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On the night of April 2, 1999, Jamie Mayberry leaves home with a stranger and never comes back. Investigators suspect that they were the victim of a hate crime, but their body has never been found. Where is Jamie?

[Note: It is unclear how Jamie identified themselves. Some articles refer to them as a gay man who enjoyed cross-dressing. At least one article states that they were transgender, but their family and friends continue to use he/him pronouns as recently as 2019. Out of respect, I am using third-person pronouns to refer to Jamie until more information comes along that can clarify this.]
Jamie Mayberry was born in Kenedy, Texas on December 1, 1963, the second-youngest of eight siblings. According to friends and family, Jamie was a happy, outgoing person who loved to be around people and got along with everyone. They doted on their nieces and nephews and loved to play with them, watching movies and singing along to musicals.
“He was always happy to see you,” one friend recalled in 2016. “His thing was always, ‘Hey, girl!’”
Jamie suffered from long-term health issues affecting his heart, lungs, and liver, which led to him repeating the second grade. This made them particularly close to their younger brother, Terry, as the two of them were now in the grade and attended class together. After graduating from Kenedy High School in 1983, Jamie began dressing as a woman in public. It was a risky move in their small, rural Texas town, but their friends and family were supportive and say they never judged or disapproved of how they chose to express themselves.
In 1999, Jamie was living with his 18-year-old niece, Gina, and other relatives in a home along North 5th Street in Kenedy. They were classified as disabled due to their health conditions and relied on Social Security, though they also held a job at the local H.E.B supermarket, helping customers bag and carry their groceries to their cars. One of their favorite places to hang out was the Playmor, a local bar in Kennedy where they liked to have some drinks and mingle with friends and other customers.
At around 11:00 PM on April 2, 1999, Jamie answered a knock at the door. Gina never saw the visitor, who sounded to her as if he had a “Mexican” accent, but she was able to hear some of their conversation. He acted as though he knew Jamie and said he knew one of their brothers and asked them if they remembered him. They didn’t, but he invited Jamie to go out and grab some beers with him anyway.
A few minutes later, Jamie told Gina that they were going to the store. Gina asked them if they were “really going to go with a man [you] didn’t know,” but Jamie, trembling as though they were frightened, simply responded that they would be fine. She saw the glare of headlights from her window as the two pulled out of the driveway and drove away. At least one witness later reported seeing Jamie in a black pickup truck, but this sighting has never been confirmed.
At about 2:30 AM, there was another knock at the door. This time, it was two white men Gina did not recognize, saying they wanted to see Jamie. When she said Jamie wasn’t home, the men laughed and drove off in a pickup truck with a loud muffler. None of the three people who visited the Mayberry home the night of April 2 have been identified, and Gina reported Jamie missing the next day after they failed to come home.
At first, investigators thought Jamie may have run away from home. Although their friends and family accepted them for who they were, it couldn’t have been easy being openly transgender (or a cross-dresser) in a small town in Texas in 1999. But there were unsettling details that ultimately convinced them that this was no runaway case: For one, Jamie and Gina had plans to go to Victoria, Texas for Easter on April 4. Jamie had no more than $30 on them when they left the house that night, and they were due to receive their next Social Security check the very next day. Most significantly, Jamie left all of their prescription medications behind.
“He wouldn’t have just left to leave,” said Municipal Judge (and later Kenedy City Manager) Barbara Shaw, a longtime family friend of the Mayberrys. “He wouldn’t have hurt his family like that. He was too sensitive.”
On April 10, Acting Kennedy Police Chief Earvin Snell stated that they were investigating the possibility of foul play — more specifically, a hate crime. This was because of an incident that had occurred at the Playmor the night before Jamie’s disappearance, when they encountered two men named Albert and Johnny Farias. Jamie was reportedly warned that the two were dangerous, but they didn’t listen, instead of striking up a conversation with Johnny that led to them flirting with each other. At that point, Albert allegedly burst into laughter and exclaimed, “That’s a [censored] dude!” Enraged, Johnny pulled out a knife and chased Jamie out of the bar, yelling that he was going to kill them. Jamie managed to escape and return home, unharmed.
