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Let's Talk Forge World

So with quarantine providing plenty of hobby time the last few months I've managed to knock out quite a few additions to my collection from the standard Codex offerings. I'm looking to potentially add some Forge World models, particularly with the hope that their getting folded into the rest of the standard collection means better support going forward.
The Wraithseer has been getting a lot of discussion lately, and I think it's safe to say why. Soon to start at 115 points, I really think there will be value in sticking with a free Wraithcannon or one of the standard Heavy weapon choices. The D-Cannon is dope, but at 40 points per my gut reaction is that it's better suited on the cheaper Support Weapon frame. I haven't had my Wraithseer on the table for quite some time, but I prefer moving it forward to take advantage of both high durability and the tasty Ghostspear. I'm seriously considering building another for a pair of the toughest melee threats the army can muster at just 230 points.
Next up, the Warp Hunter. Another model whose name I've seen thrown around a few times on this sub recently. I'm currently about 60% through painting an Exodite conversion for one (Leviadon base model from AoS). I think it's a pretty big winner from the upcoming edition rules, gaining full use of its mobility as well as bringing a potent non-LOS weapon. Definitely pricey for an otherwise standard T7 W12 3+ model, but dipping for some Vehicle equipment could be worthwhile. New CTM looks good for firing autohit Rifts after advancing, with dealers choice of the Vectored and or Star Engines to really zip around the battlefield.
I really want to like Wasps, like them in a vacuum quite a bit over the standard War Walker. However, the points discrepancy between them for what you currently get is hard to swallow. A single extra wound, Fly and true Deep Strike instead of Flanking is pretty ehhh from me. Perhaps another 2" of movement over the War Walker would help. Fast Attack instead of Heavy is something at least.
The Phoenix flyer. I really wanted to like these in 8th and played only a pair of games with a proxy. Not impressed for the cost. If I'm doing proper maths after the points leak, this thing now comes in at 235 points (210 base, 20 for twin shuricannon and 5 for the CTM). That's 5 points under the Hemlock (230 base plus 10 for Spirit Stones), again if I've done the correct maths. Big winner from ignoring Heavy penalties while moving, even if the CTM still seems fairly unnecessary and thus wasted points. At 16W with inbuilt -1, this big bird makes a great Fortune target.
So: has anyone got table experience with Forge World offerings? I'd love to hear opinions from past results, but theorycrafting would also be fun. Wraithseer: D-Cannon or no? Run a pair for potential Psychic Ritual points? Warp Hunter: Plenty of points for a potential predator or predominantly pathetic? If anyone can sell me on a reason to pay for Wasps over a normal Walker, I'll give you a socially distant kiss. The Phoenix in particular I'd love to hear thoughts on. Am I correct that it's now cheaper than a Hemlock? Is raw Wound count enough to give it an edge over the CHE for aerial firepower?
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My favorite Friday the 13th films (from worst to best)

These are just MY opinions. It’s ok if you like a movie I don’t, we’re all human, which means we all like different things. Don’t hate me for something like this. Let’s get on with it.

12: Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning
I shouldn’t need to explain why this is a bad movie, but I will for the sake of doing this list. Let’s start with the obvious: Jason isn’t in the movie. It’s a paramedic who goes crazy after his son was killed by a crazy guy. He decided to copy Jason’s style (and apparently somehow gained his super strength and other abilities for a few scenes) and kill all the teens. Frankly this movie is only good for one thing: the kills. There are a few decent ones in this movie. Whether it’s crushing a skull with a belt around a tree or decapitating a person on a dirt bike, these are decent kills, sadly wasted on a bad movie. No characters are likable, no one is relatable, even Tommy Jarvis is an unlikable prick who just beats the shit out of everyone and everything (except when his life depends on it). It’s the worst entry to this series.

Number 11: Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason takes Manhattan
ALRIGHT! Jason is fully in 100% now let's finally get some good-ol fashion… Wait, hold up, “Jason takes Manhattan?” MANHATTAN!? You know, because Jason is so well known for killing horny teens in the alleyways of New York! I first heard of this movie when I was about 11-12 years old. I didn’t watch it (or any of the other Friday the 13th movie at the time or me mum would kill me), but I distinctly remember reading the title, looking at the poster and saying: “PFFT! This shit looks so stupid!” Now keep in mind at this time I thought that The Ridiculous Six was a comedy masterpiece (I was very stupid back then, don’t judge). But now I love this series an am allowed to watch it, so I sat down, and said to myself “Maybe it’s not that bad.” NOPE! The plot is stupid, dialog is clunky and some things that happen make no sense. A good example of this is how Jason can apparently teleport now, and how the New York sewer system floods with… toxic… waste… at night? What the hell? Jason isn’t even in Manhattan until like the last 15-20 minutes or so, he’s on a boat/cruise with students and… Navy officers? What the actual fuck? This movie is probably the dumbest one in the entire series. Again, the only positive is that it has cool kills and some decent gore. This isn’t dead last because it actually had Jason (EDIT: or almost ruin a likable hero).

