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Respect Krystal Drake, The dragon sheriff

Name: Krystal Bobbi Drake, the Red Dragon
Theme: Burn it to the Ground


Krystal came from a broken home and grew up dirt poor. Her single mother was a meth addict, which led to Krystal getting teased in school as 'Krystal Meth.' While she never excelled at school Krystal did get into the police services course at her community college and graduated. As a photogenic young woman getting a job at the police force was easy, getting taken seriously was something else entirely.
She worked in several towns, following options to improve her career and relocated several times to follow promotion opportunities. As a side effect of following her career she never really had much of a life outside her job. She had a few boyfriends she never took seriously; most of her friends were just work friends; and she always kept her home fairly Spartan so moving would be easier.
In April of 2020 she was involved in a shootout with a meta that was trying to rob a bank. The meta was able to throw fireballs from his hands and shrugged off bullets like they were BBs. When the meta threw a fireball at her head she thought she was going to die. Instead her eyes filled with fire. She saw the perp as if he was a tiny little toy of a man far below her. He kept shooting flames, the scorches healing off her brilliant scales almost as fast as he can make them. Krystal, now a massive dragon, swatted the man like a bug.
What followed was a month of paid administrative leave. Her actions were deemed appropriate considering the danger the meta presented to herself and others.
She moved to Upstate New York during the investigation, looking to further her career by running for Sheriff of a town there. During her campaign she managed to find and bust three different drug smugglers and a pedophile kidnapper. The high profile successes allowed her to win the election against a local incumbent despite her lack of advertising money.
Description: In human form she is a slender red head with red eyes. She prefers to dress like it is summer regardless of the weather, she generates heat and is always warm to the touch, as if she has a fever (40°C). She fought hard to get a dress code exemption to wear shorts year round as medical condition.
In dragon form she is 20 meters long and 5000 kg, covered in armored scales and with a head and throat large enough to swallow a grown cow.
DOB: Nov. 11th 1983
Intent: RP and stories.
Alignment: Lawful evil. Krystal is a paragon of the status quo. She is building her career and will not let petty things like ethics or naivety get in her way. She is a good cop who follows orders and puts her fellow officers and the department first. She has a reputation as a cop that other cops can trust.
Tier: Gamma


Fire breath: Creates a cone of heat from her mouth. Cone has a 60° arc and extends at Mach 0.5 for up to 20 m. Krystal's breath heats the area by 1000°C/s (characters with thermal resistance are heated proportionately slower). She is not harmed by her own heat. Can blow for 5 seconds before needing half a second to inhale.
Fire Stomach: Krystal doesn't really have internal organs in her chest, so much as a maw that opens into a dimension of fire. She no longer needs to eat, drink, or breathe, but gains nourishment from incinerating things. She can either swallow or use her fire breath to gain nourishment. The inside of her mouth/throat is fireproof, and she is not harmed by natural fire/heat.
Flight: Her flight is a meta ability; flying with only her wing flaps would be slower. She can make a 180 turn in 20 m.
Dense skull: Krystal is immune to psychic effects, attempts to read or influence her mind simply fail. Blows to the head in Dragon form hurt her as badly as a blow to the fist on a human.
Loud: Krystal is very loud in dragon form. Her speaking voice is 110 dB (about as loud as a chainsaw) and her roar is 160 dB (you can hear her over a jet airplane taking off).
Transformation: Krystal can shift between human and dragon form with a thought. Aside from a drop in durability as a human she maintains her other powers in both forms. Transformation takes 35 ms to complete.
Regeneration: Krystal can recover from a concussion in 10 seconds, and regenerate lost mass at 1 kg/s. Regeneration is proportionally weakened in human size. She regenerates burns five times as fast. This regeneration is not fast enough to affect her blunt trauma recovery times. She cannot regenerate from brain death and destroying her brain kills her.
Enhanced Physicals
  • Can see 10 times sharper than a human, and can see into the infrared and heat.
  • Can hear 10 times better than a human, and her hearing isn't clouded by loud noises. Also can hear ranges from 2 Hz to 200,000 Hz.
  • Supernatural sense of smell and taste, able to track and identify by smell.
  • Reach: 5 m for bite or claw, 10 m for wing or tail slap in dragon form.
  • Can go weeks without sleep but will need to make up for lost time. For instance if she stays awake for a month she will sleep for two weeks straight when she passes out.
Movement speed
Combat Running Flying Acceleration
100 m/s 100 m/s 200 m/s 100 m from 100 m/s, 150 m from a standstill in the air
Reactions: 10 ms.
Attack Strength/Crush Strike Cut/Slash
Claw 75 tons 3 MJ 250 KJ/mm2
Bite 200 tons --- 400 KJ/mm2
Durability Unphased Tank Stagger Knockdown Knockout Other
Force (tons) 0-5 6-30 31-60 61-200 201-300 N/A
Kinetic Energy 0-0.1 MJ 0.1-10 MJ 10-30 MJ 31-33 MJ 34-100 MJ N/A
Thermal 300 K - 700 K 280 K - 750 K 260 K - 775 K 240 K - 800 K 200 K - 810 K 25x resistance
Energy Density: 200 KJ/mm2
Does not suffer hearing loss from sonic booms/shockwaves. (Immune to tinnitus)
Proportional durability to effects not listed. Can fight all day before tiring.
Strength, striking, durability, and speed reduced by 30% when in human form.


  • Police officer for fifteen years.
  • Good driver, amateur stock car level. Follows NASCAR religiously.
  • Can sleep for a week, even if she hasn't been up for more than 12 hours.


She has access to police gear on the job, but her town doesn't have the budget for military surplus toys. She doesn't even carry her gun anymore, but does keep a pair of handcuffs on her, even when off duty.
She has made a habit of hording coins recently.


  • Her belly is a weak point. A heavy blow to the abdomen is like a punch to the chin on a normal meta.
  • Vulnerable to cold.
  • High body temperature, easily picked out with thermal imaging.


  • Was able to taste a dose of Oscillococcinum in her drink.
  • Claims she can smell a lie. She can't... Unless you lie about something she can smell on you.
  • Arrested a man after recognizing his scent from a crime scene. DNA evidence confirmed she was correct.
  • Knew a man accused of sexual assault was innocent because she could "smell the virgin on him from a mile away." DNA evidence showed he was the wrong guy.
  • Located a missing kid at a metal concert by picking out the sound of his ringtone despite the crowd cheering to the music despite the kid himself not hearing his own phone.
  • Could see if someone has a fever by the difference in body temperature.
  • Turned the ground to lava with a sustained blast of her breath weapon.
  • Crashed into the ground at full speed in dragon form after misjudging her angle. Knocked herself out.
  • Slammed into the ground and full speed in human form. Dug herself out of the ground and brushed herself off uninjured aside from her pride.
  • Was thrown into space twice without suffering ill effects.
  • A speedster dodged her bite by diving into her mouth. She cooked him with her breath weapon and swallowed. Was treated as suicide by cop.
  • While in human form she was fighting a meta brick who was resisting arrest. When he physically overpowered her she blew fire into his face. He stopped resisting after that.
  • Before becoming a meta she shot at thirteen year old kid who pointed an airsoft replica gun at her. She missed. He dropped the gun and stumbled back. She detained him and warned him that he nearly got himself killed by being a dumb ass.
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