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[SocJus] So, now for more past sins of the gaming press...

These are just the ones that stick out in my head (I really don't keep a list of these). Please suggest more 'games are causing/might cause/I will vaguely link vidya to real world harm without providing evidence...' articles below.
Rob Fahey - Gamesindustry.biz
Nobody, least of all me, is saying that Call of Duty should have replaced its burly marines with a gay choir who sang Sondheim numbers to bring about world peace and that all the Spartans in Halo games should have addressed each other with gender-neutral pronouns (though, you know, why not have one who was addressed that way? Wouldn't that have been interesting?). But the endless waves of games which painted the world in black and white and aimed to accomplish nothing more meaningful than fulfilling the power fantasies of a very specific demographic group did help to normalise regressive views and create a climate that was ripe for abuse. This is not the same as the insistence of censorious types years ago that games like GTA and Manhunt would directly inspire young men to kill; that was never credible or supported, and the industry and the specialist media was right to oppose it whole-heartedly.
The normalisation of people's views through the media environment, on the other hand, is well-documented and understood, and while no game has ever made someone kill (unless we're counting occasional bizarre murders over in-game item thefts, I guess), a steady, relentless diet of games over the past decade has not been the healthiest of media environments for a young mind to mature surrounded by. That's a concern that goes well beyond Gamergate; games reach tens if not hundreds of millions of consumers, after all.
Jonathan Holmes / Destructiod
So does that mean that the Dead or Alive games are "problematic"? Like I said on the podcast, I think that that depends on who plays them and in what context. Something that's a problem for me might not be problem for a 13-year-old princess, or an 81-year-old hamburger enthusiast, and so on. My guess is, the Dead or Alive games won't have much of an effect on 999,999 out 1,000,000 people. Most will think that the story is crap, so they'll ignore it, leaving them with the main message conveyed by the series' gameplay. The message there is that women can kick just as much, if not more, ass than men can. They also wear much more interesting clothes and are less boring in general.
But I can also imagine someone playing Dead or Alive: Dimensions coming away with a very different idea. Maybe this person is in Russia, where some forms of domestic violence were recently decriminalized, or in Australia, where violence against women is at epidemic levels. Maybe they're a kid who is questioning if it's OK to beat their sisters, or girlfriends, or, later, their wives. Maybe Dead or Alive: Dimensions is one of their favorite games. Maybe they see Hayate hit Ayane in the face, and how he is treated with respect and admiration throughout the game, and think "Well, I guess I'll do that too someday."
Sam Maggs / The Mary Sue
And don’t even start with any garbage about “cultural differences” or “freedom of expression” or any of that. This is equally as problematic as hiring a erotica artist to design a cover for a female superheroine. Geek culture is still largely exclusionary to women and choices like this only serve to drive away half of the consumers who buy these products. This is especially toxic in the gaming industry, which fosters a culture of violent and terrifying misogyny through its objectification and devaluation of women both in-game and out.
Chris Rooke / Official Nintendo Magazine
Senran Kagura is one of the worst types of game around. It's insulting to the intelligence of gamers, damaging to the reputation of the industry, and alienating and harmful to women (both inside and outside the gaming community and industry). So, do yourself, and the wider community a favour: don't read articles about its release. Try not to Youtube it. Avoid reviews. And certainly don't buy it.
Mike Diver / Vice
And nothing else, so stop kidding yourself. You're not playing Deep Crimson for its multi-layered gameplay, for its sole playable male, its pair battles or its tangled tale of... sorry, again, no idea, but I get that the baddies aren't all that bad in the big scheme of things. You're playing it because misshapen cartoon girls with weirdly massive eyes, piss-poorly made outfits and ginormous gazongas do it for you. And that's okay, I suppose. Better that you feel up fictional girls on your 3DS screen rather than grope a stranger on the bus. But I'm not playing any more of it. I don't have any more time to waste on stuff like this when so many genuinely excellent games are just out, or imminent; so I'll be belatedly starting Metal Gear Solid V instead, because that definitely doesn't have any problems regarding its representation of female characters. Absolutely not.
Julia Alexander / Polygon
The violence is particularly upsetting as it features the assault of women. Violent attacks on women, many times for perfunctory purposes, isn’t new. The Killing Joke saw the Joker torture Barbara Gordon in a statement that reinforced the notion that gender influences violence. The volatile imagery used in the trailer to underline the heinous acts being committed are familiar scenes to us. We’ve seen this play out in other TV shows or movies before, and in real life. 35 percent of women have experienced violence at the hands of another person in their lifetime, according to 2017 report from the United Nations.
Jason Schreier / Kotaku
Look, the video game industry has a sexism problem. This is not very difficult to prove. Head to E3 and watch hordes of sweaty male attendees trample one another in order to get the best photos of booth babes. Read about "one reason why." It's tough to find a woman in gaming who doesn't have a story about that one time someone said something way over the line, or the industry event that made her feel like she didn't belong.
