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I remember one of my friends showed it to me. Unfortunately I do not know how to contact this guy other than when I seem him and it's Thanksgiving break, so.... Yeah, help would be appreciated.
If it helps, I'm pretty sure the logo was sort of like an abstract, minimalistic "fan" with four colors, one for each blade. Then again, I might be going insane?
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“Guys just had this blood lust. Psychos. Absolute psychos. And we bred them”. An Effortpost on Special Forces Abuses

Australia’s reckoning with Special Forces abuses and how examples from the UK and the US highlight elite unit’s accountability problem. A part of my indefinite series until I get my Paul Keating flair back.
The title quote comes from the Brereton report released by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) today. Examining alleged war crimes mostly committed by the elite Australian SAS, the investigation began in 2016 and was tasked with examining claims in the previous 10 years (2005-2016). “Credible information” suggested that 39 Afghans had been murdered in 23 incidents. The report recommended the investigation of criminal charges against 19 Australian soldiers. The full report contains horrific findings of executed prisoners and an initiating practice called “blooding” where new SAS members were instructed to kill detainees which were later covered up to deflect scrutiny.
Somewhat unusually, as ill get into later, there seems to be a degree of unity surrounding the need for serious reform and war crimes to be prosecuted fully. The conservative prime minister Scott Morrison pre-empted the reports release and a week ago appointed an investigator to look into possible criminal charges (one of the reports recommendations) and appointed a panel oversight panel to implement changes from the report that would report to the minister of defence. Scott Morrison has personally apologised to the Afghan PM as has the head of the ADF, Angus Campbell to his afghan counterpart.
Angus Campbell also announced the ASAS’s 2nd squadron would be disbanded, one of only 4 sabre squadrons. A drastic admission of systemic issues, like if the US Navy announced seal team 6 was being disbanded.
The warning signs
A common problem among differing special forces groups is their revered status. This can lead to them feeling above reproach or others instinctively trusting them or not having enough oversight. The Brereton reports notes how infractions such as drinking on base by SAS members could carry on without reprimands.
"There's no uncertainty. I wouldn't cut f***ing people's hands off, sir."
In 2013 an ABC report uncovered an investigation against Australian special forces involving mutilated corpses. Initially it drew comparisons to an infamous video of US soldiers urinating on dead Taliban soldiers, however the findings existed in a weird grey zone. Common practice was to take biometric data, fingerprints etc to identify dead Taliban fighters, the report suggested certain SAS members had misunderstood instructions about identification and severed a dead bodies hands for fingerprints due to time constraints. The case highlights the division and culture war amongst elite units. When the patrol commander saw the severed hands, the report states he shouted “'What the f*** are you doing?'". Their commanding captain is now a conservative MP and this raised a minor scandal regarding his conduct in this saga.
The findings echoed similar findings in other countries. SAS “members require very clear direction in relation to what they can and can't do, and the members request as much … Additionally, it would be imprudent for commanders to assume that these members are in a position to make value judgements, in a way that will align with the judgement of the commanders, and others." The severing itself worryingly showed a “drift in values, or at least a degree of desensitisation”.
The Navy Seals
Many have heard of the non-stop scandals regarding the navy seals. Most known is the story of Eddie Gallagher reinstated by Trump after war crimes charges.
Special Operator First Class Corey Scott said: "You could tell he was perfectly OK with killing anybody that was moving."
The Gallagher case shows similar divisions in special forces but is especially damning on higher ups. Multiples seals tried to message superiors with information about Gallagher’s misdeeds and included photos posing with dead corpses but fell on deaf ears. An undermentioned part of the case for me is that Gallagher was involved as an instructor in BUD/S, a part of the Navy Seal recruitment and training process. His values and beliefs were likely informing new recruits and becoming ingrained as institutional culture. The Brereton report criticises this “warrior culture” practised by most elite units which in the ADF chiefs words is “speaking to a slow deviation from normal and good culture in a military environment where, instead of seeking to serve others, you seek to serve yourself and to do so in a manner that creates power and authority and prestige”.
The Logan Melgar homicide is less known but arguably more horrifying. 2 seals and 2 marine raiders were charged with felony murder in relation to what some have described as a hazing incident gone wrong which may have involved an intention to commit sexual assault while other have suggested the murder was carried out to prevent misappropriation of funds being found out or personal animosity between the men.
Other reports have noted a laundry list of improprieties including heavy drinking on deployment, drug use and faking drug tests, prostitution and sexual assault.
The difficulty of prosecution
Due to the nature of homicides of non-combatants being in foreign countries at war, prosecuting war crimes can be difficult meeting the high standards of criminal charges. Evidence is often unable to be found, made difficult by language barriers and the poor often non-functioning governments of Afghanistan and Iraq. The Brereton Report highlights how troops attempted to cover up unlawful killings by planting evidence on scene and taking photos of such leading to the physical evidence being lost. All these challenges also lead to time passing before investigations even begin meaning more evidence is lost to time.
The Iraq Historic Allegations Team
Established in November 2010 to investigate torture allegations between 2003 and 2008, the unit was an unmitigated disaster according to one MP. 34 million pounds were spent without a single charge laid. Questions about conflicts of interests were raised and lead to military prosecutors being pulled in and out of the department. The main lawyer on behalf of most alleged Iraqi victims, Phil Shriner was struck off the rolls for corrupt and unethical behaviour. Conservative MP’s and right wing tabloids frequently degraded calls for investigations into soldiers allegations similar to republican and fox news’ arguments that the soldiers were heroes and had diminished responsibility due to being “under the heat of battle”.
Prior cases had found significant misdeeds by British personnel. Only one corporal had been sentenced after being found guilty of the war crime of ill treatment of detainees after the death of Baha Mousa. But 6 others returned not guilty charges relating to the same death and a later public inquiry found 19 soldiers who were directly involved with the torture associated. 3 British soldiers at “Camp Breadbasket” had been found guilty of abuse which echoed that of Abu Ghraib. The Abu Ghraib case similarly shows the challenges of prosecution. 11 soldiers were convicted but some were only demoted or ordered to pay fines, and most were sentenced to less than 12 months prison time with many being paroled after only around half of their conviction served. The Fay report however had implicated as many as 27.
My personal relationship to this case.
My dad grew up within walking distance to Swanbourne in Western Australia where the SAS is based. As an elite athlete in high school he almost dropped out and joined the SAS as a lot of his friends did. He was the best man at an SAS friend’s wedding the day before he went away for another tour of duty in Iraq.
I first heard about this stuff a couple years ago when some of the rumours were bubbling up in a few news reports. My dad was really troubled by this stuff. I especially remember one day speaking to him in the car while he drove.
“You have to wonder … Is one of my friends a war criminal?”.

Where to read more

https://afghanistaninquiry.defence.gov.au/sites/default/files/2020-11/IGADF-Afghanistan-Inquiry-Public-Release-Version.pdf (The full public Brereton report)
https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/nationi/documents/fay_report_8-25-04.pdf (Full Fay report) (Abu Ghraib)
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