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Aesthetic Guide for The Sims 2 in 2020 - ReShade, Defaults, Lighting and More!

Please note that this guide is a work in progress and is not intended to be 100% comprehensive. It's more of an introduction to getting your game to look the way you want it to.
I hit the max character limit, so the Post-Processing portion of the tutorial is in the comments!

If you’ve got anything to add, any questions, or suggestions on how to structure this text (this is my first larger Reddit post, so scary) please leave them below or PM me! I’m happy to help :)
Latest update 2020/10/28: Added an update for a ReShade preset + info regarding Sims2RPC. Replaced a dead link :)

Please read the Technical Support and General Support Megathreads before going through this one. These methods are intense in terms of processing and GPU usage, so it's absolutely essential to make sure your game is running smoothly. This guide also assumes you know the basics of downloading CC!

Table of Contents

0 Introduction & Glossary
1.1 Cosmetic Defaults
1.2 Environmental Defaults
1.3 Build & Buy Defaults
1.4 Alternate/Thematic Defaults
1.5 Misc. Defaults
2.1 Where To Find Beautiful CC
3.1 Helpful Programmes
3.2 Defaults & Mods
3.3 Hints & Tricks
4.1 What Do They Do? How To Use Them?
4.2 Choosing & Installing Lighting Mods
5.1 Post-Processing Cheats & Tricks
5.2 Pine's Post-Processing Mod
5.3 iCad's Nvidia Tweaks
5.4 ReShade
5.4.1 Addendum regarding Sims2RPC

0 Introduction & Glossary

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to get their games looking absolutely amazing? The Sims 2 might be an old game, but it can be customised to a high degree.
This guide covers most methods of getting your game and screenshots to look their best. Some of them could be applied to lower-end machines as well.
If you’d like to see some previews of what my game looks like right now, go here. Note that I’m using ReShade and my computer is a gargantuan beast.

Some of the terms I’ll use in this guide might be a bit unfamiliar, so I’ve compiled a little glossary here for your convenience.
  • EAxis = EA and Maxis, the original developers of The Sims 2.
  • CC = Custom Content, also known as UGC or User Generated Content. It is content that doesn’t come with the game itself and isn’t endorsed by the developers.
  • Vanilla = Contrary to CC, content that does come with the game itself. If you haven’t modified your game in any way, it is vanilla.
  • AdFly = hell spawn A link shortening service that lets creators make a small amount of money every time someone clicks on their link. This is bad news for you, the downloader, because the site is known to contain viruses on a regular basis, to the point where your antivirus software wouldn’t help. Always hover over links, and Google the address if you don’t recognise it!
  • Freeware = Software that is free of charge by design. No subscription or payment is required, and most of the time the software doesn’t have ads either. Yay!
  • UI = User Interface. Compiles features in a way that is accessible for the users. For example, the UI of The Sims 2 contains your Sims’ wants, fears and relationships.
  • EP = Expansion Pack. University, Nightlife, Pets, Open for Business, FreeTime and so on. Mansion & Garden Stuff is actually an expansion pack and not a Stuff Pack!
  • SP = Stuff Pack. Family Fun Stuff, IKEA Stuff, Teen Style Stuff, Kitchen & Bath Stuff, and so on. Doesn’t include Mansion & Garden.
  • .exe = Executable. Any applications run on Windows (such as TS2!) are .exe files.


Defaults are one of the safer forms of CC since you can delete them at any time!

