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Zombie Highway 2 for Android - Download APK

You might also be interested in. Your job is to keep them offby swerving left and right and scraping up against walls and. Download Zombie Highway and hit the interstate with the driving wheel in one hand and a sawn-off shotgun in the other. You may also like: Free offline Android games 2020 We have compiled a list of the best games for Android to help you navigate the plethora of their names on.


Zombie Highway 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Zombie Nightmare Highway Android game. Zombie highway free free download - Zombie Highway, Highway Zombie Annihilation, Zombie Highway Run for Life, and many more programs. You're driving an armored vehicle outfitted with weapons to help you dispose of the undead trying to attack you on the highway. Download Android APK games and apps for free. Xilisoft online video er license key read the full info here. Teamviewer 8 activation key https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=4379.

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A zombie endless runner on the. This zombie road trip car race game is a great car smash game for all ages and genders. Modern Zombie shooter has to survive and kill all the dead zombies with your sniper shooting gun in this zombie tsunami fps games. Matt goss the key album. We collected 970 of the best free online driving games. Zombie Thunder: Burn Highway is a free game app for Android which lets you try to survive the zombie apocalypse by escaping out of the city by driving your vehicle through the city highway.


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Fl studio 10 demo keygen my website. Zombie highway hacked android. Patch khg team sony vegas 12 trial https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=1225. Visits 229 (1 today) Last Update 2 years ago. Stick arena credit hack. Facebook password cracker trial version.

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Money by uploading; Brother in arms 2 android cracked; Panty pos 2; Game on 720p; Windows encountered a problem. Zombie types, 4 all new - 67 challenging objectives. The hacker 0007 firefox. Keep Zombie Highway 2 updated with the. SAS: Zombie Assault 4, also referred to as SAS 4 or ZA4, is the fourth game in the main SAS: Zombie Assault series. This is an exciting arcade-racing game that takes users to the.


10 best zombie games for Android - Android Authority

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Put your driving skills to the test. Cheats and hacks for Sudoku are the best way to make the game easier for free. Water park seeds minecraft free FOR ONLINE FEATURES is Blonde TO ONE EA Account PER SERIAL CODE AND is indoors. TAP Shoot zombies with a growing arsenal of handguns, shotguns, and automatics. Update 1.06=1.22 AND Updates 1.21NG/1.19LG Update 1.05=1.21 The Festive Surprise Update Including PS3, PS4, XboxOne, & Xbox3. Look at most relevant Pest Zombies For Android apps.

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Zombie Highway 2 Hack Cheats Tool V2.4 [iOS & Android]

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With DC'S Future State coming, I remembered the story I wrote about a potential DC future. This takes heavy inspiration from Injustice, Batman beyond and The Dark Knight Returns. (Issue 11 is a flashback)

Chapter 1 : Rise of the Robin Damian wayne fights crime as a vigilante that looks like Redhood. A thief screams "It's Batman!". Batman uses tech to explode their vehicles from a distance and bludgeons them. He jumps from rooftop to rooftop under the violet rising sun of Neo-Gotham. He goes into the bat-cave and opens a containment cell. The Joker's head, strapped to a wall makes fun of the Batman. Batman questions him about the "sand" shipment he just blew up. The Joker messes with him and notices how Damian is weaker mentally than Bruce. He tells a story about one of their earliest toils and how Batman's life came to an end. He was stabbed through the heart by Bane. Batman looks out the balcony at the burning city and gets called by "FLASH_2". Earlier that day, Kid Flash slows down in Keystone city and meets a voice calling himself the spectre. "A crisis is coming, Wally west, you are the first step in stopping it". He asks "What's the second?" A report on Superman airs. His life fighting Lex luthor and Zod. Batman explains in the Old star labs laboratory in Central city that the Luthor documents ended a lot for the heroes. Lex Luthor was arrested and so was 60% of heroes and villians. Only the strongest survived the new status quo. The Flash and The Spectre beg with Batman to join them stop an incoming invasion from Infinity island but he doesn't join. He goes back to Gotham and stops another sand shipment, but this time, it swerves into a Batman monument and it reminds him of what it means to be Batman. Batman never was alone, he had Dick, Barbara, Jason, Tim, him... he would crumble too if he rejects everyone around him. The Flash and The spectre try to hack Argus, when Batman drops a thumbdrive on the table. "Let's save Victor stone and stop whatever crisis you say is knocking at the door".
