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Data look in the 1 year patch

So it’s been a week the 1 year patch has been live on JP
Like some of you know thanks to my works on wotv-calc I discover some stuff, so here are what was really publish with the version 3.0.0
By the way I will not speak of new FF10 units and bahamut, It’s only for the new functionalities
I know, lot of people already do videos and posts about this patch, but I would like to do my own with some data :)


  • Ex Jobs
    • Not really much new to said but here a recap if some of you didn’t look at this patch ^^
    • We can know upgrade our main jobs from level 15 to 25
    • It expand the unit board
    • It give us 2 upgrades of previous skills (active, support or even counter)
    • Unlock a new skill (Can’t wait to have my Yuna maxed…)
    • And also the level max of unit is now 120 by unlocking 21 level on the ex board
      • An interesting fact in the data is how the link to the ex job in done, here an example for mont
      • For those who don't know how the coding is working, we can see here that the ex job is in fact a table and is linked with the “m” like main… Does that mean later on we will be able to ex job our sub job ?
      • That could be a cool way to continue to progress smoothly
    • But how do we unlock those ex jobs ?
      • The release of ex jobs is progressive so not all old units have access to it, but all new units will have access to it day 1
      • But there are some prerequisites… We need to max our unit, level 99 and all jobs to level 15
      • You also need a new king of cristal, only obtainable via bingo right now. But I’m sure later on in shop or quests
    • What is the cost for each job level up ?
      • You will need almost all new stuff : Alcryst Ex, Awakening Soul Ex, Unib Orb, Job Orb (lvl 15), ...
      • What will be the more important is the new system of Unit Orb which is an upgraded version of Unit Shards...
      • For full leveling an Ex Job to level 25 you will need 440 Unit orbs…
      • So How to get them ? There are 3 methods. The first 2 we know them well because we just have to pull if your unit already has full shards (600) or via barracks/hard quests. One cool stuff, you gain the unit orb + rarity shards :)
      • The last method is via shop. Right now only in UR shard mog shop we can get 1 FFX orb for 5 UR shards (limited to 150 orbs)
      • Ho ! One last important thing, for collab units the orbs are shared ! So for example in FFX you only have 1 kind of orb, the FFX orbs :) But the free collab MR have their own orbs (Gaffgarion, Yshtola)

Master Ranks

  • An all new system to buff our units based on their elements
  • It’s based on the total level of all your units by elements
  • For example if you have 4 units dark of level 99+99+79+30 = 307 points for dark master ranks
  • We also unlock a bonus loot when gain a level
  • To gain the maximum rank day one you need 30 units 99 of the elements + 1 unit level 30… Well so day 1 is not really possible ^^
  • In this link you can find the details of all ranks : https://gist.github.com/bismark1221/8802dcf0f60e5c2cccad6940abb92832


It's finally time to go to 3 stars !
  • Once again we will need to fight to unlock what is necessary to unlock our 3rd stars
  • But we will also need to do bingo to get new esper crystals. I think later on it will be farmable via vortex quests
  • When you pass to 3* an esper it goes back to level 1, but you keep all previous stats with a small upgrade.
  • You will now be able to go to level 99 to gain higher stats + new passives in the board (No change on the evocation skill…)
  • All 3* espers also have an unique status resistance which goes from 5% to 25%
  • By the way you will need a total of 16.821.904 points to upgrade an espers to level 99
  • And for those who ask, yes we have infos in the data for this upgrade but they changes the stats so I cannot provide infos for the future upgraded espers, sorry...

Vision Cards

  • We gain a new party buffs for all existing UMR VC
    • But one condition ! Your card needs to be maxed !
    • This new buff is limited for an element
    • Here are some notable examples :
      • Scion of House Beoulve (Ramza VC) : Increase slash ATK (35) for light allies
      • Odin : Increase Accuracy (25) for ice allies
      • Vow of love : Boost critical evasion (15) for lightning allies
  • There is another change is a replacement for Vision Sphere
    • We now have generic VC sphere if we don’t want to use Vision Sphere


  • Unit shard in barrack
    • If you are tired of stocking the JP, you can now choose the gain shard based on the time spent in the barrack
    • One really important thing, you can now farm LIMITED unit shard !!!
    • Here are the time needed :
      • 100 cost UR : 1 / 24h
      • UR : 1 / 12h
      • MSN : 1 / 8h
  • Knight statue
    • This time we don't have to feed it but we need to fight every day to gain exp points for the statue
    • Each member will have to do between 1 and 4 quests per day based on the level of the statue. Be careful it’s auto only :(
    • From the quest you gain exp but also some items (guild coins, Awakening Soul Ex, barracks food, …)
Quest Level Unlock condition Max XP possible
1 Knight Statue lv1 30
2 Knight Statue lv2 100
3 Knight Statue lv4 220
4 Knight Statue lv7 700
If you are interested of the buffs and experience for each level, here is a recap table

