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When Karen and a sheltered religious upbringing come together for the perfect storm

This is my story in my own words 10+ years ago in form of a statement made to our local divorce court, with identifying information (redacted) and [edits to support clarity], plus XX for the day of the month.
My statement is a response to Karen’s libelous statement of me being a drug user and claiming I was molesting my own daughters. The judge admitted to never having read my statement, meaning that for almost 11 years, it has been sitting in some file cabinet at a courthouse in the US. It is a readily accessible public record if you know where to look. I think it’s time the world sees this. Why? Because I’m tired of being afraid, of being paranoid. Of thinking that the unknown person hitting me up online might be my ex in disguise (she did that). Or of thinking that I am not chatting with my daughter but with this narcissistic control freak of an ex-wife (I’m pretty sure she did that, too). I just want my side to be heard. Warning, it is very long (almost 7000 words), but full of bitter memories and Karen behavior. And yes, she had “the” haircut, more often than not demanded to speak to a manager, and she took the kids. She was a Karen before it was a thing. So much that for the longest time I thought the term “Karen” was based on her. I retyped this, to be able to copy and paste it. The original and the evidence is in my possession. It begins with a foreword explaining my reasoning for writing this at the time.
Here we go:
Despite the fact that (State) only has “no fault” as the guiding principle for dissolutions of marriage, Karen chose to make statements about me in her declaration that may influence the court in its decision making process concerning in particular the dissolution of the marriage between Karen and myself. This said, while the grounds for divorce should not be of any interest to the court, since Karen chose to make the statements she did, I will make my own as well, to show the court that I am not the person Karen portrays me to be, but a responsible man, who always gave his best for his family, putting Karen’s and our children’s needs before his own. These statements will also show that Karen will not accept responsibility for her own faults and actions, but would rather portray (herself) to be the victim, and go to any means necessary to defend this position, despite evidence to the contrary. They will also show that Karen has a careless attitude towards financial matters, is unable to provide a stable home for (our children), and has serious mental as well as physical health issues, which in the past have made her unable to care for our children, and potentially may do so in future.
The following is a chronological timeline of events concerning my relationship with Karen to show her manipulative, deceptive, passive-aggressive behavior towards me as well as her mental illness in general. I request the court to subpoena Karen’s mental health and medical records from (various hospitals) and any and all primary care physicians and specialists she has seen since we were engaged, in order to substantiate some of the following claims:
June 1994: Karen and I meet in (Europe). As my family has done in the past with other American visitors, I take Karen on a week-long tour of Europe. During this time Karen makes at least one inappropriate sexual advance on me, at my aunt’s apartment in (European town) [she snuck into my room at night, crawled into bed next to me and I woke up with her hand fondling my privates – I did not object to it as I was in sort of a shock and just froze, and it was the first time any girl had ever shown that sort of interest in me; I grew up in a very conservative religious family, knew that I was gay by 13 years of age but had just been through “conversion therapy”. In retrospect, I honestly thought I had been “healed” as my privates showed a “reaction”]. About one week later, before she leaves, she asks if we could have a long-distance relationship. I accept.
September 1995: Karen returns to (Europe) as our long-distance relationship has not done so well. She gives me an ultimatum to either continue it, or to call it off. To show my commitment, my response is that I ask her to marry me and we are engaged. [I literally panicked – during the year the “evil homosexual thoughts” had come up again, and I thought that this was “the Lord’s way out”. Mind you, I did inform her prior to the marriage that I have had those feelings and had been to therapy. She knew.]
December 1995: I fly to (the USA) to visit Karen and her parents. During this time we had consensual extramarital relations. We were planning to get married both legally and ecclesiastically in (Europe) in May 1996.
January 1996: Karen advises me that she is allegedly pregnant with multiples. She had also become unemployed. The decision is made for her to come to (Europe) sooner. Before her move, she calls me again to advise me that she had lost both pregnancies. While Karen has an extensive medical history, I have not seen evidence that she was ever pregnant during this time. At a later time she confesses that it was a test of my integrity and intentions towards her and I had “passed”. She also tells me that she had tested former boyfriends of her in a similar fashion during high school, and at one point went so far as to show a newborn baby which belonged to (a friend of hers) to one of her boyfriends, claiming it was theirs. Karen was babysitting for (her friend) at the time and claims to have done this with her consent. [If you are wondering why I did not jump ship at this point: we were already engaged and I was too chicken. I wanted to save face. Because “even Joseph stood by Mary when she got pregnant with Jesus”. – Plus I still thought this was “the Lord’s way for me out of homosexuality”.]
February 1996: Karen moves to (Europe). We begin the process of obtaining a marriage license.
April XX, 1996: We are legally married in (my hometown in Europe), obtain her (European) residence permit and move to (my place of residence at the time in Europe) shortly afterwards, as I am studying at the (local university) to become a translator. I am in my second year.
May XX, 1996: We return to my parents’ home in (my hometown) and get married at my home church in nearby (city).
Summer of 1996: While out of college for the summer, I work at (a fast food place in a nearby European city). We obtain Karen’s work permit but she is unable to find work. She claims that she has been clinically depressed since the age of 14. While I did not notice this until this point, she becomes more and more discontent, homesick, and depressed during this time. She threatens to divorce me and move back to (the US). She also threatens to commit suicide. The first occurrence was during one night, when she goes to a nearby dead arm of (a major river) to drown herself. I find her there in her nightgown after searching for her for about an hour. She states later that suicide is a “security blanket” for her.
During the same time she tells me about her involvement in occult practices as a teenager, and that she is still “demon possessed”. One night she plays out a “demonic” fight within herself, growls in low voices and attacks me physically. Being the religious person I was at the time [protestant evangelical Christian] I fully believe her and pray over her in tears. Eventually she “passes out” and a few minutes later returns, but not as herself, but allegedly as the archangel Michael, telling me that Karen needs me now more than ever and to not let go of her. Eventually, she falls asleep to wake up a little while later, this time as herself, supposedly not remembering anything.
Towards the end of the summer, her mother asks what keeps us in (Europe), and our response is my tuition-free higher education. However, we make the decision, for Karen’s sake, to move to the United States.
October 1996: We fly to (the US), and I enter the United States on the Visa Waiver program available for certain countries, with the intent to return within 90 days as required by law, if the situation would not work out here. Karen signs up with temp agencies. We live in Karen’s bedroom at her parents’ house (in her hometown).
November 1996: We decide to stay in (the US) and so we start the adjustment of status process with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. I receive a temporary work permit and start working for (an employer) as a cook and van driver.
February 1997: I am admitted as a conditional permanent resident. Sometime during this time, Karen begins to work for (her employer) at first a full 40 hours week, later reduced to part-time 25 hours per week, as she allegedly cannot handle full-time work.
During this time I recall one incident of her disappearing. I contact (hometown) Police to file a missing persons report, including her description as well as a description of her vehicle, a 1988 Oldsmobile. She later returns in somewhat of a confused and dazed state, explaining that all she wanted to do was go to the mall to buy a dust ruffle (but she did not return with one.) Her brother is present for most of this.
During another incident at this time, she threatens to commit vehicular suicide with her Oldsmobile and drove down (nearby suburban interstate highways) at a high rate of speed, exceeding 80 miles per hour. I try to keep up with her in my 1985 Nissan, but my vehicle is not powerful enough, and so I lose sight of her. I did not contact the police.
May 1997: I begin work for (my main employer). I am still working for them today [this statement is from December 2009].
Summer of 1997: We move into the apartment (in her hometown).
January 1998: I begin a second job at (a car rental company near my main job).
