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I (28M) found out that my girlfriend (22F) slept with her ex

To start this off there is a lot that needs to be explained and a lot of venting to be had so potential TLDR at the end.
I’m usually a very private person and rarely seek advice/help on relationship issues like this. If someone cheats on me I’m the type of person to immediately cut them off and move on with my life. For whatever reason this is different. So much so that the stress and emotional trauma has affected my appetite immensely and I’ve been losing weight fast.
Just like a lot of couples now a days we met on Tinder. Lots of back and forth flirting about clothes and how cute we thought each other were etc. We end up going on our first date together to “match” and hit it off very well. So much so that we planned to hang out again after the first date. After the first couple of dates we start to hang out a lot more, almost everyday. The main thing that had always brought us together was that we enjoyed smoking together and the conversations and sex that we would have while high. I say this because a lot of the early parts of our relationship is hazy because of the amount we use to smoke. I am currently sober and have not smoked in days which has helped me see things a lot clearer.
I am not a perfect person and have lied about some things near the early parts of our relationship. Firstly, I lied about my age. I told her I was 26 when in actuality I am 28. She didn't find out about this until much later but didn't seem to care about the 2 year difference too much and was more concerned about me not being honest and actually liked that I was older. Second and being the most important, I hid the fact that I had a child on the way with a previous ex. Me and this previous ex ended things on good terms and agreed to co-parent. We understood the boundaries and both agreed that despite us not being good for one another that we could make it work with co-parenting. This also didn't seem to affect her because her ex (the one she ended up sleeping with) also has a kid and she was very supportive of me being honest.
I am kind of jumping around in the story so I will try my best to bring it all together but my anxiety is through the roof. We started officially dating in May of this year. Maybe 2 months in I started to notice some red flags that I decided to ignore. She has a lot of insecurity issues from past relationship trauma it seems and was very quick to blame me for doing a lot of things. For one, I introduced her to some of my close friends one of which is a female. We end up all smoking together at just a regular kick back. My female friend makes a joke and laughs and ends up touching my leg in the process which my girlfriend sees. She doesn't end up saying anything about it until we are in the car driving home. At this point she begins to accuse me of potentially having sex with my female friend which I would never do. She is strictly a friend and even has a boyfriend. We get into this big fight over it and eventually come to an agreement that I am not allowed to see this friend without her around. On top of that she needs my location at all times which I was fine with doing because 9 times out of 10 I don't go anywhere anyway (this becomes important later). She also shares her location with me. Things seem to go back to normal.
2 months go by and we are now in July. Our relationship was going good despite some little arguments here or there nothing too big. But what really bothered me was that I was not allowed to go hang out with my friends. I had also ended up blocking my female friend and not being in contact with her. Even to this day she is still blocked. I thought it was hypocritical of her to not allow me to see my friend yet she would go smoke with her male friends all the time and I was just suppose to be OK with it and even told her that I was. So one day I said fuck it I'm going to go hang out with my 2 friends regardless. I thought it was toxic of her to control who I could hang out with. I am pretty sure we got into an argument and that gave me the motivation to do it anyway despite how hard it was on her. Looking back I wish I would not have gone to hang out with them because it really did affect her a lot. Now I am not saying this justifies her actions at all but I can understand being hurt for what I did. That night she was calling me constantly and I was answering the phone every time despite currently hanging out with my friends, one of which was a male. We end up arguing that entire night and I can't recall if I went to see her that night or the next but we eventually make up. I apologized for going to see my friends and agreed to not hang out with them anymore. I lost 2 friends because I wanted our relationship to work so badly.
Fast forward another month. We are in August and her birthday is right around the corner. We were still randomly arguing, mainly about stupid stuff but I still wanted to make sure her birthday was special. I end up getting her a card, some cupcakes, 3 roses, a bottle of wine and I had rolled her a birthday jay. I made sure the mood was right, dimmed the lights, played some music etc. Everything seemed to go well. We decided to go out to smoke the jay I had rolled her. Mind you weed is not currently legal in my state only decriminalized. We go to this public gazebo pretty late at night by the water. It was actually really nice. We start to smoke and I am slightly paranoid because I don't want us to get caught so I am constantly looking around to make sure no one is coming up to us or anything. She notices me doing this and there just so happened to be a Mom and her older daughter going for a walk kind of near us. Mind you it's so dark that I can't make out who they are but I just want to be cautious of them. My girlfriend ends up assuming that I am "looking around for other bitches". We get into another argument about this because I didn't want anybody else but her but I guess she was cheated on before and the trauma was just bringing itself to the surface. We end up going home immediately and she leaves my place and goes home. We end up not talking for a couple of days and then end up reconnecting. This happens a lot over the course of our relationship.
