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This Week at Bungie - 8/20/20

Source: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/49454
This week at Bungie, we are sharing more details on the DCV.
Back in June, we introduced the concept of the [Destiny Content Vault (DCV)](http://), an approach to evolving the game that will allow us to add new content, bring back some of Destiny’s greatest hits from the past, and support Destiny 2 for years to come.
As a quick refresher, when Year 4 kicks off on November 10th, Io, Titan, Mars, Mercury, and Leviathan will all enter the Destiny Content Vault to make room for Cosmodrome’s return and Europa’s debut.
Since announcing the DCV, we know there have been a lot of questions about what’s going away and how game systems will evolve to reflect the more dynamic nature of Destiny 2’s future.
Most questions are answered by this rule of thumb, “When a destination goes into the DCV, so too do its PvE activities and associated rewards.” But there are some edge cases and we want to be crystal clear with players about the details of what’s staying and what’s going so there is no confusion, and everyone can prepare.
Today we’re going to explore what Destiny 2 will look like on November 10. Then, we’re going to spend some time helping you plan your gameplay to finish up your quests, earn your Triumphs, and complete your collections before November 10.

Core Activities

Up first are the core repeatable activities of Destiny 2: strikes, Crucible, Gambit, raids, and dungeons. Strikes This one is covered entirely by the standard Vaulting rule of thumb. As a destination is Vaulted, its strikes enter the DCV.
Available Strikes on November 10 Moving into the DCV
EDZ - The Arms Dealer // Lake of Shadows Io - The Pyramidion // The Festering Core
Nessus - Inverted Spire // Exodus Crash // Insight Terminus Titan - Savathûn’s Song
Tangled Shore - Warden of Nothing // The Hallowed Lair // Broodhold Mars - Strange Terrain // Will of the Thousands
Dreaming City - The Corrupted Mercury - Tree of Probabilities // A Garden World
Moon - The Scarlet Keep --
Cosmodrome - Will of Crota --
Europa - [Redacted] --
*Destiny’s Devil’s Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. are coming out of the Vault in Year 4.
Gambit and Gambit Prime As a reminder, Gambit and Gambit Prime will be merging into a single experience when Year 4 kicks off on November 10. The new version of Gambit will be similar to Gambit Prime as a single round face off with tweaked Blockers, heavier mote drain, and some changes to the Primeval fight. We will give more details on these updates before the revamped mode goes live next Season.
Unlike strikes and other PvE content, the Year 4 Gambit playlist map selection is a “best of” list (and is one of those edge cases we mentioned above). We felt it was important to keep the select Gambit maps in rotation for the best competitive play (regardless of their destination’s fictional state).
Available Gambit Maps on November 10 Moving into the DCV
Emerald Coast (EDZ) Cathedral of Scars (Dreaming City)
Legions Folly (Nessus) Kell’s Grave (Tangled Shore)
Deep Six (Titan) --
New Arcadia (Mars) --
Note: As we perform maintenance on the activity, Gambit Prime armor perks will be deprecated. We are exploring ways to rebalance and reintroduce some of these perks as armor mods in the future. Alongside these changes, we’ll be rotating some maps into the DCV, while retaining popular arenas for the mode.
Crucible Like Gambit, the new Crucible map playlist will be a curated “best of” mix and will be pulled from both Destiny 1 and 2’s legacy. Here is a look at the planned rotation in Year 4 as well as the maps being Vaulted.
Available PvP Maps on November 10 Moving into the DCV
Destiny - Bannerfall // Exodus Blue // Rusted Lands // Twilight Gap Meltdown // Solitude // Retribution // The Citadel // Emperor’s Respite // Equinox // Eternity // Firebase Echo // Gamber’s Ruin // Legion’s Gulch // Vostok
Destiny 2 - Altar of Flame // The Anomaly // The Burnout // Cauldron // Convergence // The Dead Cliffs // Distant Shore // Endless Vale // The Fortress // Fragment // Javelin-4 // Midtown // Pacifica // Radiant Cliffs // Widow’s Court // Wormhaven --
As Year 4 starts, we’re also taking the opportunity to focus the Crucible experience by reducing the number of PvP playlists and modes to those that receive the most play. This will increase the matchmaking pools for the remaining playlists and make it easier to find matches with better connections.We’ll have a full preview of Crucible changes later this Season, but here’s a preview of modes that will be active, and modes that will be transitioning into the DCV:
Available PvP Modes on November 10 Moving into the DCV
Rumble Supremacy
Clash Countdown
Control Lockdown
Iron Banner Control Breakthrough
Elimination Doubles
Trials of Osiris Momentum Control
Showdown Scorched
Survival --
Mayhem Clash --
Trials of Osiris Note In case it’s not clear from the note above, the Trials of Osiris experience is not impacted by other content moving into the DCV this year. The Lighthouse will continue to be available to those who are able to complete a Flawless passage.
Raids and Dungeons No dungeons will be rotating into the DCV this November, as all dungeon-hosting destinations will remain active in the game during Year 4. Note that the Prophecy dungeon will become temporarily unavailable for a brief period to allow our team to make a necessary technical update. Expect details on dates and timing soon.
Available Dungeons on November 10 Moving into the DCV
Shattered Throne (Dreaming City) None
Pit of Heresy (Moon) --
Prophecy --
Like strikes, raids follow the simple Vaulting rule: as a destination enters the DCV, so too do its raids.
Available Raids on November 10 Moving into the DCV
[Redacted] Leviathan
Last Wish (Dreaming City) Eater of Worlds (Leviathan)
Garden of Salvation (Black Garden) Spire of Stars (Leviathan)
-- Scourge of the Past (Last City)
-- Crown of Sorrows (Leviathan)
Anticipating players would want to grab the coveted raid rewards and Triumphs before they enter the Vault. This year’s Moments of Triumph currently features the five raids being added to the DCV with the reward lockouts removed to make grinding them extra... well, rewarding. If you’re looking to earn your Raid Ring, Moments of Triumph Seal, or just finish collecting the last few items for your collection, you have the rest of the Season to jump in with your friends and close out strong.
We also plan to bring the Vault of Glass out of the DCV and into Destiny 2 for the first time at some point during Year 4.

