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But they don't care at all. Get the latest on tickets, merch and news! These keys are generally more expensive than. Lyrics to "Modern Times" song by The Black Keys: They're gonna get to it tomorrow, But they don't care at all, They're gonna ease your pain and sor. Re-tune and repeat several times.

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Their albums are the kind you just listen to and don't look for certain songs, you just push play and let it go. And this is another example of that. For example, hitting F2 might work on an Asus, you. Modern times black keys tab. Black hole research earns trio Nobel Prize for physics. From loud, robust voices to delicate and refined ones, vocal gymnasts and smooth balladeers, the 50 best jazz singers ever is a varied and stunning list.

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I am 32 years old, make $59,500, live in Amsterdam and work in research management.

Section One: Assets and Debt
My boyfriend and I live in separate apartments in the same neighborhood and keep our finances separate.
Equity: I own a small ground floor one-bedroom apartment east of the city center. I have a tiny garden. The current estimated value is $ 386,750. I bought it 3 years ago for $ 360,570, with a mortgage of about $ 196,350 and paid down the rest, partly from an inheritance and partly sponsored by my parents. I kept most of my own savings at the time as an emergency fund.
Current mortgage: $ 178,500
Checking account: $ 2,274
Sinking funds: $ 6,783
Emergency fund: $ 3,647
Long-term savings: $ 30,940
Investment portfolio: $ 13,804
Credit card debt: none, the Netherlands has a good banking system and people use debit cards. A credit card is something you use to buy stuff on the internet, or when you visit the US.
Student loan debt: none, higher education isn’t free but it is affordable. I was extremely lucky that my parents could support me and that the government was still paying students a small stipend, so I graduated without debt.
Retirement Balance: Thank you PipPippeling for explaining this so well a few weeks back! Pensions in the Netherlands are different from the US. We get a government pension from a certain age (currently 67 but bound to go up). It’s around minimum wage. In addition, the large majority of Dutch employees also contributes to a specialized pension fund. Most jobs are part of some collective labour agreement and under these, the pension contribution is usually mandatory. For me that would currently be $ 419 gross per month but I have only been contributing for 7 years.

Section Two: Income
Income Progression: During my PhD (~10-6 years ago) I made about $ 33,320 per year. I’ve been university support staff since 2016, and my salary has increased from $ 34,510 to an estimated $ 59,500 this year. This includes vacation payment (in May – national law) and end-of-year payment (in December – from our collective labor agreement).
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $ 3,299
Taxes and social security: $ 1,238
Pension fund: $ 286

Section Three: Expenses
Paid monthly
Mortgage: $ 678
HOA: $ 143
Natural gas/electricity/water: $ 125
Insurance (liability, travel): $ 34
Mobile phone (bill + sinking fund): $ 35
Internet: $ 37
Cable: none
Netflix: parents’ account
Checking account cost: $ 2
Yoga (6 classes/month at local school): $ 77
Church tithes: $ 48
Charity: $ 20
Groceries, toiletries, clothes, eating out, misc.: $ 714
Into sinking funds monthly
Gifts and giving: $ 89
USA 2022 vacation fund: $ 119
Emergency fund: $ 330
Home & garden: $ 119
Medical: $ 262
Singing lessons: $ 119
Into long-term savings: $ 181
Investments: $ 149
Paid annually
Health insurance: $ 1343
Local taxes: $ 741
Home owners’ tax: $ 138
Small property-related expenses: $ 138
Culture (concert tickets 10/year, museum pass, ‘friends of…’): $ 427
Charity (church): $ 238
Newspapers (digital) and magazine: $ 254
Creditcard, paypal: $ 33
Train discount pass: $ 80
Choir memberships (low because…): $ 214
Union dues: $ 157
Bicycle annual check-up: $ 143
Vacation sinking fund for that year: $ 2380

Day 1. Friday, September 11. Daily total: $ 136.85
7:00 I wake up before my alarm. I am staying at my boyfriend, G.’s apartment and get out of bed so he can continue sleeping. I make oatmeal topped with granola and grapes for breakfast. I have no morning routine except wash face & moisturize, and brush teeth. I hardly ever wear make-up.
8:00 Physical therapy. This summer we did a 7-day hiking tour in the Netherlands (because coronavirus). Or rather, a 5-day hiking because I got injured and we had to stop. It’s now two months later, and the injury is still not over. My leg is much better, but since a week or so, my back hurts too. I discuss my worries with the therapist, and he examines me again. Conclusion: I probably have a very minor herniated disc in my lower back, causing no issues with movement/touch etc. but radiating a dull pain. Most likely it will go away by itself. Back issues - I am now officially old. After the examination I do my exercises.
9:00 I go back to my boyfriend to make coffee and breakfast in bed. Second breakfast for me. 😊 After breakfast I go home to change. This is my Friday off (alternating Fridays off/working) and I usually have a lot to do.
