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A lot of questionable Linken’s Sphere and Lotus Orb spell block/reflection interactions with certain spells and items

There are a decent amount of spells that have questionable interactions with either Spell Block (e.g. Linken’s Sphere), Spell Reflection (e.g. Lotus Orb) or both.
Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVF6NV84Paa4o_QRCQzbBv_jxoMDIS-3z
Soulbind, which technically counts as a source of Spell Reflection, shares most issues with the normal sources of Spell Reflection, but has a few unique issues as well, which will be covered separately.
I will cover some general issues & bugs regarding Spell Block/Reflection, and elaborate why the following abilities’ behaviour is questionable with either or both mechanics:
  • Zeus’ Lightning Bolt (Block, Reflection)
  • Sand King’s Burrow Strike (Block, Reflection)
  • Lion’s Earth Spike (Block, Reflection)
  • Spectre’s Spectral Dagger (Block, Reflection)
  • Bane’s Nightmare (Block, Reflection)
  • Alchemist’s Unstable Concoction (Block, Reflection)
  • Tiny’s Toss (Block)
  • Tusk’s Snowball (Block)
  • Dark Seer’s Ion Shell (Reflection)
  • Medallion of Courage (Reflection)
  • Solar Crest (Reflection)
  • Urn of Shadows (Reflection)
  • Spirit Vessel (Reflection)
  • Abyssal Blade (Reflection)
  • Grimstroke’s Soulbind (Reflection*)
  • Razor’s Static Link (Soulbind)
  • Spirit Breaker’s Nether Strike (Soulbind)
  • Visage’s Soul Assumption (Soulbind)
  • All spells cast by a non-hero unit (Soulbind)

General (Reflection):

Disclaimer: Issues regarding Spell Reflection are assumed to affect Soulbind as well, unless specifically stated otherwise.
[INCONSISTENCY] Creep-Heroes cannot reflects spells via Spell Reflection:.
Video: https://youtu.be/wKI-UlyKfiY
Lotus Orb does nothing when used on e.g. the Spirit Bear, and there is no good reason why this is the case.
Spell Reflection (Lotus & Mirror Shield’s reflection component) should work for Creep-Heroes, just like they can use Spell Block.
If some spells could cause issues, e.g. Shadow Demon’s Disruption, then those spells should simply function slightly different or be disabled (until fixed), e.g. like Illusion Rune and Manta Style:
For the given example: They apply all their effects, except for the illusion creation.
There is no reason to flat out disable all spells from being reflected when used on a Creep-Hero that has a normal source of Spell Reflection.
This issue only affects Lotus Orb & Mirror Shield, but does not affect Soulbind. Soulbind does double spells that target a soulbound Creep-Hero.
[BUG] Mirror Shield’s behaviour is bugged & abusable:
Video: https://youtu.be/QUJEadIsOZ0
Mirror Shield has a lower Spell Reflection priority than Counterspell and Lotus Orb (CS > LO > MS), which means it should never proc, if a unit is affected by the other effects.
The bug only works if Mirror Shield has procced at least once for your hero, it does not work with a 'fresh' Mirror Shield.
Currently its Spell Reflection component does not proc (while affected by Lotus Orb), but its Spell Block component does proc... Endlessly.
The item does not go on cooldown when it blocks a spell (while affected by Lotus Orb), and therefore blocks ALL spells until the Lotus Orb buff expires.
Either Mirror Shield should go on cooldown upon blocking one spell (even while affected by Lotus Orb), or it should not block any spells at all (item does not function, due to being a lower priority than Lotus Orb).
The current interaction is flat out bugged and abusable.
[BUG] Lotus Orb prevents Soulbind from doubling spells:
Video: https://youtu.be/7WKDbG1WHPY
Applying Lotus Orb’s Echo Shell buff to a unit which is already affected by Soulbind makes the secondary target immune to spells which are targeting the primary echo shelled unit.
Example: Lina and Crystal Maiden are bound to another by Soulbind and Crystal Maiden is affected by Lotus Orb.
Scenario #1: If an enemy Doombringer uses Doom on Crystal Maiden, then Crystal Maiden and Doombringer will be doomed, but Lina won’t.
Scenario #2: If an enemy Doombringer uses Doom on Lina, then Lina and Crystal Maiden will be doomed, but Doombringer won’t.
Lotus Orb and Soulbind should fully stack, just like Soulbind stacks with Mirror Shield and Counterspell (since they reflect and block spells, the spell won’t be doubled).
Scenario #2 is fine, since Lotus Orb does not reflect already reflected spells (the doubling from Lina to CM is treated as Spell Reflection).
But in Scenario #1 all three heroes should be doomed (Doom should be reflected back to Doombringer and be reflected (doubled) to Lina).
[BUG] Spell Reflection causes some non-piercing spells to pierce Spell Immunity:
Video: https://youtu.be/75QBxxhmomo
Certain spells are currently able to pierce spell immunity when force-reflected by sources of Spell Reflection (e.g. Sunder), despite them not being supposed to pierce Spell Immunity.
This also applies when those spells are forcefully duplicated by Soulbind.
According to Grimstroke’s wiki entry, this affects the following spells and items (maybe more):
Cold Feet, Brain Sap, Spirit Siphon, Malefice, Lightning Storm, Frost Blast, Finger of Death, Laguna Blade, Wrath of Nature, Reaper's Scythe, Stifling Dagger, Decrepify, Sunder, Laser, Dagon 1-5, and Soul Rip.
Spell Reflection should not forcefully reflect/double a spell onto a spell immune unit, if the "to be reflected/doubled" spell is not allowed to pierce Spell Immunity.
Spells which can be upgraded by Aghs or talents to receive the piercing status, should only be allowed to be reflected/doubled onto a spell immune unit, if they are already upgraded.
The non-upgraded spells should be blocked until they are upgraded, just like any other non-piercing spell should be blocked.

