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On my RK-9000s the Windows key caps have been swapped for ones with a Tux the penguin logo. Keycap Material: UV Coated ABS Compatibility: Fits most Cherry MX keyboards. Minecraft technic launcher cracked hexxit.

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Unicomp Buckling Spring ANSI Color Key Sets
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See More Customize your Brand New Model F Keyboard: F62 Model F – Kishsaver. Shutdown power off centos. Subtle 1mm LED indicator lights let you know when Caps, Num, or Scroll are lock key and scroll lock indicator could be a Windows key lock function instead.


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Other than that amazing. With the combination of custom PBT key caps and o-rings, typing and gaming on this keyboard is a joy and fast. By Silverscooby27, Wednesday at 10: 28 AM; General Gunsmithing.

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Beach buggy blitz hack for android https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=5125. Buckling spring keycaps ([HOST]icalKeyboards) submitted 3 years ago by Pearbear [HOST] I have a unicomp buckling spring keyboard and can't seem to find anywhere to get custom keycaps. The keyboards won't ship until later this year.


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Custom buckling spring key caps windows 7. Each of the following is considered to be equivalent to a. In normal usage this may not be as noticeable but when you use Capslock for FN or Control you need that key all the time, and a stepped one felt very wonky, and the area to press it is smaller and further away.

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Each key is inserted into a plastic tube and pushes against a metal spring fixed to a lever. It's compatible with Cherry PCBs, keycaps, plates, and stabilizers, and I hope to begin. Making the spring sit more vertically means the stem can sit lower on the spring since it takes more travel to buckle the spring, but the force goes over 80cN at actuation.

Modernized Buckling Spring

Or even worse, it's a key that has no visible effect like an Alt key, and then you have to figure out which key it is that is in the virtual down position, and press it again. You can also set a key to display a widget; so far there is a Gmail notifier, a CPU monitor, a RAM monitor, a network activity monitor and a. With the instantaneous nature of the buckling spring, your fingers can stop before the key hits bottom.


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Call of duty 2 patch 1.3 filefront https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=552. The colour of the keys represents the Cherry MX keys under them. The buckling spring model is a hole in the keyboard with a spring inside of it. Pressing a key buckles the spring, causing the keyboard to register a keystroke.


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By ClangClang, 7 hours ago; Shooting Sports & Travel. WASD V3 105-Key ISO Custom Mechanical Keyboard. Includes: Six different KeyCaps typefaces in OpenType (TrueType) format; Features: Each KeyCap font includes both rounded and square keyboard characters.

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May 29, 2020 - Ripster's Industrial SSK buckling spring. A red ANY KEY keycap and a red custom cable from Paranoid on Deskthority complete the look. Related Articles: How to Turn on.

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Centered caps-lock in my eyes is infinitely superior to stepped, because it is more balanced which results in better off-center presses. Funny picture s facebook hack https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=8001.