1.1 Cosmetic Defaults
A lot of improvement can be achieved by replacing your Sims' skins, eyes, hair, eyebrows and makeup. There are also defaults for face templates if you don't like people running around with whatever the hell EAxis was thinking when they made those faces…
For all of this, go to the Sims 2 Defaults Database. It's the most comprehensive archive out there, and it gets updated regularly. It even has a folder structure for you to organise your defaults with! I go there for normal CC too, since a lot of the defaults come with custom versions.
If you do like the vanilla stuff, no worries! The database has simple enhancements and lots of Maxis Match defaults as well.
The only cosmetic default I couldn’t find on the Database is this one. Maxis glasses made clear-lensed

1.2. Environmental Defaults
This is a bit of a trickier one. No one has really made an archive of road replacements, foliage, terrains, traffic and so on… So you have to look around a bit. A lot of Simmers use environmental defaults to improve the neighbourhood view. You can use them for lot view as well, provided that your render distance is high enough. (See the General Support Megathread, FAQs part 9.)

I've linked some of the things I personally use or know of below.
Poppet’s defaults, I use Flutterby, the School Bus default in turquoise and the Instant Meal one.
Ivy’s Spaghetti
Ivy’s Snowflakes, an eternal favourite and also recommended for lower-end machines.
pm&g’s defaults
CuriousB’s neighbourhood view replacements / Working download link
olivespecter’s defaults (also misc.ones)
dreadpirate’s MM roads
dreadpirate’s iCad stone roads edit
dreadpirate’s Voeille lush terrain edit
shastakiss’s brighter & less square fallen leaves
criquette’s linden trees as defaults Warning! Only for higher-end machines!
Honeywell’s tree defaults
psychosim’s defaults also includes other types of defaults!
lvstndhrt’s less square water lilies
knowledgeaspiration’s default roads
criquette’s traffic default
Lowedeus’ sun and moon defaults

1.3 Build & Buy Defaults
Not a lot of these exist, but some creators have made defaults for Build and Buy mode objects using their own retextures and/or recolours. There’s no real database for this, so I’ve linked a couple of the things I know of below.
rudhira’s Buy Mode defaults
vegan-kaktus on MTS, lots of Buy Mode and misc. defaults
cluedosims’ Buy Mode defaults
Lifa’s object defaults
Ivy’s base game appliances
iCad’s object defaults
forceabduction’s TS3 logo posters defaults, a reblog since the original post has been deleted.
pm&g’s Build Mode defaults
pm&g’s Buy Mode defaults
dreadpirate’s ceiling-friendly walls replacement
Aquilegia’s curtain defaults
HoneyWell’s roof trim defaults
muupi’s bedding defaults
mirrortron’s bedding defaults

1.4 Alternate/Thematic Defaults
I felt like this deserved its own paragraph, since it is an aesthetical thing. Some people like their game to be medieval! Colourful! Sci-Fi! It’s easy to create a whole new look, provided that you can find the right defaults. The Default Database hosts pretty much everything, so you might want to look there. But if you’re looking to create a medieval game, then the Plumbbob Keep (aka medievalsims) is your best bet.

1.5 Misc. Defaults
These are things that don’t really belong to the aforementioned categories. You might have seen screenshots with a white UI instead of the default blue one. That’s greatcheesecakepersona’s Clean UI! It should be fine to use even with lower-end machines if you like the look. It fixes UI bugs and removes features that would corrupt your ‘hood. (See the General Support Megathread, FAQs part 1.)
If you don’t like the look but want a better UI, it has helpful links to fixes that work with the vanilla UI. There are other UIs available, but none of the ones I know of have been updated for Mansion & Garden or the UC.
You can also replace your loading screen! The Loading Randomizer by greatcheesecakepersona lets you randomise your loading screen so that it’s different every time. If you don’t want that, there are plenty of single replacements out there.
greatcheesecakepersona’s hi-res replacements
knowledgeaspiration’s Ghibli replacements
knowledgeaspiration’s Life is Strange replacements
adinc’s colourful replacements
The Clean UI does come with its own set of loading screen replacements too.

