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NuTrek is much too similar to the Doctor Who episode "Fear her" (and not in a good way)

So if you've been watching the new Doctor Who series, you might remember way back in 2006 (God I feel old) a little episode called "Fear Her", written by Matthew Graham.
Now if you haven't watched the episode or you forgot about it (lucky you), I will summarize it as best as I can: The Doctor and Rose arrive near the start of the 2012 Olympic Games and find themselves in a residential area where Chloe, a black young girl with barely intelligible discount store Pazuzu voice is kidnapping kids from the street by drawing them on paper, and the Doctor eventually locates her and determines that she's "possessed" by some space alien plant called Isolus that got lost from it's flock or whatever, and that the creature is alone and yearns for companionship which is why she merged with the girl, but that's not enough you see so the alien uses its powers of trapping people as drawing because the entity keeps feeling lonely. It can't leave the planet, because its ship/pod has little power left and its powered by love, literally. Oh and apparently Chloe's dad was abusive and used to beat her, until he died in a car crash some years prior, which is why she's a loner. Oh and there's a monster dad drawing in her closet that can do Poltergeist shit now. And Chloe's mom, which, like any mom that had to live with an abusive spouse is very protective of her-nope, even after learning there's some dangerous alien controlling her daughter and being told by Rose to keep a close eye on her and to take her pencils away so she can't trap people until the Doctor finds the Isolus pod, even after seeing what the alien can do, doesn't check if she hid other pencils anywhere else like all kids do and then she leaves Chloe alone in her room to get a cup of coffee or something, which allows Chloe to lock the door, get some pencils from a hiding place and trap the freakin' Doctor and the TARDIS inside a drawing! Oh yeah, apparently these aliens are powerful enough to trap freakin' Time Lords and nigh-invulnerable Time Lord ships in a sheet of paper! If you hear any loud noises, that's just millions of Daleks and Cybermen banging their heads against the wall. Rose finds the pod, but alas it has no love (wut) and thus it doesn't work. Chloe then apparently feels even more lonely or something and captures the entire Olympic stadium inside the drawing, then apparently that's enough and goes to trap THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH! Aren't you on the planet Earth though? Won't you also get trapped inside your own drawing, or will you and your house end up floating in space, while you suffocate to death due to lack of air? (Or maybe you'll just draw a space suit on yourself) Oh and she threatens to release closeted two-dimension psycho dad on Rose if she tries to stop her. But the day is saved when the TV presenter describes the Olympic torch as a beacon of love, because I guess a glorified barbecue lighter clearly represents love and Rose tosses the alien pod inside the torch flame, which is enough to recharge it with love, and the alien leaves, with the Doctor suddenly appearing on TV and lighting the Olympic flame on the stadium.
The episode was voted and it's still considered one of the worst from David Tennant's runtime and even beyond (in 2014 for example, the DWM no. 474 placed it at position 240th of the 241 episodes aired up until then), with the most common criticism being that it's dull, the Doctor feels out of character all for a dumb joke (he acts like an imbecile in front of an angry parent in an area where kids have gone missing), terrible child acting, nonsensical resolution and butchering a serious topic (child abuse) by not doing much with it. To make matters worse the writer of the episode had a very mature reaction to people no liking his episode, saying in an interview, quote:
"And it was only later I realized that the older fans had reacted badly to it. So, I went, “Well, it’s a shame that they have, but it wasn’t meant for them.”"
Ah yes, the Brie Larson school of filmmaking: this film (or episode of a family show) is that is meant to be played in cinemas (or on TV) for all general audiences to see, it's actually not meant for you and if you don't like it I don't want to hear the opinion because you're over a certain age. But if you don't watch it you're that guy that everyone hates. So you should try to enjoy it. Even though since it's not meant for you, you can't enjoy it.