Level XP needed Buffs
1 0 1%HP +1 max guild member
2 800 2%HP +2 max guild member 5% ACCURACY 5% EVADE
3 21.698 3%HP +2 guild member 6% ACCURACY 5% EVADE
4 72.806 4%HP +3 guild member 6% ACCURACY 6% EVADE
5 392.954 5%HP +3 guild member 7% ACCURACY 6% EVADE
6 528.948 6%HP +3 guild member 7% ACCURACY 7% EVADE
7 799.240 7%HP +4 guild member 8% ACCURACY 7% EVADE
8 3.021.766 8%HP +4 guild member 8% ACCURACY 8% EVADE
9 3.853.774 9%HP +4 guild member 9% ACCURACY 9% EVADE
10 3.885.532 10%HP +4 guild member 10% ACCURACY 10% EVADE


  • We got some new quests to farm the Alcryst Ex with the job 15 materials
  • And for each element the lv6 of Awakening Soul Ex

Lots of banners to pull ^

  • I will not speak about them, there already is lot of posts about that ^^


  • We finally have a way to spectate a pvp match between 2 players. I know it's small stuff for almost everyone but maybe it will open some possible tournaments...
And I think that’s all and I hope I didn’t forget something :) It’s time to go back in-game and do some coding
submitted by bahamut1221 to wotv_ffbe


2 years ago I was working 12-hour shifts at a hotel and would sketch game ideas to get through the day. Today I’m officially announcing my first game. This is the exact pitch I used to get a publishing deal as a first-time solo dev.

2 years ago I was working 12-hour shifts at a hotel and would sketch game ideas to get through the day. Today I’m officially announcing my first game. This is the exact pitch I used to get a publishing deal as a first-time solo dev.
My name is Carl, and today I’m officially announcing my first game Peachleaf Pirates.
To celebrate the announcement, I wanted to share how I went from working in a hotel to successfully pitching my game, and making the plunge into full-time development with no experience at all.
Now, there are quite a few resources on how to pitch, but there aren’t that many examples of actual successful solo first-time indie pitches out there, so I figured that it might be of value to some to share how I approached it. Every game and pitch are unique, so your mileage may vary.
But first, some plugs for the actual game. The plugs aren’t the main point of the post, though, so feel free to skip to the real content below! It doesn’t make much sense to make a TL;DR, but if you're only here for the actual pitch, scroll down until you see a literal band of cute goblins.
Marketing plugs
If the idea of a chilled-out tropical RPG with point n’ click and farm-sim elements sounds like your kind of fun, you can check out the trailer here!
If the trailer looks appealing, you can wishlist here and help appease our algorithmic Steam overlords!
Oh, there’s also a beta that’ll run Nov 4-18th if you want to try it out :) Sign-ups for that here.
It should probably be mentioned that while the pitch below is a fairly accurate representation of the final product; the pitch leans heavily towards emphasizing the farm-sim aspects of the game, but the final game is more weird RPG genre-mash than it is farm-sim, and systemically, it does not have the depth of Stardew! I’ve learned from playtester feedback that managing player expectations is super important, so if you end up trying out the game, please don’t expect Stardew!
I’ve also included the game-design document I sent out with my pitch here, but, again, I don’t want you leaving disappointed, so even though the game-design doc is actually surprisingly accurate for the final game, please don’t take the design doc as gospel as things have changed a little bit throughout development.
How I pitched
I pitched to 23 publishers.
10 didn’t respond.
7 politely declined.
6 responded with interest, and I ended up signing with an indie publisher called Digerati.
I approached pitching as the most important game-dev task I had for about two months, and I went about it slightly untraditionally. At this point, I’d been developing the game part-time for about 9 months, learning how to do so as I went along.
The first thing I did was create a teaser-trailer. This took FOREVER, as I also had to learn how to video-edit as well as compose and record music for the trailer as well. Looking back at the trailer now (it’s in my posting history), the game sure has come a long way since then, but the original trailer still conveys the main ideas of the game.
Iterative pitching
I started out by sending my pitch to 5 publishers. I chose the publishers that I actually didn’t really want to go with to pitch to first, as I was hoping to get a little bit of feedback on the pitch from them, but wouldn’t get super sad about not getting an offer.
The first 5 all declined or didn’t respond, but the ones that declined actually offered some super valuable feedback, both knowingly and not. You see, I had set up a website to host my pitch, with a unique URL for the various publishers. That way I could track what they actually clicked on, and how long they spent there, etc. Some of the publishers also provided their reasons for declining which was amazing feedback as well!