10:45 I ride my bike for 10 minutes and am early for my appointment at the blood bank (Sanquin) to donate blood plasma. I had COVID mid-March (did not very sick) and apparently the antibodies can be used to treat people currently suffering from COVID. I get hooked up to the machine pretty quickly and the donation goes well. I eat two cheese rolls and drink half a liter of broth. Unfortunately, on the way out, I still get light-headed. I lay down for a while on the bed that is specifically for this purpose. The nurses check on me and bring me apple juice to get my liquids and blood sugar up. The people at the blood bank are the best. After a while, I feel good enough to get up. I make a new appointment and ride my bicycle home.
Btw blood donation in the Netherlands is unpaid, you can get your travel reimbursed and they have lots of snacks, but that’s it. I love that.
13:15 My awesome colleague D. picks me up in her car to drive to the animal shelter a few towns away, where I have an appointment to adopt a cat! I met 15-year-old lady cat H. this Wednesday and fell in love. Thursday, when I also had to work, I used all time in between appointments to make multiple (bicycle) trips to the store to pick up a cat toilet, litter, a travel carrier, food, etc.
14:15 H. is put in her carrier. I sign the cat adoption papers and pay the fee $ 136.85
15:30 D. drops us off and I give her a bar of Tony Chocolonely chocolate as a thank you for driving us. Inside, H. comes out of her carrier quickly and starts to discover her forever home. Within 30 minutes, she is on my lap and purring. I was so scared to be responsible for this tiny being, and what if she doesn’t like me? But I think this is going to work out fine.
I spend the rest of the afternoon/evening hanging out with the cat. I will just call her Cat from now on. She is extremely cuddly. I have a dinner of roasted sweet potatoes, cabbage and vegan ‘chicken’ nuggets. Cat eats something disgusting from a can. I watch ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ for the first time (cheesy but cute).
23:00 G., who is a professional classical singer, comes home from his first two concerts of this weekend. Theater and classical music life is starting back up but it is difficult because only so few people are allowed to attend performances at the same time. The choir he sings with solved it this time by shortening the program and performing multiple sessions. G. and Cat meet, and they get along well.
0:00 time for bed. My evening routine: quick face and body wash with washcloth, brush teeth.
Day 2. Saturday, 12 September. Daily total: $ 57.50
4:30 Cat wants to enter the bedroom. Nope. My heart breaks, though.
8:50 We wake up naturally. I feed Cat, and make us breakfast in bed. Cat is now allowed to hang out with us on the bed, and she’s very happy. During the day I text my sister, who is a vet, probably 50 times to check on all the ways I may or may not kill or traumatize Cat by (for example) feeding her kibbles and turning off the lights at night. I am an anxious cat mom. Sister assures me Cat will be fine.
We spend the morning in bed with coffee, Duolingo, and the (digital) newspaper. I vacuum, which I was hesitant to do because I don’t want to scare Cat, but she does not seem worries.
11:30 G. leaves to get ready for the two concerts of today. I ride my bike to the pet supplies shop (again) for more cat food, a lint roller, and a brush. $ 11.75. On the way back I pick up a package from the drug store and buy discounted granola bars. $ 2.13. Back home, I do my physical therapy exercises, eat pasta leftovers for lunch, and suddenly I am running late.
13:45 Leave home and bike as fast as I can to the train station, where I meet up with D. a mutual friend of G. and I. D. We are going to G.’s first concert of today. The train ride to the next big city is only 20 minutes ($ 5 discounted fare, but subtracted from the credit on my ‘public transport chip card’. I promise that sounds better in Dutch.) With such a small audience, the corridors of the concert venue are nearly empty, quite a change from before the pandemic.
15:00 The concert is wonderful. The three of us (D., G. and myself) have a coffee and chat for a while. D. pays because I paid for her concert ticket. These were about $ 24 each, but I bought these a few weeks back, so not included here.
17:00 I meet up with my friends A. and R. for dinner in our regular place. I have seen them a few times during the pandemic, usually in their garden. We normally go to classical music every 3-4 weeks, but between mid-March and June, everything was canceled. A. and R. just moved so we have a lot to catch up on. For dinner I have kangaroo steak and the chef’s surprise dessert (as always!), with two glasses of wine and a coffee. The bill comes to $ 124.36, which we round up to $130.90. (Wait staff makes the normal living wage, so even though they welcome tips, they don’t rely on them as much as in the US.) We split the bill three ways. $ 43.63.
19:30 Second concert of today, again with G. among the performers. Again, wonderful. We bought the tickets ahead for the whole season, but it was around $ 24 as well, with this ‘series discount’.
21:00 G. and I take the train back to Amsterdam and bike home from the train station.
22:00 We watch a Dutch comedian on Netflix and cuddle with Cat. Since G. is super tired, we go to bed shortly after 23:00 and doze off quickly.
