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A nuclear attack would bring a sudden surge of patients, but the medical system could dramatically minimize fatalities by training staff and equipping non-medical people to treat second-degree burn victims in much larger numbers. Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). For that reason, Gatlings were usually relegated to the artillery to be used in batteries, rather than distributed to infantry and cavalry units. Despite having multiple weapons, she only has one weapon costume slot. Gius (2020) analyzed state-level data from 1980 through 2020 to assess how firearm homicides were influenced by the 1994–2020 federal assault weapon ban and by state assault weapon bans.

Hacked hiroshima Japan atomic bomb attack 75th anniversary

There are times too when the game is punishingly difficult. Plays everything - files, discs, webcams, devices, and streams. Knowledge of your opponent results in being able to see several of their moves beforehand (and crucially, full knowledge of an enemy Servant including their true name, allows you to anticipate when a Noble Phantasm will be used and thus avoid getting. Intuit quickbooks pro 2020 crack. In World War II, for the first time, the United States had to fight a war on two fronts.


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Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

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Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Japan 11/20 Joushiki Kaihen! However attack from the front could be confirmed by sight, so evading was easy. Another word for attack. Part 1: Inside the asylum. Wii Remote + Nunchuck: Bring up inventory screen Skip through cutscenes +: Call Ashley (when Ashley is waiting) Make Ashley wait (when Ashley is following) Skip through cutscenes 1: Access Map screen 2: Access Options menu A: Shoot your weapon (while holding B and aiming) Attack with the Knife Kick or Suplex an enemy when prompted Confirm Selection on menu screens B: Aim Weapon Cancel.

North American F-100 Super Sabre

It may improve accuracy if a friendly unit has a direct line of sight on the target. This timeline is, at its heart, a combined translation of two official Japanese timelines published as part of the Kiss Players line, which combine the events of the original (US) cartoon, the original Japanese series, Generation 2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Micromaster, Robotmasters, Binaltech, Binaltech Asterisk, Kiss Players. Top secret code breaking centre in Buckinghamshire that tried to read messages sent by the enemy: Blitz: A sudden and intensive attack, especially by air, that is meant to overwhelm the enemy. The hack now works on Win XP, Vista 32/64bit and Windows 7 32/64bit + Chat +. Weapon hack sudden attack japan.


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Values marked in red indicate that those values are the limit: the highest possible values achievable by any normal means (using. Japan remains the only country to have experienced atomic attack - against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, days ahead of the country's surrender on August 15, 1945 to end World War II. These represented 27 giant "power taps" into the earth, each tap extracting enormous energy from the. Look no further than GR for the latest PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC gaming news, guides, reviews, previews, event coverage, playthroughs, and gaming culture. Using advanced brainwashing techniques, they brainwash humans and take over several industrial cities across the world, creating Binaltech Decepticons.

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Japan Urged to Sign UN Nuke Ban on Hiroshima Anniversary

How to windows 8.1 activator cydia. Unlimited Blade Dance: Infinite Sword Dance. Join the free gaming evolution today! Outside of Korea, we started service in Japan in 2020. Tickets to the "i am not tourist" Job Fair for Internationals are available at the discounted price of EUR 12.50 on line and EUR 17.50 at the door.

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London (AFP) - 11/23/2020 - 17: 08 UK's Johnson says 'escape route in sight' from virus. The heroes are each bestowed a special weapon – one wields a spear, one a sword, one a bow; however, Iwatani Naofumi is not impressed when. The United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively. Kms activation through vpn. In the online shooter Sudden Attack, players are divided into two opposing teams: Special Force and Silent Fox Alliances.

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Spurred by Emperor Yoshiro's vision of "divine destiny" and global hegemony. Play Weapon Hacked. CUBE Collection Box Kantoku Edition Dohna Dohna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou-Harem ja Nai yo Kingdom - Charlone & Marrou Hen (Limited E. Although the perpetrators of this attack were never confirmed, the example shows that the disruption of computer systems can be used as a weapon. Not so; the choice was between the bombs, which might force an end to the war in days, and all other.


