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Obsidian Tiles - Obsidian has a lot of unused potential...

Today i took a shower. Yep, a shower. Now, im sure at this point you have worked out that this thread is about my excellent hygene, and let me tell you.
You're wrong. So very wrong. You see, the shower is an excellent place to think. Just about everyone who came up with a revolutionary idea did so in the shower. Well, there are of course those ideas that come to you right before you fall asleep that you forget by morning, and by then all you remember of the idea is that it would have changed the world... Well, that's when your brain is trolling you. Now that ive distracted you long enough for me to write the rest of the thread, on to the suggestion!
Obsidian tiles. Obsidian is a material with a lot of potential in minecraft, however it's used almost exclusively for nether portals and making enchanting tables.
Here's some textures i created of what Obsidian tiles might look like. (shown at default 16x, with magnified versions at 64x and 256x) I've made 3 different possible styles using the default obsidian texture as my pallet.
Image of 3 possible texture for obsidian tiles, at default 16x and magnified for detail
Note: I give permission to mojang to freely use the textures i made should they implement my idea and want to save a bit of time making the texture.
Now, what are obsidian tiles?
Tiles made of obsidian of course. The have many desirable qualities, such as stretching your obsidian supply, being an excellent decorative block, and could have quite a few uses to the clever redstone builders out there.
How does one acquire obsidian tiles?
Craft them. The pattern would be simple. Put a single block (or stack) of obsidian on the crafting grid, anywhere, and it will result in 4 blocks of obsidian tile. Exactly like turning logs into planks.
Won't the ability to multiply your obsidian like that unbalance the game?
Not at all. While there are many advantages to obsidian tiles, they have some disadvantages over obsidian blocks. Below is a list of pros and cons. (note: some traits could be seen as both, and are marked with an asterisk)
Not to mention the fact that obsidian is not by any means a rare material, and is quite easy to manufacture in large amounts by pouring water near a pool of lava. It's simply frustrating to mine in large amounts, but by no mean difficult.
  • They will multiply your obsidian supply for the purpose of building.
  • Finally a black construction block, for dark themed builds!
  • They're are just as resistant to explosions as obsidian blocks.
  • They can be crafted into slabs or stairs.
  • They are more refined looking, and have excellent decorative qualities.
  • They can be mined much faster than obsidian blocks. (lets say... 2-3 seconds with a diamond pickaxe?)*1
  • Unlike obsidian blocks, obsidian tile blocks can be moved by pistons.*2
  • It would basically make obsidian a legitimate building material.
  • They won't work for building nether portals
  • They can't be used to make enchanting tables
  • They can be mined much faster than obsidian blocks. (lets say... 2-3 seconds with a diamond pickaxe?)*1
  • Unlike obsidian blocks, obsidian tile blocks can be moved by pistons.*2
  • A diamond pickaxe is still required to mine them in survivial mode.
*1 Being that they can be mined much faster, using them in place of obsidian blocks as security measures on multiplayer servers would not work as well. although it will still take a while to break it without a diamond pickaxe
*2 Though this would allow you to make things such as sealable cannons, and creeper proof hidden doors, the fact that obsidian tiles can be moved by pistons would potentially allow for abuse on servers... if you want an immovable block, stick with proper obsidian.
How would this look ingame?
I've tried it out actually, and it looks like this.
note: this shows 3 possible patterns, only one would be used. most likely the small squares as that's been the most popular one, and would be the most suitable for stairs and slabs
If you would like to try this out in action, if you still have the 1.3.2 version of minecraft around somewhere, a modder was nice enough to make my suggestion into a mod a while a back, but he has since retired, so this mod is no longer supported. yes, i am reposting my own suggestion here from somewhere else as it seems more likely that mojang will see it here
here's the link to the obsidian tiles mod
submitted by 13thmurder to minecraftsuggestions

Weekly Challenge 13: Lucky 13.

A fierce cackle echoes across the plains! That's right, we're getting hyped up for the new Witch mob!
Do you posses talents in brewing, magic, or growing warts? Then the profession of Witchcraft could be for you!
Challenge Rules:
  • You must be playing in Minecraft version 1.3.2 or the most recent weekly snapshot.
  • You're only eligible for the flair rewards if your world is in Hardcore difficulty. If you're not, still feel free to post your attempt to share your experiences!
  • Multiplayer submissions are no longer accepted due to proof issues.
  • Your world must be the 'default' flatcore standard; two blocks of dirt and a layer of grass on top. We recommend you turn 'generate structures' on, but you're welcome to try without. (disclaimer; some challenges may be impossible without!)
  • Good on you for reading all the rules.
  • Submissions must be an imgur album within this post. This one will be nice and easy; it's just a few images. Optionally, a nice album of your expedition would be great.
Without further ado; Drumroll, please!
Weekly Challenge Thirteen: Brew 13 Splash Regeneration Potions, make 13 Brewing Stands, make a Magic Wand (enchant a Wooden Sword), and collect 13 Ink Sacs in preparation for dyes. Make a cinematic picture of you leaning over a cauldron.
Completing this week's challenge will get you a Potion flair! What does it taste like? Of extra note, if you want to keep your current flair, just say so in your comment. Unfortunately, we cannot award flairs that you can change yourself, so find your favourite and stick with it!
Enjoy! Harder challenges are to come!
Last week's challenge is here, but you can no longer enter it!
submitted by chronohawk to flatcore