So, no, I don't want to look at this game in a vacuum, or laugh off the sorceress as harmless sexual exaggeration, or accept that this is just Vanillaware's style (which is typically gorgeous). Not when so many women still feel so uncomfortable playing games, or working in the video game industry, or attending gaming events. Not when so many games seem designed for men and only men.
Some have pointed out that the dwarf character—a shirtless warrior with disproportionate muscles—is just as sexualized and over-exaggerated as the sorceress. That's true. He's also straight out of a straight male power fantasy, tailored for men just like the sorceress's skimpy clothing and ridiculously jiggly breasts. The design comes across as juvenile, like a hackneyed comic book or a God of War game.
But the dwarf isn't making many people uncomfortable, because men don't get sexually harassed at PAX East. Because male designers don't get mistaken for receptionists. Because male reporters are never asked if they really play video games.
Because the sorceress is symbolic of a much bigger problem.
Will Fulton / DigitalTrends
There is an important distinction to be drawn, however, between causation and normalization. Video games (like all forms of popular media) both reflect and inform cultural values, and it’s hard to argue against contemporary mainstream gaming’s loves of violence in general, and guns in particular. Daily bombardment with violent images in our media diet has a subtle, long-term effect of reducing the shock we feel when we encounter it. Even if we intellectually understand its horror, numbing the visceral and emotional reaction to violence makes it easier to write off as “just how the world is.”
Many noted after Sandy Hook (committed with a very similar AR-15 assault rifle to the one used in Orlando) that if we couldn’t rally for meaningful political action after the deaths of children, we would never be able to do so. The dominance of shooters in mainstream gaming does not necessarily contribute directly to gun violence, but it does normalize it and aid in our complicity, letting brief flares of outrage be washed away by the relentless media cycle.
Leigh Alexander / Kotaku
Has escapism desensitized core gamers to real-world consequences? The popularity of war simulators in and of itself isn't what's most alarming; it's the absence of emotional connection, of conscience and of discussion. Just as hardcore gamers online often deliver casual slurs without conscience, maybe they've forgotten that bullets cause wounds and that war causes deaths. Or maybe there was something wrong with the core audience to begin with: maladapted people seeking maladaptive coping, and the industry that rose up to greet it.
Simon Parkin / Gamasutra
In life, with power, so the saying goes, comes responsibility – a lesson which, only in 2017, is being learned by some high-profile men who have abused their positions. In the context of the video game, unless a designer actively implements punitive systems to discourage the player from certain behaviors, there is no responsibility or consequence for what might be considered abuses of power in a real-world context. Trying to reconcile the player agency with moral boundaries is a knotty design conundrum, one that can lead to fiction-spoiling compromises, such as in the Fallout series, where players can attack and kill any character they meet save children, who are weirdly rendered invincible.
The theme, long a provincial concern for video game makers and commentators, has, in recent months, gone mainstream. Westworld, HBO’s recent and lavish remake of the 1973 film of the same name, is set within a giant Wild West-themed amusement park staffed by costumed cyborgs that are indistinguishable from humans. Entry to the park is expensive and, as a result, customers expect to be able to behave however they want within the boundaries of its magic circle.
Visitors sleep with the park’s robotic staff, shoot them down in cold blood during scripted missions and, generally, exercise complete free will without the threat of consequence. Like video game NPCs, the park’s staff are no more than objects created in humanity’s image; Nobody is earnestly hurt, abused or imperilled by the players’ actions, and like the murdered video game NPC, the cyborgs are repaired and restored the moment the stage is reset.
As well as examining the question of robot rights, Westworld examines what effect unrestrained power fantasies might have on those carrying them out. Shooting a robot sex worker that is indistinguishable from a human woman in the chest at point blank range may be functionally no different to, say, throwing a toaster into a trash compactor, but does the action not morally degrade the human being in the equation in some way?
Josh Sargent / Cracked
https://hooktube.com/watch?v=NGCUCNwcmyg (segment starts at 2:30)
...at a certain point, that's not a coincidence and that certain point was 6 fucking years ago, when people started advertising to us using our inability to control our temper as their gimmick. Anyway, games - mostly about killing. Gamers - mostly mad all the time. Maybe a link? Not a crazy idea.
Michael Samyn / Gamasutra
A game industry that claims to support tolerance and respect is hypocritical as long as it produces and supports entertainment in which the wounding and killing of others is central to the amusement.
I’m sure that most game developers and publishers are not malicious. I don’t think they intend to provoke aggressive behavior or sexism in the real world. After all, “it’s only a game. It’s just a bit of fun.” And they can easily offload their responsibility onto each and every individual player of their games in an appropriation of the “guns don’t kill people” mentality of the American weapons lobby.
True enough, a gun does not cause murder by itself. But equally true is that the absence of a gun can prevent murder.
Keith Burgun / Polygon
Action films and violent games set up crazy scenarios wherein violence really might be the only option, just so that we can see some cool violence. We set up these super evil puppy-kicking villains, just so that we can feel alright about killing them.