General (Block):

[BUG] Spell Block stacking issue:
Video: https://youtu.be/tAoiMsapffI
Spell Block has a stacking issue, where multiple sources of Spell Block proc at the same time (QoP’s talent and a Mirror Shield), which means only one spell will be blocked instead of two.
The current order of Spell Block is:
Counterspell > Mirror Shield = QoP talent > Linken’s Sphere
The order should be:
Counterspell > Mirror Shield > QoP talent > Linken’s Sphere
A LVL 25 Queen of Pain carrying a Mirror Shield and Linken’s Sphere should be able to block 3 spells, currently she can only block two spells due to the bugged order.

[BUG?] Linken’s active component buff does not work for illusions:**

Video: https://youtu.be/mqGDbScQF68
Casting Linken’s Sphere on an illusion does literally nothing.
Linken’s Sphere active component buff should be fully working for illusions, so mind games can be played or valuable illusions can be saved (e.g. preventing Enchantress to steal your illusion).
Currently ALL components of Linken’s Sphere are disabled for illusions, while only the passive component should be disabled.
Only the active Linken’s Sphere buff should be enabled for illusions, all other passive sources of spell block (Linken’s Sphere, Mirror Shield, QoP’s talent) should stay disabled.

Lion’s Earth Spike (Block, Reflection):

Video: https://youtu.be/ZSuWXy_mZ3M
Spell Block:
Lion’s Earth Spike is blocked when it shouldn’t be, and breaks a Linken’s when it shouldn’t:
The spell may either be ground or unit targeted, this means you can either directly click onto a unit, and the spell will directly target a unit (still dodgable by being fast), or you can ground target the spell and hope it hits.
Unlike certain other spells that may be unit or ground targeted, Earth Spike is still blocked when ground targeting it, despite Spell Block only working on unit targeted spells.
This also causes a single cast of Earth Spike to pop multiple sources of Spell Block at once (one per unit).
As a comparison, let’s take a look at Nature’s Prophet’s Sprout and Nature’s Wrath abilities: https://youtu.be/Ndpv_qN76AA
They are both spells that can be either unit or ground targeted, and they will only be blocked by Spell Block, if they were unit targeted, but not when they were ground targeted.
Lion’s Earth Spike should behave the same: Only be blocked by Spell Block, if the spell was unit targeted, but not when it was ground targeted.
Spell Reflection:
Spell Reflection has effectively the same issue, the spell is reflected when it shouldn’t be:
Ground targeting Earth Spike should not proc Spell Reflection, and a single cast of Earth Spike should not be able to be reflected by multiple sources of Spell Reflection at once (one per unit).
Only a unit targeted Earth Spike should proc Spell Reflection, secondary targets should not be able to reflect the spell.

