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Animal Punk Hazard's Dragons; the artificial dragons encountered and defeated by the Straw Hats at Punk Hazard. VoyForums Announcement: Programming and providing support for this service has been a labor of love since 1997. To get an article, image or subcategory to show up here, append [[Category: Jewel Vendor]] to the bottom of the article, image or subcategory page. This substance is ordinarily a deva, a holy messenger who goes about as a delegate to the human world.


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List of 5e DnD Tomes Mentioned inside DnD Books

[This was originally posted here: https://old.reddit.com/dndnext/comments/iletds/list_of_5e_tomes_mentioned_in_other_books/]
Disclaimer: I have no doubt missed things. If you know of a book, diary, journal, or grimoire I have missed, please don't hesitate to tell me so I can add it to the list.

Official "in-game" Magical Books:

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden:
The Codicil of White [Gives resistance to cold damage, contains a way of learning the Frost Fingers spell, and contains a poem (Incantation) that is capable of splitting glaciers apart.]
Acquisitions Incorporated:
Elder Cartographer's Glossography (Page 20, Elder Cartographer's Glossography) [Requires Rank 4 in Cartographer]
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount:
Grimoire Infinitus (Page 271)
Player's Hanbook:
Book of Shadows (Page 108, Warlock, Pact of the Tome)
Blank Book (Page 160, Trinket #30) [Can't write inside of it]
Monster Manual:
The Book of Vile Darkness (Page 51, Bound Demons) [More information can be found in the DMG on page 222]
The Black Scrolls of Ahm (Page 51, Bound Demons) [Only book out of the 3 not to be detailed as a magic item?]
The Demonomicon of Iggwilv (Page 51, Bound Demons) [More information is most likely in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, but this is unconfirmed]
Manuals of Golem Creation (Page 166, Golems) [Details of these books are split between the MM and the DMG, with the DMG holding the mechanical abilities of the magic items themselves]
Book of Keeping (Page 311, Spawn of Gehenna) [4 tomes were created. I'm assuming they're magical because of the powerful hags that created them, although this is only a guess on my part.]
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes:
Small notebook that causes anything written in it to disappear after 1 hour (Page 63, Elven Trinkets #1)
Other things of note: If you enter a library where the pages of every book are blank, run. You're about to be eaten by a Balhannoth. (Page 118, Lair Actions)
Out of the Abyss:
Underland Magick, Spellbook authored by Lesla Carrowil (Page 114, Treasure) [Spellbooks Immune to acid damage]
Magick from Beyond the Mirror, Spellbook authored by Lesla Carrowil (Page 114, Treasure) [Spellbooks Immune to acid damage]
Waterdeep Dragon Heist:
Chronicle of Gralhund Family (Page 53, Family Library) [Can summon 3 specters. Written in Common]
Red Grimoire (Page 123 and 124, Ammalia's Private Study) [Book is magical. Requires spilled blood to read. Contains a special ritual version of the Commune Spell to speak with Asmodeus.] Requires Unholy Water. whatever the hell that is. If anybody knows how to make it, let me know.
Eberron Rising from the Last War:
Eberron Book "Disclaimer" (Page 2, "Disclaimer") [This must be recharged once a week with a dragonshard or it turns back into a potato.]
A small Journal (Page 136, Trinkets from Khyber, Trinket #4) [Anything written inside it disappears.]
Spellshard (Page 279)
Dungeon Master's Guide:
Manual of Bodily Health (Page 180)
Manual of Gainful Exercise (Page 180)
Manual of Clay Golems (Page 180)
Manual of Flesh Golems (Page 180)
Manual of Iron Golems (Page 180)
Manual of Stone Golems (Page 180)
Manual of Quickness of Action (Page 181)
Tome of Clear Thought (Page 208)
Tome of Leadership and Influence (Page 208)
Tome of the Stilled Tongue (Page 208)
Tome of Understanding (Page 209)
Book of Exalted Deeds (Page 222)
Book of Vile Darkness (Page 222)
Other things of note: A falling bookcase does 1d10 damage. Page 249.
Books, Scrolls, and Tomes. d100 options for you to roll on. Page 301.
Curse of Strahd:
Evil Spellbook that's falling apart (Page 72, Treasure) [Deal 1d10 psychic damage per turn to someone in possession of it.]
Little Black Book that Records your dreams when you sleep (Page 210, Trinket, 33-34)
Xanathar's Guide to Everything:
Enduring Spellbook (Page 137) [immune to fire, age, and waterproof]
Other things of note: Spellbooks don't have to a book. Could also be stones in a bag. Page 58, Spellbooks.

