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Craig David KEY TO MY HEART - + Lyrics KEY TO MY HEART

Comment; And even though I've done you so wrong Don't you know, like I know, baby You see you've got the key to my heart. If not and there is still an issue the ignition switch tumbler will need to be replaced to fix this issue. CRAIG BROWN: Saturday morning, with the sun streaming - beep - through our kitchen window.


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Key to My Heart - song by Craig David

Play Key To My Heart Tabs using simple video lessons. Have a look at all the artists starting with the letter 'C', we are sure that the artist you are looking for is featured. I was lost couldn't find my way you took my hand and chased my blues away your inspiration is guiding me through I'm feeling brand new memories of days gone by hurting always hurting you've taken my pain away finally you set me free babe Once in a lifetime i have the chance to find the key to my dreams and I know, that it's so good for me.


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Cube desktop full crack. Despite the lack of big hits, Nothing Like the Sun won the award for Best British Album at the 1988 Brit Awards, and it was a multi-platinum hit. Born: May 5, 1981, Southampton, Hampshire, England.


Craig David blasts persistent rumours he is gay

All Craig David lyrics A-Z. The group is notable for having the first Christian rock album nominated for a Grammy award and the first American Christian group to have a video entered into MTVs rotation. Turn what people post on social media into compelling stories.

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Craig David – Fill Me In Lyrics

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Join Facebook to connect with Craig Pepper and others you may know. You see you've got the key to my heart, girl Unlock me and take all my feelings apart Cause when you said you had to leave Had to go away, you closed the door on me Yeah You threw away the key Started over, I'm feelin down Still can't believe that you're not around I should have been there for you baby But now I'm crying all this melody tonight. GoldLink) Louder Than Words Love Me Like It's Yesterday Love Will Come Around Magic Mercy Mercy Me My First Love My Love Don't Stop Never Should Have Walked Away No Drama (James Hype feat.


Key To My Heart Letra - Craig David

Key To My Heart - Craig David

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Craig David was born on May 5, 1981 in Southampton, Hampshire, England as Craig Ashley David. Teasing Secrets from the Dead is a front-lines story of crime scene investigation at some of the most infamous sites in recent history. It's how we do it one time blowin' my mind Please don't you decline, ain't lyin', baby, be mine It's how we do it one time blowin' my mind.

CRAIG BROWN: Smoke alarms are driving me beeping mad

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[Election] US General Election 2020

US General Election 2020

November 3, 2020
Across the United States voters took to the ballot box with COVID-19 precautions in place. Voting lines were longer than usual for a few reasons: firstly, social distancing meant that the lines would be extended by 6 ft per person, secondly, the COVID-19 response in the US had polarized an already polar nation split along the lines of emergency and hoax, at-risk and not at risk. Thirdly, fears that mail-in ballots would not be counted only extended the lines further than usual. This meant populous cities had to create more polling places with emergency haste right before the election to create more room to alleviate voter overload and fears of spread/their votes mattering less than they already do. It was expected that with the high-stakes election of a potential second term for President Trump, that turn out would be much higher anyways. Those who could afford to take vacation time to line up much earlier than normal, in working families where this was not possible they mailed in their ballots and hoped for the best. Ultimately, despite former concerns, the US Postal Service had no intention of delaying ballots any longer than the normal mail service already takes. Some states with toss-up and mail-in concerns set up a ballot counting notification system, like Arizona that informs the voters that their ballot was received, the vote was counted and who the votes were cast for via text or email which is selective for registration upon receiving the mail-in ballot. In the Senate, 35 seats were up for election, and in the House- the entire place was open for election as usual.
Despite concerns around social distancing and mail-in ballots, the election went forward as expected. Rural and hardline Republican areas saw little to no social distancing or mask-wearing, while those more conscious in the cities saw compliance with mask and distancing regulations irrespective of political leanings. With around 171,000 dead from the virus, and spread still occurring as the nation plans to implement vaccine distribution of the Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines, while an end may be in sight- at what cost. The American people have not so quickly forgotten the actions or inactions of their leaders, and have planned to vote accordingly. President Trump and Vice President Pence watched the election results on Fox News from their “headquarters” at the White House while Joe Biden and Kamala Harris watched from a private suite at their headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In the early hours of the night, as expected, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee were awarded to President Trump. Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, and New Jersey was awarded to Biden. One of the former states won by President Trump, Pennsylvania, was soon to follow by solidifying its position as a Biden state, with Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, the following suit. In this time, President Trump swept the American South, with Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Arkansas falling in line with the President. Virginia and North Carolina were called for Biden, while President Trump called in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The election seemed decidedly Trump, while Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio were too close to call. Unsurprisingly, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and California made their unsurprising declaration as Democratic voting states, followed by Oregon and Washington State. Alaska called Republican while Hawaii was decidedly Democrat. By the end of the night Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio were too close to call, by 2:00 AM EST, Ohio was called Republican, followed by Wisconsin, and Florida by 4:00 AM. President Trump declared he was victorious, and Biden prepared his concession speech while Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and Arizona were still left in play.
In the middle of Trump’s victory speech at the White House, he was briefly interrupted by Vice President Pence, where he was informed that Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois had flipped democrat by a few thousand votes that were previously led by Republican voters, and all eyes remained on Arizona. President Trump decided to continue his victory speech despite having only 243 electoral votes, and only a few moments later was informed that Arizona had flipped Democrat- the first time since Bill Clinton’s election in 1996. In the span of 10 minutes, the election had completely changed course from what was seen early in the night as a Trump wave, and Biden was confirmed as the President-elect securing 295 electoral votes to Trump’s 243. President Trump lost key states that he formerly won like Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania- also states that were surprisingly Republican at the time. Arizona, which was a toss-up state in 2016, had flipped blue after horrendous COVID-19 management citing lack of confidence in Governor Doug Ducey, and appointed Senator Martha McSally. North Carolina made a surprising call for the Democratic Party, which was also formerly Republican voting in 2016. Trump stopped speaking once he received word, and turned to Pence:
“Are you serious? We have already begun, there must be a mistake.”
Pence shook his head and stepped back, while the President was live on the air at his podium in front of the White House with the entire nation watching him. He looked off to the side as if he was thinking, and looked back up to the camera a moment later.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I have received reports that there is evidence of voter fraud in Arizona related to mail-in ballots, as well as Michigan, Minnesota, and North Carolina. We will be holding a recount of the votes cast before the election is called, but it appears that Sleepy Joe and his team have been casting votes for hundreds of thousands of Americans who have been dead for decades, and that doesn’t even include the illegals voting in Arizona. I do not believe we can respect the outcome of a rigged election, do you? We have worked hard for four years to be outplayed by Sleepy Joe? No one believes it!”
Biden posted up at his podium while Trump was in the middle of deciding what he should do. What was expected to be a concession speech, turned into a bright celebration with fireworks and wild cheers from his supporters. He raised both of his fists in the air,
“We did it, folks! It took four years! Democracy is coming back to America, everywhere! The heartland, the rust belt, the.. the... rich communities and black communities too. We did this united, as a team, we finally stood up and said no to Trump, and no to malarkey, this is our time! As we speak, Trump is frozen at his podium and won’t accept the outcome of the election, just as we predicted, he will not accept that America has outlasted the need for Trump-era racism and politics. I am ready, as the elected leader of the free world, alongside Ms. Harris, to bring the heart and soul back into this country that Trump took out of it. We will return back to being reasonable, and respectable, a leadership that America desperately needs after being misguided for four years and lied to. It is time to trust your leaders again, and stop the lying! I want to thank all of you for letting reason, respect, and democracy win in this country. To be honest, I was very unprepared to give a victory speech tonight, as just a few moments ago, I thought that Trump had been re-elected, so I apologize if I seem unprepared, but I really wanted to thank the hardworking men and women on our team and in this country for their confidence, and I will do my absolute best to represent the best of this country. Congratulations, everyone!”
A very furious President Trump took to Twitter to address the nation after leaving the podium without saying anything more.
“I spoke to Ratcliffe, the BEST and MOST SKILLED, and he has EVIDENCE!”
“We will be watching these recounts CLOSELY, WE KNOW THE REAL WINNER!”
Within several weeks, in a call-back to the Bush v. Gore election, the election results went to the Supreme Court. Democrats were very concerned about what the outcome might be, but the recount votes were upheld as the deviations were not significant and were not influential to the overall result of the election and confirmed Joe Biden as the victor in the election. This was significantly helped by the fact Biden and his team was not as willing to back down as Al Gore was in 2000, and stuck to the message that they had won. So had President Trump, however, there were clear results, and the Supreme Court, mostly Trump appointed, was willing to accept Biden as a victor.
It was time to hang up the red hat, and Trump, rather than admitting defeat, silently was prepared to embrace the transition and deflected all questions regarding conceding defeat. He released a cryptic Tweet that was the closest thing to his vocal admission of concession:
Most of the nation was satisfied, knowing Trump would hold on to his pride at all costs, while all silently accepting the results with the expected KAG protests and Antifa and BLM protests that persisted to around Christmas time.
Electoral Map