Completing Your Collection

Exotic Quests As content enters the DCV, there will be some Exotic quests that can obviously no longer be completed in their original forms. Those quests will be retired on November 10 and incomplete progress abandoned.
If you want to acquire these Exotics via their original quests, do so prior to the end of the Season of Arrivals:
  • Sturm
  • MIDA Multi-tool
  • Rat King
  • Legend of Acrius
  • Sleeper Simulant
  • Polaris Lance
  • Worldline Zero
  • Ace of Spades
  • The Last Word
  • Le Monarque
  • Jotunn
  • Izanagi's Burden
  • Thorn
  • Lumina
  • Truth
  • Bad Juju
None of these legacy Exotics are being retired from Destiny 2. Their original acquisition journeys are simply entering the DCV alongside their supporting destination and activity content.
We still want new and existing players to be able to earn these legacy Exotics, so starting in Year 4, any Exotic tied to a quest that has been Vaulted (like those listed above) will now become available through a new Memorial kiosk situated among the Vault kiosks in the Tower. We’ll have more information later this Season on how the Exotic Archive works, and how to earn any Exotics that you don’t get your hands on before Year 4.
Now, you may be asking “Hey, what about catalysts previously acquired through content that’s now in the DCV?” Here is a list of catalysts that are going into the DCV and will be unavailable to earn starting in Season 12.
Available Catalysts on November 10 Moving into the DCV
Ace of Spades Bad Juju
Black Talon The Huckleberry
Borealis Izanagi's Burden
Cerberus+1 Legend of Acrius
Coldheart Polaris Lance
The Colony Skyburner's Oath
Crimson Sleeper Simulant
D.A.R.C.I. Telesto
Eriana's Vow Outbreak Perfected
Fighting Lion Whisper of the Worm
The Fourth Horseman Worldline Zero
Gravitron Lance --
Hard Light --
Jade Rabbit --
Lord of Wolves --
Lumina --
Merciless --
MIDA Multi-Tool --
Prometheus Lens --
The Prospector --
Rat King --
Riskrunner --
Sturm --
Sunshot --
SUROS Regime --
Sweet Business --
Symmetry --
Tommy's Matchbook --
Tractor Cannon --
Trinity Ghoul --
Vigilance Wing ---
Wardcliff Coil --
Witherhoard --
If you have these catalysts already equipped and their objectives completed, you can continue using them at your leisure. If you already have any catalysts with an asterisk, make sure you finish completing the necessary objective to apply it as the objective will no longer be available at the end of Season of Arrivals.
All of these catalysts will come out of the Vault and be made available with new objectives(if needed) in a future Season. But You Still Didn’t Answer My Question!
Q. What goes away when a destination is Vaulted?
A. When a destination enters the DCV, its PvE content will no longer be available. Explicitly, this includes their unique:
  • Story missions and cinematics
  • Strikes (detailed above)
  • Raids (detailed above)
  • Dungeons (detailed above)
  • Adventures
  • Secret missions
  • Vendors and associated bounties
  • Destination-specific patrols
  • Collectables & scannables
  • Destination-specific activities (Ex: Mercury’s Forge, Mars’ Escalation Protocol)
  • Freely roaming the destinations themselves, exploring Lost Sectors, etc.
Q. What will new Guardians experience if the Year 1 campaigns are going away?
A. With some of the core Year 1 destinations entering the Vault, it’s true that the free-for-all-players Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind campaigns will no longer be playable.
We are building a new, expanded Guardian origin story on the Cosmodrome that will launch alongside Year 4 and will be available to all Guardians to play. It is designed to introduce you to the world and mechanics of Destiny and prepare you to play the action MMO game we all enjoy. The Forsaken and Shadowkeep story campaigns will still be playable in Year 4 for owners of those expansions.
Q. What’s happening to The Whisper and Zero Hour secret missions and their Exotic rewards?
A. The Whisper is entering the Vault alongside Io, and so too is Zero Hour (given the old Tower was part of the Red War campaign and which is also entering the Vault). Their Exotic weapon rewards will not be acquirable until we find a new way to reintroduce them, so if you’re keen to get them, make sure you do that now!
Q. With the Forsaken campaign, Tangled Shore, and Dreaming City sticking around after Beyond Light’s launch, does that mean other Year 2 Seasonal content will remain playable in Year 4 too?
A. No. The Year 2 Seasonal content - including Forges, Reckoning, and Menagerie - will be entering the DCV on November 10. Be sure to experience that content and mark the final items off your collections and checklists before they are Vaulted. Here’s a cheat sheet of what to complete:
  • Ada-1, Black Armory, and Season of the Forge quests.
  • Gambit Prime, Reckoning, and Season of the Drifter quests.
  • Benedict-66, Werner 99-40, Menagerie, and Season of Opulence quests.
  • Pinnacle and pursuit weapon quests.
    • Note: These weapons will receive an alternate acquisition method. More details to come later this Season.
We have no doubt that you’ll have more questions on what’s coming and going this fall. We’ll be sharing more updates and Destiny Player Support will always have the latest updates available in our help archives. Here is a link to our DPS article that shares more details on the DCV.