It’s not just that we’re seeing people getting killed on screen. It’s that in the back of our minds, we know that the creators set things up so that things would get killed on screen. The message is clear: war is obviously the coolest. All we need is someone we can feel OK about killing.
The message is that there are bad guys. That there are people out there who are subhuman, who are not deserving of any rights at all. To some extent, you have to dehumanize the enemy — see them as bad guys — in order to want to go war with them. This is probably getting harder and harder to do as we become more connected to each other globally and more mature as a civilization, but the fact remains.
No one sees violence and then is inspired to commit violence, but the constant parade of pop culture that shows everyone who doesn't look and act like us as "other" and worthy of violence may be carrying a real cost.
Keith Burgun / Gamasutra
We've gotten pretty good at detecting sexist portrayals of women. We understand that the way women are presented in media really matters. We get that it doesn't have to "turn everyone who views it into rapists" or something similar for it to be a problem. We know that the effects of media on people are subtler, more long-term and harder to isolate. Like racism, it often does its best to conceal itself, but we're getting better and better at finding it anyway.
And yet at the same time, it seems to me that we're a little bit blind to the equally damaging and similarly manifesting problem of glorification of violence in media. I see vocal feminists calling out the sexism of a character design or even a story event, and then turn around and completely embrace some utterly disgusting piece of violence glorification.
What's the connection between this issue and feminism, you might ask? Violence glorification isn't strictly a feminist topic. But I would argue that women suffer most as a result of our culture of violence, and dehumanization involved in sexist portrayals is highly related to the dehumanization of violence. Ultimately, I feel that feminists would and should be sensitive to issues of dehumanization generally since they have faced it for so long.
So where is the sensitivity to these messages? Why doesn't the message these works are sending matter anymore? A lot of videogames, action movies and comic books, if you are looking with the same kind of analytical lens you were using to identify the sexist messages, are clearly sending the message: "violence is extremely cool." This message is an incorrect and socially damaging one, at least equally as incorrect and as socially damaging as the message that "women are sex objects".
Bonus shit:
Orlando shootings comments
FemFreq and friends stuff
submitted by B-VOLLEYBALL-READY to KotakuInAction

Top Remaining Requested Features And Content Wishlist For Halo MCC

I'm not sure where you can go to input resquest for content/features and other additions you want for MCC that 343i can look at and see sbout adding, as I can't post to the Waypoint forums. But I took a list of what the community has been asking for, looking at common discussion and WP forum requests and compiling it. Some are in patch notes from 343 saying they will look into, others they have been widely asked for and haven't been commented on by 343 so though I'd make a list to have it all written down somewhere. I divided into 3 sections (what 343 says they would work on or look at, what hasn't been commented on by 343 but is highly requested or was content in the Original games, and content and features that are requested but most likely are never is going to be made by 343 because it just out of scope but potential for modded content).
I'm curious if there is anything I have left out that you also wish to see. Also sorry if there are any duplicates, I tried double checking but might of missed some. Let me know so I can edit. Also let me know if some of these have already been addressed as they might be out of date.
Features mentioned by 343i that would come in the future or would be looked into but haven’t heard any update on
>Custom Game Browser (Custom games and possibly open forge, though that is always full of griefing) >File Share Search Browser (Improving the File Share Feature by adding a browser like other Halo games since Halo 3 had that Halo MCC lacks. I remember a 343 dev talking about looking into addressing this issue so there is a browser for Halo MCC that you can use and search on both halo waypoint and also on the game itself for game types and maps but haven't heard much since in almost a year about that being planned.)
