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We believe customer experience is the key factor for our success which makes us one of the Best Smartphone service center in Coimbatore. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Lenovo Vantage. It's possible the OneKey (small button next to Power button) which Lenovo offers to boot Recovery, access a Boot menu or other tools, has become corrupted or lost it's link to boot Recovery. Wow skins s patch https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=9903. For example, Lenovo OneKey Recovery, a backup and recovery feature to store the system and the OneKey Recovery system program files, and it has been already built in a hidden partition from the factory. The hardware and maintenance manual for the unit does not contain any info on this.

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As Lenovo capitalizes on synergies between its Data Center Group and Intelligent Devices Group, its bullish goal of market-share dominance. The Lenovo EMEA Enterprise Briefing Center provides an interactive environment for discussions with customers and key industry partners. Of course, the unit that no longer works is the one I purchased for s society that I belong to. I see this problem listed in many places and tried some of the fixes recommended, does not work.


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Lenovo Solution Center discontinued support after /4, kindly use the "Lenovo Diagnostics Windows version" or the "Lenovo Diagnostics Linux Bootable version" to do the diagnose on your PC. Take your first practice exam free! Data Center Solution Configurator (DCSC) ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile and System x Configurator. For over 20 years CyberLink has been leading multimedia innovation. Usually you would hold the fn key. Lenovo Solution Center is a program developed by Lenovo.


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With BlueStacks, it is possible to play Last Day on Earth: Survival in your local language. Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio 23.06 IObit Driver Booster 8.1 Iobit Software Updater 3.4 Iobit Software Updater 3.3 IObit Advanced Systemcare 14 PC Services Optimizer Pro. This method is based-on that you have made a backup of the system before either with Lenovo OneKey Recovery or with AOMEI OneKey Recovery. The Lenovo in question is a Y50-70 probably 2-3 years old. Just CTRL+Shift+L to use the Real-Time Translation feature and instantly translate the game in a language of your choice. About Lenovo OneKey Recovery in Windows 10. Lenovo OneKey Recovery is one key recovery software snap in Lenovo products, including desktop, laptop, notebook, notepad, etc.


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Lenovo EasyCamera - 8.2MB - Freeware - more info. You can identify the edition on COA sticker attached to your machine, with at bottom or battery compartment (laptop) or top/side if its a desktop computer. HP is going after IBM's "uncertain" x86 server future, offering a free half-day consulting session to qualified customers as IBM moves to finalize the sale of its x86 server business to Lenovo. Read more Support Tips in the Lenovo Companion App. Lenovo ID Sign In +1. Phone number required. Lenovo Companion is filled with exclusive content to help you learn about your new device.

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My current home network / ict setup - where to improve / change / adapt .... ?

Hi all,
I've made a very detailed overview of my Home Network / IT Setup
Maybe a little to much detail and very long (thanks in advance for reading)
How everything is setup, which services i use, which subscriptions within these services.
If you have recommendations about what to change/upgrade/replace, where to save money, which services/subscriptions to swap for others, please let me know
Hopefully this will be also some sort of guideline for others.

Here Goes (beginning with the internet coming into the house):

Network setup

Standard ISP modem/wifi-router combo

I disabled all wifi settings and setup 1 port as dmz DynDNS (Dynamic DNS Pro Renewal (2 years))
having an issue here, whenever there is a poweroutage, the router doesn't auto update the public ip to dyndns

My own router

Unifi USG-3P
static ip ( connected to the dmz port of the ISP modem/wifi-router

24 port switch

Unifi US-24-G1
disabled dhcp leases and pointed my dns to my raspberry PI

3 AP

Unifi UAP-AC-Pro
all 3 has static Ip addresses floor) floor)
all 3 directly connected to the switch: ground floor / first floor / garden shed(otherwise we don't have wifi outside the house)

8 port switch

Unifi US-8
to split the wired network in the living room

Raspberry PI 1

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) armv7l
static ip (
that handles the dhcp leases and DNS (for filtering) custom subnet ( dhcp range (
Unifi Controller no cloud key
openvpn so i can connect from outside my house to my own network (when I connect my mobile devies with my vpn I get all the dns filtering, so no more adds when opening apps/playing mobile games)
DYNDNS required for this

Raspberry PI 2

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) armv7l
static ip (
I have a doorbell with camera, but it only records when someone presses the bell button. With zoneminder i can put motion detection over the constant video stream and record whenever there is movement, it also sends me a picture through eiter e-mail or telegram. This allows me to also peek outside (which is also not a standard option with this doorbell) need to reinstall this PI, I think i made a mistake with the settings and i am unable to get into my pi (probably no more storage left)
since i need to reinstall, i am looking for a better option then zoneminder

Here is an overview so far of my network devices mentioned above

device ip (192.168.18.xxx)
router 254
switch 24p
switch 8p
pi 1 (DNS/openVPN) 253
pi 2 252
AP 1 251
AP 2 250
AP 3 249

