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If God is a Utilitarian, There is a 100% Chance George W. Bush is Going to Heaven. It's Not Even Close.

If God is a Utilitarian, There is a 100% Chance George W. Bush is Going to Heaven. It's Not Even Close.
Just yesterday, it was announced that Bush is not supporting Trump for reelection. He also didn't vote for Trump in 2016. However, this has sparked a lot of backlash from staunch-leftists, who argue that Bush is one of the evilest men in human history and that Biden should disavow if he ends up endorsing him.
Don't get me wrong, I am basically a succ (besides on trade, wealth tax, and foreign policy). If it weren't for one thing, Bush would've been an absolutely terrible president IMO. Many of George W. Bush’s actions ruined the lives of many people. He invaded Iraq based on extremely faulty intelligence, resulting in the deaths of ~500,000 people (although I think this was motivated by an extremely well-intentioned desire to remove Hussein from power). He was negligent during Katrina. He signed wreckless tax cuts that exacerbated wealth inequality. Bush ruined America’s reputation around the world.
However, what many people don’t know is that despite all of this, GWB did one thing that no other potential president would have done that saved the lives of millions of people and arguably far outweighs the harm he did. If God judged humans solely on whether or not the good they have done for the world outweighs the bad, there is a 100% chance GWB goes to Heaven. It’s amazing how little people know of PEPFAR. It is by far one of the greatest programs in American history.
Vox: George W. Bush was a much better president than liberals like to admit

All things considered, George W. Bush did a lot of good.
Don't get me wrong. He is also a war criminal who belongs in a cell at the Hague, along with much of his Cabinet. The Iraq War was a disaster of epic proportions that, according to the best estimates, caused the needless death of hundreds of thousands of people. The administration's torture regime was an appalling crime against humanity. Bush's tax cuts were foolish, his Supreme Court picks were bad, and he appointed Federal Reserve governors who were far too hesitant to act decisively to save the economy in 2007 and 2008.
But Bush also created PEPFAR: the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. PEPFAR is one of the best government programs in American history, probably the best since the Great Society. Public health research has found it saved the lives of at least a million people, and has done so with shocking cost-effectiveness. Not just any president would have proposed PEPFAR. Indeed, the Obama administration has taken alarming steps to weaken it. But Bush did propose it, and pass it, and as a consequence did enough good to outweigh even his worst offenses in office.
He'd have been an even better president if he hadn't committed sundry war crimes or overseen the tanking of the world economy. But PEPFAR alone is enough to make Bush's net impact on the world positive rather than negative.
What PEPFAR is
PEPFAR is the federal government's anti–HIV/AIDS foreign aid program, established by the Global AIDS Act of 2003 and renewed in 2008 and 2013. It is the single largest global health initiative targeting a single disease in history. It currently provides support for antiretroviral treatment for 7.7 million people, both directly and through technical support to partner countries; in fiscal year 2014, it provided HIV testing and counseling to more than 56.7 million people, including 14.2 million pregnant women.
"PEPFAR has helped changed the equation on what was once — not too long ago — seen as an insurmountable plague," the Center for Global Development's Amanda Glassman and Jenny Ottenhoff write.
The results are nothing short of extraordinary. A 2009 study by Stanford medical professors Eran Bendavid and Jayanta Bhattacharya, comparing HIV mortality in African countries receiving PEPFAR support between 2004 and 2007 and countries not receiving it, found that the program reduced the HIV death rate by 10.5 percent — preventing 1.2 million deaths, at a startlingly low price of only $2,450 per death averted. If you extrapolate out that figure for subsequent years, that's 3 to 4 million lives saved so far — but given that the study only focused on 12 African countries rather than every PEPFAR partner, and that funding for and the reach of PEPFAR has grown dramatically since, that's likely an underestimate. The true number saved could be significantly higher.