Official "in-game" Non-magical books:

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything:
Netherese Ghost Stories (Maybe included in TCoE, but this is so far unconfirmed.) [10 minutes of reading grants advantage on a single History Check related to the subject of the book. Nightmares are a side effect. DC 13 Wis save to successfully complete your next long rest.]
Acquisitions Incorporated:
Habits of Effective Adventuring Parties (Page 21, Decisionist)
I don't Care If the Rogue Stole Your Coins, We have a Job to Do (Page 21, Decisionist)
Can't-Miss Principles of Franchise Reinvisionary Strategery (Page 38, "How-to" book)
What to Inquire about How to Acquire (Page 38, "How-to" book)
Gambling with the Gods (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
Plowshares into Swords (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
The Poetry of Flumphism (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
Monsters are People Too (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
Oracles of the Future (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
The Sociable Hermit (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
The Enigma of Air (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
The Compendium of Limitless Space (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
The Organic Sung and Moon Cookbook (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
Life is Endless Calamities, What Are You Going to Do About it? (Page 61, Ancient Tomes)
A Layperson's Book of Common Knowledge (Page 121, Oppal's Info) [Is a false tome. Not a real book.]
Guidebook to famous Chultan day spas (none of which exist) (Page 145, Dagra's List)
Great Dwarven Halls (Page 151, Unfashionably Late)
Twenty Ways to Gain your Lover (Page 190, Approaching the Nest)
Crazy Little Thing called Love (Page 190, Approaching the Nest)
What is Romance? (Page 190, Approaching the Nest)
Men are from Abeir, Women are from Toril (Page 190, Approaching the Nest)
Recipe book for cooking with mushrooms (Page 222, Appendix E: Trinkets #25)
A book of adventures for children (Page 223, Appendix E: Trinkets #41)
Conversational Giant (Page 223, Appendix E: Trinkets #72)
A User's Manual for an Apparatus of Kwalish (Page 223, Appendix E: Trinkets #73)
A small book containing pressed and dried botanical samples (Page 223, Appendix E: Trinkets #87)
Other things of Note: Candlekeep, page 177, mentions how a book could lead to a pocket dimention, or conjure a monster, ect.
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount:
Taryon Darrington is mentioned to have created several books on page 83, but "The Daring Trials and Tribulations of Sir Taryon Darrington" is never specified.
Adventure Sexy: Impress Potential Lovers with Great Deeds, by Scanlan Shorthalt (Page 243, Bertron's Yurt)
Fabled Mutants of the Miskath Strand (Page 259, V3. Commander's Quarters) [Book is about "Eastern Wynandir mythology" and is worth 10 gp]
Hoard of the Dragon Queen:
Beyond the Gates (Page 80, Treasure) [Written in Infernal, it describes forms of devil summoning, and how to bring Tiamat into the world. Is a series of volumes.]
Other things of Note: Dragon Scholar on page 87 lets a character know the location of dragon books on a failed int check about dragons.
Player's Handbook:
Spellbook (Page 114, Your Spellbook)
Prayer Book (Page 127, Acolyte Background)
A nondescript book of Lore is an a Scholar's Pack.
A diary written in an language you don't know (Page 160, Trinket #4)
Book discussing manners and etiquette with a four-leaf clover pressed inside (Page 161, #76)
A diary with 7 missing pages (Page 161, Trinket #85)
A book that tells the story of a legendary hero, last chapter missing (Page 161, Trinket # 88)
Ritual Book (Page 169, Ritual Caster)
Other things of Note: Page 150 lists Adventuring Gear. A Book can cost 25 gp and weigh 5 pounds. Only thing I can think to justify this is that an "Adventure's Book" stronger than your average book, yet a Spellbook with 100 pages only weighs 3 pounds?
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes:
Journal of Garral Longseer, once of Candlekeep (Page 81, A Psionic Awakening)
Book of Fire (Page 171, Bael) [A book penned by his worshipers, in which the book claims he revealed the invisibility spell to the world. The majority of magic scholars hotly refute such claims.]
Other things of note: If you enter a library where the pages of every book are blank, run. You're about to be eaten by a Balhannoth. (Page 118, Lair Actions)
Out of the Abyss:
The Mad Scribblings of Narrak and his fellow derro servants (Page 79, Treasure) [These are rituals, so technically they could be copied into a book as one, right?]