November 1998: I resign from the second job at (the car rental company) and begin to work another second job for (a school bus company) as a substitute school bus driver, and work there until June 2005.
The second jobs were worked in part because I worked swing shifts at my primary job at the time and wanted to do something constructive with my afternoons, and in part because of medical and other debt, such as her medical and mental health issues and pharmaceutical needs, as well as expenses for reproductive endocrinology. During this time, we trade my 1985 Nissan for a 1992 VW which Karen gets, and I take over the Oldsmobile.
1999: We wanted to have children early on, but due to confirmed infertility issues on my part (which make the January 1996 pregnancy implausible) we were unable to conceive on our own. Because Karen would not focus on anything besides getting pregnant, to the point of being obsessed with it, and (berating) me for the inability to produce children, the divorce and suicide threats continue. Eventually I reneged and suggested using a sperm bank to help her achieve her goal of a pregnancy. [Before that, she asked me to ask my brother to be a donor, as “that’s biblical”.] During this year, we trade the 1988 Olds for a 1995 VW.
September 2000: Our first daughter is born. We had made the decision for Karen to be a stay-at-home mom before we got married. [She grew up with both parents working and did not like it, and childcare would have eaten her part-time wages.] She had lost her hob with (her employer) a few months prior. On top of her clinical depression, she develops postpartum depression. She starts to sleep a lot and thus neglect her household and parenting duties. She spends weekends in bed until noon some days, leaving care of (daughter 1) virtually entirely up to me. This weekend pattern continues for the remainder of our marriage.
May 2001: We fly to Germany to visit my family. We sell the 1992 VW.
July 2001: We rent the home of Karen’s parents at (her hometown) from her parents, as they want to be full-time RV’ers. They gift us a 1988 Ford, which I drive. Karen gets the 1995 VW.
February 2002: Karen and (daughter 1) are involved in a motor-vehicle accident (at an intersection near hometown). Both Karen and (daughter 1) are injured, but not properly treated at (the local) Hospital. While she is not cited for the accident, the police report indicates failure to yield to oncoming traffic. Karen is convinced of her innocence in the accident and goes so far as to hire a private investigator who essentially confirms what the police report said all along. Karen also sues the opposing driver but loses, as he was not found at fault. Both Karen and I believe that (daughter 1)’s disabilities stem from this accident, but it was never proven, as neither was the closed brain injury Karen claims (daughter 1) has [she also jumped on the anti-vaxx bandwagon thinking they might be responsible as well]. Karen and I consulted with an attorney and it was decided that I, on (daughter 1)’s behalf, would sue Karen and the other driver, as she essentially was an innocent bystander to the accident. The attorney eventually dropped the case as there was not sufficient evidence to link (daughter 1)’s disability to the accident.
Karen receives physical therapy due to pain associated with the car accident, which the auto insurance company eventually discontinues, after an independent panel decides it is no longer necessary. We purchase a 1996 Chrysler to replace the 1995 VW.
September 2002: We move to an apartment complex in (her hometown) as Karen’s parents decide to sell their home. We find and purchase our home (in a nearby, cheaper, less affluent town) for $162,000.
November 2002: We move to our home in (our new hometown). (Daugher 1) is enrolled at (a special needs center) to help her with her disabilities. Shortly after we move in, Karen confronts a neighbor about their use of their own property for the storage of disabled vehicles. It comes to a verbal altercation between one neighbor and me trying to defend Karen, even though she has no right to demand they move the vehicles. She begins a neighborhood watch programs for our street with the goal of “cleaning up the neighborhood” in order to turn it into something resembling (her more affluent hometown). The neighbors show little interest.
Early 2003: Karen loses the feeling in her legs, and they give out underneath her as she is standing at the changing table. We take her to the hospital, where she is told that it’s all in her head and psychosomatic. I am close to running out of paid time off at work, and nobody in Karen’s family is willing or able to help, so I call my parents, and my mother is on the next plane to help with the household, so I can return to work. Karen speaks some (of my native language), but (daughter 1) does not, since the accident in 2002 [we had raised her bilingual from the get-go, but she lost all speech with the accident; doctors advised us to concentrate only on one language afterwards]. Karen is eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Late 2003: We refinance our home in (our new hometown) for $185,000 in order to pay off medical debts, credit cards, and the car loan for the 1996 Chrysler.
May/June 2004: We fly to (Europe) for two weeks [on my father's dime] to visit my family on the occasion of my father’s (round) birthday. Because Karen and my mother do not get along well, we agree beforehand that if the situation escalates, we would stay with a distant cousin of hers in (a nearby town). Karen provokes an incident where it comes to an escalation between her and my mother, and we move forward as agreed. For the remainder of the visit, she refuses to associate with my family.
June 2004: We resume assisted reproductive treatment with some of the sperm samples we have left. The pregnancy is classified as high-risk, due to rhesus-factor incompatibility between Karen and the sperm donor, resulting in weekly trips to (medical center at the other end of the metro area) to see a specialist in order to check on the progress of the pregnancy.
December 2004: At my company’s annual Christmas party, Karen approaches my manager to discuss my rate of pay and working hours. He politely but firmly rebukes her, saying that this is neither the time nor the place to be discussing this, and to contact him at the office during business hours. I am mortified, but he understands.
April 2005: Our second daughter is born. As my paid-time-off account is still very low, my manager arranges to set me up at home so I can work at least part-time from there. Karen once again is diagnosed with postpartum depression and receives medication and treatment. (Daughter 2) is also very sick and requires continued monitoring due to neutropenia.
June 2005: Due to the long commute from (the former hometown) for only a part-time second job, I transfer branches within (the school bus company) from (the old branch) to (another branch near our house).
August/September 2005: I receive my commission as Notary Public.
December 2005: We take out a $20,000 home equity line of credit to consolidate debt, pay off medical bills, and purchase a used 1992 Buick for $3,000 to replace the ailing 1988 Ford. We also purchase [at Karen’s request] a new Bosch washedryer set for approx. $2,500, as well as a Miele vacuum she “had to have” for $1,200, and new kitchen appliances for $3,000. We each also allocate $1,000 for “personal uses.” Karen decides to buy a Starbucks gift card for that amount.
January XX, 2006: Karen, during a phone conversation with her psychiatrist, makes a threat against her own life and is picked up by a Sheriff’s deputy, who takes her to (a local hospital). This has a tremendous effect on (our daughters) as well as myself. Eventually, the children do not want to visit their mother in the hospital any more.
January XX, 2006 [about 10 days later]: Karen is released from the psychiatric ward.
February X, 2006: I return to work at (my company).
February X, 2006 [1 day later]: Karen calls me at work, saying the kids were “driving her nuts,” that “she spanked them,” and that she “put them in their rooms.” She would lay down as she “could not deal with it anymore,” and hung up on me. One hour later she calls back, saying she “gave me enough time to get my ass home” and that this shows her “how much I really cared for the children and her.” She would be “out the door to an unspecified location” and would not “bother me ever again.”
I leave work, and dial 911 on the way home. I arrive at home just as the Sheriff pulls up. Since she did not make a threat against her or the children, they could not detain her. However, since (daughter 2) still had neutropenia, it could be potentially life-threatening for her. The Sheriff puts Karen and the children on a missing persons list.
At around 5 pm that day, I locate her at her sister’s apartment (on the other side of the metro area, about 1 h away). I call the police to let them know, and (the local) police check up in them to make sure they were all ok. I then drive (over there) to bring them home.
