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Hota Crash

Hota is crashing when trying to load saved games, i have allready installed the HD mod. What to do??
Hota: 1.5.1
Error file :
[HotA CRASH INFO file]
Time: Sat Feb 24 20:40:23 2018
HotA.dll version: 1.5.1
HotA.dll test version: 0 HotA_Settings.ini version:
Test features disabled
HotA internal map version: 1
HotA internal savegame version: 4
HD version: 5.0 beta 39
Module: h3hota.exe
Adress: 0x00485951
Flags: 0x00000000
Information: write of address: 0x04758000
Call stack
 0x004858B0 called from 0x004C58E2 0x004C52F0 called from 0x004BC5DF ? called from before 0x04EDBFF2 0x04EDBFD0 called from 0x062F09F0 0x00583440 called from 0x00583008 0x00577B10 called from 0x61897315 0x0057F600 called from 0x0057C8A4 ? called from before 0x04EFA619 ? called from before 0x00000000 ? called from before 0x0000A48D 
EAX: 0x00000000
ECX: 0x264030C1
EDX: 0x99010103
EBX: 0x99010103
ESP: 0x00196D18
EBP: 0x00196F58
ESI: 0x99010103
EDI: 0x04757FFD
\ main module:
0x00400000: h3hota.exe (size: 0x002CB000, entry point: 0x00639C00)
F:\Downloads\spil\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\
0x02720000: BINKW32.DLL (size: 0x0002B000, entry point: 0x02731705)
0x00400000: h3hota.exe (size: 0x002CB000, entry point: 0x00639C00)
0x617B0000: HotA.dll (size: 0x0017F000, entry point: 0x618E65EE)
0x02870000: IFC20.dll (size: 0x00023000, entry point: 0x0287F04E)
0x26F00000: MP3DEC.ASI (size: 0x0002A000, entry point: 0x26F0A805)
0x21100000: MSS32.DLL (size: 0x0005F000, entry point: 0x2112F2E5)
0x619F0000: patcher_x86.dll (size: 0x00078000, entry point: 0x619FF4F3)
0x026E0000: smackw32.dll (size: 0x00025000, entry point: 0x026F084C)
0x10000000: HD3.dll (size: 0x00224000, entry point: 0x1001F6FC)
Command Line
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
ProductName: Windows 10 Home
CurrentVersion: 6.3
BuildLab: 16299.rs3_release.170928-1534
PlatformId = 2
Version: 6.2
Build: 9200
CSDVersion =
ProductType = 1
SuiteMask = 768
Some ingame values
FullScreen Mode = 0
Game Type = 3
Network Game = 0
Active Player ID = 0
Active is Human = 0
 Map Name = 060914 the fappening.GM2 Last RMG Seed = 0 
HKLM\SOFTWARE\New World Computing\Heroes of Might and Magic® III\1.0
AppPath: F:\Downloads\spil\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\
submitted by BennyTheDriver to HoMM


VTank/ACE Server Issue

Hey guys,
I'm struggling to get VTank working properly within the game. I have successfully installed everything required but VirindiTank still fails to register. Its been a process so I will break down what I have done:
-I followed step by step all installation guidelines to get Asheron's Call back onto my device. The game is currently installed C:\Turbine\Asheron's Call. -I installed Decal, I have tried this installation in two locations, Program Files (x86) and directly into C:\Games. Both are successful in getting decal working, but no matter where I install decal, VirindiTank still will not work. -I installed the full Virindi Plugin Bundle and updated my xml files in Decal -I attempted to launch the game, I received a notice to update Virindi Tank and I attempted to do so. This prompted a registry key change on the device which I accepted and on I went to launch the game and as I went to log into portal space it crashed the client. -I've reinstalled the applications 3-4 times now trying all different ways to get it working. Last night I finally was successful but when I started the UCM it made the game so unbearably slow and laggy that it was basically unusable.
Now I am back to a point where Virindi Tank will keep crashing the game, and when I boot my client it tells me "Bundle Virindi Tank is not installed. Rerun the bundle installer to get it.
I have done that several times to no avail.
