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The Megalist

Here is our comprehensive list of every single mecha anime (and some Tokusatsu) series, OVA, & movie ever made:
Important note about Korean works: Korean animation developed a bit late, and Japanese anime had been banned in Korea up until the late 1980s. Due to this fact, combined with the art form being in its infancy in Korea, many older Korean works were blatant knockoffs of Japanese works. These works also typically received extremely poor quality translations if they were translated at all. By the late 1990s Korean animation had finally established its footing and put out better quality and more original content. The best example of this known to english speaking regions is Iron Kid, known as Eon Kid in english. We encourage the embrace of more modern Korean animation, but take heed of this history when exploring the Korean works of old.
Other terms:
Hentai - This is the term for pornographic anime. While it is extremely rare for a hentai title to be released in the mecha genre, such titles do exist. In the interest of completion we have included these select few titles in the megalist, but they are appropriately noted as such. Viewers be advised.
HK Subs - Subtitled in english by english speaking regions in Asia, usually Hong Kong. These are typically lower quality due to the translators not being native english speakers or in some cases limited knowledge of english. The worst cases of these are found on bootleg DVDs which are very prevalent in some Asian countries outside of Japan.
HK Dub - On some occasions anime was dubbed in english in english speaking regions of Asia. These usually suffer the same problems as HK subs. The most infamous example is the english dub of Transformers Headmasters and Victory.
Fansub - Fan subs are usually good quality subs created by fans for anime that has never received an official license for release in the english speaking western world. A very large portion of the megalist is unlicensed, particularly anime from the 1980s or older. If an anime does get licensed, its fansubbing project will be halted. Official licenses is the universal goal for all the anime we cover.
Mighty Atom/Astro Boy (01/01/1963 - 31/12/1966; 193 episodes first 104 eng dubbed, last 89 eng-sub only) The very first anime, by god of manga Osamu Tezuka. Tetsujin #28/Gigantor (20/10/1963 - 27/05/1966; 83 episodes, only first 52 episodes eng dubbed ) Popularized robots that were giant 8 Man/Tobor the 8th Man (07/11/1963 - 31/12/1964; 56 episodes, first 52 episodes eng dubbed) First cybernetic characters
Astro Boy: Hero of Space (25/07/1964; Compilation movie of eps 46, 56 and 71)
Space Ace (Very first production of Tatsunoku - Only first 3 episodes eng fansubbed)
Rainbow Squadron Robin (23/04/1966 - 24/03/1967; 48 episodes untranslated) Cyborg 009 (movie) (21/07/1966) Team of cyborgs (eng fansubbed) Robotan (01/10/1966 - 27/09/1968; 104 episodes untranslated, presumed lost)
Cyborg 009 and the Monster Wars (movie) (19/03/1967) (eng fansubbed) Adventure Boy Shadar (18/09/1967 - 30/03/1968; 156 episodes untranslated) Giant Robo/Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (11/10/1967 - 01/04/1968; live-action, 26 episodes eng-dubbed)
Golden Iron Man (Korean)
The Flying Ghost Ship (eng subbed very early work of Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki)
Kaitei 3-Man Mile (Untranslated)
Lightning Atom (Korean) The Return of Lightning Atom (Korean)
Astroganger, First colour mecha anime (only first 2 episodes eng fansubbed) Hellhound Liner 0011, Transform! (eng fansubbed) Mazinger Z, first "Super Robot" and first piloted (65 episodes eng dubbed, last 27 eng fansubbed) Rainbowman (Later remade into a mecha anime)
Babel II (Fansubbed up to episode 14 *in progress) Doraemon (26 eps) (Most episodes lost) Mazinger Z vs. Devilman (eng fansubbed) Neo-Human Casshern (eng subbed) Zero Tester (Sunrise's first mecha series. Untranslated)
Getter Robo, First Combining robots (Eng fansubbed) Great Mazinger (Eng subbed) Mazinger Z vs. Dr. Hell (eng fansubbed) Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of Darkness (eng fansubbed)
Brave Raideen (first robot to transform in a realistic style.) (Eng fansubbed up to ep 32, in progress) Getter Robo G (First 26 episodes eng dubbed as part of Force Five, all eps eng fansubbed.) Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo (eng fansubbed) Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo G: The Great Space Encounter (eng fansubbed) The Great Battle of the Flying Saucers (Pilot movie for UFO Robo Grendizer, eng fansubbed) Space Knight Tekkaman (13 eps all eng fansubbed) Steel Jeeg (eng fansubbed *completed 2018*) Time Bokan (Some episodes eng dubbed as Timefighters, largely untranslated) UFO Robo Grendizer (26 episodes dubbed as Force Five, all eps eng fansubbed)
Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster (Eps 1-7 eng fansubbed, ongoing) Countdown Robo (unknown?) Demon Dragon of the Heavens Gaiking (26 episodes eng dubbed as Force Five, all eps fully eng subbed) Goliath the Super Fighter (First mecha series with female lead character, Untranslated) Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger: Decisive Battle! The Great Sea Monster (Fansubbed) Groizer X (First 4 episodes eng fansubbed. *ongoing) Iron Man 007 (Korean) Magne Robo Ga-Keen (First 8 episodes fan-subbed, ongoing) Robot Child Beeton (Untranslated) Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V (First part of the Super Robot Romance Trilogy) (Eng HK subbed) UFO Robo Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger (Fansubbed) UFO Warrior Dai Apolon (Eng fansubbed *completed 2018) UFO Warrior Dai Apolon 2 (Untranslated) Robot Taekwon V (Korean) Robot Taekwon V Jae2tan: Wooju-jakjeon (Korean)
Dinosaur War Izenborg (First 26 episodes eng fansubbed *ongoing) Glacier Warrior Guyslugger (Untranslated) Invincible Super Man Zanbot 3 (eng fansubbed) Jetter Mars (Created by Osamu Tezuka to temporarily replace Astro Boy due to copyright complications - Fansubbed up to episode 13 *status unknown*) Mechander Robo (Asian english dubbed, first episode eng fansubbed, ongoing) Planetary Robo Danguard Ace (Eng dubbed/edited into movie trilogy, Up to episode 11 fansubbed ongoing) Planetary Robo Danguard Ace vs. The Army of Insect Robots (eng fansubbed) Robot Taekwon V 3: Undersea Mission (Korean) Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V (Second part of the Super Robot Romance Trilogy) (HK Dub, eng fansubbed, licensed eng subs coming soon) Superhuman Combat Team Baratack (Untranslated) Super Supercar Gattiger (Untranslated) Ultra-Transforming Magic Robot Ginguiser (Up to ep 9 fansubbed *ongoing) Yatterman (108 eps) (Time Bokan series, Up to episode 7 eng fansubbed)