February/March 2006: Karen begins or continues psychotherapy and counseling. Also, due to a change in work schedule at my primary employer, as well as the need to take care of my family, I resign from (the school bus company) and start my own side business as a mobile Notary Public.
April 2006: Karen is diagnosed with sleep apnea, is given a CPAP machine, but most of the time does not use it. It is our ten year legal anniversary, and I surprise her with concert tickets to Celtic Woman in (further away major US city) as well as a getaway at (a resort town) for May.
May 2006: We celebrate our 10th anniversary. Karen is upset as “all she got” was the concert tickets and a getaway. She wanted a diamond ring [couldn’t afford it due to her medical debt].
June 2006: Karen is issued a sample of (a famous patch involved in a class-action lawsuit) for hormone control reasons.
July 4, 2006: Our children and I visit Karen’s parents for Independence Day. Karen refuses to come along. Later on we get a call from the hospital. She had overdosed on pain killers. After 36 hours in the emergency room she is transferred to the psychiatric ward. She later admits that she wanted to kill herself on a major holiday, so that I as well as our families would always remember.
She was to be released but was also diagnosed with pancreatitis and later on with a pulmonary embolism and deep-vein thrombosis, so they keep her in the hospital. [By now we both had steadily gained weight, with both of us being around 300 lbs].
July XX, 2006: My mother flies in from (Europe) to once again help with the household, as referenced in Karen’s declaration. It was not that I had to “selfishly” return back to work, but that once again, my paid-time-off account was near zero, due to having to take off so much time in order to care for my family. We had no support from Karen’s family, so this was the only available option at the time.
At this point, I am emotionally and physically drained from the events of the last six months. Despite my wife’s negative attitude towards my parents, she has no qualms about asking them for financial support when needed. Also, I have come to the conclusion, that if Karen threatens me with divorce again, she needs to follow through with it, as I cannot deal with this sword hanging over my head any more. Her threats stop for a while.
July XX, 2006: Karen is released from the hospital.
December 2006: In order to pay our mounting medical debt from Karen’s hospitalization this year, we increase our home equity line of credit by almost another $20,000. The notes on the house now total approx. $225,000. I buy her the diamond ring she complained about not receiving for our anniversary for approx. $1,500. We also remodel our home and install a 42” plasma TV and surround sound system for approx. $2,000.
February 2007: The three year prepayment penalty on our first mortgage expired in December 2006, and so, because of dwindling revenue from my notary business, we decide to refinance again in order to consolidate our first and second mortgages into one. During this time, Karen also began an in-home business selling clothes on eBay. The business never came to fruition. The 1996 Chrysler breaks down and is replaced by a 2005 Chrysler.
May 2007: Karen creates an online profile on Yahoo personals, advertising herself as a single mother living in (our hometown). She also chats and exchanges explicit pictures with a gentleman of Nigerian descent living in London, England. She wants to fly him to the United States. She also has been in touch with women who conceived their children with the same sperm donor and packs up her car one day while I am at work to move to (one of the southwestern US desert states) where a “friend” she has only known online resides. She gets as far as (the next state over) where she visits a mutual friend, and, due to the heat, decides to turn around back home.
June 2007: Karen starts working for (a famous internet giant). Despite her health problems, she “wants to live a little” and begins to drink alcohol and smoke.
November 2007: According to Karen, I am no longer fulfilling her sexual needs (I have no desire to do so at this point [we’re both upwards of 300 lbs at this point and the thought alone is “unpleasant”]). I also confide in her that the homosexual feelings I have been working to suppress for all these years [so much for ex-gay success stories] have resurfaced, but I do not want to destroy the marriage and so I’m asking for her support, and would seek counseling, thinking honesty is the best way to address this issue. Within one week, she has announced to her family and friends that I am gay.
We agree to an open marriage. We interview [at her insistence] some of her potential “candidates” together. Later, I leave the house while she engages with them, at one point two in one night, as the first one did not “measure up.”
I find a gentleman friend and admittedly have a relationship beyond a mere friendship with him. At Karen’s request, I call it off a month later and ask her to stop seeing other gentlemen as well. I also ask her to submit herself to STD tests before we resume relations, which she never did.
We go through marital counseling through our church off and on over the years, but every time we go, Karen monopolizes the counselor’s time with a litany of all the things I do wrong. I rarely get a chance to get a word in or share my version of events.
May 2008: We purchase a new travel trailer in order to spend more time together as a family. While we own it, we only take it out a few times, and those times, Karen sleeps away in the trailer, while I spend time with the children.
December 2008: Karen has been on medical leave for several weeks and receives notice that she has been terminated from (the famous internet giant) as part of a downsizing effort. Until then, she has received several warnings about her absenteeism; however, she was not terminated because of this. As part of her severance, she remains on the payroll until February 2009, and, if she has not found new work by then, she would receive an additional two months of pay as well as two months of COBRA coverage, until April 2009.
January 2009: The 2005 Chrysler is beginning to show problems, and Karen is dead set on buying a (almost new) Chrysler SUV despite her soon being unemployed. We are financed but need a down payment of $2,400, which we borrow from my father, with the promise that Karen would pay it back once her severance payment comes in. During this time, Karen purchases a Maltese-Yorkshire terrier mix sight unseen from a pet shop (2500 miles away). Rather than shipping it, I offer to drive (there) and pick it up, as the cost would be the same, and I would be able to do one of my favorite activities (which she despises): road trips. In the end, she asks to come along, and I agree.
February 2009: Karen receives her final paycheck and files for unemployment.
March 2009: Karen receives her severance pay, approximately $3,300 after taxes. She pays a $400 medical bill and spends the remainder within ten days, on frivolous things, without paying back the loan we received from my father. She also briefly finds work with a company, but is laid off again within a week, thus having to restart her claim.
April 2009: We file our 2008 tax return, and due to the fact that we both for the first time in our marriage worked full time, find that we withheld too few taxes and owe $1,500 to the US Treasury and $2,700 to the state.
During this time, Karen insists I see a psychiatrist as I allegedly display symptoms of manic depression, for which there is a history in my family. I have dealt with bouts of depression and anger since the January 2006 incidents, but have never raised a hand against Karen, which is not the case the other way around [it’s not just men who commit domestic violence]. I also got angry at times, especially when she recklessly spends money on unnecessary items. I see (a doctor) at his (local) office. He does not believe I have manic depression, but rather post-traumatic stress disorder caused in part by my upbringing, but also due to my marriage to Karen.
May 2009: For our 13th anniversary, we take our travel trailer to (a romantic place under the stars).
June X, 2009: Karen announces that she “had enough,” as I am not changing the way she would want me to, and has decided to move out. She is looking at apartments in the (internet and tech) area, as she hopes to find work with the high-tech industry there. At this point, I am at my wits end, as far as saving our marriage goes and simply give in, offering to pay her rent as a means of voluntary child support, but make it clear to her that I would not be able to afford the house as well as an apartment on our current budget, and that we would have to let the house go. She agrees to this, as she “never liked (less affluent town than her hometown)” anyway. She starts looking in the $600-650 range, then goes higher and higher, as “for only this amount more, she can get that much more.” I finally tell her that I will pay $800 a month, and she would have to cover the rest herself.
June X, 2009 [1 day later]: On this Friday, Karen has made plans to visit a male friend in (new place where she wants to live). I am kept back at work beyond my usual time, and receive a call from Karen. She yells that I need to get home so she could go out, otherwise she would drop of the girls at work. I tell her I have no choice in this, due to mandatory overtime. I told her I would let her know as soon as I am close to getting done, and to drop the kids off at my workplace on her way to (the new place). Around 4 pm, I send her a message to tell her “to be on her way,” as it would take her about 20 minutes to get to my workplace. By 4:30 pm she has not shown up, and so I call her, asking where she is. (She is already halfway to the place where she would meet this guy.) I asked if the children were with her, and she replies no. I get upset, and she asks me what she should do. I tell her to turn around. I advise my manager of the situation and leave immediately. We make it to our home about the same time, at approximately 5 pm, finding the children watching TV. She had left our children completely unattended for an hour.