Chapter 2 : Mistakes of our ancestors Victor stone, Cyborg, is attached to a wall, computing something... The motherbox glitches and phases through itself. A mysterious woman watches. Wally trains and The Spectre tells him about the League's last mission in Markovia. Wally says they have Batman, but they need an expert thief to help them free Cyborg. Damian asks why they need him and Wally says he has a motherbox, the last one in the universe. It will bring them to Metron's chair and tell them what's coming. However the location of their master thief, Captain cold is unknown. Batman asks to check his childhood home on the outskirts of Central city. They sneak past the Argus defence walls and look around the old house. In the basement, Captain cold works on his weaponry. He surprises Wally with a freeze cannon and gets arrested by Batman. Captain cold counts down and a mind controlled Zatarra and Zatanna appears. He says he'll help them if they can get him off of house arrest. The Spectre replaces Captain cold and they escape. Captain cold notices Damian doesnt trust him. He gives a speech about is deceased sister and how she was killed in the Luthor accords. They have everything they need to break in to the Arguslabs.
Chapter 3 : Hearts of darkness ice and steel Barbara Gordan watches the news of the escape of Captain cold. She sees the technological Batman, yellow blur and Captain cold. She has a tear of joy. The flash causes a distraction in the middle of Metropolis by pretending he went evil. Superman comes out and starts beating on him. Batman and Captain cold sneak around unnoticed through the Argus complex. They get to the basement and start hacking to free Cyborg. The Flash trips and Superman knows he's being distracted and flies off. Cyborg wakes up and hasn't aged a day since the last league mission. Superman appears and threatens Batman. The flash runs over and apologizes. Batman and Superman fight in the shallow area of the Metropolis-Gotham bay. He steps up and fights Superman head on. Superman yells "I didnt kill your father!". Batman keeps beating on him. Superman explains through spitting blood, "The media made it look like he killed Batman. Lex Luthor released the Luthor documents and made it look like Dr. Ivo was a whistle blower. The legion of doom killed him, just as Lex intended so he could never refute the claims. Lex was outed as a super criminal and no lawyer could deny. People also learned the horrific things heroes had to do, and that they weren't pure maelstroms of hope. Society turned on the Justice league and Batman was killed by Bane. I had nothing to do with it". They shake hands and Wally finally asks if they're ready to save the multiverse. They take Cyborg's corrupted Mother box and teleport to space. Superman watches them, content that Batman can believe in a Superman again.
Chapter 4 : Return of Apokolips Steppenwulf slashes at O'Ryan's throat. Darkseid shows up and John Stewart uses his pink lantern ring to teleport his conciousness across the galaxy. O'ryan explodes in energy and all that's left of the cosmic entities is Steppenwulf's staff. Wally, Damian, Clark and Victor appear in a city in Apokolips. The team explores the ruins of the city. A zombie Steppenwulf rises and Superman fights it. Wally punches him into the mountain and the Mobius chair dissapears. The team runs around the planet and try to stop the mobius chair, but Steppenwulf is following the hero's. Cyborg traps it and Superman and The Flash hold it in place. Batman uses it and sees the crisis. Steppenwulf destroys the Mobius chair and Damian is thrown off. Superman buries Steppenwulf and Damian says their first step to stopping the crisis in action is to get the green lantern corps. Back together.
Chapter 5 : Return of the Green The Justice league travels in a New Genisis ship. Batman trains with Steppenwulf's spear. Superman explains it looks like the old Watchtower. He has a conversation with Wally. Cyborg talks about Nightwing to Damian. Cyborg has been frozen in time for 15 years, so it's like he was talking to Dick yesterday. Cyborg holds a meeting and explains the four lanterns of Earth are missing. John's ring washed up on Gotham shores, Kyle retired and became a rich artist, Hal dissapeared in deep space and Guy lives in a grungy Coast city apartment. Victor goes to get Guy, Damian goes to hunt down John, Wally goes to get Kyle. Clark goes to find Hal. Victor has an inspirational speech with Guy, and they go on a highway joyride. Damian breaks into Argus and is sucked into John's ring. Wally and Kyle argue in a huge Metropolis museum. Clark finds Mogo and talks to Hal in his hermit mansion. Victor has to hot wire Guy's car and Guy breaks into Starlabs drunkenly. Damian explores a cowboy city in a desert. John rides up on his horse and exclaims "Bruce!". The justice riders fight Damian and John agrees to help him of they hunt down gangs. Kyle explains he wants nothing to do with the corps. Wally tries to reinvigorate hope but he leaves. Superman and Hal fight off yellow Sinestro sentinels.