Daikengo, The Guardian of Space (Fully eng fansubbed *Complete 2018) Fighting King Daimos (Third and final installment of the Super Robot Romance Trilogy) (Fulling eng fansubbed) Gold Wing 123 (korean) Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 (Fully eng fansubbed) Mazinger X (korean) Planetary Robo Danguard Ace: The Great Space War (short film, fully fansubbed) Robot Taekwon V vs Golden Wing 123 (korean) Starzinger (First 26 episodes eng dubbed as part of Force Five, Eng fansubbed up to episode 13 *Fansubber on hiatus)
Doraemon (1787 eps) Doraemon: It's Autumn! Doraemon: It's New Year! Doraemon: It's Spring! Doraemon: It's Summer! Doraemon: It's Winter! Fighting King Daimos: The Movie Future Robo Daltanias (Fully eng fansubbed) Gordian The Warrior (Up to ep 6 fansubbed, ongoing) Marine Express (eng fansubbed) Mobile Suit Gundam (first Real Robot anime and first anime to attract a teen audience) Space Black Knight (Korean) Spaceboy Cache (Korean) Starzinger II (Untranslated) Starzinger: The Movie (Eng fansubbed) Zenderman (Time Bokan series, Untranslated)
Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy (Eng Dub only) 007 Boys: Galaxies Together (Korean) Astro Boy (52 eps) (Fully eng dubbed & subbed, licensed releases) Doraemon Movie 1: Nobita's Dinosaur Invincible Robo Trider G7 (Fully Fansubbed) Otasukeman (Time Bokan series, untranslated) Space Emperor God Sigma (Untranslated) Space Runaway Ideon (Fully Fansubbed) Space Warrior Baldios (Fully Fansubbed) Tetsujin 28 (51 eps) (Fully eng dubbed and fansubbed)
007 Boys: Underground Empire (Korean) Beast King GoLion (Fully eng dubbed as Voltron, fully subbed as GoLion, licensed releases) Demon God of the War-Torn Land GoShogun (Eng dubbed as part of Macron 1. Fully subbed, licensed release.) Doraemon Movie 2: The Record of Nobita - Spaceblazer Doraemon TV Special 1: What Am I for Momotaro? Dr. Slump (Shonnen 75 out of 243 eps fansubbed) Fang of the Sun Dougram (Fully eng fansubbed) Galactic Whirlwind Braiger (First part of the J9 Trilogy, Fully eng fansubbed) Golden Warrior: the Gold Lightan (Up to episode 32 fansubbed, ongoing) Mechanical Boy Dotakon (Untranslated) Mobile Suit Gundam: The Movie (first of the trilogy compiling Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) into movies, this helped boost popularlity of Gundam a lot which meant Zeta was created. Fully eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Suit Gundam The Movie II: Soldiers of Sorrow (Fully eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Robotic Rocket Thunder (Unknown?) Six God Combination Godmars (Fully eng subbed, licensed release) Space Warrior Baldios: The Movie (Eng dubbed & Subbed, licensed release) Ultimate Robo Daihoja (Untranslated) Yattodetaman (Time Bokan series, Untranslated)
Armored Fleet Dairugger XV (Eng dubbed as Vehicle Voltron, Eng subbed as Dairugger XV, licensed release) Combat Mecha Xabungle (Fully Eng-fansubbed. Licensed sub release coming) Demon Regions Legend Acrobunch (Fully Eng Fansubbed *2019*) Doraemon Movie 3: Nobita and the Haunts of Evil Future Boy 1720: Bermuda in 5000 (Korean) Galactic Gale Baxinger (Second part of the J9 Trilogy, Up to episode 16 eng fansubbed) Ippatsuman the Antihero (Time Bokan series, untranslated) Marine-X (Unknown) Mobile Suit Gundam The Movie III: Encounters in Space (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Rainbowman (Untranslated) Robby the Rascal (Untranslated) Six God Combination Godmars: The Movie (Eng Subbed, licensed release) Solar 123 (Korean) Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked (Finale of Ideon series, eng fansubbed) Space Runaway Ideon: A Contact (Movie adaptation of Ideon series, eng fansubbed) Super Angels (Unknown) Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (First of the SDF Trilogy, Eng dubbed as the first part of Robotech, re-eng dubbed as Macross, also subbed, licensed release.) Super Mazinger 3 (Korean) Super Robot Taekwon V (Korean) Thunderbirds 2086 (Fully Eng dubbed back in the 1980s as part of the UK Thunderbirds series, No subs yet.)
Armored Trooper Votoms (Iconic series that spawned over a dozen OVAs, Fully eng subbed multiple times.) Aura Battler Dunbine (First fantasy mecha series, fully eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Choro Q Dougram (Chibi parody, eng fansubbed) Dallos (Fully subbed, licensed release) Doraemon Movie 4: Nobita's Monstrous Underwater Castle Galactic Drifter Vifam (Features one of the first original english OP songs, fully eng fansubbed) Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger (Third entry in the J9 Trilogy, untranslated) Genesis Climber Mospeada (Fully Eng Dubbed as the third part of Robotech, Fully eng subbed as Mospeada, licensed releases) Itadakiman (Time Bokan series, untranslated) Iron Man Angels (Unknown) Lightspeed ElectroGod Albegas (Planned to be Gladiator Voltron in english, but cancelled due to poor reception of Vehicle Voltron, remains untranslated) Mission Outer Space Srungle (Eng dubbed spliced into Macron 1, largely Untranslated) Plastic Model Wrestling Sanshiro (Fully eng fansubbed) Psycho Armor Govarion (Up to episode 7 Eng fansubbed, licensed sub release coming soon) Space Gundam V (korean) Special Armored Battalion Dorvack (Fully eng fansubbed) Super Dimensional Century Orguss (Second SDF series, omitted from Robotech. First 17 eps eng dubbed in 1990s, fully eng subbed, licensed release) Super Express Mazinger 7 (korean) Super Titan 15 (Korean knock off of Vehicle Voltron) The Fang of the Sun Dougram Documents (Movie adaptation of Dougram, eng fansubbed) Xabungle Graffiti (Eng subbed, included with Xabungle series engish licensed release)
Doraemon Movie 5: Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld Galactic Drifter Vifam: Atsumatta 13-nin (Untranslated) Galactic Drifter Vifam: Kachua Kara no Tayori (Untranslated) Giant Gorg (Fully eng subbed, licensed release) God Mazinger (Fully Eng Fansubbed *completed 2019*) Heavy Metal L-Gaim (Fully eng fansubbed) Mighty Orbots (Fully Eng dubbed, series cut short due to lawsuit from Tonka over Gobots) Panzer World Galient (Fully Eng Fansubbed) Phoenix-Bot Phoenix King (korean) Robot Taekwon V '84 (korean) Star Musketeer Bismark (Fully eng dubbed with additional episodes as Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs, eng subbed as Bismark) Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross (Third and final part of the SDF Trilogy, eng dubbed as the second part of Robotech, fully eng subbed as SDC Southern Cross) Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? (edited Eng Dub, uncut eng subbed) Super High Speed Galvion (**2019 UPDATE: It has been found and fansubbing has begun!!** Extremely rare, no home video releases even in Japan, final production from Kokusai Eigasha, the studio that produced the J9 Trilogy) Super Robot Galatt (Untranslated) Transformers (Partner project between US's Hasbro & Japan's Takara) Video Ranger 007 (Korean) Video Warrior Laserion (First anime to feature the concept of VR, untranslated)
