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We Found Something in the Depths pt.1

I’m not really sure how to start this. I guess I’ll give a brief description of what’s happened here lately. You see I work in a rather unique environment, that being the bottom of the ocean, or at least close to it. I’m a marine biologist, I was brought aboard this “sea lab” as it’s called, about 5 years ago with several others to study an odd creature spotted by the virologists who had been here for god knows how long. Since then, me and the other marine biologists have been studying the oddities down here.
This is a black site, as far as I know it doesn’t truly “belong” to any country. It’s been here since at least 2006, the oldest staff member was brought on then and he’s seen his fair share leave. This place, nicknamed “Atlantis II” by the crew, started off as a safe place to study viruses without the risk of a large outbreak hitting the public. Several other wings have been added down here over the years: Nuclear Study, Weapons Development, Experimental Science, and of course our Biology Wing. The Atlantis II is the size of a small city, with a population of half of one. It’s mainly scientists, some janitorial and maintenance, engineers to keep us running, and of course armed guards.
Why the armed guards? That’s a good question, as of right now I don’t know the answer but I’ll be sure to keep you posted. I’m sure by me saying it’s a Black Site you can guess that I’m not allowed to give a location, I’m not even supposed to mention anything about or have an online presence whatsoever. Luckily these VPN things make this a whole hell of a lot easier. You see there is something strange down here that needs to be known about and I have a sinking feeling that something isn’t right down here.
I’ll start by describing the day we found it. I woke up in my quarters and got dressed as usual, I looked out the extremely thick window in my room, at this depth it’s an eternal night, I’ll tell you for the first year it really messed with me. Now it’s just another thing I’ve gotten accustomed too. I groggily dressed and got ready for another day of studying microorganisms as they have had me on lately but I got a jolt as my pager, yes we still use them, went off with an alert. I was needed my Dr. Melanie. Dr. Arthur Melanie is my direct superior, he was the first Biologist brought here and has about 30 years on most of the others. He needed me to meet with him urgently. Usually I wouldn’t mind, a little excitement was greatly appreciated here, but yesterday it meant that I’d miss Eugene’s “Famous Chicken Biscuit” at the mess hall. Of course it was bland as hell, just fancied up rations. But Eugene’s cooking started to grow on you. And it was easily the best breakfast option we had every week.
I disappointingly walked past the mess hall and through several locked doors and bulkheads, passed by my favorite guard, Jake. And into the Biology Wing of Atlantis II. I was immediately called upon by Dr. Melanie in his distinctive British tone. “Over here Franklin.” I walked over to see a small group of the other Marine Biologists waiting. “What I am about to show you cannot leave this room.” Dr. Melanie started. “You are my best workers and I’m gonna need the best for this project. And a level of utmost secrecy.” The spiel he started seemed very similar to the one we were given upon being chosen to come here. Dr. Melanie pulled out his tablet and showed us a camera feed dated for the night before, on it an outside spotlight is malfunctioning and a maintenance diver goes out to fix it. He reports that he sees something and swims down, seemingly hypnotized. His voice trails off and he ignores orders to come back. The feed continues on until another maintenance worker dives out to retrieve him. He screams and swims up, several minutes later two guards dive out a carefully retrieve the limp suit.
We looked away from the video and at each other nervously before Dr. Melanie told us our greatest fear. He was dead. They found his helmet cracked, the immense pressure did the rest. “The reason we were called was found holding onto his suit.” Dr. Melanie said. He pointed across the room to one of our various tanks, in it swam a small cephalopod looking creature. “Why do we need to keep this quiet?” the newest biologists, Damien, asked. “A new discovery would be great! I’ve heard it’s been quiet forever down here.” Dr. Melanie looked angry, he was normally never questioned and all of his students knew that. “The death is a mysterious circumstance. And as far as anyone besides you all knows, the worker is sick and in the medical bay. Find out what you can about the creature.” Dr. Melanie then left the room and left the eight of us alone with the tank.