Day 3. Sunday, 13 September. Daily total: $ 39.76
7:00 We wake up naturally for no reason. Cat scratches the door. We very deliberately don’t let her in until WE want to get up.
7:45 Breakfast of yogurt with muesli and fruit for G. and I., and cat food for Cat. G. has a busy day ahead and leaves around 8:15 to rehearse for his first concert of today. I lounge in bed with Cat for a while and putter around the house. I try to feed Cat some kibbles and she actually eats them! In the animal shelter they told me she would only eat ‘wet’ food (from cans) so I’m very pleased with this accomplishment. When the Lidl (supermarket chain) opens I go grocery shopping. It is a short bike ride away. From now on, assume I will ride my bike anywhere unless mentioned otherwise. 😊
10:15 I buy olives, cherry tomatoes, yogurt, whole-grain wraps, eggs, ice cream (for G.), dishwasher tabs, potato chips, some other things, and a selection of sweet buns and bread for lunch. $ 39.76
11:00 Back home I tune in for church service while I bake coconut flour lemon poppy seed cake. Unfortunately, the sound of the live recording is very spotty and there is no fun (or salvation) in listening, so I plug in my earphones and listen to Stuff You Should Know (best podcast ever) instead. The cake turns out great. I also prepare zucchini soup for lunch.
13:30 A good friend of mine comes over. We have lunch and discuss the pandemic, work (she is an essential worker), Cat, family, life etc. We sit both inside and outside. She is very unaware of keeping 1.5 m distance between us and I have to remind her frequently. She remarks this is probably because she works in a supermarket with mostly young people who aren’t afraid of COVID at all, and don’t really keep their distance to their colleagues.
18:15 We move back inside and watch a TV show on which G. performs with some of his colleagues. He does a good job. I am happy for him that this is the last concert of the weekend.
20:00 My friend leaves and I have a late dinner of cabbage, sweet potato and vegan shawarma meat. Afterwards I cuddle up on the couch with Cat. G. comes home not long after. We hang out with Cat and go to bed early.
Day 4. Monday, 14 September. Daily total: $ 10.83
7:45 We almost make it to our alarm without Cat waking us. I feed her and let her into the bedroom to cuddle while G. and I have our coffee and breakfast in bed (you gotta love WFH). We have some leftover cinnamon buns, lemon cake and bread from yesterday.
9:00 I pull out my laptop, keyboard, mouse, and screen, set up my space at the dinner table, and get to work. Since I work in higher education, my hours are flexible, but I try to stick to office hours, as do most of my colleagues. I didn’t feel very on top of everything last week, largely due to excitement about Cat, so I try to do better today.
11:45 A short walk to the newspaper store to pick up stamps and send a card to an ill choirmate. $ 10.83
13:00 Somewhere around lunch, I do my physical therapy exercises. I think I had a wrap for lunch.
The afternoon goes by frustratingly slow. I get some deliverable from a colleague that doesn’t make any sense to me, and I spent at least 2 hours figuring out (and correctly writing down) how it should be different, without saying they just didn’t do a good job. Oh well.
18:00 I log off from work. For dinner, I heat up soup and have some walnut bread w/butter with that. Cat gets more disgusting stuff from a can, because I want to save the last few kibbles for tonight. I will have to get more tomorrow. I leave home around 19:00 because I have choir rehearsal tonight.
19:30 This choir started rehearsing again last week (yay!). We are split into 4 groups per evening (2 time slots and 2 groups per time slot). This means the symphonic choir feel is suddenly more like a chamber choir feel. I enjoy the rehearsal much more than last week, since my little group is headed by the maestro tonight.
21:00 Half rehearsals also mean I’m home early! I hang out with Cat for a while and feed her the last kibbles. I try to go to bed early, around 22:00, and finally finish my book, The Eight by Catherine Neville. I love historical novels and though I am not very impressed by the believability of this story, it did capture my attention.
23:00 time to sleep.
Day 5. Tuesday, 15 September. Daily total: $ 69.42
7:30 Alarm. Quick iced coffee and muesli with yogurt in bed, with Cat, obviously.
8:00 I start work early because I will need to take many breaks today. I also notice that my back benefits from shorts stints of work and many short breaks, so I try to stretch my workday and break more often.
9:45 Quick trip to the pet supply store for cat food, a leash, and a litter mat, or I will be vacuuming for life. Ugh, I forgot to buy toys. $ 36.70
12:30 First half of my physical therapy exercises. I don’t really have time to eat lunch before my meeting at 13:00. I meet with one of the project controllers and we talk through some loose ends and to-do’s for the projects we support. I am glad I have so many wonderful colleagues that hold up over Zoom.
14:00 Hair appointment – I cut about 15cm off of my hair in May, and want to get it longer again for the winter. $ 32.73
16:30 Second half of exercises. My colleague calls me about a project when I’ve just tied my legs together to strengthen my hips, and I almost break my neck trying to get to the computer on time. It is a fun and useful call, though, and we will continue working on this project tomorrow.