Book of Drow Poetry (Page 173, Treasure) [Worth 100 gp]
5 unspecified books, each worth 1000 gp (Page 207, Treasure)
Zhaun'ol'leal ("The Book of the Eight" in Elvish) (Page 207, Treasure) [Also called "Gromph's Grimoire"]
Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide:
Tome of Universal Harmony, Most holy book of the Deneir faith (Page 28, Deneir)
Fifty Years at Sea, Volume the Third, by Gardorra Burr, a gnome sailor (Page 66, Island Kingdoms) [There's 3 different volumes by this author.]
Other things of note: Book prices are listed on page 77 if you want to know how much a book costs to create or have copied.
The Clan Crafter background, page 146, starts you off with a borrowed book on the subject of your current studdy.
The Faction Agent backgroun, page 147, gives you a copy of a seminal faction text of a code-book for a covert faction.
The Inheritance background, page 151, gives you the option of having an arcane book of formulary as your inheritance.
Storm King's Thunder:
Zephyro's giant sized spellbook (Page 34, Treasure) [weighs over 250 pounds]
Zephyro's Research Journal (Page 34, Treasure) [There are over 500 books in his collection. Each book weighs 100 pounds and is worth 250 gp]
Cressaro's books (Page 193, Castellan's Quarters & Treasure) [Each book weighs 100 pounds ans is worth 500 gp)
Sansuri's 6 tomes (Page 196, Library) [Each of the books are 5 feet tall, 4 feet wide, 1 inch thick, and weigh 150 pounds]
Sansuri's 4 Historical Texts (Page 196, Treasure) [Each one weighs 50 pounds and is worth 500 gp]
Sansuri's Spellbook (Page 196, Treasure) [5ft tall, 4ft wide, 2 inch thick. Weighs 250 pounds. Has 60 ten gp gemstones on the cover. It also contains a version of the Simulacrum spell called: Sansuri's Simulacrum. It requires diamond powder worth 5000 gp as an additional material component.]
5 rocks that work like a single page from a spell book (Page 212, Treasure) [Each rock weighs 600 pounds.]
Tomb of Annihilation:
Volo's Guide to Monsters (Page 24, Volothamp "Volo" Geddarm) [50 gp for a durable hardcover edition)
Devlin's Journal (Page 140, Devlin's Journal)
Withers's Journals (Page 145, Journals)
Eight-Ling Nursery Rhyme by Sewn Sisters (Page 184, Trial of the Octogon) [8 page leather bound book. Written in Infernal]
Historical Text (Page 188, Treasure) [200 available. Each one worth 50 gp.Tomes of Arcane Lore (Page 188, Treasure) [60 available. 100 gp each.]
X the Mystic's Arcane Grimoire (Page 188, Treasure)
Tomb of Annihilation:
Other things of note: Spellbook pages flying by magic are mentioned on page 181.
Tales from the Yawning Portal:
(in Draconic) Treasures of the Fire Lords (Page 29, Belak's Study)
Volo's Guide to Monsters:
Journal of Yeenoghu Cultist (Page 33, Inside the Mind of a Gnoll)
One Hundred Years of War, a famous manual of dwarven battle tactics (Page 35, On Defeating Gnolls)
Journal of Lum the Mad (Page 45, Froghemoth)
Hag Dusty Tome (Page 62, Hag Objects, Object #9)
Other things of Note: Volo's Guide to Monsters is an actual book in the in-game universe according to Tomb of Annihilation on page 24 and Waterdeep Dragon Heist on page 5.
Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica:
Scroll containing text of a law (Page 33, Background: Azorius Functionary)
Book of Research (Page 93, Simic Scientist)
Waterdeep Dragon Heist:
Volo's Guide to Spirits and Specters (Page 22, Meeting Volo) [The book is still being written]
The Rise and Fall of Hellgate Keep (Page 120, Reading Room)
Flumph Mating Rituals (Page 150, Musty Library) [Disguise spellbook]
The Man from Damara (Page 156, Duhlark's Bedroom) [False book that's really a wooden block.]
Book of Dwarvish phrases (Page 157, Teleportation Circle) [A character who doesn't speak Dwarvish can use the book to communicate on a rudimentary level with friendly dwarves]
Rare books interesting to wizards (Page 159, Library) [10 total. Each worth 50 gp. Entire collection is worth 5000 gp]
Volo's Guide to Waterdeep (Page 164, Volo's Waterdeep Enchiridion)
Volo's Guide to the City of the Dead (Page 179, City of the Dead) [Never written. Book doesn't exist.]
Eberron Rising from the Last War:
Aundairian Scroll (Page 92, Newspaper)
Breland Ledger (Page 92, Newspaper)
Sharn Inquisitive (Page 92, Newspaper)
Book of Poetry written by undead elves (Page 134, Trinkets From Aerenal, Trinket # 8)
Feersom Beests of Zendrik (Page 140, Trinkets from Zen'Drik, Trinket #7)
The Machine Manifesto (Page 237, Mysterious Passengers, 05-06)
Curse of Strahd:
Hymns to the Dawn (Page 46, Office) [a volume of chants to the Morninglord]
The Blade of Truth: The Uses of Logic in the War Against Diabolist Heresies, as Fought by the Ulmist Inquisition (Page 46, Office) [A strange book that mixes logic exercises with lurid descriptions of fiend-worshiping cults.]
