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The brains behind the massively popular VR game, Blade & Sorcery, who began his journey into game development as a modder tinkering with his favourite games. May 29, 2020 - Explore Eddy Ramirez's board "scarlet blade", followed by 113 people on Pinterest. The Dreamwave Crew is back with a brand new Scarlet Blade Aeria Points Generator for 2020! And mainly in Scarlet Blade, there are (loosely) three such features, namely, Pets, Cards and Puzzles. This is a List of Playable Characters in the Disney Infinity games. Read this excerpt from chapter 1 of The Scarlet Letter.


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Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game where legendary competitors battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Manage your contributions on Google Search. The Immaculate Crescent Blade is good for PvP and has higher AP than the Iron Crescent. But it is actually does not necessarily mean that there are absolutely no present hack intended for Scarlet Blade.


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Internet manager registration master key. It was developed by LivePlex and is being published in North America by Aeria Games. This profile page belongs to a user, but it does not prove anyone's identity or credibility. Read over 75, 000 comics and over 700 free comics available from publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, BOOM, IDW, Top Shelf, and Oni Press on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, Windows, browser and more. Also if you require assistance when ordering a painted Honda spare part or decal please Contact Us. Check the list below to find the original color code of your. To know more about the company, visit Liveplex Developer website who developed it.

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Free 500 AP For Kitsuga Game. January 17, 2020 0. Scarlet Blade Mail System Guide by lestat_anil Sending Mail Step 1 Access the mail window at the bottom right of the screen by using the mail icon. Also, please note that these images are from the Alpha as well, so any failed text will be changed by Release. All Activity; Home; Scarlet Blade; General Discussion; xigncode issues Sign in to follow this. Up to 20% Off Aeria Games coupon codes and promo code discounts for September 2020. Cashback on purchases will be paid as a statement credit within two billing cycles.


Helcurt the Underrated Assassin [Guide]

My qualifications: Back to back seasons in Legend Rank, Primarily play AD heroes, Strategic style player.
Helcurt is a great assassin to play in the current meta and can fit with most teams using his high burst power along with map control with his ultimate. Lets break down this guide to make it organized and easier to understand.
Skills > Items > Map Role (i.e lane or jungle) > Play Style & Emblems > Ending Comments

Passive: Targets casting skills around Helcurt (Shadowbringer) are silenced for 1.5 seconds if their skills deal damage to him. 4 second CD on one target (i.e can hit multiple heroes in 1 second upon their casting on him)
Shadow Transition (S1): Helcurt teleports to the target location and deals 150 (+70% Total AD) of physical damage to enemies within the area, silence for 1.5 seconds. \*Using this skill after using Dark Night Falls (ultimate/S3) will inflict an extra slow effect of 40% for 1 second.* CD: 10.0 > 9.6 > 9.2 > 8.8 > 8.4 > 8.0 seconds. Skill/Mana Cost: 60 > 70 > 80 > 90 > 100 > 110 Base Damage: 150 > 180 > 210 > 240 > 270 > 300
Deadly Stinger (S2): (Passive) Each basic attack grants Helcurt 1 Deadly Poison Stinger, stacks up to 5 stingers. Lasts for 8 seconds and decays slowly over time one stinger at a time. (Active) Helcurt fires Deadly Poison stingers forward that can fan out as they travel farther away, each dealing 250 (+100% Extra AD) and slowing all enemy's by 8% per stinger hit for a max of 40% slow for 3-seconds. Skill/Mana Cost: 70 > 80 > 90 > 100 > 110 > 120 Base Damage: 250 > 280 > 310 > 340 > 370 > 400 \*There is a 4 second internal cooldown (ICD) upon use so you cannot spam it for 1 stinger at a time.*
Dark Night Falls (Ult/S3): (Passive) Permanently increase attack speed (AS) by 10%. (Active) Helcurt summons the night, reducing the vision range of all enemy heroes and depriving their sight of allies for 3.5 seconds. Helcurt will increase his AS by 10% and movement speed (MS) by 65% for 8 seconds. During the night, the number of stingers will not decay over time. \*Note: Dark Night Falls has no effect on an enemy Helcurt when played in Normal games or other game modes that allow same heroes on the battle field (i.e not effected in rank mode).* CD: 60 Seconds Skill/Mana Cost: 120 > 140 > 160 (Permanent) AS Bonus: 10% > 15% > 20% (Ability Activate) AS Bonus: 10% > 15% > 20% (Ability Activate) MS Bonus: 65% > 70% > 75%

My build: Raptor Machete > Warrior Boots > Scarlet Phantom > Berserker's Fury > Blade of Despair (x2).
Pro build: Warrior Boots > Raptor Machete > Blade of Despair > Endless Battle > Scarlet Phantom > Immortality (as of 1/21/2020 has a 91% win ratio)
Hot build: Warrior Boots > Raptor Machete > Blade of Despair > Endless Battle > Windtalker > Berserker's Fury.