Also, have some links to other miscellaneous defaults… Some can also be found in the other categories above!
Ivy’s Smooth Talk rose
Ivy’s pink First Kiss hearts
RentedSpace’s Social Bunny
Phaenoh’s clean Social Bunny
dreadpirate’s Create-A-Sim
Epi’s defaults e.g. careers and tombstones
EddySims’ better bubbles
EddySims’ new computer screens
NixNivis’ brighter computer screens
ZenaDewDrop’s hobby plaques
XanderGC’s better wedding & engagement rings
pooklet’s Matchmaker overhaul (not strictly an aesthetic thing, but the original NPC is a racist stereotype and has no place in modern gaming) and midgethetree’s Matchmaker name fix
kahlena’s easel painting defaults
A few misc. defaults by shastakiss
Azaya/skulldilocks' defaults, incl. various categories
Graverobber's dinnerware defaults in CuriousB colours


This is kind of covered above, but non-default CC deserves its own category.

2.1 Where To Find Beautiful CC
The ‘’Need Some Mods? Look No Further!’’ thread on this subreddit has a large list of reputable creators with good CC. There isn’t much else I could say here, other than to look for creators who don’t use AdFly.
Tumblr has a lot of CC finds blogs, and some of them are by CC creators themselves. I also recommend Garden of Shadows (especially the Monthly Themes and Wishing Tree) and Mod The Sims (especially Featured and Picked Downloads) for high-quality downloads.
Some creators have ‘’WCIF friendly’’ in their profile descriptions. That means they will answer any questions about the CC they use in their posts. It’s a great way of finding CC, as you know that at least one other person likes it, and as a bonus, a lot of people are willing to re-upload any CC that is no longer available to the public.
CC that is no longer available to the public? The biggest curse of The Sims 2 CC hunting! Luckily, a lot of popular CC does get reuploaded by other people and sometimes the original creators themselves. sims2packrat on Tumblr is the number one place to go to for CC with broken links.
CuriousB’s SimFileShare folder
AllTheHairs, which contains nearly every custom hair ever made for TS2 Currently inaccessible!

Since they might be harder to find, here are some of the neighbourhood deco things I use in my pictures.
lowedeus’ skyboxes
greatcheesecakepersona’s horizons
iCad’s neighbourhood deco
psychosim’s animated UFO perfect for Strangetown. ;)


Why use TS2's default screenshot mechanic when you can take high-res fullscreen screenshots instead? This part also contains hints for making screenshotting easier.
3.1 Helpful Programmes
For better screenshots, you'll definitely want to use an external capturing programme. Print Screen only captures one image at a time, so you'd have to exit your game to paste it somewhere else every time you took a screenshot. The default camera is extremely crunchy and blurry, only saves the captures in .bmp format, and saves them in a weird location with odd names.
Windows has its own screenshot programme (Snipping Tool) which comes built-in with Windows 10. It's a pretty handy one, as you can choose the area you capture, and it doesn't require any additional downloads. You can activate it by pressing Win + Shift + S.
Gadwin PrintScreen is a popular choice as well. It's freeware, so you can download it from its website completely free of charge. You can customise it to suit your own tastes, and even email your screenshots as you take them.
Fraps is probably the most famous capturing programme out there, but I don’t really recommend it. Unless you use the paid version, you’re better off using Gadwin instead.

3.2 Defaults & Mods
There are a few things you can use to make your screenshots a bit prettier and easier to take. First of all, you might want to remove the red pause frame for when you want to take screenshots. If you find that you don’t want to be without it, it’s safe to take these mods out for sessions, and then put them back when you want to take screenshots. Only choose one of these!!
simNopke’s No Pause Frame
BeosBoxBoy’s No Red Lines During Pause