E-Blue K727 with Kailh Blue Switches - A Review

Is this keyboard from the future?
A review of the K727 keyboard from Gearbest.com
As a note this keyboard was given to me for review samples from Gearbest.com
I always strive to bring unbiased reviews whether the item was purchased, given, gifted, dropped off a truck or any other situation. However I cannot guarantee that I can be bias free of a product if the company I am dealing with just offers terrible service. (Luckily this is not the case with Gearbest!)
I’ve owned the following keyboards (estimated ratings in brackets, stars denote review is written):
i) Ducky 9008G2pro Cherry Brown (6.5/10. I hate browns.)
ii) Cooler Master QFR Cherry Blues (6.5/10. Costar Stabilizers… Very plasticky case)
iii) Topre 10th Anniversary JIS 30G topre uniform (8/10. Fine keyboard with good aesthetics and very nice build quality / keycaps. But 30g is meh.)
iv) GoN Crystal TKL Ergo Cherry Blacks (*9/10. Case was flimsy.)
v) JD40 Ergo Cherry Clears and Custom Case (8.5/10. Nice keyboard but the keycap compatibility was lacking and the controller position was annoying for me)
vi) Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 Razer Greens (*2.25/10. Everything was bad)
vii) HHKB 45g Topre uniform standard version (I bought this board twice so I guess it does something right. 9/10. Alternative controller is extremely useful. Great aesthetics, sound and feeling.)
viii) GoN MX-Mini Stock MX Whites – (Not GoN’s PCB) (8/10. Case was really nice. MX Whites were perfectly consistent across the board. PCB gave me a lot of trouble)
ix) GoN MobiK Ergo Clears (*9.75/10. Absolutely wonderful 40%, the best really.)
x) Code TKL with Cherry Greens (7.5/10. Costar Stabilizers. Clean aesthetics and has a nice weight. Nothing Fantastic.)
xi) Azio Levetron Mech5 Cherry Black (4/10. Poor build quality. Aesthetics and design are really bad. Only nice thing was that it was waterproof spillproof.)
xii) IBM Model M Blue Logo Buckling Spring (7.5/10. Big, loud and obnoxious. Classic Aesthetics with standard layout. However they’re old and most need some work. Switches don’t feel as nice as Model F)
xiii) IBM Model M SSK Gray Logo Buckling Spring (8/10. Same as the regular Model M, classic Aesthetics with standard layout. However they’re old and most need some work. Switches don’t feel as nice as Model F)
xiv) Duck Viper x2 Ergo Cherry Red, Ergo Cherry Clears (8.75/10. The case is killer and packed with an Alps compatible PCB. Unfortunately the plate wasn’t Alps compatible and with such a layout plates are not available. Also a hassle to remap the layout, but at least possible)
xv) Realforce 91 Black 45g uniform Topre JIS Layout (8/10. Sleek black keycaps with Topre switches and stabilizers. Always a pleasure to use but there’s nothing unique about it. With an alternate controller to hardware remap the JIS-only keys the board could have been a lot better.)
xvi) Realforce x Just Systems 104UW 45g Uniform HiPro Keycaps JIS Layout (9/10. Keycaps are absolutely stunning with a very nice colorway that will make you the envy of all other thorpers. Full Sized is a pain for me though.)
xvii) Realforce 91 Black 45g uniform Topre JIS Layout HiPro Modded (9/10. Keycaps are absolutely stunning with a very nice colorway that will make you the envy of all other thorpers. The TKL size makes it a lot more usable for me but still needs an alternative controller.)
So what keyboard do I have for you today?
xviii) The E-Blue K727 which retails for $70 USD shipped directly from Gearbest (link: http://goo.gl/bBIh1I ), or alternatively sometimes offered through Massdrop. The specific version that I have is the Kailh Blues version. So of course I’m going to try and compare the feeling of the switches directly with Cherry MX Blues. For those that don’t know, the Kailh Blues are a Cherry MX Compatible switch, meaning that they’re meant to be similar but produced by a different brand, in this case, Kailh. This means that they will not feel perfectly identical to Cherry MX Blues. However they use the same '+' shaped stems for keycap compatibility.
The keyboard offers underside backlighting through a plastic bottom case with a brushed metal top plate. The keys are “Floating switch” as it’s been called. Basically the plate is the top of the case. The keyboard also features in-switch backlighting with different colors for each row. There are different backlighting patterns, mostly “Gaming” modes (such as having WASD lit up) as well as a snake mode that I first remember seeing being featured on the Ducky Year Of The Snake edition keyboard. All in all the keyboard is very bright.
Before I get onto reviewing, I should make it clear that scores for each section are not based on price, but based on absolute expectations of quality. I will of course come to a conclusion whether the board is worth the price at the END of the review. The purpose of this is to have scores somewhat comparable between all the reviews that I write. So three boards that I review have scores of 4/10, 6/10 and 8/10, the 8/10 is the best in my opinion. I feel like I should mention this first so people don’t instantly call this product garbage based on the number rating without looking at the conclusion. I will normalize the overall score to a score on 10 at the end of the review.
It may be worth noting that I normally deal with higher end products (luxury products) and therefore I hold high expectations based on my own needs.
The list of sections will be as follows:
1) Build Quality
2) Key switches
3) Stock Keycaps
4) Design
5) Aesthetics (Half weight)
6) Conclusion
You’ll notice that the Aesthetics were given a half weight meaning that I give them half the weight of the others in the weighted average. Why is this? I don’t think aesthetics directly influence the performance of a product. When I consider premium products, I consider performance first and foremost.
1) Build Quality
Well the first thing is that all the LEDs are working. I’ve seen a lot worse for higher prices. This section encompasses everything to do with the build quality besides actually opening up the case. Here I’ll identify any dead switches, LEDs, bad keycaps, case damages, and, if it ever happens, any future failures the keyboard will have will be updated here. Keep in mind that my keyboard is one sample of potentially thousands of units and may not represent all the units. I may get lucky or unlucky in my sample and with only one unit to work with there’s not much else I can do about that. As I mentioned, all the LEDs were perfectly intact, however, some keys were not as uniform in the backlighting. Taking some of the keycaps off to identify the issue, I quickly realized that the issue seems to be caused by the LEDs being angled. This definitely could have been avoided when soldering the LEDs in. Trying to push them back into place has no proven to be a great method however if you experience this issue, it does help.