2020 Wonder Kid (Korean, beginning of original, non-knockoff Korean animation) Armored Trooper Votoms: The Last Red Shoulder (First of many Votoms OVAs, eng fansubbed) Blue Comet SPT Layzner (Fully eng fansubbed) Demon God of the War-Torn Land Goshogun: The Time Etranger (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Dirty Pair (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Doraemon Movie 6: Nobita's Little Star Wars Fight!! Iczer-1 (OVA, eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Galactic Drifter Vifam: Kieta 12-nin (Eng fansubbed) Galactic Drifter Vifam: "Keito no Kioku" - Namida no Dakkai Sakusen (Eng fansubbed) It Came From Outer Space (korean) Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yokho (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mecha Robot Corps 3 (Korean) Megazone 23 (Eng dubbed & subbed licensed release, alternate eng dub/cut as Robotech: The Movie) Micro-Commando Diatron-5 (korean) Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (Fully eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Ninja Robots (Eng dubbed in 1990s, HK eng subbed) Rambot 3 (Korean) Solar Adventure (korean) Super Beast Machine God Dancouga (Fully eng subbed, licensed release)
Armored Trooper Votoms: Big Battle (Eng fansubbed) Blue Comet SPT Layzner OVA (eng fansubbed, recape & finale of series) Cool Cool Bye (eng fansubbed) Dancouga: Requiem for Victims (eng subbed, licensed release) Del Power X (eng fansubbed) Doraemon Movie 7: Nobita and the Steel Troops Guyver: Out of Control (Eng subbed, licensed release) Heavy Metal L-Gaim I: Pentagonal Window/Lady Gyabure (series recap, eng fansubbed) It Came From Outer Space 2 (korean) Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos (HK subs, first 15 episodes officially eng subbed, incomplete due to licensee closure) Megazone 23 Part II (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (eng subbed licensed release, one of a select few Gundam titles never eng dubbed) M.D. Geist (title character became mascot for US Manga Corps, eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Panzer World Galient OVA (Eng fansubbed) Project A-ko (eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Robotan (33 eps, untranslated) The Humanoid (eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) They Were 11 (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Transformers: Scramble City (eng subbed, licensed release, Japan exclusive short released instead of the movie in 1986) Transformers: The Movie (eng dubbed & subbed--japanese version released several years after the original US release) Wonder Beat Scrumble (Eng subbed by Crunchyroll, possibly lost now)
Black Magic M-66 (eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Bubblegum Crisis (eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Campus Special Investigator Hikaruon (eng fansubbed) Dangaioh: Hyper Combat Unit (eng fansubbed, episodes 2 & 3 only eng dubbed for licensed release. Licensed sub release is a bit sketchy) Dead Heat (First 3D anime, eng fansubbed) Demon Frontier Legend Le Deus (eng fansubbed) Demon of Steel: Battle of the Great Demon Beasts (eng fansubbed) Dirty Pair OVA (eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Dirty Pair: Project EDEN (eng dubbed & subbed licensed release) Dirty Pair: With Love from the Lovely Angels (finale of main series, eng subbed licensed release) Doraemon Movie 8: Nobita and the Dragon Knight Fujiko Fujio no Kiteretsu Daihyakka (Untranslated) God Bless Dancouga (eng subbed) Good Morning Althea (eng fansubbed) Heavy Metal L-Gaim II: Farewell, My Love/Pentagonal Doors (eng fansubbed, recap of series) Heavy Metal L-Gaim III: Fullmetal Soldier (eng fansubbed, sequel to series) It Came From Outer Space 3 (Korean) It Came From Outer Space 4 (Korean) Machine Robo: Battle Hackers (Continuation of Revenge of Cronos, untranslated) Metal Armor Dragonar (up to episode 31 fansubbed, ongoing) Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Relic Armor Legaciam (Eng fansubbed) Robot Carnival (Eng dub & subbed. Majority of film has no dialogue. Licensed release) Robot Taekwon V and Golden Wing 123 (korean) Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012 (eng subbed, licensed release - no dialogue, only singing) Transformers: The Headmasters (Japan exclusive continuation of Transformers, Eng dub & eng subs, eng dub is of extremely poor quality from asian source)
Aim for the Top! Gunbuster (Eng subbed, licensed release) Appleseed (Eng dubbed & Subbed, licensed release) Armor Hunter Mellowlink (Votoms, Eng fansubbed) Armored Trooper Votoms: Red Shoulder Document - Roots of Ambition (Eng fansubbed) (New Story Of) Aura Battler Dunbine: The Tale of Neo Byston Well (Eng fansubbed) Dominion Tank Police (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Doraemon Movie 9: Nobita's Parallel Journey to the West Dragon's Heaven (Eng fansubbed) Hades Project Zeorymer (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Leina: Wolf Sword Legend (Machine Robo, untranslated) Kiteretsu Encyclopedia (Untranslated) Mobile Police Patlabor OVA (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (Finale of original Gundam timeline, Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Suit SD Gundam Mk I (chibi parody, Eng fansubbed) It Came From Outer Space 5 (korean) Six God Combination GodMars: Seventeen Year Old Legend (Eng subbed, licensed release) Sonic Soldier Borgman (Fully Eng fansubbed *Completed 2019*) Space Family Carlvinson (Eng fansubbed) Spirit Hero Wataru (Keith Courage, HK subbed) The Tokyo Project (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Transformers: Super God Master Force (Second Japan exclusive continuation of Transformers, eng subbed, licensed release)
All That Gundam (10th anniversary special) Ariel Visual (Eng subbed, licensed release) Assemble Insert (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Cybernetics Guardian (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Dancouga: Blazing Epilogue (Eng fansubbed) Doraemon Movie 10: Nobita at the Birth of Japan Dorami-chan Movie 1: Mini-Dora SOS (Doraemon) It Came From Outer Space 6 (korean) Jushin Liger (Fully Eng Fansubbed *completed 2019*) Magic King Grandzort (HK subs, up to episode 8 fansubbed) Megazone 23 Part III (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Police Patlabor (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Police Patlabor: The Movie (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Suit SD Gundam Mk II (chibi Eng fansubbed) Mobile Suit SD Gundam Mk III (chibi eng fansubbed) Mobile Suit SD Gundam's Counterattack (chibi eng fansubbed) New Spirit Hero Wataru (Eng fansubbed) Sonic Soldier Borgman: Last Battle (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) The Five Star Stories (Eng subbed, licensed release) The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Transformers: Victory (Third Japan exclusive continuation of Transformers, eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release. eng dub is of extremely poor quality from asian source.)