"PEPFAR's efforts have saved and improved the lives of millions of people"
Though some critics have argued that programs like PEPFAR that focus on one disease damage efforts to combat other public health problems, subsequent research by Bendavid, Bhattacharya, Charles Holmes, and Grant Miller found that PEPFAR reduced all-cause adult mortality in affected African countries by 16 to 20 percent.
That's the direct evidence base, but there are plenty of less direct reasons to think PEPFAR is saving millions of lives. We know antiretroviral treatments are effective at expanding lifespans, and particularly effective when used to prevent transmission by pregnant women to children (a particular focus of PEPFAR). PEPFAR also provides funding for male circumcision, which is a cost-effective way of reducing the risk of HIV transmission. Evaluations of local antiretroviral treatment rollouts backed by PEPFAR (but not solely by PEPFAR) have been promising. There's evidence that antiretrovirals increase workforce participation and employment, improving development prospects and improving well-being apart from any effects on mortality. A 2013 paper even found that PEPFAR was reducing tuberculosis infections and deaths in focus countries.
PEPFAR is not perfect. It has funded abstinence-only programs that have proven ineffective at reducing infection rates, though the portion of the budget going to these programs has shrunk in recent years. Until the Supreme Court struck it down, PEPFAR had a requirement that partner organizations commit to opposing sex work. Insofar as the Bush administration tried to inject social conservatism into the program's operations, it made PEPFAR less effective. But these are relative quibbles next to the millions of lives saved.
A 2013 Institute of Medicine evaluation sums it up well: "PEPFAR's efforts have saved and improved the lives of millions of people by supporting HIV prevention, care, and treatment services; meeting the needs of children affected by the epidemic; building capacity; strengthening systems; engaging with partner country governments and other stakeholders; increasing knowledge about the epidemic in partner countries; and ensuring that attention be paid to vulnerable populations in the response to HIV."
Bush championed PEPFAR — and Obama hasn't
From start to finish, PEPFAR was Bush's project; by all accounts, global HIV prevention was a personal passion of his during his two terms in office. PEPFAR's announcement in the 2003 State of the Union (the same speech where Bush claimed "the British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa") followed Bush's contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in 2001 and a $500 million program to fight maternal transmission of HIV announced in 2002.
His then-deputy chief of staff, Joshua Bolten, told reporter John Donnelly that Bush told him to "think big" and work with other members of the administration to design a much larger, costlier anti-HIV program after the $500 million plan was announced. There wasn't any domestic clamoring for such an effort. "Beyond a handful of congressional Democrats and Republicans calling for a vastly expanded anti-AIDS initiative in Africa, there seemed to be little appetite or enthusiasm for such a game-changing response," Donnelly writes. But Bush got his team to propose and pass it all the same.
It was a textbook case of a president effectively using his power to change the political agenda. Before Bush, global HIV/AIDS funding was not a priority of Congress. But after Bush made it a focus, Congress passed billions in funding.
Obama's record on PEPFAR, though, leaves much to be desired. Annual funding has fallen since he took office in nominal terms, and even more after inflation is taken into account:
United States of America's Global Health Funding for the President's Emergency Plan for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Relief (PEPFAR), FY 2004-FY 2015.
Policymakers ranging from former Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), a diehard fiscal conservative, to Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), perhaps the most left-wing member of the House and the only "no" vote on the post-9/11 Authorization for the Use of Military Force, have urged Obama to reverse course and propose increases to PEPFAR's budget, following Bush's pattern of consistently increasing funding. But this has fallen on deaf ears.
When challenged on his repeated cuts to PEPFAR, Obama has pleaded Republican obstruction, telling reporters in 2013, "Given the budget constraints, for us to try to get the kind of money that President Bush was able to get out of the Republican House for massively scaled new foreign aid program is very difficult."
However, the commitment of Coburn and other conservatives — including Senate Republicans like Mike Enzi, Marco Rubio, Richard Burr, and Kelly Ayotte — to boosting PEPFAR makes this excuse hard to believe. Indeed, in fiscal year 2015 Congress actually increased PEPFAR funding by $300 million. Did Obama sense an opening, and increase PEPFAR funding in his fiscal year 2016 budget? Nope. He kept PEFAR funding flat, and cut other global HIV/AIDS funding.