Senate Electoral Results

State Senator Seat Status
Alabama Tommy Tuberville (R) Flip
Alaska Dan Sullivan (R)) Hold
Arizona (Special) Mark Kelly (D) Flip
Arkansas Tom Cotton (R) Hold
Colorado John Hickenlooper (D) Flip
Delaware Chris Coons (D) Hold
Georgia (Regular) David Perdue (R) Hold
Georgia (Special) Kelly Loeffler (R) Hold
Idaho Jim Risch (R) Hold
Illinois Dick Durbin (D) Hold
Iowa Theresa Greenfield (D) Flip
Kansas Roger Marshall (R)) Hold
Kentucky Mitch McConnell (R) Hold
Louisiana Bill Cassidy (R) Hold
Maine Sara Gideon (D) Flip
Massachusetts Ed Markey (D) Hold
Michigan Gary Peters (D) Hold
Minnesota Tina Smith (D) Hold
Mississippi Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) Hold
Montana Steve Bullock (D)) Flip
Nebraska Ben Sasse (R) Hold
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen (D) Hold
New Jersey Cory Booker (D) Hold
New Mexico Ben Ray Lujan (D) Hold
North Carolina Cal Cunningham (D) Flip
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe (R) Hold
Oregon Jeff Merkley (D) Hold
Rhode Island Jack Reed (D)) Hold
South Carolina Jaime Harrison (D) Flip
South Dakota Mike Rounds (R) Hold
Tennessee Bill Hagerty (R)) Hold
Texas John Cornyn (R) Hold
Virginia Mark Warner (D) Hold
West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito (R) Hold
Wyoming Cynthia Lummis (R) Hold
Senate Composition
Party Seats Change
Democrat 51 +6
Republican 47 -6
Independent 2 -

