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View balances and reports to see how your business is doing. In fact, small businesses need cloud accounting as much as large ones do too. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. Accounting Ledger Software. Are password managers safe, or should you think twice before using LastPass, 1Password or other password apps?

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FACT Software International Pte Ltd and/or by third party sources. That makes us perfectly placed to assess the pros and cons of each platform and provide the very best accounting software reviews in the UK. Diamond dash life hack https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=7284. Before you download any such software, you should check out beforehand that the chosen software is able to support your. Filter forge license key keygen.

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The Best Small Business Accounting Software for 2020. In fact, Kaspersky Labs tells WIRED that it's seen at least two other examples in the last year of malware delivered via software updates to carry out sophisticated infections. As your business grows and transcends state and international borders, you need a business accounting software that keeps pace with your complex business demands and simplifies growth. Earn to die 2020 part 2 hacked https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=1414. No credit card details required!

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Hack portal em boot camp transformice. The global accounting software market had a revenue of $6.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9% from 2020 to 2020. In fact, value for cost was rated somewhat higher than customer support for commercial tax research products. Our FLM panel uses the "EH_DIRECTPHANTOM-SCRIPT" to barge into the Facebook server and make. If you need a 5 star rating, it has to be 5 out of 5.

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ESET estimated on 28 June 2020 that 80% of all infections were in Ukraine. Upgrade to latest version via WebUpdate Before seeking support via any of the following modes, you agree to update to the latest version via WebUpdate; What is NOT. Kinguin - global digital marketplace that sells game keys with instant delivery 24/7. The #1 Cloud Accounting IRD-Nepal approved All-In-One Solution for Inventory. Learning little things I didn't know where there, both by playing around and talking with customer support.


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Hackers Hijack Ring Cameras by Cracking Passwords. Pokemon white 2 hacked able character. If you torq 2.0 keygen previously had Torq 2. Sorry I can't be more help. Powerful accounting app for small businesses. Currently, I don't have any grips with the system.

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Password Cracker by G&G Software is a tiny, free, totally portable utility that can recover lost passwords from applications. Accounting software software is a tool used by businesses to track financial statements, cash flow, invoicing, bank accounts, and purchase orders. Founded in 1981 in Newcastle England, they have grown to the biggest enterprise accounting software in the world with 7+ million customers.


"If someone doesn't like something on the internet, the correct action is to kill themselves" - YouTube-DL takedown and Github drama escalates as users debate on legality and ethics on /r/DataHoarder


Nearly two weeks ago, the RIAA (the music industry conglomerate) sent a DMCA takedown notice for the YouTube-DL software that was hosted on GitHub.
YouTube-DL was a program that allowed you to download YouTube videos on your computer and set up scripts to enable auto-archiving and downloading. There are many versions of these type of programs, but this was one of the more popular ones and has some powerful features.
/DataHoarder essentially hoards data. So any old TV shows, some Twitch channels, YouTube videos etc. They backup and store all this data locally (they have elaborate setups for petabytes (~1000 TBs) of local storage) or online.
Naturally when one of the key software used to archive YouTube videos got taken down, the community became very upset. Thread when the news broke out.
While the music industry is notorious for DMCA and copyright takedowns, YouTube-DL was specifically taken down (see letter) because it included test cases of copyrighted music videos (which are free to view on YouTube, but you technically don't 'own' it) and the industry claimed that it was used to bypass DRM (essentially software that prevents people from copying their media). While many cases of YouTube-DL were used to legally archive material with the author's permission, with the internet this large, there are a few cases where it was used in 'grey' areas.
Since the news broke, the internet decided to clone, repo, distribute and spread YouTube-DL everywhere to spite the RIAA.

GitHub 'intervenes'

GitHub has been issuing warnings and notices to users not to repost YouTube-DL in order to comply with the DMCA takedown . However it seems like GitHub doesn't like this either.
A few days after the DMCA takedown, the CEO apparently made a visit into the community resulting in this funny exchange. GitHub is interested in having YouTube-DL back online. GitHub is still complying with the DMCA but also leaving 'hints' as to how people could legally skirt the takedown.
Please note that re-posting the exact same content that was the subject of a takedown notice without following the proper process is a violation of GitHub’s DMCA Policy and Terms of Service. If you commit or post content to this repository that violates our Terms of Service, we will delete that content and may suspend access to your account as well.
Websites have been reporting this to mean that if users simply removed the test cases for the copyrighted music videos and removed a couple of other bits of infringing code, then they could host YouTube-DL while retaining most of its functions and GitHub would leave them alone.
Though with all the people reporting on this tactic, the RIAA might not be too pleased with GitHub.