18:00 Done with work. I go over to a neighbor’s house for a small BBQ in his garden. He has a lot of meat and asked me to bring ‘not meat’, so I make vegetable packages in aluminum foil with basil from my garden, and bring some mixed salad and the last few wraps. I have a hamburger patty, a few sausages, veggies, a wrap, a pear with blue cheese (also from the BBQ) and two beers. We chat about the recent renovation to our building, about our neighbors, the pandemic, and about gardening.
20:45 I go home once it’s dark so I can still have some quality time with Cat before I go to G.’s place. I lay on my back on the couch, and Cat lays on my stomach. She sleeps for a while and I almost fall asleep myself too. She is so nice and warm, like laying your own hand on your stomach to guide your breathing. This is my favorite cat perk so far.
21:45 I am going to leave Cat alone for the night for the first time! When I arrive at G.’s, he is still reading to his kids. I make a cup of tea, take a shower, brush teeth, and sneak to the cabin in the garden that is his office and our bedroom. I brought my laptop so I can work on this Money Diary for a while.
22:00 G. joins me. He is still exhausted from the busy weekend and I am quite tired myself. We cuddle and catch up for a bit, then watch/listen to a lecture from our favorite course on iTunes University. It is a Yale course by professor Paul Freedman about early modern history and it’s both entertaining and very interesting. Getting through each lecture takes at least a few days, because we tend to doze off after 10-20 minutes. This time is no different and we are asleep by 23:00 or so.
Day 6. Wednesday, 16 September. $ 20.19
7:00 awake because G. has to nudge his just-teenage daughter to school in time. I lay in bed a bit longer but get up to have breakfast with G. and his preteen son. Coffee, and I have muesli with yogurt and fruit.
8:30 I take a detour home to pick up my semi-weekly bag of organic vegetables/fruits from the organic co-op. Today’s bag contains celery, corn, carrots, red onions, apples, and peaches. It is supposed to be ~3 days’ worth for one person, but between other lunches/dinners, eating at G.’s, and eating out, it usually takes me about a week to get through a bag. This time I order and pay for 2 weeks from now instead of next week. I also buy 100% recycled toilet paper. $ 15.46
8:45 Home, feed Cat, pet Cat, pack my work bag, change clothes (you know, with real pants and shoes), and ride my bike to work.
9:15 At work. Wednesday is my ‘in the office day’. Since July 1st, everybody can come in one day a week, on a set schedule. The colleagues I share ‘office day’ with are very good company both to brainstorm and to chat with. I spend the day working on two different projects and mostly ignoring my e-mail save for a few urgent items.
12:30 Lunch break. I visit a colleague in a neighboring building, who also has his ‘office day’.
17:00 I leave and take a detour to drop off a new laptop with a colleague. She is high-risk so won’t come in to pick it up, and I’m happy to bring it to her. We chat for a few minutes in her garden, and I resume my way home. On the way, I stop at Albert Heijn (biggest supermarket chain here) to pick up mixed salad. I notice the fresh gnocchi and four-cheese sauce are on sale, so I get those too. $ 4.74
18:00 I prepare a simple chili with onions, celery, one carrot, pre-cooked black beans, some vegan shawarma meat. I add a slice of bread with hummus. I eat my dinner on the couch, carefully forking it with one hand while petting Cat with the other.
18:45 Weekly Facetime call with my parents and sister, who lives in the US with her husband. Most of the call is about cats this time. My sister has 2. My parents leave a bit earlier than usual, as they have a meeting.
19:35 Leave for my other choir rehearsal. This is a small church choir, and our ancient church building is huge, so no subdivisions necessary.
22:30 Home. First, some quality time with Cat. I feel bad for leaving her alone all day though I’m sure she spent most of it sleeping anyway. I lay on the couch and she comes lay on my stomach, same as yesterday.
23:30 I get in bed with my laptop, a cup of tea, yogurt with pear, and some cheese. My dinner was way too small so I’m very hungry. I do some work for my home owners’ association (for which I am a board member) and work on this Money Diary. I also add things to my online IKEA basket. They even have pet furniture these days! I decide to wait for one more day before placing the order. I go to sleep way too late, around 1:15.
Day 7. Thursday, 17 September. Daily total:
08:00 As expected, I don’t feel too great. I do get up, feet cat, make coffee and breakfast (yes, muesli etc.) and get back into bed for some quality time on my phone. With Cat.
09:00 I go straight to my laptop and get to work, pajamas and all. Remember how I was going to organize all the e-mails today? Well, I didn’t do that until the very end of the day, but everything is going smoothly anyway. I break mid-morning to do my exercises.