I guess I should introduce everyone now. The Braintrust as it were. There was me of course, and Damien, he had only been here about a month. Then there was Steve and Ben, they were inseparable. Steve came from Princeton and Ben from some top college in Beijing they came last year. Then there was Fernando, a genius from a small village somewhere in Latin America, he is the most humble guy there. Then there’s Becca, another Brit, she was smart but sassy as well. Tracy, a surfer from California who was as funny as she was irritating. And lastly, my best friend, Jess. Jess has been here since I have been. We are the two most senior workers besides Dr. Melanie himself. That’s everybody. We quickly divided up as we often did, even with scientists there’s a hierarchy of personal favorites. Me and Jess often worked with Fernando or Becca. But always with each other.
“What do you think about all this?” Jess asked me. I pondered the question for a moment, honestly I didn’t know. This wasn’t the first big secret we had dealt with, not the first death, at these pressures slip ups are deadly and well accidents happen. I told her I wasn’t sure and that we needed to focus on the job. She angrily sneered at me and rolled her eyes.
We looked at it for hours, it’s thin fins slowly moving against the water. The tentacles on its face twitched in every direction, it’s beak hidden behind them. It was about the size of a bird, even though I haven’t seen one in years. It’s place in the water didn’t change, it seemed to float in one place, locked. As we studied it Fernando said he though it was a Cuttlefish. Becca and I agreed but everyone else felt different. When Dr. Melanie came back he asked what we had discovered. "Nothing much." I said as I went over the paperwork we had written about the creature. He looked over it with me and was quick to tell me how I was wrong about it being a Cuttlefish. He pointed out that it had differences than normal Cuttlefish. Different fin shape, small differences in anatomy like: tentacle length, mantle size, and it seemingly had two more tentacles than regular Cuttlefish.
All of these meant one thing, we had found a new species. We were all ecstatic, this was the first new species the oldest members have found in almost a year, the newer members of the biology staff hadn't even made one yet. Although the circumstances surrounding it's discovery were dark it soon faded to distant memory. Besides, there's no way a Cuttlefish of all things could have broken a helmet that dense. We named the small creature Jacques, after Jacques Cousteau of course. Jacques became the lab pet. He became more of an oddity over the next few days, we couldn't find anymore of his kind. We scoured of course, looking for any but so far no dice. We took turns again the "secrecy" subsiding as everyone forgot about the death.
Over the next month or so everything was normal. I would come in on my work days and kid around with Ben and Steve, flirt a little with Jess, and avoid Dr. Melanie and his new pupil, Damien. Of course I wouldn't be talking about this here if everything had stayed like that. You see just a couple of days ago things had started to get a little crazy. One of the expedition teams had unearthed a new cavern deep in Tunnel 4. The tunnels themselves were made from boring for their "tests", I don't have that level of clearance so don't ask, in this new tunnel they found a myriad of strange things. Strange geological formations, unnatural formations, never-before seen plant life, and several more Jacques' swimming away from them.
We were excited, the rest of the stuff they needed archaeologists and geologists for but the plant life and Jacques' were our forte. We began working immediately, the expedition team were able to catch three more Jacques' and uprooted some plants to bring to us. The influx of more work meant more hours, less to sleep. Dr. Melanie ran us ragged, while he left at his usual time of course. To cope with this we took turns with late nights, the other night was Ben and Steve's night to work, Steve complained about migraines and called out. Dr. Melanie wasn't going to go in, no that would be "preposterous", so it fell to me. I had finally gotten Jess to agree to go on a date with me, but only on Spaghetti Night in the Mess Hall, and it was that night. I begged Ben to let me go and he was being his pleasing self and said he had it down and told me to enjoy my night. I should've stayed with him.
We were in the middle of enjoying Eugene's "Famous Spaghetti" when we were startled by the alert. "CODE RED IN BIOLOGY LAB 1." the speakers screamed. "That's the lab Ben's in." I screamed to Jess as we leapt up. Jess and I raced down the halls, past the empty security stop and into the Biology Lab Complex. We scanned our cards and bolted into Lab 1. Jake was restraining Ben as he cried out in agony and rage, a sick mixture of the two. "Jesus, I need back-up!" Jake yelled in to his radio. I looked at Ben, his eyes transfixed at the tank we kept Jacques and his like. He screamed one more time and fell limp. It wasn't until then I saw the crimson liquid streaming from his arms.
