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Some narrative inspiration for why a DnD 5e character cannot progress past level 20.

If you want a video version of this, it is here https://youtu.be/VoiJap6MUTQ
In dungeons and dragons, and high fantasy tabletop games in general, player characters gain power far beyond that of the average human or elf or orc. But such power always has a limit, which for dungeons and dragons 5th edition, is reaching level 20. Why can’t characters go beyond that? Mechanically it makes sense, a game needs to bound the power level somehow, otherwise Wizards of the Coast would have to make an infinite number of abilities for each class. And a character at level 20 is already on par with a demi-god, so going much further would risk the mechanics of the system collapsing. So mechanically level 20 makes sense, but why narratively do characters never reach level 21?
I want to give you some inspiration on how to handle that and discuss your characters end point with your DM. This may never come up for your characters specifically (rip scheduling a long term game), but it can also explain why the heroes that came before you are not solving the problems you run into. And maybe your DM will even let you make some these old adventures for you to find in the campaign! Before I start, aging is of course a reason for all heroes to someday stop fighting. But since elves can live hundreds of years, and war forged indefinitely, these heroes could be walking around for a long long time before their age gets the best of them and I think there are more interesting reasons for adventures to stop…well adventuring. So without further ado, let’s jump into reasoning for each class.
Barbarians are martial warriors, that draw their power from rage. This is noted as a “primal ferocity” in the players handbook, in which a barbarian erupts into a state of intense violence to survive what which would kill others and land blows with excruciating force. A barbarian will burst into this state of rage dozens if not hundreds of times throughout their adventuring career. With each instance only ending if the barbarian has no more enemies to cut down, or wounds to whether. A barbarian’s rage could come from many places but is always fed by a cycle of violence and death. But what if they become numb to this cycle? They may burst into rage, only to find they feel nothing for those they slay, and no pain when a new line of red is drawn from them, for it sits in a sea of scares. And soon thereafter, the rage never starts in the first place. They let their emotions flow out for so long, so intensely, that all that is left is calm. They are finally free of the rage that clung to their heart for years.
This is the end I envision for Barbarians. Not one of slaughter and death, but of calm and self-reflection. Some would return to their tribe of origin, doing the simple tasks of a simple life and finding comfort and fulfillment in them. Maybe their past will one day come for them to continue the cycle of violence they abided by for so long ago. Maybe a young group of adventures will find them alone in a remote mountain home, seeking the answers to questions that were buried with the old one’s rage. No matter what, this barbarian cannot bring themselves to the ferocity they once felt. Instead they build and cherish a life centered on fostering growth, where in the past they caused destruction.
For bards, I see them having two possible ends when they reach the height of their power, They either go the way of the Rockstar, where they live fast and die young, or become so astounding that the heavens above take notice. First the Rockstar. As you may know, substance abuse is a big topic of discussion in the entertainment community of the real world, and the fantasy world probably has much more powerful and dangerous drugs to choose from. Perhaps it is not a simple overdose after a life of substance abuse that does in the Rockstar bard, but a cocktail of potions that makes them forever in a gaseous form or reduces them to the size of a flea. No matter what, the bard went a step too far in the chase for an ever more difficult to reach high.
If a world-famous bard is not the type to party with dangers levels of intoxication, instead their legendary performances could charm the very gods. After one truly beautiful performance, an angel may arrive to take the bard to Mount Celestia, so that they may enrapture the gods just as they did the denizens of the material plane. If rejected, the gods that follow law may abide by the bard’s decision, others may not. Demons and devils may soon hunt the bard across the planes, for Asmodeus wants a minstrel for his demonic court. Either willing or unwilling, the bard will come to live in the outer planes, far from the troubles of the material plane.
Speaking of the outer planes, that is where a powerful cleric will end up, as they ascend beyond mortality. To receive an ever-increasing wealth of divine power, a cleric must exemplify some tenant of the god they worship. As they are granted power, and show they are worthy of it, they exemplify that tenant or set of tenants so much that they become a living saint. With this rise to sainthood, they must travel to their god’s domain and serve them there, for a saint has much work to do and faithful to shepherd. The cleric will be able to provide mortals of the material plane blessings or boons, but they will be given over a long time and over a vast array of people. Thus it will seem in any moment on the material plane to be of little consequence.
Druids will have a similar ascension as to clerics, but instead of ascending into the domain of a god to bless the faithful, a druid will ascend into a force of nature, forever more protecting their domain on the material plane. Druids are in tune with nature, that is how they learn to become beasts to protect themselves and cast spells which provide for others. The more powerful the druid, the more powerful the beast they can become to protect the natural world. Until one day, the druid becomes powerful enough to transcend melding into simple beasts, and instead becomes a force of nature. Perhaps they will become a great tree, whose roots sink deep and feel the forest for miles, searching for threats and animals in need. A tree with branches and burrows to hide the young as they grow and thrash any who would harm the forest. A guardian that has become one with that which they protect. And a guide for those lost in its woods.