Mid June 2009: Since I would be without a social network before long, I decide I need to find new friends. I have been losing weight since April 2009, starting at 325 lbs, and by mid-June have reached 295 lbs. I have been receiving advice from my brother in (Europe) who has a degree (in sports sciences). He recommends I seek local help or a workout buddy. I find (personal trainer) on craigslist, looking for a workout buddy and advertising his personal training services in the platonic male for male section. I set up an appointment and we begin a workout regimen several times a week. Karen is incorrect in citing my personal trainer as the reason for her moving out, as I did not even meet (personal trainer) until after she had already made the decision to move out.
By June XX, 2009 [mid-month]: Karen finds an apartment in (new place). We have to come up with more than $2,000 for her to move in. I cannot pay June’s mortgage payment. I also pay for the moving truck.
June XX, 2009 [end of month]: Karen moves out of the family home to (her new place). As I cannot afford (PT) as a personal trainer, I offer him a room in the family home in lieu of payment for his services. He helps me move Karen as well, as none of her friends would help her. The only other people that show up at her apartment to unload the moving truck are some people from Karen’s church. I move (the personal trainer) into my home the same day, as I had already rented the moving van. My plans are to purchase a motor home or travel trailer to live in once the house is foreclosed in the bankruptcy-
Early July, 2009: Karen calls to ask when we could start dating again. I am flabbergasted at the notion.
July 4, 2009: I spend the afternoon with Karen and the children at her apartment complex. In the evening, I celebrate at home with (personal trainer) and my neighbors, who indicate that they have seen what occurred over the years, and some of them are relieved that Karen has moved out [“I can finally get rid of my junk cars”]. As she took nearly everything out of the house, they offer furniture to me, but I decline, as (personal trainer) had a few items of his own.
July XX, 2009 [mid-month]: I make arrangements to meet with a friend after work, to help him clean his apartment for his annual inspection. Because I knew I would be late, and (personal trainer) had no means of communicating, I leave my cell phone with him, and he takes me to work in my car. I am picked up by my other friend after work. I return home around 10:30 pm and find (personal trainer) is distraught. It appears that Karen has been calling the cell phone, but because it is not his, he did not answer it. She panicked, drove to our home from (her new place). (Personal trainer) was sitting in the family room watching TV, when she barged in demanding to know where I was and why (personal trainer) was not answering the phone. She said he was obligated to, which he declined. She grabbed my phone and searched through the text messages, finding some that are an explicit exchange between (personal trainer) and one of his friends. She then proceeds to my computer to try and hack into my email accounts [she has in-dept knowledge of this from her time at the well-known internet giant]. She had dropped the girls off at our next door neighbor’s house and goes there with my cell phone. She calls the police, and asks the Sheriff to evict him from the premises. The Sheriff arrives and declines, as (personal trainer) has the keys to the house, to my vehicle, and a note that he lives there legitimately. (Personal trainer) mentions that Karen has my cell phone and so the Sheriff goes next door to retrieve it. I was told that she left the premises at about 10 pm. It turns out, she had no money for a medication, and was looking to borrow $25, which our neighbor gave her. However, she dropped it in our driveway. (Personal trainer) did notice this, called her, and met her (at a nearby gas station) to give it to her.
July XX, 2009 [1 day later]: I write Karen an email, saying that her behavior the night before went too far, and that we need to make the split permanent, i.e. divorce.
July XX, 2009 [late month]: We file for bankruptcy protection under chapter 7 of the US bankruptcy code. We are listing the house and the travel trailer as being surrendered, but to keep the 2008 Chrysler SUV and to reaffirm the loan. In the end, the loan for the Chrysler is not reaffirmed and the vehicle repossessed, as neither one of us can afford the $365 per month payments.
August 2009: (Personal trainer) and I believe it to be a good idea to rent out the remaining rooms. I leave the wording of the ad up to him. Only after the fact do I find out the stipulation of the rentals, and have him take down the ad. This is also in part as Karen does not want any more roommates in the house.
In early August, Karen blackmails me into revealing my (sexuality) to my father. “If you’re not going to tell him, I will. He has to know.” [I believe she hopes that he will ostracize me due to their strict religious beliefs.] I speak to my father on August 11. He responds gracefully and understanding. In the meantime, Karen tells me that I am not welcome around her family members any more, and at least one has made a statement that could be perceived as a threat to my life [her uber-Christian, well-armed ex-army father]. “He should be taken out back and shot, to put him out of his misery.”
After I tell her how my father reacted, she acts pleased, but then continues that I also needed to tell my siblings, repeating her attempt at blackmailing me.
September 2009: Karen is hospitalized several times, once for another pulmonary embolism, the other time for mental health issues. Her oncologist advises her that she is “a ticking time bomb” and should not live alone with the children, as she could potentially keel over and die in a very short period of time. Her mental health related stay at (a local hospital) comes after she leaves a taxicab at a red light on her way to the hospital for a routine test on September 16, but in her mind, (the county social services) want to have her committed. She disappears for a few hours, during which I am making arrangements to pick up (daughter 1) from school. (Daughter 2) had stayed at Karen’s sister’s since the weekend. Karen is eventually found and this time taken to the psychiatric ward.
October 2009: Karen hires an attorney to help her prepare the paperwork to file for dissolution of marriage. I meet with them at a (fast food restaurant in a nearby big city) under the condition that all we discuss are the pertinent points of the dissolution. It turns into a barrage of attacks against me, mostly from the attorney, and I leave disillusioned.
During this time, she is hired by (another company), but falls ill shortly after. She is employed there for one month, and of that time works two weeks. She is let go in mid-November.
I finally reveal my (sexuality) to my siblings. Every single one of them reacts supportive and not judgmental, despite our very religious upbringing.
November 2009: Karen and I meet at my home to attempt to finalize our dissolution of marriage papers. We come to a consensus over two weekdays, and I am ready to file. The following day, she emails me, saying she had made some changes, which are nowhere near what we had agreed to previously.
A week later, she requests another meeting to “finalize” the paperwork again. She threatens that she would file by herself if I did not respond. I hold off on my response and file for dissolution of marriage as the petitioner on November 30, with the basic parenting plan as agreed and the child support worksheet based on actual income for myself, and imputed income for Karen, as at this point I do not know what her income is.
[The remaining statement is a listing of the supporting evidence for these allegations in my possession at the time (and still now). The judge never read it, saying it was too long, she also never looked at her medical records. At the last hearing, my visitation was reduced to a supervised minimum as I was made out to be a drug user and child molester (without evidence). I was supposed to undergo random weekly drug testing. My ex was awarded 80% of my net income, leaving me less than what a hovel of an apartment costs. Outside the court, Karen told me “I have no sympathy for you.” In shock, I went back to my home country, to my parents, and kept to myself for several months. I had always believed that if you did good, acted kindly and givingly, good things would come to you and that Lady Justice is impartial. That pretty notion went out the window. Anyway, I left my father as the point of contact. After a while, I made contact again, asking the court how the divorce was proceeding, if they needed any paperwork. I got either no response or “no paperwork needed”. When the final judgment came down, she was awarded all our goods, custody of the children, support based on 150% of my actual income at the time, and all valid, because “I had not participated”. The PTSD continues to this day, but I am tired of being afraid almost to the point of paranoia, hence this publication. In the last 10 years Karen has finished a higher education program but still cannot get a job, I’ve tried to get the child support people to adjust the judgment to the current conditions, all to no avail (in and of itself worth another post about math illiteracy at the state level), just to preserve the status quo. Just say no to Karen and just say no to religion. Both f*ck people up to no extend.