Fashion Show at Lunch

Last week, Dmg challenged you in the ways of looking fabulous. We have been scrolling through the #SolsticeFashionShow hashtag and picking out a few of our favorites. All of these best dressed Guardians will be receiving the rare and coveted Levante Prize emblem.
“Solar Eclipse” - @Bungie #SolsticeFashionShow pic.twitter.com/0u3QDCewDI
— Hoplite (@HopliteDestiny) August 13, 2020
"Innermost Enlightenment"#SolsticeFashionShow From the Garden with love @Bungie pic.twitter.com/S8xrWJGwF8
— Person of Salt (@alxgtze) August 13, 2020
HAPPY SOLSTICE OF FIRE GUARDIANS 🔥🔥🔥@Bungie #SolsticeFashionShow pic.twitter.com/abX70WQVc5
— holdTheDooR_ (@blekonja) August 14, 2020
“Embodiment of the Warbeast”. My Red Legion war beast themed titan. @Bungie #SolsticeFashionShow pic.twitter.com/SZz4Ib9XWc
— lasagna (@OBTMut) August 14, 2020
#SolsticeFashionShow in the ascendant realm with my new glows. @Bungie pic.twitter.com/kXhwfTrDnh
— Hunter Blackston (@NonzeroWinter) August 13, 2020
Void is the way.. @Bungie #SolsticeFashionShow pic.twitter.com/Sz5wawqYjw
— Gregory Berg (@realGregBerg) August 14, 2020
"For the day we're free" lord fellwinter pic.twitter.com/BWoTYrHj3N
— Bernardosp (@Bernardosp4) August 14, 2020
Picture Name:
Gone Beyond Light
Screenshots By: Shadow
PSN: Shadow-Dragon656@Bungie #SolsticeFashionShow pic.twitter.com/MCgpDIIaq1
— Shadow-Dragon656 (@ShadowDragon656) August 14, 2020
A warrior stands alone amongst the wreckage. @Bungie #SolsticeFashionShow #destinythegame pic.twitter.com/Ja4QUBwHsE
— Ian Parke (@crzygun) August 13, 2020
Weekly activities of a glowing titan @Bungie #SolsticeFashionShow pic.twitter.com/Ag3k3wIYZa
— Undynamic (@Undynamic1) August 14, 2020
#SolsticeFashionShow @Bungie Crayon flavored ramen pic.twitter.com/54NFBbsKvy
— Kirk Daniel (@KirkDan65589757) August 14, 2020