A fighter will be ravaged by time much more easily than most of the other classes. For it takes intense physical training and martial discipline to reach the peak of fighting capabilities. Maybe there is a limit that cannot be passed for such things. For youth lacks experience, and age lacks vigor. However even a fighter years from losing their youthful edge may find themselves with shifting priorities. Instead of facing an enemy as one, a world renown fighter can become a teacher and a leader, so they may face that same enemy as one of ten thousand. Rising to generalship means a focus on battle strategy and communication. The fighter will still find themselves drawing their sword, but far more often they are training others and learning to lead. As they sharpen their strategic vision, they’re sword dulls.
Monks, much like fighters gain power from honing their body. Unlike fighters they also hone their spirit to harness the ki that flows through them and all living things. A monk’s greatest weapon to hone themselves is mediation. But mediation is a calm slow process and it can take centuries for one to truly understand the full extent of their body and spirit. Especially as both continually change. To achieve full understanding of one’s self and become enlightened, a monk’s best option is to use astral projection to meditate within the astral plane and its sea of nothing. For there in the infinite nothing, all one has is the self. And in the Astral plane, a thousand years is but a day in the material plane, allowing for deep and lengthy meditation. The body left behind craves not for food or rest or air, suspended as the monk floats beyond themselves. Thus, every crease of the skin, every drop of blood in the veins, and every single cell of the body can be known and felt. As can every aspect of the spirit. This meditation can be salvation, or ruin. For in the astral plane lies dreadnoughts, beings before time made to consume those that walk the plane between planes. A monk deep in meditation may never see the beast push through the infinite gray void towards them. If the monster severs their silver cord, the monk’s spirit splits from their body and they die. If consumed by a dreadnought, its donjon will be the monk’s prison until death.
If a monk avoids such a gruesome fate, then they can reach true enlightenment and understand the connection they have to the world, the planes, the universe, everything. When they return to their body, wherever that may be, it dissipates, for a body is of no use to them now. Instead they spread their ki into all beings, be they, plant or animal, devil or demon, god or man, and blanket the universe with a small shard of themselves. The ki of a single body is miniscule on the cosmic scale but spread throughout all of space and the rest of time, it alters the rhythm of the universe and the shape of the future forever.
A paladin’s focus on the self is different than a monk’s. For it is only half of the whole. “A paladin’s power comes as much from a commitment to justice itself as it does from a god.” The end to a paladin should follow these words, for good or for ill. A paladin’s commitments may come to symbolize the tenants of the god they follow. And when their power is unmatched on the material plane, they are beckoned by their god to enter the domain of the divine and become a warrior angel, fighting forever more against the demons and devils that cause so much injustice throughout the planes. Perhaps a cleric, in a time of need, will call out to their god and this paladin will be their answer. A holy warrior, clad in light, come to defend the tenets they upheld in life. Or perhaps a paladin falls from grace, as is so easy to do for others, and breaks their oath. This is a difficult thing for a paladin do, since a paladin’s oath is tied to the deepest held beliefs they have. To break such an oath requires immense stress, trauma, or deception. No matter the cause, a paladin that does not hold firm to their oath is but a normal soldier, and that is all they will by from then on.
The final possibility for a paladin is that they no longer need to uphold their oath, for the oath has been completed. Vengeance has been done, the darkness has been dispatched, the world is finally at peace. No matter the cause, the paladin’s success releases them of their power, for they need it no longer. In the next time of need, let another don the mantle of courage and become a holy knight. This paladin shall rest. And when their final days come, they will look back and know, they triumphed over the forces of evil.
Rangers may not be so lucky. They must protect against an endless horde of monsters causing destruction in the material plane and the planes beyond. For every beast killed as it rampages through a village, for every monstrosity put down before it can consume another victim, for every demon banished from the realms of men, another will take its place. Yet a ranger lives on fighting against this inevitable truth if only to delay it another day. That inevitable truth will lead to a ranger’s inevitable end. Whether the monsters wear down a ranger, or if time does, it does not matter. Eventually they’ll lie dead in the place they tried to protect, as monsters roam past. Striking into civilization or tearing through the forests, until another ranger rises to slay them.