None of the keycaps seem malformed or otherwise damaged. Onto the case, oh boy. The keyboard has some printed text onto it in different locations. However the text is not laser printed on. One thing that does stand out however is the word “Meghanic” written on the bottom left for me to see every time I lift my left hand off away for the keyboard. I can only assume that the intention was to write “Mechanic” given that this is a mechanical keyboard! But alas, the board is only a meghanical keyboard. I have brought up the issue with a rep but I’m not sure if they’d change the entire manufacturing for a spelling mistake that does not impact functionality (and, if it does impact functionality for some people, they should consider mental help instead of reading this review). Even if it’s not too important, it’s still something that could have been avoided.
The brushed metal top case has a defect in it. One specific part of the case got a bit too brushed and therefore now looks like I took a knife to it. The resulting portion of the case is not smooth and was very obvious straight from the box. This seems more like luck than anything (or lack thereof) during the manufacturing process of the top case. The rest of the case is perfectly smooth with a fairly uniform brushed metal.
Lastly about the case, it came a bit dirty around the arrow cluster. A bit of water and a cloth and it was all clean.
My score for this section comes in at 7.5/10 None of the build quality issues impact the functionality of the keyboard, only the aesthetics and even then, not by much. The LED issue probably wouldn’t even be noticed by most people without it being pointed out.
2) Key switches
Probably one of the most important sections for you guys (and gals) considering this features MX compatible switches and there’s quite a bit of controversy over them. As I mentioned earlier this particular unit features Kailh Blues (but the board is also available in other variants). I’m glad to say, I’m a belieber believer. All the switches are VERY uniform. I had low expectations for this after having owned the Razer Blackwidow which was plagued with problems all around including really poor switch performance from the Razer commissioned Kailh Green switches. The Kailh blues have a distinct click as expected from an alternative Cherry MX Blue switch. The switches feel a bit smoother overall but the force curve is different. There’s a lot of resistance at the top of the switches and it increases until it hits the click point and then it disappears. The switches feel very similar to MX Blues and even feature the different reset and click points.
The switches differ most in the starting resistance, at the top of the stroke. Whether you like this or not is really personal preference. I can’t say I particularly like it myself though. It makes the switches feel a bit heavier. Different strokes for different folks.
The stabilizers are very nice. It uses Cherry style stabilizers so none of those hellborn Costar tabs to deal with. I’ve mentioned in the past that I hate Costar stabilizers since I feel they add a bit to the weighting, even if they’re “crisper”. However a well implemented Cherry Style Stabilizer should feel basically non-existent besides the fact that it stabilizes the key. My GoN stabilizers feel VERY crisp and I doubt I’d see any improvement in that keyboard for crispness even if it had Costar stabilizers.
I guess I should get back to the K727 at some point. I find the stabilizers very well implemented in the K727. The stabilizers barely impact the typing experience of the keyboard and I don’t have the same issues as I do with the Costar Style stabilizers of having the weighting higher. One thing I should note is that if anything, the stabilized keys feel a bit lighter than the other keys on the board. It might just be my imagination. Testing the Enter key and the ‘ key, the only thing I get is a tiny bit of mushiness from the stabilizer.
The key switches also don’t wobble like the Razer Greens which was a big concern of mine with that keyboard.
To avoid including bias from my switch preference I won’t be factoring the difference in the switches for this review. Whether you like the way the switch feels or not is very personal. (Unless it’s browns).
My score for this section: 7.5/10
The stabilized keys do have a slightly different feel to them which can impact the typing experience. None of the switches were defective. The switches are quite smooth for a stock switch and feature a distinct and satisfying click with the 1u keys and more of a clack with the longer keys. I wouldn’t say they’re quieter or louder than Cherry MX Blues (which of course is the main comparison for this section given that a lot more people are familiar with those than Kailh switches).
3) Stock Keycaps
The keycaps are laser etched for the FN legends and the main legends are backlit POM. The keycaps don’t bleed a speck of light outside of the POM backlit section suggesting a PBT plastic.
They also feel sticky. Not as sticky as rubberized keys. I prefer having textured PBT keycaps like the stock Realforce or SP DSA sets. The only exception has been the Realforce HiPro 108UW keycaps which almost felt like a soft silk on my fingertips. However the K727 stock keycaps are none of the above. The plastic is a bit sticky. I’m not sure if it’s similar to the Taihao sets having that anti-bacterial coating or the Vortex sets (frankly feels closer to the Vortex sets) having this smooth un-textured sticky plastic. Anyway, I very much disliked the rubberized keycaps of the Blackwidow for the stickiness and the same went for the stock Poker 2 PBT caps (even though those weren’t rubberized). I don’t enjoy the feeling of these keycaps one however they’re not as bad as the Blackwidow disaster.
My fingers want to be caressed by the keycaps or to touch them and feel them. These are bordering clingy level and I don’t like clingy.
The font is what I’d consider futuristic. I don’t know the exact font style used but it very much makes me think of a futuristic style font. The lines are very clean and distinct with a lot of 90 degree angles / lines to make up curved letters (like “C”) along with open legend design (that is to say there is no enclosed space like the center of “O”). I imagine this would have to do with the keycap manufacturing process not allowing that but I think it was implemented so well into the font style. If you’re looking for a more classic keyboard, just the font style alone would make you shake your head. However I’m open to different styles and this doesn’t look bad to me. If anything the legends look quite good.
The biggest problem with the legends is actually the lasered legends. They’re a bit spotty. They could be done a bit cleaner I think.
The keycaps all seem to be very clean and smooth around the edges from the manufacturing save for the left arrow key which just needed a bit of sanding down. No extrusions or other notes about any of the other keycaps.
