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Sakevisual games Backstage Pass and Jisei series are pay-what-you-can for the next 15 hours! submitted by Altorrin to otomegames


Post WWE Raw 9/21/2020 Show Discussion Thread

Winner Match Finish Loser Stipulation
Andrade and Angel Garza Wing Clipper Rollins and Murphy and Dominick Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo Winner faces Street Profits at CoC
Drew McIntyre DQ when Orton attacks Drew with a steel chair Keith Lee
Zelina Vega Backstabber Mickie James Winner faces Asuka at CoC
Apollo Crews w/ Ricochet Roll-Up Cedric Alexander w/ MVP
Shayna Bazler and Nia Jax Kirafuda Clutch Lana and Nattie
Asuka DQ when Zelina attacks Asuka Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay
The Hurt Business DQ Retribution
  • Kickoff with Retibuton storming down to the ring, wearing new masks that more clearly show who they are, we are told they have all signed WWE contracts. Mia Yim says they aren't doing this for money, they are showing how corrupt the system is. Dominick Dijakovik says they won't collect money like whores and that they will make sure all of WWE feel retribution. The Hurt Business storm down to the ring and cause Retribution to duck out the ring. MVP says they aren't so tough and once they got their contracts, without any chainsaws or crowsbars, they're running scarred like hoes. More retribution surrounds the ring and climbs up on the apron. The Hurt Business tries to fight back but are out numbered 5 to 1 and get mauled by the members of Retribution. Dio Madden and Dijakovic double chokeslam Lashley/
  • The Mysterio family is interviewed, Rey says seeing Dominick follow in his footsteps to try and earn a shot at the tag team titles, is a true honor.
  • Backstage Retibution says The Hurt Business could have been part of the solution, instead they line their pockets with WWE's money, but they will get paid in retribution.
  • It' time for the KO Show, Owens says on his last show he was attacked for no reason by his guest Aleister Black, and now it's on to new things. His guest tonight is someone he would have never imagined giving this platform to, Shane McMahon. Shane comes down to the ring and the two of them sit down to speak. Shane says he can't believe he's there with the agenda Owen's usually has. Kevin says sure he tried to destroy Shane for two years and got him fired, but tonight is all about promoting, and Shane has the floor to promote his Underground match tonight, Dabba Kato vs Braun Strowman. Shane appreciates the opportunity to advertise this battle of the behemoths and brings out Dabba. Kato enters the ring and Owens says this is why he wanted Shane on tonight, to talk about what happened on Raw Underground 2 weeks ago when Dabba attacked Owens. Kevin says they will face off at some point, and then hit him with a punch to the Jaw. Shane holds back Dabba as Owens brings out his other guest, Braun Strowman who storms to the ring. The two go face to face and Shane tells them to save it for later tonight. Aleister Black attacks Kevin Owens from the behind and pulls him groin first into the ring post three times, as Shane continues to promote his fight.
  • Charly Caruso interviews Drew McIntyre, he blows off a question about competing with a fractured jaw. When asked about his friendship with Keith Lee, he says he understands that everyone wants to be the top guy and some day they'll be laughing about this over drinks.
  • Backstage Retibution are attacking Humberto Carrilo and Titus O'Neil, Dijakovic says WWE superstars are the disease and they are the judge, jury, and executioners.
  • Following Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee, Randy Orton drives a steel chair into Drew's jaw, and then hits Lee with the punt.
  • Randy Orton shames everyone for doubting him on not being able to make it to Clash of Champions, in 20 years he has never walked away from a world title match and doesn't plan on it. However the title match at Clash of Champions isn't exactly normal. He walks to the ambulance parked on the stage and opens the back doors. He says he took a ride in this exact ambulance a few weeks ago because Drew hit him with three claymores. As they were rushing down the highway, drifting in and out of consciousness, Orton realized this was what all the legends he took out felt like when he kicked them in the skull. As he came to in the back of the ambulance he started to smile because he remembered what he was capable of, and what it would take to become WWE Champion. The ambulance represents different things to different people, hope healing, dread, pain, even death, but for him, it represents his 14th world championship. Orton says he will make sure Drew's world title reign flatlines at the hands of the RKO.
  • Asuka is interviewed backstage, and asked if Mickie James or Zelina Vega is the biggest threat to her title. She starts to speak in Japanese when Billie Kay walks up and says everyone is getting free opportunities these days and she deserves one too. Peyton Royce comes by and says she should get a shot too. Asuka asks if they're still friends and they say even if they can't team anymore, they still support one another. Peyton says things change over time, soon enough Asuka may not even be champion. Asuka laughs this off and challenges Peyton to a match tonight.
  • We get a vignette of Bianca Belaire at the gym out performing a guy training there at pullups, the tire flip, and weight lifting. She ends by saying she is the EST of WWE.