House Electoral Results

  • 1: Jerry Carl (R)
  • 2: Barry Moore (R)
  • 3: Mike Rogers (R)
  • 4: Robert Aderholt (R)
  • 5: Mo Brooks (R)
  • 6: Gary Palmer (R)
  • 7: Terri Sewell (D)
R: 6 D: 1
Newcomers: Jerry Carl (R), Barry Moore (R)
  • At-Large: Don Young (R)
R: 1
  • 1: Tom O’Halleran (D)
  • 2: Ann Kirkpatrick (D)
  • 3: Raul Grijalva (D)
  • 4: Paul Gosar (R)
  • 5: Andy Biggs (R)
  • 6: Hiral Tipirneni (D)
  • 7: Ruben Gallego (D)
  • 8: Debbie Lesko (R)
  • 9: Greg Stanton (D)
R: 3 D: 6
Newcomers: Hiral Tipirneni (D)
  • 1: Rick Crawford (R)
  • 2: French Hill (R)
  • 3: Steve Womack (R)
  • 4: Bruce Westerman (R)
R: 4
  • 1: Doug LaMalfa (R)
  • 2: Jared Huffman (D)
  • 3: Tamika Hamilton (R)
  • 4: Tom McClintock (R)
  • 5: Mike Thompson (D)
  • 6: Doris Matsui (D)
  • 7: Ami Bera (D)
  • 8: Jay Obernolte (R)
  • 9: Jerry McNerney (D)
  • 10: Josh Harder (D)
  • 11: Mark DeSaulnier (D)
  • 12: Nancy Pelosi (D)
  • 13: Barbara Lee (D)
  • 14: Jackie Speier (D)
  • 15: Eric Swalwell (D)
  • 16: Jim Costa (D)
  • 17: Ro Khanna (D)
  • 18: Anna Eshoo (D)
  • 19: Zoe Lofgren (D)
  • 20: Jimmy Panetta (D)
  • 21: David Valadao (R)
  • 22: Devin Nunes (R)
  • 23: Kevin McCarthy (R)
  • 24: Salud Carbajal (D)
  • 25: Christy Smith (D)
  • 26: Julia Brownley (D)
  • 27: Judy Chu (D)
  • 28: Adam Schiff (D)
  • 29: Tony Cardenas (D)
  • 30: Brad Sherman (D)
  • 31: Pete Aguilar (D)
  • 32: Grace Napolitano (D)
  • 33: Ted Lieu (D)
  • 34: Jimmy Gomez (D)
  • 35: Norma Torres (D)
  • 36: Erin Cruz (R)
  • 37: Karen Bass (D)
  • 38: Linda Sanchez (D)
  • 39: Young Kim (R)
  • 40: Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)
  • 41: Mark Takano (D)
  • 42: Liam O’Mara (D)
  • 43: Maxine Waters (D)
  • 44: Nanette Barragan (D)
  • 45: Greg Raths (R)
  • 46: Lou Correa (D)
  • 47: Alan Lowenthal (D)
  • 48: Michelle Steel (R)
  • 49: Brian Mayott (R)
  • 50: Darrell Issa (R)
  • 51: Juan Vargas (D)
  • 52: Scott Peters (D)
  • 53: Sara Jacobs (D)
R: 13 D: 40
Newcomers: Tamika Hamilton (R), Jay Obernolte (R), David Valadao (R), Christy Smith (D), Erin Cruz (R), Young Kim (R), Liam O’Mara (D), Greg Raths (R), Michelle Steel (R), Brian Mayott (R), Darrell Issa (R), Sara Jacobs (D)
  • 1: Diana DeGette (D)
  • 2: Joe Neguse (D)
  • 3: Lauren Boebert (R)
  • 4: Ken Buck (R)
  • 5: Doug Lamborn (R)
  • 6: Jason Crow (D)
  • 7: Ed Perlmutter (D)
R: 3 D: 4
Newcomers: Lauren Boebert (R)
  • 1: John Larson (D)
  • 2: Joe Courtney (D)
  • 3: Rosa DeLauro (D)
  • 4: Jim Himes (D)
  • 5: Jahana Hayes (D)
D: 5
  • At-Large: Lisa Blunt Rochester (D)
D: 1
  • 1: Matt Gaetz (R)
  • 2: Neal Dunn (R)
  • 3: Kat Cammack (R)
  • 4: John Rutherford (R)
  • 5: Al Lawson (D)
  • 6: Michael Waltz (R)
  • 7: Stephanie Murphy (D)
  • 8: Bill Posey (R)
  • 9: Darren Soto (D)
  • 10: Val Demings (D)
  • 11: Daniel Webster (R)
  • 12: Gus Bilirakis (R)
  • 13: Charlie Crist (D)
  • 14: Kathy Castor (D)
  • 15: Alan Cohn (D)
  • 16: Vern Buchanan (R)
  • 17: Greg Steube (R)
  • 18: Pam Keith (D)
  • 19: Bryon Donalds (R)
  • 20: Alcee Hastings (D)
  • 21: Lois Frankel (D)
  • 22: Ted Deutch (D)
  • 23: Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)
  • 24: Frederica Wilson (D)
  • 25: Mario Diaz-Balart (R)
  • 26: Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D)
  • 27: Maria Elvira Salazar (R)
R: 13 D: 14
Newcomers: Kat Cammack (R), Alan Cohn (D), Pam Keith (D), Bryon Donalds (R), Maria Elvira Salazar (R)
  • 1: Buddy Carter (R)
  • 2: Sandford Bishop (D)
  • 3: Drew Ferguson (R)
  • 4: Hank Johnson (D)
  • 5: Nikema Williams (D)
  • 6: Karen Handel (R)
  • 7: Rob Woodall (R)
  • 8: Austin Scott (R)
  • 9: Doug Collins (R)
  • 10: Jody Hice (R)
  • 11: Barry Loudermilk (R)
  • 12: Rick Allen (R)
  • 13: David Scott (D)
  • 14: Marjorie Taylor Greene (R)
R: 10 D: 4
Newcomers: Nikema Williams (D), Karen Handel (R), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R)
Hawaii * 1: Ed Case (D) * 2: Kai Kahele (D)
D: 2
Newcomers: Kai Kahele (D)
  • 1: Russ Fulcher (R)
  • 2: Mike Simpson (R)
R: 2
  • 1: Bobby Rush (D)
  • 2: Robin Kelly (D)
  • 3: Marie Newman (D)
  • 4: Chuy Garcia (D)
  • 5: Mike Quigley (D)
  • 6: Sean Casten (D)
  • 7: Danny Davis (D)
  • 8: Raja Krishnamoorthi (D)
  • 9: Jan Schakowsky (D)
  • 10: Brad Schneider (D)
  • 11: Bill Foster (D)
  • 12: Mike Bost (R)
  • 13: Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (D)
  • 14: Lauren Underwood (D)
  • 15: Mary Miller (R)
  • 16: Adam Kinzinger (R)
  • 17: Cheri Bustos (D)
  • 18: Darin LaHood (R)
R: 4 D: 14
Newcomers: Marie Newman (D), Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (D), Mary Miller (R)
  • 1: Frank J. Mrvan (D)
  • 2: Jackie Walorski (R)