The backlit sections of the keycaps are very uniform. I mentioned before that the backlighting wasn’t uniform across all the keys. Just to clarify, this is not due to the keycaps. Only the LED soldering job. The backlighting window for the spacebar is a nice touch.
The keycaps themselves are very thin though, even thinner than the stock HHKB keycaps. Some people like the thicker caps (me being one of them) for the meatier feel.
Overall the texturing for the keycaps is mediocre in my opinion but the font style is unique with good build quality for the keycaps.
My score for this section: 6/10
An interesting set of keycaps ruined by the texturing for me. Thin, backlit keycaps.
4) Design
This section deals with the design of the keyboard in terms of functionality.
The first thing I noticed was the really crappy feature of not having an adjustable typing angle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another non-custom keyboard without this feature. I actually took off some of the keycaps and used them to prop up the back of the keyboard a bit to get a typing angle I’m more comfortable with. Considering typing angle is something that’s heavily preference based, I find the lack of adjustable feet a bit of a disappointment. I’d rather see some built in extendable feet in the case rather than just these small rubber feet on the four corners that leaves the board at a 0 degree angle. It however should be worth noting that at the price of the keyboard it may be necessary that case forego the extending feet to cut costs and make the board cheaper and more affordable.
The key layout is the standard 1.25u, 1.25u, 1.25u, 6.25u, 1.25u, 1.25u, 1.25u, 1.25u. Featuring a very standard TKL layout. You won’t get any nasty surprises like the Blackwidow F stripe staggering or the likes. You get a standard TKL layout.
As for the functionality side, the keyboard features some nice features like disabling Windows key by simply pressing the FN+Win key. You can also apparently program your own backlighting layout (still trying to figure that one out though) which might be more oriented to gamers if the preset gaming layouts don’t meet your requirements.
I however find the FN layer layout to be a bit, eh. Having the refresh rate controller keys in the NAV cluster seems like a bit of a waste since that NAV cluster is easily accessible with just the right hand and could have featured a lot more useful FN shortcuts. The same goes for the arrow key cluster. However I also do realize that the FN shortcuts are more commonly featured on the F stripe. I still feel like they could have innovated the FN shortcuts a bit here. I don’t see myself one hand changing backlighting levels in game but maybe if I’m listening to music while gaming I’d consider the one hand song change a lot more.
There does not seem to be any function to hardware reprogram the layout unfortunately.
The keyboard features a very standard TKL layout but lacks innovation in the FN layer for gaming and the FN shortcuts to control the backlighting are scattered all over the keyboard.
My score for this section: 5.5/10
The ability to reprogram this hardware side would have been fantastic or at least bettemore innovative FN layer placement. The lack of adjustable keyboard feet is brutal for me and, as I mentioned, I’m literally propping up the board with its own keycaps.
5) Aesthetics (Half weight)
As I mentioned earlier in this review, the Aesthetics section only receives half the points for weighting due to the fact that it holds no impact on performance. Frankly Aesthetics don’t really mean too much to me. However I can’t completely ignore it either considering the keyboard is the center piece of your desk!
The some of the backlighting modes like the wave make the board flash like a disco ball. If you’re streaming it could be a really fun show piece on your webcam. There’s also the breathing mode, gaming modes (preset keys like WASD being lit up) and the Snake mode along with the standard mode to give you a choice of backlighting madness.
The keyboard overall is very thin and sleek with a nice case and slightly off white keycaps. However there’s one thing that’s stopping me from giving it a perfect score here and that’s the screws that are all too visible when I’m looking at the board sitting on my desk (by that I mean when I’m not typing on it because I actually used it to write the entire review). The screws holding the entire board together are screwed in from the top case / plate. I would have at least wanted it to be from the bottom where they wouldn’t be visible when the board is just sitting on my desk. Meanwhile every time I stop to think and look at the keyboard I’m met with these screws breaking the sleek aesthetics of the brushed keyboard case. Even better would have been if the plastic bottom case clipped on in a way that was sturdy but still allowed it to be removed. Alas, this is not the case and the screws are here to stay.
Overall aesthetically pleasing. Would be fantastic if not for the screws showing on the top case.
My score for the Aesthetics section: 4/5
P.S. As I write that aesthetics don’t impact typing I’m being distracted by the flashing lights of the wave mode which is impeaching my ability to type.
6) Conclusion
The E-Blue K727, available from Gearbest. Overall score: 30.5/45 or 6.78/10.
For the price I think this is definitely an option to consider. I consider the only other main competitors in this price range to be the Cooler Master series of keyboards and other MX compatible switch keyboards such as the Royal Kludge and other similar boards. I also don’t think you’ll be getting higher quality with those brands, the biggest differences being the switch offerings between Kailh, Cherry MX and other similar switches. I can’t feel any serious flaws (serious referring to inconsistencies or other problematic features) in the Kailh switches in this board so really it just comes more to preference whether you like the feeling of the Kailh variants for that respect.
Aesthetically the very bright and flashy E-Blue K727 is again preference. However if you want something more low profile you could just disable the backlighting and just have a very clean keyboard with a brushed metal top case finish. This is easily the strongest point of the K727, the aesthetics (besides of course the screws showing).
The only real flaw that I find is the lack of the adjustable typing angle but the quality throughout the rest of the keyboard more than makes up for that fact. However if you’re really set on using a specific angle you would need to prop it up rather than just use the feet (You could just buy bigger replacement feet and replace the back feet).
For a budget mechanical keyboard I would definitely recommend this as an option. However there are other options that are available in the same price range where preferences will come into play.
Thanks for reading and look out for my future reviews.
More images can be found here And here
submitted by GL1TCH3D to MechanicalKeyboards