Prime Gaming

More Prime Gaming Rewards went live this week. If you’ve already signed up, click here to claim your rewards and Amanda Holliday will have your new items waiting. Everyone else can sign up here by linking your Bungie.net account. Here’s a look at what rewards Amanda will have for you this month:
  • Standoff - Exotic Emote
  • Neon Helix Shell - Exotic Ghost
  • Vespulaser - Exotic Sparrow
  • Egbe-01X - Legendary Ship
Image Linkimgur
Check back next month and we will have a new shipment of Prime Gaming rewards for you to pick up from Amanda.

Pardon Our Dust

Image Linkimgur
Our Player Support team is tracking new issues as well as the updates to fix them.
This is their report.


In today’s Hotfix, we resolved an issue where weekly and repeatable Solstice of Heroes bounties did not grant Bright Dust rewards upon completion. Solstice bounties will now award the following amounts of Bright Dust on completion alongside their other rewards:
Weekly Bounty: 200 Bright Dust per bounty.
Repeatable Bounty: 10 Bright Dust per bounty.
We are currently investigating a solution for players who missed out on Bright Dust rewards from bounty completions prior to the Hotfix, and will be granting Bright Dust to affected players in the near future.


With Hotfix we have resolved an issue causing the weekly Means to an End quest to be deleted off of players, preventing them from collecting their weekly Pinnacle reward.
Players who still encounter issues with the quest should report to our #Help forum.


Earlier this week we disabled the EAZ Weekly challenges due to an issue preventing players from receiving Powerful Gear rewards upon completion. This issue should now be resolved, and the EAZ Weekly challenges re-enabled for all players.
Players who continue to encounter issues with the challenges should report to our #Help Forum.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum:
  • The armor glows on the Magnificent Solstice armor sets and ornaments are less intense than intended.
  • Upgrading from the Majestic to the Magnificent Solstice armor set can result in a slight Power level reduction.
  • The Hunter Solstice Vest creates a gap at the waist of the female character model when used with certain leg armor.
  • The Solstice glows on male Hunters aren’t aligned on the right knee.
  • The Renewed Solstice Triumph incorrectly states it unlocks after earning a Majestic Solstice set, when it actually requires a Magnificent Solstice set.
For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

Places Everyone

Image Linkimgur
Let’s watch some movies, yea? We’re lucky to have so many talented members of our community cutting together creative videos each week and love showing them off. The rules are simple, the winners get an emblem, and don’t tell DeeJ about the carton of milk I left under his desk before quarantine began. Here are the winners.
Movie of the Week: Bikro Mini
Video Link
Honorable Mention: Space Cowboy
Video Link
Congratulations to all the winners. Please make sure you have your Bungie.net profile in the description of your video so we can send you your emblems.
Its been a busy week. Solstice rolls on as Guardians collect their armor and explore the EAZ. We gave you another look at the Destiny Content Vault and what changes to expect next season. We’re sure you have more questions. We will have more info to share before the end of the Season. See you next week.
<3 Cozmo
submitted by DTG_Bot to DestinyTheGame


[ME, US] [H] PS1, 2, 3, 4, PSP Games [W] Paypal

Here I have a pretty decent chunk of games ranging from PS1 to PS4, and also including my modest PSP collection. All prices are based on PriceCharting, but I am willing to negotiate. The condition of my games, in general, is pretty good. Some stuff is immaculate (fresh out of the plastic, right on the shelf) while some has some wear and tear. I was a collector for years, so I was usually pretty picky with what I added to my collection. I apologize in advance if our version of the condition of a game isn't the same, but I will send pictures of anything upon request. I don't want any reason for anyone to think I'm being misleading or mischievous so let's just communicate! I will answer offers and questions as they come to the best of my ability, I'm working a full time job while listing these, so please be patient. Lastly, we can figure out the ideal shipping method on a case by case basis as I work for the post office and have all those resources at my disposal. All prices listed do not include shipping.
Playstation 4