A.D. Police Files (Bubblegum Crisis, eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Brave Exkaiser (First of the Brave/Yuusha series that was created to replace Transformers in Japan. Fully eng fansubbed) Dirty Pair Flight 005 Conspiracy (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Doraemon Movie 11: Nobita's Animal Planet Hissatsuman (Time Bokan series, only one not made by Tatsunoku untranslated) Lightning Trap: Leina & Laika (Machine Robo, eng fansubbed) Magic King Granzort: The Last of the Magical Wars (HK eng subbed) Mobile Police Patlabor: The New Files (Eng dub & sub, licensed release) Mobile Suit SD Gundam IV (chibi Eng fansubbed) Mobile Suit SD Gundam V (chibi untranslated) Mobile Suit SD Gundam Gaiden (chibi, eng fan translated) Musashi, The Samurai Lord (Untranslated) NG Knight Lamune & 40 (Up to episode 19 eng fansubbed, ongoing) Robot Taekwon V '90 (korean) RPG Legend Hepoi (First 3 eps eng fansubbed, ongoing) Sonic Soldier Borgman: Lovers Rain (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Spirit Hero Wataru: Legend of the Spirit Hero (Keith Courage, Untranslated) Spirit Hero Wataru 2 (Keith Courage, Untranslated) Takegami: Guardian of Darkness (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Transformers: Zone (Finale of Japan exclusive continuation of Transformers, shifted over to manga exclusive. Eng subbed, licensed release)
Absolutely Invincible Raijin-Oh (First Eldran series, another Japan exclusive replacement for Transformers, first 25 eps eng dubbed & subbed, 26-51 eng subbed only due to license budget, licensed release.) (Delux) Ariel (sequel to Ariel Visual, eng subbed, licensed release) Armored Police Metal Jack (Up to episode 5 eng fansubbed, ongoing) Brave Hero of the Sun, Firebird (Second Brave/Yuusha series, fully eng fansubbed) Bubblegum Crash (Finale of original Bubblegum Crisis, Eng dubbed & Subbed, licensed release) CB Character Go Nagai World (Chibi homage to legendary mecha director Go Nagai, eng subbed, licensed release.) Detonator Orgun (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Doraemon Movie 12: Nobita's Dorabian Nights Dorami-chan Movie 2: Wow, The Kid Gang of Bandits (Doraemon) Emergency Departure Rescue Kids (Untranslated) Getter Robo Go (Up to episode 9 eng fansubbed, ongoing) Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (movie edition of cancelled Gundam series, eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Suit SD Gundam: Musha, Knight, Commando (chibi, untranslated) NG Knight Lamune & 40 EX (Untranslated) Roujin Z (Early work of the legendary Satoshi Kon, Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor II (OVA series finale, eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release)
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku OVA (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Absolutely Invincible Raijin-Oh OVA (Eng fansubbed) Babel II: The Legend (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Black Lion (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Brave Fighter of Legend DaGarn (Third Brave/Yuusha series, fully eng fansubbed) D-1 Devastator (Part 1 eng fansubbed, project on hiatus) Doraemon Movie 13: Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds Energetic Bomb Ganbaruger (Second Eldran series, fully eng fansubbed) Genesis Survivor Gaiarth (Eng dubbed & subbed, english release on VHS & laserdisc only) Giant Robo (Adaptation of the Tokusatsu series, Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) It Came From Outer Space 7 (korean) K.O. Beast (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Magic King Granzort: The Adventure (HK eng subbed) Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: The Last Blitz of Zeon (movie version of the OVA series, Eng subbed, licensed release) Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers, Again (Non-canon finale of SDF Macross, Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Tekkaman Blade (Eng dubbed & edited as Teknoman-only 43 eps, eng subbed as Tekkaman Blade, all eps, licensed releases) Tetsujin 28 FX (Untranslated)
8 Man After (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Ambassador Magma (based on an Osamu Tezuka work--which was the first colour Tokusatsu series, eng dubbed, licensed release, original Tokusatsu series was also eng dubbed as The Space Giants) Big Wars (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Brave Express Might Gaine (Fourth Brave/Yuusha series, fully eng fansubbed) Casshan: Robot Hunter (Casshern, eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Doraemon Movie 14: Nobita and the Tin-Plate Labyrinth Dorami-chan Movie 3: Hello, Dynosis Kids!! (Doraemon) It Came From Outer Space 8 (korean) Kishin Corps: Alien Defender Geo-Armor (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Matchless Passion Go-Saurer (Eng fansubbed) Mobile Police Patlabor 2: The Movie (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival (Chibi, untranslated) Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, (final Gundam series in original timeline, eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Moldiver (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) New Dominion Tank Police (Eng Dubbed & subbed, licensed release) NG Knight Lamune & 40 DX (Untranslated) Shooting Star Machine Gakusaver (Eng fansubbed) Sonic Soldier Borgman 2: New Century 2058 (Eng fansubbed) Spirit Hero Wataru: The Final Hour of the Princess (Eng fansubbed) Super Dimensional Century Orguss 02 (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Time Bokan: Royal Revival (Eng dubbed & subbed, licensed release) Whirlwind! Iron Leaguer (Fully Eng fansubbed)
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[Updated For: v2436.12] New player / Guide / Answers / Tips & Tricks / Helpful Hints / Information

Updated with previous questions and answers incorporated into the guide.
Minor changes have been added based on recent update.
There are other guides that handle individual elements addressed here with greater detail and depth but are addressed from the point of view of players who are over level 60 or with end game in mind. This guide is intended for newer players and those who are still figuring things out, those likely below level 20.
Top of your screen:
Experience, is based on what you sell in your shop not what you sell on the market.
Energy, is based on racks and guild perks for the most part.
Gold, the standard free to play currency used for a lot of things.
Gems, the paid currency, which can be earned slowly in game for free, to buy extras.
Menu in the top right:
Store, not much use here as everything I will cover will be based on free play.
Mailbox, you will occasionally get rewards or notifications here when it has a marker check it.
Achievements, will build quickly at first but then slow down and rewards gems.
Leaderboards, for more competitive players.
Avatar, the option to customize your character.
Piggy Bank, if you miss the icon for turn in you can find it here, make sure you get this daily.
Settings are for killing music, battle speed to skip, energy saving mode on, and links at bottom.
Top left icons
Paid event sales
Current game bonuses in effect be mindful of what these can do for you
City Menu.
Invest in your shops evenly as you progress aim for 20-40% of your net value invested.
You will need gold to upgrade your shop and you'll want to save up for expanding.
Check the offer help icon in the middle of town to help people for free once in a guild.
Guild, more later.
Questing, more later.
Market, more later but not a lot.
Your first set of heroes are free, pair a Thief and Mage early on with each champion you get.
Since these characters are free if your first skill unlocked is trash retire the hero and try again.
You will retire heroes at a regular rate so don’t waste gold trying to get all the perfect skills.
For most of the game going with skills that boost damage are a sure bet.
Replace the Thief with Monks once you unlock them
• Give Monks your best jewelry and a common robe their robe has a higher chance to break making it less likely your rings and amulets will, they are a very cost effective class.
Replace the Mage with Druid and keep them equipped with herbs.
You can make Monks and Druids last all the way until you unlock tier five heroes if you want.