Just as the ranger fell to the endless horde of monsters, the rogue shall fall to the endless cruelty of their fellow man. A rogue learns early to steal, cheat, and kill. Whether to simply survive a helpless situation or claw their ways to the top is irrelevant, they will always incur a debt from such things. A debt that can only be paid in blood. A rogue at the top of a criminal organization will find themselves a target for rival factions and the ambitious among their own ranks. An assassin rogue may tie up all the loose ends for a mission, only to find themselves as the last end needing tying. Even those that escape such life traps will have their past sneak up on them one day, just as they have so easily snuck up on others a hundred times before. The world of a rogue is dog-eat-dog, and some day they will be devoured.
A sorcerer is much more likely to be devoured by their own power than an outside threat. Though depending on the source of their power, this may be welcomed. Divine, Draconic, and Storm sorcerers allow their mortal forms to be consumed, for it leads them to assume another, more powerful state of being. Those of a divine soul may become a demigod and even a true god with enough time, ascending above the troubles of mortals. A draconic bloodline sorcerer fully unleashes the power within their veins and transforms into a dragon. With this transformation comes immense power, but also ego and an intoxication with one’s own nobility. Sorcerer’s of the storm become the heart of their own never-ending tempest of rain and lightning. They float above the land as all storms do, detached from what is below but affecting it nonetheless.
Sorcerers of Wild Magics and Shadow Magics are not so willing to give in to their power. A wild magic sorcerer is forever on the precipice of annihilation, be it of their enemies, their allies, or themselves. Without meaning, they may tear open the spaces between the planes, flooding the material world with what lies beyond. Or erupt in an inferno, engulfing the city streets around them. For fear of these outcomes, they may be hunted, by man and god alike. Or they may resolve themselves to never use their magics again, for fear they will become the destruction they once protected the world from. Shadow magic sorcerers on the other hand, may limit their use of magics to stem the tide of darkness growing within them. Each spell they cast pulls from the dark energy of the Shadowfell, which in turn allows that energy to cling tighter to the sorcerer. In the darkest night, shadows may creep into the very heart of such a sorcerer, turning it pale black and lifeless. This fate may be halted if such a sorcerer spends their days in the Feywilds, a place filled with energy in direct opposition to the shadows in their heart. But there they must remain forever, least the shadows crawl any deeper.
Warlocks have the opposite problem of sorcerers, for their own power may not devour them, but that which gifts those powers, their patron, just might. Each time a patron gives a warlock power, there is a chance the warlock has become powerful enough to oppose their patron. Perhaps giving out such power is worth the risk, for the warlock is close to completing some goal of the patron. If the patron cannot stand a warlock retaining these gifts, then they will come to conflict, for a warlock will not want to relinquish that which they have gained. This will only end with either the warlock or their patron destroyed. If the warlock survives the conflict, they can take up the mantel of patron, and give to others what they once yearned for. As this power is given, they will know it could mean their end if given too freely.
The downfall of a wizard is similar to that of a warlock, as it requires them gaining the power, they sought for so long. With their endless study of the arcane, wizards hope to reach spells that the mind is too mortal to contain. For these magics are only fit for gods to wield. A wizard or sorcerer at the height of their power can bend reality to their wishes, imprison the greatest evils for millennia, and rain hellfire for miles. Sorcerers avoid the dangers of containing such magic by either becoming something beyond mortal or succumbing to their powers before it can affect them. Wizards have no such respite and their mind can only hold for so long. Eventually the mind buckles under the strain of holding such immense magical glyphs, incantations, and energy. As it does, a wizard’s most prized possession, their mind, becomes the prison in which they cannot escape. Recent memories become a haze of forgotten shapes and faces. Conversations held moments ago disappear like mist. The process cannot be stopped, even if all spells are forgotten. The mind has been cracked and it will flow out. As memories fade and the world becomes a land of mysteries, the mind spurts, gasping for thought. And from these gasps come some of the magic held deepest and longest. Balls of fire erupt without word, magical barriers are erected with mundane gestures, and darts of magical energy strike friend and foe at random. The danger such a wizard possesses to nearby civilization will cause harsh measures to be taken. If a wizard afflicted by arcane dementia survives the assassins and blood thirsty mobs, they only have a life of deteriorating mental function left ahead. This is what makes so many powerful wizards seek out lichdom. Not only does becoming a lich give them a reprieve from death, but also ensures they can wield their immense arcane power for centuries instead of years.
With that, every class of hero is limited for a reason. Some are limited by their focus shifting away from themselves to leading those that have gathered around them. And with this there is always the chance of betrayal ending life prematurely. Others will find themselves consumed by the power they once wielded for so long, a raging inferno that can no longer be contained. Yet others still will be consumed by their power in such a way as to be reborn. But this new form will care little for the wants and needs of the mortal that came before. Perhaps the best off are those heroes that simply stop fighting. Instead they live into old age following mundane patterns to carry out mundane tasks and finding comfort in them. No matter the hero and their end, they will be remembered. For one cannot become legendary without first becoming a legend.
Hope this gives you some character inspiration!
submitted by YTGreenDM to dndnext