Fast forward one more month we are now in September. At this point any argument we get into always turns into something bigger. My patience at this point started to run extremely thin and I would just remove myself from the situation just so we wouldn't argue. This time we don't talk for a week. The longest I have gone without talking to her. This ends up affecting me negatively and I need a place to vent. A friend that I use to work with ended up getting in contact with me and telling me about her life updates. Mind you I have hooked up with this co-worker before but it was never anything serious and we decided to just be friends. So I end up venting to this friend about my current relationship and whether or not it was even still a thing. We talk for a bit, I get to get stuff off of my chest and that's it. Maybe a couple of days later me and my girlfriend make up and things seem to be good again. She ends up staying the night. The next morning I am woken up by her going through my phone. The only thing she finds is a conversation between me and my old co-worker and immediately flips out. She is screaming and yelling and losing her mind. I don't live with myself, I am currently staying with my dad because he doesn't want me to move out. He hears the arguing and comes upstairs to tell her to leave. It's a complete mess and I feel horrible for even putting her through that. My dad says she's not allowed to come over anymore and bans her from the house (this is also important). Days go by like usual and she finally calls me to talk about it. We still had each others locations shared so I could always see she was at her house just like I was always at mine. During the time that we weren't talking she ends up going to talk to her ex to vent about me. Clearly this upsets me because why is it so easy to get back in contact with your ex?
After digging a little deeper she eventually tells me that she hung out with him once and went to a car meet and that was it. They didn't kiss or have sex or anything. I believe her. So I ask her if she really wants us to keep working she needs to block him. She does and things seem fine. Until one Friday while I am at her house laying in her bed she gets a phone call. She looks to see who it is and says out loud "no". I try not to think anything of it because I am not the type of person to want to go through someones phone. We continue the night like normal until she gets a knock at her door. It's her ex. The only way I figured that out was because I decided to finally be nosy and look out of the window and see him. I ask her who that was and she explains that he had invited her out to the bar that night and she told him "maybe" so he was coming to pick her up. This upsets me so much. We get into another big argument, yeah i know rinse and repeat. But we somehow make up and I forgive her.
I've already typed so much and just getting to this part is really hard so I'll sum it up. One day while we were hanging out in the city she forgot her phone in my car and asks me to look at her location to see where its at. I look and it's weird because it says its at her house but I literally saw her phone in her hands in my car before we got out. She has an iPad that she would use to share her location with me that always stayed at her house. So at that point I can't believe she hasn't been going out without me knowing. Yet somehow this still wasn't enough for me to give up on the relationship. We get into an argument, more days go by and I don't hear anything from her until one morning she calls and asks me for 100 dollars. I ask her why and she doesn't tell me. I tell her no and go back to sleep. I woke up maybe an hour later and called her back feeling bad and told her I could give it to her. She says its too late and ends up getting money from her ex....she ended up getting kicked out of her house because of an argument she had with her mom and was staying in a hotel for the day. She told me her ex said she could stay with him until she can get back up on her feet and she wasn't allowed over my place still because of the very bad argument we had in front of my dad. She begins to tell me that my help is always too little too late and I begin to tell her that there's no way you're not going to end up fucking your ex if you stay with him. She ends up staying the night with him on Thursday after we talked and I said I was trying to figure out someplace for her to stay. We end up not talking at all on Friday and so I end up calling her Saturday morning to give her an update that my dad finally agreed that she could stay. We argue at first because I wanted to know if they had touched each other or anything like that and she tells me no. We hang up and I feel bad again and call back to apologize and that's when she finally admits that they had sex on Friday night. I am completely devastated and emotionally hurt. My gut told me that something was going to happen despite her constantly reassuring me that nothing was. And now here I am at 7 in the morning not able to sleep after getting off the phone with her around 1am trying to mend this. What should I do?
TLDR: Girlfriend of 6 months ends up getting kicked out of her house because she argued with her mom. Our relationship over the course of the 6 months was rocky with a lot of arguing and emotional trauma. So much so that it caused my dad to not allow her over the house anymore. Since she had nowhere to stay she reached out to her previous ex to have a place to stay. While I was trying to figure out a place for her to stay too. She ends up fucking her ex and telling me after I had apologized for snapping at her and assuming that she would fuck him. Now here I am torn to pieces and heartbroken looking for any outlet. We ended up talking for 2 hours around 7pm trying to figure shit out still. She ends up hanging up and not talking to me or answering my calls until 1am because she was talking to her ex for another 2 hours and telling me that he wants to have her kids. My emotions are all over the place and I just need some advice.
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A Chapter on the Loneliness of a PIMI/POMO Marriage

Has someone ever held you in their arms, telling you how much they love you, but all you can feel is impenetrable loneliness? Their warm body against your own, yet you feel so far removed. It's a loneliness I didn't know could exist. A dark, deep hole with no sound or warmth. I often put together another life in mind whilst trying to fall asleep. One of a marriage where I am head over heels in love and feel heard and respected. A connection so deep and intimate it can surpass any barrier. What is that like, I wonder?