11:45 Just when I am considering walking over to G.’s place to ‘borrow’ some coffee filters, I hear the key in the front door. G. comes with bribes: fresh bread and pastries. Since I still need those coffee filters, we decide to stroll back together to his apartment to pick those up. We have an early lunch at my place (cheese sandwich and apple turnover for me), with more coffee, and I work for a bit.
12:45 We take a short nap in bed that turns into some (much-needed) sexytime. Between work and kids (for him) and work and extracurricular activities (for me) we are often just too tired.
13:15 Back to work. I have a meeting with my direct colleagues and manager, then with another colleague. Cat sits on my lap for a while and then goes back to sleep on her pillow.
16:00 Do some more exercises waiting for manager to call back. I am starting to feel very down, and realize I may need to eat something, so I make a large mug of tea and a small cheese sandwich. It helps a bit. After my manager calls me back and I solve the issue, I take a break to go to the pet supply store (again). I get two cat toys and another litter mat to put in front of the cat toilet. $ 17.81
18:15 Done working. I work on this Money Diary for a while before dinner.
19:00 I heat up the leftover chili from yesterday, put it on a whole-wheat wrap and vamp it up a little, with yogurt, sweet chili sauce and mixed salad. I eat my dinner on the couch, Cat on lap, while watching two episodes of Grace & Frankie. After dinner I vacuum the house and place the additional litter mat. Cat now has a red carpet of litter mats. Let’s hope it helps. I take a 2km walk around the neighborhood, and my back holds up well.
21:30 I meet with the two other board members of the home owners’ association via teleconferencing. Monday is the annual meeting (via teleconferencing, because… you know) so there are always last-minute issues to discuss.
22:15 finish up this money diary! I finally wanted to place my IKEA order, but the website malfunctions, so I guess this week will be cheaper after all.
\EDIT: I ordered the IKEA stuff the next morning, it was $ 85 for a cat bed for Cat, a set of drawers, and some storage items. Not included in weekly total.**
Weekly total: $ 352.37
Food + drink: $ 105.71
Fun + entertainment: $ 0
Home + health: $ 10.83
Clothes + beauty: $ 32.73
Transport: $ 0
Other (Cat): 203.11
This was a normal week for me, perhaps on the cheap side because I hardly spent anything from sinking funds. I love sinking funds; they make my monthly budget very stable. I always feel like I do not save enough, but I didn’t realize how much money I have stashed in those sinking funds. Some of that could perhaps go into long-term savings. The only thing that made this week exceptional and expensive, was Cat, of course! I will make a sinking fund for her in my budget starting next month, in case she needs a vet appointment.
I apologize for my language errors, English is not my native language. Thanks for reading!
[edit - removed reference to a 'bubble' 20.nov.2020]
submitted by Optimal_Bus4617 to MoneyDiariesACTIVE

Comprehensive Feedback List - Update 3.0.0 and forward

  • No default loadout for the engineer and echelon classes | GAMEPLAY | BUG: The whole loadout system still is hugely bugged. One obvious bug is that for the engineer and echelon class do no t have a default loadout equipped. That breaks equipped loadouts when you switch between classes. You have to reselect the loadout slot every time you equip either the engineer or the echelon class or it will use the last equipped loadout from your previously selected class. When you enter the bivouac, the loadout also gets deselected if you have either the engineer or the echelon class equipped. That also affects your appearance - the magazines on your vest reset to assault magazines no matter what primary you have equipped. You need to go to the tactics screen and select the loadout again to have the correct magazines shown again;
  • HUD completely disappears in Ghost War | HUD | BUG: This mostly happens when I tab out during a match, and it's like zero HUD. I cannot change gadgets anymore (even the keys for fast switching don't work) and don't see anything HUD related. Returns to normal only when I get downed/revived;
  • Speaker name HUD option always toggles itself off | HUD | BUG: No matter how often I enable it, after a restart of the game the speaker name HUD option is disabled again;
  • Unread intel every restart | MENU | BUG: Several intel items, like from Episode 1, get unread every new game start so you always have an unread indicator;
  • Wrong magazine on the ARX200 | VISUALS | BUG: The ARX200 has a wrong model for the magazine. Please give it its correct magazine;
  • Vests/bagpacks glitching into the air | VISUALS | BUG: In different scenarios (mostly when in a vehicle) equipment glitches into the air above characters, like in this example;
  • HUD elements overlapping each other | VISUALS | BUG: With more than one temporal effect applied, those overlap with weapons in the HUD when you switch a weapon, like in this example;
  • Unclean icon for dexterity ratio extreme | VISUALS | BUG: The dexterity ratio extreme gadget has leftover stuff in its icon, as you can see here;
  • Koblin stock doesn't change color | VISUALS | BUG: When choosing a camo for the Koblin stock, it just stays black. It does change color however if you paint the whole weapon;
  • Remove backhand grenade throwing | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: Remove the backhand grenade throwing animation when you look over the left shoulder. Instead, make the character throw with the left hand;
  • Pistol holding animations in-combat | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: It's astonishing how you manage to make animations even worse. Revert the holding animation for the pistol in combat from before the patch. "Holding animations" as in the positioning of the arms away from the body. Leg animations are better now for normal movement, not as spread anymore as before. The pistol idle animation and pistol sprint animation remain to look horrendeous, as soons as possible you should completely replace these with new animations;
  • Nomad still not standing straight | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: Idk if your animation makers have severe knee problems, but a human being - except for Kurt Angle maybe - doesn't stand with their knees bend so much -> Let Nomad stand straight, also affecting the movement animations;
  • Upper body movement too stiff | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: Movement animations still look incredibly unnatural, which is probably because the upper body movement is really stiff. Add more live/motion to every movement animation;
  • Male Nomad uses female animations in Erewhon and cutscenes | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: ... give our boy male animations;
  • General weapon holding | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: You really need to rework the holding on so many weapons. It's just lazy and embarassing that there is basically one holding animation that you applied to all weapons. Looks so ridiculous especially on shotguns. AAA-quality? Not even close;
  • Protecting against sun animation | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: Remove that animation please. It just looks bad.