Lairs of Legends: The Tarrasque

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The party teleported into the city, walking into a whirlwind of chaos. Citizens ran to gather their belongings as guards feebly tried kept order. The ground trembled and ancient buildings crumbled into dust. The party flew into the air and were the first to see the beast. The oceans parted as a creature lurched forth from its depths, tidal waves pummeling the shore. It opened its maw and unleashed an ear-splitting screech that shook the city. The Tarrasque had arrived.
I first started this series as a response to somebody telling me that dragons are boring and uninteresting creatures in Dungeons and Dragons. I argued against that idea and showed that just by simply focusing on their lair you can make them one of the most dangerous and fun to play monsters in the manual. I now stand with my greatest foe, the monster with which I believe to be one of the least fun in the game even though it is one of the series most iconic monsters. Lairs of Legends has always aimed to elevate monsters to the iconic status that they deserve, and none deserve that status more than the strongest creature in the game.
One of the main reasons the Tarrasque is pegged as being the most boring creature in the game is that it is meant to be the final challenge for adventurers who can kill gods, and yet it is not that different from an Owl Bear in terms of actions. It has the numbers to back up a challenge rating 30 creature, but numbers don't convey a story that well. The most terrifying creature ever has an intelligence of 3, which means if the party knows what they are doing the mighty Tarrasque should pose little threat.
Finding out the lowest level possible to defeat the Tarrasque is a fun challenge, and some editions have even managed to accomplish at level 1. (Pun-Pun is an abomination). With a close-quarters combat style in a tier where even the Barbarian is expected to have ranged attacks, the Tarrasque can be kited and killed with a normal bow and arrow and the haste spell. The players are vying to gank this monster as early as possible, the abysmal intelligence stat, and zero range, it's no wonder that its reputation has suffered. But rather than discuss the shortcomings of the Tarrasque it's important to talk about its strengths.
In previous editions, killing the Tarrasque was a much more difficult feat than simply dropping it to 0. It was constantly regenerating, needed to be at -30 HP, and have a Wish spell cast on it to permanently get rid of it. Kids these days have it much easier, and if you want to incorporate these rules to make the Tarrasque more of a challenge feel free to do so. My goal with this article, however, is to make the vanilla Tarrasque as terrifying as possible. Fortunately, what they have given us in the book is plenty to allow the Tarrasque to live up to its name.

The Mind of the Beast

The Tarrasque as we know it represents the monsters that you could be expected to find in classic Japanese cinema: the Kaiju. What makes these monsters so special is the weight and gravity that comes with their arrival. They are natural disasters that threaten the extinction of humanity. Nothing that is known to man can take down these beasts reliably, and if it has your home in its sights there is nothing you can do.
There are 3 keys to a great Kaiju fight. Respect, Mystery, and Scale. Unfortunately for the Tarrasque, we don't start the battle with respect and mystery. Many players know the tactics needed to defeat the Tarrasque early, and its sense of mystery is destroyed as soon as a player opens up the monster manual and wants to see the toughest baddie in the game. It is our job as Dungeon Masters to earn back the respect and mystery of this legendary Kaiju.