Kaiserreich Beta 0.14 - 'A Duke and his Hertzog

Here’s 0.14 ‘The Duke and the Hertzog’, less than a month after our last release! This has to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, development turnarounds we’ve had in the past three years. So as always, big thanks to the team and their hard work! We can’t guarantee such a rapid release schedule in the future, we are after all a group of volunteers working in our spare time, but we’d like to think this represents just how much our standards and practices have improved as a team. Enjoy!
- The KR4 team
New Focus Trees
  • Natal
  • Zimbabwe
Reworked/Expanded Focus Trees
  • South Africa
  • United Baltic Duchy
  • The Netherlands
  • Serbia
New Events
  • South Africa
  • Natal
  • Zimbabwe
  • United Baltic Duchy
  • Romania
New Decisions
  • South Africa
  • Natal
  • Zimbabwe
  • United Baltic Duchy
  • The Netherlands
  • Latvia
New Custom Country Paths
  • United Baltic Duchy
New portraits for:
Austria: Eugen von Habsburg-Lothringen
British Isles: Charles III, Hugh Gaitskell, John MacCormick, Compton Mackenzie, Council of Scotland, Clement Davies, Lewis Valentine, Saunders Lewis, Douglas Young, Franz Von Bayern/Francis I
Burma: Ba Swe, Council of Burma, Kodaw Hmaing, Po Hla Gyi, U Ba Pe, Saya San Germany: Alfred Hugenberg
Indochina: Bui Quang Chieu
Russia/RSTransamur: Andrey Vlasov, Arseniy Golovko, Boris Shaposhnikov, Dmitriy Pavlovich Romanov, Grigoriy Semyenov, Grigoriy Semyonov, Ivan Konev, Ivan Romanovskiy, Kirill Meretskov, Lavr Kornilov, Mikhail Frunze, Mikhail Levitov, Mikhail Tukhachevskiy, Nikolay Berzarin, Nikolay Bukharin, Nikolay Bukharin, Nikolay Vatutin, Pavel Shatilov, Semyon Timoshenko, Vasiliy Kuznetsov, Vladimir Kappel, Vladimir Manshteyn, Vladimir Tolstov, Vladimir Tolstov, Vladimir Vitkovskiy
Spain: Alejandro Lerroux García, Bibiano Fernández Osorio y Tafall, Domingo Batet i Mestres, Emilio Herrera Linares, Francisco Largo Caballero, Gonzalo Queipo de Llano, José Riquelme y López Bago
Ukraine: Ivan Poltavets-Ostrianytsia, Konstantin Prisovsky, Mykola Kapustyanski, Yevhen Konovalets
USA: Charles McNary
Vietnam: Bao Dai
Music Mod
  • Changed the main theme to Koit, or Dawn in Estonian, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vi3LO35TxQ
  • Austria: Added Florentine March and Danubia March
  • Entente: Added Imperial March and Eagle Squadron
  • South Africa: Added Drakensberge, Margolet, Op Patrollie, Silwerpyl, Train to Kimberly, Voorwaarts!, Zambesi and Zulu Warrior. Changed the version of Sarie Marais for one more period appropiate and removed the Anthem as it was a duplicate of a different song that was already there.
  • Baltic States: Added Koit, Don Carlos, Krauklits sez ozola, Riga Dimd, Sumfoonia nº 2 by Artur Kapp and Videvik
  • Various localization and translation fixes
  • Renamed Scutari to Albania
  • Did some more work on the British annexations including new alternative leaders
  • Wales has a new (and correct) flag
  • The Dutch diplomatic focus tree has been converted into decisions
  • Redid the dates for some Danish events
  • Reworked the Brazilian annexation events so, upon deciding to not release Brazil as a whole, it switches to the events for the individual regions instead of trying to release all the splinter states at once. Thus decisions can be made for each region as to whether or not it should be occupied, released as a puppet, or its land given to some other Brazilian splinter state.
  • The Russian war decisions now fire a warning event to the target and the target’s allies at the onset of the decision, telling players that Russia intends to go to war “within a few weeks”
  • The Bulgarian war decisions are now on a delay, like most others in the mod
  • Russia can now invite Serbia and Romania into its faction during a war, so long as they both have the same enemies
  • The decisions to unite Italy for ITA and SRI are no longer barred to puppets
  • Added an event for Vladimir Vazov to possibly return to active duty in Bulgaria at the outset of the Balkan War
