Windows 8.1 x86/x64 AIO Pre-Activated March 2020

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[AIO 2330] Panel failure symptoms (flickering, lines

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I have a decent PC, but Minecraft refuses to work as usual.


Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (or Bedrock as the cool kids call it) 1.5 freezes for upwards of 3 minutes:
  • ONLY when UI (e.g. crafting, inventory, homepage, settings, world menu) is visible
  • Every few seconds
  • Randomly
  • Whenever I click on a UI item using my mouse
  • Going back to main screen after changing settings
Because of that I've only been able to enter a world twice so far.
  • The only way I can decrease UI freezes is to use my Xbox One Controller (Model 1537).
  • Often the audio starts repeating as if Windows was going to crash.
  • Often the mouse and its animation becomes completely frozen and immovable, (which is even worse imo, whenever Windows Explorer or a program freezes, my mouse is still able to move smoothly; this is of course an exception) requiring me to force shutdown my system.
  • Even though actually playing was smooth as butter, sometimes in-game controls would go completely out of whack;
    • A movement keystroke (e.g. W to go forward) is held down for longer than I've held it down for, causing me to go farther than I want. I can often stop that by turning around really fast.
    • Movement keystrokes have immense lag, for example a double-tap of my spacebar causes me to jump 1-5 seconds later.
    • Despite all this though, I can still look around properly and without any noticeable lag.
  • When I press the 'import worlds' button at the world selection screen, it freezes, then unfreezes. The first time I was actually able to get into a world, the 'Open...' box popped up outta nowhere. That is some lag...
There were a few times I was able to Alt+F4 the game, closing it successfully. The first few times that happened though, Windows would act as if it was beaten up, drugged, run over by a car, then thrown off a cliff into a river by Minecraft. Absolutely brutal. Barely anything would work. If I'd let someone else use it, they would've thought that I deleted System32.


  • Dell Inspiron 20 Model 3048 [All-In-One]
  • Intel Pentium G3240T @2.69GHz
  • Intel Integrated Graphics for 4th Generation Processors
  • Windows 10 Home 64bit | Version 1803 | Build 17134.165
  • WD Blue WDC WD10JPVX-75JC3T0
  • I have two monitors. My first monitor is my computer's built-in one, and my second is a Toshiba TV situated below it, which I use as my primary.

Things I've already tried:

  • Disabling main monitor, thus using only one.
  • Uninstalling vJoy and other input device plugins/extensions
  • Killing every process except for ones my PC depends on
  • Disabling Windows Defender

EDIT: I think I found and solved the problem. There was a MIDI plugin (VirtualMidiSynth by Coolsoft) that might have been the cause of these issues. The other one was TeamViewer which kept turning on despite me killing it. I uninstalled both and the game runs just fine.

submitted by SkyBlueDaPon3 to Minecraft

Would like to know if these temps are ok on idle - r7 2700x - AIO H80i GT

Would like to know if these temps are ok on idle - r7 2700x, current room temp around 25 C, aio H80i GT (4 year old) MX4 thermal paste, max temps are around 70 C (prime95 / monster hunter world gameplay) stock settings
Computer Type: Desktop (build)
GPU: GTX 1070 CPU: AMD R7 2700X stock Motherboard: TAICHI X470 RAM: 16GB 3400 16-18-18 PSU: 750W Operating System & Version: Windows 10 GPU Drivers: (latest as today) Chipset Drivers: (latest as today) latest bios Background Applications: none / teamviewer nvidia / gpu tweak 2
Description of Original Problem: AIO needs to be at full speed on both pump and fans to cool it properly
Troubleshooting: re-seated the cpu with new thermal paste, image above to show current idle temps.
submitted by kicsrules to AMDHelp