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The idea of only being able to have two weapons (and change them out) at a time is adapted from other first-person shooters, such as Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, where the player is only allowed. Langganan: Posting Komentar (Atom) Arsip Blog 2020 (5) Juli (1) Januari (4) 2020 (108) Januari (108) Home Depot.

The Empire - The Company's Official News Source - #160 Issue:16th of Second Seed 2016

  • HEADLINES: 111th Granted Right to Bear Colours for Distinguished Service in Foreign Adventures
KNOXMOOR, G.L.- Company Forces heroically provoked and slaughtered many premiums just because they were bored. But it was for a noble cause and have acquired about 5 diamond swords and 2 power II bows while sustaining only one casualty against a total of 5-6 premiums.
Elements from the 222nd, 93rd and the 111th all took part in raiding the Gravelands during Stupid Saturday and brought back loot to arm and guard the Colonial forces garrisoned in the frontier territories. The 111th and 93rd have also garnered a battle honour for the fights around Eillom and Knoxmoor. The 111th for its distinguished performance will be granted the right to bear Colours for their regiment.
  • EDITORIAL "Never Pet a Burning Dog"
Irishkaiser - This last week has been wonderful, and with more great news from our premium enemies who remain eternally divided. As you all know, a certain so- Oh for fuck's sake. Fine. I won't be hiding anyone's name about it because this is just so fucking cool to hear. Anyway, as you all know former UTC member princessdreya's leaving has acted to our best interest. By releasing her to the premiums, she has sown seeds of more infighting and destruction among the premium ranks by just being her. Literally, it's like biological warfare.
I do however regret that the first to fall is the most honorable of the premium clans - the Sgt Squad. I have much respect for them, specifically how SgtScorpion did not trash talk us or threaten us like many other premiums and has even helped us in the past as well. Unfortunately, I have received news that our virus has somehow died out all of a sudden with a sudden lull in her endeavors after causing yet again another problem among the premiums. Still, she has done her damage and by God sir, am I pleased at the damage she's done. Premiums right now are petting a burning dog and unlike us, who never pets a burning dog... Well, Gott Mit Uns.
The Empire is also becoming more aggressive recently, whether or not this is good for the future of our clan's soul I'm not yet certain. But our recent acts of aggression have been received with popular support. We must be careful about where we're going with this... Yes, it's kinda true I DO HAVE PLANS TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE IN THE FUTURE. With one goal in mind... But still, we should also ourselves NOT PET BURNING dogs. What does Petting a burning dog mean? Well, in the process of helping something or someone, you cause more damage or pain through not just yourself - but to the one you were helping with yourself. Right now we've shown a commitment to our friends in the Midlands, who live under our protection as Imperial Citizens. Still, we should try to finalize this and put some order into it or else we'll start petting burning dogs.