At the time, Albert was 44 years old and reportedly a known local drug dealer. The only violent offense on his record in Karnes County, Texas is a 1989 conviction for assaulting a police officer, during which he threatened to kill the officer’s wife. When investigators tried to contact Johnny, they discovered that he had abruptly left Kenedy and gone back to Chicago the day after Jamie vanished. He was reportedly questioned by detectives in Chicago, but without any hard evidence of foul play, they were forced to let him go. (Note: One article states that Johnny died shortly after leaving Kenedy, but it doesn’t go into the circumstances at all, and I have been unable to confirm this information.)
On May 1, 1999, Snell wrote a letter to the FBI, in which he stated detectives’ belief that they had been murdered and requested help in the investigation. The FBI helped the Kenedy Police Department conduct some interviews, but it is unknown if they had any more involvement after that.
Sometime between 1999 and 2003, Terry received a tip that Jamie had been abducted by two men the night of their disappearance and taken to the Town Oaks Apartments on Water Street, where they were then murdered by Johnny and Albert Farias. In August 2003, authorities searched one of the apartments for evidence in Jamie’s case and recovered a carpet that appeared to have a large bloodstain on it. However, the stain tested negative for blood, and they were unable to find any evidence placing Jamie inside the unit. (The name of the apartment owner has never been released to the public, though public records indicate that Albert Farias Jr. was living at Town Oaks in 1999 and had moved out by the summer of 2003.)
For reasons not made public, investigators also interviewed a woman named Diana Perez, who would have been 21 at the time and was living at the Town Oaks Apartments around the time Jamie went missing. In late 2000, a man called police to report that Diana Perez and two other men had abducted, beaten, and robbed him before he was able to escape. She was charged with one count of aggravated kidnapping and one count of aggravated robbery, for which she served nearly 11 years in prison.
Court documents state that, during the attack, the victim asked where they were taking him and Diana (who was driving the vehicle) responded that they were going to “the cemetery.” Suspecting that this may be a clue in Jamie’s disappearance, investigators searched the grounds of the Kenedy City Cemetery for their body, but ultimately came up with nothing.
It is unclear how Diana — who investigators call a “witness” rather than a suspect — fits into Jamie’s case. In 2019, a reporter for KXAN tracked her down to a home near Three Rivers, Texas, about 33 miles southwest of Kenedy. When the reporter said he wanted to ask her about the Mayberry case, she immediately told him to get off her property, saying, “We have a right to bear arms and I’m not scared to use it.”
Jamie’s family has long been critical of the investigation. They say they received little support from the Kenedy Police Department in the crucial first days of the case and were instead told that Jamie probably ran away from home, leaving the family to form their own volunteer search parties. The department (which had only 6 officers) experienced virtually a 100% turnover rate between 1999 and 2000, and by the time the one-year anniversary of their disappearance rolled around, all of the original investigators had left the force.
One major point of criticism has been the way in which investigators conducted interviews. Gina says she was not interviewed by authorities until after the Texas Rangers got involved in the case several days after Jamie disappeared. Neighbor Gustavo Delagarza told KXAN in 2019 that police never came to question him, despite living just three doors down from Jamie’s home, and he did not know anyone else who had been interviewed. Former Kenedy Police Officer Stephen Monsivais expressed concern over the fact that Snell conducted at least one important interview over the phone — one that Monsivais believed should have been done in person to better gauge this person’s reactions.
Some of this could possibly be explained by the size of the Kenedy Police Department, which had only six officers and may not have been accustomed to investigating what is likely a complex murder-without-a-body case. But the lack of a thorough investigation and media attention left them with the distinct impression that, while Jamie’s friends and family never judged them or cared about them any less, others in the police department and their small community did.