  • Serbia can now form the Belgrade Pact before its political tree is started if Romania or Greece attack first
  • Several tags now use coalition mechanics - they will gain 50% of the partners’ popularities as daily political power (added to the base ruling party’s gain)
  • The Russian Socialist Republic will now attempt to protect a socialist Estonia or Latvia and bring them into the Internationale
  • All cases of early (pre-1939) Second Weltkrieg starts have been disabled, and a game rule to re-enable them has been added
  • Romania and Russia can now peace out from a war over Bessarabia
  • Expanded the Hotung event chain for the Legation Cities
  • If you are able to successfully cut off Vermillion Society funding to a Chinese faction they get a temporary debuff
  • Most focuses/decisions for Chinese tags which added resources have now been turned into decisions potentially accessible by all Chinese tags
  • Portugal-in-exile will now collapse after about a week if refused by the Entente, or if the Entente itself collapses
  • A neutral Batavian Commune can no longer join the TI unless attacked
  • Japan can now call its puppets to its wars
  • Added a new "Crownland" autonomy state for the Austrian puppets
  • Added focus tree filters to Serbia's focus tree
  • Switched SET and IAR around in Romanian content
  • GEAUS can now take control of Romanian oil fields if they puppet them
  • Player Bulgaria can now cede Dobrogea peacefully if they want to
  • Burma’s starting politics/leadership has been changed to reflect its future rework
Incomplete Content
  • A new game rule has been added for regulating when WK2 can begin. By default, it’s the current setting where WK2 can’t happen before 1939 (or, rather, it shouldn’t - though there are some places which have been missed). The game rule adds a setting for a pre-1939 WK2 beginning to either be rare or unrestricted (meaning it simply depends on the regular chances of the events involved). We’re doing a sweep through events to catch all those places which were missed previously, but it’s an effort which will take a while, so it’s unlikely to work perfectly yet.
Notable Fixes
  • The bug that prevented the peace conference AI from working properly in 0.13.2 has been fixed
  • The previous workaround which made countries incorrectly get drawn into a peace conference whenever a country whose faction leader was not in the war now actually works for puppets as well (so, for instance, a puppet Vietnam falling to Indochina won’t cause all of German East Asia to suddenly be annexed).
  • Fixed the endless Fate of Latvia/Estonia loop for Russia
  • Austria can no longer lock itself out of its focus tree by betraying its secret deal with Hungary
  • Romania no longer loses its HoG in the legionary path
Other Fixes
  • Iceland’s party names now match
  • Fixed Northern Epirus not being grantable to Albania by Serbia
  • Fixed some oddities with the Flanders/Wallonia/Belgium annexation events
  • Bulgaria can now use its reconciliation decisions even when a puppet - though, if it’s a puppet, the decision can only be used on its overlord
  • The Turkestan emir is now removed as a field marshal when he dies
  • Old ministers in Flanders, Bolivia, and Central America are now properly removed when the government changes
  • Returning cores/claims to an ally will now give them all coastal and contiguous states at once, instead of needing to have the decision used repeatedly to catch interior states
  • The events used when the UK and France demand the return of colonial states now fires for the owner of those states and not just the controller
  • Updated the AI for Italy’s decision to attack Austria to be a bit more judicious, and to wait for Serbia - when applicable
  • Prevented the Yen Bai Mutiny events from refiring
  • If a puppet somehow ends up at war with its overlord, it’ll now be set free
  • Fengtian can now no longer use its war decisions when a puppet