Then, a bit of a harder modding configuration. Even if you use the Freecam mode (which you should), the default camera is clunky and requires finesse for taking good screenshots. Oh, and if you’ve patched your game to Widescreen, Create-a-Sim becomes broken and nearly unusable. To remedy that, here are some camera mods!
Now, these are installed differently from your usual mods. CC goes into your Downloads folder, but camera mods go into the ‘’Cameras’’ folder (in the same location) and require you to overwrite the text files there. You’ll need to back up the originals in case you want to not use the camera mod(s) anymore.
GunMod’s Camera Mod comes with different options; please read the instructions and choose the one you prefer.
Lowedeus’ Neighbourhood Camera + Cursor comes with a default replacement cursor! The cursor option matches either the default UI or Clean UI, choose the one you want and not both.
Lena’s Widescreen CAS Camera Fix fixes the Create-a-Sim camera for widescreen resolutions. I recommend getting this one regardless, since CAS becomes so much better to use.
Lowedeus’ Camera Mod Compilation specifically engineered for use with simNopke’s SkyFix. You can also check the links for the mods used in it and build your own compilation. I found this to not suit my tastes so much, but it’s a great option!

If you’d like to remove PlumbBobs altogether, you can do so by downloading this mod for neighbourhood view and live gameplay OR this mod just for live gameplay. Only use one, but you can remove it at any time if you want the PlumbBobs back.

I’m just going to link to PleasantSims’ Mods Guide for Poses since it has every story-making mod I know of, with great explanations.

3.3 Hints & Tricks
Some of the game’s cheats can be used to make your Sims co-operate better while being filmed.
  • maxmotives – maxes your Sims’ needs so that they don’t complain.
  • motivedecay off – makes your Sims’ needs static so that they don’t drop.
  • moveobjects on – gives you the ability to move objects and Sims anywhere or delete them.
  • boolProp testingcheatsenabled true – tons of options for doing things to your Sims, households and neighbourhoods… Just make sure not to click on anything you don’t know about. This one adds the game’s version number to the top right corner, but most people don’t notice or care.
  • plumbbobtoggle off – removes the PlumbBob (aka the diamond above your active Sim’s head). Useful if you’re bot using a default replacement to get rid of it.
  • showheadlines off – removes speech and thought bubbles.
  • sethour 1-24 – sets the time to the number you specified.
  • boolProp useeffects false – gets rid of headline effects such as stink clouds, rain, sleeping ZzZ’s, and stereo music effects.

Always press TAB to go into freecam mode. It’s much better to take screenshots with, as it’s flexible and even has options for saving different camera angles!
Here are the controls:
TAB – enteexit freecam mode
W – forward
A – left
S – backward
D – right
Q – lower
E – higher
CTRL + 4/5/6/7/8/9 – save camera position
SHIFT + 4/5/6/7/8/9 – switch to saved camera position
Z – zoom in
X – zoom out

If you're taking a screenshot in Live Mode, you should go to the Options Menu [F5] in order to hide your Sim's action queue. Otherwise it'll show up in your screenshot.


4.1 What Do They Do? How To Use Them?
Lighting mods are a specific type of mod for changing the lighting of the game. They make the game look quite different, but much better since the default lighting is harsh and simple. Not a lot of them exist because they’re more difficult to make, but there are a few options. Please note that these mods are harder to install than normal mods, and they require you to be comfortable tampering with your Program Files.

4.2 Choosing & Installing Lighting Mods
First and foremost, you should probably install the Scriptorium unless you’re absolutely sure you won’t change your lighting mod. It comes with an option to revert to default EAxis lighting, and you can switch between different lighting mods if you’d like to. It can also be used to install custom staircases and fireplaces, so you might want to get it regardless.
Please note that the Happy Holiday stuff pack and its different iterations make it so that some of the EPs and SPs have different numbers in different countries!
Why does this matter? If you’re installing a lighting mod manually, it will require you to replace some files with names such as SP4Lights, which might not be replaced correctly if your EP or SP number differs from the one the lighting mod creator has.
Always double check to make sure the lighting files were overridden. If you find that your files were not overridden because the EP/SP number is different from the one in the lighting mod, rename the lighting mod file so that it replaces the original.
E.g. my H&M Fashion Stuff’s lighting file is named SP4Lights.nlo, but because in some lighting mods the same file’s name might be SP5Lights.nlo, it would not be overwritten, and this would cause problems. In that case, I needed to rename SP5Lights.nlo into SP4Lights.nlo and accept the override prompt.