  • TRADE * US MineZ Trade Run
The Directory announces the Trade Run has been cancelled this week due to June Reforms preparations. The Company has instead took to raiding and plundering Premiums in the Gravel lands and brought home loot of
5 Diamond Swords
2 Power II Bows
1 Infinity Bow
  • TRADE * US MineZ Trade
The Directory proudly announces that it has delivered
1 Lone Sword
In exchange for
2 Health Potions
Wagga wagga wagga
  • TRADE * US MineZ Trade
The Directory proudly announces that it has delivered
Power II Bow
In exchange for
2 Unidentified Books
Cyclone's personal trade
  • PvP Drill * 45th Mass PvP Event - Raiding the Gravelands
Finn's Point of View
Upon arriving at Knoxmoor inn the group made plans for an ambush. I (FinnMNMiner) would act as the bait walking eastward towards camp Azara and Elliom down in the canyons. While i walked, boonut and knifemafia waited on top of the stairs to ambush the enemies that I lured to them. When I got within visual distance of camp azara I over heard chat messages from 3 separate players. After confirming they were not between my and the ambush point, I taunted them. They did not seem interested in finding my location. This made it seem that they were in camp azara. Unfortunately I had to logout for a minute. After logging back in, I swept around looking for enemies. Then on my six I spotted a lone player who was standing between me and the ambushers he acted friendly and tried his best to keep his distance I circled him wide in order to not get cut off. He ran. (At this point I think knifemafia and boonut came down the stairs) they followed me but stayed far behind so that we could possibly lure in the player. Boonut and knifemafia then took position a good distance away from elliom and I walked in to the pond to grab water and bait players. It was at that point I spotted the first enemy. He chased me and I brought him to the waiting ambushers but two other players emerged amounting to 3 enemies. As a team we regrouped and headed back to the stairs. Where the combat began I shot 2 played on there way up. (This is where I don't recollect everything that happened) but I was retard and killed a zombies and it dropped the loot then I was a retard again and got attacked will consuming the loot and I ran and tried to rejoin the group but it was to far and I was KIA [15/05/2016 12:45:57 PM] EKK (Finn): This is my account of what I saw I just thought I'd be able to add a lot because I was the scout
Irishkaiser's Point of View
I wasn't able to join in the later battles because I was busy handling logistics and sending supplies back and forth, but I was part of the first battle where I ordered a raid into the Premium territory after finding no premiums to kill in Frostbain and Paluster.
UTC forces landed on the North Side of the Gravelands and managed to find a lone premium being chased by a player zombie. Cutting the premium off from potential reinforcements, I held a chokepoint all by myself expecting more to come while boonut and Yakuza deal with the straggler. The straggler was overpowered by superior UTC forces and so was the player zombie, taking two diamond swords, an infinity bow and one extra Power II.
  • DOMESTIC 12 Diamond Sword Give-Away Lottery Winner: Jerrybibo!
This guy basically won 12 diamond swords but won't pick it up until next week. Boonut will handle the delivery
  • DOMESTIC 93rd Streams Paluster
The 93rd Regiment with some help from the 95th does Paluster. Out of the 9 who came in, 4 survived and some new legendaries were gathered to be field tested by UTC forces.
  • DOMESTIC Company Forces Conduct Military Operations in the Midlands
After an attempt on a UTC member at being tricked while under the pretense of negotiations and good faith for a previous incident, the Directory mobilized Company forces to patrol the Midlands and protect the border provinces and colonies from Rockie_Dog and associates. The patrols have gained multiple victories the past week from not just Rockie_Dog but multiple premium players and groups, and as such have garnered widespread support from the UTC for the capture of multiple equipments and weapons.
The UTC also felt bold enough to attack premium stragglers and survivor groups in Suicide Saturday in the Gravelands and returned home with a nice profit.
Irishkaiser was given a court martial and tried for allowing a fucking premium disguised as a white account(probably cause the fucker cuckold was banned) to get pass UTC border patrols right under our noses. Irishkaiser failed to intercept the premium player after just looking at his papers and said "You seem OK. You're free to go!" before server hopping and overhearing the same user ACT LIKE A FUCKING PREMIUM AND PREMMING IT OUT IN THE SHOTBOW LOBBY. LIKE HOLY SHIT, I JUST LET A MOTHERFUCKING PREMIUM GET THE FUCK AWAY AND NOW HE'S SMUGGLED IN PRINCESSDREYA NUDES IN UTC TERRITORY.
Realizing their mistake, UTC forces attempted to intercept the premium by server hopping but the premium escaped and ran away, much to the dishonor of Irishkaiser who allowed a premium to get pass border patrols.
  • DOMESTIC FinnMNMiner and Cyclone_43 avenge UTC Honor in Frostbain
UTC Forces successfully defeated those who attempted to insult our honor and trick us while under negotiations.