Optionally you can swap out for tier four heroes if you have the gold to burn.
For tier five you can roll all Samurai or all Spellblade, Ninja are not so great comparatively in my opinion.
Remember it is worthwhile to retire a character if their first skill is trash but trying to get all perfect skills is a waste of time and gold until you hire your last set of heroes.
Everything will break eventually and unless you’re paying real money for the monthly subscription your repair options are extremely limited. SAVE your repair kits for legendary gear only and I would suggest only legendary gear that is tier five or better. You can sell legendary items on the market for gems, with limited inventory space this is often the best bet if you end up with more than a few tier two or three legendary items. ALL gear will eventually break, you can progress your heroes with all common items well into the late game. You will need a lot of gold as you progress into the game, don’t be afraid to sell rare or epic gear on the market when possible for a big boost in gold.
Your champions have no gear, eventually they will get to the point where they can solo easier quests, which will allow you to farm low level materials without breaking expensive items on your heroes. Make sure you do the champion requests as soon as they come in, these will boost your champions to become your most powerful characters which will allow them to solo more quests for you.
I would suggest sorting your quests in the bottom right by quantity, your bosses will always be at the top. Run your bosses as often as possible, even if you have full materials because you can get keys off them. You don’t need a green smile to win a fight, as long as you have one yellow smile in the group you are almost guaranteed to win with the only exception being if you get a rare legendary type. Put Sia on higher tier quests her power is based on scale so the bigger the reward is the more powerful her ability is. Lilu is the weakest champion once she is strong enough keep her soloing the forest. Argon, Rudo and Yami can solo the caves and bog at higher levels which will save you a lot of broken gear. Once you get Polonia, refuse all the other champion requests, and focus on her, her ability works great in the higher quest areas and she can pull in a lot of loot worth a lot of gold easy. Keep your quests rolling, you’ll constantly need materials to keep crafting, and by sorting your quests by quantity what you need the most will always be on top.
Tier 1: Thief/Mage, your first two champions will help with survival. Aim to give your Thief an attack skill and Mage can do well with any skill that boosts attack/evasion/defense/hp. The soldier ability to unlock a skill early doesn't make the skill any better.
Tier 2: Monk is the best tier two hero, in my opinion, as with a lucky HP skill and attack skill along with some rare/epic jewelry they outperform tier 3 or 4 heroes. Build entire teams with them if you can, only keep your Thief/Mages if they have amazing rare/epic skills. The tier two cleric ability is worthless as you shouldn't be sending your heroes into fights where they die or are at serious risk of death. The tier two Barbarian draws more attacks but lacks evasion or real defense making them poor choices for your team when you have champions that help with survival already.
Tier 3: Knight/Druid, a well-equipped knight can last until tier five due to their naturally high defense. Your knight will do well with an attack skill or two, evasion is wasted on them. Druids are a good pair for knights, but you could easily get away with pairing two druids with Argon for a power team. Druids do well with attack/def skills, like the knight evasion is wasted on them. Musketeers lack hp/def making them poor choices for boss fights, this hero just gets out shined by the Knight/Druid combo.
Tier 4: Knight/Sorcerer, this upgrade is optional as the knight has the defense to continue to press on through tier four. If you have the gold and time, the sorcerer can out damage the druid and is a worthwhile upgrade for your teams. This isn't really a requirement though if you have Druids who lucked out with some good attack skills. The Wanderer is based on Evasion making him great for lasting though a long fight but can't outshine a Knight/Sorcerer team.
Tier 5a: All Samurai, they open every fight strong and with an attack/def skill they can power through almost any fight. The Samurai are well rounded and only lack evasion making them a pretty solid choice across the board. Optionally as before you can keep two Sorcerers from tier four with Argon for a high damage output team. Ninja would be amazing except their ability is lacking on boss fights, as soon as they get hit by an area attack, they lose their edge. Samurai start strong and hold out through the fight, while Ninja start strong but are likely to lose power the longer the fight goes on.
Tier 5b: All Spellblade, they are very well balanced team but would be a second choice only because to optimize them you'll want the Academy to keep them equipped with elements. If you don't have the academy I would suggest going with Samurai as if you don't have access to a steady supply of elements they don't do as well. Avoid evasion/hp skills and focus on attack/def to have them outperform everyone else.
Tier 6: The Tower brings some change to the traditional set up and though it is possible to run it with all dancers some might be inclined to make use of a more balanced set up. With this in mind I would say Dancers are still the best bet, but you can have 2-4 Berserkers and/or Geomancers added to the mix and do just fine. As this guide is for those who are still looking for guidance to some degree, I’m not going to put in all the possible new upgraded combinations for unlocked classes. At this point though having evasion and defense is just as important as attack, make sure you balance your skills and once you are well established don’t be afraid to reroll a hero.
Hero Equipment: While you level naturally, which is to say, unlocking and leveling up the heroes as you level up your shop. Keep your heroes equipped with the cheap common and uncommon items, you'll want to sell rare/epic/legendary loot for as much gold as you can for shop progression and upgrades. You likely won't have the means to constantly repair epic/legendary gear and when it breaks it becomes worthless anyway. Once you get higher up, you'll need to retire your heroes, as suggested above, and level up new ones to match your current standing. Early on you'll likely do this as normal with monks, knights, and druids, but eventually you'll get to a point where you can power level heroes. I have included information on the use of items and boosters below, but when it comes to equipment things change a bit for power leveled heroes. Once you are high enough level your lower tier equipment timers will be quite short and you'll have higher chances for rare/epic/legendary equipment that has low gold value. Don't waste too much time on trying to get all epics for your heroes as you power level them, consider it a bonus if nothing else, spam a few sets of tier 4 gear (which you will access quickly with XP drinks), if you get some epic/legendary gear that's a great bonus which will help them survive in more difficult quests. Don't make it a focus though, at higher levels you'll likely get your heroes up to tier 7 gear in a day or two anyway then just equip them as normal. Remember power leveling is about speed, not trying to have overpowered low level heroes that can't farm any worthwhile quests.
If you have no XP drinks: Craft a basic set of gear every tier and level them up normally by questing, make sure they have a yellow face when they go on a quest though. If your hero dies while leveling up, you get no exp for them and a longer timer. The risk is not worth the reward going for massive exp early on. I would suggest setting a timer on your phone so you can check quests as soon as they finish and send them out as soon as they are rested.
If you have XP drinks: Depending on how many heroes you want to level at once, use a few of these drinks on a fresh hero to get them up to their first skill quickly. One drink should get them up to level 3 which will allow you to equip Tier 2 armor. Four drinks should get them up to level 5 for your first skill. Seven drinks should get them up to level 6 and the ability to equip tier 3 armor. So if you have seven XP drinks on hand you can craft a set of tier 3 armor in advance and level them from there, I wouldn't suggest using more than seven basic XP drinks on a character, they are only really effective to boost them up to level 6.
If you have Super XP drinks: One of these will boost a character to level 6 instantly, which will allow you to save seven normal XP drinks. This will allow you to see what their first skill is and equip them with a set of tier 3 armor right away.