  • Fixed the return of Russian generals to the Russian Socialist Republic in the cases where Patagonia had already succeeded or fallen prior to the civil war beginning
  • Fixed the Vojvodina annexation decision to not trigger until there’s at least one applicable option which can be taken
  • Lithuania can now be released based on ownership of Kovno and not solely ownership of their capital, which could be another country’s claim
  • Germany might now initially be released without Northern Schleswig or the Polish German states, which have separate annexation decisions
  • Irish elections no longer fire twice
  • The event for Patagonia becoming Argentina no longer fires for other nations
  • Fixed Yang Sen fleeing Sichuan twice
  • Persia will not get Mosul in the Ottoman collapse unless they control a neighbouring state
  • Russia can now integrate Ukraine properly after the Treaty of Pereyaslav goes into effect
  • Germany can no longer attack Romania to take its oil
  • Fixed Wilhelm II dying in 1947 instead of 1941
  • Russia will now focus on getting rid of Divided Military Staff as soon as possible
  • Fengtian is now blocked from joining the Chinese United Front
  • Fixed Poland being locked out of its tree if the AuthDems were elected
  • Italy and Poland are no longer invited to the Belgrade Pact if they already own their claimed lands
  • The Golestan Pact is now properly disbanded if Persia joins a faction
  • Fixed an infinite loop in the Tibetan focus tree
  • The China Agency no longer investigates its own weapon smuggling
  • Puppet Central America can no longer use its war decisions
  • The regular peace event for Italy and Austria will no longer fire if Italy is involved in the Belgrade Pact war on Austria and thus eligible for the Budapest Treaty peace event
  • The decisions for Canada to declare war on the CSA or intervene in the ACW should no longer disappear forever if interrupted by the CSA’s strike idea
  • Countries that unify China via the generic decision can now integrate their allies
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the Yunnan-Siam peace deal
  • Fixed a Netherlands event firing twice and a flag not being properly cleared
  • Fixed RKMT Yunnan not being able to attack a LKMT Guangxi
  • Fixed two Yunnan companies being the same under different names
  • Central American countries will now correctly return their puppets' territory
  • Released Chinese puppets now get proper cores on their territory
  • Fixed Qing not being able to invite SIK to its faction
  • Fixed a misleading Fengtian event option tooltip
  • Yunnan will now lose the AOG tin ideas if Indochina wins the war
  • Austria-Hungary’s focus on the Status Quo branch now removes the Broken Ties idea
  • Fixed Sichuan's famine recovery lasting until 1947
  • Somalia can now release Eritrea
  • The United Front will now collapse if Japan is annexed
  • Fixed Serbia getting the Kardzhali annexation mission when occupying Bulgaria
  • Fixed puppet Poland not being able to integrate states
  • Fixed Poland's naval foci giving boni to trade interdiction on both paths
  • Fixed Russia potentially getting Black Monday twice
  • Fixed Transamur asking to reunify with a non-existent Russia
  • Fixed the AI Netherlands pulling the Entente into other wars
  • Meyer London can no longer be HoS and HoG at the same time
  • Added missing localisation for several events in the Second Congress of Belgrade
  • Tweaked few Romanian news events to work better with niche scenarios
  • Nerfed the amount of guns and manpower Patagonia could get in their starter tree
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Carmain, Dr. Njitram, Drozdovite, Edouard Saladier, Éloïse, Eragaxshim, Fbruchmueller, Flamefang, Fort, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, Krco, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, Matoro, NukeGaming, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rylock, SPQR, Starguard, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaország, WordZero, Yard1, Zankoas and Zimbabwe Salt Co.
submitted by Flamefang92 to Kaiserreich

