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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 XP and Punchcards by the numbers

This is posted in my profile because it kept getting caught in /FortNiteBR 's automod's begging filter and I couldn't find what triggered it. (And frankly, if my past experience is anything to go by, because it would die in /new with 7 upvotes; at least here I can always find it again to link.)
I'll try to keep this post up to date with any new punchcards and secret challenges or extra sources of XP.
Hypex just released his list of the XP needed to reach every level this season, which lets me finalize my spreadsheet, so I can show you the hard numbers:
  • Level goal this season: 220. This gets you the final legacy and holo style (silver, gold, and holo styles are unlocked one every five levels from level 105 to 220).
  • XP to reach 220: 15,309,000
  • By XP, the halfway mark to level 220 is level 101. (The halfway mark to level 100 is level 52.)
  • XP you will get from doing every daily 10k-XP Quick Challenge and all of the weekly challenges: 6,700,000. This is enough to get to level 89.
  • If you don't do your dailies, there is only enough weekly challenge XP to get to level 30. You should try to do your gold Quick Challenges every day.
  • There are 255 punchcard punches (currently; last season they added some new ones with updates). (14.10 edit: There are now 283 punches available across 63 punchcards.) They have reduced the requirements for a lot of them from last season, making most of them attainable (I expect to get 213 of them). If you get 200 punchcards as well as your daily and weekly challenges, you will get 9,700,000 XP. This will get you to level 139.
  • You have to grind 5,609,000 XP outside of challenges and after 200 punchcards to reach level 220.
  • There are scheduled to be 94 days this season. By XP, that means that every day you should get just slightly under 60,000 XP that doesn't come from punchcards, gold Quick Challenges, and weekly challenges.
This list doesn't include XP coins and extra or hidden challenges (extra challenges like the Oro ones in season 2 that showed on the map, hidden ones like the AstroNot and coral buddies that only show up once you reach them in the game), which will help with the grinding. This is also based on every week having the same layout of 6 challenges for 25,000 XP and 1 for 50,000, which may change.
This list also only includes 10 weeks worth of challenges, even though the season is 13 weeks long. I don't remember any season that was longer than 10 weeks that had extra weeks of challenges (aside from stretch goals) (it might have happened and I just don't remember it). And I always think that it's better to underestimate than overestimate - so if we do get extra weeks of challenges, that will be a bonus and make our lives easier, but we shouldn't count on it before we know. Better to be safe than sorry.
Judging by the XP coin punchcards, there should be enough XP from coins to reduce the daily grind XP required to just under 50,000. However, last season we didn't get all of the XP coins, and I don't want to depend on it and then have it not show up, so I will be using 60,000 as my number.