Once you have a stockpile of both types of drinks, I would suggest using four basic XP drinks to level a fresh hero up to level 5 to check their first skill. If they get a trash skill, retire them and repeat with another four basic XP drinks. Once you get a skill you are happy with, then switch over to super XP drinks and use a few of them to get to level 9 to equip tier 4 gear right away, then start them on quests.
Stamina drinks: Make use of these for a bit to quickly knock out quests back to back but only use them if you have the ability to check in with your heroes right after a quest using a timer. It makes no sense to use stamina drinks if you are going to be unable to check on the heroes for hours at time, you might as well let them rest normally. Also, these work best when you are trying to level up one hero and have others who are already higher level. You can send your fresh hero out with a team if they level up their timer resets and you can send them out with another team or use a stamina drink to send them out out with other fresh party members. In this way you only need to use the stamina drink on your low level hero to keep them going while your other heroes carry them into multiple runs without wasting three drinks after every quest.
XP boosters: If you are questing with two heroes you want to level up, pair them with a champion and use XP boosters on boss fights. Yuri and Lilu are the best for this as their abilities reduce timers. Make sure both your heroes have at least a yellow smile though, you don't want them to die and lose out on the exp. Save XP boosters for when you are leveling two new heroes in the same group to get the most out of this item.
Events: There are events that can boost the leveling process for your heroes, but you'll never know when they are going to hit. If an event happens to work in your favor, try to get the most out of it but honestly, I wouldn't wait for one to start before leveling up.
Raids: The gold raid is a great place to farm XP just make sure that you limit one fresh hero to a group and don't sacrifice your gold output for leveling. I would suggest using XP boosters here as well, but only if you are good on your other quest boosters and gold output.
Materials: Generally, you want to have materials stockpiled before you focus on exp questing. This way you can keep all your heroes on hand for running the quests that offer the most exp for the fresh hero regardless of what area the quest is in.
Once they get their first skill, if it is trash retire the character and start over and repeat until you get a useful skill but only do this for the first skill. Generally speaking, early on you'll want skills that boost attack in some way. After that regardless of what other skills they get don't bother retiring them, as it will take too much time and effort to keep leveling up heroes non-stop. Don't bother trying to get all the perfect rare/epic skills for your heroes until you are in the final stretch of the game.
Other Items.
Seeds, you will occasionally get seeds that will boost stats on your heroes, save these until the end game and use them on heroes with excellent skills.
Feathers, save all your feathers for later in the game when you’re pushing raids with your guild.
Power Booster, Compass, Loot horns, save all of these items for guild raids later on.
Repair Kits, as mentioned before save these for higher tier legendary items only.
Chests & Keys, save them all up as eventually you will get to the point when you can raid with your guild in a meaningful way. If you save all your chests and keys, right at the start of a raid you can pop a bunch of chests all at once. When you get materials from a chest they can store over your normal limit, meaning if you open a bunch of chests you will potentially have a ton of materials on hand, meaning you can continue to craft while raiding without running out of materials which is helpful. Also, you can get a number of useful questing items for raiding as well right before you start, being able to rapid fire raid runs with feathers and pushing more loot with power boosters or loot horns is a huge help.
Research Scrolls, they come quickly early on but eventually you will run short on these there are two schools of thought here: First path, only select a few items at each tier to unlock so you can progress to higher tiers faster to make more gold and level up faster, eventually go back and unlock the rest. Second path master each piece of gear before moving on to the next tier, so you unlock more research and collect more gold as you advance levels over time. Either option is fine, play the way you enjoy.
Ascension Shards, save these for later you don’t get many and you want to use them on only the best available options. If available the only suggestion for low level use I would make is on one elemental chip, a corruption chip boosts the value of items by 10,000 gold which is massive in the early game and crafting doubles on that can be a huge boon, if you have access to it.
Goals, Tasks, Fortune and Bounty.
Work through tasks as often as you can the fortune tickets you earn can net some very useful rewards. When you are in the fortune zone save up your winnings and only pick up the most expensive option, the reward will cycle as you continue to pick the expensive option which can result in a high gem payout occasionally. You get one free fortune ticket a day, make sure you use it when you take care of your piggy bank as well. When it comes to bounties check your board for discounts, components, and quests. If none of these are available pick up whatever bounties you can do eventually the board will list new options, but always contribute to the bounty board.
Racks, Bins, Storage, and the Counter.
It might seem like a good idea to keep a ton of racks to fill up with gear to sell but it’s the opposite. You’ll want a bunch of materials bins for most of the game which will allow you craft more items, as long as your racks are full more people will come in more often to buy gear. That is to say the faster you craft the faster you sell items so load up on bins. Make sure you keep enough storage space to hold your inventory as a fraction I would say 1/4 racks, 1/4 countestorage and 2/4 bins as you expand.
Shop progress.
Make sure you are consistently leveling your racks, bins, storage, and counter, evenly until all hit level 6. This is more of a time management issue than gold issue, as eventually your timers will take days, so stay on top of your upgrades. Once your racks are level 6 you can ease off of them and focus more on your bins, storage, and counter, once those all get to level 11 you can go back and boost your racks up. This will ensure that you have excessive materials and inventory to craft, it is sad when a shop has excessively large and empty racks. Also, make sure you plan in advance for shop expansion, these events are huge milestones and you do not want to be saving up for one after the option is available. If you have saved up your gems like I suggested once you get to level 50, you can double down on an expansion with gold and 1000 gems. At level 50 things really start to pick up, and if you are able to get two rooms at the same time you can really clean up with 8 extra bins. Whatever you do with your gems, I would highly suggest setting aside 1000 for that level 50 expansion. You can do this earlier if you want, but it will have a ripple effect on your later expansions.
Yard space is just for looks, pick up some nice decorations and don’t keep a barren yard.
Indoor furnishings are worthwhile, shoppers will give you energy for having furniture, so place a few items around and don’t be afraid to make your shop look nice, you will be reward for your efforts. Some furnishings have the options to adjust the color like rugs, and you can fix up your floors and walls as well. Whatever you do for your furnishings consider your layout, a pathway is one little square wide which means if you want clean traffic in your shop you need to have pathways that are two titles wide. Make sure that you have enough room around your counter for extra people, if your counter can handle four shoppers, then someone walks in with a request, another with an item for sale, and another materials your shop will become full quickly. I suggest keeping your counter in the middle of a room, you can place storage or bins behind it but keep about half of the forward facing space open. If you keep most of your furnishings along the walls you should have plenty of room to spare. It is common practice to drop bins or decorations around the sides of the counter to trap your merchant in place, it is possible for him to wonder around or to get stuck.