>Additional Mod Support/Steam Workshop (Be able to add user generated content, modify Halo Music to play blow me away in anniversary version, etc)
>Steam Account Linking (Link progression from Steam to Xbox live and also be able to look up a players GT easier from steam to xbox live and vice versa)
>Importing Community-made Custom Edition Vista Community Maps/Game Variants (There was mention by 343i that they were looking for ways to import content like maps and gametypes from Custom Edition & Vista. It makes sense since Halo CE and Halo 2 are the PC versions in MCC that are the same ones pulled from Custom Edition and Vista. Sean, one of the 343i devs reported he has successfully imported a Custom Edition make but the pipeline process was very rough and modders have reported doing the same but also reported that it takes a lot of work. Would be cool if they added some of the most popular Halo Custom Edition and Halo 2 Vista popular maps and gametypes to MM playlists, like action sack, and custom games) [Reference https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-3]
>Add New Content (New Skins, Armor or Visor Colors, or Armors) [Ref Jun 2019 MCC Update]
>Progression System Improvements
>Improve Unlocks (it was stated that they would update the game so you can choose your unlocked out of order in the same tier level instead of in order)
>Improvements to Challenges (Make challenges in all modes like campaign, MM, FF, SO, Custom Games, Forge, even Theater)
>Improved Challenge Hub (Add a tab to view the challenge hub in-game view start menu for things like campaign missions and multiplayer matches to be visible to view pinned challenges. Also be able to pin 5 or more challenges at a time to view)
>Increased XP in Ranked Playlists (To increase population in ranked since it is less populated and give players that want to speed through MCC progression faster can get through it faster by playing ranked. Give a boost of maybe 3 times XP as a bonus)
>Earnable XP in Offline & Private/Custom Modes (like FF/SO/Custom Games/Forge/TheateCampaign)
>Full Cross-Platform Play between Xbox & PC (not just matchmaking but also custom games/forge/theatecampaign/firefight/SO/etc)
-Opt-in/out Feature (Opt-in/out PvP/PvE matchmaking/custom games/forge option for PC/Xbox cross platform and choose if you want to play with players using KB+M players or Controller input) [If you really want to restrict your search time, then you know what you are in for. Longer search time but more equal line ups]
>In-Game FPS Cap/Adjustments (Lock frame rate for improved visual experience. ability to lower frame rate to 30fps for OG Super bounces. But require 60 in order to play matchmaking so can't be used in ranked playlists)
>VFR Improvements to Reach & H2A
>Idle System Improvements
>Additional Accessibility Support
>Input Based Matchmaking
>Regional Server Selection
>Text Chat Improvements
>Better Reporting System
>Double Key Binding for all games
>Split Screen on PC
>Bringing PC Features to Console (PC Features and settings, like slides, offsets, HUD Customization)
>KB+M setup for MCC on Xbox (Apparently one doesn't exist some say but I have heard people on Xbox playing with a KnM setup so not sure if this was addressed already)
>PC Enhancement Settings (FOV Sliders, Weapon Offset/View Model Adjustment & HUD Customization)
>HDR Support on PC (HDSDR Calibration Settings)
>UI/UX Improvements (Navigation, Main Menu, Title Screen Video, Rosters, Customization, Button States/Highlight States)
>Better Invite Notification
>In-Game Audio Slider for background music (for streaming, currently only affects main menu music)
>Additional Video Settings/Options
>Xbox Play Anywhere ("exploring ways to make sure that we show our appreciation and recognition for the support we’ve had from the amazing fans on MCC and we’ll have more to announce as we get closer to launch." -Bonnie Ross) Make it so anyone that had the game purchased and played the game on Xbox prior to Mar 12 2019, before the announcement of MCC coming to PC with Halo Reach, either make the game free on the Windows Store or make it so they don't have to do the seasons to unlock the armor because they showed their dedication.
>Bugs/Glitches/Issues/Fixes (Before MCC Can Be Called Complete, all game breaking bugs are addressed. Not necessarily minor ones that aren't intrusive but ones that game breaking bugs that hinders matchmaking and original gameplay experiences. Until all major game breaking bugs are fixed then it can truly be considered finished in a great state) [Example below]
-LNOS Mission on Legendary is far harder than it ever was in Legacy Reach (Enemies are far more accurate and mow you down easily. Reported by multiple people experiencing the same issue)
-Reach Co-op Campaign Bugged Beyond All Repair (Reported to be unplayable by most players bringing this up)
-Missing Forge Items (The New Forge items added in are not accessible to Xbox plays and only in PC)
-Sword cancelling needs to be added (to have the OG Experience)
-Skull effects when picking up skulls don’t work in in Halo 2 (due to now skulls can just be selected in the menus)
-Vehicle Destruction Trolling (Friendly teammates can destroy team occupied vehicles when FF is turned off. In OG it was either FF is off and you can’t damage team occupied vehicles or turn Friendly Fire on so teammates intentionally destroying teammate vehicles are punished. Happens often on reach)
-Betrayal Trolling (Ability to still Melee betrayal when Friendly Fire is turned off. Happens with back melees somehow can still damage you even when FF is off and happens often on Reach)