The Scriptorium comes with GunMod’s Radiance Lighting System which you can also get separately. Follow the instructions, and if you’re not using the Scriptorium, back up your original lighting files!
The original Radiance Lighting System is great, but I highly recommend getting dreadpirate’s edit instead. It includes some shader fixes and tweaks the nighttime lighting to be more natural.
Spookymuffin’s lighting mod is quite simple and only modifies the base game lighting files. Still, please follow the instructions.
dreadpirate’s Maxis Match Lighting Mod is the one I use and recommend the most. You can also choose to only get the shader fixes, which work without the mod as well.
Note that some smaller lighting fixes can not be used together with the shader fixes, as they conflict and thus, they’re included. The fixes include simNopke’s SkyFix, criquette’s Neighborhood Lighting Remedy, Better Nightlife and Seasons winter road fix, Moi’s and Voeille’s water mods, and Niol’s roof shader fix.
The shader fixes can also not be used with Pine’s Post-Processing Mod, so dreadpirate has made a version that combines the two. Read on for more info about the post-processing mod.

The Post-Processing portion of this guide can be found in the top comment!

submitted by hobgoblin8000 to sims2help


MCCC Release Candidate (7.3.0 RC1) Changelog - Courtesy of Annie0117 - 8/03

  • Fixed a bug with the way MCCC was determining if Sims were certain occult types (Witches and Mermaids) that was broken due to some changes with recent updates. This was preventing the MC Pregnancy/Marriage setting for “Same Occult Only” from working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause gender preferences to not be used correctly on partners of pregnancy and marriage in some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Forget All Skills to sometimes throw errors. Also had to make a change to Sim Detail logging that was sometimes getting an error if commodities and statistics were included.
  • With Eco Living, EA added the concept of negative bill amounts. When this happened with auto-pay, an error could get generated as a result. Fixed this issue so negative bills should be handled correctly.
  • I fixed/updated several things within relationship breakup functions. A teen married to another Sim could count against their own relationship if one of the Sims didn’t like children, which is just weird. Also, there’s an adjustment that can happen if Sims are either different occult types (more stressful on the relationship so degredations might happen) or the same occult types (strength in numbers) so a positive adjustment might happen. This was only taking vampires and aliens into consideration, though, so it’s been updated to include witches and mermaids as well. It will also adjust to other occult types in the future as EA adds them more easily.
  • I have added a new LastException logging function into MCCC. Basically, any time a Last Exception is logged by EA, a LastException.html is logged into the same folder in which MCCC resides. I am, in no way, trying to duplicate or improve-upon TMex’s features with his “Better Exception” mod. His time spent on that mod will make it do way more than anything I am trying to do here. My focus is really more to try to gather the things my support team usually have to ask someone to give them when they bring a Last Exception file to our Discord server. If they can gather more of the needed information at one time from that one file, it will make things betteeasier for everyone.
  • Fixed a bug that happened sometimes when the MC Pregnancy setting is used that doesn’t allow Dorm Residents to be selected. Some zones that NPC’s lived in would cause an error to happen when testing to determine if they lived in a dorm. I rewrote how I tested for dorm residents so that should no longer happen.
  • At some point, EA changed where a household’s zone ID was for where the lot was located. I had to update several of my functions for pregnancy and marriage to use the new information. Basically, after their change, all households were tested as though they were the household on the current lot. In particular, this could prevent the logic to keep Occult from living on specific lots to not work right when the Occult Sims would get married and move.
  • There was some confusion by some users about using MC Dresser with Situation outfits. MC Dresser is never really intended to be run on Situation outfits as the Sims 4 can overwrite those outfits at any point since they’re regenerated as needed by the game if it detects it is not what it is expecting for a particular situation. To remind users of this when they do it, I just added a note or warning to the commands that change an outfit if it’s run while the current outfit is a Situation outfit.