Sand King’s Burrow Strike (Block, Reflection):

Video: https://youtu.be/xjXU0dcbmQg
Spell Block:
Sand King’s Burrow Strike has the same issue as Lion’s spell:
It is blocked when it shouldn’t be, and therefore is also able to break multiple sources of Spell Block (one per unit) with one cast of Burrow Strike, when it shouldn’t be.
Burrow Strike should not be blocked by Spell Block, if ground targeted or if you are a secondary target.
Only a unit targeted Burrow Strike should be blocked.
Spell Reflection:
Same issue as Lion’s spell:
A ground targeted Burrow Strike is reflected, even though it should not be.
Also a single cast of Burrow Strike can be reflected by multiple sources of Spell Reflection at once (one per unit).
Burrow Strike should not be reflected by Spell Reflection, if ground targeted or if you are a secondary target.
Only a unit targeted Burrow Strike should be reflected.

Zeus’ Lightning Bolt (Block, Reflection):

Video: https://youtu.be/ReLMH-7I2tE
Spell Block:
Zeus’ Lightning Bolt has the same issue for Spell Blocks as the previous spells:
It is blocked when ground targeted, but it shouldn’t be.
The Lightning Bolt can be ground targeted and then searches for a target within a small AoE, otherwise it only provides vision on the spot you ground targeted.
It should only be blocked when unit targeted, but not when ground targeted.
This only applies to Zeus’ Lightning Bolt, the Nimbus’ Light Bolt is working as intended (not blocked).
Spell Reflection:*
Same issue as the previous spells:
It is always reflected, even when ground targeted.
The Lightning Bolt should not be reflected when ground targeted, only when unit targeted.
This only applies to Zeus’ Lightning Bolt, the Nimbus’ Light Bolt is working as intended (not reflected).

Spectre’s Spectral Dagger (Block, Reflection):

Video: https://youtu.be/QF-1ENeZ8Wg
Spell Block:
The Dagger has no Spell Block interaction when it was ground targeted (therefore no primary target).
If her Dagger unit targeted a primary target, it does not interact with a primary target’s Spell Block at all.
But it does interact with every secondary target’s source of Spell Block, if it was unit targeted onto a primary target, which means the Dagger will break every source of Spell Block every secondary target.
Her Dagger should not interact with secondary targets at all, and the primary target interaction is questionable as well.
While the path is already created and the spell could be blocked on impact, it is currently set to be not blocked for the primary target, since most effects would’ve already resolved (path & slow, damage & path creator debuff on impact).
The interaction it could use when "blocked" by Spell Block, would be the same as when the Dagger was already on the ground and you simply walked into it:
It only applies the slow, no damage and no "Dagger Path Creator" debuff.
This suggestion would only apply when you are the primary target and therefore were unit targeted.
A ground targeted Spectral Dagger would behave the same as it currently does (no interaction with Spell Block).
Spell Reflection:
Spectral Dagger was disabled from being reflected by sources of Spell Reflection and it is also not doubled by Soulbind, due to two old bugs:
The first bug was that either Spectre or the target would receive permanent free pathing for the rest of the game (or until death?), when the aforementioned unit was affected by two sources of Spectral Dagger (one allied, one enemy).
Old bug thread: https://www.reddit.com/DotA2/comments/9bozip/spectre_no_structures_bug/
The second bug was that Spell Reflection and Soulbind spammed multiple Spectral Daggers towards Spectre or the Soulbind target, similar to Spectral Dagger breaking multiple sources of Spell Block by spamming its debuff onto the target while it passes through them.
A few examples:
If those two bugs could be properly fixed, then Spectral Dagger could be allowed to be affected by Spell Reflection and Soulbind again, if it was unit targeted (but not when ground targeted).