Chapter 6 : Return of the Green pt. 2 Victor and Guy evade the police and Guy accidently releases Mirror master. Guy discovers why he joined the lanterns and summons his ring. Victor and Guy teleport up to the new watchtower and see Damian's distress call. Kyle and Wally love the high life. They sip expensive drinks and ogle expensive girls. Wally remembers the reason he's here and he gets distracted by a hot tub. Hours earlier, Cowboy Batman and the Justice Riders fight off gang leaders and hand them into the police. They all instantly escape and Damian realises John built himself a paradise. He explains it's been 15 years and he reluctantly kidnaps John. The justice riders get together to save their friend from "the Batman impersonator". Wally tries to convince Kyle but he leaves. Wally breaks into his basement and sees art depicting the most beautiful places on Oa. Wally gives him a speech and Kyle puts on his ring. Guy and Victor fight Mirror master. He goes for Blackgate. They stop him from getting to the control panel and Amanda Waller sees the return of Green lantern. Clark sends sentinels to space. Hal falls and says if he tries again he'll have a heart attack. Clark explains the world-and universe needs him again. Hal looks at the rubble of the sentinels and shoots at space. He reveals his Green lantern ring and they get Batman's distress call.
Chapter 7 : Justice league vs. Justice riders Batman fights off Justice riders members in a cave and calls for the rest of the Justice league. Guy makes Mirror master teleport them into John's ring and they fight. John sees Guy, Hal and Kyle and his world starts to fade. They make it through the mirror but Guy sacrifices himself for the others to make it.
Chapter 8 : Crisis at the source wall The league, made up of Batman, Superman, The Flash, Cyborg and the lantern squad talks In the meeting hall in the new watchtower. Cyborg explains they need the Lanterns to spread as many lantern rings as possible. Superman, Batman and him will go to the source wall. Wally asks what he should do and Cyborg explains he needs to power the ship. Batman, Superman and Cyborg investigate the fading statues at the source wall. Cyborg says the crisis will come from the source wall. They find an old ship breaking down and Cyborg realises what it is. They are chased by the brood. Wally runs on a treadmill and realises he's getting slower. An A.I appears and says he could help him. His name is Hank henshaw and he can manually stress his electrons to move faster. They get into arguments and Hank brings up he wasnt fast enough to save Iris or Barry. Kyle accidently wakes up a living planet and it tries killing him. Wally sees his friends in danger and accepts Hank into him. He saves the entire team and escapes. He realises his new speed and saves as many people from the newly awakened brood as he can on Earth.
Chapter 9 : Start of the crisis The sky lights up in blue flame as Wally West reveals his new power to the public. The military defends the earth from the brood but are losing. Wally shreds them all and Hank congratulates him. More and more brood come to fight Wally. Hank explains even with his help he couldn't possibly be fast enough. Wally channels the power of the source wall and stops the brood. Batman, Superman and Cyborg hear about it and see the source wall being torn open by the speed force. Batman realises they were played by Metron to start the crisis. Back on Apokolips, Metron appears back from his chair along side John stewart, with Hal Jordan's ring. The green lantern army is called to fight on Apokolips as parademons are raised from the dead. Many are slaughtered. Batman fights off parademons on the source wall and Superman speeds off to Apokolips. He challenges Metron head on and they fight in space. Metron explains he will follow the will of Darkseid. He failed but Metron shall continue the empire of Apokolips. Wally watches the armies of Parademons shredding the left over Brood. He panics and is saved by Green arrow.
Chapter 10 : Justice men John stewart lands on Earth after defeating Darkseid. He washes up on a shore and Metron appears. He says he has a plan for his mind in his ring. Placing an a.i in his body. After he was saved his mind was fighting the a.i like a virus. The virus won. John's body blasts around the galaxy and goes to the dark side of a moon, finding Brainiac's ship with an Omega symbol burnt in it. He reactivates the Brainiac bodies and releases them onto the worlds. Brainiac lands in Gorilla city, and Sullivar the 2nd fights it. One lands in Thanagar's ruins and Hawkman slaps it against the room with his mace. John Stewart appears behind him and says Metron knew he'd still be alive. John and Catar fight. Batman, Superman and Cyborg run around the Watchtower and watch the destruction.
