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You can accept our cookies by clicking on the button below or manage your preference on Cookie Preferences. The updated version of Coc Coc Browser for Windows 10 Mobile has only improvements and bug fixes. FHX coc the modified version of Clash of clans becomes a more popular video game day by day. Manual Call Recorder allow you to record your phone call Manually. The latest Latest MiroClash Coc comes with new updates like; you can have unlimited gems, no more waiting for weeks to acquire funds to upgrade your troops, you get them instantly; Unlimited gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems and the best out of all features, you get to Upgrade your Town Hall to level 12 instantly. Replies: 0 Views: 32, 497; Rating0 / 5; Last Post By. Darian[Supercell] View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message March 30th, 2020 Maintenance 28/02 - Spring Trap, Bomb Tower, Cannon Re-Balance.


A Vimmer in VSCode-Land

tl;dr and spoiler: checking out VS Code's current state, super impressed but returning back to vim
This is actually a follow-up to my coc.vim post. After messing around with coc.vim, I realized how huge VS Code's ecosystem got. The feeling that I might miss something and coc isn't the answer didn't let me sleep. The next day--today, I gave VS Code a try via the Remote Expansion Pack: VS Code is connected via SSH to my dev server (setting this up was 10secs) and I actually worked with VS Code quite a while.

Many things are really amazing, so first the good things

  • Color themes work always, thoroughly, every edge case is covered, there's rarely the need to add highlight groups which were missed yourself; there are colorthemes with italic, man this looks really good, don't know if this possible with tmux/vim/ssh; there's a lot of subtle smart stuff like giving not used modules less opacity, all out-of-the-box (OTB):
the module history is not used, hence less opacity
  • Function signatures are massive, guess or hope that vim's autocomplete plugins offer something similar but in VSC you just press CTRL and hover over a function get everything; this works OTB and with everything, your libs, other libs, even if the other libs are not in the current work dir but above (this is btw the case with yarn workspaces and I wonder how VSCode found them):
Pressing CTRL and hovering over
  • Then there are really some amazing extensions like a Bracket Pair Colorizer (just an example), you really find for every edge case, niche thing some extension:
  • or nice git diff markers OTB (next to a wonderful git pane which shows all changed files compared to HEAD):
  • all your files get automatic outlines OTB:
VS Code is def by far the best designed and most gorgeous product Microsoft ever made, everything feels solid, consistent and it's hard to resist this beauty but let's get now to the drawbacks compared to vim:

The Deal Breakers

  • This thing is sluggish and slow, sometimes less, often more; if your play a bit around with VS Code it seems ok but once you work it's terrible and not bearable for a vimmer (my machine has the latest i7 u cpu which is not throttled)
    • undo is super slow, wtf, press four times undo in a row and this things stutters/freezes like shit, you are afraid that this will crash in a second
    • switching between files and panes, opening files, all slightly laggy, mainstream Google Mail users wouldn't notice but we feel it instantly
    • often I really forget what I wanted to do because of the waiting times here and there, they are not significant but big enough to get you out of the flow
    • => my remote tmux/vim setup on a cheap VPS feels 100x more responsive than VS Code on a maxed out local machine
  • There are millions of extension but I didn't find anything similar to FZF paired with Rg if you want to jump quickly to file x and word y, it's not possible you can fuzzy find files, so a pure FZF equivalent is there and you can grep but it's not incremental; so grepping means entering the term, pressing enter, then you can click on the result; sorry but this too slow for me; shouldn't be a problem to create something like this for VS Code, so maybe just a matter of time
  • The strongest vim emulation is very, very good and has many features (even easymotion is integrated) but tbh I think it's dogshit if you are a vimmer; it's feels more sluggish than VS Code in non-vim mode; while a lot of stuff is baked in you can't do stuff like a default zz after a search, I mean wtf, this is so annoying; you could open an issue but that's exactly the problem, there are millions of issues of desperate users trying to use this thing and everytime something trivial doesn't work they have to ask the maintainer, this is BS and any minute spending with it and trying to bend it to your needs feels like wasted time
  • The whole thing is not reliable, sometimes VS Code or the vim emulation or whatever misses keystrokes or function signatures are not shown or autocomplete doesn't work or autocomplete works but a snippets extension is forgotten (IDK if this is related to my SSH setup which actually feels solid)
  • Minor stuff: syntax highlighting kicks in 1 or 2 or 3 seconds later after VS Code loaded the first file
  • Minor: wile JSON is nice and structured, it's too verbose for configuring small stuff like remappings (VimScript is there better)
It's a hard decision because VS Code has so many great things and currently much more pace than vim (the push new releases weekly?) but if the core--navigating in and around your files feels like shit it's useless.
VS Code is like a full-fledged 700 PS racing car missing a proper driving wheel.
  • What I like as well: installing and deinstalling plugins (the so called extensions) is even faster and just one-click than the already fast vim-plug. Think this is minor because at some point you install less but still it's notable
submitted by desmap to vim