10: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
Oi, yet another entry that Jason isn’t a part of. OK, that’s a lie. He IS in this, he’s the killer, but here’s the thing: For most of the movie, he’s just a spirit possessing people to do the killing for him. This movie suddenly tries to introduce a mythological element into Jason’s lore, oh, and he also has a sister, which is incredibly stupid, makes no sense, and is a bad time to add it in (it’s the ninth fucking movie in the series). But, to be fair, this was the director Adam Marcus first film, and it does have some GREAT gore galore. Whenever Jason spirit leaves a host, they MELT TO THE FLOOR in a gory puddle of blood and skin. And it’s pretty cool when he’s finally in his body again at the last 20 minutes. But this overall is just a confusing, bad film that, once again, is only good for gore. Oh wait, I do after all have to thank it for teasing the movie Freddy vs Jason though.

9: Friday the 13th part 7: The New Blood
Ah! Good ol’ fashion Friday the 13th! Horny teens by Crystal Lake: CHECK! Jason is in it 100%: CHECK! Bloody murders: CHE- hold up… NOPE! SHIT! So close to being good! This time, it isn’t the filmmakers fault, you can blame the MPAA for this. For some reason they decided to force the filmmakers to cut almost any blood from this movie. Here’s what makes me mad about his though, this came out during the same year as The Blob (1988), and in that movie people are digested alive and melt to paste. WTF MPAA!? You’re forcing this movie to not show more than a fluid ounce of blood and you let THAT slide under your radar!? Anyway, the good? While cut down, it does have an iconic kill in the series (slamming someone in a sleeping bag into a tree) and it’s the only film to have Jason use a motorized weapon (tree trimmer), the “final girl” is a unique one, with the ability of telekinesis, and Jason just looks straight up cool with his exposed spine.

8: Friday the 13th Part 3(D)
Ok, finally, one that checks off all checks for a fun Friday the 13th film. But here’s the thing, there’s too many problems with it! Everything is shot in that fake 3D effect and it’s fucking annoying. Also, the start of the movie focuses on a middle aged couple, and it’s absolutely miserable. Jason just stalks around for about 10 minutes before taking them out (in a few decent ways mind you). If you think the wait for something to happen with those guys was bad, then wait for the main characters. It takes about 30-40 minutes for them to bite it. But luckily we have some random biker thugs to pass the time. Also, we get a very pointless and confusing subplot. This takes place one day after part 2, and the final girl tells a story of how a deformed man (Jason) attacked her at the lake a few months ago! HOW!? It can’t take place before Part 2 because Jason doesn’t have hair, and it couldn’t take place after because she said it was three months, not one day. But it is the movie when Jason gets his iconic mask, and there are decent kills, spear gun to the eye, split in half, but there is one that could be considered both amazing and terrible. A guy is lifted off the ground and has his head crushed so hard his eye pops out. The bad? It looks fake as fuck.

7: Friday the 13th (1980)
Ah, the film that started it all! Sure, Jason isn’t the killer in this one, but I’ll let it slide because it starts his killer rampage, plus he IS in the movie for a good jump scare at the end. The killer is his mother (at least it’s not an impostor) who goes crazy after her son (supposedly) drowned in the lake. My only problem is that this movie is just three things: it’s a Halloween clone, most of the kills are shown in a poor first person effect, and the beginning is VERY drawn out. I swear it’s just 10-15 minutes of a girl walking down the street. Other than that, it’s pretty enjoyable. For the ones not done in a first person effect, the kills are pretty cool, such as an axe to the head, Kevin Bacon’s death, and Pamela's death.

6: Friday the 13th Part 2
Ah, the first one with Jason as the killer. And you know what, it’s decent! The characters are pretty likable, the kills are great, and it has some iconic moments to the series. The films starts with Jason killing the final girl from the last movie as revenge for his mother’s death (ice pick to the head). He then returns back home to find another camp, and goes on a rampage. This movie has one of the best kills in the series (the wheelchair kill). Sadly, it also has one of the worst. “Pretty girl” Terry is killed by… unknown means. She is cut out before we see it and then when her dead body is shown it doesn’t have a scratch. How’d she die? Strangulation? Best guess for me. Also, Jason doesn’t have his hockey mask, he doesn’t get it until Part 3, so he wears a hacky sack instead. Overall a decent entry to the series.