Alchemist’s Unstable Concoction (Block, Reflection):

Video: https://youtu.be/e22A3D7hqqA
Spell Block:
Alchemist’s Concoction can be blocked by e.g. Linken’s Sphere, but its AoE still resolves for all other targets, which is inconsistent with other unit targeted spells that have AoE effects attached to them (e.g. Sven’s Stormbolt or Oracle’s Fortune’s End).
Also the Alch stun can be separately blocked by secondary targets, if they have their own source of Spell Block.
Spell Block should not interact with secondary Alch stun targets at all, just like Spell Block does not interact with secondary targets of Stormbolt or Fortune’s End.
This would also mean that letting the stun blow up on yourself as Alchemist would mean the enemy cannot block the secondary stun effect around Alchemist anymore, since they are not the primary target (Alch is, who already cannot block the self-stun with Spell Block).
Concoction’s AoE effect should fully fizzle out, just like Sven’s stun does not stun anyone in the AoE, if the primary target blocked the spell with a source of Spell Block.
Spell Reflection:
Spell Reflection has the same issue as Spell Block in regards of Unstable Concoction’s secondary targets:
Every source of Spell Reflection will reflect the Alch stun, which means a single Alch stun can be reflected multiple times.
This even applies to the AoE stun around Alchemist, if his Unstable Concoction blows up on himself.
Spell Reflection should follow the same proposed behaviour that Spell Block should follow:
Only reflected/blocked by the primary target, no interaction with secondary targets (around the enemy primary target, around Alch upon self-stun).

Bane’s Nightmare (Block, Reflection):

Video: https://youtu.be/SFmy_LPruA0
Spell Block:
Attacking a unit that is affected by Nightmare usually transfers the nightmare effect onto the attacker (unless it is spell immune).
Spell Block is able to block Nightmare being transfered to an attacker (regardless of the attack target being allied/enemy!), as long as the original cast of the Nightmare effect was done by an enemy hero.
Example #1: This means a Radiant Spirit Breaker, who was nightmared by a Dire Bane, can be unslept by a Radiant Windrunner carrying a Linken’s Sphere, without Windrunner sleeping herself.
Example #2: This means a Dire Luna, who was nightmared by a Dire Bane, can be unslept by a Radiant Windrunner carrying a Linken’s Sphere, without Windrunner sleeping herself.
This does not work if the original cast of Nightmare was done by an allied hero (e.g. Radiant WR with Linken’s attacking a slept Radiant Spirit Breaker, she will sleep herself).
Since Nightmare upon attack being transfered to the attacker is not really a unit targeted spell, it should not be blocked by Spell Block at all.
The normal unit targeted cast of Nightmare should of course be blocked by Spell Block.
Spell Reflection:
The same works with Spell Reflection, except that this time the spell will be reflected to the enemy Bane (under the same conditions as above).
Spell Reflection is able to reflect Nightmare to the original caster (regardless of the attack target being allied/enemy!), as long as the original cast of the Nightmare effect was done by an enemy hero.
This does not work if the original cast of Nightmare was done by an allied hero (e.g. Radiant WR with Lotus Orb buff attacking a slept Radiant Spirit Breaker, who was nightmared by a Radiant Rubick, she wont reflect it back to the allied Rubick).
Since Nightmare upon attack being transfered to the attacker is not really a unit targeted spell, it should not be reflected by Spell Reflection at all.
The normal unit targeted cast of Nightmare should of course be reflected by Spell Reflection.

