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Key concepts that repeat throughout most continuities are the use of the name Prime (or a variation thereof) to denote Autobot leadership, and the existence of an artifact of great life-giving power, usually referred to as a "Matrix", traditionally held by their leader. Goku, Krillin and Bulma, remark how much Trunks resembles Vegeta. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols.

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Here you will find a list of discussions in the Combat Arms Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits forum at the Combat Arms category. The Joker is a minor character in Batman: The Telltale Series and a supporting character turned main antagonist in it's sequel Batman: The Enemy Within. Successful combat achievements, like killing an opponent and planting or defusing the bomb, are rewarded with credits.

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5 The Global Intelligence Files - USA/UNITED STATES/AMERICAS 16%
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Am I having a wrong mentality for this game?

So, less of a horror story, more like a question.
That paragraph you may skip, its just me, describing my own situation. Lets start from the beginning: me, a total newbie, 0 experience in DnD, having my first game. Never interested in DnD until a few months ago when one video site with red-white logo recommended me a several years old video named Mighty Nine Animated Intro. I was interested to say the least. So, after a couple months of reading and searching and overthinking I had a basic idea and even some thoughts of campaign that I would like to DM myself. But of course, first, I need experience of actually playing the game because until now I only had a theory.
Well, first game, Im joining an ongoing session that already had sessions 0 and 1, DM said that he was new, but it didn't bother me because I could finally play. Two of my future teammates(monk and a rouge) didn't want me to join in a way that they were openly hostile to my character. To the point when they started to discuss a pvp with me. Here I would love to say that I was a paragon of serenity and managed to defuse the situation, but that would be a lie. I become defensive and said something of the sort of . And it took an effort of third player(priest) and a DM to lead the situation to a somewhat truce.

After a quest where we cleared a bandit nest, and I must admit, that in combat we all acted like a good team-working group, we headed towards the city and on the way there the monk and a rouge discussed how in prewious session they attacked and killed a neutral NPC for screaming at them. It was a sentient frog that screamed at them because they come too close to the hatchlings. And they killed all but one hatchlings too. The only survivor was left alive only because priest healed him.

My 2nd session with them new player joined. He played paladin for the sole reason of having disease immunity so that he can f*ck NPC without worrying about veneric diseases. During preparation he literally said that he will try to sexually assault enemies. I will also say that he play a homebrew oath and its Channel Divinity allows him to add his Charisma mod to his attack, so far so good, but he can also plunge his burning weapon into the ground, creating a 30ft long, 5ft wide line that with a Dex save deals 4d6 damage. In my opinion that is overpowered, but DM was cool with it.
So, I'm honestly disgusted by all of this and want to ask, if I have a wrong mentality to play this game? Maybe it is normal and it is actually me being weird?
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Russia’s Baltic Fleet combat engineers defuse 35 WWII munitions near Kaliningrad

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