Mr. Rolley's Ice cream part one

All the children flew like starving gulls across their lawns, fleeing from their coloring books and board games, running ramped down the sidewalks, their feet kicking at back of their thighs as they trotted, barely touching the ground as only children's legs, the sound of bells and whistles, sweet and clambering, rumbled through the air and into the ears the excited little faces as they scourged their piggy banks and yanked at the trousers of their moms and pops gleefully and with the absolute inability to demonstrate any patience and who could blame 'em. I mean, after all, he's getting away.
Mr. Rolley, to put it simply, had the best ice cream. It was just accepted along with the rain and the snow. The sherbets stung with sour bliss and the vanillas were a creamy delight with just the slightest touch of salt. Chocolate was a must have - and the all time fan favorite. Mr. Rolley's ice cream truck even carried hot fudge, just 5 cents extra for a heaping helping of sweet piping hot rich chocolatey syrup atop your cone or sundae. He had the best prices too. 15 cent cones and 10 cent root beer floats, 17 cents for a banana split that seemed to sport enough product for three people! Mr. Rolley even had a creation all his own, in fact. His chocolate milkshakes came in a special frozen cup, disposable but made of a decent enough plastic material to stay nice and frosty for even the slowest sipping patron. That, it should be mentioned, came with an edible nugete straw!
But, the chocolate vanilla swirl was Sarah's absolute all time favorite. She chased Rolley's truck among the hords of screaming youngsters digging through their over alls and biking shorts for change eager to get her fix of that shiny perfect chocolate vanilla twisted cone.
Sarah was seventeen years old and a loyal customer of Rolley's for almost 2 years, ever since he began coming down crispin street on hot summer days like this one. She and her little brothers rushed the white metal wall of the truck, it's skin decorated in colorful pictures of snow cones and fruity frozen treats with shiny black gumbball eyes on wooden sticks. She eagerly dug a crumpled two dollar bill from the crease of her bust. Mr. Rolley, an elderly old man, with wild white grey hair and a toothless, warm grin, coiled out his shakey wrinkled hand, extended his liver spotted fingers to take the money. "The usual?" He said in his equally warm and cheery voice. "You know it! And two raspberry pops. Oh and a wing ding for my pop!" Sarah smiled brightly and patiently awaited for Mr. Rolley to fill her order. Her mouth watered at the thought of that sensation creamy first bite. Sarah had her first taste of Mr. Rollys I've cream on a warm July day like that one, and was immediately infatuated. She sat on the curb, totally submerged in its melty blissful delight and ate the whole thing. Because she was on the track team and also played a lot of tennis, Sarah felt it okay to reward herself with the wonderful home made treat pretty much every other day, with out fear of getting chubby, but had always been thin and mostly sweets just passed right through her. A trait her mother called, the miraculous gene.
Mr. Rolley took his time, carefully drawing the sugar wafer cone from it's wax packaged sleeve, patiently making sure not to crack it. He placed it underneath of the shiny chrome nozzle marked " swirl " and precisely spun the shiny white and brown chord in a neatly coiled, perfect tower. He than proceeded to roll it thoroughly into a tray of dark brown sprinkles, trailing it considerably across the bed of little pieces, making sure to cover every inch possible in their glossy tiny bodies.
Sarah's mouth even more watered in fixation, her eyes anticipating the gleaming frozen wonder. Mr Rolley turned with pleasant stillness, his patient demeaner both calming and sincere, and handed the cone off to sarah. She grasped it carefully, remembering the time she dropped one right there in the street causing her brothers to poke fun at her, calling her a butter fingers and to that day never letting her forget. Mr. Rolley awarded her a free replacement cone that day, giving the second the same tender loving care and patience as the first, and every other one, and even throwing in a wink as he passed it through the little square window over the meticulously clean metal counter top.
She smiled as she grasped it, protecting its tall perfectly spun walls with a phantom embrace as if it were about to tip over onto the street, bringing it closely into her center of gravity. The icy wind from cone breathed chilly thick air onto her wrist, giving off an icy sensation as she prepared to take her first big bite into the soft creamy mound of the sprinkle battered cone. Mr. Rolley was already well on his way to retrieving the boys raspberry pops and had used his slight of hand by placing Sarah's fathers Wing Ding on the bright reflective surface before she even noticed.
He passed them off to her, along with some a crisp fresh dollar bill, and 65 cents, adding one of those famous hearty, grandfatherly winks. She fumbled to gather all three, still deathly still around her delicate tower of swirled chocolate and vanilla. Her brothers jumped anxiously as they prepared to indulge, tearing the paper from their pre packaged treats like hungry wild dogs and taking big, regretful bites into the head of the solid bright pink bars as soon as they possibly could. Their faces glared with pain as grim, freezing vengeance began to drill into the fronts of their heads like artic migraines.
Timmy's was worse then Leon's, as he was beginning to learn his lesson a little more quickly now then his younger brother, and he laughed obscenely at his brothers torturous sneering face. Sarah thanked Mr. Rolly graciously and returned the crisp single bill back into the nest of her bra, slipping the shiny jingling coins into the pocket of her jean shorts. He waved her a cool, layed back salute, sending his palm soaring from the brim of his old worn Cubs baseball cap, and waved off the boys, joking to them to "slow down unless you like that ice cream head ache!" They always laughed at that and with that the three exited the long line of rowdy kids and went to go sit on the grass to enjoy their ice cream.
Sarah savored every bite, she always indulged fiercely in the beginning, with at least three huge greedy chomps into the top of the swirling stack, but then began to lick sparingly at the cone, knowing she wouldn't enjoy the flavor of it if she ate it too quickly. Her dad always called it "wolfing it down" when you ate something too quickly. She had a pretty strong stomach but it still made her feet bloated and sleepy when she sucked it up too quickly. She always hated when it was gone, feeling like if she just had one more bite she'd be satisfied. But it was never enough. Mr. Rolley's ice cream was just that sensational.
A week or so later, while waiting in the long line of hopping and bounding, screaming and shouting, Sarah saw so etching that saught her eye. Their was a wheat pasted poster for strawberry nugete bars, a treat Sarah recalled fondly from her days in sleep away camp. She must have eaten a hundred of them that summer, and it occurred to Sarah that maybe she was missing out on an even better experience by limiting herself to her usual selection. She had just had a piece of double chocolate cake for a friends birthday last night ;the whole track team gorged on the lovely banquet the girls mother had set out for the "lightning squad" after a particularly hot and grueling day of sprinting. So she wasn't in much of a cholocate mood anyhow. It was when good ole Mr. Rolley assumed her to be taking the usual that the sporadic idea popped into her head and she was inspired to relive those days at camp.