Map Role:
Jungle/Roam: Helcurt uses the jungle item as part of his setup. As a result, he is best situated as playing the mid role and clearing jungle to roam and help take other lanes and objectives like Turtle. It is vital for every Helcurt player to get the jungle item ASAP so you can claim the turtle 3 times in the game. Not only is the shield provided good, but team gold will help snow ball your team. Once you hit level 4 and beyond, contest the enemy red buff if you see 4 people on the map in lanes. Being able to use your Ultimate to prevent vision, they wont be able to request help and you should win most 1v1 battles if you engage first because of the silence mechanic of your passive. Removing buffs from enemy team is key to winning the game and having greater map control is key. Be sure to physically go see the buffs once you have your own buffs so the CD timer on the mini map indicator works for you.

Play Style & Emblems:
Typical assassin play style, you can all in low levels because of the power you gain as an assassin, but you need to max your potential by stacking your stingers. You have great trade potential vs casters and you can solo any other assassin with the acceptation of Natalia when she is stealth and maybe Karina if she has used her S1 ability to dodge AA.
Helcurt is a mix of high burst engage with sustain from AA. This is why you see critical items on every build as he can critically hit. My build above focuses on hitting the 50% critical threshold, while just about everyone else relies on just 25%-35%. Helcurt also has no self healing mechanics or items. As a result, he is an all in and escape if you can type of a hero. You could build items to provide sustain from self healing, but it comes at a cost of lowering your damage output. Since you play around 1v1 more often, your emblems come from 2 different sources
Fighter Emblem: 3/3 Bravery for a bonus 12 AD 3/3 Swift for a bonus 5% AS 1/1 Disabling Strike for a bonus 30% AD after slowing an enemy by more than 20%. Removes the bonus AD after next damage. \*Since you gain 40% slow when using Ultimate + S1, you use S2 and it gains 30% more AD for the assassin level strike*
Assassin Emblem: 3/3 Agility for a bonus 6% MS 3/3 Invasion for a bonus 6 Armor Penetration (AP) 1/1 High & Dry for a bonus 6% damage on any enemy that is declared alone.

Ending Comments:
Helcurt is a great assassin and is very underplayed for the type of meta we are in current for S15. I would place Helcurt in the B+ to A tier for assassins. He is almost never banned in any game play and he clears jungle & lane easily. He has the potential to full combo anyone in a few seconds with full build. My most recent game I played which I was MVP 12/6/5, I used my full Ult > S1 > S2 (5 stingers) combo on the enemy's Wanwan that had a Wind of Nature item and killed her before my 1.5 second silence was up, so she couldn't even use the item. She was at 85% full build at this time of the game when I was already maxed build with red pot & Red buff. Even if she was full build, unless she had immortality on as a last item, which she wasn't wasting another def item for that, she would of died. Fun fact about Queen's Wing item that reduces all damage by 50% after you hit 40% HP, you can still be 1 shot if your HP stays above 40% and the damage hits you for over the % of life left (i.e deals 50% your HP and you had 41% HP left). I do not know if this is a glitch or what not, but this has happened to me multiple times and I have emailed support about this issue in the past.

I hope you enjoyed the Guide.

\*Rant on players S15*\**
One final thing I would like to say for Epic players and lower. Please stop sitting in lane and farming. As of now in Season 15, the most effective way to win games is through map control and objectives, not CS farming. This is not that slow game called League of Legends. Your games should be over in 15 mins or 20 mins max. Best method is to use 1/3/1 with the 3 at mid clearing jungles, roaming to side lines, and capturing neutral objectives like Turtle and jungle invading. Make sure you give AD users the red buff and blue buff to casters. Even after the changes, the blue buff is still best on casters to help them from using up too much resources and AD benefit more from the true damage procs.
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Fun Multiplayer Builds #5: Top Tier? Tricks!

