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By Morgan Park 29 January 2020 Stay up to date with the latest patch changes in Legends of Runeterra, the League of Legends spin-off card game. Office 2020 mac keygen coreldraw. Now you will have no problems getting champions and skins in League.


What would you like to see in future patches?

Title says enough. With Odyssey coming sometime early 2021, what would you like to see focused on in future patches? Sure they'll need to work on the promised features, like VR support, actual ship-legs and interior ship models. And I'm sure FDev will be busy with trying to work out Combat, NPC's in stations and whatever slew of issues come with the new DLC. But I can't help but feel like more immediate concerns like fixing bugs and balancing shouldn't be completely forgotten. Now I'm skeptical, because equating FDev with balance changes is silly. But maybe they'll change and focus more on this game rather than leave it alone for months and years at a time. Personally I'd look forward to a few things.
  • Ship rebalance: This is probably my single biggest pet peeve and something I've hoped they'd address for years. Of the some 38 ships we have in the game, only 5 or 10 are actually used. Sure, we all have guilty pleasures. I love the Dropship even though it's objectively terrible at everything. But realistically, Combat has Corvette's/FDL's/Kraits/ Maybe Conda or something. Exploration is straight up ASP/Conda/DBX, no question. Trade is Python/Cutteetc. Speaking of trade, why exactly can a python carry more than a T6? That's completely insane. And the T7 is straight up useless. Cutter outclasses a T9 too. The balance is all over the place, and I feel the only truly specialized ships are Krugerz.
  • Powerplay: I think most of the community agree's Powerplay is neat and adds something to the game. We all just wish it was implemented better. With the BGS only CG's and massive efforts work with powerplay, and until recently Galnet was considered dead and now I feel like they're rushing the story along. Like with the Empire's wars. Adding depth to the powerplay mechanics would be neat.
  • Credits/Economy: This one isn't even disputed by the community at large. The economy is a joke. The missions for Combat/Smuggling/Trade/Specific mining requests and every other activity like Exploration, piracy, etc all pay peanuts. This wouldn't be bad, I remember back when RtR was the "fastest" way to make money, but most people chose to trade or do missions. But for quite a while mining has been the only viable way to earn credits quick. Not just quick, so many credits you can afford a FC in three days of casual Painite/LTD/Vopal mining. This doesn't stem from mining being too easy, accessable or the hotspots like FDev believes. But the prices due to the "Demand" mechanic at certain stations. Crafty traders look to make some 50-100 thousand in profit through finding good deals and then hauling. But load up a quick Painite run and you're pulling in 300 million a load. Now I'm not asking for mining nerfs because I don't give a shit if people are exploiting FDev's lack of balance for credits. But when new players are warned to "Avoid mining" because it breaks the game or because of "Burn out" I'd think there is an issue. Hell make combat or exploration or something pay more to match, as long as their equal choices and you can pick what you'd prefer to do, rather than feeling you're forced to do mining because of how much more it pays.
  • Player interaction: Oh man, I remember the old debates back in 2015, people asking for Solo mode to just be terminated in favor of Open. People saying Open is a tacked on afterthought not remotely well implemented in a SP Game. Fun times. Well the debate still has some valid points. Now I'm not foagainst open or solo or private, I don't mind too much. But the playerbase is limited due to people playing solely on Solo or private groups. And who would blame them? In open, the only true interaction you get with other players is getting ganked or pirated; the latter being atleast a little more fun for the victim because of roleplaying. With no dedicated PVP mechanics and with no reason to play with other players besides friends in wings, solo or private is the clear winner. Instead of forcing people on one or the other, why not just add more mechanics to the game to allow for greater player interaction? Trade leagues, owning starports, guilds/clans, any of the usual MMO stuff. This issue seems to be getting poked at with the introduction of Starports where you can walk around a hub. I'm just hoping they can expand on it. One of the hot threads on Elite Dangerous offical forums is/was a bounty hunting mechanic. I think I saw two or three actually. These are the type of interactions that'd really add something to the game, anything would really.
  • Bring back smuggling: I never see this talked about, but right now the mechanics on smuggling are just straight balls. Maybe it's just me, maybe not. But my bread and butter is Piracy/Smuggling. I can pirate a bit sure, but once the 9 people who I get instanced with Clogg and then block me or go to solo, I usually try smuggling. But really, it's just trading with heatsinks. I don't care if I'm the only one who has this opinion but come on FDev, I wanna be a blackmarket legend with smuggling goods and any other illegal activity. Let me fufill my fantasy.
Well that's my exceptionally long post. You don't have to read it all, they're just my thoughts and to help facilitate discussion. But I'm more interested in what the community, atleast on reddit, thinks should be focused on in the game. Hell just vent about things you don't like if ya'd like.
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League of Legends cheater/game exploit.

He was not duo'ing with anyone in the game. He also played really, really bad up until he started doing this.
Video link: http://youtu.be/_vHH7xu9fM0
His OP.GG: http://euw.op.gg/summoneuserName=Aestan
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