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Comments: 24 Download (54.24 Mb) Shadow Mapper 15 April 2020 GTA 4 The map editor for GTAIV. Download Grand Theft Auto IV full game PC + Multiplayer ^^nosTEAM^^. Download Gta IV Crack By Razor 1911 5. Extract/Copy all 3 files. Hero super player 3000 with serial key. Jdt core patch for groovy-eclipse plugin. Official sixth patch for GTA 4: / / The patch includes a small update for GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City.

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You need the original GTA: IV PC game to play IV: MP. Gta 4 multiplayer crack. Roller coaster tycoon 1 cracked softwares over at this website. Grand Theft Auto IV Patch is a product developed by Rockstar [HOST] site is not directly affiliated with Rockstar [HOST] trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. The goal of this site is to have all GTA modding related knowledge in one convenient place. Auto Typer And Auto Clicker 1.4; Scirocco Take a Break 3.1 Utility that reminds us when to Take a Break; Take Command 26.0 A powerful GUI Windows command interpreter.


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This works for the Steam Edition and Rockstar Games Launcher Edition. April 9, 2020 At 5: 58 PM. Click on the link written as PATCH. Grand Theft Auto IV is played in a third-person perspective and the main character, Niko Bellic, is allowed to explore the massive open-world city. Video capture registration crack https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=6422. What's new in Grand Theft Auto IV Patch fixed a bug causing tree leaves to look transparent; fixed a bug that prevented uploading of rendered videos to Social Club when attaching certain music tracks; fixed for clip capture "OFF" slowdowns occurring when near water's edge. Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you!

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Grand Theft Auto is well-known series that is available from two decades, and there are many installments. LIMCS April 18, 2020 At 2: 56 PM. good. Crack for GTA 4 - this Softonic based on the original translation of the game from 1C. Translation of the game will help you understand the game process and the fate of the protagonist - Niko Bellic in Russian. Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 is the first expansion pack, to the original Grand Theft Auto. But i dont have DLC myself, so there is a little chance that DLC may have separate shader folder, in this case target DLC file needs to be copied to gta4 default shader folder, after. In IV: MP you are able to do almost anything that you can do in single player GTA: IV.