P.S.: Karen, if somehow you came across this post, you will notice that I have left out all identifying information. Please think carefully about how you react to this. I suggest just letting it stand. If my personal identifying information should be divulged (which is against the rules of this platform), or if I start being harassed by you or other people not known to me privately, I will happily provide all the requested information (unlike last time) should you be investigated for welfare fraud again. You have been warned. I am no longer afraid of you.
For all others that may recognize this case (it should only be close family and friends): Please do not disclose the identity of Karen (again, against the rules and a d*ck move). Do not harass her, either. Just let this stand here for what it is. I think life has punished her enough.]
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My Phone keeps taking photos of the Future

The idea of seeing into the future... it's a rather exciting idea don't you think? Well... I thought the same as well, at least I used to... that is. I'm going against everything I believe to be right by posting this on the internet, it's probably better if I'm the only one who knows this. But I can't hold this to myself any longer. I'm going to tell you my first vacation I went on with a new phone, and why you should never... ever hope to look into future events in your entire life.
It was the first time me and my friends would be going to the beach without any parental supervision. I'd picked up Photography as a hobby from my dad, and ended up getting a new phone just before. My dad made fun of me for it, saying that 'A phone doesn't count as a real camera' and other things he rattled on about, but I wasn't going to be taking professional photos so I didn't see the point of getting an actual camera. The camera on my phone ended up working very nicely, but I decided to delete the photos I previously took to to test it so I could have the first photo be of me and my friends.
We were all crammed together in my friend Trevors 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan he'd inherited from his dad. There were 7 of us, being me, my roommates Trevor and Justin. Along with Trevors girlfriend Clari, and Justin's girlfriend Julia. Other than that there was our friend Daniel, me, and my girlfriend Madeline. Me, Trevor, Madeline, and Daniel had grown up in the same neighborhood together, and me, Trevor and Madeline ended up going to the same collage together, where me and Trevor had shared an apartment with Justin. Me and Madeline ended up going out a few months after we started our first year.
Daniel however, had not gone with us to collage, and we hadn't actually spoken to him in quite a while. He seemed rather excited when we invited him to come down with us, and seeing him again was like a breath of fresh air. But things seemed... different when he heard me and Madeline had gotten together, I guess at the time, I thought he was just depressed he was the only one who hadn't gotten a girlfriend yet. I felt pretty bad about inviting him, after all... all of us were for the most part just going to be spending time with our girlfriends, and he was probably not going to feel included in our vacation.
The van continued to near the beach, and me and Madeline were sitting in the back with Daniel. Trevor was a 70's Fanatic, and had been playing hits from the decade all throughout the car ride. Me, Madeline, and Daniel were in the back seat, and me and her were just making small talk during the trip, and I noticed Daniel had been unusually quiet the whole time. Justin and Julia has been chatting about their A cappella group, since that's where they had met each other. And Trevor and Clari had as usual... been absolutely incomprehensible. Clari was literally just the female version of Trevor, and I mean literally. She has the same eye and hair color as him, and they love almost all of the same things.
It's scary just how identical they are, you'd almost assume they were siblings from how similar they are. I pulled my phone from my pocket, and opened up my camera. I turned around in my seat, "Yo, lets get a photo of everyone before we get there so we can see how incinerated we get by the end of the week.". Everyone had turned around, except Trevor that is, he had just put up a peace sign from the drivers seat. I took the photo, and opened up my photos to look at it. It was then I noticed... that it wasn't the first picture I had in my camera roll.
There were about 4 other photos in my roll, but none of them had been photos I was taking. I clicked on the last photo before the one I just took, and saw a picture of Justin holding his nose. A deep red was rushing from it, and I saw Julia handing him tissues. Justin had a problem, where if he sneezed very violently then his nose would start bleeding. The weird thing was, that he hadn't had a bloody nose this entire trip, so why the hell was this photo in my camera roll? For a few minutes, I was just left questioning how the photo got here, and I was alarmed when I heard a very violent sneeze explode from Justin. "Aw shit. Can I get some tissues?" Justin asked as I watched blood seep from his nostrils. Clari had handed them back to Julia, and Julia pulled one from the box and handed it to him. "Nosebleed?" I heard Trevor ask from the drivers seat. "Yep, my body sucks bro." Justin said as he stuffed the tissue into his nose.
I was left pondering what the hell had just happened. I somehow had a picture of something that hadn't happened yet. I checked the previous photos that randomly appeared in my phone, and they were all events I'd seen before. For the next 30 minutes, nothing new appeared in my camera roll, and I heard Trevors voice boom from the front seat, "We're coming up on the beach". We crossed the swing bridge onto the Island, and I couldn't help but continue to watch my camera roll. Suddenly a new photo had appeared in it, and I was rather confused by it.
It was just the car tumbling over, but then I saw another picture appear. We were all standing outside the car, and Trevor was holding his head. Blood was coming from a wound on it, but it didn't look all that serious. I then noticed the cars in the background. The van had been hit from the drivers side, and a red Nissan that was completely totaled could be seen next to the van. I checked the time on the first photo, and it read... 11:36 AM, and the previous one read 11:38 AM. The current time... was 11:28 AM. I didn't know what to think of it, and my brain physically couldn't process what I was seeing. And for the next few minutes, I just sat and stared at the photo in confusion.
When I looked up again, I saw we were stopped at a familiar looking intersection. We were sitting at a red light, and I watched as the cars passed on the left of us. I looked down at the time... 11:36. My head snapped up to look at the road again, and I saw our light turn green, and immediately I realized why I thought this place looked familiar. "STOP!" I suddenly screamed at the top of my lungs, and immediately Trevor had slammed on the brakes. The sound of a motor could be heard coming from our left, and we watched as a red Nissan suddenly gunned straight through their red light. "HOLY SHIT!" Trevor screamed as we all watched the car scream straight through the intersection. If we had pulled ahead just a few feet, that thing would've crashed into us. We sat there for a few seconds, before Trevor finally stepped on the accelerator once again.
“Thank God you noticed that Cody, that thing probably would've crushed us going at that speed." Trevor said as his breaths began to slow from the subsiding adrenaline rush. I looked down at my camera roll, and the previous picture had changed. The time read 11:36, but it was just a picture of the car whizzing by. I looked around, but the picture of the car wreck had completely disappeared. This was impossible, somehow I was getting photos of... the Future. Nothing new appeared for the remainder of the car ride, that was until ten minutes before we made it to the house. I had no idea what the house looked like, and I saw a photo of a beach house through the windshield of the van in the photo.
And as you've probably guessed, ten minutes later, that same house came into view through the windshield. I was beyond dumbfounded at this point, the impossible was currently happening, and I had no idea how. We walked inside the house, and apparently the couples were going to be in rooms together, which did not seem like a good idea to me. Daniel was getting a room to himself, and everyone split up to take their things to their rooms. Me and Madeline walked into our bedroom, which was a nicely furnished room with a queen size bed, and a bathroom inside. "This is awesome!" I heard Madeline yell as she dropped her bags and jumped face first onto the bed like a child. I couldn't help but smile at her, she usually tried to act more mature then the people around her, but seeing her act this way... I couldn't help but smile. She suddenly realized what she was doing, so she got up off the bed, and walked over to unpack her bags. I began laughing at her sudden bounce back to reality, and proceeded to unpack my things as well.