Tiny’s Toss (Block):

Spell Block:
Tiny’s Toss is reflectable by Spell Reflection, when the Toss target has Spell Reflection (it is reflected upon impact). The tossed unit’s buffs/items do not matter for this.
Toss is not blocked by Spell Block, because the spell would’ve already resolved (stun, damage, unit forcefully moved) when the tossed unit arrives at its destination.
Toss could still be fully blocked on cast or at least partially upon impact, with the spell’s effects only applying to the tossed unit (but not applied to any units at the destination point).
A way to make Spell Block (mostly) able to block Tiny’s Toss would be to make the effect fizzle out upon impact (similar to projectile based abilities).
The tossed unit will of course still be repositioned, but no AoE damage should happen when the tossed unit arrives at its target, if the target has Spell Block.
Alternatively using Toss on a unit that has Spell Block makes Toss simply go on cooldown without tossing a random (other) unit around Tiny.
Toss’ AoE random unit selection is not what is being blocked here, it is the portion of the spell where you’re being targeted as the destination for some other unit to be tossed towards to.
Toss not being blocked is kind of weird, since it could either be fully blocked (like Spirit Breaker’s charge) or partially blocked (like Sven’s Aghs stun).

Tusk’s Snowball (Block):

Spell Block:
Just like Tiny’s Toss, Tusk’s Snowball is reflectable by Spell Reflection (it is reflected upon impact), but not blocked by Spell Block.
I assume it is because the spell would’ve already fully resolved (hiding Tusk + allies, travelling, damaging & stunning secondary targets, etc) at the time of impact, which is why it is not blocked by Spell Block.
Snowball could still be blocked by Spell Block, either by fully preventing the spell (blocked on cast, not on impact) or at least blocked on impact by neither stunning nor damaging the primary target (would still affect secondary targets while travelling).
Snowball not being blocked is kind of weird, since it could either be fully blocked (like Spirit Breaker’s charge) or partially blocked (like Sven’s Aghs stun).

Dark Seer’s Ion Shell (Reflection):

It is well known that Dark Seer’s Ion Shell (alongside Urn, Vessel, Medallion and Solar Crest) is not blocked by Spell Block, due to its low cooldown (a legacy reason).
While this explains it piercing Spell Block, there is no reason why it should not be reflected by Spell Reflection.
Ion Shell should be fully reflected by Spell Reflection.

Medallion of Courage and Solar Crest (Reflection):

Medallion and Solar Crest should be reflectable by sources of Spell Reflection as well, but they should not apply the self-debuffs upon reflecting these items.
Unlike with Spell Block there is no proper reason why they shouldn’t be reflected.
Also if the unit with Spell Reflection is carrying its own Medallion/Solar Crest, then their item should not go on cooldown (just like every other item doesn’t go on cooldown, when reflecting an identical enemy item cast via Spell Reflection).

Urn of Shadows and Spirit Vessel (Reflection):

Urn and Vessel should be reflectable by sources of Spell Reflection as well, unlike with Spell Block there is no proper reason why they shouldn’t be reflected.
But they should not make the Spell Reflection target lose an Urn/Vessel charge, if they happen to carry their own Urn/Vessel, and they shouldn’t go on cooldown (just like every other item doesn’t go on cooldown, when reflecting an identical enemy item cast via Spell Reflection).

Abyssal Blade (Reflection):

Video: https://youtu.be/5igm_HEoGFU
Abyssal Blade currently moves the original caster and the target with Spell Reflection to the original caster’s location, which means you can effectively pull an enemy towards you.
If compared to other unit targeted blink spells, this behaviour is inconsistent.
Spirit Breaker’s Nether Strike, Phantom Assassin’s Phantom Strike and Riki’s Blink Strike will all end up at the targets location, even if reflected by Spell Reflection.
This change was applied to their blinks to make them unable to pull units (especially AM) towards them and should be applied to Abyssal Blade as well.
This does not apply to Chaos Knight’s Reality Rift, since both units always end up somewhere in between them anyway.