Join a guild as soon as you are able to do so, there are plenty of people who are willing to invite low level active players to their guilds. You might get fed up with waiting to be recruited or give up on joining a nice guild to start your own, but I would advise against this unless it is a last resort. If you join an established guild, regardless of their level, you will have access to five maybe even ten times the shop investments and potential guild perks which will help you even more. Additionally, an established guild will likely be mostly full of members already which means more people to help you with your timers. When you start your own guild you are limited by your own investments and level, if you are level 15 and alone in your guild the odds of you getting someone who is level 30 to join is you is about zero. Once you are settled into the game, have some levels and investments built up you can branch off and start your own guild with a much higher chance for success, I would suggest waiting until you’re around level 30. This will give you a big boost early on and will allow you to recruit more players with ease in the teens and twenties. Remember when you are ready to join a guild, just get into world chat and say something like “low level but active player looking to join a guild” you are not going to get recruited by a top tier guild but you will get picked up just give it a bit of time.
As of right now there is little to be set for these new friends, except don’t use gems on them. Pick up the more expensive food for the gold and try to time it so you can feed your pet twice a day.
Charge it.
Once you have access to surcharge and discount options there are a bunch of different pools of advice you can draw from. My suggestion is this, for most of the game you can split your crafting, your highest tier and second highest tier. Let’s say you can craft four items and have access to tier 1, 2 and 3. You can bookmark items by click on them, so set up tier 2 weapon, tier 2 gloves, tier 3 herb, and tier 3 armor. You will need to adjust for each set but in this example make a wooden weapon like a staff, leather gloves, herbs, and iron armor. This spread requires less of each material so you can craft more often. You discount the tier 2 items to boost energy to surcharge your most expensive tier 3 items. When you master an item use the research scrolls you get to unlock a replacement and keep it going.
King time, the King will pop into your shop every so often and will disappoint you greatly when he picks up some random piece of trash on your rack to buy for his standard rate of five times the listed value. There have been times when I have hit deny just to spite him after selecting something worth next to nothing compared to other items I’m currently selling. BUT, do not give up hope because there are times when he will come in and pick just the right thing you have been waiting for. Try to keep one or two high value items in your shop for your level, if possible, a rare or epic item with both an element and spirit on it. Though he will pick up common trash from time to time, he does tend to pick up more valued items. This means if you are selling a bunch of tier three gear for around 4000-5000 gold but have one random tier one scroll that is rare, he will likely buy the rare scroll for less than what your other common items are worth. Also, keep in mind that it is not based off the price but the quality, so if you pick up an item off the market that is multiple tiers above you and is worth at ton of gold compared to what you have, if it is common he may never actually make you an offer on it. Try to keep something at your current tier or one above it, rare or epic, with element and spirit on it for the optimal sale. This item will need to be out in your shop, other customers will often try to buy it just be careful with them and don’t accidentally sell it.
If an NPC comes in to sell a bunch of gear in a stack always buy it, these items are sold at half their price, so if they are your current tier you can surcharge them for a huge profit, or if they are a lower tier you can discount them to get a bunch of energy and still break even. If an NPC comes in to sell a bunch of materials to craft with, do not buy them, earlier in the game buying materials will heavily offset your profits which means you’ll level up from the sales but won’t have as much gold to show for it.
Big example here:
If an NPC comes in to sell one single item always select the option to pay more, you will pay full price for the item, but you will get a bunch of energy which can be used to surcharge another item for profit. An NPC walks in and wants to sell a Morning Star tier 4 mace, they do so at half the base value which is about 2,500 gold the NPC wants to sell it for only 1,250 gold. Now you tap the pay full price option, you get a bunch of energy and are out only the standard price of the mace 2,500 gold (so you break even on a standard sale) then you small talk for more potential energy and buy it for another small dose of energy. You got three shots of energy you can use to now surcharge one of your current tier items for double their value. Then you go to your city menu, click on market, create offer, and put that morning star which you just paid full price for, right now for me, as of today the minimum trade value is listed at 9,480 gold. This item is listed at a higher value because it is can be used to pay off a champion request and higher level players would rather just buy one than take the time to make it. I want it to sell quickly though and for a small profit to recover my cost, so instead of selling it for more than the minimum and potentially a failed sale instead I’ll list it below market price. I list the morning star for 6,600 gold with a 10% sales tax means I will make about 6000 gold once it sells. For me right now, listing it at that price it sold in less than 1 minute. These are real numbers I’m posting in an actual sale for this example. Now I paid 2,500(ish) gold for the full base price but got a bunch of energy for it at the same time, got energy for small talk, and energy for the purchase, then I go on the market sell it in less than a minute for less than the minimum value listed, and after tax take in 6000 gold, subtract the full 2,500 gold value of the item that I paid for and I profited 3,500 gold AND got all that energy to on top of that profit which allows me to surcharge another item for even more gold. Always use the pay more option when buying single items from an NPC.
More Market.
I’m not a market expert, I use the market to clear out my inventory of bulk and make profits off NPC deals. If you want to play the market to the maximum extent possible there are full guides out there for that. Just remember that market sales do not earn exp, and you don’t have to be a market expert to list items around the minimum value to make a small and quick profit. Also, note when I end up with a bunch of low grade items from random places, instead of trashing them or selling them for next to nothing in my shop I’ll place them in the market for the absolute minimum price. If you need to craft a ton of scrolls to use as a material and end up with a dozen to spare, putting them on the market for the rock bottom price means nothing and might really help out a lower level player, an option you might consider when you get to that point. With that in mind, if you are a low level player keep an eye on the market because players like me will dump excessive amounts of tier 3, 4 or 5 gear for stupid cheap to help out random lower level players. You can change the number of items going up for sale, change between gold and gems, the price, and for how long/tax, play around with the market a little bit. Consider going into the market with a small budget of 10,000 gold and see how much you can profit from that.
Other Tips & Tricks.
When I have the free time to spare, I’ll set a timer (not alarm) on my phone to line up with questing timers or crafting timers. It is easy to set up your shop and forget about it for a day, so the little reminders keep my shop running. When I’m working, I’m working but I’ll make an effort to check my shop in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Just getting onto the shop three times a day for a few minutes can keep your progression at a pretty constant pace.
Champions get more powerful the higher their rank goes, and these are not even to start. The first champions you get will have more time to build up higher ranks than those you get access to later on. There is nothing wrong with refusing a champions request, later on when you have access to many of them, you can even out their ranks by refusing one who is higher rank. Shortly after another will usually come in with another request, when your champions are evened out you can select the right champion for the right quest to get the best bonus.
Once you start helping guild members and running bounties, you’ll earn some guild coins, from the guild menu you can access the grab bag. There are three options available, blue, green and red. Recently the dev’s evened out the rewards available meaning no one bag is better than another for any reward. What they did do though is show you what you could have earned in the other bags when you make your selection, and with limited testing it seems that you’re more likely to get big ticket items the more you can open in one sitting. I would suggest saving up at least 2,100 coins before playing and simply pick the same color bag over and over. I only pick red bags and use my finger to hide the winnings from the other two bags, I only see what I actually got. No point in crying over items you didn't get after the fact.