FIXING CLAN WARS ISN’T THE FIX. Yes Clan Wars was Bad But It’s not the real problem.

Clan wars was the nail in the coffin for many. But it wasn’t the stand alone issue, just the straw the broke the camels back. There are major fundamental issues to the game that over the years has made it stale and lackluster and caused many good friends and clan mates to quit either due to these below or combination of.
(I’d like to add that The suggestions are obviously not the one best fix to these, just suggestions off the top of my head).
Major core issues to the game imo are as follows:
❗️BALANCING ISSUE: Unnecessary buff to cards that were balanced (ice wiz, xbow, skel barrel, etc). Extreme changes to cards to break the meta (pekka massive range, freeze damage, exe massive damage etc). Leaving toxic cards untouched (eg this season Barb hut and skel barrel, even heal spirit needed it’s heal Ability nerf, radius didn’t fix anything)
✅FIX: Need a new team imo and a whole month of being stuck in a toxic season is too long imo.
❗️P2W FOCUS/ORIENTATION: All recent content: pass royale. New cards. Buying emotes. All Wars, forcing peeps to level /spend to up collection or be at huge disadvantage if they don’t/borderline can’t participate/ kicked from clans.( not to mention the major p2w ramp up of war2.0 edition brought). Main issue with this focus is not that they provide these things, is that there have not being any additional major updates AS WELL AS it (clan road was an unwanted replacement to end season draft chest, nothing new). They say there’s 2 teams and that the Pass team doesn’t take away from update team but meanwhile proof shows monthly updates of the pass and no new big content update for years. Plus when the update is due they skimp on the pass side (reusing old arenas last 2 season, reusing loading screen, less emotes- none for f2p for challenges etc) shows they haven’t been able to equally work on both.. which brings me to next point with fix:
❗️NO NEW FUN CONTENT/ OR REGULAR UPDATES: As the title covers, we wait far too long between updates and new content. Over a year for this wars we got. And more so Especially one that caters to casuals and without money making agenda. Like what exactly original 2v2, achievements, quests and clan chest did. Irony is those “fun” no pressure features is what’s held on to a lot of the casual player base. Still a money stream for SC without having to strangle it out of people like what clan wars 1+2 does. These additions were just a another fun Avenue for everyone to play the game with side quests etc. Not to mention having regular QOL additions that could be added (eg more deck+chest slots. In game recruiting. Etc)
✅FIX: Hire a bigger Update team. Current one is clearly not keeping up with demand/expectation of player base. Also add fresh new fun content at the Very LEAST once a year if not every 6/8months. *further definition of “fun new content” +possible suggests +QOL points are at the bottom of post * ..Could have easier revamped quests (added better rewards of star points, tokens, challenges tokens etc)
❗️COMMUNICATION: Granted Drew has stepped up more since the update, and even more So in the right direction with the latest transparency post. However, it’s a matter of consistency and whether or not that will be kept up. Countless times they’ve said they will communicate more but is short lived. I’m talking general communication Not just surrounding updates but the large silent gaps between & around. Info especially surrounding this update wasn’t great imo, seemed rushed, a lot of vids were dropped for a Q+A and in the end left us going in blind to the update. Generally community clearly needs more. Constant updates. Especially since Seth has completely withdrawn from community chat.