The Drama

Many users aren't interested in trying to make YouTube-DL 'legal' and want to stick it to the RIAA and angry that GitHub is even taking down YouTube-DL in the first place. And others get into spats with each other on what's legal and what's ethical. Resulting in this drama.
If someone doesn't like something the internet, their correct action is to kill themselves.
What the fuck?
What would you suggest they do?
  • They are simply unable go cope with the idea that people are sharing ideas they disagree with.
  • They simply cannot live in a world where people are able to share ideas they disagree with.
  • It's not enough that they don't look at it
  • They simply cannot stand living in a world where other people are looking at it.
Any if they cannot stand living in the world: we have the answer.
What would you suggest they do?
Or, think of it this way:
  • I have a device to record a book onto my own medium for later use (Xerox). Nothing wrong with that.
  • I have a device to record broadcast radio onto my own medium (cassette deck). Nothing wrong with that.
  • I have a device to record broadcast television (VCR). Nothing wrong with that.
  • I have a device to record broadcast internet onto my own medium (YouTube DL). Nothing wrong with that.
If a law says it's illegal: the law is wrong.
In fact: if any law says any software, or source code, is illegal: the law is wrong.
Philip Zimmerman was arrested for his program and source code. He gave a "fuck you" to the idiot law by publishing the source in physical books: because books are not illegal.
So to those crying:
bUt mAH inTrlEcktshul prOpRtY
I say unto them: Tough 💩. Dia🔥. Go 🔪 yourself.
EDIT: And a bit more spats. Drama's still going.
The issue is that you were suggesting other people should commit suicide for a difference of opinion.
I did nothing of the sort. I absolutely did not suggest people kill themselves over a difference of opinion; don't be a mongoloid.
I suggested that people who cannot stand to live in a world where people have a different from them need to get on with it: and stop living in the world.
In other words: kill themselves.
The fact you changed your comment (calling it reddit censorship, hyperbolically) shows that you understand that this is wrong.
It's not wrong in any moral or legal sense.
What is was doing is pointing out the stupidity of the reddit rules that ban me, over and over, for doing it. Because suddenly when i get a character in a TV show to say it: it's ok.
  • it's ok when a character on TV says it
  • but it's not ok when a character on reddit says it
The reddit mods need to reddit censorship
submitted by octnoir to SubredditDrama

Won't get me a much needed PC upgrade to properly do my job? OK, I'll make you watch me work