The way the episode treats its plot and the main character, as well as the attitude of the episode's writer are really similar to how Kurtzman, Chabon and Orci (in STID) have handled Star Trek in the last decade as well as their interaction with "older" fans:
  • "It wasn't meant for them" is very similar to Orci's infamous "there is a reason why I get to write the movies, and you don’t" rant after a negative article on Star Trek Into Darkness appeared, as well as the many K&C's rants on "toxic fans" after the bad reception on STD and STP;
  • "It's meant for kids" or "It's got space magic aliens that turn people into drawings, so you shouldn't take it seriously" I've seen it being thrown as a defense for the Fear Her... yes... an episode dealing with child abuse aka a very serious topic should not be taken serious... or it's meant for kids... yes that makes total sense, that's what a kid wants to see, that daddy sometimes beats kids because he's crazy, that that is something kids are really interested in... or that a fantastic power like turning people and items into drawings will be used by an abused kid to kidnap people, all while muttering what I assume to be words, that's what kids identify with; while for DIS and PIC the most common lame defenses used are "Trek has had giant green hand grabbing the Enterprise, Abraham Lincoln floating in space, half-white-half-black people hating half-black-half-white people, fish people, asshole God-like creatures, space amoeba, brain stealing, so clearly you shouldn't bitch about space orchids, ninja Romulans, 3D printers as replicators or space robot tentacles"... here's the thing: Trek had lots of ridiculous things in the past. You know why these are less problematic than the space orchids or ninja Romulans? Because they actually did something interesting with them. Because rather than just being there, they either drove the plot or had an important role, and sometimes they made sense in a way. They weren't just random stuff happening just for the sake of the plot. They had a clear role in the episode/story, even if they didn't always work as intended. Last time I checked, Star Trek episodes aren't YouTube Poops. Of course, like in the case of Spock's Brain, it didn't work, since everything was just dumb. And when you have bad writing, it actually makes it worse. You know what had (relative) good writing and absurd setting with ridiculous characters? Guardians of the Galaxy. And yet, the film worked. Why? Because they actually did something with the characters, they weren't just there. The script helped the characters fir inside the story, rather than being there just for a cheap laugh, like most 90s films tend to do with a similar setting. Doesn't matter how ridiculous the plot/setting is, it matters what you do with it. And Picard did jack shit, the space orchids and magic imagination gizmo were just either deus ex machina or their function in the story could have been replaced by any other technology already seen in previous Trek series/films.
  • Both series try to tackle a serious topic (child abuse and bigotry/Trump/Brexit respectively), but both end up falling flat or the opposite happens: A child that was abused by her father and suffers greatly? Should she seek therapy or getting help from someone qualified, as well as her mother? Nah, look she's totally capable of hurting people and we should fear her, I mean that's the name of the frickin' episode, what other mature reaction should we have when we encounter a broken child? Sympathy? Nah, fear is the answer! Be afraid of abuse victims, they're secretly monsters! And in Picard, the poor Romulan refugees that totally need our help do not need our help because they like to plot grand conspiracies and kill thousands of people. Refugees cannot be trusted you know. And they also forced an android ban, which is bad because bigotry is bad, except we should totally fear advanced AIs since you see there are some AI Gods out there that will kill us all if synths ever contact them, which nearly happened. So it's OK to be afraid of AIs and robots because they could be secretly monsters! Bigotry is OK!
  • Main characters must act like idiots, otherwise the plot cannot happen;
  • Love and imagination can power devices!
  • A narrator spoonfeeds the audience the most soulless and preachy ideas on love, fear, etc.
  • Black women are dangerous and cannot be trusted... and they have a thing for domestic abuse, either as victims or as abusers themselves, oh and they're also the magical negro that do stuff no one else can, and they have no personality or other goals besides the plot.
  • God-like aliens are out there that are just too powerful except we'll just forget about them after the episode is over and have no other significance later on;
  • There's always a world-ending threat no matter what;
  • One character mentioning the most annoying cliché foreshadowing line in fiction, "storm's coming", either at the end of the episode or in an important moment;
Quite frankly, NuTrek writers come across as the stereotypical narcissistic rookie director that after making his first film, he goes on to claim that it's amazing, that it's deep, has lots of hidden meanings, and when people don't like his product, he goes on a rant how he's a misunderstood genius, only the haters cannot appreciate his true genius and are conspiring against him... when in reality his film is just either bad, has terrible dialogue, it's full of clichés, the acting is awful at best and the plot just isn't as clever as he thought it would be.
submitted by MabusWinnfield to Star_Trek


Fantasy Tournament - Day 23 (Round of 16)

Guess who’s back in the house, heels click-clackin’ about.