  • LMG Animations still broken | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: Here we go, here we have our Wildlands flip scope animation of Breakpoint. How can these game be close to A YEAR on the market and LMG still having completely stiff reload anims and chains not moving?!?
  • Underbarrel grenade launcher holding and reloading | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: The underbarrel launcher animations suck. There is neither a holding animation for the launcher when you switch to it nor is the reload correct. You don't put the grenade in from the front -> add appropriate animations;
  • Feet inwards rotation while sprinting | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: While sprinting, the characters feet rotate too much to the inside;
  • Leaning backwards on sprint | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: When the character starts to sprint, they often lean back for a moment. Remove that;
  • Crouching down hill | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: Crouching down a steep looks dumb. The character should stand up more;
  • Moving alongside or up certain inclines missing animation | ANIMATION | FEEDBACK: Before update 2.0.0 or 2.1.0, there was a dedicated animation for when a character moves on certain inclines. This one is gone now and replaced by the character changing into combat-mode animation. Please revert that;
  • Inventory/map button for exit action | CONTROLS | FEEDBACK: Currently, you have to use ESC to exit menus you entered with the map or inventory button. Pressing or and then or again should also exit the menu;
  • Wildlands prone behavior | CONTROLS | FEEDBACK: Please revert the prone movement to the way it was in Wildlands. It doesn't make sense that you cannot crawl sideways but always change directions;
  • Inventory/map button for exit action | CONTROLS | FEEDBACK: Currently, you have to use ESC to exit menus you entered with the map or inventory button. Pressing or and then or again should also exit the menu;
  • Wildlands prone behavior | CONTROLS | FEEDBACK: Please revert the prone movement to the way it was in Wildlands. It doesn't make sense that you cannot crawl sideways but always change directions;
  • Left/Right spam in PvP should drain stamina | CONTROLS | FEEDBACK: In PvP, the left/right direction change spam is still a thing because it makes your character almost unhittable. This behavior should drain stamina super fast in PvP and without stamina it shouldn't be doable. Alternatively, I've seen the suggestion to lock the camera behind the player while sprinting;
  • Swamps and small waters are too deep | ENVIRONMENT | FEEDBACK: You have that really cool animation in the game that Nomad holds up their weapon over the water. Problem is, most waters are so deep that Nomad starts swimming all the time -> Make many of the swamps and small waters less deep to have said animation more often;
  • More breachable fences | ENVIRONMENT | FEEDBACK: Basically, make every fence in the game breachable. Give the players freedom to be creative. If that breaks some missions etc. that is a good thing! You should always give players as much freedom as possible. If they break your missions you can use that information to find new ways to make missions interesting;
  • More weapons need stock options | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: All the special variants and many other weapons still don't have stock options. This includes the Vector, the Scorpion Evo, the MP5 and others. All these should have stock options. Variants should also get the default weapons stock (like the Scorpion Evo and the Vector);
  • Breach kit as ability not gadget | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: The breaching kit should not be a gadget that we have to equip but an ability that we can use whenever we want;
  • AI-Teammates need to be separately selectable | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: The AI-Teammates right now feel too similar to their Wildlands counterparts in terms of functionality. To make best use of the new engagement distance, we need to be able to command them separately. For example, while in the command wheel, pressing a key could cycle through the AI <1>, <2>, <3>, and ;
  • AI-Teammates need better pathfinding | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: Especially in close areas like indoors, the AI-Teammates have big problems to follow you at all;
  • AI-Teammates need more character, banter | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: Currently, the AI only has a few sentences to say and especially the silencer comment will be annoying very soon. Like yesterday. What we really need is a proper setup for the AI-teammates, missions to find them, backstory and LOTS of banter and comments to each mission;
  • Enemy AI should check on dead bodies more reliably | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: Right now, enemies use to just drive passed dead bodies. They should be way more aware of what they see and check on dead bodies. If they find dead bodies, they shouldn't just get back into the car when they find nothing. They should report over radio like "Ghosts in this sector" which then should trigger extensive enemy appearance in that region;