PEPFAR isn't the kind of thing that any president would do. It was born of the particular interests of the Bush administration, and while it's hung on under Obama — and kept saving millions more lives — the current administration's comparative neglect of it demonstrates that its existence and survival are anything but guaranteed. Bush really did go above and beyond by creating it.
Does this outweigh Bush's sins?
Cards on the table: I'm a utilitarian. I think government policy should maximize human well-being and happiness. And it's really, really hard to argue that the Bush administration did enough net harm to human well-being to outweigh the tremendous good done by PEPFAR.
Take the Iraq War, the worst thing Bush did in his presidency, and the one that cost by far the most lives. The most conservative estimates — like Iraq Body Count's, which is drawn from media reports — place Iraqi casualties from the conflict at 100,000 to 250,000, with Iraq Body Count putting the figure at 216,000. Survey-based studies go higher: One estimating 2003 to 2011 excess deaths put the toll at 405,000; a famous 2006 Lancet study put the toll to date at 654,965; in early 2008 the British polling firm ORB put it at 1.033 million.
The highest of those estimates are extremely implausible; see this paper by economist Michael Spagat on the Lancet study (which finds evidence that some data was fabricated or falsified), and this one by Spagat and Iraq Body Count's Josh Dougherty on the ORB poll. But supposing for a second they were true, PEPFAR saved an estimated 1.2 million lives in its first four years; it has seen greatly expanded funding since, and saved millions more. The humanitarian toll of Iraq was tremendous, and all the more tragic for being totally preventable. But it was considerably smaller than the humanitarian gains of PEPFAR.
PEPFAR is an accomplishment that stands alongside the Marshall Plan, and Social Security
That's true even if you add in Afghanistan. According to a recent paper by Boston University's Neta Crawford, about 149,000 people, including combatants and civilians, have died in Afghanistan and Pakistan due to violence following the invasion. That's swamped not just by PEPFAR but by aid efforts in Afghanistan, which have reduced child mortality enough that nearly 100,000 child deaths that would have happened absent US intervention are averted every year.
The only other policy of Bush's that plausibly could have an impact of this scale on human mortality is his failure to act decisively against climate change. Precise estimates here are impossible; extreme climate change is likely to cost many, many lives, but causally attributing a portion of it to inaction over a specific period of time in a specific country (even one as crucial as the US) is basically impossible. If, in the future, it can be demonstrated that EPA regulations like those being rolled out by the Obama administration, were they implemented in 2001, could've mitigated global warming enough to save millions of lives, then Bush did net harm to the world. But especially absent cooperation from other governments, that strikes me as a tough case to make.
Remembering Dubya
Bush is not, as Clinton family court historian Sean Wilentz once dubbed him, America's worst president. He's not the fourth worst, as my colleague Matt Yglesias wrote earlier this year. It's simply unfair to place him next to the likes of Andrew Johnson, the best friend white supremacy ever had in America, or noted genocidaire Andrew Jackson, or mass slaughter aider and abetter Richard Nixon.
George W. Bush was not a great president. He should be ashamed of — and, in a better world, would be punished for — his actions in Iraq and the torture regime he created. They are a moral stain on the nation.
But Bush was not a bad president, either. PEPFAR is an accomplishment that deserves to stand alongside the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, the Marshall Plan, and Social Security as one of the greatest spending programs the federal government ever enacted.
PEPFAR is even better than you imagined. I said that it saved "millions" of lives, but that just understates things. It's not just 2 or 3 million lives. At least 17 million lives have been saved because of it! What other government program has saved that many lives!? Maybe cigarette taxes/indoor smoking bans? Possibly Medicare?
Yet, Bush is considered a bad president because the Iraq War killed ~500,000 people? The Iraq War was terrible, but PEPFAR more than makes up for it.