  • I changed the way that the “Married Only” MC Pregnancy setting was working by making a new setting. The old setting only allowed random pregnancies between married Sims. The new setting, “Limit By Relationship” (MCCC > MC Pregnancy > Partner Sim Selection > Limit By Relationship) has more options. "No Relationship Limit", the default, is standard MC Pregnancy behavior and how the old setting worked if it was not enabled. Any two Sims are valid for pregnancy together as long as they match the other MC Pregnancy setting criteria. The other setting values are: “Married Only” (which works like the old “Married Only” setting did), “Significant Others” (which allows pregnancy between Sims only if they’re significant others which includes married, engaged or boyfriend/girlfriend Sims), “Woohoo Partners” (which allows pregnancy if the two Sims have ever had woohoo in the past). Each setting is a bit more inclusive than the previous. Significant Others includes married but also other significant others. Woohoo includes Married and Significant others but also any other Sims that have woohooed with the Sim being tested.
  • There was a request that I add a feature to allow changing the costs associated with University. I’ve spent several days researching this only to come to the conclusion I figured was the case at the beginning. University costs are stored in two different files for the game: tuning files and data files. The tuning files can be modified by my code for all of the courses, but then when you bring the University dialog up to enroll in courses, it shows all the original costs for everything. That’s because the data files are used by the UI to store this data. From script, I can change one of the types of files, but not the other, so that makes this feature not doable from a script-mod standpoint. This is very similar to the prices of food at restaurants, which is why I have nothing for that in MCCC. It’s because of the similarity there, I actually expected this to not be possible from the beginning, but I did want to try to put an effort into it to see if I could figure-out a way around it.
  • Added a work-around to a core-game issue that can happen when withdrawing from a university. The way I reproduced the issue was to click the “x” to cancel out of the Enroll In University dialog. Even though this has been canceled, the Sim is still flagged as being enrolled in a university. That’s the core bug in EA’s dialog that I’ve seen. When you then do a Withdraw from university, you get an error because the university name you’re enrolled in is blank. I just added some conditions so if the university name is blank, it doesn’t thow that error and allows the withdraw to complete.
  • Fixed the MCCC Sim menu to show the dorm name for a Sim at the top in the “Home” information if that Sim lives in a dorm. Also, for MCCC functionality, they are not considered homeless if they live in a dorm going forward.
  • Per C BAll’s request, I’ve added a couple of new university cheats. The first is to make an NPC Sim a roommate (MCCC > MC Cheats > Cheat Sim Info > Expansion Cheats > Univerity Cheats > Add As Roommate). This option will only show-up on Sims that are valid to become roommates. EA has some rules around this like “Must be an NPC older than a Teen” and there are other limits based on some of their other rules. Like if an NPC is the only caregiver in a household, they can’t be a roommate because that would leave children/pets with no caregivers. All of this is enforced by MCCC, though. If the “Add as Roommate” option shows-up, the Sim is valid. If it doesn’t, they aren’t. The active Sim also has to be enrolled in a university and living in a dorm. The command will make the NPC a roommate in the same dorm and will spawn them in the dorm if they aren’t already there (if triggered through the Relationship Panel). There’s also an option to remove a roommate on an NPC (MCCC > MC Cheats > Cheat Sim info > Expansion Cheats > University Cheats > Remove Roommate). Not a lot of conditions on this one. If they’re a roommate, they get evicted and will become a homeless Sim. Remove Roommate doesn’t show-up on the Relationship Panel and I don’t know that it needs to. Should be possible to run from the dorm lot as needed, I would think. Please note, if you are not a user of the MC Cheats module and you would still like functionality like this, I recommend you check-out LittleMsSam’s Roommate mod: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/189154109868/choose-your-roommate-discover-university-finally. Some people like things all built into one mod and other people don’t like the bulkiness of an all-in-one mod, so you have options for this functionality.
