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An issue from launch?

I was able to launch Doom Eternal before; didn't have any problems whatsoever until recently. Here's what's happeninng:
  • Steam "launches" Doom Eternal.
  • idTechLauncher icon shows in the taskbar to the right.
  • No Doom Eternal window pops up and Steam says it's being played.
  • Can't "Stop" Doom Eternal via Steam; have to close via Task Manager by ending idTechLauncher.
I've done research on this issue before making this post: I updated my MOBO, Nvidia Drivers, Verified Integrity via Steam, created exclusions and whitelists in my antivirus and redownloaded Doom Eternal. Still encountering the same issue. No Bandicam either.
Is this a widespread issue or is it just me? I'm running a Ryzen 2700X and a GTX 1080 with 24GB RAM.
submitted by gwilson0121 to Doom


Why things need to be locked and secured...

I was playing on my computer (Team Fortress 2 to be precise) with some friends when suddenly $Brother1 comes into my room.
$B1: Something is wrong with my PC
$Me: What is it?
$B1: I don't know, oh and I need to install Windows Movie Maker.
At this point I am confused. Movie Maker should be installed on all machines (Including the XP machine $B1 was using) that belong to children in the house.
After walking to the crime scene, I noticed a ton of downloads in Chrome. All of them were referring to "Windows Movie Maker". At this point I realize that I have to do a virus scan (Malwarebytes) just to check. While I figure out a replacement to the missing Movie Maker, $Brother2 come into $Brother1's room.
$B2: Can you help me?
$Me: Sure! What seems to be the problem?
$B2: Everything is slow and I can't install Bandicam!
Great, Now two virus scans.
As I start Malwarebytes, I get a text from a friend, saying "Where are you?" and I just respond with "Fixing stuff". After that I left my phone next to me unlocked. It has a timer where it locks itself if no activity is going on and I have that set for five minutes. This will haunt me later.
I go up, check on $B1's computer and I look at the behemoth of things needed to be cleaned. I cleaned it and installed him a version of VideoPad because that was free and I know someone that recommends it (As a Premiere Pro/After Effects guy, I don't really pay attention to those anymore).
After the install I go back to $B2's computer and see some stuff that needs to be cleaned. I cleaned it and then install the official copy of Bandicam (because downloading it from softonic is totally safe). Now that I am finished with everything that my bros wanted me to do, I start to go get my phone.
$Me: What? Where is it?
I swear to God I put it next to $B2's laptop. Now it isn't there. I start for the nearest house phone we have and start calling it, then it hit me.
$Brother2 has my phone...
Oh no.
The reason I say this is that my phone is a brand new Galaxy S6, my first legitimate phone that doesn't have the SIM card disabled/not accessible (iPhone 4/4s) and with a plan.I don't have much installed on it. No antivirus either because the chances of me getting a virus is near zero, but still nice to have that extra security. I rush to $Brother2 who is happily installing things. I interrupt his install brigade.
$Me: What are you doing with my phone?
$B2: Nothing...
$Me: Why do you have it?
$B2: I don't know...
$Me: Can I have it back?(sternly with a death stare)
$B2: Here you go!
I get it back. I see stuff that is disabled, uninstalled and moved to another planet. It is just bad... I have to go grab some cleaners just to make sure that there isn't anything bad on there. I hope not, since Android is new and another language to an iOS user in his situation. I grab Malwarebytes off the Play Store and start a scan. I find stuff that is a threat and had it cleaned.
For those curious. He got in after I was in his room for 2 minutes and he left. He looked over and grabbed my phone and started putting crap onto it. I have the screen to lock after 5 minutes. Now after the breach, 30 seconds... I yelled at him but he doesn't like to listen to what I have to say, so I am waiting for the ticking time bomb of another theft. He also read through my (barely anything in numbers) text messages, Skype, Steam, Pictures, Camera, and for some reason Contacts and Phone (no calls from him btw). I already had it protected via Pattern, but there are some times that if you have the screen on longer, it can kill you.
TL;DR Virus scan and installs turn into a kidnapping of my new phone
submitted by TheWeatherfreak1 to talesfromtechsupport