One of the things that makes MP fun is seeing people do unexpectedly cool things with units you thought were predictable -- or plain overpowered. This episode of FMB is all about building units that everyone thinks they understand and can predict into units that open their eyes to the strange and twisted world of bizarre intentions and ultraniche purposing.
Prince of Disablers
Noctis is known as the charge-up-and-nuke tank, but with a bit of a hit in the stat department, he can easily take on the rarely-but-definitely-occasionally-more-useful role of entirely-enemy-disabling tank. This build is ideal for providing the assist on levels like Roxxxanne's EX, where there are a couple of powerful enemies that need specialist attention, but also a swarm of annoyances that are quicker and easier to disable than to kill.
Main: Magic Swordsman
Sub: Prince of Lucis
React: Reflection
Passive1: Divine Shelter
Passive2: Shell Charge
Gear1: Crowley Sword
Gear2: Battlefield Drama
Magic Swordsman can hit enemies with Petrify, Daze, and Bind; sub Prince adds Stop as well as giving a longer-range Daze. Between the two, you have access to every single effect that can bring an enemy to a standstill. You just need enough Jewels to put them to good use, enough AGI to put them to good use, both of which are addressed by a good Battlefield Drama.
The Crowley Swords adds a solid +15 Daze Affinity, which is nice, as well as some helpful HP and PDEF. If you don't have it, you can run with Sword of the Father alongside a Restrained Eyepatch or something.
Bonus build: Swap back into Prince of Lucis main and trade in a Guren Blade, and you have here the next best thing to Selena for tanking the Layer 13 Fire Demons. :D
Sometimes, you don’t have any AP, but you can't really afford to pay a lot of attention to an MP game, either. That's when you bust out ye olde Autogil.
Main: Dark Cavalier
Sub: Whatever floats your boat, really.
React: Avenger
Passive1: Overdrive
Passive2: Divine Shelter
Gear1: Curious Doll
Gear2: Wanderer's Hat
The idea here should be obvious: hit something, Juggernaut, and get back to work while your 25% damage reduction keeps you alive. Hope your Avenger procs and drives you nuts again so you don't have to pay attention for a few more turns. Sadly, you can't take the Halloween Ratty and then use it on yourself first turn. Serious oversight on the designer's part right there. :(
Best for levels that are well below your genuine danger zone, like Scarlet Flame. Dark Cavaliers are made of tissue paper.
Bonus Build: Play the same game with Aranea, but take Feint instead of Divine Shelter and definitely take the Imperial Commodore sub.
Stagebreaker Roxxxanne
Certain stages have very specific enemies that, if disabled or killed before they can do their thing, instantly make the rest of the stage 40-80% easier. Roxxxanne, as much as she's a powerhouse in her 'normal' build, is also the game's leading professional stagebreaker.
Main: Spy
Sub: Basic Shadow Broker
React: Turn the Tables
Passive1: Artificer Weapons OR Hurricane
Passive2: Flying Monkey OR Booster +2
Gear 1: Jikunai Satsuki
Gear 2: Curious Doll OR Spirit Arrow
The idea here is that you modify the build to get exactly the move+attack range you need (because the enemy that needs to be disabled is far away), and you set all the other available options to "+AGI". Except the Curious Doll, that's there for the +30 gems per Autoattack and a bit of extra survivability.
Set entirely to speed, this is also the Roxxxanne build for high-level PvP, where the question is not 'who has Roxxxanne,' but rather 'Who can Null Grenade the other Roxxxanne first?'.
The Cleaner (Minerva)
Minerva is just a powerhouse in a ridiculous number of ways, but she's clearly intended to be used primarily for her Bulwarks and buffs. Let's ignore what the stupid designers intend a build a Minerva that is designed to kill the sh!t out of things.
Main: Prodigious Savant
Sub: Prodigious Savant
React: Auto Alchemia Barrier
Passive1: Sorcery Pair
Passive2: Clever Charge
Gear 1: Illuminator
Gear2: Trusty Critter - Chip
"But Arananthi, that's just Minerva really." Oh, no. Rarely will you see Minerva pushing the extra bits of damage with Sorcery Pair or Chip -- but the real killer app here is Clever Charge. By popping Channel Alchemia into Alchemia Overload with a ~700 base MATK and +15% Magic Damage, Minerva will regularly kill at least a few if not all of the lower-level mobs on a stage, and net herself a HUGE, permanent, stacking boost to MATK and AGI that will make it easy to take down whatever big bad evil guys are left standing. It's hard to deal enough damage to kill chaff mobs in the harder MP levels, so you really have to squeeze out every last point to make a mapwide attack hurt -- but this does it.
(Come) Get Shorty! (Edward)
Ahh, Edward. "Short Blond Setsuna." There's very little about Edward that jumps out as a viable alternate build, because everything he has is pretty straightforward. Unless you're the masochistic type, that is.
Main: Holy Brawler [Fudo]
Sub: Holy Brawler [Fudo]
React: Fullmetal Counter
Passive1: The Book of Five Rings
Passive2: Strike Mastery
Gear1: Stable Transmutation Circle
Gear2: Treasured Keepsake
Masochist Edward takes hits on the chin from every possible angle, because every hit he takes gives him the chance to hit back with his ranged counterattack dealing +90% damage through a combination of Book of Five Rings, Transmutation Circle, and Strike Mastery.
Best paired with Jewel destruction to force enemies to autoattack him, or if you for some insane reason have Edward at MLB and have a third gear slot, slap on a Halloween Ratty to get a similar effect on your own.
Oh, and as you start to get low on HP (you have over 2K here), the Fudoness kicks in and you get a few extra really hard punches in as you go down, which is nice.
And that's it for me today. :) Feel free to give me whatever feedback you got!
Self-promo: GL Tier List by Ease of Acquisition
Oh, right, and what should I do next?
  • Niche Utility JE Builds?
  • Five-star Four Stars? Or
  • Astrology Done As Close to Right as Possible?
Thanks !
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