Strahd's collection of books, over one thousand unique tomes in all. (Page 66, Study) [Worth 80,000 gp]
Embalming: The Lost Art (Page 70, Lounge)
Life Among the Undead: Learning to Cope (Page 70, Lounge)
Castle Building 101 (Page 70, Lounge)
Goats of the Balinok Mountains (Page 70, Lounge)
Rictavio's Journal (Page 101, Private Guest Room)
Prayer book (worth 50 gp) (Page 116, Treasure)
The Oath Celestial (Page 140, Argynvost's Study)
Journal of Argynvost (Page 140, Journal Page) [Journal destroyed. Few pages remain.)
Journal of van Richten (Page 169)
The Incants of Exethanter (Page 189, Treasure) [Spellbook]
Snow Dwarf and the Seven Wights, by Nitch Rackmay (Page 195, Treasure, Pile 6)
Tome of Strahd (Page 221)
Ghosts of Saltmarsh:
The Magical Properties of Gemstones, by the archmage Tenser (Page 40, Library) [Worth 7gp]
The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers, by the archmage Tenser (Page 40, Library) [Worth 7gp]
The Metaphysics of Mathematics, by the mage Nystul (Page 40, Library) [Worth 7gp]
Volume of erotic poetry, fully illustrated (Page 46, Sanbalet's Private Quarters) [Sanbalet's unnamed book. Worth 10 gp.]
Naval Almanac lsting tide times for the area of coast around Saltmarsh for one hundred miles of coastline (Page 46, Sanbalet's Private Quarters) [Sanbalet's unnamed book. Worth 10 gp.]
A Treatise concerning the demigod Iuz and its minions (Page 46, Sanbalet's Private Quarters) [Sanbalet's unnamed book. Worth 10 gp.]
Ye Secret of Ye Philosopher's Stone, no author acknowledged (Page 48, Laboratory) [Written in Common. Worth 50 gp to the right buyer.]
Grog Hovels (Page 57, Crew Quarters) [Describes taverns and inns along the coastline suitable for patronage by a pirate]
Principles of Navigation, by Da Korma (Page 58, First Mate's Cabin) [Worth 10 gp]
Legal Dinstinctions in Letters of Marque, by Tazaar (Page 58, First Mate's Cabin) [Worth 10 gp]
Power Politics, by Abel Mackie (Page 79, Minister's Quarters) [Written in Common. Worth 5 gp.]
The Politics of Power, by Lucia Domici (Page 80, Minister's Sleeping Quarters.) [Worth 5 gp.]
The Triumph of Diplomacy, by Tyrons Scroot (Page 80, Minister's Sleeping Quarters.) [Worth 5 gp.]
The Occult Properties of Gemstones, by Archmage Tenser (Page 80, Minister's Sleeping Quarters.) [Worth 10 gp.]
A Lizard Language and Common Tongue Grammar, unknown author described as druid (Page 80, Minister's Sleeping Quarters.) [This book can be used to learn the Draconic Language during downtime. Worth 10 gp.]
The Nature of the Sahuagin, by Professor Gaxm (Page 80, Minister's Sleeping Quarters.) [Worth 15 gp.]
Journal of Archais (Page 154, Upper Levels and Cellar. Page 158, The Wreck)
Tharizdun Prayer Book (Page 178, Dory's Chamber) [Written in a combination of Abyssal and Infernal.]
St. Cuthbert and Common Sense (Page 220, Missionary Cargo)
Procan book of hymns (Page 224, Page W3. Ruined Buildings, Ruin Objects, Object #5)
Lost Mine of Phandelver:
Bowgentle's Spellbook (Page 18, Shrine of Luck. Page 29 Agatha's Lair)
Urmon's Journal (Page 25, Wizard's Workshop) [Written in Dwarvish.]
Mythic Odysseys of Theros:
The Cosmogony (Page 35) [a poem by an unnamed Meletian sage that includes several (sometimes conflicting) tales of the creation of the world and beyond.]
The Origin of Monsters (Page 35) [notable as an attempt to find commonality in a number of different tales about the birth of dragons. It also describes how Pharika hid secrets in the blood of basilisks, how the spirits of great warriors are reincarnated in the form of manticores, and dozens of other tales.]
The Theriad (Epic Poem) (Page 35) [describes the exploits of various champions of Heliod, all of whom are simply called "the Champion," as if they were a single individual. Because the identities of the heroes aren't mentioned, the tales have more to say about the character of Heliod than about any champion's mortal deeds.]
The Callapheia (Page 35) [ is about the exploits of a single mortal hero, Callaphe the Mariner, who snuck into Mount Velus and stole Purphoros's tears, hid behind Phenax and wrote down his secrets, and raced Thassa at the edge of the world before sailing into Nyx. Also serves as something of a gazetteer of Theros, describing its various lands and their inhabitants, at least as they existed some centuries ago.]
Meletis's Sacred scroll of architectural knowledge (Page 40)
Meletis's Sacred scrolls of collected knowledge (Page 41)
Book of recorded predictions (Page 142, Oracular Conflux Adventures, Adventure Goal #10)
Khea's scrolls (Page 186)
Handwritten scrolls from founders of Meletis' philosophical schools (Page 195, Remarkable Origins #4)