Welcome to the MtvChallenge Fantasy Tournament! For the past month, teams have battled the elements, grueling physical challenges, and u/honestkodaline's personal insults to survive to the second round. To those who made it: 'grats! And to those who didn't (like me): democracy sucks and victims aren't we all. There's always the Redemption House bracket, everyone's fave feature, so fret not.
So what happened in yesterday's vote? What's the T Christine?
Queen Katie Doyle didn’t come to make friends, she came to eliminate men in Infernos, put Mexican Bengay on her armpits, and provide iconic (but expletive-filled) quotes. She dragged her ragtag team to a victory in the actual Inferno 1 final, because she was the only one who remembered the previous players that season – even though there were only EIGHT that went home. Unfortunately, in this fantasy final, Aviv Melmod is on the other team and can solve puzzles AND run faster than Sweet Angel Miss Doyle. Plus CT housed 100 of those taquitos in 3 minutes (he thought there was an extra 0 on the sign), and Brittini and Mike were excellent supporting players. u/ry-guy2fly wins Real World with 91 votes to u/mthompson22599’s 65. Sorry boo :(
For RR, just like yesterday, it was a closer vote. The Toxic team would’ve lived up to its name and had atrocious team chemistry. Unfortunately for u/gelado99, nobody knows what DJ Mel Reeves can do because she’s been on 6 episodes total over two seasons. If Sarah and Abram need to get medevaced in the actual Cutthroat final (and look who’s on this team 🐸☕️ hmmmm)… The original British Blonde would be in tarmac hell.
Even though they’re terrible people, Zach, Zanatta, and Adam King advance to the next round. Thank goddess for Brittini Sherrod – she’s like the Sam of this team, with Adam King the Ashley Kelsey (same initials!), Nicole the Frank (queer, strong, insufferable), and Zach the Zach (all Swedish, no Finnish). Actually, scratch that, Brittini S is way better than Sam, but I digress.
With 80 votes to 76, u/OkonkwoTheCat wins this match-up in the RR bracket!
And to u/mthompson22599 + u/Gelado99 – I wish you both luck in the Redemption House. You’re competing TODAY, if I’m not mistaken, so get your asses over there to campaign for your team! The losers' bracket is here.
Now, onto today’s actually-still-in-the-game vote.


u/honestkodaline + u/priorsloth “Adore Delano 2020” vs. u/dolfan2354 in the Rivals III final
Adore Delano 2020: Evelyn (Rivals 1), Ashley K (Seasons 2), Cohutta (Free Agents), Ace (Inferno 3)
u/dolfan2354: Derrick K (Ruins), Veronica (Inferno 1), Amanda (Final Reckoning), Nehemiah (Rivals 1)
The final, thanks to u/mthompson22599 !
This final consisted of three male/female teams who were not only competing against each other, but the partners within the teams were competing against each other. This was a two day final consisting of several checkpoints that allowed players to accumulate points compared to their partner. The first checkpoint had the teams untangling three sets of coiled wires. Once all the three wires were untangled, the player would they signal their completion by blowing up their dynamite stick. Teams could not move on until both teams were finished. The next checkpoint was a memory game while checkpoint 3 was a two-dimensional puzzle. From there, the teams had to sprint to the finish line to finish the first day. Teams had to take turns staying awake or sleeping throughout the night. Day two had the teams eat gross foods which earned their individual points. The grosser the foods, the more points that were awarded to the eater. Before moving on, the entire table had to be eaten. Finally teams had to climb up a mountain again to meet T.J. at the finish line where they were met with the grand prize.
Why you should vote for Adore Delano 2020
Other than strong competitors our teams biggest strength is that there is a clear alpha leader (Ev), and the other three are team players that will follow a strong competitor.
EVELYN SMITH WON A SIMILAR FINAL, on Rivals 1! Not only did she win this final, but she did it with Paula. They beat Laurel and Cara Maria who would easily win anything you threw at them today. We know this wasn’t because Paula is a powerhouse, it was literally ALL on Ev. I don’t need to say much more because Ev is iconic, she won 3 seasons, and any true Challenge fan knows her résumé. Game, set, match bitch.