Here is my export data from Decal: Decal (DenAgent.exe) version:
type, enabled, name, version, location, clsid Plugins, 0, Virindi Chat System 5,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiChatSystem5\VCS5.dll, {0A7B25AC-79A9-4F6A-9751-419B87A7BB05} Plugins, 0, GoArrow (VVS Edition),, C:\Games\Decal\GoArrowVVSEdition\GoArrow.dll, {5E8D5E3D-C04D-4976-98B6-9A8DCBC4212D} Plugins, 1, Virindi Tank,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiTank\utank2-i.dll, {642F1F48-16BE-48BF-B1D4-286652C4533E} Plugins, 0, Decal Hotkey System,, C:\Games\Decal\DHS.dll, {6B6B9FA8-37DE-4FA3-8C60-52BD6A2F9855} Plugins, 0, Virindi Integrator2 Beta,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiIntegrator2\Integrator2Client.dll, {7882AE88-CB68-4C98-BB94-90204C2D2156} Plugins, 0, Virindi Item Tool,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiItemTool\VirindiItemTool.dll, {7BCA75A3-CC65-456B-BBB1-6383FB072B60} Plugins, 0, Virindi Sense,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiSense\VirindiSense.dll, {8625358A-9ED1-4166-9CD6-8F9BBAD1359B} Plugins, 0, Virindi Reporter,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiReporter\VirindiReporter.dll, {8C70FF56-0E53-4265-9E19-C4534A8D3AA8} Plugins, 0, Virindi HUDs,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiHUDs\VirindiHUDs.dll, {C6B1DF06-FF20-459E-8302-AA346CBFDA01} Plugins, 0, SSSort (VVS Edition),, C:\Games\Decal\SSSortVVSEdition\SSSort.dll, {D77DAD0D-75C7-425D-96AE-E8B3E1366EF3} Plugins, 0, Virindi Window Tool,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiWindowTool\VirindiWindowTool.dll, {DCB2CFA5-BAB2-43C9-82C4-3C1616276862} Plugins, 0, Virindi Global Inventory,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiGlobalInventory\VirindiGlobalInventory.dll, {EB071330-DC65-4302-9CF9-6104B5B4C73B} Plugins, 0, Virindi Hotkey System,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiHotkeySystem\VirindiHotkeySystem.dll, {ED7CC818-7159-461F-A833-4CA49E1C85B6} Network Filters, 1, Virindi AutomaticUpdatesFilter,, C:\Games\Decal\VirindiAutomaticUpdatesFilter\VirindiAutomaticUpdatesFilter.dll, {108ED493-48AD-42A6-AADC-EF773E4F185A} Network Filters, 1, Echo Filter 2,, C:\Games\Decal\DecalFilters.dll, {34239EAD-6317-4C40-A405-193BA5232DD8} Network Filters, 1, Character Stats Filter,, C:\Games\Decal\DecalFilters.dll, {4540C969-08D1-46BF-97AD-6B19D3C10BEE} Network Filters, 1, World Object Filter,, C:\Games\Decal\DecalFilters.dll, {53092D1B-F0B0-46FF-BF11-8F031EC9B137} Network Filters, 1, ThwargFilter,, C:\Program Files (x86)\Thwargle Games\ThwargLauncher\ThwargFilter.dll, {5C60E9C9-6F53-40EB-B2BE-5E67D76414B9} Network Filters, 1, Decal FileService,, C:\Games\Decal\Decal.FileService.dll, {5E9B2FC3-C251-4589-8CE3-2BCA542B98B6} Network Filters, 1, Identify Queue Filter,, C:\Games\Decal\DecalFilters.dll, {B0C05A9A-273D-4BC4-B7BA-E27CF94C8EF4} Network Filters, 1, SpellFilter,, C:\Games\Decal\SpellFilter.dll, {C2D43735-BE7E-4829-AF73-F2E7E820EB16} Services, 1, Decal Dat Service,, C:\Games\Decal\decaldat.dll, {37B083F0-276E-43AD-8D26-3F7449B519DC} Services, 1, Decal .NET Lifetime Service,, C:\Games\Decal\Decal.Adapter.dll, {71A69713-6593-47EC-0001-0000000DECA1} Services, 1, Decal Input Service,, C:\Games\Decal\decalInput.dll, {B33307BA-706D-474A-80B9-70BB8D13EF3E} Services, 