When I first confessed my doubts and my uncertain disbelief, my husband was kind and understanding. He encouraged me to research these vague doubts, even when I was clear my research needed to come from secular sources and not just Watchtower. He assumed I'd realize we indeed had the truth and that I would confirm it with a bit of digging. Instead I woke up.
He arranged numerous shepherding calls with the elders, each one worse than the last. He arranged a visit from "friends" in other congregations to help set me straight. Instead I endured conversations that would give me panic attacks and nightmares for the next year. When I begged him to stop arranging these meeting, to stop blindsiding me with visits for which I was given no time to prepare, his solution was to arrange them anyway, but give me an hours notice. Eventually, the gossip and the preliminary shunning caused me to stop going to meetings even for his sake. I was forced to "come out" to my parents before I was ready. Everything spiraled out of my control and I resent him for setting it in motion.
When I told my husband how traumatizing it had all been, he felt terrible. He cried with me. He stayed home from work with me one day when I had spent the night before having my first ever panic attack. But he never apologized, and he still eyed me suspiciously. When I pointed out the cruel words and actions of the elders, he made excuses for them and glossed over it all. He was torn between them and me. He loved me deeply, yet I was under Satanic influence according to the elders. Who could he trust? Not me. Speaking on the topic of belief became taboo. And when we did speak of it, he began to parrot the cruel reasonings of the Watchtower. That God's genocide was moral because, well, everyone was going to die sometime, so what did it matter? My suffering, the suffering of all of those reading this, didn't matter because he had only experienced good things. He told me to move on from the religion. I explained that to move on from the religion meant moving on from him. I felt, and still do, like a rock in a river; life rushing past me and I can only watch it, paralyzed.
A year has passed. The research he promised he would do isn't done. The questions and concerns I put into numerous documents for him are still without answer, and most likely, unread. When I asked him about it, he said if I made a list of non apostate videos to watch about the CSA issue, he'd start right away. He watched one video (it was part one of a two part series) out of the many that I sent and, to my knowledge, he hasn't done any other research. This was a month ago. He continues on as if the conversation never happened. I am so tired of begging my husband to believe me when I tell him something is wrong. I am asking him to do the unthinkable. Think for himself. I know he agonizes too, but for completely different reasons.
I've grown resentful. Resentful that I get his leftover time and respect. That I can't speak openly with him on anything because he makes excuses and chooses to not take me seriously. I've become sneaky. Hiding ballots and opinions and Christmas cards from him. I don't like being secretive. I'm disgusted that he chooses to side with the abusers instead of their victims. Where once I admired his innocence and loyalty, I now loathe his naivety and willful ignorance.
I live a comfortable life. He has a degree and a good job and a retirement plan. We have a nice home and no money worries. I stopped working a few years ago at his encouragement to pioneer, which I couldn't bring myself to actually commit to. I don't have a degree. Hell, I don't even have up to date references. I live in a city where I know no one and have no connections. Rent is increasing dramatically and jobs that aren't purely brute labour or require an education are scarce. My own retirement account from the few years I had a semblance of a career is laughable and currently dormant. I think about putting an exit plan in place to leave him, but I know my quality of life would drop significantly. I hate myself for it, but I can't stomach the thought of being broke and alone and without security for the future. It's a tale as old as marriage, isn't it? It's only been in recent times people marry for love. Who am I to expect more? I'd have nothing but a fantasy to daydream about. If I left him, he would be devastated. He truly thinks everything is hunky dory. I'd hate myself for hurting him. I do everything I can to make sure he is happy and taken care of. It hurts me if I think he is feeling neglected or unloved. If I left him, my parents would most likely shun me completely. I just want him to wake up. He's the only one I have. Without him I'm truly alone.
I cry sometimes falling asleep; especially after the most physically intimate moments where I feel no connection or closeness. An act I do anymore out of routine to keep him content. Sometimes he notices the tears and will ask me the next day if I want to talk about it.
"No." I'll say. You don't listen anyway. I've become a broken record stuck on the same track and even I'm tired of hearing myself.
"Is it about anything...new?"
"No." No darling, just the same trauma I've explained a million times and you've dismissed and ignored.
If I tell him I feel resentful that he doesn't take me seriously, that his continued blind loyalty and dismissal of my complaints makes me feel like he views me as a gullible moron, if I tell him I'm angry, if I tell him I feel neglected, what would actually change? I've told him it all before. Nothing has changed. Well, no, I've changed. Even re-reading all of this I feel like I've done him a disservice. I know he's a good person. I know he loves me and cares about me. After all, that's why I married him. The sheer complexity of being in this situation has so many ever changing nuances that there just aren't adequate words to describe it. Or perhaps, and more likely, I'm just not adept enough to write them.
I am hollow and lonely and sad. I got a taste of freedom from the cage only to see I am tethered to it still. I want to be happy and travel the world and experience true love and kiss under mistletoe. But the reality is...the reality is...all of it's a fantasy! Instead, I am trapped in the cage. The door is open and I see other birds flying about. I want to fly, too, but my wings have been clipped.
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