We all convened in the living room on the top floor, where we all agreed to spend the first half of this day on the beach, and the second half going to pick up groceries from the store. So we all went to our rooms to change, I grabbed my swimsuit from my suitcase, and walked into the bathroom to change. When I emerged, I saw Madeline in her swimsuit. Let me say something right quick, Madeline... while she doesn't have what would be called 'Perfect body' by today's standards, was still a very curvy person. And seeing her in a swimsuit that appeared very revealing to me... well let's just say I hadn't seen her show this much skin in my whole life.
"What do you think?" She asked me. I always sucked at answering questions like this, so I ended up giving just a cliche response, "You look gorgeous". Luckily she still smiled in response, meaning I gave an answer that was along the lines of what she was looking for. We walked out of the beach house, and I placed my phone in the pocket of my swimsuit. Justin and Trevor went down to the van to get the umbrellas, and I started putting sunscreen on Madeline.
Me and her had never done anything... explicit, all we ever did was kiss and cuddle, but never anything more. So touching her bare skin while rubbing the sunscreen over her was a fairly new experience for me. I then noticed something out of the corner of my eye... it was Daniel. He was putting sunscreen on himself, but he was staring daggers my way. When he realized I was looking at him, he looked down at the ground, and continued putting sunscreen on himself. It was... weird. Justin and Trevor came back up with the umbrellas, and we all walked down to the beach.
I laid my beach towel beneath one of the umbrellas, and pulled my phone from my pocket. I checked my camera roll once again, and saw that more photos had appeared. One of the first ones I noticed, was of a dude losing his swimsuit from a massive wave, and him rushing over to grab it before anyone would see. Another photo was of a dude completely wiping out on a skim board, and the last one was of Clari finding an absolutely massive Shark tooth in the sand. And after ten minutes, all three of those things had happened at the designated times the photo was 'Taken'.
But I had never actually left the umbrella, yet I was getting the photos of these events at a completely different angle then I was currently at. This whole thing was just getting more and more confusing. Another photo appeared in my camera roll, it was of Madeline. She was bending over to pick up a piece of Seaglass. But that's not what I was looking at... it was Daniel. He was behind her, staring at her ass with... a lustful expression. My gaze hardened, what the hell did he think he was doing? Didn't he realize he was looking at MY girlfriend? I stood up and walked over to where I saw her pick up that piece of Seaglass. I found it, and walked over to her, "Check this out" I said while holding the piece of light blue seaglass out to her. "Oh my God... it's beautiful. where'd you find this?" She asked as her eyes lit up. I pointed out the spot, and she walked over there and bent over to look closer at the massive pile of shells.
I stepped between her and Daniel, and I pretended to look down at the ground while I looked over at him in the corner of my eye. I noticed his brows furrow in anger, and he walked back to the umbrellas and laid down on his beach towel. Madeline was suddenly in my face, "You have a really good eye. Come with me!" She said as she grabbed my hand, and dragged me along the beach, looking at the different clusters of shells for any Seaglass. When she wasn't looking, I pulled out my phone, and noticed the different photos of Shark teeth and Seaglass appear in my camera roll. We had quite a haul by the end of it, and she began to dig through our loot for any pieces worth keeping. I kept glaring at Daniel, I knew he had always been a bit perverted, but this was just blatant!
He wasn't even trying to hide the fact he was eyeing up my girl. "These are awesome Cody" she said while holding up some of the pieces I found. "Take the ones you want, actually you can have all of them" I said gesturing towards the bucket. "Really? Can I?" She asked with the biggest smile on her face. "Uhh... Of course." I said nervously, realizing how obsessed she was with these things. Suddenly I felt a weight on my chest as she jumped into my arms. I fell onto my back, and a warm, wet sensation could suddenly be felt on my lips. I didn't even need to look to feel the furious expression focused on me from Daniel. Madeline pulled away, "You're the best" she said as she began digging through the bucket again. I couldn't help but smile.
The rest of the day went about as you would expect, we played in the water a bit, and goofed off in the sand. Then we packed up the umbrellas, and went back up to the house to prepare for the grocery run. Me and Trevor were going to be the ones to go, but I suddenly didn't like the idea of Daniel being with Madeline without my being there. You can call me an overprotective boyfriend if you want, but something about Daniel just seemed... sketchy. He was obsessed with her, every time I was looking at him, he was either staring in Madelines direction with lust, it in my direction in anger. "How about me and Daniel go?" I offered.
For the first time Daniel had actually spoke up, "I don't really wa-", "Thats a great idea!" Trevor said, cutting Daniel off. I knew that Trevor would take any offer if it meant he didn't have to go. Daniel looked like he was about to protest, but with everyone around him suddenly agreeing upon the change, he kept his mouth shut. "All you need to do is go to the 'pick up' lot, and then tell them your name." Trevor said as he gave me his dads credit card, as he had agreed to pay for the groceries for us. Trevor handed me the keys, and me and Daniel had gotten into the car and drove off to get the groceries.
As you would guess, the ride there was quiet. Neither of us spoke a word for the majority of the trip, and I had my phone out, checking the camera roll just in case any new photos appeared. "You shouldn't watch your phone while you're driving." Daniel said as he continued to stare out of the window. I didn't respond to him, I just continued to focus on the road. After a few minutes he spoke up again, "I don't feel comfortable with you having your phone out while driving." He said as he glared at me. I couldn't hold myself back anymore, "Well I don't feel comfortable with you staring at me girl the way you are", The raw malice I could feel in my voice didn't feel like it was coming from me. "What are yo-" he started, but I was quick to cut him off, "Don't even try that. I saw you, dozens of times, when you weren't staring at her body, you were staring daggers at me. It was so blatant... there's no way I wouldn't have noticed it." I said. He hadn't responded with anything after that, just continued to stare out the window.
We had made it to the grocery store, and I did as Trevor had told me. The Grocers has filled the van full of the items we had ordered, and we began the drive back to the beach house. I saw a new photo appear in my phone, and I prepared myself. After a few minutes I heard Daniel speak up again, "You're a real asshole you know?". I was actually surprised by how sudden it was, "Oh I'm the asshole? Who are you to talk?" I retorted in anger. "The guy who for years has had a crush of Madeline, and you went and stole her from me!" He was yelling at this point, but I couldn't feel any remorse for him at the moment.
"Ohh Booo hooo. You lost your chance, and I made my move before you were able to. Don't you go blaming me for your cowardice" I practically yelled at him while steadying the wheel for when he made his move. Just as the photo had shown, he grabbed the collar of my shirt and yanked me towards him, "You don't deserve Madeline!" He screamed, the anger in his eyes showed genuine hatred for me. "What makes you think YOU deserve her!?" I countered in response. "I-..." he couldn't finish his sentence, and with no response, he released his grip on my collar, and continued to stare out the window. If it weren't for the future photo, I probably would've swerved and ran off of the road.
We made it back to the beach house, and the boys came out to help unload the groceries. Me and Daniel didn't say a word to each other as we stepped out of the car, if it was going to be a whole week of disdain between the two of us... then I knew it was going to be a long one. We carried all the groceries inside, and began to stock the shelves. Julia had decided to make Alfredo for everyone tonight, so she got out the pasta noodles and the ingredients needed to make it. Everyone was still in their swimsuits, as they didn't want to shower until later tonight. So we ended up playing Nertz, which is a high speed card game until dinner was ready. Justin completely dominated, it was a luck and reaction based game, but in the luck department Justin might as well be the King.