-Entering Vehicle Glitch (Players getting stuck trying to get into vehicle. experienced this several times in the warthog turret and wraith in Halo Reach) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXGiqu-HMAY]
-OG Reach Vehicle Glitch (bug where vehicles get glitched, flung and fly off the map. it was mentioned a while back it wasn't being looked into because it was a legacy bug but it is mentioned often by fans wanting this addressed. Either fix the bug or remove the maps from playlist that this happens often on) -Audio Effects (In middle of matches right to shoot or hear sounds of players shooting not working allowing for enemies to sneak up on you because you couldn’t hear them shooting. Been a known issue in CE) -Hit Detection Registration (Legacy Games, especially Halo 3 have terrible Hit Registration. 343i has explained this has to do with a mix of hit-scanning, higher tick rates, latency and legacy bug issues and 343i looking to see how to address it. But currently some players, even myself, have decided to avoid Halo 3 Matchmaking because the Sniper rifle has been reduced to BR Range Effectiveness, BR went from Magnum Range Effectiveness, Magnum went to basically Shotgun Range Effectiveness, and shotgun became useless as energy swords wins far more often now then in legacy days. It’s so random in consistency that some days I’m snipping like I’m an MLG PRO and other days I’m shooting like a scrub who has never played. The reticule is lined up on head, RRR active, and yet still shot misses and watching other players that are doing montages and noticing they have to aim off past RRR to get hits which isn’t something you see in legacy Halo 3 montages and that is very annoying and sometimes down right unbearable to play) -Halo CE FPS Spread due to Unlocked Frame Rate (The higher the frame rate, the more spread when shooting)
Features/Content That Have Been Highly Requested or was in the original games >LAN Splitscreen (Both Xbox and PC)
>Party Up Feature (After matchmaking team up. Currently you have to back out and regroup and even the invite is not popped up so players don’t notice it)
>Visible ping indicators on players (so we know who are the laggers)
>Player Population Counter (This feature really does need to return, also would be also neat is by setting your parameters like whether you opted in or out of cross play or only play with KBM+M or Controller players see what the population is and your estimated search times because of it. This why players now if you restrict your search, you know how long you can expect your wait to be and how few players there are. Knowing the difference that the pickier you are with higher requirements, the less players there are and the longer your search time will be)
>JIP Option (Option in matchmaking composer for social to join in progress to find matches faster. This is something you'd check when you start your search so you know what you are getting yourself into but also you can see how fast your search time will be sped up. So it’s a risk you can choose to take to get into matches quicker)
>343i and/or Community Favorites Feature (With the Improved Feature to have a File Share Search Browser in MCC as previously stated. It would also be nice to have a 343i favorites, like Bungie favorites, where there is a menu that lists the top favorite maps, game types, films, and screenshots. Preferably I like Halo 5’s Waypoint style more were it shows off the most popular based on the community thus the developers don’t need to keep updating but even a section of community favorites and 343 favorites would be nice instead of just a gamertag you have to look for that is kind of archaic in design)
>Better Matchmaking Lobby Notification Sounds (Replace the soft subtle MCC single beep with the loud distinct firm three beep tone notification from OG Halo 3 when a full lobby has been found and match is about to start or that the post-lobby is about to start the search again.
>Firefight/Spartan Ops Matchmaking (ODST & Reach FF and Halo 4 SO)
>Solo & Private CO-OP FF/SO (for ODST, Reach and Halo 4 [Custom options as well]) >Campaign Matchmaking (All 6 halo games)
>More Skulls in Campaign (Add all skulls to all campaigns, mainly Bandana/Acrophobia in all campaigns) >Legacy Customization Content (Nameplates, emblems, armors, visors, skins, stances, etc from Halo Reach, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 4) >New Customization Content (Nameplates, emblems, armors, visors, skins, stances, etc for Halo Reach, Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 2A, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 4)
>Halo Reach Armor Effect on Elites (Currently doesn’t show in-game even if you have unlocked)
>Add Zombies to Classic Halo CE/Halo 2 (This was a gametype Project Cartographer, H2VO, did where it plays like halo 3 infection where humans are on red team and when killed by zombies the red players are forced team changed on the zombie team, in this case green team. Weapons and gadgets and other traits are altered like only being able to use sword vs humans can only use weapons besides the sword like how the original honor rules of OG Zombies were in Halo 2. In Halo CE mods made it so the infected carried held skulls to melee with. The only down side of gametype, just like infection in Halo 3, was that in custom game a player can quit and rejoin if they get infected and comeback as humans but Halo 3 party leaders fixed that by just simply making it switched to closed lobbies if someone is going to do that and make it require invites to join. Luckily, if this is also added to