The lore of the Tarrasque is that it slumbers somewhere deep inside the earth, awakening every decade to wreak havoc for a week only to return to slumber once again. Its destruction should be well documented, with ancient cities being destroyed in a day and a pile of rubble where there once used to be mountains. The Tarrasque is less a creature and more a force of nature that is impossible to prepare for. It's the strength of a hurricane, earthquake, and tidal wave combined, and it is a sentient being. This isn't a creature that you stumble upon in the wild, you hear of it far before you meet it. And when it does emerge from the depths once again, it has in its sights the players favorite city.


The names for this force of nature should vary across the world, as the only ones to talk about this being are the survivors. Your players shouldn't hear the name of the Tarrasque until they are ready to fight it. Tarrasque has too much baggage associated with it, and doing away with that allows you to focus on developing its reputation. For something that appears once a decade, destroys everything in its path, and then leaves again it should be something steeped in history, religion, and culture. Occasionally, however, the Tarrasque will not go away after a week and instead will lay waste to everything for months, changing the very geography of the world, and knocking things back to the stone age. Saboros, the archon of judgement. Ueshee, razer of Ghamile. The Ancient One. Legends tell of how the gods defeated the great beast when it roamed the earth and sealed it away.


The Tarrasque, as written in the book is only 50 feet tall and 70 feet long. For reference, the statue of liberty is 305 feet tall and a blue whale is 80 feet long. For a supposed world ender, this is disappointing to say the least but it can be worked with. Buildings in medieval times were much smaller than they are today, with the tallest building in the 15th century (the Lincoln cathedral) only standing 271 feet high. A Tarrasque will be smaller than the largest building, but for the average cottage, it will tower over it. A single step of the Tarrasque is enough to destroy a building and a swipe of its tail can destroy blocks of homes. Where it steps, the earth trembles, and the players are inconsequential to the beast until they can deal enough damage for it to notice them. While it may not be massive by modern sensibilities, this beast is larger than anything the average person has ever seen. And it is blisteringly fast despite its massive size.

The Gluttonous

Tarrasques have one great thing going for them against epic level adventurers. They are extremely tanky. 676 health is massive, and an 25 AC will still be hard to hit. The magic resistance ability should counter at least half the party and can help preserve the 3 legendary resistances for later use. Even with its abysmal intelligence stat, your players will have to blow through 3 legendary resistances and potentially more if it succeeds any saving throw. Reflective carapace will also be a fun surprise for the players who aren't as familiar with the Tarrasque stat block and get their spell thrown back at them. This, fortunately, limits some of the party's many options that are available and will get them thinking outside of the box.
While a Tarrasque may be somewhat useless at long range (we'll remedy that soon), the real danger comes from them in close quarters. In one round of attacks, the Tarrasque can dish out 148 damage, which is 8 more than Meteor Swarm a 9th level spell. Even spreading out the damage among multiple targets, this is a brutal amount to throw out each turn. Any target who gets hit by the bite attack is automatically grappled with no save and has one turn to escape before they get swallowed. Getting swallowed is basically a death sentence, and even if they managed to deal 60 damage while restrained and blinded, they only have a 50/50 chance of getting regurgitated. Getting swiped by the tail is no fun either, and requires a DC 20 Strength save or else you'll be knocked prone, and the ones getting swiped by the tail are probably not the Barbarian.
The Tarrasque dishes out a ton of damage and tanks damage incredibly well but has one major flaw. It has no ranged attack for some reason. This means that reading as written, the Tarrasque can be beaten as soon as somebody gets the fly spell. Tarrasques are not stupid, however, simply as intelligent as the average animal. With its move action, 3 legendary actions, and 20 foot reach with the tail, the Tarrasque can attack a target that is 120 feet away. If that proves to be too far, they can still throw something and an improvised thrown weapon, no matter what dice you decide to use for it, will still deal a minimum of 10 strength damage. (I'd recommend using the Storm Giant's rock as a suitable alternative).
The Tarrasques Legendary Actions aren't particularly exciting, letting the Tarrasque move, attack, or bite, but even with an uninspired section, there is still a lot you can do with this. Dishing out 3 extra attacks a turn adds an additional 84 damage per round. Move actions out of nowhere can throw positioning off, and suddenly get the wizard within multi-attack range. But the strongest ability by far is the bite action. A particularly nasty thing the Tarrasque can do is save its Legendary actions right before it's turn starts, chomp down on somebody, and swallow. This means the only chance they have to not get swallowed is to get lucky and hope that a +19 attack is lower than their armor class twice in a row. This can also be executed after the Tarrasques turn because the Legendary Action chomp can also be substituted for a swallow, but does give an ally a turn to save them.