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Aerea: Collector's Edition New $12
Among the Sleep New $33
Axiom Verge (Multiverse Edition New $21
Assault Suit Leynos New $25
Blood Bowl 2 Good $11
Bloodborne Very Good $10
Borderlands 3 Very Good $11
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Broken Age New $25
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse New $20
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons New $12
Deception VI: The Nightmare Princess New $28
Deformers (Collector's Edition) New $33
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Earth's Dawn Very Good $11
Earthlock: Festival of Magic New $42
Exist Archive New $16
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Gravity Rush Remastered Very Good $95
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Inside + Limbo New $22
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Little Nightmares (Six Edition) New $70
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Undertale (Collector's Edition) New $85
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Ys Origin (Limited Run) (w/Card) New $64
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Day One Edition w/Soundtrack) Very Good $90

Playstation 3:

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Alpha Protocol Good $10
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Blur Very Good $20
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Buzz! Quiz World Good $20
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Eye of Judgement (Starter Bundle w/Camera, Deck, Booster) New $30
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Rise of the Kasai Good $6
Rogue Galaxy New $35
Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy Good $13
Secret Agent Clank New $16
Shadow Hearts Good $95
Shadow Hearts: Covenant Good $68
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2 (Raiho Special Edition) New $200
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga Good $28
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (Limited Edition) Good $78
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 New $30
Shining Force EXA Good $40
Silent Hill 2 Good $69
Soul Calibur 2 Good $7
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Good $8
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly Good $12
Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time Good $13
Suikoden Tactics Good $25
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Good $15
Tales of the Abyss Good $25
Tales of Legendia Good $20
Tenchu: Fatal Shadows Good $27
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven Good $15
Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri Good $15
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Good $10
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue Good $8
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan Good $15
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Good $29
Viewtiful Joe 2 New $40
Wild Arms: Alter Code: F Good $126
XIII New $15


Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Good $30
Alundra 2 Good $28
Blasto Fair $23
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Good $28
Bombing Islands, The Good $5
Breath of Fire III Good $50
Chrono Cross Good $25
Croc 2 Good $17
Danger Girl Good $36
Die Hard Trilogy Fair $6
Eternal Eyes Good $12
Fear Effect Good $21
Fighting Force Good $12
Fighting Force 2 Good $11
Final Fantasy VIII Good $16
Final Fantasy IX Good $17
Final Fantasy Anthology Good $23
Final Fantasy Origins Good $16
Final Fantasy Tactics (Greatest Hits) Good $19
Grand Theft Auto: Collector's Edition Good $43
Grand Theft Auto: Director's Cut Good $24
Heart of Darkness Good $27
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth Good $53
Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu Good $52
Juggernaut Good $50
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Good $21
Legend of Dragoon, The Good $43
Legend of Mana Good $53
Loaded (Long Box Version) Good $25
Mega Man 8: Anniversary Collection Good $17
Mega Man X4 Good $20
Mega Man X5 Good $17
Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Espionage Action (PS2 Case Version) Good $15
Monsterseed Good $32
NFL Blitz Good $5
Oddworld: Abe's Exodus Good $13
Parasite Eve (Greatest Hits) Good $40
Parasite Eve II Good $70
Project Overkill Good $10
Rascal New $25
Rayman (Greatest Hits) Good $11
Resident Evil 2 Good $33
Resident Evil: Director's Cut (Greatest Hits) Good $24
Return Fire (Long Box Version) Fair $32
Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman Good $60
Skeleton Warriors Good $19
Spyro: Year of the Dragon Good $15
Star Ocean: The Second Story Good $45
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins Good $19
Tenchu 2 Good $25
Vagrant Story Good $65
Vandal Hearts Good $52
Wild 9 Good $12
Wild Arms 2 Good $39


3rd Birthday, The New $67
Bubble Bobble Evolution Good $11
Crisis Core Good $22
Crush Good $10
Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony Good $6
EA Replay Good $8
Hot Pixel Good $6
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 Good $4
Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip Good $4
Jeanne D'arc Good $30
Jikandia: The Timeless Land New $16
Loco Roco Good $4
Me & My Katamari New $23
Patapon Good $5
Patapon 2 Good $10
Patapon 3 Good $11
Popolocrois Good $24
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together New $30

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