social matchmaking and not just custom games, you can’t rejoin a match you quit out of even if you have JIP unless you have someone specifically add you back but invites aren't JIP and just hold you in queue until match has been completed before you can join your friend. But if the devs added Zombies gametype for both custom games and matchmaking then you can have 5 or 6 games now with infection and with matchmaking giving players more variety. The only game that wouldn’t have this is ODST because it only has campaign and firefight and was never built for a PvP MM) >Add Campaign Weapons & Vehicles to Multiplayer & Forge (Wieldable/Driveable) -Halo Reach (Target Locator, Mac Cannon, Space Banshee, Space Phantom) -Halo CE (Energy Sword, Spirit, Pelican, Long Sword) -Halo 2C (Blue Sentinel Beam, Shadow, Heretic Banshee, Phantom, Pelican, Seraph, Scarab) -Halo 2A (Blue Sentinel Beam, Shadow, Phantom, Pelican, Seraph, Scarab) -Halo 3 (Troop Transport Warthog, Phantom, Pelican, Scarab, Long Sword) -Halo 3 ODST (Troop Transport Warthog, Anti-Aircraft Wraith, Phantom, Pelican, Olifant, Scarab) -Halo 4 (Forward Observer Module, Mac Cannon, Lich, Mammoth, Broadsword)
>Halo 2 Anniversary Missing Content (Missing Spectre & Brute Shot Projectile in MultiplayeForge, currently using Spnkr Rockets and can replace it with H2A Campaign projectile)
>H2A Multiplayer Infected Elites (for H2A Infection mode, they can either make one based off the H2A MP Elites or just use the H2A Campaign infected elite model. Possibly modders will add it in as the placeholder model exists but no actual infected combat for elite exists, just a naked Halo 4 elite model) -Instant Action/Cycled Custom Game Playlist (host chooses custom games to play in an endless cycle so you don’t have to change each time a game finishes, it will start the next custom game. Maybe even a vote option where players in the match can choose to end the current game and also choose next custom game to play next, like Halo Online had)
>Full Armor Customization (Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, & Halo 4 -Halo 2 Anniversary Armor Customization (Helmet, Chest, Legs, Arms) -Halo 3 Armor Customization (Helmet, Chest, Arms) -Halo 4 Armor Customization (Helmet, Chest, Legs, Shoulders, Forearms)
>Halo 3 ODST: Firefight and skins (Rookie, Dare, Buck, Dutch, Romeo, Mickey, Sergeant Johnson)
>Missing & Broken Halo 4 Legacy Content and Features (There are many Missing content and Broken features in Halo 4 343 said they would look to address [https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-2 & https://youtu.be/nB0RDpzN4rk]) -Broken Halo 4 Features (Select Next Loadout and Modify Loadouts [mid-game from Pause Menu option], Forge Trait Zone Properties) -Missing Halo 4 Loadout Content (Tactical Packages [Fast Track - gives more XP in Halo 4 games for MCC] & [Resistor]) and Support Upgrades [Survivor & Recharge]) -Missing Halo 4 Armor Permutations (Mark V, Prefect, ODST, Ricochet [https://www.halopedia.org/Armor\_permutations\_(Halo\_4)\])
-Missing Halo 4 Armor Skins - Consisting of armor and camos for helmets, chests, shoulders, forearms, legs (Air Assault VERG, Air Assault VISN, Aviator BOND, CIO WEB, CIO RUIN, CIO RUSH, Commando FRCT, Contoured, Contoured SHRD, Defender CTRL, Defender CLMN, Enforcer TRBL, Enforcer TRCR, Engineer EDGE, EOD SHDW, EVA BRCH, Gungnir PULS, GV-09 Locking, GV-09 Locking FRST, Hazop FRST, Infiltrator TRAC, Infiltrator PYTN, Inner-plated, Inner-plated WEB, Inner-plated TOXC, LG-50 Bulk, LG-50 Bulk PULS, LG-50 Bulk CLMN, Oceanic CRCT, Oceanic SLID, Operator SRFC, Orbital AEON, Orbital SWFT, Outer-plated, Outer-plated RPTR, Outer-plated BYNT, Outer-plated CRCT, Outer-plated TOXC, Over-locking, Over-locking WEB, Pathfinder CORE, Pioneer ADPT, Protector DRFT, Raider DSTT, Ranger STRK, Recon SURG, Recruit PRME, Recruit TIGR, RG-63 Counter, RG-63 Counter PRME, RG-63 Counter FRST, Ricochet HMTM, Rogue FCUS, Scout APEX, Scout TOXC, Soldier ZNTH, Stalker CRSH, Tracker ADRT, Twin-plated, Twin-plated AEON, Twin-plated SWFT, Vanguard CNVG, Venator RPTR, Venator BYNT, Venator RFCT, War Master PRML, Warrior MTRX, Wetwork SHRD, XG-89 Narrow, XG-89 Narrow RPTR, XG-89 Narrow BYNT, XV-27 Shifting, XV-27 Shifting PULS, XV-27 Shifting CRCT, XV-27 Shifting SLID [https://www.halopedia.org/Armor\_permutations\_(Halo\_4)#Armor\])
-Missing Halo 4 Weapon Skins (Champions Bundle skins & Figure exclusive skins [https://www.halopedia.org/Weapon\_skins\_(Halo\_4)#Champions\_Bundle\_skins & https://www.halopedia.org/Weapon\_skins\_(Halo\_4)#Figure\_exclusive\_skins\])
-Missing Halo 4 Visors (Recruit, Solar, Frost, Midnight, Cyan, Blindside, Sunspot, Verdant, Legendary, Wetwork, Operator, Pioneer, Pathfinder, Engineer, Stalker, Rogue, Tracker [https://www.halopedia.org/Armor\_permutations\_(Halo\_4)#Visors\])
-Missing Halo 4 Stances (Recruit, Heroic, Assassin, Last Stand, Breach, Stand, Believe, Assault, Seasoned, Menace, Loyalty, Lookout, Confident, Drawn, Flank, Grandstand, Determined [https://halo.fandom.com/wiki/Stance#Halo\_4\])