5: Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter
This is one of the best of the series. It has gore, decent story, likable characters, and the introduction to Tommy Jarvis. It’s kills are some of the best in the series, (SPOILER) including Jason’s death itself (SPOILER OVER). Weather it’s a face being crushed against the walls of a shower, someone getting thrown out a window onto a car, getting the best off-screen kill (speared through the torso during a flash of lighting and getting pinned to the wall), getting a pinned to the table with a corkscrew and a clever to the face, or getting a machete to the side of the head and sliding down it. But it has a few dumb decisions (the cliche running up the stairs to the second floor instead out out the door) and an off-screen kill that is arguably worse than Terry’s from part 2 (not even a corpse reveal) but overall an great entry.

4: Jason X
Oh boy, I hear it now. “Wow, I didn’t know he was retarded!” Ha ha, no, I have autism. It’s different. Just hear me out. It’s a stupid movie, but it’s self aware, and knows it’s stupid, and works with it, even using satire (much like Part 6). It never takes itself seriously. I mean, they put Jason… in SPACE. If they’d try to be serious about it, they’d have worse backlash than Part 8. I know a lot of people don’t like this one, but it’s supposed to be stupid. Plus, it has some very likable characters, cyborg Jason, along with the best kill in the entire series (two words, liquid nitrogen) along with many other great ones. It’s a silly movie that’s great fun to watch weather you want a laugh or watch him kill space marines. It's a guilty pleasure.

3: Freddy vs Jason
Ah, the fight that was anticipated since Jason Goes to Hell from 1993. It was in development for 10 years, looking for a good script and story for it. To be 100% honest, I like it. The people of Elm Street have forced people to forget about Freddy so he can’t have any power, so Freddy wakes up Jason in Hell to start invoking fear to make them think he’s back. And it works, he gets power back, but it also backfires: Jason keeps stealing his kills. This has some great kills, such as a guy getting cut in half, the fold-able bed scene, (SPOILER) the scene where Freddy gets his gloved arm torn off and have it thrusted through his chest, and decapitated (I don’t care if he winks into the camera, he’s just a head, that’s a kill for me) (SPOILER OVER) plus a personal favorite when a guy get impaled with a pole and launched hundreds of feet. The final act between the two villains is amazing. Sadly, it is flawed. It focuses a lot on a meaningless subplot that is totally unnecessary of Freddy killing the main character’s mom. Also Jason is apparently “afraid of water.” Now, with him having been drowned and all it COULD make sense, but here are so many scenes where Jason travels/kills people in water it doesn’t make that much sense. It also focuses a bit too much on the teens who aren’t very interesting and not that likable. Plus it suffers a bit from early 2000's special effects/editing, but I was able to ignore that. It’s overall a good, fun flick.

2: Friday the 13th (2009)
This is one of the only good horror reboots to be found in existence. Roger Ebert even said in his review for the movie: "Friday the 13th" is about the best "Friday the 13th" movie you could hope for. Its technical credits are excellent. It has a lot of scary and gruesome killings. Not a whole lot of acting is required. If that's what you want to find out, you can stop reading.” The plot is that a young man is looking for his sister who has gone missing with her friends in the area of Crystal Lake, and stumbles upon a group of teens staying in a cabin for the summer. You can see where it goes from there. As far as I know, this movie had the highest budget in the series, and it shows. It has great directing, great special effects, gory kills, and probably the scariest Jason in an official Friday the 13th film. He’s not a slow lumbering giant, he’s a fast, torturous beast. This actually has some legitimate scares in this movie. Oh yeah, the kills consist of machete to the skull, fire poker through someone’s head, removing the eye, screwdriver to the neck, and a camper in her sleeping bag roasting over a fire, getting cooked alive, plus a lot more...

1: Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason lives
Friday the 13th Part 6, the perfect film of the series. This film is also self aware of its silliness and decides to uses satire and address it, even using humor in some of it’s kills. It’s actually a pretty funny AND scary movie. A great horror comedy. This is also the only one that doesn’t show nudity. It still has lots of gory kills (some of them were partially cut by the MPAA, but not as much as Part 7 thankfully) including: A man getting his heart punched out, a man getting thrown into a tree so hard his arm comes off, three people getting decapitated in one swing, head crushing, knife throwing, folding a man in half, and turning someone’s head 180 degrees and removing it. Also, this is the movie that officially made Jason a supernatural being, having him rise from the dead after being reanimated be lightning. This film also could afford some cool scenes, like an RV flipping over and catching fire. This by far is the greatest film of the series.
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