Jamie’s mother passed away in 2002. Their family no longer lives in Kenedy, but they continue to search for them and hope for answers in their disappearance. For now, they hold onto memories of their lost loved one, the one who loved people and loved musicals and was not afraid to let the world know who they really were.
“He would sing to my cousin and I Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz,” recalled Veronica Porter, who was only 11 when her uncle disappeared. “It was his absolute favorite song. All of us would hound him to sing it over and over. […]
“I miss my Uncle Jamie so badly. I carry on his tradition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow to my daughter, and I wish she could have met him.”
The Charley Project
KXAN Austin
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Official r/NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

Welcome to the week 7 Official NFL Power Rankings. With tough calls across the board, does anybody know best? Where are the typos? Discuss! 32/32 Reporting
# Team Δ Record Comment
1. Chiefs -- 6-1 Drew Lock returned home to Kansas City and subsequently got grounded and scolded by the Chiefs. The Chiefs turned in touchdowns from all three phases of the game thanks to a Daniel Sorensen Pick-6 and a Byron Pringle kickoff return touchdown. There is still something off with the offense, as they failed to convert on a 3rd down all game, but it didn't matter much against a Broncos team that looked outmatched on offense and was fumbling over themselves trying to turnover the ball to the Chiefs. This upcoming week is "let Le'Veon get revenge" week as the Chiefs host the flailing, pitiful Jets.
2. Steelers +2 6-0 Are Pittsburgh the best team in the NFL because they're the last undefeated team? Ask yourself this: Are they the biggest bully on the block? With the Patriots dismantled, the Bills are in position to win the AFCE, the AFCN is still very much in play, the Titans are fantastic and the Chiefs are back on track. The Steelers have shown they can beat bad teams as well as good teams. Now they just have to fight for king of the hill. Their reign at the top of the standings may be short @BAL this week, but a win there would put the bullseye squarely on their back. Holding off the talented Titans @TEN wasn't pretty, but gives hope to the fans that a win in Baltimore is possible.
3. Ravens -- 5-1 Yannick for a third and a fifth is the closest you can get to winning a bye week...
5. Buccaneers +2 5-2 The Buccaneers have won 5 of their last 6 and are playing to near perfection on both sides of the ball. Tom Brady lit the Raiders up for a 4 TD performance, Gronk looks to be back to his normal self, and rookie RT Tristan Wirfs is putting on a season to remember. Most impressively, the Bucs rushing defense is allowing a mere 66 yards per game (even after matching up against CMC, Melvin Gordon, Alvin Kamara, Josh Jacobs, and David Montgomery). That would put them on pace for 1,070 rushing yards allowed-- firmly in contention with the record set by the 2000 Ravens (970 yards allowed). Next up: the 1-6 New York Football Giants, led by dual-threat extraordinaire Daniel Jones.
6. Packers -- 5-1 Friendly reminder that Jaire Alexander has shadowed Calvin Ridley, Mike Evans, and WIll Fuller in his last three games and did not allow a catch to any of them. All around the defense looked a helluva lot better today than they have all season despite still having a couple starters injured, only allowing one sustained scoring drives before garbage time in the 4th quarter. Aaron had a great bounce back performance, Tae was better than ever, and the offense largely returned to form despite missing Aaron Jones and David Bakhtiari. Only blemish was special teams but when is that not a blemish with the Packers? Great game in general and hope to continue that against the Vikings next week
7. Titans -2 5-1 The Titans, somehow had a chance to take the game against the Steelers into overtime on Sunday after falling behind 27-7 in the 3rd quarter. The Titans allow a league high 61% conversion rate on 3rd downs and this continued in the game against the Steelers, allowing them to covert 13 of 18 3rd downs.