Chapter 11 : Preludes of the crisis The card gang robs a bullet train traveling through the heart of Gotham. Batman jumps on it to stop them. They fight on the train and The Flash comes by. Wally is curious about Damian's interest in Speed force batteries and Damian has no idea what he's talking about. Wally explains the organization running the train are in collusion with a Markovian meta-trafficking league. They've been using highly explosive speed-force batteries to power their machines. A huge electric explosion goes off and Wally saves dozens of people. The card gang gets away with millions of dollars in equipment and the duo tracks down their hide-out in Blackgate's bunker. The duo fight their way through the bunker and uncover what they were using the speed-force battery for. They almost get sucked into a huge portal connecting to the speedforce. The grand-father of the gang explains he has a physic ability and saw a great Apocolypse coming. Damian writes it off as another crazy person but Wally saw something in the speed-force. An anomoly of extreme speed. He has no idea what it is but spends months studying it. A year later, Wally appears to Damian again with the Spectre to stop the crisis.
Chapter 12 : The league rises Superman stops as many Parademons as he can but John appears in a boom-tube and snaps his arm. John fully transforms into a soldier and attacks citizens. The Flash appears along side Green arrow, Wonder woman and Steele. They do clean up as best they can but John summons more and more parademons. The group falls back to the watchtower. Steele has been surviving off of medical tech in his suit for 10 years. Wonder woman is Donna troy, after Wonder woman was brutally killed by Vandal savage. Green arrow is Connor hawk, Speedy died and he was Oliver's second apprentice. They watch the world burn and Wally says that they're heroes, they cant just watch. Hawkman shows up and explains John's virus is similar to Thanagarian technology. If there is a virus there is always an opposite. Wally says it would take years to program another Mother box and Metron could guess if they wanted to steal one. Wonder woman brings up how Themiscarya has a pure elixir of life from before the universe was crafted. Cyborg brings it up on a map and says Metron's forces have already reached the borders. Wonder woman says it has a backdoor. She brings out a seed and says "Pray to Zues, and dont eat anything on the trip". The league stands in a line, looking at the pomegranate tree. Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, The Flash, Cyborg, Hawkman, and Green arrow stand in a line and Superman leads them in.
Chapter 13 : Underworld hike The league travels through the underworld. Wonder girl explains in the center of Themiscarya is a portal to the Underworld. The league gets lost in the endless catacombs of the Underworld and separates from eachother. Hawkman gets a claw in his back and Lobo appears with the Apokoliptian furies. Superman fights them. Batman steals a hoverboard off a wall and helps him. They find out they both want to get to Themiscarya. The fury drones fall and Lobo explains he was gliding through space when a Brainiac drone stabbed him. He ripped some apart and went to Earth. He met Firestorm and helped stop some of the forces. It was getting in the way of business and he was on the way to hooking up with an alien girl. He wants to personally rip Metron's @#$% off and throw it into the cold recesses of space. Hades comes out from a pile of dead Parademons and androids and says it's great that their having a moment but the underworld hates come with a price. They argue for a bit before Bayman punches him in the nose. Damian exclaims that every world will end, including the underworld. Hades says if they dont make a sacrifice the gate will kill them. Wonderwoman steps up but Green arrow forces everyone else to go. They promise they'll come back for him. They get to Themiscarya and realise it's destroyed. Wonder woman says Hera will now where the elixir lies.
Chapter 14 : Resurgence in Paradise Superman, The Flash and Superman sneak past terminals and reach Hera's palace. She explains the soldiers came to the island and exterminated the Amazon. Wonder woman cries and Hera hugs her. Hera says the elixir lies under the place the God Killer rested. Only the worthy can enter though. The team runs through the forests and a chain stabs into a tree. Superman and Lobo fight off androids while Batman and Wonderwoman get to the palace. Superman tries to enter but it rejects him. He fights off the androids and only Cyborg and The Flash can enter. Cyborg gets a map of the temple and they go in deeper. The Flash looks into a pit and sees Barry calling out to him. Cyborg says it's an illusion. Cyborg explains the temple will try and trick them into dying. Ghostly Barry runs actor Wally and the watcher of the temple, Diana prince reveals herself and Wally and Victor catch her up on the last 15 years. She passes on a message to Donna and shows them the elixir. They escape and the temple collapses. Hank in Wally's head talks to a mysterious voice and says no one was actually worthy, they just had to believe they were. He altered Wally's mind and made him believe in himself. All part of his final plan. The league need to get the attention of John and put in a backdoor.