PEPFAR is the single largest AIDS/HIV prevention program in human history. It deserves to be at least as widely renowned as Medicare/Social Security/etc. There were some flaws, like its emphasis on abstinence, but no program is perfect. Yet, virtually nobody knows about it. Even fucking Obama did not give a shit about it and cut its funding during his presidency. The fact that Bush was much more adamant about AIDS/HIV prevention in the developing world than Obama really disgusts me and lowers my opinion of Obama a lot. I would've expected better from him.
And don't even get me started on Trump:
Trump: "Nobody knows that [PEPFAR]," "I've never heard that"
In fairness, Trump is not wrong. Most people do not know about PEPFAR in America at least.
However, what many people don't know is that Bush is one of the most beloved figures in Africa because of it. Everyone in Africa knows about PEPFAR and are eternally grateful for his contributions to this field. Bush and Bill Gates two of the most widely renowned Americans in Africa for their efforts towards AIDS/HIV prevention.
Financial Times: Why George W. Bush is Africa's Favourite US President
As the article points out, it is very unlikely that PEPFAR would've been created under any other president. Bush has been speaking about AIDS/HIV prevention since the 1990's, while it was not a priority for Gore at all. Bush is the man who came up with PEPFAR and pushed for it! It was a very personal passion of his.
I know I might get a lot of downvoted for saying this, but maybe Jeb rigging the election to allow GWB to "win" Florida in 2000 was one of the greatest things that have ever happened. This alone cancels every bad thing Bush did and makes him a great president. It's not even close! I don't think God even has to be a utilitarian for GWB to go to Heaven. Yes, the Iraq War was a huge mistake, but it was motivated by a well-intentioned desire to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Hussein was a genocidal dictator who killed ~100,000 Kurds. And PEPFAR more than makes up for it. Hopefully, Bush soars up to Heaven after death.
Credit to u/mrmanager237 for the title.
submitted by MelioraOptimus to neoliberal

Bronze and Silvers review

So, kinda wanted to group all my thoughts on all the newly revealed bronze and silver cards, as well as look at some of the old silvers and bronzes in context. And talk about thematically cause some of the non story classes got cool thematically.
Ill be keeping it simple, rating the class’s support 1 for amazing, 2 for wait and see, 3 for awful, as well as giving a basic description
Class rating: 3
Only few remotely good and synergistic (if you can even call them that) cards, and the rest are trash. Except Carmine. She’s not trash. She’s a flaming heap of toxic nuclear waste.
Cactus Cowboy 1
The only 1 in the set for forest, and it’s just solid all around.
Forest Patroller 2
Payoff for rides, but isn’t really necessary imo especially since Forest doesn’t have too many good generators to not spend on Loxis or Sukuna
Lookout elf 3
Meh. Fairy support but not good at it.
Hornet strike 2
Not bad removal option, 3pp for 1 removal, 5pp for 2, and 8 pp for 3 and maybe keeping some on board, but does look a bit over costed, and doing nothing but removal isn’t amazing in the current meta.
Varmint Hunter 2
More reasonable ride payoff card, can be a better BKB on 4 with ride, but kinda not the best outside of it maybe.
Corrosive Thorns 2
I guess it works as both Fairy Dragon support but also a fine control tool against tokens, but that’s not really enough to warrant too much of an inclusion. Also sucks the brambles effect is fairies only tho.
Carmine 5 463 782
siiiiiigh I’m not even going to dignify this abomination it’s full name. Can’t wait for all the BTC clips of Chipper Skipper dying to it. But I think the worst thing about it is the main body. Why, oh WHY can she destroy herself, possibly wasting 6+pp to do one accelerate?! Calling her trash is an insult to trash.
Class rating: 2
Sword doesn’t look too bad, nothing extremely outstanding but also nothing too terrible.
Naht’s boytoys 2 I mean what
2pp 3/3 that gives later follower 1/1, but gives 2/2 to the opponent. Can be used to screw with enemy rides though.