  • Fixed Sim Detail logs to show some of the details for the mermaid occult type that wasn’t being logged previously having to do with their mermaid form outfit details (skin tone and such). This was only happening for Aliens and Vampires before and had never been updated.
  • Added facial piercings to “Remove Accessories” in the MC Dresser Sim menu.
  • Servo Sims were sometimes having the automatic MC Dresser outfit cleaner running on them which caused weird effects. They should be bypassed from that now.
  • Per Frimlin’s request, if a Sim gets married and moves into a household with their spouse, if there are no more Sims left in the old household when they move-out, their money is transferred to the new household.
  • With EA’s recent addition of Roommates for University, I can finally add some functionality that I’ve wanted pretty much since the Sims 4 was released. You can now add Sims as roommates to your house, even if you aren’t enrolled in a university and living in university housing. This doesn’t have the limits of university roommates since none of the Sims involved have to be enrolled in university or things like that. Sims added as roommates will pay rent (even if they’re children or toddlers!) :) If a Sim can be added as a roommate (there have to be enough beds, keep in mind!), there will be an option to “Add Home Roommate” (MCCC > MC Cheats > Cheat Sim Info > Expansion Cheats > Univerity Cheats > Add Home Roommate). The command will make the NPC a roommate and will spawn them on the lot if they aren’t already there (if triggered through the Relationship Panel). There’s also an option to remove a roommate on an NPC (MCCC > MC Cheats > Cheat Sim info > Expansion Cheats > University Cheats > Remove Home Roommate). Not a lot of conditions on this one. If they’re a roommate, they get evicted and will become a homeless Sim. Remove Home Roommate doesn’t show-up on the Relationship Panel and I don’t know that it needs to. Should be possible to run from the lot as needed, I would think. Note that this cheat requires the University expansion!! I believe the situations and interactions involved for roommates are all part of that expansion so I have to enforce that limitation. Also, make sure you have enough beds, toilets and showers and such on the lot. I’ve seen roommates not use the toilet if there’s only one on the lot, even though nothing was wrong with it. I think dorms require 3 toilets so that may be required for roommates on normal lots as well. Overall, roommates seem to be pretty limited on what they’ll do interaction-wise. So far I’ve seen them mostly just do the essentials (eat, drink, sleep, chat) and not much else.
  • Added around 60 cleaning interactions that weren’t part of the autonomous cleaning setting previously and are now. If you use this setting, you might see the Sims cleaning more things than they might have previously. If you notice any strange behavior (like doing nothing but cleaning) please come by our Discord server and let us know! Not really possible for me to test every one of these interactions myself!
  • Added around 40 repair interactions that weren’t part of the autonomous repair setting previously and now are. If you use this setting, you might see the Sims repairing more things than they might have previously. If you notice any strange behavior (like doing nothing but repairing) please come by our Discord server and let us know!
  • I decided to try to make adding and removing traits a LITTLE easier to do. The default Sims 4 “trait picker” dialog has no filtering options on it, so I’ve decided to use some similar filtering as to what I do for Automation Scan. I changed the add trait option in Manage Traits to allow you to type in words to filter the traits, based on the trait name. Note that this is the trait NAME, not the Trait Display Name. So rather than “Female” for a trait, which is the display name, it would be “trait_female” for the trait name. Most hidden traits already show-up this way in the Trait Picker dialog as they do not have display names. As an example, you could type in “ghost” and it would list all of the traits that have “ghost” in the trait name. Leaving it blank will display all valid traits to be added to the Sim, the way the option worked previously.
