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Retiring from the game

Alright, I think the time for me to "go home" (whoever stalks ateam forums, knows what I mean). I'm creating this post to point out my reasons why I'm quitting and also, to throw some feedback in general.
I first saw this game in a Youtube video(it was the japanese version). It hyped me ... in fact it hyped me so much that when it was released in US/Canada (I'm from Europe so it wasn't available here at the beginning), I didn't hesitate to download the apk from potentially risky website so I can start playing it asap. And I wasn't wrong - I really enjoyed my one year in this game. Had 2 accounts - both reached end-game and top rankings in arena, so I can say I've seen everything that can be seen. Lately though, the game kinda lost it's charm to me. I guess it's something normal, everything comes and goes + IRL stuff making it harder to keep in track with the game, but I always felt some mistakes are being made repeatedly (mainly because I have played almost every Ateam game and the reason I quit it every time is pretty much the same) and VC wasn't an exception. I'll point them out here with some eventual suggestions for the future (with some slim hope that they will be taken into consideration).
1) Balance - I'll be honest, compared to the majority of the games I've played, VC is very well balanced pvp-wise. As with every other game though, Ateam also releases some "above average" heroes here and there. The main problem here is that instead doing regular balances, the way Ateam "balances" those heroes is by releasing other heroes with a skill designed to counter these specific heroes, which in around 95% of the cases are either Star Party, Moon Party, Exclusive or Super Connect heroes, aka aside from the fact that you need to orb them and gear them, you also need to spend a good chunk of money to get them(unless you're lucky). Aside from the Heim and Luflit nerfs(which were very good), we haven't seen any major balancing ever since the game is out.
Suggestion: Make monthly balance patches by taking into account the feedback your players provide you either in the official forums,reddit, line, discord or w/e community there is.
2) Talking about feedback, there are two major holes here:
The official forums are supposed to be the main place to discuss things and give feedback. In VC case however, they are almost non-existent and there was never any sort of promotion to use them like how Unison League forums are. There needs to be some incentive to focus the community in one platform than split it in multiple. That way it will be easier to track feedback, bug reports, suggestions etc.
There is one suggestions megathread in the forum. Ever since it was created, there have been tons of good suggestions, but almost none of them(aside from some UI related ones) made it live. I'm actually starting to wonder if Ateam takes the feedback into consideration at all, especially considering the lack of communication between devs and players, which is another reason why community should be concentrated in one platform and there should be more activity from Ateam(heck even devs themselves can hop in with some "dev note" or AMA like UL devs did, not just Darrick doing everyone's job).
3) Non-existent customer support. That's something I've seen in every one of Ateam's games. If you're hoping for customer support help, then I can just tell you that most of the time you'll receive automated messages, asking you to "kindly provide X info" or "kindly be patient", without any outcome. The only way your issue can get to the respective team is by messaging Darrick or other mod to forward your issue to the responsible team.
4) Questionable Marketing decisions - this is probably one of the main, if not the main reason I decided to quit. KoF collab utterly disappointed many people. It went so far that people actually started to make memes out of it, so you can imagine how impactful it was. I will not comment about the differences between Japan and Global, it has been discussed so many times now that it's absolutely pointless to bring it again.
5) I feel like in their efforts to bring us as much content as possible and to catch up with Japan, Global devs literally don't know how to maintain the game. You keep throwing us content to the point where people say that playing VC equals "part-time" or "full-time" job and it's not far from the truth. Multiple connects, scenarios, orbs x5, x9 HQ, onslaught all at once, you have to both spend money for stamina like crazy and also grind like crazy. Now I know that grind is something traditional in this type of game and that it is not as grindy as some others, however it seems to lack something other games have - the option to Auto - repeat the same stage once completed. We have quick tickets that allow instant completion, but if we don't have tickets, we have to manually farm quests every time. And since Ateam banned emulators you technically can't even set a macro or something to repeat the mission for you in case you want to farm multiple orbs of one stage.
So my suggestion here would be to add an auto-repeat option when you complete a mission with 3*. This way you'll still have to do the full quest but you won't have to manually repeat "retry" countless times and pay attention to the game while at work or somewhere else.
6) Creativity - lately, the newly released heroes have been quite detailed(especially their 3d versions). However, I feel like their concepts are rushed without much thinking. We still lack real vampires(Dloki is just some gimmick), gravity heroes, real assassins(I'm not talking about back snipe skills, I'm talking about something that actually sticks to a squishy target, for example a skill that marks the lowest HP enemy for 3 turns and makes all your auto attacks and single target gear skills hit the market target and apply their on-hit effects on the marked target, instead front enemy or "lowest/highest X stat"), Summoning type heroes(this one might be a bit harder), illusionists, time mages etc. There's tons of concepts you can use but it always end being the standard "Hits X row and applies Y ailment".
My suggestion:
An assassin class - stays behind melee and in front of mage row. Their AS, aside from it's other effects,applies asssassin mark that makes them target the marked enemy with their auto attacks/gear skills and they have high offensive stats similar to mages.
More creativity when creating new heroes since it gets too repetitive.
7) The community itself - and I don't mean the people, I mean the lack of content that promotes communication. With all it's flaws, Unison League was praised as one of the best community - oriented games, and with reason. Here, pretty much every content can be done without even communicating, and on top of that, instead working on something challenging that require effort, communication and coordination, Ateam released solo mode on connects, which were pretty much the only content that could bring some communication (guild battles are super long to even need any sort of communication, they aren't fast paced and dynamic like those in UL to even require any sort of tactics, what left for communication).
Suggestion - create a community-oriented content. Something challenging, that requires more than one person to do, and also requires coordination and communication (Idk about the new 8* connects, they might be the solution but who knows).
As final words, I'd like to thank all the people I played with for the fun times I had(those that know me well will know how seriously I took guild battles lol). The game is still better than most other mobile games out there (at least for me) and I'd still recommend it to everyone who likes this type of genre. It's just the things described above and that it lost it's charm to me that makes me write this long wall of text now.
To everyone - have fun and maybe I'll come back again one day.
submitted by -ASC-Vermilion to valkyrie_en