  • Enemy AI should be able to use all vehicles | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: Enemies should use choppers with Miniguns, APCs and all other attack related vehicles to make it harder to fight them;
  • Helicopters and planes need autopilot when players exit | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: Give us a rebel co-pilot for our helicopters and planes who will bring the vehicles down savely when we exit. It's so dumb that someone would let such an expensive vehicle just crash. Especially because your "stealth parachute landing" would be completely ruined by a big helicopter exploding nearby;
  • Tactical caches at distinctive places | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: Atm, it seem like Tactical caches are just randomly scattered in the world. That's fine, but there should be special caches at special locations to make them feel more special and give a reason to explore them. Right now, the game has too many generic loot locations without anything special;
  • Add a "refill all gadgets" button | GAMEPLAY | FEEDBACK: It's really tidious to refill everything one by one. There should be a button to refill every gadget with one click;
  • No options for teammates on minimap only | HUD | FEEDBACK: Right now, icons for the AI-teammates on the HUD are bound to the in-world icons -> Add options to have minimap icons only:
  • Cooldown mortar bound to icons | HUD | FEEDBACK: Right now, mortar cooldown indicator is bound to ally in-world icons -> Separate them;
  • Separate indicator for AI-teammates synch shot | HUD | FEEDBACK: There is no separate option for a AI-teammates synch shot cooldown indicator, it's bound to the coop module;
  • Simpler and smaller gadget/command wheel | HUD | FEEDBACK: Make the gadget and command wheel smaller again and give us the option for a simplified version with smaller, simple icons etc;
  • Stamina bar position | HUD | FEEDBACK: Give us an option to move the stamina bar under or over the health bar;
  • Sell all option for specific resources | MENU | FEEDBACK: Resources need a sell all option. But not for an option that sells all your resources, but an option that sells all of a specific resource;
  • Tighter models for the Crye pants | VISUAL | FEEDBACK: The Crye pants in Breakpoint look like they are worn way to low and are way too wide especially around the ankles. Please adjust the model accordingly;
  • Sentinel pants color | VISUALS | FEEDBACK: Brown pants looked better. Why would soldiers wear jeans?
  • Attachment paint on weapons with camo options | VISUALS | FEEDBACK: We cannot change or renew the paint of weapon attachments on weapons with fixed camos. Let us at least renew the attachments paint on these weapons;
  • Retractable stocks | ANIMATION | REQUEST: Make stocks that have that functionality irl retractable/foldable. Would be dope if it was an in-game action like attaching the suppressor, but it would be totally fine if it was only a gunsmith option;
  • Slide to crouch | ANIMATION | REQUEST: Watch_Dogs Legion will have a great "slide to cover" animation. Breakpoint should have something similar but it should be a "slide to crouch" animation. When you press the crouch button while sprinting, the character should perform a short arm supported slide to the crouch stance. Similar to the jump to prone mechanic when you transition from sprinting to prone;
  • In-combat direction change | ANIMATION | REQUEST: Add a side step animation to the in-combat movement. Currently, it looks pretty stiff if you abruptly change direction to dodge enemy fire (or for whatever other reason) with a/s/d -> there is a side step animation in the game already, this should be used for in combat movement direction change;
  • Dialogue idle pose | ANIMATION | REQUEST: Make Nomad hold their weapon with one hand facing downwards on the side -> Animation is in the game already. Currently, Nomad's dialogue animations looks really stiff, give him some movement;
  • Unlock all knife animations | ANIMATION | REQUEST: Many of the knife animations in the game are never visible to player because they are locked to certain slopes -> unlock these for all situations. Even better would be if you included more animations that are shorter;
  • Contextual execution animations | ANIMATION | REQUEST: There should be animations for executing enemies out of cover, around edges etc. Also there should be execution animations with pistols;
  • NVG aiming animation | ANIMATION | REQUEST: While having NVGs active, the aiming down sight animation should be over the side of the weapon, using a laser sight if attached. Modern Warfare 2019 shows how to do it;
  • Magwell grip animation | ANIMATION | REQUEST: Some weapon variants have magwell grips as cosmetic additions. Remove that and make it a grip option with magwell holding animations;
  • C-Clamp grip animation | ANIMATION | REQUEST: Add a handstop grip that makes the character hold the weapon with a c-clamp animation (if it makes sense for the weapon);
  • Reload with retention | ANIMATION | REQUEST: Please add tactical reloads with retention. We are on an island on our own, we don't want to waste magazines...