"Jesus Christ Jake! What the hell happened?" Jess yelled as she ran over to the two of them. Suddenly 8 of the armed guards burst in and surveyed the area and called a medic to come for Ben. Me, Jake, and Jess were questioned. Jake said he heard screaming and crying coming from the labs and when he went to investigate he found Ben, tearing at his own arm. We all watched the recording of only moments ago. We saw Ben, singing in Cantonese to himself before staring at the tank, suddenly Jacques started flashing colors, quickly and hypnotically, soon the others followed suit. The room began to light up in a stunning synchronization of flashing lights. Ben stared at them, facing away from the security camera. He methodically turned and grabbed one of the scalpels from our dissection tray. He stabbed into his arm and twisted it screaming in pain as he did. He fell to the floor and stabbed his arm again and again. Soon Jake burst in and grabbed him, and we soon followed.
We looked in disbelief and horror at the carnage on screen. The guards zoomed in on the flashing lights, enhancing the image. I saw the Creatures flash in an array of colors, some I swear I’ve never even seen. My eyes began to ache, like I had been staring at the sun or a light to long. I heard voices in my head, in a strange guttural voice and in a language I had never heard before. I started to see things, on the monitor and on the walls, symbols and things moving. It was horrifying I looked over and everyone else was holding their eyes shut and grasping their heads as if in pain. I’m sure it only lasted a second but it felt like hours. Just as soon as it began it stopped, I fell to the floor clutching my head in pain. Everyone else followed suit.
Ben was taken to the Medical Bay, as were the rest of us who witnessed the vision, we were being treated for a “psychotic break”. In the end the only one they kept was Ben. Dr. Melanie scolded me and blamed me for leaving Ben alone. Jess and Becca argued that if I was there he could've turned it on me. I'm not so sure. Since then there have been at least two of us in there at a time along with an armed guard. I visited Ben yesterday. He had done nothing but talked in gibberish when he was awake, he finally started to come to and had no memory before that night. After all that happened he was evaluated and marked not fit for duty. He will be leaving tonight. The rest of us just marked it down to being sleep deprived.
After the incident Dr. Melanie and Damien tried to dissect Jacques. As soon as they pulled him form the tank of the others a high pitched noise filled the entire lab. They dropped Jacques back in the tank and they stopped. Yesterday Dr. Melanie got a call from the higher ups after all the events were put in official documents. They need these things studied in a natural habitat and the team they sent out is MIA. Expedition Team 8 is being sent and they need a Marine Biologist with them to see if these creatures pose any threat. Dr. Melanie chose me.
Tomorrow I will go with Expedition Team 8 along with a small research team and go into Tunnel 4 to studied all the Jacques there. Truth is, i'm scared. What they did to Ben. The missing team. These things I have just chopped up to superstition, but.. something in those visions is burned into my mind. I can’t place it, I don’t remember what it looked like. All I remember is how terrified I was of the sight of it.
The reason I’ve let this out at the risk of my job and almost certainly, my life is because I have a sense of dread about this mission. If anything goes wrong I want people to know what happened. I promise that as long as everything goes well I will update you all as soon as I return. They’re only expecting it to be a quick expedition so expect one soon. Good bye.
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Why an Aussie legend has Chinese #surfers catching California waves: Townend was in Hangzhou producing the Shootout when the IOC announced surfing would be included in the 2020 Olympics. The next day, a government official arrived from Beijing to speak with him about an Olympic surfing program

Why an Aussie legend has Chinese #surfers catching California waves: Townend was in Hangzhou producing the Shootout when the IOC announced surfing would be included in the 2020 Olympics. The next day, a government official arrived from Beijing to speak with him about an Olympic surfing program submitted by poster5439 to Sino