After Julia called saying that dinner was ready, Trevor and Justin got up to help set the table. We cleaned up the cards, and I pulled out my phone to check the camera roll again. It had become an addiction at this point, I couldn't stand not knowing what the future had in store for me. I saw a photo of the Alfredo splattered all over the ground, so I waited for the time the photo said to have been taken and walked over.
I offered to carry the bowl, which Julia thanked me for, and I managed to get it over to the table without dropping it. Everyone began to dig in to the food, and I checked my phone again. The picture had changed once again from the spilt food... to me placing it on the dinner table. 'I knew it... this thing allowed me to change the future, the possibilities with this thing are endless!', those were my thoughts at the time, and I'm sure you're wondering why I view seeing into the future as a curse with the story I've currently told. And don't worry... you'll find out soon enough.
We had finished dinner, and we all headed down to our rooms for the night. Madeline let me get into the shower first, and that's exactly what I did. Afterwards I got dressed and walked out of the bathroom, where she was sitting down on the bed. I can't believe I'd never noticed just how beautiful she really was until we came on this trip. I wasn't one to focus on outwards appearance, but seeing her in that swimsuit... made it difficult to not focus on outwards appearance. She stepped into the shower afterwards, and I could hear her humming over the sound of the running water.
I went back over everything this phone could do, somehow... photos of important future events are taken ten minutes from when they happen. It doesn't matter where I am, but as long as I can see it... the phone will take these photos. I have the ability to change future events if I act before they happen as well, what's the deal with this thing... it's kickass!? I felt a vibration come from my phone, and a message popped up. I clicked on it, and it took me to the messages app on my phone. The message read 'How are you enjoying your experience? Give a number x/10', now of course at the time I loved the experience, so I replied with a '10/10'. Another message followed soon after 'Fantastic, please ensure to continue giving your rating, and enjoy your gift'. I hadn't realized it before, but the number I was receiving these messages from... was my phone number.
'Who is this?' I texted the contact, but no reply came. I sent the same message again, but still no reply came from it. Eventually I closed my phone, and watched Madeline step from the bathroom. Immediately she walked over to the bed and fell face first into her pillow. She was wearing very childish pajamas, and I couldn't help but smile when I saw her not being so serious all the time. I won't get into details, but I will say she had a lot of responsibility on her shoulders when she was in collage, and whenever I saw her she seemed stressed out at one thing or another. I watched her as she slept, creepy I know, but I couldn't help it. Seeing her sleeping so peacefully just made me really happy, it made me happy knowing that this vacation was really good for her. She finally got to relax, and I'll be damned if I don't let her enjoy her time on the beach.
A sound suddenly sent chills down my spine, heavy breathing... coming from the door. From the sound... I already knew who it was. I hadn't closed the door all the way, and I knew that Daniel was there, sitting just outside our bedroom, staring at us. This had gone beyond just creepy perversion, he had actually become outright insane at this point! I laid there completely motionless, and after about a half of an hour, I heard him walk back to his room and close his door, and a wave of relief fell over me. While it may have been difficult, I ended up falling asleep that night.
The next few days were spent doing mostly the same things, we played out on the beach, and on a few nights we went out to get some dinner. The seafood places here were downright incredible, I had never tasted food this good before anywhere else. I had also used my phone to its fullest extent as well, and I began to get even more addicted to the thing. During this time however, the animosity between me and Daniel continued to grow, and the others began to notice it as well. They questioned what was going on between us, Madeline especially wanted to know, but neither of us said anything, after all... it was a matter between me... and him.
And each night, I'd get a text message from my phone number, asking me if I enjoyed my experience. And every time I gave it a 10/10, it always responded with 'Fantastic, please ensure to continue giving your rating, and enjoy your gift'. Most of everyone had turned in early this night, and I hadn't yet received the message asking for my rating. I had already taken my shower, and Madeline was still inside taking hers.
I opened my camera roll once again, and was rather surprised by what I was seeing. It was a photo of Madeline, but she wasn't wearing her pajamas, she had a towel folded over her. In the next photo the towel had dropped to the floor, and I'd never seen her body with at the very least underwear on it, so I was rather shocked to see her completely naked in the photos in front of me. They began to get more and more explicit as time went on and a certain part of my own body began to get excited as a result of the photos. But there was one photo I saw that had just appeared, a man... with lust and hate filled eyes, staring through the crack in our door.
I was just about to get up to go and close and lock it, just as I heard the bathroom door open. Madeline walked out in her towel, and I had to pretend like I hadn't seen her coming. "Whoa. What... are you doing?" I asked her. A seductive twinkle suddenly appeared in her eyes, "Don't you want to know... what the rest of my body looks like?" She asked as the towel dropped to the ground. "I... uhhh." I continued to try and reach the door so I could close it before Daniel got here, but she walked over to me and pushed me down on the bed. "Don't you try and escape me." She said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and laid down on top of me.
Under normal circumstances I would've tried to talk her out of it, but considering that I had already see the events that were going to unfold, there was one part of me that refused to talk her out of it, and that was the part I was currently listening to. I once again tried to protest so I could close the door "I- I'm not trying to escape, I'm just trying to-" I tried to get out, but my sentence was cut short by her lips. After a few minutes of foreplay, I had completely forgotten about the door, and the raw burning passion between the two of us felt like it would melt us together. All the while I knew that Daniel was sitting out there, furiously watching as I took the virginity of the girl he had liked for so very long. But I didn't care, at that moment all I cared about was Madeline, and we continued on for hours throughout the night.
Eventually she managed to fall asleep, and me suddenly realizing I was unbearably thirsty, walked up the stairs to get a glass of water. As I was drinking I pulled out my phone, and looked through the camera roll once again. I sighed, looking at the future events that would unfold. "So that's the breaking point... wasn't it?" I asked myself as I began to memorize the photos. After 10 minutes, I placed my phone away when I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. The enraged breathing coming from Daniel could be heard from the second he set foot on the third floor. I didn't face him, just leaned against the kitchen counter. "I thought it might come to this." I said as I turned to face him. "Come to what?" He asked as I could hear his fists clench together. "So it was the breaking point after all" I said as I went to take a sip of water.
Next thing I knew he was in face my face, smacking the water glass out of my hands, It crashed onto the floor, shattering into a million pieces. "You bastard! You knew I was there... and you still did it!?" He screamed, he probably woke the whole house up with how loud he was. "Of course I did, there's no rule that says I can't." I retorted to the man. "Well I said you can't!" He screamed once again. "I don't really care what you said. You aren't worthy of anything, let alone her. I know what you were doing as you watched us through the doorframe, you really think she wants someone who gets off to watching someone else screw the girl he likes!?" I had said in my normal tone of voice, and prepared myself to dodge. And just as the photos had shown, I dodged the punch that was aimed at my face.
He seemed confused as to the fact that I had dodged his attack, while it was true that he had 100 pounds on me, I was far smarter then him, and I had a tool that guaranteed my victory. I had memorized all the moves he was going to make from the photos on my phone, and I was going to lead him near the stove, and when he was going to try and tackle me, dodge his attack, and use the heavy oven stone to knock him unconscious. Then... using the rope I found in the storage room, tie him up before he comes to. My plan was all laid out, and I continued to dodge each attack he threw my way. Eventually I heard everyone else rushing up the stairs at the sudden commotion.