" No... Actually Mr. Rolley I think I'll just take a uhm.." She scanned the side of the truck, scrolling considerably at the variety of decorative packages and colorful candy coated delicacies that made up the border of the tall steel wall. She was suprised to realize she had never really given much thought to any other style or flavor of ice cream; when she took her first bite of chocolate vanilla swirl, hand dipped in chocolate Jimmy's, that was it for Sarah hannigan. It was love at first site.
"I'll just have a strawberry nugete bar." Sarah decided confidently
Mr. Rolly looked puzzled, but kept his characteristic glowing grandfatherly Warmth. He raised his bushy white eye brows playfully and teased "are you feeling okay! My goodness somebody check her forehead! The lady is losing her marbles!" He shouted and Sarah burst into a fit of slightly embarrassed but good spirited laughter, as did her brothers, the three of them chuckling and squinting under the bulb of hot summer sun. "No, Mr. Rolley I'm not sick I'm just not in the mood for chocolate today, I had too much cake." She patted her belly, leaning her legs back and quivering them into a buckle as if to pretend it was too huge to carry.
"Too much chocolate huh?" Well then how about a cone of just vanilla ?" As the idea sparked his face seemed to light up with excitement. "You don't want none of that prepackaged stuff." He reached for a cone, carefully drawing it from his sleeve and sarah replied " nah, I'm okay with the strawberry. I've had them before at sleep away camp, their pretty tasty! "
He looked dissapointed, just for a second. You wouldn't have caught it if you weren't looking, but Rolley quickly reverted back to his cheery upbeat self. "Whatever you say, but I still think we need to get this gal a thermometer." He rolled a finger a round his ear in a circular motion and crossed his eyes, but quickly turned tentatively to bend down into the freezer where all of the Popsicles, frozen candy bars and ice cream sandwiches were divided up into neat little columns, covered in sheets of frosty scales. Sarah pictured the big block of precisely trimmed ice that must have rested underneath, like the one in her ma's ice box, and it made her cringe, as she wrapped her lip over her top teeth to shy away in unease. She didn't know why but the thought of the ice block always did this to her; as did chalk boards. She always subconsciously pictured breaking a tooth on the glassy rock hard surface of an ice cube, or the running of teeth along a chalk board, making that 'eeeccchhh' clawing sound. For whatever reason it just gave her the heebie jeebies.
He drew the sleek plastic package from one of the drawers and shouted joyously "strawberry nugete!" This almost made Sarah jump a little but she knew better then to do that in front of her brothers, who would spend the rest of the afternoon attempting to scare her with obnoxious noises. Thank goodness they have forgotten that annoying game, she thought. Before leaving she thanked him and he offered one more time, with just the slightest hint of what was not obviously bothering him. last chance, you sure I can't twist your arm? Vanillllaaa " he said seductively, shaking out his hands like the jazz dancing ladies at the bars and lounges her parents always went to in fancy dress up clothes. "Not today Mr. Rolley." He handed her a smile and did his salute bit, but this time no wink. She didn't make anything of it, though.
The three of them took their treats to their lawn and began their ritual of munching down like the savage Indians in the drawings in their text books. Sarah bit cautiously, Still a little unsettled by the thought of the ice block in the cooler. But the first bite went okay and that was all the convincing she needed to take the second fearlessly, chomping into the soft candy dusted bar. It was good, but no Mr. Rollys soft serve, she told little Leon when he asked if it was worth the dime. The boys, she thought, would never get tired of their shared favorite, raspberry blasters. This made her smile, almost laugh, such silly boys. She finished the bar pretty quickly, not interested enough to engage in her habitual practice of licking sparingly at it with the mindful sort of savory appreciation she would have with a Mr. Rolly cone. Sarah was about to slip the wooden Popsicle stick back into its sleeve when she noticed their was something printed on its side. A joke. The boys didn't have jokes on their sticks so this was a pleasant suprise.
"What do you get when you buy a crate full of ducks?" She asked her brothers.
Their faces looked curious, but with deep red stains circled around their cheeks and lips she couldn't help but laugh at them. They shouted impatiently,
"A box of Quakers !" She cried with a little sarcasm. She thought it was a dumb joke and so did Timmy, but Leon was in stitches. "Quakers! " He shouted, followed by another round of deep chuckles. she realized he would tell that joke to every kid on the block that day and his raw amusement over the lame pun made her and Timmy laugh as well.
Sarah tossed her rapper in the waste bin and stopped into her house to check the time. 3:22 pm the clock read and her face went pale.
"Oh shoot! " she shouted and She began to pace frantically to her room. Her mother, who was polishing the legs of the dinner table in the dining room called up, "wheres the fire, bean?" " I was supposed to meet Connor in the gym for the fundraiser meeting! " her voice fled from one side of the ceiling to the other as she paced franticly about the hallway.
The boys, not missing a beat, cupped their hands and hollered " oooooh Connor!" In perfect harmony, then bust up into fits of loud laughter.
"Shut up, you little twerps!" She shouted over the sizzle of hairspray and rolling thunder of slamming drawers. She hollered down the steps with despair "Mom, wheres my-" " by the door!" She replied, resting her fist under her chin on the floor by the table. She rolled her eyes playfully and her and the boys shared another secret snicker with one another. Sarah rushed down the steps, grabbed her purse from the coat rack by the door and slipped into her white tennis shoes, kept meticulously white to match one of three outfits that showed off her long summer soaked tanned legs. She gave one last reassuring nod into the mirror and turned over her straw blonde bangs from her eyes, sliding them Against her temples with two fingers as she always did. She sighed, attempting to relax, saying "Okay" under her breath and dug for her car keys.
" be careful!" Mom shouted returning back to waxing the table leg with fine concentrated tight circles. "Love you mom, see ya twerps!" Sarah was already out the door before hearing the tease her further. "Say hi to Connor!" Timmy bellowed "ooh Connor, I love you please marry me!" They howled wildly in childish, deep,gut busting laughter.
Sarah was speeding down the 'Rose' a nick name earned by the Terrace lane boulevard for its long winding patches of wild roses that bloomed every spring along the roadside barricade, for nearly a mile. Rumor was that they had been planted by a small company-family that used to sell them all over Springly, sending them away like fruits and vegetables to local florists and general stores and places like that. The smell was infactuating and she always kept the window down, any other day she would have slowed her roll to enjoy the shady strip of road, taking in the finely bred bright reds, greens and blues and whiffing up every bit of that lovely aroma as she could. The river wasn't far from the flower beds and you could hear the trickling of running water and little crashing waves if you listened. It really was a beautiful, peaceful sight. Her head danced in little dreamy bubbly fragments, the kinds only teenage girls with crushes get. Her heart hammered with a not quite unpleasant restless thudding. Her stomach was knotted and little frilly butterflies tickled it's lining, causing her to squirm squeamishly inside like a puppy getting a much anticipated belly rub. She wanted to shout inside, the inner workings of a seventeen year old girl are a powerful fascinating force of psychological energy if you're looking. As she rounded the most prominent bend of the Rose, her stomach dropped and she began to feel nervous. Her respiration lengthened into deeper, soothing breaths naturally, but she couldn't settle her unease.