  • 3: Jim Banks (R)
  • 4: Jim Baird (R)
  • 5: Victoria Spartz (R)
  • 6: Greg Pence (R)
  • 7: Andre Carson (D)
  • 8: Larry Buchson (R)
  • 9: Trey Hollingsworth (R)
R: 7 D: 2
Newcomers: Frank J. Mrvan (D), Victoria Spartz (R)
  • 1: Abby Finkenauer (D)
  • 2: Rita Hart (D)
  • 3: Cindy Axne (D)
  • 4: Randy Feenstra (R)
R: 1 D: 3
Newcomers: Rita Hart (D), Randy Feenstra (R)
  • 1: Tracey Mann (R)
  • 2: Jake LaTurner (R)
  • 3: Sharice Davids (D)
  • 4: Ron Estes (R)
R: 3 D: 1
Newcomers: Tracey Mann (R), Jake LaTurner (R)
  • 1: James Comer (R)
  • 2: Brett Guthrie (R)
  • 3: John Yarmuth (D)
  • 4: Thomas Massie (R)
  • 5: Hal Rogers (R)
  • 6: Frank Harris (L)
R: 4 D: 1 L: 1
Newcomers: Frank Harris (L)
  • 1: Steve Scalise (R)
  • 2: Cedric Richmond (D)
  • 3: Clay Higgins (R)
  • 4: Mike Johnson (R)
  • 5: Lance Harris (R)
  • 6: Garret Graves (R)
R: 5 D: 1
Newcomers: Lance Harris (R)
  • 1: Chellie Pingree (D)
  • 2: Jared Golden (D)
D: 2
  • 1: Andy Harris (R)
  • 2: Dutch Ruppersberger (R)
  • 3: John Sarbanes (D)
  • 4: Anthony Brown (D)
  • 5: Steny Hoyer (D)
  • 6: George Gluck (G)
  • 7: Kweisi Mfume (D)
  • 8: Jamie Raskin (D)
R: 2 D: 5 G: 1
Newcomers: George Gluck (G)
  • 1: Richard Neal (D)
  • 2: Jim McGovern (D)
  • 3: Lori Trahan (D)
  • 4: Natalia Linos (D)
  • 5: Katherine Clark (D)
  • 6: Seth Moulton (D)
  • 7: Ayanna Pressley (D)
  • 8: Stephen Lynch (D)
  • 9: Bill Keating (D)
D: 9
Newcomers: Natalia Linos (D)
  • 1: Ben Boren (L)
  • 2: Bill Huizenga (R)
  • 3: Peter Meijer (R)
  • 4: John Moolenaar (R)
  • 5: Dan Kildee (D)
  • 6: Fred Upton (R)
  • 7: Tim Walberg (R)
  • 8: Elissa Slotkin (D)
  • 9: Andy Levin (D)
  • 10: Lisa McClain (R)
  • 11: Eric Esshaki (R)
  • 12: Debbie Dingell (D)
  • 13: Rashida Tlaib (D)
  • 14: Brenda Lawrence (D)
R: 7 D: 6 L: 1
Newcomers: Ben Boren (L), Peter Meijer (R), Lisa McClain (R), Eric Esshaki (R)
  • 1: Dan Feehan (D)
  • 2: Angie Craig (D)
  • 3: Dean Phillips (D)
  • 4: Betty McCollum (D)
  • 5: Ilhan Omar (D)
  • 6: Tom Emmer (R)
  • 7: Michelle Fischbach (R)
  • 8: Quinn Nystrom (D)
R: 2 D: 6
Newcomers: Dan Feehan (D), Michelle Fischbach (R), Quinn Nystrom (D)
  • 1: Trent Kelly (R)
  • 2: Bennie Thompson (D)
  • 3: Michael Guest (R)
  • 4: Steven Palazzo (R)
R: 3 D: 1
  • 1: Cori Bush (D)
  • 2: Ann Wagner (R)
  • 3: Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)
  • 4: Vicky Hartzler (R)
  • 5: Emmanuel Cleaver (D)
  • 6: Sam Graves (R)
  • 7: Billy Long (R)
  • 8: Jason Smith (R)
R: 6 D: 2
Newcomers: Cori Bush (D)
  • At-Large: Matt Rosendale (R)
R: 1
Newcomers: Matt Rosendale (R)
  • 1: Jeff Fortenberry (R)
  • 2: Don Bacon (R)
  • 3: Adrian Smith (R)
R: 3
  • 1: Dina Titus (D)
  • 2: Mark Amodei (R)
  • 3: Susie Lee (D)
  • 4: Steven Horsford (D)
R: 1 D: 3
New Hampshire
  • 1: Jeff Denaro (R)
  • 2: Ann Kuster (D)
R: 1 D: 1
Newcomers: Jeff Denaro (R)
New Jersey
  • 1: Donald Norcross (D)
  • 2: Amy Kennedy (D)
  • 3: Andy Kim (D)
  • 4: Chris Smith (R)
  • 5: Frank Pallotta (R)
  • 6: Frank Pallone (D)
  • 7: Tom Malinowski (D)
  • 8: Albio Sires (D)
  • 9: Bill Pascrell (D)
  • 10: Donald Payne Jr. (D)
  • 11: Mikie Sherrill (D)
  • 12: Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)
R: 2 D: 10
Newcomers: Amy Kennedy (D), Frank Pallotta (R)
New Mexico
  • 1: Deb Haaland (D)
  • 2: Yvette Herrell (R)
  • 3: Teresa Leger Fernandez (D)
R: 1 D: 2
Newcomers: Yvette Herrell (R), Teresa Leger Fernandez (D)
New York
  • 1: Lee Zeldin (R)
  • 2: Andrew Garbarino (R)
  • 3: Tom Suozzi (D)
  • 4: Kathleen Rice (D)
  • 5: Gregory Meeks (D)
  • 6: Grace Meng (D)
  • 7: Nydia Velazquez (D)
  • 8: Hakeem Jeffries (D)
  • 9: Yvette Clarke (D)
  • 10: Jerry Nadler (D)
  • 11: Max Rose (D)
  • 12: Carolyn Maloney (D)
  • 13: Adriano Espaillat (D)
  • 14: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)
  • 15: Ritchie Torres (D)
  • 16: Jamaal Bowman (D)
  • 17: Mondaire Jones (D)
  • 18: Sean Patrick Maloney (D)
  • 19: Kyle Van Der Water (R)
  • 20: Paul Tonko (D)
  • 21: Elsie Stefanik (R)
  • 22: Anthony Brindisi (R)
  • 23: Tom Reed (R)
  • 24: Dana Balter (D)
  • 25: Joseph Morelle (D)
  • 26: Brian Higgins (D)
  • 27: Chris Jacobs (R)
R: 7 D: 20
Newcomers: Andrew Garbarino (R), Ritchie Torres (D), Jamaal Bowman (D), Mondaire Jones (D), Kyle Van Der Water (R), Dana Balter (D)
North Carolina
  • 1: G.K. Butterfield (D)
  • 2: Deborah Ross (D)
  • 3: Greg Murphy (R)
  • 4: David Price (D)
  • 5: Virginia Foxx (R)
  • 6: Kathy Manning (D)
  • 7: David Rouzer (R)
  • 8: Richard Hudson (R)
  • 9: Dan Bishop (R)
  • 10: Patrick McHenry (R)
  • 11: Madison Cawthorn (R)
  • 12: Alma Adams (D)
  • 13: Ted Budd (R)
R: 8 D: 5