Grimstroke’s Soulbind (Reflection*):

Grimstroke’s Soulbind spell internally uses the Spell Reflection mechanic to apply any spell targeting a soulbound unit to the other soulbound target as well, hence Soulbind itself not being reflected by Spell Reflection (Counterspell, Mirror Shield, Lotus Orb, Soulbind).
The issue with this is that it means it can always pierce Spell Reflection and will never be reflected by them (still blocked by Counterspell and Mirror Shield), which is kind of questionable.
Despite internally treated as an already reflected spell, I think it should be an exception to the rule and an originally cast Soulbind should be reflectable by all sources of Spell Reflection, except for itself (another Soulbind).
This would mean Soulbind could be reflected by Counterspell, Mirror Shield and Lotus Orb, but it would not be allowed to be duplicated by another Soulbind (e.g. via Refresher Orb).
This should not cause any new issues, since a reflected Soulbind would be treated as an already reflected spell and therefore wouldn’t be re-reflected by Spell Reflection or doubled by another Soulbind.
By "originally cast Soulbind* I mean that it was cast by either Grimstroke, or Rubick, or a hero in Ability Draft who drafted the Soulbind spell.
Every other instance of Soulbind would be treated as a reflected spell, since there are only three cases where Soulbind can be cast without involving Spell Reflection.

Razor’s Static Link (Soulbind):

Unlike Death Prophet’s Spirit Syphon, Razor’s Static Link is not doubled by Soulbind and this has been the case before it was allowed Razor to attack while moving.
While it shouldn’t allow Razor to move and attack both targets at the same time, Static Link should at least be doubled and let him drain damage from two units at once.
This already works manually (via Refresher Orb), so it should be doable via Soulbind as well.

Windrunner’s Focus Fire (Soulbind):

Windrunner’s Focus Fire only grants you the boosted attack speed and attacks while moving against the most recent unit you’ve targeted with Focus Fire.
This means using it on two different units only grants you the benefits against the second target, but not the first one anymore.
Since Soulbind makes you target both units, you would be given the boosted attack speed and attacks while moving against the unit you did not manually target yourself, since the soulbind chain would automatically target the second unit for you as well, therefore overriding the benefits against the first target.
While it shouldn’t allow Windrunner to move and attack both targets at the same time, she should at least be given the boosted attack speed against both units, so she could manually and stationary attack the second unit herself.
The attacks during movement should still be given against the manually targeted (primary) enemy, not the secondary one.

Spirit Breaker’s Nether Strike (Soulbind):

Spirit Breaker’s Nether Strike is not doubled by Soulbind, since he cannot be in two places at once (same reason why Omnislash, Snowball and Charge of Darkness aren’t doubled).
If we take a look as Huskar’s Life Break, he will target both units one after another (jump to the first target, then the secondary one), since he is also unable to be in two places at the same time.
The same mechanic could be applied to Spirit Breaker’s Nether Strike as well (and maybe even his Charge of Darkness), automatically targeting the secondary target after targeting the primary one.

Visage’s Soul Assumption (Soulbind):

Soul Assumption used to work on Soulbind and was doubled as well (the second strike dealt the same damage as the first one), but due to a bug it was disabled from being doubled by Soulbind.
The bug broke Soul Assumption’s damage charge gathering mechanic, which meant that Visage could only deal a minor amount of damage with Soul Assumption until he died and respawned.
Old thread: https://dev.dota2.com/forum/bugs/gameplay-bugs/269546-grimstroke-visage-soulbind-causes-visage-to-lose-ability-to-gain-soul-charges
The bug should be fixed and Soul Assumption should be re-enabled for Soulbind.

All spells cast by non-hero units (Soulbind):

Video: https://youtu.be/TcU1U24H8r0
Soulbind doubles abilities that were used by regular heroes, Venge’s talented strong illusion and Meepo’s or Arc Warden’s clones.
But Soulbind does not double any abilites at all, if they were cast by a non-hero, non-illusion or non-clone type unit.
This means using spells (or Spirit Bear items) via Creep-Heroes, dominated, persuaded, enchanted, infested or simply summoned units are not doubled by Soulbind.
The spells themselves aren’t the issue, Soulbind doubles neutral creep spells being used by Doombringer or Rubick, it is the unit type.
As a comparison, a hero buffed by Counterspell, Mirror Shield or Lotus Orb does reflect abilities used by non-hero units.
Soulbind should double abilities used by non-hero, non-illusion and non-clone type units as well.
Yours truly,
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Your Step by Step Guide to Online Interviews from AdmissionsMom -- Hint: It’s easier than you think -- even during a global pandemic!