Who remembers the "Pointing Worker" during the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Disaster?

This is the guy
Here's a longer version, showing him pointing from another position for 10 minutes.
The Pointing Worker
In the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster of 2011, an apparent worker from the plant, whether involved in clean-up or not is unclear, turned up to the plant on a holiday. In full nuclear hazmat protective gear, he made his way to this area and positioned himself in front of a security camera he knew to be operational.
In the video of the moment, he seems to be concerned with standing in center-frame, and holds position, pointing for several minutes. His intention seems to be to remain long enough for someone monitoring the feed live to notice him. People who monitor security cameras don't look at all of them constantly.
The Pointing Worker appears to be looking at a smartphone to gauge if he is standing in the correct position to be clearly in shot. As we shall see, the feed was accessible over the internet, but not publicly so.
Also, from what I can gather, it's seems that this worker recorded this moment themselves from the live feed on the security camera and uploaded it to the internet originally.
So why is he pointing?
Who Is The Pointing Worker?
Suddenly, a worker in a white protective suit appeared on the surveillance camera at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, pointed at the camera lens with his right hand, and shouted violently.
It happened after 10 am on August 28, 2011. The net was noisy as to what the man was trying to do.
Meanwhile, at noon on September 8, 2011, a person who claimed to be himself appeared on the bulletin board "2chan", and the link shown showed the background to this act and the aim in a long sentence. (source)
The alleged Pointing Worker's posts are compiled on a website: (last updated in 2018). In the posts he "comes clean", albeit in a somewhat garbled and convoluted way. The essence of it...:
The intention of pointing a finger toward camera was to point out about the labor issue and observation through the media.
...Once again, I would like to tell you how I caused such an act and the personal intention of this act, though I am very overwhelmed. On August 28th, which was a holiday, I went to my office, TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, and pointed my finger at the Fukuichi live camera. I knew about the existence of the camera even before I applied for an interview with the company, and I generally knew the location of the camera from the information posted on the Internet and in the seismic isolation building. On the day of the event, I took a dosimeter, wore a mask and protective clothing, and approached while watching the live camera broadcast on my smartphone, and caused the act.
However, I feel that my behavior, which is difficult to understand, has contributed to the growth of conspiracy theory and occult hobbies. It was unexpected that TV programs would have background music like horror movies, and that such unrealistic opinions would spread on the Internet. I am sorry for those who have doubts or dangers about the current situation, and as a result, have promoted it. (source)
He also provided some illustrations to prove he knew the "lie of the land" and to show his intention.
However, there is simply no way to tell if the person who made the posts is the same person in front of the security camera. No name or true proof was ever given.
The earliest entries are in Japanese, and provide photos only a worker or someone with access to the facility before the incident could have taken. But they could have been easily obtained from social media or even taken by someone else who had access.
It is interesting to note that the language of posts soon switches to English without explanation.
So, just who's eyes were monitoring this feed? Whose attention was the worker trying to get?
If we leave aside for the moment the alleged admission of trying to get the attention of TEPCO execs and workers, there is a more direct set of eyes who's attention could be the real intention of the real pointing worker. Those eyes belong to the firm that ran security for TEPCO; the ones who monitored the live feeds, and installed the camera that pointing man is in front of, less than a year prior to the meltdown.
The Security Company
In 2010, an Israeli firm (with connections to, and likely a front for, Israeli Military Intelligence) by the name of Magna BSP secured a contract to run security at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.
The 12 person team had full access to the plant for close to a year before the disaster.
As part of their security outfit, they installed various new cameras. They also installed GIANT stereoscopic cameras, dubbed "owls".
The "owl" cameras strongly resemble gun-type nuclear weapons.
There is strong evidence that they planted Stuxnet, an Israeli computer virus that attacks Siemens power plant control systems, and which Israel previously used to damage Iran's nuclear program.
Magna BSP also established internet data links in the reactor cores, in blatant violation of international nuclear regulations.