Sources of XP

  • Since the Yacht is gone now, the best loot route for grinding is probably Steamy Stacks again this season (5k-ish per match, depending on chest spawns and upgrades; I've got up to 7.5k). If you run out of things to loot but are still alive, go fishing.
  • Upgrading grey weapons still takes only 30 materials and gets you almost as much XP as a chest (120), but upgrade benches can no longer be carried, making that harder to utilize.
  • Shooting down loot drones gives you 145, but is obviously more dangerous. If the landing site near Dirty Docks is active, landing near there to clear it out and then moving to Steamy Stacks to loot isn't a bad idea.
  • Here is a map of XP coin locations, via ProGameGuides
  • Marvel Takeover LTM can give you over 10,000 XP, if it's a highly contested game or you do a lot of reactor captures. The games where it's heavily one-sided are closer to 3,000, but it's still nothing to sneeze at, and it gives you Superpower damage and uses to count toward your punchcards (plus being quite fun).
Hidden challenges
  • Oh No - 25,000 xp - Description: visit the coral buddies from last season (small island west of the lighthouse)
    • NO LONGER AVAILABLE; the Coral Buddies island is gone.
  • The Event of the Year - 20,000 xp - Visit gnome at billboard on rock on east side of Authority island
    • Might be available at multiple places; there are also gnomes looking at posters for the event on the north side of the easternmost building in Retail Row.
    • There is a billboard on a a tree slightly northwest of Apres Ski.
    • There are posters in the alley beside the Taco shop in Sweaty Sands.
    • There is a gnome looking at posters in the upgrade garage room in Steamy Stacks.
    • There is a billboard of a hill facing the beach southwest of Holly Hedges.
    • There is a gnome looking at posters in the top floor of the garden store in Holly Hedges.
  • GNOM Talk - 25,000 xp - Visit gnome demonstration at the circle of rocks at an unnamed shoreline point south of Apres Ski
NO LONGER AVAILABLE? Gnomes have moved away from their posters and the amphitheater.
  • The Aftermath - 25,000 xp - kill the blue gnome handing out flyers in various locations (for instance: north of the lighthouse, behind the ledge between the shops and houses in Retail Row; only one is needed and the blue guy disappears from all the other locations when you get him the first time).
  • The Lair - 20,000 xp - visit the basement of the Ghost House, see the map of the traps.
  • Disarm the Traps - 20,000 xp - Destroy the slurp barrel bombs which are around the map, at the locations on the map in the lair.
    • The first is in the garden center in Holly Hedges, by the upgrade bench.
    • 2 is under the deck in the restaurant in Craggy Cliffs.
    • 3 is in the northern stack in Steamy Stacks, on the bottom on the southern side, beside a pipe.
    • 4 is under the eastern side of the bridge in Misty Meadows.
    • 5 is behind a palm tree in the corner of the hotel patio is Sweaty Sands.
  • Most Wanted - 20,000 xp - Find the spray paint on the wall in the water just north of Hydro 16 (or in various other places)
  • Clean the Tanks - 10,000 xp - Jump into the slurp tanks in Slurpy Swamp's factory.
  • The Escape? - 10,000 xp - Find the gnome trying to escape through a hole in the wall near the tanks.
  • Grave Mistake - 20,000 xp - Visit a grave just east-northeast of the Slurpy Swamp northern dock.
Normal Gameplay XP
Action XP Gain
Storm circle 140
Ammo box 95
Chest 130
Supply drop 135
Llama 730
Loot drone 145
Upgrade 120
Sidegrade 28
Shakedown 100
Scan henchman 120
Henchman kill 80
Assist 125
Knock opponent 25
Elimination 150
Kill boss 165
Open vault 210
Gatherer 40
Gorger 185
Fishing spot 80
Forage 25
Weak spot streak 10
Discover named location 8000
Discover landmark 1000
. .
Weapon specialist accolades 60
Weapon expert accolades 105
Headshot 45
Distance shot 165
Long shot 235
Ludicrous shot 281? Depends on distance?
Double elim 150
Multi elim 105
10 kills 585
Survivor I 155
Survivor II 110
Survivor III 90
First elim 200
First landing 210
First chest 210
First supply drop 200
First fish 200
First upgrade 205
. .
Reactor capture 650
Things which seem like they would give XP, but don't:
  • Hacking starkbots
  • Killing lootsharks
  • Winning

Should I Buy Tiers?

To get your 60,000 grind XP per day, this is about 12 decent (5,000-xp) games (again, not counting XP coins or extra challenges, so if you get all of the extras it will actually be a little easier than this). If you don't think you can commit to that and want to hit 220, you may want to buy tiers.
If you do need to buy tiers, wait until you're level 20, so you'll get the most use out of your money. The reason behind that is the amount of XP needed per level:
  • Level 1-19 cost between 40,000 and 70,000 to level up.
  • Level 20-99 cost 80,000XP to level up.
  • Level 100 drops down to 50,000, and the XP needed per level increases by small amounts, usually about 250, at every level.
  • Level 215 is when the XP needed to level up reaches 80,000 again.
This means that if you buy the Battle Pack or any tiers before you're level 20, or if you try to put off buying the Battle Pack (battle pass with 25 tiers) until you're level 100 to try to skip levels, you'll actually be skipping the easiest levels in the game. You should buy your tiers after hitting level 20 naturally.