Newcomers: Deborah Ross (D), Kathy Manning (D), Madison Cawthorn (R)
North Dakota
  • At-Large: Kelly Armstrong (R)
R: 1
  • 1: Kate Schroder (D)
  • 2: Brad Wenstrup (R)
  • 3: Joyce Beatty (D)
  • 4: Jim Jordan (R)
  • 5: Bob Latta (R)
  • 6: Bill Johnson (R)
  • 7: Bob Gibbs (R)
  • 8: Warren Davidson (R)
  • 9: Marcy Kaptur (D)
  • 10: Desiree Tims (D)
  • 11: Marcia Fudge (D)
  • 12: Tory Balderson (R)
  • 13: Tim Ryan (D)
  • 14: David Joyce (R)
  • 15: Steve Stivers (R)
  • 16: Anthony Gonzalez (R)
R: 10 D: 6
Newcomers: Kate Schroder (D), Desiree Tims (D)
  • 1: Kevin Hern (R)
  • 2: Markwayne Mullin (R)
  • 3: Frank Lucas (R)
  • 4: Tom Cole (R)
  • 5: Stephanie Bice (R)
R: 5
Newcomers: Stephanie Bice (R)
  • 1: Suzanne Bonamici (D)
  • 2: Cliff Bentz (R)
  • 3: Earl Blumenauer (D)
  • 4: Peter DeFazio (D)
  • 5: Kurt Schrader (D)
R: 1 D: 4
Newcomers: Cliff Bentz (R)
  • 1: Christina Finello (D)
  • 2: Brendan Boyle (D)
  • 3: Dwight Evans (D)
  • 4: Madeleine Dean (D)
  • 5: Mary Gay Scanlon (D)
  • 6: Chrissy Houlahan (D)
  • 7: Lisa Scheller (R)
  • 8: Jim Bognet (R)
  • 9: Dan Meuser (R)
  • 10: Scott Perry (R)
  • 11: Lloyd Smucker (R)
  • 12: Fred Keller (R)
  • 13: John Joyce (R)
  • 14: Guy Reschenthaler (R)
  • 15: Glenn Rhompson (R)
  • 16: Mike Kelly (R)
  • 17: Conor Lamb (D)
  • 18: Mike Doyle (D)
R: 10 D: 8
Newcomers: Christina Finello (D), Lisa Scheller (R), Jim Bognet (R)
Rhode Island
  • 1: David Cicilline (D)
  • 2: Jim Langevin (D)
D: 2
South Carolina
  • 1: Nancy Mace (R)
  • 2: Joe Wilson (R)
  • 3: Jeff Duncan (R)
  • 4: William Timmons (R)
  • 5: Ralph Norman (R)
  • 6: Jim Clyburn (D)
  • 7: Tom Rice (R)
R: 6 D: 1
Newcomers: Nancy Mace (R)
South Dakota
  • At-Large: Dusty Johnson (R)
R: 1
  • 1: Diana Harshbarger (R)
  • 2: Tim Burchett (R)
  • 3: Chuck Fleischmann (R)
  • 4: Scott DesJarlais (R)
  • 5: Jim Cooper (D)
  • 6: John Rose (R)
  • 7: Mark Green (R)
  • 8: David Kustoff (R)
  • 9: Steve Cohen (D)
R: 7 D: 2
Newcomers: Diana Harshbarger (R)
  • 1: Louie Gohmert (R)
  • 2: Dan Crenshaw (R)
  • 3: Van Taylor (R)
  • 4: Pat Fallon (R)
  • 5: Lance Gooden (R)
  • 6: Ron Wright (R)
  • 7: Shawn Kelly (L)
  • 8: Kevin Brady (R)
  • 9: Al Green (D)
  • 10: Michael McCaul (R)
  • 11: August Pfluger (R)
  • 12: Kay Granger (R)
  • 13: Ronny Jackson (R)
  • 14: Randy Weber (R)
  • 15: Vincente Gonzalez (D)
  • 16: Veronica Escobar (D)
  • 17: Pete Sessions (R)
  • 18: Shelia Jackson Lee (D)
  • 19: Jodey Arrington (R)
  • 20: Joaquin Castro (D)
  • 21: Chip Roy (R)
  • 22: Troy Nehls (R)
  • 23: Gina Ortiz Jones (D)
  • 24: Beth Van Duyne (R)
  • 25: Roger Williams (R)
  • 26: Michael Burgess (R)
  • 27: Michael Cloud (R)
  • 28: Henry Cuellar (D)
  • 29: Sylvia Garcia (D)
  • 30: Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)
  • 31: John Carter (R)
  • 32: Colin Allred (R)
  • 33: Marc Veasey (D)
  • 34: Filemon Vela Jr. (D)
  • 35: Lloyd Doggett (D)
  • 36: Brian Babin (R)
R: 23 D: 12 L: 1
Newcomers: Pat Fallon (R), Shawn Kelly (L), August Pfluger (R), Ronny Jackson (R), Pete Sessions (R), Troy Nehls (R), Gina Ortiz Jones (D), Beth Van Duyne (R)
  • 1: Blake Moore (R)
  • 2: Chris Stewart (R)
  • 3: John Curtis (R)
  • 4: Burgess Owens (R)
R: 4
Newcomers: Blake Moore (R), Burgess Owens (R)
  • At-Large: Peter Welch (D)
D: 1
  • 1: Rob Wittman (R)
  • 2: Elaine Luria (D)
  • 3: Bobby Scott (D)
  • 4: Donald McEachin (D)
  • 5: Bob Good (R)
  • 6: Ben Cline (R)
  • 7: Abigail Spanberger (D)
  • 8: Don Beyer (D)
  • 9: Morgan Griffith (R)
  • 10: Jennifer Wexton (D)
  • 11: Gerry Connolly (D)
R: 4 D: 7
Newcomers: Bob Good (R)
  • 1: Suzan DelBene (D)
  • 2: Rick Larsen (D)
  • 3: Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)
  • 4: Dan Newhouse (R)
  • 5: Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)
  • 6: Derek Kilmer (D)
  • 7: Pramila Jayapal (D)
  • 8: Kim Schrier (D)
  • 9: Adam Smith (D)
  • 10: Marilyn Strickland (D) R: 3 D: 7
Newcomers: Marilyn Strickland (D)
West Virginia
  • 1: David McKinley (R)
  • 2: Alex Mooney (R)
  • 3: Carol Miller (R)
R: 3
  • 1: Bryan Stell (R)
  • 2: Mark Pocan (D)
  • 3: Ron Kind (D)
  • 4: Gwen Moore (D)
  • 5: Scott Fitzgerald (R)
  • 6: Glenn Grothman (R)
  • 7: Tom Tiffany (R)
  • 8: Mike Gallagher (R)
R: 5 D: 3
Newcomers: Scott Fitzgerald (R)
  • At-Large: Liz Cheney (R)
R: 1
Non-Voting Delegates
  • American Samoa: Amata Coleman Radewagen (R)
  • DC: Eleanor Holmes Norton (D)
  • Guam: Michael San Nicolas (D)
  • Northern Mariana Islands: Gregorio Kilili Sablan (I)
  • Puerto Rico: Jenniffer Gonzalez (NPP)
  • Virgin Islands: Stacey Plaskett (D)
Party Seats Change
Republicans 206 +8
Democrats 225 - 7
Libertarians 3 +2
Green Party 1 +1