You can view your investments and net worth from the guild menu if you click on yourself, and you can see the same values in others if you click on them. Guilds will often have a minimum to get in but that doesn't mean you're free and clear, don’t get thrown out of a guild for doing nothing. Keep an eye on other members in your guild figure out their investment rates and try to keep a similar percentage invested. You can also view other guild members shops from the same menu to get ideas on how to set up effective shops if you're not sure.
You can change the name and looks of a hero at any time, when you first hire one just select the sex you want them to be and leave the rest random. Save time as you’re likely to retire a hero multiple times before you get that first good unlocked skill, then you can go back and customize them once you know you're going to keep them for a bit.
You can sell rare and epic elements, and spirits on the market for well over the minimum values listed and these items stand alone are often worth more than gear you could put them on.
Small talk before you surcharge/discount if you get a backfire you can deny them, if you sell a backfired item you are losing energy on the sale. You can deny them, sell something else, and when someone else wants to buy the same item again you can earn your energy back. Eventually you might just say **** it and sell it or if you are selling a huge inventory quickly that’s fine but in the early game take advantage of the slightly smaller scale.
Don’t use the optimized button to equip your heroes, most of your really valuable items you’re going to want to have up for sale not equipped to be broken, it takes a couple seconds longer but keep heroes equipped with the basics.
Make sure you have the most available quests, heroes, and crafts open at all times. Once you are at your limit if you click on the respected icons it will tell you how much the next will cost and when you can pick it up. Plan a bit in advance, see how much gold you’ll need to spend to unlock all of the above and upgrade your furniture over the next ten levels and make sure you have it before you invest all your gold. It jumps quickly from needing 1 million gold to unlock everything to 10 million gold, to over 50 million gold and so on.
You can play the game horizontal or vertical, if you play the game vertical you can access everything with your thumb it makes multitasking a lot easier.
There is something to be said for taking advice or suggestion, but don’t get caught up in world chat. The methods and strategies implemented by people who are 40 levels higher than you will in most cases not apply to you in the least. Everything I have written down here is based what new players are looking at when in the ranges from level 1 to 15 and progression from there.
Bounty Combo - Take a bounty to discount items, discount items you would normally discount to get the bounty done and use the energy as you do so to surcharge items you would normally surcharge but do NOT sell them. You can leave those surcharged people waiting at your counter, as you continue to discount others to get the bounty. Once you finish that bounty, take a surcharge bounty, and hold on to it, you should have a counter full of people with your top tier items already surcharged. Once your piggy bank opens up, THEN sell all those surcharged items, you will get your piggy bank done AND likely nearly finish the surcharge bounty at the same time. If you time it right, you can discount bounty, surcharge, piggy bank, and surcharge bounty all within a very short window of time. Depending on your level and ability, you can contribute 4-6 renown a day, or an average of 25 renown a week to your guild just doing this easy combo.
Previous Question by: maybeoneday23.
This is great! But one question when is the best time to retire a hero?
I would suggest a retire rotation once you unlock a new tier of hero: retire your weakest heroes one by one as you replace them with new higher tier heroes. Level up to 5 with XP drink or questing to see what skill they get. If you get a trash skill retire them and start over, but once you have a skill that works continue to level them up. One by one, retire your older weaker heroes and replace them with higher tier stronger ones.
If you decide to save up the gold and pay for an entire new set of heroes all at once you won't have any established heroes to continue to farm materials while you level up your new ones. Also, you can run your new heroes in high level quests, on higher difficulty for more experience with a champion and an established hero to ensure the battle ends quickly; like old heroes looking out for new ones. Additionally, lock the low tier gear you craft so that each new hero you higher can wear the "hand-me-downs" as you continue to rotate your heroes through, this way your inventory won't get clogged up with multiple sets of gear for multiple heroes as they level up.
There are quite a few levels between each tier of heroes, so for most players there will be time to work through a rotation and hit hero level cap long before the next tier opens up.
If all of that made sense you can skip this overly long example...
I can't remember the star values of the lower tier heroes; this example uses made up numbers.
I have four teams of two heroes with a champion, each team consists of one Knight and one Druid. I've unlocked a new tier and want to replace my Druids with Sorcerers.
Druud [star 3000]
Drood [star 2900]
Druod [star 2800]
Drewd [star 2700]
I have enough drinks to start my new heroes in a set of tier 3 gear so I'll craft one complete set that my Sorcerers will use. You can do just fine with a set of common gear, if you're well off and don't mind the potential risk of losing it, pick up rare/epic armor as defense is more important in power leveling than attack for your weaker heroes.
Retire, Drewd my weakest Druid at 2700.
Higher a new Sorcerer "Soresir", XP drinks, skill check, put them in tier 3 gear and level them up.
Once Soresir gets to [star 2700] - as they level up equip with tier 4 gear.
Lock tier 3 gear so it doesn't go up for sale.
Retire Druod [star 2800]
Higher a new Sorcerer "Soorsir" XP drinks, skill check, put them in the locked tier 3 gear and level them up.
Once Soorsir gets near 2700, retire Drood, pick up your new Sorcerer and continue.
Repeat this process until you have retired all your Druids and have all Sorcerers, by the time all your druids are gone all of your Sorcerers should be as strong as they were or stronger allowing you to continue to quest without slowing down.
Question by: jamarie91
Hello, how many of each bin do you suggest? I messed up and had more racks than materials and always running out. So I've looked up a guide, I've been playing a while, level 43 if that matters. Appreciate any advice, thank you.
I would suggest the following, with the extra bins being whatever you have the most need for at the time. Not so much a mess up there really, you can store and exchange things so you can adjust your shop as needed. One of each rack makes a set of four, and one of each bin makes a set of four, I didn’t write them out each by name. With this set up my racks are always full of gear which keeps customers coming in non-stop, I have enough storage to handle the abundant amount of gear I can make with all the bins, and if I get excessive build up I’ll use the market. Edit: If you have a play style where you only sell a specific kind of gear, use whatever combinations of racks/bins you need for that, the ratio should still work fine. I've consistently sold weapons, armor, accessories, and tabled goods since the start. With that practice, I've made use of an even amount of materials throughout as well.
Two Rooms: 16
1 Counter / 2 Chests / 4 Racks / 8 Bins
Three Rooms: 24
1 Counter / 3 Chests / 8 Racks / 12 Bins
Four Rooms: 32
1 Counter / 5 Chests / 12 Racks / 14 Bins
Five Rooms: 40
1 Counter / 5 Chests / 16 Racks / 18 Bins
Six Rooms: 48
1 Counter / 5 Chests / 16 Racks / 26 Bins
Seven Rooms: 56
1 Counter / 5 Chests / 16 Racks / 34 Bins
I think by this point you’ll have your own system going strong.
Question by: a_hocky_chick
On the subject of equipping heroes, what is your strategy for equipping sub level 20 heroes?
This information was updated into the guide.

On that note...

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to answer them.

I am not a subscribed member but after playing the game for four months I did buy the Academy.
In game my name is Nomad and I run the Town Watch
I’m a filthy casual and my guild is casual too
In the unlikely event you ever see me in game feel free to say hello
Good luck and have fun playing Shop Titans.
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