And while some didn’t reply, even those that declined were super polite about it, and this email is probably the politest “No thanks” I’ve ever gotten in any context:

But I then repeated that approach, and effectively iterated my way through pitches. All 6 interested publishers were from the last and second last iteration of my pitch.
So, what worked? This is the final format I ended up getting positive responses from:

  1. Cute GIF
  1. Brief email with a link to the unique URL
Hi there *Publisher*!
You probably get a million pitches a day, so I’ll (try to) be brief. :)
My game is called Peachleaf Pirates, and in a single sentence, Peachleaf Pirates is what would happen if Stardew Valley met the Monkey Island-series, and they decided to add in RPG mechanics for good measure.
What makes Peachleaf Pirates unique is the quirkiness, atmosphere, humor, and the genre-mashing of Adventure RPG, Farm-Sim/Base-building, and Point n’ Click.
I've put together this little pitch, which includes a trailer, design-document (with timeline), and a playable build.
(Link and password to the website)
  1. Content on the website


  • Title: Peachleaf Pirates
  • Platform: PC
  • Main inspirations: Monkey Island series & Stardew Valley
  • Genre: RPG with farm-sim and point & click elements.
  • Engine: GameMaker Studio 2
  • Team: One-man team
  • Estimated release: 2022 (NOTE: The real release date is now in 2021, but I had no way of accurately estimate that when pitching, so I went with better safe than sorry)
  • Seeking: Publishing, Marketing, QA
  • Gameplay: Peachleaf Pirates plays as if Stardew Valley married Monkey Island and they added in RPG skill progression for good measure.
  • Unique selling points: The atmosphere, setting, humor, and genre-mashing of RPG, Farm-Sim, & Point n Click.
  • Design Document Link
  • Playable build link (press “C” in-game to see controls)
  • Trailer link
About me:
My name is Carl, I’m 29 and from Denmark. I released my first game at the tender age of 5 in 1995; a ridiculous HTML-based browser ”game”. With my game-development career peaking early, since then, I’ve gotten a degree in psychology, served as a sergeant with the Danish Military Intelligence Regiment, and had a career in hotel management. Last year I decided to develop something a bit larger in scope than my first game.
I am driven, easy to work with, and down-to-earth. I’m very aware that my game has a large scope, and that the goal of any publisher is to work with developers who can actually ship a game. And to answer the question, yes, I can ship this game.
About the game:

Craft items. Build and upgrade your farm. Sell crops. Emphasis on creativity and optimizing your farm.

Hack n’ slash style combat. Gather loot. No explicit quests. Hand-crafted dungeons. Emphasis on meaningful skill-progression.

Linear story-progression primarily through Point & Click mechanics. No quest markers. Main story-line has an ending, but the game is open-ended. Story-line can be completed without ever engaging in combat. Emphasis on humor-infused dialogue, well-designed puzzles, and lots of obscure secrets & pop-culture references.

Foraging for resources. Emphasis on intrinsically-motivated exploration.

No character-creation screen, player role-plays as protagonist character named Joe. Joe is never referred to with any pronoun in-game, but is referred to as he/him in the game-design document for readability.

Contact details:
(My contact details)

Main takeaways
So essentially, I kept it as to the point as I could - while still trying to convey the factors that actually differentiate Peachleaf. I didn’t include anything about budget-requirements in there, though, as I figured that would be best left for actual discussions.
All the 6 interested publishers complimented my pitch and out of those 6, 3 went to the negotiation phase, and I ended up going with Digerati, which was the smallest of the 3. It was important for me to get a publisher that wasn’t too corporate, and where I would be comfortable saying “fuck” in meetings. And so far, I’ve been extremely happy to have gone with Digerati. The core production team consists of my producer, associate producer, head of marketing, and head of feedback/developer relations.
I’ve retained complete creative freedom, but it really is amazing to have a team of professionals that actually know what they’re doing to help out with everything, and not least, to play and test the game!
I obviously hope that the game will do alright, or at the very least not be universally hated, but the entire process has been so extremely valuable for me in terms of how much I’ve learned about game-development, that even if the game flunks big-time, I am extremely proud to have gone from a weird intangible idea about a game, to now being close to having a full game created entirely by myself.
Closing thoughts
I don’t know if my approach to iterative pitching actually has any merit, or if it was a combination of dumb luck and a very clear vision about what I wanted my game to be that got me a publishing deal, but I did find it super interesting that all the positive responses came in the last two iterations of the pitch, which would suggest that there’s at least some value in the pitch alone.
It is extremely scary to now actually be announcing the game, and while I can’t offer any insight on launching a title (yet), I’m always happy to answer almost any question at all. I won’t be sharing specific numbers from my contract or share who the other interested publishers were, though, because of confidentiality clauses and whatnot, but apart from that, I love transparency, so feel free to fire away! :)
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