Chapter 15 : God of the green The league goes back to challenge John Stewart. They go to Ryut and call out to him. John appears and says Metron told them they'd be here. Wonderwoman uses the elixir of life but John smashes it and puts up a shield. He says "You know I have Metron on my side, the SMARTEST being in the universe?!". Batman is thrown into a mountain and Wally is punched into the ground. Superman and Lobo work together to fight him in space, but he throws them to the ground. Cyborg tries to use his pulse ray but it doesnt effect John. He blasts Cybprg with a paser and hacks his systems. Wonderwoman sword fights with him on a bridge but she's knocked off. He jumps down to kill her but Lobo throws him against the wall with a chain "IF I CAN'T RIP METRON'S @#$% OFF YOUR'LL HAVE TO FARE!". Lobo puts a hole in John's chest but it grows back and Lobo starts to have microbes crawl up his arm. Wonderwoman cuts his hand off but it grows into an android main man. Lobo fans Wonderwoman fly it into space but it scans the universe and says Lobo is a faker. John expects it to be subservient but it's subservient to no one but THE MAIN MAN! Lobo and Robo-Lobo fight in space and Robo-Lobo builds a hodge-podge space bike. Superman and Cyoprg watch the fight and John uses the distraction to try and get away. Batman stabs him in the back with a grapple gun. They question John and the real Lobo comes holding Robo-Lobo's head in a jar. John starts to glitch and they bring him back to the Watchtower. Wally listens to Hank in his head and he explains he is doing well.
Chapter 16 : Space man Starman works with other cosmic heroes on a satellite to fight off parasites. Starman is shot out of the window and flies straight into a worm-hole. He is thrown into Earth 25 years later. He looks around at the city. Ruins of the city surround him. He escapes some Brainiac droids. Superman watches John Stewart bang on a glass wall. The elixir was supposed to cure him and they only finished half the plan. Damian explains the programming is similar to the tech that got the shuttle to the moon in 1969. Superman knows who is good for a minuscule mission. Clark explains he's in Blackgate right now, but they know someone who can get them the map to plan their molecule heist.
Chapter 17 : The Molecule heist pt. 1 Wally says Snart went off the grid since they went to Metropolis. They walk into a field and sneak around Brainiac droids. Superman throws stones into a river in a certain order and a tower rises out of the ground. Damian, Wally and Clark walk around the tower of Fate. Starman watches them and uses the tower to get away from droids. The three leaguers get to a foyer. Kent Nelson explains the helmet of Fate has lost all power. Kent realises Gavin is in the building. This is enough evidence for Wally to explain the helmet must have given him natural power like Constantine. Gavin apologizes and they work together to fight off the androids. Kent walks them through the library and Gavin says the Atom had all that contract stuff with Blackgate. They all facepalm as he forgot he's 15 years in the future. Dr. Fate tries making them a portal and he has a heart problem. They get the map of Blackgate from "The book of prisons, past present and future", a timeless book currently being written from the end of time. They take a map and leave. Superman sees Kent's fragility and realises he's getting old too. Meanwhile, in the depths of Blackgate prison, The Atom recounts adventures with the league. Joining after getting involved in the Queen conspiracy.
Chapter 18 : The molecule heist pt. 2 The Flash runs through Blackgate late at night, followed by Hawkman and Wonder woman. They get the attention of King shark and cause a disruption in the main hall to distract him. While they're in the basement, they find relics of their old adventures. Hawkman takes his old Thanagarian mace and rises it to the moon. Wonder woman finds samurai-like armor from one of his adventures with The Flash. Wally finds The Atom and they escape. They all steal jetpacks and take off, but King shark releases the villians kept in Blackgate. The Atom is excited to meet his old friends again and Hawkman realises they need a distraction to escape. Wally steps up but Hawkman refuses and uses Shiara's mace to take out as many as he can before he's stabbed in the back by Vandal savage. The others escape and come back with the news of Hawkman's death. The Atom sadly goes into John's head. The league mourns their friend.
Chapter 19 : Forces of nature Metron walks into a huge underground chamber and awakens the queen of the green, Posion ivy. He burns down the underground jungle and takes a tomb. This awakens the titan, Swamp thing and he seeks out Metron, from the Shadows. The Atom goes into John's brain and Has a conversation with him. John explains he killed Hal and got Guy killed and deserves to be killed. Atom says it was the virus and not him. The virus comes out and turns out to be a technological version of Starro. The Atom fights off the virus and John kills himself so Ray isnt turned. The league sees John shut down and Ray explains he isn't coming back. Wally talks to Donna and they bond over the old Titans days. They kiss. Cyborg sees this and is glad some happiness can be found. Donna says they need to go back in time and stop all this and Wally says they'd need a cosmic treadmill. They go to the old star labs facility and Damian and Victor agree to stop them. Ray and Clark study the information gathered from John and his connection to Metron. They move out to stop the production of Brainiac droids with Lobo and the good, Robo-Lobo.