  • Like the “Add Trait” change, I also changed “Remove Trait” to display a name filter option initially. If it’s left blank, all traits that can be removed will be shown. If a word is entered, the trait names will be limited based on the entry.
  • In the Sim Detail log, I added the current running and queued interactions to be listed for the specified Sim in the log file.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error if the “Kill Sim” death-type choices dialog was canceled.
  • Fixed a bug where ghosts that are flagged for “No Delete” can still be culled in some cases by EA’s releasing to the netherworld. Thanks Kralore for bringing this to my attention!
  • Per Joanne Brownlie’s request, I have added a setting to allow Sims to autonomously perform some garden interactions (MCCC > MC Tuner > Change Interaction Autonomy > Autonomous Gardening). Note that some interactions have special dialogs that pop-up so they can’t be performed autonomously. As an aside, if you want an add-on that performs more in-depth gardening autonomy, I recommend checking out LMS’s mod for the same, https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175402959383/autonomous-gardening-let-your-sims-them. She has added custom tuning mod-work that adds some interactions, buffs and such to implement this with a Plant-Lover trait that you add to the Sim so it can be added or removed as desired in the game on a specific Sim. As I had a request to make it more for Sims to be able to do it like autonomous cleaning and repairs, I went a different way.
  • I noticed that autonomous repairs, in general, didn’t seem to be happening like I would expect so I spent a couple of days tracking that down and adding a fix.
  • Like the “Add Roommates” to non-university households, there is another option that people have been requesting from me, almost since the Sims 4 came out, that wasn’t possible to do in the past but I found a way to do it in this release. This option is the “Play This Household” option (MCCC > MC Cheats > Play This Household). This option will switch the active household from the household currently being played to the selected household. There are a few limits, like the household has to be on a lot in the world and can’t be “special” Sims like the reaper and such, but this prevents players from having to go back-and-forth to the Manage Household screen just to change to another household.
  • Per RyukanoHi’s request, I’ve added a “Flag for No Jealousy”. This flag is listed in the MC Tuner section of Sim Flags due to it modifying the way that interactions behave, so MC Tuner must be deployed for it to work. When a Sim has this flag, they will never cause jealousy or become jealous. There are some exceptions that may apply to this working right. If clubs encourage jealousy, it may still happen. If polygamy is in use in MC Woohoo, it might still occur. If a Sim has the jealous trait, it may still happen. I think the way this is implemented now will cover more exceptions than the old way I was doing it with MC Woohoo, but time will tell.
  • Added a new mailbox from the Knitting stuff pack to support the MC Cheat menu. Thanks, Simmerapple, for letting me know about that!
  • Fixed a bug that happened when MC Pregnancy maximum offspring for pets was greater than 3, but human maximum offspring count was still left at 3. Thanks, Jayne, for the help tracking that one down!
  • Fixed a bug where the No Name Change flag was not always referenced for Ancestral Houses when a Sim would move in. Thanks, EG, for bringing that to my attention!
  • Added a “System Info Log” option to the Logging Commands menu in Sim Commands. This produces a report similar to what shows-up in the LastExcpeption.html, but can be run at any time. It can be helpful to figure out what duplicate mods may exist in a user’s mods directory or script mods that end with “.zip”, which are quite-often out of date.
  • Fixed a bug with MCCC’s “Turn into Mermaid” Occult Command that didn’t set the Sim’s outfit correctly so there was no Fin like there should be. It would cause last exceptions and errors as a result.
MC Woohoo Changes
  • Added a new MC Woohoo setting “Nude Shower Woohoo” (MCCC > MC Woohoo > Sim Nudity > Nudity Interactions > Nude Shower Woohoo). When this setting is enabled, if a Sim is valid based on nude gendeage settings, they will become nude before shower woohoo rather than wearing towels.
  • Changed MC Woohoo’s disable jealousy to work differently after adding the “Flag for No Jealousy”. Exceptions may still cause some jealousy to happen, but I think it should be very unlikely now.
submitted by ch_ch_cherry_bomb to TS4_Rebels