Gubernatorial Election Results

New Hampshire
North Carolina
North Dakota
Vermont * David Zuckerman (D))
West Virginia

Cabinet of President Joe Biden

Office Choice
Vice President Kamala Harris
Secretary of State Judy Chu
Secretary of Treasury Elizabeth Warren
Secretary of Defense Tulsi Gabbard
Attorney General Cory Booker
Secretary of the Interior Sharice Davids
Secretary of Agriculture Hugh Grant)
Secretary of Commerce Michael Bloomberg
Secretary of Labor Ed Bastian
Secretary of Health and Human Services Anthony Fauci
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Pete Buttigieg
Secretary of Transportation Elon Musk
Secretary of Energy Raul Grijalva
Secretary of Education Andrew Cuomo
Secretary of Veteran Affairs John Kerry
Secretary of Homeland Security Charles Djou
Chief of Staff Jim Mattis
Trade Representative Earl Blumenauer
Director of National Intelligence Stephanie Murphy
Director of the Office of Management and Budget Raja Krishnamoorthi
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Scott D. Berrier
Director of the Environmental Protection Agency Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Administrator of Small Business Administration Michelle Lujan Grisham
Elizabeth Warren - Former Presidential candidate with extensive experience on the Congressional Oversight Panel, and established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A natural selection for the role due to her experience in finance, securities, and the banking sector in Congress.
Michael Bloomberg - Former Presidential candidate, with a background with philanthropy, and wall-street; he symbolizes President Biden’s ties to big-business and commitment to Wall-Street executives.
Andrew Cuomo - Governor of New York who took a leading role in the nation to drive the country out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and led the push towards virtual learning, while also having experience with gun legislation for schools making him a preferred selection for the Secretary of Education.
Tulsi Gabbard - A Major in the United States Army who has stepped down to take her position as Secretary of Defense. A reminder to Americans that Hawaii is just as important to the US as all the contiguous 48 states. While she and Biden disagree on issues of intervention, she will be the devil’s advocate to offer alternate opinions on intervention, which allows Biden to know that if the Secretary of Defense recommends action, Gabbard has likely considered it deeply.
Judy Chu - Relations with China have bottomed out under the Trump Administration, and it is time to get back in the saddle to deal with them. There will be no better mutual understanding than employing an American politician with Chinese abilities and family to understand their culture and give insight into their negotiation strategies. Biden hopes that Chu will help the United States restore its relationship with the People’s Republic of China, but be sure to not allow China to get a better deal.
Raul Grijalva - Bringing in Arizona to the democrat fold was not an easy task, but now that they have come over, there needs to be incentive to stay. Grijalva has been around for some time and has experience with the House Natural Resources Committee, he would be great to keep around.
Michelle Lujan Grisham - The Governor of New Mexico and a former member of the Hispanic caucus. Trump destroyed relations with the Hispanic community, and Biden needs a strong team of cabinet members to keep him focused on restoring relations with them and solving the issues that impact them directly.
Sharice Davids - A Native American representative would be very symbolic if placed into the position of Secretary of the Interior. The Dakota Access pipeline fiasco did not do the American Government any favors, and the mistreatment of the Navajo Nation during the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly leaving the native community feeling isolated, it is important that their interests are not forgotten, but also represented on a federal level.
Cory Booker - A former Presidential candidate and an African American Senator who is vocal about the criminal justice system and mending the racial disparities in the country. Having Booker in the AG position would be very interesting to see what ideas he can generate to reform and improve our current systems.
Raja Krishnamoorthi - Time for another Indian-American for the cabinet. Krishnamoorthi’s extensive experience in the House Oversight Committee has aligned his work with the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Biden hopes that he will excel in this role and his membership to the Cabinet alongside VP Harris will forge a pathway to mend and progress American-Indian Relations.
John Kerry - After a wild career with President Obama as Secretary of State and also a Naval career, Kerry isn’t likely wanting any big or spotlight position. However, Biden’s experience with Kerry has called him back to the White House, but this time for his Naval experience for the Secretary of Veteran Affairs.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Biden was very cautious to give a platform to AOC since she is known to be outspoken, and much further left than Biden is himself. She has called out to abolish ICE, and has set Medicare for All as an important platform, while Biden doesn’t really support these things, she is vocal about the Green New Deal- having a part in the authorship. Biden thinks the Green New Deal is a step too far, but appointing something with thoughts in the correct direction to the EPA would be a strong signal to the country that it is time to get serious about the problems we are facing. Biden knows AOC will be able to get the job done, while not always seeing eye-to-eye.
Anthony Fauci - The perfect thing about Dr. Fauci, is that he isn’t a politician, he is here to do his job and do it well, and save lives along the way. Biden doesn’t need a politician to make decisions about the direction of the nation during a health crisis, he needs an expert. While Fauci is more advanced in his years, he will be asked to seek out a successor to his role at the NIAID that he feels is the most qualified for the job, before finishing out his career in a role that suits the spotlight necessary for federal management of emergencies.
Stephanie Murphy - A Vietnamese-American who supports Presidential war powers, she is fluent in Vietnamese and would be very helpful to East-Asian relations, specifically with Vietnam. She formerly worked in the DoD as a national security specialist, which makes her fit for the role.
Charles Djou - An independent politician of Thai descent who has military experience. Biden hopes he will take a very neutral approach to address the US domestic security concerns to provide resolutions that both sides will appreciate.
Elon Musk - Immigrants often represent the best of the United States by using uncommon solutions for uncommon problems. Biden has long supported an HSR system for the United States, and Musk might be the only one with enough balls to do something about it. With the funding of the United States at his back, the benefit might be worth giving his idiocy a platform. However, it would of course mean he will have to separate from his company, at least temporarily.
Ed Bastian - The CEO of Delta Airlines, one of the US forefront passenger airline services. Bastian wasted no time by providing alternatives and coping with change faced during the epidemic and is renowned by his employees as a respectable and thoughtful leader.
Scott D. Berrier - Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Deputy Chief of Staff to INSCOM. The US needs someone that gathers accurate and precise intelligence, with the most qualified professional out there. If a government needs overthrowing, a leader needs assassinating, a military man in the CIA will get the job done.
Hugh Grant - CEO of Monsanto prior to Bayer acquisition, he knows his stuff.
Pete Buttigieg - Biden didn’t really have the choice of ignoring Pete, he is sometimes useful, but needs to be kept at an arm’s length. Housing and Urban Development is a great way to respect Pete, but make him irrelevant.
Earl Blumenauer - Member of the Ways and Means Committee representing Oregon. He looks like the stereotypical nice grandfather, but his background on the committee tells us he means business, and when supplemented with other cabinet members, will make an effective team member in trade negotiations and be able to lead the discussions on a warm, and friendly foot.
Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis - He had some choice words to say about President Trump and his foreign policy, but is apolitical as a military man should be. Biden would like to give the Mad Dog a better understanding of how the White House should respect the country and its members, but needs Mattis’ military discipline, time management, and efficiency to keep the cabinet and government in line. There is nothing wrong with having a respectable man who is well versed in foreign policy, and believes in the unity of the American people on your side. Biden hopes that this will give Mattis a better experience and help restore some trust in the country he dedicated his life to.
submitted by Erhard_Eckmann to Geosim