Madeline being the first one up, and noticing Daniel taking swings at me, she began to scream for him to stop, which he didn't even try to acknowledge. We were continuing to near the stove, and I saw him prepare to tackle me, however... I was so focused on his moves I forgot to focus on mine. I tripped over my own feet, and next thing I knew I was being rammed against the kitchen counter. His massive hands wrapped around my throat and he began to squeeze as hard as he could. I hadn't realized it before, but it was then I had come to the realization... that he was genuinely trying to kill me! I tried to rip his hands from my throat, but to no avail, his strength was simply far greater then mine, everyone around us began to scream at him, yelling for him to stop before he actually killed me, and I even noticed Clari calling the police, but still he didn't stop. I saw the fury in his eyes beginning to turn into a sick pleasure as he watched the light start to fade from my eyes.
"Enough! Stop this already!" Madeline yelled as she rushed at Daniel. She grabbed his arm and attempted to free me from his grip, but there's where he made a mistake. He pulled one hand away, yet even with only one hand around my neck, it was still enough to keep me pinned down, and continue to suffocate me. But with his free hand, he backhanded Madeline across the face, loud enough to silence the screams of the others. It was that moment, where I wished nothing... but death... upon my former friend. The Terror in my eyes had been entirely replaced... by Malice.
Suddenly everything around me froze, I still couldn't move but I could see something out of the corner of my eye, it looked like an arm, but it resembled a tree branch more then it did an arm, with long... slender fingers and a hand at the end of it. The arm placed something metallic in my hands, I knew what it was the second I felt it. I then heard a voice go throughout my head, it sounded... raspy, and... cold, 'Gooo.... use this...'. Suddenly time was back to normal, and I plunged the knife straight at Daniel, the blade slid between his ribs, and punctured straight through his lung. He immediately let go of my throat, and let out pained breaths as he fell to the floor. I fell to the ground, and began to cough violently. Madeline immediately rushed to my side, and I could see the massive handprint splayed across her cheek. I could hear Claris voice suddenly come up as well. "An Ambulance... we need an Ambulance as well... right now!
A few minutes later, the Police and Paramedics arrived at our house. The Paramedics immediately loaded up Daniel into their vehicle, and drove off towards the hospital. The police stayed and got the story from us, and everyone had testified in my favor. The police marked it down as Self defense, and I wasn't arrested for brutally stabbing a man. The police left afterwards, and everyone returned to bed... but I doubt anyone got any sleep. After the adrenaline rush had passed... that was when the guilt set in, and I walked down onto the beach. I reached the waters edge, and I checked my camera roll one last time, looking at the photos of everyone I had taken myself on that first day. After all... it was the only photo that I myself had taken, and not a photo the phone took itself. After I stared at the photo for a few minutes, I powered off my phone, and threw it into the sea. I guess it was just because of the guilt that I did that when I look back at it.
I walked back up to the house, and I walked into my bedroom once again. Somehow Madeline was asleep, and I laid down next to her and closed my eyes, desperate to just forget the events of this day. But a buzz I heard a few seconds later sent a chill down my spine, and a light illuminating the room suddenly appeared from the night stand on my side. My phone... was laying on top of it... and with a shaky hand, I picked it up and looked at the notification.
'How are you enjoying your experience? Give a number x/10'. My fear quickly turned into anger, I replied to the message, '0/10, leave me alone!'. The usual response hadn't come up... instead all I received was a message that read 'I'm sorry?'. A few more seconds passed before I saw another message pop up, 'I am a gift that was graciously given to you, a power that every human desires, and you dare... to give me a 0/10?'. 'I do, Now leave me alone!' was all that I replied with. 'Unfortunately for you, you and I are bound forever. If you wish to not use me... then that's fine. But don't ever... try to destroy me again. Or else he... will get angry.' The machine threatened. 'Who is he?' I asked, and it replied immediately. 'He knows and has seen everything, want an example? Check your camera roll.' The machine said, and I opened the camera roll. I saw my mother, holding a child in her arms, and when I notice the date... I noticed it was my birthday. Immediately I went back to the messenger, 'Where did you get that picture!?' I demanded from the machine.
'He knows and has seen everything, would you like more proof? How about Abraham Lincolns assassination?'. I checked my camera roll again, and in the same quality as the camera, I saw Abraham Lincoln, with a gun aimed at the back of his head, It looked too real for this to have been anything else. 'Still don't believe me?' I saw as I went back to the messenger, 'How about when, and how your girlfriend will die!? Check your CAMERA ROLL!?'. Every part of my body screamed in fear, and I'd never typed faster in my whole life, 'NO NO NO... please... remove that photo from my camera roll.' I begged the machine. After a few moments... it replied, 'Very well then, seems like you believe me now. He knows everything, so don't try and test his mercy.' The machine ordered.
The nagging feeling kept pulling me towards the question I was so terrified to ask, but I ended up asking it anyways. 'Who is He?'. The machine took a minute to respond, before eventually asking, 'Are you sure you want to know?'. I hesitated, but after a second I typed in the message 'Yes'. After a few seconds, another message appeared, 'Check... your... Camera roll...'. I shakily clicked on the camera roll once again, and clicked on the new photo that just appeared. What I saw... continues to appear in my nightmares to this day, and most likely will for the rest of my life.
A slender... black monster with abnormally long arms. It's arms looked very slim, and the arms appearance looked like a tree branch, it was the same thing that handed me the knife I used to stab Daniel. But the most horrifying part... was it's face. An oversized mouth was the first thing I noticed, a glowing, bright blue liquid substance oozed from it's mouth, and it's oversized blue glowing eyes oozed the same substance down its long cheeks. What terrified me the most however, was when I noticed where it was. There was a glass sliding door that connected my room to our porch, and we usually left the blinds open. In this photo, this creature... was right outside the glass door.
Suddenly I panicked, and I checked the time the photo was taken... 12:54 AM, and I checked the current time... it was 12:54 AM. My neck moved slowly, but it turned to face the glass door. Standing there, the liquid like substance falling to the floor from its eyes and mouth... was the creature. I began hyperventilating, and I ended up waking up Madeline as a result, she looked up at me. She was facing away from the glass door, and I wrapped my arms around her back to stop her from turning around, I couldn't let her see this monstrosity. "Cody... what's wrong? Cody!?".
I watched the creature as it stuck a long clawed finger into its mouth, and began to write on the glass with that blue substance. With each letter it formed, my breathing increased in speed. After it had left its message, it disappeared, and I dug my face into Madeline, crying like a new born baby. "Hey... you're alright, it's okay... everything's okay." She said as she tried to soothe me. But nothing was okay, I knew that much. The creature had disappeared, with its final message being 'Enjoy your Gift'...
We had left the beach house the next morning, and the car ride home was a very quiet one. Daniel managed to barely recover from his injury, and now only lives with one functioning lung, and can no longer do any strenuous activities. We had gone to court with Daniel as a suspect of attempted murder. And when I knew he wasn't a threat anymore... was when I watched his dreams be crushed around him as Madeline called out what a terrible person he was, and he probably knew he'd never have her at that moment. He ended up being sentenced to 50 years in prison for attempted murder. And me and everyone else went back home.
I try not to... but still I'm addicted to my phone, I can't help but look at the future, knowing it's possible I can change it for the better. Me and Madeline are still together, I never told her the real reason why me and Daniel fought, she doesn't need to know after all. I think we'll continue to be together for the foreseeable future, at the very least... I'll know before she makes the decision to leave me. But still, ever since that night, no matter where I am, I always see that same message appear in that Blue substance. Everywhere I go, everywhere I sleep! Every night my last thought as my consciousness delves into Nightmares is simply... 'Enjoy your gift...'
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