Here is an overview so far of my subscriptions mentioned above

subscription level Price calculated to €/year - (my price/x years)
Internet Down:100Mbps / Up:5Mbps 840€ / year - (70€ / month)
DynDNS Dynamic DNS Pro Renewal (2 years) 41.94€ / year - (83.87€ / 2 years)
openVPN self hosted
TOTAL 881.94€ / year - ( 73.50€ / month)


NAS (6-bay)

Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Plus Upgraded to ReadynasOS 6.x
static ip ( - 2 network interfaces in Bond
RAID 5 setup - total of 15.44 TB
disk model storage
Primarily bought for long storage of files/pictures - now it is more used as media center storage (switched my file/picture storage to the cloud (google drive))


Google Drive - this syncs my Google Drive to my NAS
for the above apps I have a usenet subscription
speed: 300 Mbps connections: 20 retention: 4467 days

Nvidia shield tv

pre 2019 models
2 of them (for living room and master bedroom)
dynamic IP - WIRED


Kodi - playing media from my NAS Casting - from mobile devices Spotify Netflix youtube (for the kids)
nothing else special installed


dynamic IP - WIRED
this came with my google Stadia founders edition for playing stadia games on my TV
Stadia pro subscription

Google Nest

Hub (kitchen)
dynamic ip - WIFI
google assistant spotify kitchen stuff
mini (bathroom)
dynamic ip - wifi
google assistant spotify

Sonos speaker

Sonos One for music outside mounted in the lounge wifi - dynamic

Philips Hue bridge

does this one need explenation ? dynamic ip - WIFI

Computers / tablets / Phones / consoles

note: when i say used by my kids (i have 3 of them, so ....)
old tablet form the kids (not used anymore)
old iphone (for some mobile games for the kids)
and to call us over wifi, when they stay home alone (for short periods of time)
older PS3
remodeling the attic to a kdis cave - where this will be connected wired - dynamic ip
windows 10 My older gaming rig - now used by my kids
fixed ip (100) - WIRED
HP Printer
Officejet pro 8600 wireless - Fixed enables printing form within the house (with the openvpn i can print stuff from remote
used by my kids
dynamic ip - wifi
Will replace this one, because it was a cheap one and it isn't very performant probably will replace it with a normal laptop - thinking of a lenove yoga
Laptop - Lenovo yoga 13inch
windows 10 wife's laptop
dynamic ip - wifi
smartphone - Mi note 10 lite
wife's phone
16 GB data plan (included in the internet subscription)

MY laptop - DELL


apps worth nentioning

Vivaldi - browser
used to use brave
Joplin - note taking (syncing to local storage (synced google drive folder))
however, here is no google drive sync option on my android phone so i will use a free ondedrive account to sync the notes - until google drive is supported
INsync (only paid software on linux (lifetime one payment)) vsCode Virtual Box
windows 10 VM Mac OSX VM
Tilix - terminal NordVPN
comes with smartDNS - but i don't really use this
Nordpass - password manager Gsuite account (now google workspace) always had my own domain, so in order to keep this and use the google environment I subscribed to gsuite 2 seat (me and my wife) extra google drive storage however i am near running out of storage so i will need to get an extra subscription **again
I used to have webhosting (because before i subscribed to google I self hosted my email / cloud storage (ftp) ..... ) I am not sure if I still need this one now that i switched to gsuite)

MY phone - ONEPlus

model: 7
unlimited Data - included in my work subscription
OpenVPN - to connect to home and get my DNS filtering through pihole
I use this when i am on a wifi that i thrust (like a friends house or work)
NordVPN - for extra vpn tunnel when i am on a free wifi that i don't thrust
like a free wifi of a hotel / bar / ....

Home automation system

I have a home automation system 1 touch screen - wired - dynamic ip 1 mini touch screen - wifi - dynamic ip 1 doorbell - wired - dynamic ip heating system - wired - dynamic ip planning to expand this further with API calls (maye using my 2nd PI for this)

To be added in the future

nintendo switch - probably wired - dynamic ip Looking for a third streaming box
going to remodel the attic for a kids cave tought of placing the pre 2019 model nvidia shield there and buy an update one for downstairs - or maybe the new google tv box

Here is an overview so far of my network devices mentioned above

device ip (192.168.18.xxx)
router 254
switch 24p
switch 8p
pi 1 253
pi 2 252
AP 1 251
AP 2 250
AP 3 249
NAS 10
Nvidia shield 1 ?
Nvidia shield 2 ?
ChromeCast Utra ?
Google nest hub ?
Google nest mini ?
Sonos one ?
Philips Hue Bridge ?
PS3 ?
old iphone ?
Desktop 100
printer 50
Chromebook ?
laptop - yoga ?
laptop- DELL ?
smartphone 1 ?
smartphone 2 ?
home automation main module ?
home automation touch screen ?
home automation mini touch screen ?
home automation doorbell ?
heating system ?