Lesser, greater, middling, it’s all the same. Proportions are negotiated, boundaries blurred. I haven’t done only good in my life. If I’m to choose between one Pre-Season Camp and another, then I prefer not to choose at all. - Adelaide Crows 2020 Season Preview

Natus Ad Magna Gerenda*
“Born to Great Things”

We Fly As One

The Road So Far…

??? – 1990: No National Football Competition to Speak Of
1991-1995: The Dawning of the Age of Crowmania
1997-1998: The Holey Crowmanian Empire
1999-2004: A Series of Unfortunate Events
2004-2012: The Singularity (Rise of the Crowbots)
2013-2014: The Schisms
2015-2015 ½: A Feast for Elite Crows
2015 ½ -2016: The Darkness
2016 – 2017: Big Dance 3: The Redancening
2018 – 2020: The Weekend At Burtons That Never Ended
2020: Baby Crows
Club Coaches: Graham Cornes |Robert Shaw| Malcolm Blight(pictured left of cup)| Gary Ayres| Neil Craig|Brenton Sanderson| Mark Bickley INTERIM(pictured right of cup)|Vale Phillip Walsh| Scott Camporeale INTERIM| Don Pyke Matthew Gaius Julius Nicks [Bald Centre Photo]
Current playing list
1: Chayce Jones (Midfield/Forward)
2: Brad Crouch (Midfield)
3: Riley Knight (Midfield/Forward)
4: Lachie Murphy (Small Forward)
5: Matt Crouch (Midfield)
6: Bryce Gibbs (Midfield)
7: Jordan Gallucci (Midfield/Forward)
8: Jake Kelly (Defender)
9: Rory Sloane (Midfielder) (C)
10: Myles Poholke (MidfieldeForward)
11: Paul Seedsman (Wingman)
12: Dan Talia (Key Defender)
13: Tex Walker (Key Forward)
14: David Mackay (Wingman)
15: Kyle Hartigan (Key Defender)
16: Luke Brown (Small Defender)
17: Will Hamill (Defender)
18: Tyson Stengle (Small Forward)
20: Ben Crocker (Forward/Midfielder) (R)
21: Rory Atkins (Wingman)
22: Billy Frampton (Forward/Ruck)
23: Shane McAdam (Forward)
24: Josh Worrell (Defender)
25: Ned McHenry (Midfielder)
26: Harry Schoenberg (Midfielder)
27: Tom Lynch (Forward)
28: Ben Keays (Forward/Midfielder) (R)
29: Rory Laird (Defender)
30: Wayne Milera Jr (Midfielder)
31: Patrick Wilson (Midfielder)
32: Darcy Fogarty (Key Forward)
33: Brodie Smith (Defender)
34: Elliott Himmelberg (Forward/Ruck)
35: Fischer McAsey (Key Defender)
36: Andrew McPherson (Wingman)
37: Ronin O’Connor (Midfielder)
38: Lachlan Scholl (Defender)
39: Tom Doedee (Defender)
40: Ben Davis (Forward)
41: Jordan Butts (Defender)
43: Reilly O’Brien (First Ruck)
44: Lachlan Gollant (Wingman)
45: Kieran Strachan (Ruck)

List Changes (delistings, retirements, trades, drafts)

Billy Frampton (traded from Port Adelaide)
Fischer McAsey (Pick 6)
Harry Schoenberg (Pick 24)
Joshua Worrell (Pick 28)
Ronin O’Connor (Pick 42)
Lachlan Gollant’s Fake Body Double (Pick 48)
Bean Keays (Rookie Pick 7, Brisbane)
Ben Crocker (Rookie Pick 21, Collingwood)
A future second-round draft selection (from Western Bulldogs)
A future third-round draft selection* (from Gold Coast, on-traded to Geelong)
A future third-round draft selection (from Fremantle)
A future fourth-round draft selection (from Gold Coast)
A future fourth-round draft selection (from Carlton)
A future fourth-round draft selection* (from Greater Western Sydney, on-traded to Port Adelaide)
Cam Ellis-Yolmen (unrestricted free agent)
Eddie Betts (traded to Carlton)
Sam Jacobs (traded to Greater Western Sydney)
Hugh Greenwood (traded to Gold Coast)
Alex Keath (traded to Western Bulldogs)
Josh Jenkins (traded to Geelong)
A future third-round draft selection (to Geelong)
A future fourth-round draft selection (to Port Adelaide)
Crows future fourth-round draft selection (to Sydney)

Source: It’s largely AWS’ own work. Bring on the Greatest Showman gifs.

2019 Review

>I manage because I have to. Because I’ve no other way out. Because I’ve overcome the vanity and pride of (South Australia) being different, I’ve understood that they are a pitiful defense against being different. Because I’ve understood that the sun shines differently when something changes. The sun shines differently, but it will continue to shine, and jumping at it with a hoe isn’t going to do anything.
2019... Was a bad year objectively and subjectively. Just awful. Splits in the playing group and coaches and board and CEO and fuck yeah it was just bad. Not once did it look cohesive in any way.
Frankly the less said the better.
Reilly O’Brien was the single consistent ray of sunshine, and even that came at the expense of our big beautiful Sam Jacobs.
The season thankfully ended and the promised End of Year Review was convened, with special guests Jason Dunstall as Chairman.
They got to the heart of the matter fairly quickly, axing head Coach Don Pyke, Assistant TO THE Head Coach Scott Camporeale and Club Hero/Villain/Travel Agent Brett Burton
They brought in Matthew Nicks for his first Head Coach role and gutted the playing list.

2020 Season Preview

Welcome to the 2020 Adelaide Crows Preview.
“Nonsense,” said the Nickser. “And what’s more, it doesn’t rhyme. All decent predictions rhyme.”
Look to be honest, I haven’t got a fucking clue how this season is going to go. The huge turn-over of the playing list, the brand new coaching panel.
We’ve had two matches to see how it might look and it looks ok?
Anyone who thinks they have a definite idea how the Crows will go is talking out both sides of their mouth.
(that’s bad btw)