Sarah's stomach turned into a bit of sharp pain. She was trying to keep cool and repeated a little mantra she'd developed her first few nights away from home at sleep away camp, telling herself to be cool don't stool. She turned up the radio, some pretty classical sounding song with a simple, heavy drum progression and a prominent flute influence melded into the car in waves with the breezy air and she began to relax. But suddenly an even sharper, more unmistakable pain prodded her stomach. She thought that it very peculiar but continued the mantra trying to focus on the music and her driving. The flute tattled on, "be cool, don't stool"
Within minutes she was feeling completely nauseous and her head was swimming with a quickly accumulating head ache that made her feel foggy and disoriented. "What on earth is going on with me?" She wondered, considering pulling over to the side of the road. She had never had allergies and flu season was long since over. Her monthly visitor was also away on business. Even if she did have a cold, would it have really come on and taken her over this quickly? She didn't think so. "Just focus on the road, sarah. It'll pass. Be cool, don't stool" She told herself, trying to reassure herself, almost bargaining. Just then she felt her grip on the wheel loosen a bit; she felt weak. Her palms were slippery and she realized they were moist with perspiration.
" Okay something's wrong, " she decreed and pulled over to the roadside , by an old hollowed out clearing of woods where a shuddering station had been placed but long since abandoned. She stepped out of the car and leaned against the door, her head feeling like a balloon full of helium as she rose up from the low seat. The sweating was perfuse now, her hands trembled, her eyes welled up with tears. She felt the need to vomit and lunged quickly away from the Continental into a nearby bunch of bushes, where she gave up her guts. It was pink and white- luckily all she had eaten in hours was that strawberry nugete ice cream bar, otherwise it would be a lot less pretty. She hunched over on her haunches, still woozy and dizzy, feeling hot and sick. She ralphed again and again, Heaving painfully until it was just stomach bile and water coming up. Then just dry heaves. On one of the last gags she felt something go in her bowels and widened her eyes as she knew she soiled herself. Sarah wrapped her varsity sweater around her waist and cried the whole way home. Still feeling unbelievably ill. She had to stop again to throw up, but by now, it was mostly stomach acid. When she got home she spent an hour in the bathroom, then another forty minutes showering, she was too overwhelmed and embarrassed to even call the school gym to inform her friends, especially Connor, that she wouldn't make it, and figured she would think of a better excuse before the next meeting,
Her mother made her some soup but she couldn't handle more than a couple spoonfuls. She had a fever, only 100.4, but still pretty bad for how quickly it had taken hold of her. Her father said she probably got bit by a spider or something, or maybe the ice cream she had was past it's prime. She laid in bed helplessly, reading her beauty magazines and trying to fall asleep, but the pain had gone all the way to her nerves. In the middle of the night the sweat was like a river and she actually began to feel like she was going to die. Worst of all, the whole time she was still very hungry, and her stomach growled greedily. She knew this was the lack of food in her belly and that it was a direct result of "losing her lunch" as Timmy so poetically placed it. She eventually felt a little better and a little stronger, and by the next day she felt almost good as new, but her mom insisted she stay insideanyway and get back some color back, saying she still looked pretty 'out of the loop.' Sarah spent an hour or so chatting up her girlfriend, Maribeth, on the phone from the floor by its stand. Her feet kicked up behind her head, fresh wet pink polish layed strategically over every nails, which she blew cool concentrated breaths at tentatively. "Connor asked about you" Mary assured her " I just told him your mother must have needed help at the grocer or something."
"What did he say?" She asked, not even composed enough to try and sound non chalant. They carried on like that for a while, as girls do and sarah confessed about throwing up, leaving out some of the more refined details of the experience and made Maribeth cringe.
"Be cool don't stool"
She teased her about it making over the top gagging sounds and Sarah wittily countered "what is johnny over there? Don't do that on the phone, you ass! "
They picked at one another and Sarah confessed," the grossest part was the whole time I was sick. I was craving ice cream!" "Ew, really? You're still gonna eat that stuff?" Maribeth asked. " I could never." "Yeah, I have a huge craving for it now. It wasn't the kind i normally get it was one of those strawberry things like at camp?" "Ew, no wonder you ralphed! Those things were so gross! Beats the stuff they give out on my block, though." " wait Mr. Rolley doesn't come down your street?" Sarah enquired "No! We have Cherrys water ice. It's not very good. The kid giving it out is kinda hot though," Maribeth admitted. "Aw, you've got to try it! Mr Rolley has the BEST ice cream. I think he makes it himself. It's fantastic!" Her mouth began to water over her still drying nails just thinking about it and she began to feel a little gritty and nervous again, probably another side affect of vomiting.
" Jeez sounds like it must be pretty tasty." Maribeth replied. "It Is. I can't wait to get some later." "Wait today? Maybe you should lay off of the sweets for a day fatass, isn't your stomach still all wound up?" she asked. "No, I'm much better now. It's just that good!" She bragged confidently.
That afternoon Sarah bickered with her mother, when she asked if the boys were going to get morning cream. They knew they were supposed to be punished for putting gum in Gina Cruise's barbie's hair, but they thought if anyone could shake the warden, it was Sarah. She was the first born and knew how to work her mother quite well, and she was delighted to use her magic for such a noble cause.
"Sarah, I don't know." "Ah come on Ma, they did their time. You should see the look on their faces;totally rehabilitated. Besides, Barbie was too high maintenance as it stood. If you ask me, they did her a favor." Sarah charmed. " I don't just mean the boys Bean, are you sure you should be eating junk after getting sick like that?" " Mom I'm fine. Please, I'm really better. If I feel sick I won't eat it anymore but I feel like a million bucks." "I don't think so dear, I think you need a break from the sugar, have an apple.
"I'm gonna get it, I'm not a kid any more. I said I'm fine." Sarah objected harshly. "Sarah.." She sounded surprised, Sarah was not normally this head strong and she couldn't imagine why she was being so defiant over an ice cream cone. "Mom I'm fine, can I take them or not?" She was loud, almost shouting this time, casuing her mothers eyes to go wide. "Excuse me, Sarah Elizibeth, but who do you think you're shouting at!" Sarah had wide eyes just the same, seeming suprised by her own behavior. "Maybe you ought to just go lie down for a while, you aren't yourself. She still sounded stern but a hint of concern peaked out through her stillness.