Finn's Report

Friendly players: StealthStrike (Cyclone) FinnMNMiner CloneSniper
Enemies: Swordartonline or something and Rockie_dog
Friendly Casualties: 0
Enemies Casualties: 2
The team assembled in Base with simple intentions of just gearing. Stealthstrike mentioned that he had been killed in frostbain twice recently so the group stuck together and went Frostbain after obtaining more potions. The team made a pit stop at fort z to try and obtain a helmet. Leaving fort z the group came up on the east side of the frostbain cathedral sneaking up to the wall. No players were spotted so the party went to loot the town. Suddenly, while clonesniper was parkouring up the windmill he came under bow fire stealthstrike called for Finn and they proceeded to attack sword_art_online (SaO for short). SaO ran South East fleeing us. After passing the graveyard a little he turned and fought a short meelee battle occurred and he ran off northeast back to the town stealth strike tossed his nade then Finn tossed his, killing the enemy. I think it is worth noting that the player was carrying an usually large amount of cookies. Between 7-9 stacks of mini carb cakes. 4 D-swords and 2 inf bows were obtained. Clone sniper played no role in combat, she was stuck in the tower. By the time she came down the fight was over.
We walked to stealthstrike's alt to put the excess diamond swords and 1 infinity bow onto then walked back to frostbain clonesniper had to logout. Upon entering frostbain we saw no sign of any players and proceed to loot it for more sugar and grenades. Stealthstrike spotted Rockie_dog and attacked I then came to his aid rockie_dog was moving like a moron in my opinion and even to his sweet time to run away and type "1v1" (it's funny how he wanted us to play by his rules after double crossing the UTC) the fight consisted of him running back and forth finally he was killed by stealth strike. Strangely he had quite a few splashes and drink iiis left in his inventory. The screenshot taken is as soon as the battle was finish. The other screenshot of SaO was taking after a bit of looting. Why so many cookies?????
  • DOMESTIC UTC Allies in the Midlands publicly approves UTC protection
Many Eyechat regulars who play and travel around the Midlands approve and wholeheartedly support UTC military efforts being conducted in the Midlands and have given the Company eyes and ears in the area. A secret list of people is being drawn up who are to be designated as "Imperial Citizens" and live under the protection of the UTC.
This has brought up questions on what will happen to the colonial players when UTC withdraws its military presence from the Midlands. The Company has no answer for now as staying in the Midlands indefinitely would divide the Company's attention.
  • DOMESTIC Mcepic47 Finally Kicked from UTC
  • ORDERS: *
1) Trade Run completed. SOP
2) Trade Run next week.
submitted by Spywin to UnknownTradeCo


Let's talk about Destiny 1 exotics that aren't yet in Destiny 2

Collecting things in general, and exotic weapons more specifically, is my favorite part of the Destiny universe. Finding something that's cool that can wreck my enemies in a unique way is so much fun. When D2 came out, one of the biggest disappointments for me was the fact that I lost my collection, and so many cool guns got left behind. With every bit of DLC that gets released the very first thing I do is see what the new exotics are, and, with Destiny 2, I've been looking to see what guns from D1 are coming back. I'm very happy that we've seen a steady drip of old weapons return, and I hope this trend continues. With this in mind, and because reminiscing about Destiny 1 exotics is fun, I went through the full list of exotic guns in Destiny 1 and considered whether or not we'll see each gun return at some point in Destiny 2. I've separated the guns by their Destiny 1 weapon slot, and given them the following categories: Already in the game Unlikely Would need reworks No reason they couldn't Likely
I've tried to justify why I feel like each gun belongs in each category. Please understand the following: I played Destiny 1 all three years, but I played Year 2 by far the most, so my perceptions of the guns are skewed by that particular iteration of the game. I am primarily a PvE player. I have played far more Destiny than the average player, but probably far less than the average Redditor. Despite the many, many hours I've invested in the franchise, I am not very good at Destiny, so if any of my assessments on a gun's strength are wrong, that's why.