Players to lookout for in 2020

Jones – Looks ready to make himself a mainstay in the first team
Milera – Hopefully going to go from that B grade player to A grade pushing all australian squad
Fogarty – Should be playing at least 20 games and I personally will be disappointed if he doesnt kick at least 36 goals. That game against West Coast last year was great and he’s always showing glimpses in the games he has played
Brouch – Reigning B&F and it’s his contract year so will be expecting him to be playing out of his mind. My early lock for 2020 B&F
u/southern_lights I’d add Tex to this list, with the weight of the captaincy lifted from his shoulders, he may be in for a good season, ala Boak last year. He’s still capable of playing some excellent football, and he’s still capable of leading from the front. Having some pressure released from his role should really free him up.
Chayce Jones may be the greatest player to ever don a Crows jersey, let alone take stage on the football field. This young Tasmanian stallion has come into his 2nd preseason even fitter and more determined than we could’ve hoped for.
I remember when I first started the Chayce Jones Appreciation Cult in the late afternoon of the 25th of August 2019, back then I was simply enamoured by this enigma, his willingness to attack the ball, his booming kick, his stunning marks – but little would I know the way my love and desire to see him succeed would grow and flourish.
Chayce is the Future. Chayce is God.
Oh also Ned McHenry is really cool too and he’s going to be great to see out on the park!
ROB Another preseason under Doc knowing he’s the #1 target should do him the world of good, if he continues the trend of developing the ruck craft he showed last year then we have a star on our hands.
Tex Comes into a new season fitter, leaner, hungrier, and most importantly, happier than he’s been in some time. Without the weight of expectation on his shoulders he should be freed up to start enjoying footy again and getting back to his best.
Kelly He was one of the few Crows that really impressed in 2019 as we have consistent injuries to our back line. Apparently he’s one of the hardest trainers at our club and with his bulldog nature I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table this year (just don’t play him on the wing again)
Gibbs Similar story to Tex, apparently has had a lot of open and frank discussions with Nicks and having him move into the halfback line where he can read the play better and put his ball-skills to good use will hopefully do him the world of good.
Smithers By all accounts this is the season where we’re going to see him feature much more predominately in the middle of the ground, where he was trialled in stages late last year. Being promoted into the leadership group is also a massive reward for the effort and dedication he’s shown to the club, especially given how much he’s matured over the time.
u/AlmostWrongSometimes Lachy Murphy has put in the hours and the effort since joining the Crows. Learning his forward craft under Eddie Betts, for a young gun he’s been making a big impact in a struggling team. Oftentimes over the last 18 months with he youngest pair of legs in the Forward half, he was the only one applying any offensive pressure, both in and behind the arc. His second efforts are second to none, he’s put a few kilos on in the off season and he is primed to take advantage of Fogarty, Tex and Lynch patrolling the half forward line and a midfield with some speed to lock the ball in. I expect a 35+ season from the lad.

Players on notice (lol we shit-canned everyone but ok) in 2020

u/Limerick_Goblin The players on notice for me will be those who are directly competing for spots with the new blood. Some players have been coasting the last 1-2 years but that isn’t going to fly anymore, this team needs to evolve.
Milera is the first name that comes to mind; he has been the promised one for a while now and it’s time for him to pull a Mrouch and have his breakthrough year. He’s no longer the pup of the midfield—he’ll be 23 at the end of next season. You can argue that his development is still ongoing, but I think if he doesn’t want to settle for being a middling player for the rest of his career then now is the time to show off what he can do. Yes, he has been moved about a lot and that hasn’t helped, but some of the onus is on him to take a position and really make it his own.
Lynch is almost always a match day net positive, but he’s feeling less and less mandatory as a selection. We have a number of untested medium/tall mids/forwards at the moment in McAdam, Davis, Frampton, Worrell, Crocker, Keays—maybe even O’Connor and Gollant (if he actually exists). I think all of them are going to be very hungry to prove themselves in a new-look side, so Lynch is going to have to have a huge bounce-back year to cement himself again.
Hartigan. I’m not one of the Harto haters, but for the same reasons as Lynch he is definitely on notice this year. He’s done the job that was asked of him, but I don’t think continuing last year’s form is going to earn him a permanent spot with several very promising defenders in the likes of Butts and McAsey nipping at his heels. As far as I can tell he is now in direct competition with the highest draft pick the Crows have ever selected. He has work to do.
Knight is my last pick. He struggled to find a place in a fairly beleaguered team last year, against small mid/forwards who can do everything he can but better. Well, it’s not going to get easier for him this year with Jones and McHenry developing nicely. If he doesn’t want to just be a player who fills out the numbers then he is going to have to seriously step up his skills, and better highlight his strengths—which Nicksy’s culture-first approach will value: flying the flag and playing tough, aggressive, and proud footy.
u/Orphanchocolate I’d love to see Patty Wilson actually win a magarey medal instead of conspicuously coming second each time...
u/AlmostWrongSometimes Ben Davis – Ben has shown a lot of promise since joining the Crows in 2017, however some injury niggles and some poor form has seen him not break into the Senior Crows side reliably yet. A dashing flanker forward with shades of Tommy Lynch and Brodie Smith to his game, considering the injuries and poor form plaguing the side since 2017, it is worrying that he hasn’t been elevated before now. He lead the SANFL Crows Goal kicking in 2018, and in 2019 got his debut against Geelong, registering a forgettable night with only 7 disposals. He’s young and a natural leader, however with all the new faces at the club, he is under the pump to break into the team and stay there. He’s out of contract at the end of 2021, but 2020 will be make or break.
(Since I wrote this he’s had a great hit out in the Marsh Series. He’s now a 3 Votes Alum)
u/floodswimming Hartigan I’ve always quite liked Harto, and I think he had an incredibly strong 2019 throughout out injuries, but with a crop of developing defenders with McAsey, Butts and McPherson, unless he can bring his game to a new level I doubt he’ll be a key player for us much more
Knight Chainsaw is a heart and soul player for this team that couldn’t really find a niche in our old system being rotated as a small forward and an outside mid. He’s a very tenacious player that’s shown great capacity for tagging which means he may finally flourish under Nicks’ new system
Davis Got thrown in the deepend last year and wasn’t really up for the battle (not that he can be blamed), but with our off-season acquisitions and Lynch looking to regain his stellar form, unless he can force his way into the forwardline I can’t see him being part of this team
Wilson Even with the departure of Thor and CEY him acting as a big-bodied mid just doesn’t work while we have Sloane and the Weatherman, and more exciting young midfield prospects in Jones, McHenry, Schoenberg and even O’Connor. His off-field antics certainly did him no favours either.

Best 22 for 2020

B: Brown|Talia|Doedee
HB: Smith|Hartigan|Laird
C: Seedsman|Sloane|Milera
HF: Lynch|Walker|Jones
F: Stengle|Fogarty|CROCKER
1R: O’Brian|MCrouch|BCrouch
IC: Gibbs|Kelly|DAVIS|Atkins

Which Adelaide Young Gun will be Robbed of the Rising Star Award in 2020

Pride of the Yellow Blue and Red Ned the Legs McHenry will be cruelly shot down as the representative of the Holy Order of the Number 25
Chayce, Ned and Lachlan “Riddle wrapped up in an enigma” Gollant all to be cruelly robbed
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