You’re not alone. College interviews seem scary enough in person, but trying to connect and convey who you are over a screen -- that's next level. So, yeah -- it’s easy to become anxious and stressed about college interviews, but you’ve made it this far, having surmounted obstacles like grades, extracurriculars, writing your essays, and putting together your application. Having a respectful, open, and casual conversation about all of that is much easier than you think.
Don’t believe me? According to Sayaka Smith, a Tufts Undergraduate Admissions Officer, college interviews “are meant to be informal conversations and an alumni interviewer’s job is to get to know you as a 3D human being and tell us a little more about you.” That’s it! You won’t be graded or win points. This isn’t Jeopardy. Your interview isn’t on TV (you are on a screen this year, though!).
However, you do need to prepare for that informal conversation. So instead of stressing, focus all that nervous energy on what you can do right now:
Before the Interview
  1. Research the School’s Interview Process: Lots of schools have different methods for the way they conduct interviews -- and some even have different interview deadlines, so you need to read their websites carefully. Put all of that information into a new “Interview” Column in your College Application Organization Spreadsheet.
  2. Stay Connected: You don’t want to miss any electronic communications from the college. You especially don’t want to miss news about college interviews. Start regularly checking your inbox, as well as your spam, social, promotional, and junk folders, for communications. Clear out your voicemail — or set one up and make sure your message is appropriate. Check your portal in case they leave info there.
  3. Do the Interview! There’s data out there showing a striking difference in acceptance rates for those who interview and those who don’t (if the opportunity is available to them). So, if the school offers you an interview, do it! Even if they say that the interview is technically “optional” (you do know that there is no such thing as truly "optional" in college admissions language right? — EDIT — except for test optional — that’s totally real).
Interview Prep
  1. Light Interview Prep: You have to be careful during this part. The temptation to memorize monologues about yourself is real, I know, but don’t do it. DO NOT MEMORIZE. DO NOT REHEARSE. Why not rehearse? You’ll sound stiff, false, like a robot. Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who had a list of points they were trying to blow through no matter what you wanted to talk about? It’s not a conversation any longer. It becomes an awkward trap where one party is just talking at the other and everyone just wants it to be over. What you need to do is come prepared to talk about yourself. In the days leading up to your interview, think about why you love the school so much, how your academic experience, extracurriculars, interests, and ambitions demonstrate who you are. All of that will be much more interesting to the interviewer
  2. Create your Magical, Story-Collecting Invisible Backpack: Prepare ahead of time with your invisible backpack full of stories about you. The best way to answer a question is with a story about yourself. Think of lots of little stories about you that represent who you are and what's important to you. That way you can pull them out as they fit the questions. DO NOT memorize them. They just need to be accessible -- like in a little invisible backpack!mIf you need some help to get those thoughts flowing, check out my Top 25 Potential Questions You Might Face During a College Interview handout from last year or my new list I’ve collected this fall: Favorite Questions from College Interviewers. Instead of thinking of specific answers to specific questions, try thinking of themes or collecting stories about yourself that you can share. Think of it as your magical story-collecting backpack that you wear to the interview. There's nothing memorized -- just stories that explore who you are and are brought to the forefront of your mind for easy recall.
  3. Prepare a One Page Highlights Resume: If the college or the interviewer doesn’t explicitly tell you not to, I recommend having a One Page Highlights Resume ready to link the chat (or you could send it to them ahead of time linked in an email). This gives the recommender something to refer to during the interview and later when they write their notes. Save it as a pdf in a google drive so you can link it in the chat or easily screen share. Make sure you share with permissions for them to be able to open it. I suggest letting anyone open it so you don't have to worry about if they have the right email or not while chatting with you. If they don’t use it, it’s no biggy.