Cohutta may not have a win yet, and he may be on the smaller side of the men, but he is brilliant. He makes the challenges work for him. During this season, Free Agents, he showed incredible agility being one of three people to make it across the rolling log during the first challenge. In the second daily he was partnered with Laurel, and of course they won, but neither could’ve done it without the other. On the third challenge he lead a team of Nany, Latoya and Preston across the bar crawl (sliding two bars under a wall suspended above water) when teams that had Jordan, CT, and Cara couldn’t even make it across! Free Agents was Cohutta’s best run and he finished in 6th place. This season showed us that Cohutta can work on a team with ANYONE and perform above average.
Ashley Kelsey kickboxes. She solves puzzles. She stands up for Sam (well, halfheartedly, but she did at one point stand up for Sam, at least once, in her own way). She dated Dario, and we don't judge her for that. She won her first season. She lost her second season to Cara, but didn't she look cute while doing it?
Ace Amerson invented the trash can punch. He hooked up with Tonya. He was on Team Good Guys on Inferno 3, because he is a good guy. In real life, he rides a lot of 4-wheelers and has a cute dog. He'll listen to Evelyn's orders. He'll be a supportive teammate and friend to all, except Derrick.
Our team is a lean, mean machine - heavy on the lean. We run. We think critically (well, Evelyn does). We fight (well, Evelyn does). We get shit done... well, you get the point.
Why you should vote for u/dolfan2354
Derrick K - Arguably one of the best players in eliminations due to his tenacity. Always will compete has a never say quit attitude as evidenced multiple time. Is a multi-time champion and has the cardio to crush any final. Is aware of shortcomings and is willing to sit back in puzzles and let those strong on his team due their thing. Is ready to crush any final!
Veronica - Forgotten how dominant she was in her prime is a 3x champion who got better every season she was on. Won 4 life savers on the inferno. Has no glaring weakness is a strong female who is smart at puzzles and has the cardio to keep up with her team while also being able to mentally break her opponents!
Amanda - Is a very loyal player and will compete as hard as she can in anything she does while also making sure her voice is heard. Arguably the best player in the lavender ladies. In invasion she showed how dominate she is at puzzles by solving her puzzle in minutes during the blood bath while other players were at it for an hour. Has the strength to pull her weight on any challenge. Has shown she is in great shape and has never shown signs that she would struggle with a final.
Nehemiah - Is an all-around player and is a 1x champion. Came into rivals shredded and in the best shape he has ever been in. Was carrying his team with an overweight Evan and proved that he is capable to run a final and compete to win. Has the body size to provide the muscle and really crush anything while also having a good mind when it comes to the tough aspect of using your brain."


u/wade5554's "You Cannot Copy My Walk vs. u/willtwerkf0rfood in the Rivals II final
You Cannot Copy My Walk: Turbo (WotW1), Jenny W (WotW2), Da’Vonne (WotW1), Adam Kuhn (Exes 2)
u/willtwerkf0rfood: Landon (FM2), Svetlana (Duel 1), Jamie C (Inferno 2), Knight (Rivals II)
The final, thanks AGAIN to u/mthompson22599 – damn girl, you’re on fire! sorry you didn't win yesterday again :(
Just like the first Rivals Season, the format was three male/male teams and three female/female teams. It was split into two parts, Dream Island and Nightmare Island. To begin, the teams swam one mile in the middle of the ocean to Dream Island, where they were met with three geometric puzzles. The teams had one hour to put together their puzzles, retrieve a key to their kayaks, and paddle out to meet T.J. on a yacht. Only the top two teams of each gender would move on, with third place being purged out. The second part of the final, Nightmare Island, began with the remaining four teams swimming to the island, where they were instructed they would need to earn idols at five different checkpoints. After completing each checkpoint, teams must signal their completion of the checkpoint by pulling a pin on a smoke grenade. The first checkpoint had the teams removing 14 of the 15 pegs from a triangular board by jumping the spikes over one and another until only one remained. They could not move on until only one peg remained on the board. The second checkpoint "What's Mine is Yours" had the teams cutting through a chain-link fence, then solving a math puzzle using the Pythagorean theorem. Once they figured out the answer, they would have to cut the corresponding rope. If wrong, teams would have to cut all five ropes before moving on. The third checkpoint, "Food Test" had teams eating and drinking a variety of disgusting foods in numerical order, with the last jar holding the key needed to get the idol. At the fourth checkpoint, "Body Issues" teams had to move 20 body bags from one side of the course to another. After moving all the bags, teams were instructed to dig into the ground to retrieve the fourth idol. At the final checkpoint, "Tunnel Vision", the teams needed to dig a tunnel to underneath a cage with bamboo poles, with the last idol being inside the cage. Once the team had all five idols, they were able to retrieve the golden elephant and make their way to a canoe, in which they would have to row their way towards the yacht in the middle of the ocean where they would meet T.J. and their grand prize.