Using real life CQB tactics in PvP Multiplayer

You ever wonder why so many players rush mindlessly or camp mindlessly? It is primarily because this game incentivizes getting the most kills as an individual instead of staying alive as a team. Rushers rush because they have an itching feeling that if they move slowly and cautiously, they will be shot in the back. Campers camp because they are afraid of getting caught in a front to front 50/50 gunfight. Most people that play this game probably don’t know what CQB is but if they did they would realize how effective CQB formations can be in this game. As you all know, most of the multiplayer maps are very small and take place in tight confined spaces and compressed environments. These result in firefights at less than 50 meters which puts these maps within the realm of CQB. This entire game is about Momentum, angular advantage, and the decision making process. These are all CQB concepts. If you don’t know, CQB stands for Close Quarters Battle. It is what has been popularized by the movies portraying SWAT and Special Forces conducting room clearing (most of the time dynamic) and the whole squad moving in a very tightly packed shoulder to shoulder stack formation. The US military adapted CQB tactics starting after WW2 when most of the fighting was taking place in urban environments during raids on enemy compounds or within major cities. Concepts and positioning tactics were refined during the 70’s and 80’s to create the standard dynamic entry that we see today.
Dynamic entry involves the team stacking up on a door, breaching the door gaining entry, then tossing flash or frag, then moving into what’s called points of domination in the room. From the enemy’s perspective, if the enemy was camping inside the room somewhere (most likely caught off guard not ready to fire) the enemy would first become disoriented by the bang or killed/wounded by the frag and then they would immediately see the entry team explode through the door, two guys entering from the doorway and spreading out in opposite directions (clearing hard corners first, and making themselves harder targets for anyone in the center of the room) then focusing on reaching their own point of domination, the third and fourth guys would follow simultaneously after the first and second move in, immediately clearing the center of the room. As with all plans, if something will go wrong it will under any circumstances. When things go FUBAR, teams train to have a fallback plan and are flexible enough to deal with casualties. If any member of the team goes down, all members of the team must be prepared to adapt to the situation at hand and take their buddies sector of fire. This way there is team accountability. Each guy is responsible for keeping his buddy alive.
Now to the grit of the subject. Is it possible to adapt and visualize real life CQB tactics in FPS games? Yes it is. Department of Defense and the Pentagon actively look for simulation training environments for virtual training of soldiers. Simulation companies Like Bohemia Interactive Simulations created a virtual training environment called Virtual Battlespace (VBS) which is used to save money on field operations while still providing the necessary training involved with visualizing tactics and practicing good communication, decision making skills, and leadership between team members. Simulations or war games are also used to prep live operations to discover flaws in the op or create contingency plans if things go wrong.
So can we stretch it even farther? Can COD, an Arcade game, be used as a CQB simulator effectively? The answer is definitely yes. If teams practice CQB flow, good communication, leadership, and decision making skills, they can gain a huge advantage in PvP simply by being organized, but also, by moving and working as a team and creating redundant cover, using bounding techniques through open areas, and using CQB formations through confined spaces like hallways, rooms, alleys, and roads (which are just bigger outside hallways).
The reason this works is because of psychology and reaction time. The average reaction time of pulling a trigger in response to stimuli is around 400 milliseconds. If someone is rushing, the world around them is moving faster which increases their reaction time by a full 500 milliseconds plus the time it takes to raise the gun up. Compared to someone moving slowly with their gun ready to fire, their brain is able to comprehend what is happening around them, they move quieter than sprinting therefore they can hear enemies around them more clearly, they have increase situational awareness (SA), and faster aim down sight speed than if they were coming out of a sprint and responding to stimuli. Therefore, due to brain science, the slower moving guy will have the faster reaction time if he is looking in the right direction at the moment of contact.
Rushers rush because they have no rear security, but because they rush, they have no front security as well because their gun is not ready to fire as they have to first stop sprinting then raise their gun up then aim then fire taking a full second which is why campers usually win against rushers, because they are already aiming down sight, and all they have to do is pull the trigger (400 millisecond response time as opposed to 1 second response time).
This is called the OODA loop.
Observe Orient Decide Act
This acronym was created by Colonel John Boyd, a fighter pilot and military strategist. Essentially, the OODA Loop is something permanently stuck in our brains and determins how fast and in what manner we respond to stimuli in our environment, and how we can use that knowledge to gain an advantage over our enemy. For more information on this go to this link. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/OODA_loop
In order for CQB to be effective as a team we must position ourselves in the most advantageous way possible and stay on the move. This does not necessarily mean sprinting all over the place, but moving in such a way as to confuse the enemy team and be able see things from their perspective. To get into their OODA Loop process, executing ours faster than they can react. Usually this works when moving a full team safely around the map engaging enemy targets one at a time in piecemeal, which decreases the threat on the CQB team while also increasing the pressure and confusion on the other team.
In CQB one of the primary fundamentals is 360 degree security. Because one man is not capable of seeing 360 degrees around him but can only see a sliver of that (in this game we have no peripheral vision but only tunnel vision of like 90 degrees field of view) we have to rely on our teammates to create the added security around us. If the team practices maintaining 360 security at all times, even while moving, they will never get shot in the back or flanked from the side, and if they do, it is because one man ignored his sector, putting the whole team at risk. You see this happen often in random games. People all choose their own rush route, but because there is no team accountability, one entire section of the map is unclear, and the whole rushing team gets shot in the back by one guy who flanked everybody. 360 security essentially solves all those problems which is why it is also used in reality, because it works.
There are many other concepts used in CQB but the primary fundamentals are Surprise (Catching enemy off guard by staying stealthy), speed (not sprinting but by acquiring and engaging targets, having faster OODA Loop than the enemy), and Violence of Action (making a plan and carrying it out successfully as a team).
If you have any questions or are interested in this subject and testing it out feel free to DM me.
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