✅FIX: 1. Hire more. Daria lasted a day, why not find a replacement. Less of a workload for Drew. He has a massive job for one person to manage, and alot of the other SC teams has at least 2 CM. 2. Also just Communicate more- I’d like to see more regular “transparency posts” like one of late that has community feedback/opinions/suggestions Drew has collected and presented to the team. Can also Do regular community in game polls of content /game modes etc community can vote on/have input with. And just post regular info updates more: the good, the bad, and the ugly, just update us! Stop being afraid of the community reactions and just put the info out there. Eg “this is the plan, for (this timeframe) even if it is with Disclosures, “ It may not go as planned but will let you know if anything changes if it does”!
❗️MATCHMAKING/ELO: This 50:50 is infuriating. Never feel like progress. Can easy play ladder for an hour and earn no extra trophies or worse be 300trophies lower than began. It’s predictable clockwork, if you win you face always your same ole ultimate counter deck. People are over this. They see it. And hope in the game is lost. Before it was “if I just upgrade my cards I’ll be able to climb”. Now it’s no matter what cards I upgrade or how many times you change a deck you’ll be always stumped by MM. so what’s the point. It’s not a skill based game, it’s a rigged rock paper scissor roulette.
✅FIX: 1. why can’t match per trophy level and card levels. Less of screw you over game to just play and whoever deserves to win without algorithms screwing you. 2. Even having duels as an option for ladder.
❗️NO CONTENT FOR FULLY MAXED PLAYERS/NOTHING TO DO WITH MAX GOLD: As title suggests. I won’t go too much into this as it is the minority of players plus a lot of Players have given great suggestions here in reddit, one being: https://www.reddit.com/ClashRoyale/comments/if5ilj/true_silver_true_gold_skins_for_card_collection/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
❗️WAR: - I’ll keep this short since it’s being talked to Death the last 2 week. Aside all the main obvious flaws. For me biggest issue is it isn’t fun, more chore ish. Like the old war it feels grindy and tedious but worse. There isn’t much clan interaction or strategy it’s mostly an individual ladder lacking less creativity and variety than the last (war1.0 had alternating collections+ daily unique war deck construction). - Not too sure on the fix tbh. The whole core mechanic they’ve made and already said they won’t change - Perhaps having it as a shorter event and alternating with Clan Chest ..?
❇️For QOL additions. https://www.reddit.com/ClashRoyale/comments/hzmv8f/much_needed_qol_changes_that_need_to_happen/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
❇️POTENTIAL FUNNEW FUTURE CONTENT: - weekend 2v2 global tourney. - Waves. Like BRawl stars. Each round gives more loot. - King of the hill. - Adding back prizes to private tourneys. So clans can have a way to bond /have fun. A simple rewarded fun way to play/grind the game whenever you like that doesn’t cost you but only reward you for your time you put in. - Despite its controversy even 2v2 ladder a lot of the community being asking for it as an option would be fun to experiment with just to Mix it up with something different.
Hopefully SC actually pays attention to these. So many players have quit, and understandably, from one of the many frustrating reasons above and more so loss of hope that those things will ever be fixed. This game was no.1 at one stage and the last glimmer of hope the remaining players hang on to is maybe one day they’ll fix the current issues and change. Yes war update was terrible and needs fixing, the games issues Doesn’t hinge entirely all on Clan wars, although it’s been all the talk (for good reason) it’s now just the newest additions to one of the many major flaws to the game in its day to day use that are all over due for being addressed. And for a large part a lot of these pain points don’t seem to even be in their radar let alone priority at all. Hope for the game sake they do. It has such potential. Irony is If they move such intent of forcing players to “play the game their way” and constantly spend but rather just release regular fun updates the community asks for it would actually increase their revenue by players wanting to spend to play the game, not only retaining players but generating new ones just as Coc and BS has done.
submitted by Crispycase to ClashRoyale