Book List for Tomes in Candlekeep

Other things of note:
Monsters that can hide in books:
Allip (MToF, Page 115) ["Insidious Lore" allows this cursed knowledge to turn any creature that reads it into an Allip. Once a new book containing this secret has been made the Allip disapears, but original book that created it remains. It is also more than likely that the creator of this new book is unaware that this cursed information is now inside it. This means that these cursed texts are self-replicating. Where there's one more book in library, there's probably dozens more.]
Swarm of Books (Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Page 156) (Creature. Made of 30 books) (Duhlark's Private Library) [Not a construct? Which means these books are living creatures that can probably bleed. Weird.]
Paper Bird (Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Page 191) [This magic item turns into an origami bird construct when activated that can only be unfolded by the intended recipient. A book full of this paper would be worth a lot of money.]
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I really dont understand planes.

I just dont get them. Is there something that gives just a brief explanation of them? I read the DMG's section on them and only ended up more confused. I dont even know how many planes there are. Where is the feywild? It isnt a demiplane, transition plane, elemental plane, or outer plane. Are there inner planes? Where are the Nine Hells? What are they? Whats in them? Im specifically interested in the hells as a PC is connected to the top layer, but I dont understand any of them accept material.
If it helps, here are my notes on the planes that I have found/gathered.
Material Plane - Ibestia (name of my world). The default plane.
Ethereal Plane - Transition Plane. Foggy, misty plane. Connects to all other planes.
Astral Plane - Transition Plane. Realm of thought and dream. Where souls go between life and afterlife. Mostly inky black ocean, with occasional white and gray swirls like distant stars.
Elemental Planes - The four inner planes, each representing an element. Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. In their planes, elements exist in their purest forms. Great expanses of solid earth, blazing infernos, crystal clear water, perfectly clean air. These four planes are within reach of each other, and in the spot where these four planes meet, there is unending chaos as the pure elements clash, creating the Elemental Chaos.
Outer Planes - The upper planes give shelter to more good creatures, like celestials, and the lower planes shelter more evil creatures, such as fiends. A creature that enters a plane not matching their alignment feels very out of place and uncomfortable.
Demiplanes - Demiplanes are small planes that do not follow normal rules. They can be created by powerful beings, or even by certain spells. A demiplane can appear any way, designated by the creator.
Edit; 5e, homebrew world. I guess the planes are whatever the "default" is because I havent messed with it? Edit again; it's been like an hour and there are already so many comments and it's helped so much, thank you everyone!
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