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[MW2] [BO] My take on the divisions within this Subreddit, and why that’s actually a positive reflection of COD’s greatest strength

As someone new to this subreddit, but not to this series, I’ve seen a lot of argument over what ‘classic’ or ‘true’ COD is or is meant to be.
Threads such as this *** is full of people arguing over whether COD is a tactical positional shooter or a camp fest. A fast paced movement shooter, or a arcade run and gun. The community seems quite divided, and sometimes unnecessarily bitterly so. We have insults hurled as people claim that they know what COD’s ‘roots’ are and that they have some moral claim to the series’ soul.
In my opinion these arguments as to what COD is highlights why I loved the games so much when I used to play the series so much (predominantly MW2/BO1, but also the entirety of MW1-BO2).
Disclaimer: Please don’t read this as an arrogant MoDeRn WaRfARe 2 and BlAcK oPs 1 aRe ThE oNlY gOoD gAmEs type rant. I’m just using them because they are the games I played the most, they are the ones I know the most, so it is from them I am basing my argument on the success of COD being down to open ended player choice.
By what I meant when I say that these arguments about playstyle and even what sub-genre the series is, demonstrates what made the series special to me, which was that it was an open ended almost ‘sandboxy’ shooter that let you play YOUR game.
The mix map styles, game modes, perks, and weapons meant that you could approach COD in a manner that was enjoyable for YOU. This maximised the playerbase, and I believe that this was a cornerstone that made the franchise the global success it is today.
Wanted some chaos? Play FFA. Wanted a simple fun game with a little more structure? Play TDM. Wanted a more complex objective orientated game? Play S&D. Wanted that objective orientated game, but was frustrated with the slow pacing and lack of fluidity? Play CTF or domination. Wanted to mix things up and go for a less arcadey feel? Play an HC variant of the previously mentioned modes.
I liked the variety of maps which encouraged different playstyles, even though many frustrated me as a young kid. You have everything from the cover-and-vision orientated large maps like Wasteland and Underpass (MW2) / Jungle and Kowloon (BO1) all the way to CQB maps like Rust (MW2) and Nuketown (BO1), and everything in between such as med sized street fight maps like Invasion, and Karachi (MW2) and Villa and Hanoi (BO1), also claustrophobic maze fights like Skidrow (MW2). That’s without mentioning dozens of fun maps like Afghan, Favela, Terminal, Highrise, Estate (MW2) and Summit, Array, Radiation, and Firing Range (BO1).
I could dedicate pages and pages of commentary on individual maps, and I do plan to do so, either edited into this, or as part of a separate post.
Perks and guns:
For the most part I love how perks are handled in the games that I played, even if I acknowledge that some were blatantly ridiculous and/or broken.
The breadth of player choice and customisation they allowed was simply incredible. In my opinion if i could pick any single thing that I’ve mentioned in this post which makes the biggest impact on player choice and therefore fun, it must be the perks. They fundamentally change the series from other shooters.
(Assume all perks are Pro for the purposes of my examples).
Want to run and gun? Take Marathon, Lightweight, Steady aim (Both MW2 and BO1, different order). The usual variations of Mac-10, MP5 etc work.
Want to play a demolition class? Take ScavengeOMA, Danger Close, Steady aim/Sitrep (MW2), Flack Jacket, Warlord, Tactical Mask/Hacker (BO1). RPGs, Grenade launchers, Frags, Semtex, claymores and C4 are your friends.
Want to play a flashy quickscoper? Take Sleight of Hand, Lightweight, Commando (MW2), lol quickscopers BO1 hates you. Intervention (MW2) and L96A1 (BO1) are obvious choices.
Want to play a stealth sniper? Take Bling (for silencer and Thermal), Cold Blooded, Steady Aim/Ninja (MW2), Ghost, Scout/Warlord (WL same reason as Bling), Ninja (BO1). Guns are like above but with thermal/IR scopes as well as silencers if you want.
Want to be an all-rounder (sweaty try hard)? Pick Bling/OMA, Stopping Power, Last stand (MW2), Scavenger, Sleight of Hand/Warlord, Second Chance (BO1). For guns take an assault rifle like M4A1, Scar, Tar, ACR (MW2), FAMAS, Galil, AK47U, AK47, AUG (BO1).
Want to be a team player and go for an anti-kill streak class? Take OMA, Stopping Power, Steady Aim (MW2), Ghost, Hardened, and idk... (BO1). Rocket Launchers and LMGs, basically...
Also I like how picking a perk means the comparative drawback of not having other perks makes you incredibly disadvantaged/vulnerable to certain playstyles and contexts, whilst simultaneously allowing you to dominate the map in your own way.
Also not really an important gameplay feature, but I loved the character models and faction designs in MW2/BO1 multiplayer!
All in all, my point is that the flexibility in playstyle is what I view as the core strength of the series, and the fact that people clearly have such differing opinions on what the game is and how it should be played reinforces this.
submitted by Khator33 to CallOfDuty


DM has a script in mind and nukes the game server mid-convo

During Session 0 we spoke extensively about the group and expectations for the campaign. The DM stressed that backstories were very important and he would work with us individually to craft something. The game was going to have a main plot line, but also enough "sandboxiness" to explore our character driven quests and motivations during down time. There were no red flags at this point.
And the DM did spend a LOT of time working with us on backstories. Then we reconvened for a Session 0.5 to basically determine: Do your characters know each other at the start of this campaign? If so, how?
One person really liked introductions, so wanted to start as a solo adventurer looking to join a group. The rest of us paired off.
At Session 1 the DM set the scene: a lively tavern with people discussing the latest news at the bar, a bulletin board full of quests and news, and tons of interactive NPCs.
Great, we thought, this is the perfect place to find a plot hook to bring our party of 5 together. What better way than a quest that requires a whole party, right? Wrong
So we split off - one person from each pair and the solo-start guy - to go seek out information from the locals or check the bulletin board in search of the plot hook that would bring us together.
The DM didn't respond.
Someone pinged him after a day by to ask about the bulletin board contents.
A day after that, someone pinged him about that and the news from the locals.
The DM finally responded: "You're supposed to interact with each other first! And then you can go look for quests."
A brief discussion ensued.
The DM expected us to connect first ("Remember session 0! I told you that you had to adventure as a group and be group members!") whereas we were under the impression we'd find some commonality in the game to justify our group coming together for a common goal. Seems pretty standard, right?
But anyway, we can move on from this and work out something, right? We'll just start discussing how our characters will be drawn together in this hub of activity and then decide they all want money and to take on a quest. All good?
The DM nuked the server instead.
submitted by OppositeSquid to rpghorrorstories