1, Decal Networking Service,, C:\Games\Decal\decalnet.dll, {C8C406F8-BA2E-4964-8B04-FF38394A8E0E} Services, 1, Virindi View Service Bootstrapper,, C:/Games/Decal/VirindiViewService/VirindiViewServiceBootstrap.DLL, {DBAC9286-B38D-4570-961F-D4D9349AE3D4} Services, 1, Decal D3DService,, C:\Games\Decal\D3DService.dll, {F0CC07A0-2C89-4FA4-9356-714665BC2F8B} Services, 1, Decal Render Service,, C:\Games\Decal\decalrender.dll, {FB3C8286-88ED-4B4D-B413-94B40F346239} Services, 1, Decal Inject Gateway Service,, C:\Games\Decal\Inject.dll, {FEFE5CAB-10E4-404F-AD4D-184BCB506099} Surrogates, -1, Version 1 Plugin Surrogate,, C:\Games\Decal\Inject.dll, {3D837F6E-B5CA-4604-885F-7AB45FCFA62A} Surrogates, 1, Prefilter Network Filter Surrogate,, C:\Games\Decal\DecalFilters.dll, {443D4A68-5422-4E0C-9460-973F8FBDB190} Surrogates, 1, Decal.Adapter Surrogate,, C:\Games\Decal\Decal.Adapter.dll, {71A69713-6593-47EC-0002-0000000DECA1} Surrogates, 1, ActiveX Plugin Surrogate,, C:\Games\Decal\Decal.dll, {7559F22F-C56F-4621-AE08-9C354D799D4B} Input Actions, 1, Delay Input Action,, C:\Games\Decal\decalInput.dll, {324D76B8-D8C7-4A81-B867-E4E1F874E488} Input Actions, 1, Mouse Move Input Action,, C:\Games\Decal\decalInput.dll, {57D18578-0BF0-4DE5-A0A9-E7CB531C0429} Input Actions, 1, Restore Input Action,, C:\Games\Decal\decalInput.dll, {6EE2F682-7129-44BE-84B9-787BAE35EC1C} Input Actions, 1, Polled Delay Input Action,, C:\Games\Decal\decalInput.dll, {762335B2-2274-4BB4-8B1F-F7286C949FF7} Input Actions, 1, Typing Input Action,, C:\Games\Decal\decalInput.dll, {9CDCEEDC-F8AC-42D5-9A05-52B9346D00A4} Input Actions, 1, Event Input Action,, C:\Games\Decal\decalInput.dll, {D6E4BD19-4900-4515-BCE2-A9EA4AAE2699}
Operating System: Home Edition (Build 9200)
[User is member of Administrators group] : true
Decal Settings [Injection Method] : Timer (Default) [Portal Path] : C:\Turbine\Asheron's Call [Launcher App] : acclient.exe [Update URL] : http://update.decaldev.com [memlocs.xml] : 27376 bytes, Version [messages.xml] : 55090 bytes, Version 2013.07.27.0 [Video Memory] : -65536
D3DX Libraries (Only d3dx9_30 is required) [d3dx9_24.dll] : Installed ( [d3dx9_25.dll] : Installed ( [d3dx9_26.dll] : Installed ( [d3dx9_27.dll] : Installed ( [d3dx9_28.dll] : Installed (9.10.455.0) [d3dx9_29.dll] : Installed (9.11.519.0) [d3dx9_30.dll] : Installed (9.12.589.0) [d3dx9_31.dll] : Installed (9.15.779.0) [d3dx9_32.dll] : Installed (9.16.843.0) [d3dx9_33.dll] : Installed (9.18.904.15) [d3dx9_34.dll] : Installed (9.19.949.46) [d3dx9_35.dll] : Installed (9.19.949.1104) [d3dx9_36.dll] : Installed (9.19.949.2111) [d3dx9_37.dll] : Installed (9.22.949.2248) [d3dx9_38.dll] : Installed (9.23.949.2378) [d3dx9_39.dll] : Installed (9.24.949.2307) [d3dx9_40.dll] : Installed (9.24.950.2656) [d3dx9_41.dll] : Installed (9.26.952.2844) [d3dx9_42.dll] : Installed (9.27.952.3001) [d3dx9_43.dll] : Installed (9.29.952.3111) [d3dx9_44.dll] : Not Installed [d3dx9_45.dll] : Not Installed [d3dx9_46.dll] : Not Installed [d3dx9_47.dll] : Not Installed [d3dx9_48.dll] : Not Installed [d3dx9_49.dll] : Not Installed
---Support Libraries --- Note: The following libraries are not necessary for Decal to function and are only provided to be of use to plugin developers.