Sarah agreed with her mother and apologized to her , her own voice vulnerable and surprised and walked over to the sofa. Her headache began to reemerge and she decided to take a snooze. She woke up with a jump and noticed she still felt rather ill, but was still very hungry and decided to go to the kitchen to make a snack. She ate a sandwich and some potato chips but it went through her like water. She heated a chicken pot pie in the oven and had a glass of milk, wolfed it down and after that she could hardly move. She began to feel much better afterward.
Later that day the old familiar bells and whistles began to jump and jingle and Timmy and Leon, who were stationed on the floor around their toy cars, jumped to the occasional like Pavlov's dogs, rushing to moms knee to beg for ice cream money. Their mom, ever the worry some, contested "no, I don't think so." "Come on please!" Leon cried
No chance, lance, aside from the shenanigans with Linda's daughter, you kids are eating too many sweets and your sister just got over feeling all punk and I'll. We're going to take a little break from the ice cream man." The boys bellowed and pleaded and mom wouldn't budge. Sarah didn't really engage, she still felt a little ashamed for the way she snapped at her mother and gave her an attitude. "Boys, just cool it off, maybe we'll make some pudding after dinner if you clean up all of your cars and help me with the dishes. The boys were entranced. They LOVED making pudding. The entire ritual was a wonder to them both. Stirring, beating, cracking eggs (digging out egg shells) and of course, licking the bowl. They took making brownies over any dumb old raspberry blaster bar any day of the week. They quietly returned back to the floor on their bellies, smashing their trucks into one another without missing a beat.
A moment later Sarah's mom left the room and went back to her gardening. Sarah was reading one of her Nancy drew novels and suddenly picked her head up, noticing the kids running by from out the window. The bells chimed, the tune hummed and she could here the busslle of little lungs emerging into the streets like Buzzards to a dog turd and before she knew it she was closing her book and heading to the foyer to slink out the front door.
She felt terrible for defying her mothers best interest, but she didn't care in that moment . She wanted that ice cream and she was an adult, right? If I can drive a car I can eat an ice cream cone. After all it's not Mr. Rolley's fault, for all she knows I did get bit by a spider or something. She justified the thought and tried to rationalize it as best she could, but still she knew this wasn't like her and her mother would be really disapointed and sore over it. She continued anyway, marching sneakily toward the alluring rhythm of the bells toward the colorful high wall of Mr. Rolleys truck. He spotted her, squinting his beady eyes, and saluted her with a big happy wave. She waved back, in a shameful kind of tiny way, her back feeling unprotected from who ever back at home house may be watching. She pulled a dollar out of her hand bag, and let the scrunching free from her hair, letting it flow down her back. though it wasn't all that long to begin with, it made her feel a little less paranoid.
Mr. Rolly shot her a big wide false tooth grin when she got to the truck and leaned on his boney wrinkled elbows. They were powdery and dry looking and had little silver hairs poking out of them. He whistled cheerily to the tune of his own bells and said teasingly " Well hello there dear. What will it be today, another adventurous choice?" "Not a chance!" she said. Half faking her enthusiasm. He smirked, lifting his arms from the counter and breathing deeply. Well then, another swirl dipped in chocolate Jimmy's, comin right up!" He shouted, forcing her to smile with light playful embarrassment. She watched hypnotically as he pulled the cone from its sleeve, churned the creamy paste out into neat little swirls and perfectly capped it with a fine pointed tip that fell over into a perfect little loop, than dressing it ever so carefully in the bed of little brown sprinkles, making sure to get every last inch of it.
She was more excited then she ever thought ice cream could make a girl and joy washed over her when she immediately bit into it greedily, taking one big long slurping chomp into the cool smooth slope of the tall cone. Mr Rolly belted out his loud rolling laughter and put his hands on his hips taking in big breaths through his nostrils. Sarah handed him the money, feeling satisfied but he shoed her way. "That money's no good here darling, not today."
She looked at him in puzzlement, not really sure why. There's no way he could know that I wasn't supposed to eat it... could he? No way" she thought. He said "told ya that junk was no good, I only sell it on the count of the competition, some kids just don't appreciate good old fashioned soft serve. Ah, well. Glad to have ya back on team soft serve! Enjoy!" He shot her a big fat wink and gave her his best layed back salute from the brim of his Cubs cap and she was halfway tempted to ask him if he knew that the strawberry nugete bar made her sick. But she was just so euphoric over getting what she wanted and decided she would spoil his already i breakable good mood.
Sarah wolfed that cone down like it was the last food on the planet earth. It wasn't until the last few bites that she realized her mistake, and tried to savor the few remaining drops of creamy liquid resting in the grooving pools of the crunchy cup shaped wafer. She snuck behind the corner, to the gates of her neighbors shed, the Thompson's, to eat the cone in privacy and as to not raise any suspicion. She let out a tired yowling yawn when it was gone, feeling stuffed. She didn't feel sick, In fact she felt great. Better then ever. She chalked that up to feeling good being bad. Sarah went back home with her upbeat stroll, almost a skip, feeling totally refreshed. She returned to the couch slyly, undetected, her brothers not even looking up from their dump trucks when she came in.
She was well back into her book when her mom came in, swiping a salad bowl dry with a fluffy dish cloth, humming one of the hymns from Sunday mass, her favorite one actually, and announced happily that dinner was ready. The aroma of roast beef caresses all of their noses and was accompanied by the faint but distinct scent of her scalloped potatoes. She looked at Sarah, and a puzzled, sort of distressed look crossed over her brow. Her brothers saw this and looked up at her curiously. Now her heart began to race. "Wh-whats wrong?" She turned to look behind her and mom replied "what is that on your face?" Uh oh. Did she have left over ice cream on her face, She wondered. Sarah played it off acting surprised, touching her lip with her finger tips. Sticky. She peered down at her fingers and they were covered and a solid sticky brown. She looked back up and all of their faces were in pure confusion; her mom looked worried, but that was just Mom. She shot up from the sofa and walked over to the mirror by the door. It wasn't just a smudge, or a bit of mess on the tip of her nose. She had a huge round ring of sticky dried ice cream masking her face.
Not even her brothers were that messy. She was shocked. Absolutely in disbelief. How did she not notice? She had to think fast. She still didn't want to get caught and thought quickly, replying " oh, duh! exploiting cream. Marybeth's recommendation. It's supposed to clear the acne on my face. " Moms face softened slightly but she still looked very suspicious. She started to relax, seeming to believe the tale and said "you don't have any acne, you look beautiful as you are." She went back to working the towel into round metal bowl but didn't leave sarah with her eyes just yet. The boys made fun of her calling her a mud monster. Sarah cooly threw in "says the woman in lip stick and eye shadow!" Mom smiled and even blushed a little. "I'm old!" She said turning back to the kitchen." I need make up. You're young and full of beauty. Now get in the kitchen mud monster, you too boys, it's time to eat."
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