  4. Get in the Zone: The night before the interview, do the basic but essential preparation stuff — make sure your clothes are prepared.. Go over the next day’s schedule and make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to get to the interview location and get into the right frame of mind. Get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Do a Virtual Tour or Info Session before! I have links to as many as I could find on my website, www.collegevizzy.com or you can easily find them on the college’s own websites.
  6. Practice with your Computer: Make sure your camera works. Lift your computer enough so that you are looking into the camera at eye level. Practice with your mom or a friend. Make sure you have lighting in front and behind you -- especially in front of you. Put a lamp just behind your computer so that your beautiful smile is sure to show!
  7. Arrange the Time and Space with your Family. Let them know ahead of time that you'll be interviewing so you'll need some quiet space for half an hour or an hour or so. Sit in a location where if your family has to walk around you, they'll be going in front of your computer, not behind you. Your interviewer def doesn't want to see your dad walking around in his underwear! You can also use a virtual background if one is available. If you are in your room, then make your bed and tidy the space.
The Day Of
  1. What to Wear: Wear a clean shirt -- with a collar if you have one. Take out piercings beyond ear piercings. Brush your hair. Wash your face. Shave or trim your beard if you have one. No need for anything elaborate here, but you must look neat and not like you just rolled out of bed.
  2. Bring your Questions: As Finding_Snoo says in their great post, make sure to bring your list of uneasily googleable questions. If the information can be found on the website, don't ask. But it is ok to ask them to explain something or elaborate on something on the website. Personal questions that connect to the interviewer can be useful: ask about their favorites on campus and their experiences.
  3. Be on Time: Actually plan to log on 10 or 15 minutes early, so you have time to deal with tech problems, do last-minute adjustments with lighting and camera angles, run to the bathroom one last time, etc. When you’re all set up and ready to go, look at yourself in the mirror, put your hands on your hips, and stand up nice and tall. Do the Superman Pose and take some deep breaths.
During the Interview
  1. Make your Introductions: Don’t force it, but try to relax and enjoy yourself a little. Again, this is just a little chat between you and the interviewer. Be sure to say your name so they know how to pronounce it.
  2. Make eye contact and Smile: This is important and can be tricky on a virtual chat. Resist the urge to watch yourself in the video and keep your focus on your interviewer. Make sure you look the interviewer in the eye so they know you’re engaged and paying attention. Not too much. It’s not a staring contest. Be confident but natural.
  3. Be Engaged: Silence and put away your phone. (The only exceptions would be something like they ask to see a picture of an art project you did and you happen to have one on your phone. Remember to breathe.
  4. Listen to your Interviewer: Respond to the questions. The numero uno thing colleges tell us to share with you is to LISTEN to the interviewer! Don’t come with an agenda of what you want to say or come off as overly-practiced or memorized. They could end up noting that in their write-up.
  5. Lean into your nerves: Own it. Being nervous is ok. You can tell the interviewer if you're feeling a little nervous. This will help them know to help you along. They don’t want you to fail. More than likely they've been nervous about something really important to them a time or two, too.
  6. Take Notes: It's ok to take occasional notes as you're talking in case there's something you want to come back to, but be sure you aren't staring down the whole time.
  7. Remember to Breathe. Make sure you're continuing to breathe. There's no rush.
  8. As it ends, thank them and make sure you have their contact info.
After the Interview
  1. Write a Thank You Note After The Interview: Try to send an email that evening or afternoon or the next morning. Be gracious, be grateful for their time, and be specific about something they said that made you think or particularly excited about the school. Thank them for taking the time to talk to you. Be friendly and warm. Use good grammar. Don’t worry if you don’t hear back from them. It doesn’t mean anything at all.
See how direct and simple this is once you divvy up what you have to do? After you’ve handled that huge college application checklist, this interview process will be a piece of cake. If nothing else, you’ll feel more confident, which will make you a more engaging and exciting interviewee.
Other interview sources:
Search for Interview Posts on the subreddit. You’ll find tons.
Here’s a link to the Interview Chapter from my book.
Iceberg Chick’s Updated Interview Post
ScholarGrade’s Post from Last Year
If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments. I’ll try to answer :)
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