Shinobi Tanuki 1
Ambush makes it easier to buff, cheap, and against foes without proper hard removal can spiral out of control ala Sarissa.
Frontline Instructor 2
Better OG fencer from Standard, and contains a board buff later on with Rally. But whether it’s better than Stroke of conviction is another story.
Bandit Raid 2.5
Good take two card, where you’re not guaranteed multiple Amelia. Otherwise it’s pretty meh.
Outlaw Gunner 2
3/3/3 isn’t bad, but fitting her into some of your later turns might be kinda hard, but she could see play since rally 5 is pretty low.
Dramatic Retreat 2
Better soul conversion jokes aside, this can’t really be used on Tokens to not pollute the deck, and banishing a big boi that isn’t the world or Arriet or some weird combo isn’t good tempo. Still basically soul conversion tho.
Stalwart Slinger 2.5
Natural 5/5/6 that deals 3 isn’t a bad deal at all, but lacks synergies or all around power to warrant Constructive play. Great T2 card.
Class rating: 1
Rune not only got a good amount of synergistic support, but the other archetypes supported got some great support as well. Few outliers though.
Rivaylian Deputy 1
2/1/2 that draws a card and sets up your Vincent/Maiser plays, or just higher tempo later. Also Curves pretty disgustingly into [Passionate Potioneer]
Crystal Fencer 1
While it doesn’t draw, it’s great for tempo in the early game being a 3/3/3 that spellboosts, but the card keeps you in the game in the late game by making your top decked Kuons and newly duped runies much more easily playable.
Mirror witch 2.7453?
I have absolutely no idea how to judge this card. 4/3/7 unconditional storm is absolutely disgusting, especially with All the buff amulets rune got. But giving your opponent their own 4/3/7 that she can’t deal with on her own is... atrociously horrible.
Terra Nova 1.5
4/4/4 worth of stats on 2 bodies with partial wars while also buffing the entire board by 1 atk each without any cost at all, especially not 10 shadows isnt bad at all if board rune works, but the real nasty part is if 1 other follower is on board, you get 3 procs of Vincent’s effect, meaning 3 AOE to all enemies.
Scorching blast 1
On one hand, could be meh Spellboost support, 1pp deal 5 in that deck is pretty good, but the REAL use is Item shop- early game removal that costs 0 during shop chains meaning more pings going face is EXTREMELY good for that deck.
Artistic Arcanist 1
A possible 5/6/5 if he’s the only one on board, or possibly giving that 6 attack to a follower going face. Also gives an amulet that doesn’t leave when a follower enters play, as well as a 1pp Add a Vincent spell to your hand at the end of your turn effect, giving you 3 Vincent spells, meaning 3 AOE. Oh, and did I tell you his fanfare gives ANOTHER 3 Vincent Spells, meaning 3 more AOE, including Face? Pretty good.
Golem Marshal 1
First off, great Accel, both in Vince/Maiser rune and just for Spellboost, cause 1pp spell that buffs incoming shikigami is goood, it’s also just a spell that gives a Steed without summoning anything can be really useful for setting up Maiser chains, but a 7/9/15 with 2 wards, added value over multiple turns, AND gives you 2 Vincent spells and/or 2 Maiser Spells is really freaking good.
Class rating: 2
Has some good support, but between a lack of a game plan other than buff Reggie ramp play big dudes and 1 or 2 good supports dragon got nothing too big at all this expansion.
BTW the Artisan/Blacksmith thematic is a nice touch.
Wyrmfire Engineer 1.75
Hard to judge, but you can curve this into bike into Reggie on curve to ramp, and it can be used as a better Pyne in overflow, or to buff storm Reggie/Erntz, but does seem clunky outside overflow
thunderous Roar 1
2pp deal 3 outside overflow, 2pp deal 7 and draw a card in overflow is amazing. Does have anti synergy with DJD, but he’s not in rota forever.