Here is an overview so far of my subscriptions mentioned above

subscription level Price calculated to €/year - (my price/x years)
Internet Down:100Mbps / Up:5Mbps 840€ / year - (70€ / month)
DynDNS Dynamic DNS Pro Renewal (2 years) 41.94€ / year - (83.87€ / 2 years)
openVPN self hosted
Usenet subscription 84€ / year - (7€ / month)
Spotify Premium Family 64€ / year - (5.33€ / month)
Netflix Premium 96€ / year - (8€ / month)
Stadia PRO 120€ / year - (10€ / month)
NordVPN 2-year plan 37.83€ / year - (75.65€ / 2years)
NordPass 2-year plan 15.24€ / year - (30.40€ / 2years)
Gsuite basic - 2 seats 125.28€ / year - (10.44€ / month)
google drive extra storage 100GB 19.99€/year - (19.99 / year)
webhosting small 20.33€ / year
TOTAL 1464.61€ / year - 122.05€ / month
** NOTES: I am running low on space in my google drive - so I will need to upgrade my subscription (unless there is something else that is better)
taking in account that the total ammount i spend on services/subscriptions is 122.05€ / month (but my general internet is all ready at 70€ / month)
the extra services comes at a total of 52.05€ / month (including streaming services like netflix and spotify) $~$
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Little But Powerfull Homelab - 4 Lenovo m910q's

Little But Powerfull Homelab - 4 Lenovo m910q's
After seeing everyone post theirs, i felt like it was finally time to post mine.... The deal was my fiance can decorate the room, as long as the lab stays near my workstation.
I've spend my fair share of time ebay watching to get these. It's taking a lot longer to find them now that people know they are great little machines and Lenovo moved to the m920q SKU now. I haven't paid over 400$ for one of these yet, I've been extremely lucky to snag ones with great hardware already in them and still have active warranties! I urgently need a NAS... using local storage on the machines has hindered me greatly and is not easy. I have a spare 2011-v3 board with Xeon CPU and ram laying around, just need to get a case and a HBA card to build a FreeNAS box out of. (Hoping Unraid adds native iSCSI soon though...).
Most of the m910q's have ESXi installed on a HDD or SSD, ( i know, not best practice. BUT i didn't have to spend more money on cheap USB's and i had no use for the drives inside of them in the beginning). But.. now that I have 3/4, i have enough for a hybrid vSAN environment but i need to get a 2nd NIC for vSAN kernal to live on. I'm trying to score some m920q's for their PCIe Slot and add in a tiny 10GB SFP card and try it on them. I didn't want to use USB nic's on the m910q's but, hey! its a lab... it might be worth a shot!
Lab has gotten me through a lot... Its taught me Linux, Windows Servers, a VMware VCP-DCV, SCCM. If i go on a interview and they ask for a interesting fact or something, i usually end up speaking about my homelab and how its taught me that having a good test environment is always a good thing etc... It usually takes them by complete surprise that someone actually does this outside of work for fun to learn! One of these days, I'm going to do a draw.io of the network and everything.
The Lab hosts pretty much the same thing everyone else's hosts
  • Linux Servers
    • Guacamole | NextCloud | BitWarden | Grafana-Influx | Invoice Ninja | Minecraft Server | Ombi | OpenVPN (need to finish config) | PiHole | Tautulli | Local Test Wordpress install | vCenter | Cachet
  • Windows Servers
    • Certificate Authority | 2 Domain Controllers |Advanced Threat Analytics |System Center Configuration Manager | Wyse Management Suite (For Thin Clients)
  • Horizons Environment
    • UAG | Composer | Connection Server | SQL Server | Client Gold Image | Linked Clones
Lab consists of -
  • 4 m910q
    • Normal HomeLab
      • m910q-blade1 (ESXi 6.7U2) = CPU - i7-7700 @ 2.90GHz | 32GB RAM | 512GB HDD
      • m910q-blade2 (ESXi6.7U2) = CPU - i5-6500 @ 2.70GHz | 16GB RAM | 250GB SSD
      • m910q-blade3 (ESXI6.7U2) = CPU - i7-7700 @ 2.90GHz | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD
    • VMware Horizons Lab
      • m910q-hzn1 (ESXI 6.7U3) = CPU - i7-7700 @ 2.90GHz | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD
    • Cisco 2960-CG 10 Port (10 Ethernet or 8 Ethernet + 2 SFP) 1GB Switch
  • Unifi Cloud Key Gen1
  • UniFi Switch 8 POE-60W
Lab items not in Picture
  • Unifi AP-AC-Lite (getting long in the tooth, going to need a replacement AP in the future. First lab purchase back in 2015!)
  • Unifi Security Gateway 3P
  • APC 1350VA Sinewave UPS Backup
  • Dell x1026 24 Port Switch
    • Not currently using this, it has a weird problem where the trunk stays up, but all the actual switch ports flap up and down. Havent been able to figure out why. Its a awesome little switch though!
  • 2 Dell Wyse 3040 Atom x5 thin clients for use with the horizons lab (snagged the first 1 for 40$ on ebay, 2nd one was 40$. Still not bad, both had warranties.)

Little but Powerful m910q Lab
submitted by SubbiesForLife to homelab