XP Tracker

I have a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my XP; it's a little bit complicated, but if you want to, you can use it as well. To do that, go to "File -> Make a copy", and it will give you one of your own. It basically works by you filling in all the squares with a green background, and everything else will calculate based on what you put in. The two columns on the front page with purple backgrounds will fill in a number every day, but you have to finalize it by writing over it at the end of the day (or else it will update to the next day's number).
The punchcard page isn't formatted the same way, but it has instructions.
You will have to add any new challenges and update the challenges and XP coins available in every week.

What Level Should I Be Each Day?

This is evenly divided according to XP required, not according to just level number.
Date Level
August 27 4
August 28 7
August 29 9
August 30 12
August 31 14
September 1 17
September 2 19
September 3 21
September 4 23
September 5 25
September 6 27
September 7 29
September 8 31
September 9 33
September 10 35
September 11 37
September 12 39
September 13 42
September 14 44
September 15 46
September 16 48
September 17 50
September 18 52
September 19 54
September 20 56
September 21 58
September 22 60
September 23 62
September 24 64
September 25 66
September 26 68
September 27 70
September 28 72
September 29 74
September 30 76
October 1 78
October 2 80
October 3 82
October 4 84
October 5 86
October 6 88
October 7 90
October 8 92
October 9 94
October 10 96
October 11 99
October 12 101
October 13 104
October 14 108
October 15 111
October 16 114
October 17 117
October 18 120
October 19 123
October 20 126
October 21 129
October 22 132
October 23 134
October 24 137
October 25 140
October 26 143
October 27 146
October 28 148
October 29 151
October 30 153
October 31 156
November 1 159
November 2 161
November 3 164
November 4 166
November 5 169
November 6 171
November 7 174
November 8 176
November 9 178
November 10 181
November 11 183
November 12 185
November 13 188
November 14 190
November 15 192
November 16 194
November 17 197
November 18 199
November 19 201
November 20 203
November 21 205
November 22 207
November 23 209
November 24 211
November 25 213
November 26 215
November 27 217
November 28 220