8. Cardinals +5 5-2 Russel Wilson hadn't lost a game in Arizona since he played the Patriots in 2015, before that it was his first NFL game. The heart Murray and his teammates showed led to one of the most exciting games of 2020 so far. Not only did they manage to come back from 10 down late in regulation, they also pulled off a win no one would have thought was possible after a huge coaching blunder and missed field goal late in OT. The team will be on their bye week followed by 3 AFC East matchups in 4 weeks, with... another primetime matchup against Seattle in between.
9. Rams -- 5-2 If you don't have a lead against the Rams heading into the half, its over. Their defense has only allowed 26 points in the second half this season and only 12 during the last 4 games.
10. Bills -2 5-2 The Buffalo Bills defense was able to hold the Jets to 10, and the offense saw 6 scoring drives*! With a much-needed win, the Bills now move to 5-2 and further their lead in the AFCE heading into an important divisional matchup against New England. Fortunately, the Patriots don’t look anywhere close to the dominant force they’ve been in years past. With that being said, this team needs to finish drives (and not get shafted by refs on ticky-tack illegal formation calls ) if they’re going to win this game. *number of points scored notwithstanding
11. Saints +1 4-2 The Saints marched into the Superdome after spending the bye studying harder than Hypatia. The bye week was anything but restful with Michael Thomas continuing to be a question mark and a COVID scare. The latter meant Emmanuel Sanders was unavailable for the game, but Drew Brees continues to show he's a wily QB who can make something out of nothing with an efficient where 8 different receivers caught the ball. This win means the Saints haven't lost since September.
12. 49ers +4 4-3 The 49ers dominated from kickoff, delivering the Patriots their worst home loss in Bill Belichick's tenure. While the final score is something to celebrate, injuries are again starting to pile up- both Jeff Wilson Jr and Deebo Samuel came up lame and will miss the showdown with the Seahawks on Sunday.
13. Browns +2 5-2 Why waste time throw lot yard first quarter when few later do trick? The Browns lost OBJ for the season with a ACL injury making it the second major loss of personnel for the season but still managed to squeak out a win in a very competitive AFC North. The Browns will face the 3-3 LA Raiders before heading into a bye.
14. Bears -4 5-2 Late in the third, the Bears lined up for a crucial 4th down play and used misdirection with a wide receiver to mask a handoff to another wide receiver who was tackled for a loss when a lineman whiffed a block. The Rams were able to do anything they wanted on defense and they blew up Chicago’s “offense” again and again. Silver lining: Eddie Jackson finally got his touchdown!
15. Colts -1 4-2 An early season bye should help the Colts get some much needed rest. Seeing all three of their division rivals lose had to have been fun for Colts fans.
16. Raiders -5 3-3 Raiders defense since Paul Guenther became defensive coordinator: 2018: PPG: 29.2 (last), YPG: 381.4 (26th), Takeaways: 17 (T-22nd). 2019: PPG: 26.2 (24th), YPG: 354.8 (19th), Takeaways: 15 (31st). 2020: PPG: 32.8 (31st), YPG: 403.7 (25th), Takeaways: 3 (T-Last). The Raiders have a top tier offense but are being brought down by a horrendous defense. It's time to move on from Pauly G.
17. Dolphins +1 3-3 The bye week went pretty well for Miami, as they announced a change at QB, came out looking better for their run at the Wild Card despite not playing at all, and saw multiple undefeated teams lose, protecting that record. The rebuild isn't done, but if Tua can show up like the team thinks he can, then this year is not just another afterthought.
18. Chargers +2 2-4 The Chargers collapsed earlier than scheduled, but it gave them time to come back and actually win this one. It's not the best case scenario but its better than losing the game late every week. Also you may or may not have heard of this Justin Herbert kid by now, but sources say he's pretty darn good.
19. Panthers -- 3-4 Slye missing a 65 yard field goal by inches sums this game up well, but there is still plenty of upside going forward. Even with McCaffrey looking less likely to play, expect a second tough rivalry game is an many weeks.
