatbreak being PTFE lined, I see as a potential issue.
With this in mind, still a great printer for the price.

Edit 2: I provided feedback on the above testing and received a response from the manufacturer:
”You can modify the thermal runaway time in the firmware. I will send you the source code of the firmware later. You can modify its value in "Configuration_adv.h" according to the actual situation. The maximum temperature of the hot end is 260℃, but the temperature will overshoot during the heating process, so when the temperature exceeds 275℃, the protection will be activated. thank you very much!”
submitted by Vlandarr to 3Dprinting