Mermaid Guide 2
3/3/3 storm is not to be taken lightly, as seen previously by mechaclaw Elf, but at the same time, is this really what discard wants or needs? Or just has room for?
pumpkin dragon 3
Basically a dragon’s nest with less healing, but more immediate effects, and a shitty body.
Dragonic Counsel 1
3pp Graceful Charity aside, this card is 2pp draw 2 in the early game, while also adding a 4th through 6th copies of Scalebound Plight into your hand, which is easily one of the best disco cards. Fantastic card.
Dragonfolk Artificer 1.5
You can buff it... to get more buffs? Outside this in overflow, nobody in dragon benefits from buff chains, and you can’t use its buffs in overflow anyway. You can set up for Reggie buffs or chef buffs with this card... but you’re using cards which can buff Reggie/chef anyway to do it. Overflow effect seems nice for clearing board tho, I do like it, but we’ll see
Azureflame Dragonewt 3
Uhhhhhh board clear maybe I guess?
Class rating: 1
Shadow seems to have a solid gameplan this expansion with it’s Silvers and Bronzes, and most of it’s cards fit an aggressive gameplan to burn the opponent down.
Great theme with miners and how utterly fatal those were back in the day, especially with all the gold rushes.
Bone Fanatic 1
1pp [Orator of the Bones], except on turn 1, but still having a 1 drop is great. Enhance is better than OG skull lord, but pretty sure it’s not what you wanna be doing.
Cursed Coin 1.25
Amazing draw option for Shadow for decks which don’t mind shadows and board space. Only reason it’s not a 1 is because fitting it in decks with deck space issues or shadow hunger isn’t the wisest idea.
Skeleton Dreamer 1
Buffs a stormer that comes down next turn, or maybe even a Sarc wraith to actually contest board. More attack on stormers basically. And more value on 3 drops.
Grudge Teller 1
Key component of new Shadow burn decks. You reanimate 3 a bunch of times, summon this, and burn bunch of your opponent’s Hp, and profit.
Abysmal Wraith 1
Basically almost an unconditional Dark General. Even on Curve. Even on Reanimate. Also synergistic with billet bikes and rides.
Necroimpulse 1
While this might seem more expensive than it’s cousin Terra Nova, you have to remember this is 8 face damage for 4 in a vacuum, ignoring the 5th follower on board or any rides buffing the ghosts. And unlike [Phantom Howl], these ghosts are unconditional.
Gold Mine Necromancer 2
Base form is kinda expensive, and condition on accel are meh, but turning a 1/1 into a 3/3 and dealing 2 face damage isn’t bad at all for 1pp. Not too sure about base form though.
Class rating: 1
Blood got a very synergistic set in terms of bronzes and silvers, and many are quite strong as well.
BTW, best aesthetic in the entire set- GAMBLERS! And old Wild West casinos! Really cool stuff.
Spiderweb Array 1
Basically a 3/3/4 ward that gives an opponent’s follower the inability to attack. Great control tool.
roulette Vampire 1
It repairs your Midgame on 6 when it pops, it gives 3 amulets total for Ruinous Spider, and it curves extremely well into Ravening Corruption. Did I mention overstatted, Rush, and 2APC’s?
Fulminating Berserker 1
Accel first off is great. 2pp deal 3 draw 1 with no downsides other than needing an amulet on your side is amazing. Especially in a class with Avarice. Body is also good, with 6/6 storm unconditionally, and you can buff with rides.
Scrappy Werewolf 1
Brings you to wrath when not in it, and is a 2/3/3 storm in wrath amazing card in a deck that needs more finishing power
Bloodfall 2
While it seems like amazing card economy at first glance, remove 3pp worth of value for 1pp, it’s inability to help in more lethal situations is a major minus.
redcap 1
This thing can spiral out of control. With just a single APC, this guy becomes a 3/5/7. And the axe is a minor benefit as more discard fodder for showdown. Amazing pull from Volteo too.