>Earnable XP in Forge and Custom Games, Including Firefight (Get like a max of 6,000XP for 10 minutes a custom game match) >Add Missing Multiplayer Game Modes -Improved Punishing System [Not like reporting system] (Team Killing/Idling/Suiciding/Cheating and other negative behavior (Automated Reputation Tracking System that tracks betrayals, suicides, quits, long idles, macro movements, players xbox live reputation - Even if the player is not kicked from match for things like betrayals, they keep track of it of a pattern of behavior and if they constantly have bad rep, average betrayals often in matches or hurts teammates multiple times in a match [obviously there are accidents and 1 time is an accident but for those that try to a work around it by hurting teammates close to death for an enemy to finish them off or scare the teammate or to hurt the teammate after they were injured by an enemy and assisted in helping the enemy get the kill by finishing your teammate off this will be recorded behavior], even records you picked up a power weapon after a betrayal or get into a powerful vehicle, 5 to 10 seconds after the betrayal, which suggests possible intentional [including always being 1 betrayal from being kicked, also destroyed teammate occupied vehicles, but excludes game modes where betrayals are expected like grifball], often suicides in matches, idles a lot [always edging the idle time before being kicked from match for afk/afc], noticing macro-like behavior but can’t be conclusive but happens often, tracks quit history [either they intentionally did it or disconnects], and also factors in xbox live reputation. If a player has high marks in 2 or more categories it will affect the player score where they only will get lined up with people in the same range. So if you have a reputation of TKing that is high and also quitting often, you will only be able to line up with players with the same behaviors of TK problems and quitting. The way to improve your reputation is through gameplay being cautious of behavior. If you can no longer find matches because of your behavior, you will get your levels improve after each month [xbox rep improves on its own after 6 months reports after that are removed]. Holding players more accountable for their behaviors matchmaking to not ruin the experience for others)
>Matchmaking Composer Expanded (Customize your social experience by going further and selecting maps, not just halo games, and gametype variants, like 1-Flag or 2 Flag CTF. Customize the Social playlist the way you want it)
>Halo Reach VS FF/Customizable Firefight
>Missing Custom Game Features/In-game Party Leader Controls (Force Team Change, Changing Teams, Host Boot Ability/In-game and Looby Boot/Kick Player, Force Even Teams at start and join in players, Change Custom Game Privacy Option/Settings [Open/Invite/Friends/Close])
>Halo CEA: Missing Scanned Library Items Menu (A connect feature back on the original HCEA game but a lot of people wanting this would settle for just having it in the Library Feature added to the Extras Menu. Possibly add other items from other campaigns as well for those that love to read up on Halo lore.)
>Voice Masking (Was in Halo 2, muffled players voices, add to all games as an option) >Voice Proximity (Was in Halo 2, could hear nearby players, add to all games as an option) >Widescreen Mode (Screen split vertical, instead of horizontally in Splitscreen)
>Handicap settings ([None, Minor, Moderate, Severe] designed to balance playing field for players with different skill levels, add to all games as an option)
>Muting players in Lobby (Currently can't see who is talking and unable to know who to mute that is trying to be a DJ)
>Missing Emblem on Armor
>Halo Game Bridge Feature [Integrating Halo MCC/Halo 5/Halo Infinite] (Putting Halo 5 I don’t see ever happening and 343i I believe already said it will not happen. But it would be nice to expand that Halo 5 link in Halo MCC menu and instead it integrates Halo MCC, Halo 5 and Halo Infinite with a bridged connection feature that transitions you to each game with ease if you have the game installed, whether on PC or Xbox. And you can also take parties with you if all the players have the game installed, if not it will tell you who doesn’t have the game, like old school with the gamertag blinking. This makes it so you can remove those players, or encourage them to download the game, and not have to make everyone in the party quit and rejoin in the other halo games which would be a hassle. This also hints at adding Halo 5 to PC and not the Halo 5 Forge but instead turn that game into a full fledged proper PC with all features and modes and make the game free on Xbox and PC, as at this point Halo 5 gets it’s money from microtransactions anyways at this point as no one new is buying the game anymore but MS will still be able to get further MTX in Halo 5 from the PC crowd, and with cross-platform play having an opt-in feature will join halo 5 players on both xbox and pc and increase population count as custom games in halo 5 forge is dead because there is no cross-play and also help PVP and PVE matchmaking as well. Also fix all the KB+M features that are currently present on Halo 5 Forge and have it fully working. It would be weird to have Halo 5 be the only Halo game not on PC. Hell, they can even do the same with MCC and add to both the Halo App/Windows Store and to Steam to allow for modding. I would expect this would be a lot easier than adding the entire Halo 5 game into MCC and making the game far too large and unstable that 343i already said when adding Halo Reach and having to re-add everything back it would be way too much work to import Halo 5 into the MCC. This way on PC or Xbox you can play all 3 games quickly and jump around in campaigns, matchmaking, custom games and so on. Giving the Halo community and new plays a full Halo experience. It would even be revolutionary as no other games really seems to do this and would be innovative and Halo would be setting a standard feature trend that other game developers don’t do for their games that would encourage them to do so for game series like CoD, Battlefield, GTA and so on.
