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Help for a new active chair user!

I currently use a powerchair and will be getting my new active wheelchair in a week (K-Series). Can you give me any tips for starting with an active wheelchair? I'm worried most about getting up and down iffy curbs and on and off steep ramps to trains.
submitted by hgrobin to wheelchairs

DIY Active Chair

Like many others quarantine has not done well on my lower back, and “ergonomic” chairs seem like they were designed to just make people feel slightly better about sitting all day and working longer hours. Thought about a yoga ball but can’t adjust the height any maybe not the best anyway?
I wanted to buy an active chair but they are expensive (here and here
Has anyone tried to DIY these? Curious about tips and tricks.
Also has anybody tried these and did they like them?
Edit: also interested if anybody has DIY’d their own sit station in any way. Got fed up with other chairs and just made your own.
submitted by quooj to Ergonomics