Craps Demon 1
First off, bane is great in combination with ward and/or rush, especially on a cheap 2pp follower. The fact that it heals some damage on top of it is great. The fact that it heAls often a lot (6) when you need it is great as well. this is also thematically the coolest card in the set- you gamble your buff on him to roll his dice, and get defender back based on the result, but in a pinch he rigs the game highly in your favour also a great Volteo target.
Class rating: 1
Haven got a lot of synergistic support for Amulet and/or Ward, with almost no pack filler.
benevolent Blight 2
With Kel gone, Haven is starved for AOE. And although the lack of body is highly noticeable, the heal, draw, clear, and enhance for more of the above later on may be a decent tech option for later on.
Revolver Eagle 1
Better divine birdsong, or that other card that maybe rotated out getting APC + an ordinary divine birdsong for the same price is splendid. Body isn’t bad, 2 bodies one with rush the other a 3atk storm isn’t the worst for 9pp if finishing the game
enchanted Knight 1
2/1/2 that draws a card. Can draw more pretty easily. Basically an Earth sorceress that has 1 less defenders but draws off itself. Ward Haven is already starved for draw, and losing Golden bells will hurt like a bi-
Sacred Stone Apostle 1
Enhance for possibly 5/7/6 stats all with ward and most targeting protection isn’t bad, but being able to put a 1/1 ward not only to contest board but also to get more use out of Wilbert and Sarissa is also really useful. Did I mention she is a 1/2/2 outside turn 1?
pure metamorphosis 1
2pp transform anything into a 2/1. Remember Presto? That card balances giving a 3/4 that drew your opponent a card on evo by being 2pp. And this one gives a 2/1. Only problem is you can’t get rid of it on your turn.
Shady Priest 1
1pp banish anything lmao. Another amulet to get destroyed, 1pp too. And the body isn’t bad either, tutoring an amulet to use with him and being able to possibly banish multiple things in the midgame is a ton of value.
Set 1
Amazing card. Accel is amazing for heal decks like Elena or new 4pp amulet, or just for procing Lorena. But the body on this thing is so good. Healing, Targeting protection, high defense, AND Bane?! Amazing. And then you remember that you can res this thing with Sarissa for massive tempo swings.
Class Rating: 2
Portal has some good cards, but lack a cohesive game plan outside float, which lacks synergy with the legends.
mechanical designs 1
Draw engine for float. With all the combos of very chap cards which don’t self replace, resources run out fast, so an extra card a turn could really help.
Wretch 2
What carries this to 2 is him being good going first, and him making a bullet bike to enable Zel to a 1 for 1. Otherwise, meh
Stringmaster 1
Amazing puppet support, cheap puppet generator, and generates lots of dead followers.
Yo Yo girl 3
Very underwhelming, clunky, and hard to play. Better to just play the artifact than her and why pay 3pp to lower a single pshift by 1, when a 1pp artifacts lowers them all by 1?
Scavenge 2
Very interesting card that can gain massive advantage the later the game goes on. Reusing many portal followers is a massive blessing. Kinda expensive and can be clunky though.
Railmender Coyote 3
Portal has little to no ride support- not many buffs and no other payoffs for buffs, other than trading with puppets using additional attack.
capsule Homunculus 1
0pp heal basically. Just stick it in a float combo. Heal is always welcome in this deck .Face damage doesn’t matter cause your win con is Vesha Zel
Class Rating: 1
Neutral just has a a lot of solid support now. Almost all of them do something to help Ride game plans
Spice Showers 3
A gingerbread house that doesnt leave an earth sigil. Need I say more?
“Quixotic adventurer” 1
Solid ride support. Not much else to say
rivaylian Bandit 1
Ride payoff card. How effective it is at that depends on the deck. Doubt the enhance is good though
vagabond Lizard 1
Again, plain old solid ride support
supercharged Guitarist 2
Ride payoff card, but it’s trash without them. Relies on ride consistency to be efffective.
And that’s the full list. Love to here other’s thoughts on this expansion.
submitted by Vividfeathere to Shadowverse