Destiny 1 Primary Weapons Already in the game: Hard Light SUROS Regime MIDA Multi Tool The Jade Rabbit Ace of Spades (Kind of, see below) Unlikely: All of the adept weapons Elemental primaries already exist, they're in the secondary slot, and now we have kinetic shotguns and snipers, so putting a white-ammo weapon in the energy slot doesn't preclude you from taking a green ammo weapon. There's no reason to bring these guns back when you can god-roll a legendary elemental that uses white ammo that doesn't take up your exotic slot. Zhalo Supercell
Zhalo was strictly better than Riskrunner. Both weapons would likely need to be reworked so that they are both viable. This is a huge bummer. Hawkmoon Remember when I said Ace of Spades was only "kind of" in Destiny 2? The D2 Ace of Spades shares firefly and the archetype, but otherwise they're different guns, and the D1 Ace of Spades doesn't hold a candle to the D2 version. The only thing the D1 Ace of Spades had that the D2 version lacks is that the third eye perk (radar while ADS) was always active, and it had a perk called Maverick, which returned one round to the mag on a precision kill. Enter Hawkmoon. Hawkmoon, for those that didn't play D1, or don't remember, was a hand cannon with a 13 round magazine that had the perks Luck in the Chamber and Holding Aces. Luck in the Chamber was a perk that would give one random round in the magazine a 33.3% damage buff, it could roll on legendary guns. Holding Aces gave you two more random bullets that had the damage buff, so you had 3 out of 13 rounds that would get the buff. Now, granted, with Hawkmoon you didn't have to get a kill, these bullets were just intrinsically in the magazine, but you only had a 42% chance of landing a two-tap. With just one proc of Memento Mori, you get SIX shots, and you know exactly which six have the buff. Hand Cannons are a high-skill weapon for PvP, so the limitation of having to get a kill before you get the bonus damage isn't really something to worry about. Because of how good D2 Ace of Spades is, Hawkmoon is probably obsolete. This makes me sad, as it was one of my favorite guns.
The First Curse A bad weapon with perks that don't really synergize with the way you're "supposed" to play. Granted, Jade Rabbit fits this mold as well, and it came back, but there's nothing in D2 that was similar to Jade Rabbit. I would argue that Sturm is the idealized First Curse. Sturm's mechanism of requiring Drang is obviously completely different, but the effects of Drang on Sturm (extra rounds that give you a benefit) is similar to The First's Curse's exotic perk. Thorn It seems like Malfeasance is going to be the D2 Thorn, and Thorn was absolute poison in PvP. They'd need to nerf Thorn HARD, and I think that's what they've done with Malfeasance, although from all reports from people who got a chance to try Malf, it was nerfed so much that it's bad. I bet when Malf finally gets released it will either have been buffed, or it will get the Graviton Lance treatment on a sandbox pass, and it will give us a weapon worthy of Thorn's legacy. Red Death Crimson is clearly baby-Red Death, it's called "Crimson," it fires 3 round bursts, it can heal its user, it has a bayonet. Duh. No Time to Explain Crimson's reload perk kind of makes NttE obsolete as well, and Polaris Lance has the "all precision hits are refunded" perk. This gun always felt superfluous among exotic pulse rifles to begin with. Bad Juju was better. Red Death was better, and it had the worst sights in the game. I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to further explain why this gun won't be coming back. Would need reworks: Touch of Malice I think Touch of Malice WILL return with a different name and slightly nerfed perks. I believe we're going to see all of the raid guns again, but even if we don't get all of the raid weapons back, since we're going back to the Dreadnought, and we haven't heard the last from Oryx's family, I think ToM is the most likely. Problem is, Devour exists now, as do rifts and the well. Devour would make ToM borderline if not completely broken. The gun will need to be reworked to fit in D2, but given the role that Oryx and the Taken have played to this point and look to continue to play, I fully believe this is coming back. Fabian Strategy Straight up bad, and Titans got a strictly better version of the Overflow perk with the War Rig. The only reason why I have this in the "Would need rework" rather than Unlikely is because we saw Ace of Spades, and I think Taloc would make a good candidate to return, and if that happens it would be strange for Fabian Strategy to be the only one of the three class-exclusive weapons to be left behind. No reason they couldn't:
Khvostov 7G-0X Boolean Gemini Khvostov and Boolean are similar in that they have perk choices that significantly change the way the guns function. Both guns are kind of bad, which would suggest they wouldn't return, but also means they wouldn't break the game and could get slight buffs/reworks to make them somewhat viable. Tlaloc Just a really solid weapon that was excellent when you had your super charged. The trade off was an interesting dynamic. If, like Ace of Spades, this could return as a gun that any class could use, it would have amazing synergy with Hallowfire Heart. I'd absolutely love to see Taloc come back and, in turn, see both Hunters and Warlocks get an armor piece that could serve as a counterpart to Hallowfire that gave you a buff when your super was charged. Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo isn't a great weapon, but it adds a completely new style of gameplay, and those guns are always cool. I'm honestly unsure about this gun because I wonder if a hunter with Monte Carlo would be broken? I don't play enough hunter and didn't use MC enough to know. Seems like a bunch of perks that can charge melee damage plus invisibility would be dangerous. Outbreak Prime Necrochasm Vex Mythoclast This might be wishful thinking on my part, but as I said with ToM, I think all of the Raid guns are coming back. We've seen Siva symbols in Forsaken, which speaks to Outbreak Prime. We already know from The Red War's ending that we're going back to the Dreadnought, and there's no way that the next Hive themed expansion doesn't explore Oryx's family and that would speak to Necrochasm. There's a portal that peers into the VoG in the Whisper mission, this speaks to Vex Mythoclast. My hope is that these return as super-powerful versions of these guns, with Outbreak being a pulse rifle, Necro being an auto rifle, and VM being a scout rifle that use white ammo, but go into your power slot. Power slot primary weapons would add such a cool dyanmic, and it would allow Bungie to further explore the new slot system. Likely
Bad Juju You could argue that, like Red Death and NttE, Crimson makes Bad Juju obsolete. Like Bad Juju, Crimson can reload on kills, but Bad Juju didn't require a precision kill, and it had a rampage-esque perk, plus it charged your super. This is a fan favorite, and it was Toland's gun, and Toland is a big part of Forsaken's lore. This is my all time favorite gun so I acknowledge this is me thinking with my heart as much as my head, but I do genuinely believe this is very likely. The Last Word I mean, have you played Forsaken? I'd be surprised if this DOESN'T return. Destiny 1 Secondary Weapons Already in the game: Telesto (The) Queenbreaker(s' Bow) The Chaperone Lord of Wolves Black Spindle (I mean, technically it's not. Technically we got an Exotic Black Hammer with an extra perk, but let's not be THAT pedantic) Unlikely: Universal Remote I feel like this gun cannot be balanced. It's either way too powerful, or completely useless. I suppose you could put this under "would need to be reworked", but for it to return, it would probably have to be a power weapon, at which point it has to be better than things like Acrius (For PvE) and The Colony (For PvP) to justify using it, I don't see that happening. The 4th Horseman Legendary shotguns are so good right now that Exotic shotguns have to be extremely powerful to be worth the slot. Tractor and Acrius fit this, 4th horseman would need so many changes you might as well just make a new weapon. Plus, lore wise, it was built to hunt Cabal, meaning D2Y1 would have been the perfect time to bring it back, and Bungie chose not to. Hereafter The blinding ability is unique, but the gun is trash, Perfectionist is strictly worse than White Nail. The gun was a PS4 exclusive for a time, and I never hear people pining for it. To my knowledge there's no unique lore behind it. No reason for this to return. Plan C Backup Plan is a thing now. Pocket Infinity
If it didn't come back in year two or year three of D1, why would it come back now?
Would need reworks/Unsure: Trespasser
I have a feeling this is "no reason it couldn't" but I never used it, and I don't really know how to use sidearms. I don't really feel comfortable speaking on it..