20. Lions +2 3-3 Vintage Matthew Stafford. This matchup was perfect to revitalize the 2016 comeback KING. Thanks to Gurley scoring a touchdown late in the game, he gave the Lions enough time (64 seconds) to march down the field and win the game. The "simplified" defense is allowing Matt Patricia/Cory Undlin to actually be creative with disguising the pass rush, and concepts. This kept Todd Gurley to only 2.7 YPC, but two touchdowns (one of which being a massive mistake). The secondary is starting to come into it's own as well, doing well to contain Julio as he was the biggest threat to a Lions W. The Lions have back to back wins, with this one a little harder to write off as the Falcons are much better than their record. The Colts are next, and will establish if the Lions are contenders or pretenders.
21. Patriots -4 2-4 The Patriots are 2-4. Both sides of the ball look cooked and the QB seems to still be suffering neurological symptoms of the novel coronavirus.
22. Broncos -1 2-4 Know much about purgatory? It's the place between heaven and hell, where those who were left behind, unable to get into heaven continue to suffer, a place of struggle and pain. In other words, the world the Broncos are in now.
23. Eagles +1 2-4-1 In a contest that can only be summed up as "who wants to lose?" the Eagles landed a miracle finish to advance to... 2 wins on the season, and 1st place in the NFC East which currently boasts an impressive -184 point differential across all 4 "teams."
24. Vikings +3 1-5 Despite being highly favored to not lose during the bye week, the Vikings still found a way by trading away Yannick Ngakoue at a discount and by every team ahead of the Vikings in the current draft order finding a way to lose.
25. Texans -2 1-6 The Texans continue to provide star players on opposing teams with the opportunity to set career records, which is great for everyone who isn't a Texans fan. The big question on everyone mind is "why do they keep giving David Johnson the ball" and "why did we trade Hopkins for this guy". Hopefully someone finds a good answer during the bye week, but I don't think there's any expectation that'll happen.
26. Bengals +2 1-5-1 Joe Burrow threw for over 400 yards and led two 4th quarter go ahead TD drives, including one with just 66 seconds left in the game, yet no one is talking about any of that because the Bengals defense played like potatoes and made Baker Mayfield look like Joe Montana. Progressive booked Baker for 6 more commercials just because of that game. If the Bengals front office does not fire Defensive Coordinator Lou Anarumo this week then it's clear that they don't care about winning.
27. Falcons -1 1-6 Raheem Morris decided Martyrdom is how he'd like to be remembered, cooling Matt Patricia's seat and incinerating his own in the process. What's left of Todd Gurley's cartilage couldn't stop him from scoring, the defense couldn't stop side-arm Stafford from slinging seventy yards in as many seconds, and their issues are a little too predictable. The familiar feeling of another blown lead in almost as many losses doesn't sting less than any of the others.
28. Washington FT +1 2-5 It's clear that Kyle Allen, while not being great is far and away the best option at QB currently on this roster. The offense resembles that of a professional football team with Kyle Allen and that might be enough to at least keep this them in some games. I can't believe I'm saying this but at 2-5 Washington is simultaneously in play to win the division and/or get a top 5 pick.
29. Cowboys -4 2-5 Dallas is starting to get healthy player back on defense, which is good, because the offense needs the hospital beds for their players. Unrelated: anybody else wonder if Matt Eberflus still has a house in Dallas?
30. Jaguars -- 1-6 For about 20 to 25 minutes, the Jaguars fielded a team that looked capable of playing in the NFL. Unfortunately, that performance was bookended with a veritable disaster of what might be called "sport". The beatings will continue until morale improves.
31. Giants -- 1-6 The Giants and losing in heartbreaking fashion to the Philadelphia Eagles. Name a better combo. Besides, of course, Evan Engram and causing freakin turnovers.
32. Jets -- 0-7 After jumping out to an early 10 point lead, the Jets offense gained just four yards in the entire second half. Who said Adam Gase can't make halftime adjustments?
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