All twelve members of that security team returned to Israel in the week before 3/11/11. In the aftermath of the disaster, the Israelis publicly monitored the reactor cores via their illegal internet data links.
Before we go further we must now consider the purported 9.0 earthquake and ensuing Tsunami that were claimed by Japanese authorities to be the cause of the Fukushima meltdown.
The Earthquake
When we compare the 6.8-magnitude earthquake which devastated Kobe, Japan January 17, 1995 with Fukushima, the evidence does not stack up.
A quick Google Images search of Kobe reveals incredible destruction of buildings, bridges, elevated highways, and other infrastructure.
The Fukushima quake, magnitude 9.0, struck about 70 km off the coast of Japan on March 11, 2011.
It sent a 15-meter tsunami crashing over perfectly undamaged bridges, houses, roads, and cars -- over a populace which had not been warned of the incoming tsunami, because there was no mag 9.0 earthquake. They were taken completely off-guard. Yet helicopters were waiting, and people all over Japan got to watch the tsunami roll in on live TV.
Ordinarily, the Japanese people are warned of tsunamis. Why weren't they warned? Why was there no structural damage, no reason for them to suspect that a tsunami was coming?
The quake must have seemed like nothing special to a nation of people who are used to quakes. In a video taken in one Tokyo newsroom during the Fukushima quake, staff were seen to continue typing at their computer stations, totally unfazed by it.
A 9.0-magnitude earthquake is more than 100 times stronger than a 6.8. A 9.0 should have devastated everything within a 1,000-km radius. There should have been widespread urban carnage, even worse than what Kobe suffered.
Yet the Fukushima quake of 3/11/11 did not cause a single structure to collapse.
The authorities lied about the 9.0 quake. An earthquake did not cause the tsunami. There must have been another cause.
This military briefing with Secretary of Defense William Cohen, dated all the way back to 1997! shows that even then, Cohen knew about EM weaponry that could trigger quakes and set off volcanoes.
14 years of advancement that these technologies could now trigger devastating earthquakes in non-seismic zones.
Cohen stated:
"Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important.
-William S. Cohen, Secretary of Defense, April 28, 1997.
Reactors Destroyed by Nukes
It turns out that the official explanation for the Fukushima reactor explosions was bogus as well. Nuclear power containment walls are extremely thick and strong. Hydrogen explosions could never have destroyed them. As a historical reference, hydrogen explosions occurred at Three Mile Island and caused no structural damage, nor even any injuries to plant personnel.
Furthermore, Reactor Four contained no fuel on 3/11/11, and was therefore nonoperational -- yet it exploded and was destroyed as completely as were the other reactors that day. Reactor Four is like Building 7 at the World Trade Center - an utter impossibility, a blatant smoking gun. A reactor containing no fuel cannot operate; a nonoperational reactor cannot explode unless someone explodes it. The destruction of Reactor Four can only have been the result of sabotage.
What is the Truth?
The tsunami was blamed for flooding the reactors and causing the explosions, but there is compelling evidence that Israel destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi plant by installing gun-type nuclear weapons in the guise of security cameras, and then setting them off in the tsunami's aftermath.
In February 2010, Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran. It was soon thereafter that the Israeli firm Magna BSP secured it's contract to run security at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.
To conclude, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake never happened in Japan on 3/11; the tsunami must have been artificially induced. Nor did hydrogen explosions obliterate containment walls of concrete and rebar several feet thick. The official story is impossible. Israel was punishing Japan.
Compiled from various sources, where much more evidence and detail can be found regarding the above:
https://archive.is/39v44 (Archive of the site of "Jim Stone", researcher who compiled much of this)
Nuclear Sabotage at Fukushima by Jim Stone (pdf)
Fukushima: What Really Happened?
Emails from Japan (about the oddness of the "9.0" earthquake)
Edit More about Magna BSP
Another view of an "owl"
… The reason Magna BSP gave for the odd shape, enormous weight, and giant proportions of their cameras was that they were stereoscopic. A stereoscopic camera could be plausible at an airstrip, where the camera would need depth perception out miles, but not indoors where focal lengths are short. Depth perception going out miles could also be accomplished with two separately mounted cameras weighing only a few pounds; the giant thousand pounder is a dead giveaway. Why this giant thing, when smaller nukes are possible? Nuclear weapons always produce a certain amount of heat, and if a small design was used it would be obvious the “camera” was warm, even when turned off and sitting on the shelf. This would cause questions to be asked, especially in a nuclear power facility. The enormous size and weight helped conceal the decay heat.” – Jim Stone
submitted by clemaneuverers to conspiracy