Lair and Regional Effects

The Tarrasque has no lair or regional effects written into its stat block, but given a creature of this size, things are bound to happen around this monster all the time anyways. For a literal walking natural disaster, let's create some chaos.
On initiative count 20 one of these effects occur. You can't use the same effect twice in a row.
  • The ground trembles as the Tarrasque smashes its foot into the ground. Each creature within 30 feet of the Tarrasque must make a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw or fall prone.
If a character ever falls prone and the Tarrasque gets to move next, that is up to 5 devastating attacks, all with advantage. Falling prone means that the character's movement speed is halved for the turn, and since the Tarrasque can move 20 feet as a legendary action they may be able to get out of a character's range for a turn for very little investment.
  • The Tarrasque knocks down a building/tree into the path of the party. Each creature in a 30-foot line must make a dexterity saving throw or take 36 (4d12+10) bludgeoning damage on a failed save, or half damage on a success. The area is now considered difficult terrain.
A Tarrasque isn't going to be very kind to whatever environment it finds itself in, and will casually destroy things without even thinking about it. It's a decent amount of damage, but the real strategic advantage comes from the difficult terrain. If a character has 30 feet movement speed, even just one square will sap 10 feet of their movement, and that brings us back to the legendary action moving exactly 20 feet away. Staying out of the fighters range to keep them from their action surge supernova turn will give an already tanky monster even more durability.
  • The Tarrasque lets out an ear-shattering roar. Each creature within 60 feet of the Tarrasque must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the creature takes 27 (6d8) thunder damage and suffers the deafened condition. On a success, the creature takes half damage.
Another weakness of the Tarrasque is its lack of AoE. With this lair action, the problem is amended and has the added bonus of causing the deafened condition. Now, the strength of this condition depends entirely on the roleplay of the party and should make planning less effective for a DM who enforces the deafened condition. Otherwise, it doesn't have much effect outside of flavor, but getting to hit every creature in the area is still very useful.
For the regional effects, it's hard to have anything concrete since at this point I've started treating the Tarrasque as it's own walking lair. I'd recommend having regional effects that play into what the surrounding locale is. Earthquake tremors, massive waves, and huge ruts in the wake of the Tarrasque are all suitable. If your players are anywhere near a Tarrasque, they should know exactly where it is.

Lair of the Ancient

The Tarrasque isn't simply a monster, it is an event. When the Tarrasque appears cities crumble, maps become outdated, and displaced souls wonder why the gods decided to punish them. Every decade a city gets destroyed, and once in a lifetime, it'll rampage for months on end. Deciding to kill the beast is something nobody contemplates anymore, as it's far easier to let it destroy the city and rebuild from the rubble.
If the young and the foolish decide to take on this legendary creature, the goal of the Tarrasque should be to eat. Swallowing a character is the quickest way to take them out of the fight and the Tarrasque has multiple ways to get them into its gullet. The Tarrasque has never known true pain before, so if the party somehow manages to get the Tarrasque underneath 200 HP, it'll probably try to make its escape. And if they do succeed in killing the Tarrasque, the whole world over will celebrate their victory, and it will be the dawn of a new age.


Tarrasques get a bad rap, and will probably continue to be perceived as a boring and underwhelming monster. But reputations can change, and a Tarrasque is not a beast you want to underestimate. A Tarrasque shouldn't simply be a monster that appears when the party hits 20th level but should be an omnipresent force in the word that effects everything in culture. Legends of the creature have existed for millennia, and tales of the strongest cities being flattened should be commonplace. When your players face a Tarrasque, they aren't fighting a monster, they are fighting a legend.
There were only 2 members of the party left. Sheshan, Erowyn, and Dun were all devoured by the beast. I trembled as I put weight on my broken leg, using my snapped spear to support my body. The Tarrasque wasn't looking as my last friend, Arwen, prepared to cast another useless spell. I blinked, and in a flash it had slapped her out of the air with its tail. She lay on the gravel in a twisted shape and didn't stir. I looked up, as rows of teeth filled my entire vision, and accepted my fate.
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