Features most likely are not going to happen but fans still really want to see (potential Modder content)
>New Armors, Nameplates, Emblems (Halo Reach, Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 4) >CE/H2C Forge & Theater (This is something I have seen mentioned a few times but I highly doubt this will ever get added. But funny enough there was Halo 2 forge that did exist in Vista but I believe it was created by a mod so chances are maybe some modders bight create such an ability in the future but otherwise I don’t see this happening)
>Add PVP to ODST (Use ODST Firefight Maps to play PVP)
>Full MCC Anniversary (Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo 4 given Anniversary treatment, not remaster of some minor graphical and sound improvements to original but the CEA and H2A treatment. Highly doubt this will happen but maybe modders with raytracing might make it possible in the future)
>Fix Halo CE Graphical difference from PC vs Xbox [https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=missing+features+halo+mcc]
>Complete All Halo 2 Anniversary Maps (people forge the maps or modders could make them as well or make anniversary graphics on classic maps with Multiplayer graphics like Generalkidd’s video [Halo CEA and Halo 2A])
>CE to CEA Multiplayer Texture Swap (Halo CE Swap Multiplayer textures with the Anniversary Graphics, Halo2A swap weapon skins in Multiplayer with their Campaign versions and sound/projectiles. Can add to the User Skins Enable option or another option below for CE/H2A) >Kinect Features (Voice Commands, 3D Mode)
>Halo 3/Halo Reach/Halo 4 Remastered (ray tracing, some modding already does the trick)
>Playable Elites on CE Multiplayer (Option to turn off visual is user skin and not useable in competitive playlists) >Legacy Nameplates and Emblems to Halo MCC -Legacy Reach Nameplates (Default, Septagon, DMR, Bungie, Marathon, Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Assault Rifle, Spartan Helmet, HALO, Star) -Legacy Reach Emblems -Legacy Halo 2 Nameplates (Default, Bungie.net, Bungie.net staff, Bungie, Stars - Vista, Bungie and Stars - Vista)
-Legacy Halo 2 Emblems
-Legacy Halo 3 Nameplates (Default, Seventh Column, Bungie, Pro)
-Legacy Cross Gen Emblems (Infected Ver. 1)
>Halo MCC Missing Nameplates (7 cut nameplates https://www.reddit.com/halo/comments/3c28pd/hiddenmissing_nameplates_for_4450_ranks_in_halo/, http://i.imgur.com/MBtYaAc.jpg, & https://www.halopedia.org/File:HTMCC\_Cut\_Nameplates.jpg) >Add Cut Customization Content -Cut Halo Reach Armor (PRESERVE-class Mjolnir & CONDEMNED-class Mjolnir [https://www.halopedia.org/PRESERVE-class\_Mjolnir & https://www.halopedia.org/CONDEMNED-class\_Mjolnir\] GRD was one of them hinted that GameCheat13 found in MCC but no word on it since [https://youtu.be/Vg9vKSs28ao]) -Cut Halo 2/Halo 3 Arbiter Armor [Arbiter Skin https://www.halopedia.org/Armor\_permutations\_(Halo\_3)\] -Cut Halo 4 Armor (Hayabusa[https://www.halopedia.org/File:H4_Hayabusa_armor_3d_model.jpg & https://www.halopedia.org/images/7/73/H4_Hayabusa_armor_3d_model-2.jpg])
-Cut Halo 4 Weapon Skins (Blast (BLS) & Concrete (CTE) [https://www.halopedia.org/Weapon_skins_(Halo_4)#Cut_skins_2#Cut_skins_2)]) >Add Legacy Deleted/Cut Content (Overall Cut/Altered Weapons, Vehicles, Creatures, Maps, Gametypes [https://halo.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Deleted_Material]) -Halo Reach Deleted/Cut Content (Sabre Slayer) -Halo CE Deleted/Cut Content (Gravity Rifle, Gravity Wrench, Machete, Shielded Carrier Forms, Engineers, Sharquoi) -Halo 2C Deleted/Cut Content (Kestrel, Warthog Variants, Flood Juggernauts, Covenant Ship (Mission), Forerunner Tank (Mission), Cut E3 Demo New Mombasa Mission) -Halo 3 Deleted/Cut Content (Playable Brutes, Guardian Forest (Mission)) -Halo 3 ODST Deleted/Cut Content (Elite Plasma Rifle) -Halo 4 Deleted/Cut Content (Revenant, Stasis Rifle, Hornet) >Forgeable Firefight (Be able to forge maps and add enemy spawns and play with friends) >Halo 4 Season 2 Spartan Ops (something originally supposed to happen in Halo 4 but never came to be) >Add Halo Online Content (Maps, Weapons, Weapon Skins, Vehicles Skins, Armor Abilities, Powerups, etc) >Add Halo 5 Armors to Halo 4 (Backwards Importing)
>Independent Legacy Competitive Ranks (H2C, H3, HR, H4. H2A and HCE would just use MCC's design. Could possibly just show up in profile as Halo an Image so if you get a 50 in Halo 2 Classic, it will show that image in your profile the legacy 50 rank symbol)
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