  • Option to cancel every animations | CONTROLS | REQUEST: Some animations take really long to perform. This is a problem especially in PvP. We need a prompt to be able to cancel every animations;
  • Add minigames to hacking computers | GAMEPLAY | REQUEST: There are so many missions in which we need to hack a computer, cut a cable, sabotage something. And it's all just a button press and done. How is that a mission? Add some minigames to it like in Alien Isolation, some quick time events and stuff like that;
  • AI-Teammates need to be able to drive/drive alone | GAMEPLAY | REQUEST: The AI-Squad should be able to drive, at least find to simple locations set by the player. Also, they should be able to follow you with a vehicle when you drive in a vehicle without enough seats for everyone;
  • Give option to craft specific rarity | GAMEPLAY | REQUEST: At some point it's just dumb that I cannot decide what rarity the weapon I craft will have -> Add options to craft different rarities of weapon blueprints for adjusted prices;
  • Add a third slot for offensive/defensive gadgets | GAMEPLAY | REQUEST: Add a passive skill that let's us equip another offensive gadget (like grenades) and another defensive gadgets (like healing items). I can understand you want to limit the players but at some point it's just annoying instead of "limit for immersion";
  • New enemy types | GAMEPLAY | REQUEST: We need some new challenges. Add some more enemy types, maybe some like those from Fallen Ghosts. Enemy types could use riot shields, grenade launchers, disruptors, smoke grenades, heal their teammates etc;
  • Rappelling and ziplining | GAMEPLAY | REQUEST: With all it's abrupt terrain changes, the game needs a rappelling and ziplining ability. It could be implemented as an ability or a gadget similar to the new mortar. Should work sandbox-like, means you can attach it everywhere you want. Functionality is more important than avoiding clipping!
  • Sight/Scope positioning | GAMEPLAY | REQUEST: Some sights and scopes have really weird positioning on the weapon rails. Let us customise the sight position on the rail ourselves;
  • First person mode | GAMEPLAY | REQUEST: Third person view is cool and all when you want to look at your gear and stuff. But like Fallout, TES, PUBG and other games, Breakpoint should let the player choose between third and first person. PvP would highly benefit from a first person option;
  • MP5 variants | GAMEPLAY | REQUEST: The MP5 needs some variants added. The MP5SD and the MP5k are probably the most famous thing when you ask someone about "weapon variants";
  • Option to zoom out on menus | MENU | REQUEST: We need an option to zoom out on the objectives board and the skill menu;
  • Remove the dumb music from the bivouac in the open world | SOUNDS | REQUEST: Gosh this one annoys me so much. It's great that in Erewhon you just go into and out of the bivouac without music. This is a Ghost Recon game, we are a tactical unit, go away with that dumb music when entering/exiting bivouacs!
  • Customisation for all Ghosts | VISUALS | REQUEST: Let us customise the AI-teammates before we start into the story. Pick those three as templates for the other Ghosts in the choppers, at the helicopter crashsites and in Erewhon. Let us look like a true elite soldiers!
  • Color option for all gear | VISUALS | REQUEST: Every gear item should have color options. Doesn't make sense that we cannot for example change the color on the new Bodark stuff;
  • Primary and secondary color slots | VISUALS | REQUEST: Some gear items should have two color slots at least;
  • Belt, vest and gloves customisation | VISUALS | REQUEST: Add customisation options for belts (different belts, different setups), for vests (different setups) and gloves (right/left, watches/compass etc.)
  • Color options for special suppressors | VISUALS | REQUEST: The special suppressors (like the hive suppressor) have cool models, but look absolutely dumb with their textures. Give us the option to choose camos like on every other attachment on them;
  • Vests with tightesmaller shoulder pads | VISUALS | REQUEST: Most vests in Breakpoint that come with shoulder pads have real bulky ones. Would be cool to get some vests with tight/small shoulder pads;
  • Disable all first person models except for arms to prevent any clipping in player view | MISC | FEEDBACK: Clipping problems like this one here shouldn't ever happen. Especially because there is a rather easy fix: Don't give a first person model to anything but player arms. We don't need to see anything else in first person anyway, right?
  • Correct calibers for all weapons | MISC | FEEDBACK: At this point, it doesn't even have to have an effect on Gameplay. Just make all weapons have their real life calibers displayed in the game;
  • Stats in Ghost War STILL resetting | MISC | FEEDBACK: It's embarassing that so many months after release you still didn't fix Ghost War stats resetting;
  • Settings menu back to list view | MISC | FEEDBACK: Some patches ago, you changed to look of the settings menu to have this really weird layout. Please change it back to a normal list of menu options and the tips sections back to the bottom;
  • Deploy cutscenes at match start in PvP | MISC | REQUEST: When a match starts in PvP, the Ghosts shouldn't just spawn. Make some cool deploy cutscenes like landing from parachuting, rappelling from a helo or brought in by a truck etc;
submitted by JohnnyTest91 to GhostRecon