PATCHED Parasharas Light 7 Vedic Astrology Software

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PATCHED Parashara's Light 7 Vedic Astrology Software

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PATCHED Parashara\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Light 7 Vedic Astrology

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Karakas and Houses

It is known that Parashara astrology has both Karakas (permanent planetary significatiors) and house lords (temporary significators as per sign).
I would like to understand which one is more important has the ultimate say in things.
For example- (For marriage)
The native's seventh lord is well placed, well aspected, vargottama etc. etc.
However Venus is badly combust and conjunct ketu in an enemy sign (say saggitarius or aries both are fiery and uncomfortable for venus)
So will the native have a bad marriage or will the well placed seventh lord save the native?
submitted by SevernyIncog to vedicastrology


Why is Shukra the weakest in my chart according to astrologer?

Why is Shukra the weakest in my chart?
I went to a professional Jyotish astrologer, I have written down all the things he said and I am trying to learn more about them online for some time now.
Here is the chart, created in Parashara's Light https://i.imgur.com/Mc4r0SE.png
He said that Shukra (Venus) is the weakest planet. But when I look now at dignities, it says Neutral. Shouldn't Chandra (Moon) be the weakest since it is Enemy, or Buddh (Mercury) which is debilitated (plus my Lagna is Virgo which makes it even worse)? Why is Shukra more of a problem than others and what does that in reality mean?
submitted by shkico to vedicastrology