.NET Frameworks [v1.0.3705] (1.0 Final) : Not Installed [v1.1.4322] (1.1 Final) : Not Installed [v2.0.50215] (2.0 Beta 2) : Not Installed [v2.0.50727] (2.0 Final) : Installed (Service Pack 2) [v3.0] (3.0) : Installed (Service Pack 2) [v3.5] (3.5) : Installed (Service Pack 1) [v4] (4.0) : Installed (Version: 4.8.03752)
C++ Libraries [msvbvm60.dll] : Installed ( [atl70.dll] : Not Installed [mfc70.dll] : Not Installed [msvcr70.dll] : Not Installed [msvcp70.dll] : Not Installed [atl71.dll] : Not Installed [mfc71.dll] : Not Installed [msvcr71.dll] : Not Installed [msvcp71.dll] : Not Installed
Microsoft XML Libraries [msxml3.dll] : Installed (8.110.18362.239) [msxml4.dll] : Not Installed [msxml5.dll] : Not Installed [msxml6.dll] : Installed (6.30.18362.418) [v1.0.3705] (1.0 Final) : Not Installed [v1.1.4322] (1.1 Final) : Not Installed [v2.0.50215] (2.0 Beta 2) : Not Installed [v2.0.50727] (2.0 Final) : Installed (Service Pack 2) [v3.0] (3.0) : Installed (Service Pack 2) [v3.5] (3.5) : Installed (Service Pack 1) [v4] (4.0) : Installed (Version: 4.8.03752)
---Video Device Information--- [Device] : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER [Device Name] : \.\DISPLAY6 [KeyDeviceID] : Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1F06&SUBSYS_3FF11458&REV_A1 [KeyDeviceKey] : \Registry\Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video{2E6229EE-7B2E-11EA-BC19-A8A159051E28}\0000 [Manufacturer] : NVIDIA [ChipType] : GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER [DACType] : Integrated RAMDAC [Revision] : Unknown [MemoryLocalised] : 4095 MB [MemoryEnglish] : 4095 MB [DisplayLocalised] : 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz) [DisplayEnglish] : 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz) [DisplayWidth] : 1920 [DisplayHeight] : 1080 [DisplayBpp] : 32 [RefreshRate] : 60 [MonitorName] : Generic PnP Monitor [MonitorMaxRes] : Unknown [DriverName] : C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_95bdb3a23d6478de\nvldumdx.dll,C:\ [DriverVersion] : 26.21.0014.4587 [DriverAttributes] : Final Retail [DriverLangEnglish] : English [DriverLangLocal] : English [DriverDateEng] : 4/2/2020 8:00:00 PM [DriverDateLocal] : 4/2/2020 20:00:00 [DriverSize] : 964544 [MiniVdd] : unknown [MiniVddDateEng] : Unknown [MiniVddDateLocal] : unknown [MiniVddSize] : 0 [Vdd] : unknown [RenderWindow] : Yes [Beta] : No [Debug] : No [Signed] : No [SignValid] : No [Identifier] : {D7B71E3E-5C46-11CF-0366-FF1F1BC2D735} [DDIVer] : 12 [DDIVerEng] : 12 [DDIVerLocal] : 12 [iAdapter] : 0 [VendorID] : 0x10DE [DeviceID] : 0x1F06 [SubSystemID] : 0x3FF11458 [RevisionID] : 0x00A1 [WHQL Level] : 0 [NoHardware] : 0 [DDAccelEnabled] : Yes [3DAccelExists] : Yes [3DAccelEnabled] : Yes [AGP Enabled] : Yes [AGPExists] : Yes [AGPExistsValid] : Yes
Computer Specs: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 @ 3.00GHz 35 °C Kaby Lake 14nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Motherboard ASRock B365M IB-R (CPUSocket) 35 °C Graphics ASUS VA24E ([email protected]) 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER (Gigabyte) 43 °C Storage 447GB ADATA SU650 (SATA (SSD)) 33 °C 931GB Seagate ST1000DM010-2EP102 (SATA ) 31 °C 3725GB Western Digital WD My Passport 25E2 USB Device (USB (SATA) (SSD)) 33 °C Optical Drives No optical disk drives detected Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio
Please help lol
submitted by jlbc589 to AsheronsCall