Why you should vote for You Cannot Copy My Walk
Turbo - Turbo’s biggest strength is his endurance and heart. He was able to win the longest and arguably most difficult final ever. He will give his team everything he has and push his body to the limits. He did well in puzzles, finishing fourth in the purge, as well as winning the daily where they were spinning in the plane and had to solve the puzzle. His swimming ability could be called into question because it was not shown, but based off his other abilities I would say he is an average swimmer. He ate one plate during the eating portion, but with the amount of heart he has I think he could compete with the best in an eating final. All in all he is a well-rounded competitor that is elite in endurance.
Jenny - Jenny has been underrated by many people because of the fashion in which she lost the hall brawl against Tori. She obviously has never played any contact sports growing up so she did not know how to play that elimination. But looking back to some of the dailies she was clearly the best runner as well as swimmer on the women’s side of the UK team. I think as far as endurance running and swimming she is right up there with the Laurel and Emily’s of the challenge. She may be slightly below elite tier because of the unknown. She absolutely beasted the puzzle against Nicole Bass, but it is hard to tell how quickly she finished because Nicole basically quit. She had shown to be a really good teammate and always keep a good composure under pressure. She has never run a final or done an eating challenge but it is safe to say that she would be very strong in both based off her training and performance in dailies.
Da’Vonne - Da’Vonne’s strength is puzzles. She absolutely demolished the purge, and also showed she was strong in puzzles on Final Reckoning. She is super underrated in strength and conditioning. In most possibly the hardest daily on the season, her and Wes won the challenge where they had to drag the metal to the dumpsters and weigh them. (The challenge where Ninja freaked out on Turbo). Wes was upset when he got stuck with Da’Vonne and she beasted it and won. Also, Bear quit on her in the other endurance daily with the tires, yet she kept going. She may not be in the best shape but she will never quit or hold her team back. She is also a very strong vocal leader, which is important to have in team finals. Also, she is the QUEEN of the challenge, if the other people let her make a final someday, she will for sure win it.
Adam - Adam was a very solid competitor. He won three eliminations in his six episode stint on the show. He was able to beat Dustin and Jessica in a physical climbing elimination, John and Simone in a eating competition, and Knight and Jemmye in a strength challenge. He did all of this with Brittany as his partner, who was not very good at any of the challenges they did. He never did any swimming so that is an unknown that some people may hold against him, but I am pretty confident he can swim better than the other teams weaker swimmers. Again he won an eating elimination, and was in fantastic shape on his season, so the endurance should be no problem for him. He did not have high tolerance for people that were weak performers but in a stacked team like he is on for this he would be willing to put his ego aside and compete as a team to win.
Why you should vote for u/willtwerkf0rfood - by Nova ;P
Landon is the GOAT and won the Fresh Meat 2 final with the last-drafted woman against the most dominant male/female team in herstory - Kenny/Laurel. His aptitude cannot be understated (and he looks great as an underwear model).
Jamie Chung & Svetlana both only did one season – and performed amazingly. Jamie worked with Landon in the Inferno 2 final, kept up with the boys, and won the whole thing. Svetlana made it all the way to the second place on Duel 1, winning THREE eliminations along the way. One was bullshit – the ripped flag/caribiner rule – but the other two (over Kina and Aneesa) were impressive.
As for Knight… He’s goofy? And played hockey? Idk he’s not a stud.
So which of these teams deserves to move ahead? You decide!

VOTE HERE. Please! Voter apathy is shite!

Voting will close at 10 pm EST on Feb 5.
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