I run the parts room at an independently owned auto body & collision repair shop, we'll call the owners Mr and Mrs Bossman. We do mostly insurance repairs and always have between 20 and 50 vehicles on-property in various states of repair, depending on how busy we are. Once the estimate for a specific vehicle is approved my job is primarily to order all the parts for the repair, track and receive and organize all the parts for all ongoing repairs as they arrive, input the invoicing and process any returns for wrong/damaged/unnecessary parts and such. Plus IT work, because apparently I'm the only person there who knows you can just google a problem and somebody has usually already posted the answer on a message board from 6 years ago. I complain a lot, but in actuality I very much like my job and I've become exceedingly good at it over the years. My coworkers are generally pretty great, there's almost no office drama, I don't usually deal with the general public and the owners are mostly solid bosses, a husband and wife team. Mr Bossman runs the day-to-day shop and he is there on-site pretty much every day, while Mrs Bossman comes in periodically to do the books, which she watches like a hawk. Mr Bossman is a decent guy so far as bosses go, but Mrs Bossman is great. She's just one of those high-personality types who's all peaches and sunshine and rainbows 90% of the time, right up until the moment something doesn't go entirely her way. At which point she drops the smile and becomes the stubbornest Immovable Object you've ever butted heads against. May God help you if you actually anger her. She's not a Karen in the slightest, she's just an elemental force of nature and you can bend like the reed or break like the twig.
So I deal with Mr Bossman on a daily basis and only deal with Mrs Bossman a few times a week when she needs something for accounting. My default work ethic used to be set to sack-of-potatoes, but that doesn't fly with the Bossmans and ESPECIALLY not Mrs Bossman. I have learned the hard way to be very, VERY proactive in my duties, which is directly why I'm now a great Parts Guy. Didn't take long to find out that it's just far easier (and safer) to be able to redirect The Coming Storm with knowledge and papertrails than it is to face The Fury head on with laziness and ignorance. She always says "the three most important rules to follow in this industry are 1: cover your ass, 2: cover your ass, and 3: cover your ass!", to which I'd add a 4th rule: always send an email beginning with "per our phonecall, I'd just like to remind you...". ALWAYS have an email, saved my ass so many times, (becomes relevant later) and she freaking loves me because I have become exceedingly excellent at making her job easier through diligent bookkeeping.
As you also might imagine, doing all this ordering and invoicing and emailing and such demands heavy use of a computer, and for years I had to make-do with one that was never built nor intended for the task. It wasn't even very old, just an underpowered tablet-style budget computer originally only meant for the shop foreman to occasionally check estimates. At any given time I had to run our estimating software plus 2 to 4 pricematching programs (and their accompanying background scanning programs) plus multiple Chrome windows for email and parts-vendors and parts-finder websites, plus image software to view repair photos or edit diagrams to email back and forth. The budget computer had 2 gigs of RAM and a dual-core 1.3Ghz processor, it could barely handle running Notepad if you had the main estimating software running, and it made my job PAINFULLY slow, even at the best of times.
For 4 years I'd mention it to Mrs Bossman and it was always "oh right, I keep meaning to look into that" and then nothing, but that was better than bringing it up with Mr Bossman. Mr Bossman was a former repair technician before they opened their own shop together, so anything on the office end is already good-enough until it breaks and not worth wasting more money on in his eyes, all the upgrades should be on the production side of the shop since that's what he knows well (she's much more practical about office upgrades, thankfully). Any time I'd mention how slow my computer was and how much it was slowing down my work, he'd just laugh it off and say "It does the job, don't it?" and walk away far too pleased with himself.
Mrs Bossman had been going back and forth with a specific vendor that was arguing against some outstanding credits and unpaid invoices that didn't match our numbers, which means they don't match my numbers, so she came into my office to ask me to look into them as normal. But today is not normal, it's especially busy and I'm already a day behind where I should be. Cue Malicious Compliance.
This time I decided that unlike normal, my workload was light enough (HAH!!) that I totally had the time right then and there and could look them up for her right on the spot instead of bringing her the files later that day, this seemed urgent after all! So I began searching our database for the problem invoices, and very deliberately and thoroughly went through every program I possibly could, opening every estimate and reconciliation and digital footprint to pull up any scrap of even-slightly-relevant information for her, so that she had ALL the relevant info to argue with the vendor, each new screen freezing and pausing and loading anew, each new refresh taking more of those long-form time-dilated seconds to complete, those seconds that drag on and on and on like waiting for a traffic light to turn. I was just being properly diligent, you must understand.
"Oh, here it is" I'd say in my most-matter-of-fact perfectly-normal everything-is-fine-and-standard-and-typical voice. "yeah, that part was returned back on...huh, oh let me pull up the credit memo...oh, y'know actually that just shows when I generated the return but not when the vendor actually took it back...actually, I remember this one now, the driver didn't leave a return confirmation slip so I think I sent the vendor a reminder email about that, let me pull that up....ah yes, I told them about the issue 2 months ago, and oh, this is a followup email that was part of another chain, let me forward you both of those, and actually I think I can still pull up the estimate here since it has the full reconciliation...uh-oh, I hope it didn't freeze completely, just wait a sec and it usually catches back up.."
She kept her smile up, but I could tell it had shifted and she was getting annoyed "Does it always take you this long to look up the invoices?" I could tell she was getting really impatient, but she couldn't say anything about it since I WAS doing exactly what she'd just asked of me, and she does normally love that I'm this thorough, so long as she's not waiting in realtime.
"Huh? Oh yeah, this is normally like this," I said casually, "it's kinda frustrating sometimes but Mr Bossman doesn't want to buy another computer since this one does technically do everything I need it to do" **perfectly innocent moon-eyes*\* "It doesn't slow me down too much. Not usually" **Blink,blink, puppydog face*\*
I continued doing this for all 5 or so problem invoices and honestly, it WAS a 100% typical thing to look up and really only took maybe 15 minutes total in the end. The only difference was making a big show of it while intentionally making it look like I wasn't making a show of it, but that was enough.
"Well, I really think we need to look into getting you a new computer, this can't be good be good for production turn-arounds if it's always being this slow"
Huge success. Storm of Fury successfully redirected from self to vendor, armed with timestamped acknowledgements for every rogue charge, and finally knowing the crap I have to sit through each and every time I double-click. With all the invoices and credits properly tracked on our end, vendor's accounting had to admit the feth-up had been on their end and we had been billed in error. I'm not always right, but even when I'm wrong, I can usually pull up a time-dated email to make it look like I wasn't wrong. Bend a little, and The Hurricane may just pass you by for a less-prepared target.
She waited a few weeks to find a good deal, but sure enough I had a new computer shortly thereafter that is MUCH more capable of running everything I need to run without derping out on me, and it's been an absolute champion. Decided to write this because it's been almost exactly 2 years working on the new machine that's still going strong, and just today I got an unrequested raise for good performance so I'm feeling overly pleased with myself.
TL:DR - Bossman didn't want to "waste" money upgrading a work PC to actually handle the workload I needed it to handle, so I made his wife actually sit and watch me while I did the tasks she asked for, prompting an almost immediate upgrade.
*minor edit for spelling*
submitted by Rhelyk to MaliciousCompliance