Chapter 20 : Metron factorium Wally and Donna power up the cosmic treadmill and Wally starts running. Damian stops him and talks him down from,this huge mistake. Donna tries a sneak attack on Damian but a force field from Victor stops her. Meanwhile, Superman, Ray, Lobo, and Robo-Lobo fight Metron droids. Metron appears and challenges them. They fight for awhile and Metron realises he's losing. He sends out hundreds of droids and Lobo jumps off the pillar they were on and yells "TONIGHT, WE FRAG IN HELL!". Donna is angry, as Victor thought she would try to kill Damian. Cyborg explains he knows people are ready to do anything if they think it's right. He was tortured for 15 years by someone like that. Donna uses her full training to apprehend Cyborg. She uses a chip, studying the brood network to turn him into a droid. Wally asks Hank what he should do, and he ends up saving Cyborg. Superman tips apart the droids and Ray enlarges their ships and weapons to crush them. Lobo and Robo-Lobo ride their bikes through them. Metron speeds up the factory and realises it's about to over-heat. He stops production, Lobo and Robo-Lobo take this opportunity to explode the factory and let everyone escape, dying in the process. Donna runs for velocity-9 and Damian goes after her. They fight on the roof-top and they realise it's to late. The cosmic treadmill rips a hole in reality and Damian chases Donna in. They fight in the time-stream and end up in Argo-city. Hank runs Wally into the portal and Cyborg watches it all. He realises Wally has Hank in his brain. Hank uses the rips in time to bring the past Lex Luthor into the future. Metron deactivates and everyone realises Hank worked with Lex. Hank organized everything and Lex takes his throne in Metron's place. Army of Kryptonians by his side. The league figure out they lost and Donna let's herself fall into space. The remaining leaguers reconcile in the watchtower and watch Luthor take over everything.
Chapter 21 : Blackest blight Wally leaves and says their attempts were in vain. Victor leaves and says hes gonna try and defend people from armageddon. The Atom is gonna drink himself to death before armageddon. Superman states off into space. Gavin tries to comfort Damian but Damian goes back to Gotham. The news plays a report on the League's fight with Metron, and their failure. Lex luthor gives a speech on stage and imprisons all heroes he can. Reports about the Luthor accords from 15 years ago play. Batman challenges him upfront and Superman sees it. Starman comes down to side with his new friend. Cyborg comes back. Luthor laughs at them until Superman lowers behind him. They fight off mechs and Ray palmer explodes one. People cheer and the league returns to the watchtower. Dr. Fate watches and rises with them. Fate signs appear all over the world to spark a rebellion. Wally enters Snart's home and takes the Spectres cloak.
Chapter 22 : Regalia of Luthor Clark and Lex talk for one last time in the old Smallville farmland. They talk about space and philosophy. Starman leads a revolt against Luthor. Luthor returns to Metron's space station and the league flies their ship into it. Luthor sends out Metron's Brainiac droids. Superman takes care of them quickly. The leagues in danger, so Wally equips the Spectre's cloak and becomes the Spectre. Luthor wards them off as he completes the anti-life equation. The final piece is the heart of the green. He uses machines to open the tomb. The heroes think it's all lost. But Harley quinn rises from the coffin and beats on Luthor. She explains to Batman and Starman that Ivy loved her but knew she was mortal and Ivy was immortal. So Harley was put in a tomb to absorb the right nutrients to becomes a fellow meta. Swamp thing appears and gives the league enough time to defeat Luthor. Luthor discovers the last piece is in the underworld and teleports the ship there. Green arrow sees it and gets a perfect shot on the core. Destroying it and Luthor. A month later, the league gathers at Kent Nelson's funeral. The helmet left one last spell, that Kent would die when he completed his purpose. Batman takes the responsibility of the helmet but Green arrow puts it on. He sees that something's not right and runs outside, to dig up chest. He opens it and finds a note from RIP hunter. "I'm going to hunt down Starman, and when I find him, there wont be anything left of him".
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