  • Earlier today Akira Tozawa and a ninja referee are waiting at the beach, saying they are going to wait in the ocean to ambush Truth. Truth walks onto the beach with his 24/7 Championship and Lil Jimmy. Truth is teaching Lil Jimmy how to swim when he thinks he sees a shark out in the water and leaves the 24/7 title to get himself and Jimmy to shore. 20 minutes later he goes back out in the water but sees the shark again and cheers on Lil Jimmy to swim to shore after his 24/7 title washes up alongside a ninja outfit, and he assumes Tozawa was eaten by the shark.
  • MVP gives notice to Retribution that they fill be in a 6 man tag match tonight, and they will learn the meaning of the Hurt Business and says they are the real executioners. Cedric Alexander says he learned the hard way that fighting the Hurt Business comes around on you ten fold, and he's about to give a similar beating to his old friend Apollo Crews. He says Apollo used him just to help retain his US Title. Apollo Crews and Ricochet come out and Crews says he doesn't care about Cedric's past friendship, he just care about punching Cedric in the face.
  • After Apollo's win, he and Ricochet make their way up the ramp but Lashley and Shelton come out to cut them off, letting Cedric attack them from behind. Lashley then locks the full nelson on Cedric to leave him laying.
  • In Raw Underground Dolph Ziggler takes on Aurturo Rujas, they exchange strikes until Ziggler picks a single leg which Rujas counters with a headlock. Ziggler is able to lock in a sleeper but Rujas is able to break free and attempts a knee bar. Dolph locks a choke in from behind and causes Rujas to pass out. Shane attempts to interview Braun but he shouts in Shane's face so he passes the mic to a woman in the audience and makes her to the interview. Braun says he is going to send home every one of his fighters with pocket full of teeth.
  • Seth Rollins comes down to the ring with a piece of paper in his hands. He says it is no secret that he's had the Mysterio's number for a while now, and thought it was all done after he defeated Dominick in a steel cage, he thought he was free of the torment. However something has been eating at him about the Mysterio's for some time, and thanks to WWE.com posting photos of the family caused the light bulb to go off. He puts a photo of the family on the tron and says something is amiss if you look at Rey and Dominick, and says it doesn't seem possible. Seth says they deserve the truth so he did some digging, and has the results of the investigation in his hand. He invites the Mysterio family to come out to hear the news. The entire Mysterio family comes out and Rey says this must be very important but they are all tired of Seth's games and intend to give him a similar beating to the one they gave Murphy. Seth says he has grown to respect their family, how they stick together to over come adversity, and they deserve to know the truth. In this envelope he has a DNA test and knows this was done before but times have changed and technology has evolved, they need to know if Rey really is Dominick's father. Seth opens the envelope and says the results of the DNA test show that Rey is not Dominick's father. Rey says Seth really brought them up for that, and says they have been down that road before and it didn't work and it won't work again. Seth says he had his guy look into the other Mysterio family members and may have proof that Aliyah isn't his daughter. Seth shows the footage of Aliyah checking on Murphy and says that a member of his family would never do that, and asks Aliyah what she was doing last week. Rey says they already spoke about that and he raised his daughter to be caring and compassionate and warns him to keep his daughter's name out of his mouth. Rey says his daughter is naive and knows nothing about their world, this causes her to storm off, followed by Rey's wife angie. Rey asks Dominick if he said something wrong and they walk to the back too. Seth apologizes, saying he only wanted to inform, not to drive a wedge in the Mysterio family, but he says even a family as strong as them can break, it may have even happened to some of the audience's families.
  • After their match, Jax and Bazler confront Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott. Nia shoves Liv down but she is able to back off with Ruby as Shayna takes apart the announce table. Nia grabs Lana and hits her with a Samoan Drop through the table.
  • In the trainers room Drew says he isn't feeling great but he will be at Clash of Champions and will beat the piss out of Randy Orton. He goes off to find a fight.
  • Backstage Rey is apologizing to Aliyah and says he needs to protect her. Aliyah says she is old enough to take care of herself and that she only came here to support Dominick. She says she knows that Seth already hurt Rey and Dominick and knows the same could happen to her or mom so she's leaving.
  • Back in Raw Underground Riddick Moss faces off with Erik, the two slug it out until Riddick hits a hard right hand and is able to knockout Erik. Shane interviews Dabba Kato who says talk is cheap and that tonight Braun will feel what Dabba Kato is all about.
  • Aliyah is sitting backstage when Murphy approaches her. He says he was just there to apologize because the situation with Seth has gotten way out of hand.
  • It's time for the main event of Raw Underground, Braun Strowman vs Babba Kato. The two square off and exchange some shots. They lock up and Strowman floats over to try and lock in a choke but Dabba is able to pull to the outside. They brawl on the outside for a moment where Braun throws an audience member at Dabba. Braun nails Kato with a straight right and rains down punches on him to get the victory.
  • The three core male members of retribution are called T-Bar (Dijakovic), Mace (DIO), and Slapjack (Thorne).
  • Retribution storms the ring during the main event and are beating down the Hurt Business until Drew McIntyre and the rest of the Raw locker room storm down to the ring and take them out. With the ring clear Orton sneaks into the ring and hits McIntyre with the RKO.
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