No reason they couldn't: No Land Beyond Patience and Time Both of these guns are unique enough in their abilities that I can see them coming back, but as far as I know nether really has a strong argument to return in terms of lore, and while there are undoubtedly people who love them, they've never struck me as being true fan favorites to the degree of something like Thorn, Icebreaker, Ghorn, etc Zen Meteor If D2 follows D1's content template, year 3 will probably involve a bunch of stuff from Year 1 being reworked. There's no weapon in the game that would make more sense to drop from a Savathun's Song nightfall, as the Grimoire suggests that Takeo 3 once possessed this gun. Likely: Ice Breaker AS A HEAVY - I think if you make Ice Breaker a heavy, it's the 3rd best exotic sniper rifle in its slot. Most bosses in D2 aren't susceptible to the cheese that this gun provides. Because it's not broken in this iteration, combined with it being such a popular weapon, makes its return likely. Dreg's Promise Kind of surprised we haven't gotten this yet considering we got QbB and LoW I really think there's going to be a handful of exotics added between the DLCs as mini content drops. I think this will be one of them. Invective This goes against what I said when I mentioned 4th horseman, but I think we're going to get a lot of Ikora (and Zavala) lore in the coming months, and I think it's likely Invective will be part of that. A good shotgun that regenerates ammo in the secondary slot could justify the use of an exotic if it's properly tuned. I'm also not entirely convinced D2 Invective wasn't the shotgun we saw near the end of the exotics trailer. Destiny 1 Heavy Weapons Already in the game:
Sleeper Simulant Unlikely:
Super Good Advice Just as Riskrunner is baby-Zahlo and Crimson is baby-Red Death, I think Sweet Business is baby-Super Good Advice The Young Wolf's Howl
I can't really give a good justification for this, my gut tells me that because this was tied to the ROI campaign it's unlikely to return. Truth Dragon's Breath
I think it's pretty clear that Two-Tailed Fox is a replacement for both of these launchers in the same weapon. Raze-Lighter Dark-Drinker Bolt-Caster These weapons, especially Orange and Purple, were so popular, and so much fun. For that reason alone, I think there's slim a chance they return, but I think it's far more likely they don't return. The trend with D2 exotics is that they're either: Better than what you can get in a legendary, plus they do a cool thing, (Sunshot) They're really good, but only feel truly exotic in certain circumstances (Merciless) They let you do something you can't otherwise do (Tractor Cannon) They do tons of damage, but they require high skill (Whisper). Dark Drinker and Raze Lighter were low-skill weapons that did absurd amounts of damage that were almost universally worthy of your exotic slot. I think Black Talon is a buffed bolt-caster, and Worldline Zero is a nerfed dark drinker, they just have their elements swapped. I think it's far more likely we get a high-damage single target solar sword with some type of added functionality that enhances either defense or maneuverability, which will round out the elements as replacements for the original exotic swords.
Would need reworks/Unsure: Thunderlord Nova Mortis Abbadon I guess you could put this in "Unlikely" or "Likely" depending on how you look at it. My prediction for when HMG's return in December is that we're going to get a gun called like "Lord of the Elements" that is this exact archetype with the feeding frenzy perk, but has an exotic perk that works like Hard Light/Borealis where you can swap elements if you hold reload. No reason they couldn't:
Nemesis Star
Nemesis Star feels more like a Destiny 2 Exotic than almost anything else in Destiny 1. When HMGs return, we're probably going to get two or three exotics. I think a completely new one is a lock, and I think my theorized elemental lord is highly likely. I think Nemesis Star is a perfect candidate if we get a third. Gjallarhorn Look, I know what they said in the Rapid Fire Game Informer interview, and I know that Wardcliff Coil is basically baby-Gjallarhorn, but the reality is there is no gun in Destiny history that is more identifiable than G-horn. Gjallarhorn returning for Rise of Iron was IN TV COMMERCIALS! Has there ever been another piece of gear in a video game that you can say that about? I would be surprised if we don't get Gjallarhorn at the very end of D2's life cycle.
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