This is a list of the punchcards and their requirements, with what you have to do every day to complete them. The ones without labels are the ones I haven't personally unlocked yet to know exactly where they go - if last season is anything to go by, they may be rearranged in future updates anyway. (They were reorganized again in the 14.20 update and I have reorganized the list to match.)
In the beginning of the season, some reliable sources were reporting that some punchcards from last season, like Chomp and First, were still here, but they are not.
Some of the numbers originally given were inaccurate (Anglin', Up and At 'Em, and Efficient, at least), so I can't guarantee that the number for the new superpower punchcards are currently accurate either, until I get to them myself. The ones I've found to be wrong have been fixed as of Sept. 10.
Number Name Description Total Punches Required for last punch Required per day to complete
W1 (1) Snack Time Opponents hit with Venom ability 4 100 2
W1 (2) Goddess Opponents hit with Storm ability 4 150 2
W1 (3) Vibranium Suit Black Panther Armor Damage 4 10000 107
W1 (4) Outta My Way, Bub Damage with Wolverine claws 4 25000 266
. Does not count damage from Dash or Air Slash, only from hitting with a normal attack.
W1 (5) Galactus Hungers Gorgers Destroyed 4 100 2
W1 (6) Doom Stands Alone! Doom weapon damage 4 25000 266
. Damage must be done to opponents, not AI or structures. As of 14.10, only counts damage from the Mystic Bomb.
W1 (7) Stark Tech Iron Man repulsors damage 4 25000 266
W1 (8) Worthy Damage with Thor ability 4 25000 266
W1 (9) Rampage She-Hulk Fists Damage 4 25000 266
W1 (10) I Am Groot Damage absorbed with Groot shield 4 15000 160
W1 (11) Faster Than Light Distance traveled on Silver Surfer's board 4 25000 266
A1 Champion Victory in modes 5
A2 Shared Glory Win with a friend 1
A6 Thriving Top 10 placements 6 250 3
B1 Chop Chop Trees destroyed 6 25000 266
B2 Nest Egg 999 of each material 1
B3 Scrounging for Grub Foraged consumables 5 1000 11
B4 Collector Materials harvested 6 500000 5320
C1 Jackpot Llamas 6 50
C2 Stocking the Armory Ammo boxes 6 5000 54
C3 Prized Loot Fancy chests 6 100
C4 Whack a Drone Drone elims 4 100
C5 Look What I Found! Chests 6 5000 54
C6 Free Fallin' Supply drop shot down 1
C7 Free Delivery Supply drops 6 250 3
D1 Never Stood a Chance Eliminations 6 2500 27
D2 POW! Damage 6 1000000 10639
D3 Insolent Fools! Doom henchmen elims 5 500 6
D4 Robot Army Stark Robots eliminated 5 500 6
E1 BANG! Explosive elims 6 500 6
. For the purposes of this punchcard, Doom's Arcane Gauntlets and Stark's Repulsors count as explosive weapons.
E2 BRRRRRT! SMG elims 6 750 8
E3 Never Saw it Coming Long distance elims 4 50 1
. 150+ meters
E4 BAM! Sniper elims 6 750 8
E5 CRACK! Shotgun elims 6 750 8
E6 Tools of the Trade Elims with weapon types 6
E7 POP! Pistol elims 6 500 6
E8 RATATATA! AR damage 6 750 8
F1 Back in the Fight Reboots 6 100 2
F2 Up and At 'Em Revives 6 250 3
G1 Fishy Complete fishing collection 1
G2 Snagged Fish fished 6 500 6
G3 Anglin' Fishing spots used 5 500
H1 Rainbow Arsenal Upgrades to different rarities 4
H2 Working Out the Kinks Upgrades 4 250
H3 Now For Something Different Sidegrade 1
I1 On Fire Elimination streak accolades 5
I2 Versatile Different weapon accolades 6
J1 A Legacy to Remember Legacies 5 50
J2 Punchy Punches 4 200
J3 Efficient Quick Challenges 6 500
J4 Hero Level 100 1
J5 Overachiever Completed punchcards 5 40
J6 Consistent Weekly challenges 5 60
K1 Purple Power Purple XP coins 5 20
K2 Good as Gold Gold XP coins 5 10
K3 Deja Blue Blue XP coins 5 30
K4 Dream of Green Green XP coins 5 40
L1 Precision and Power Elimination with Stark rifle 1
L2 Hot Seat Fire trap elim 1
L3 Well-behaved Bus driver thanks 4 100
L4 Q&A Shakedowns 4 100
L5 That's Handy Bounce on Sentinel hand 1
N1 Wheelman Distance driven with passengers 5 250000 2660
N2 Rideshare Eliminate driver of your vehicle 1
?? Power Hungry Power chests 4 100 2
. Power chests do not seem to be in the game yet and there is no space for that punchcard in the current layout.
Presumably all the other superpowers are or will be available in loot drones, but I can only currently confirm Mjolnir (Thor's ability).


These are interesting, and necessary for one punchcard, but don't give any XP or anything.
Some of them reference mechanics that aren't in the game right now, like using a flare gun. It remains to be seen if that's an oversight or these mechanics will be added back in later this season.
List via ProGameGuides.
submitted by Splendidissimus to u/Splendidissimus


script to search through all support tickets

i needed to search through all support tickets, the CAC website has no support for that, so i made this script, hope it can help someone else;
```php declare(strict_types=1);
class cac { protected $username; protected $password; public $ch; function __construct(string $username, string $password) { $this->username = $username; $this->password = $password; $this->ch = curl_init(); $this->opts(array( CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER => true, CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER => true, CURLOPT_BINARYTRANSFER => true, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION => true, CURLOPT_HTTPGET => true, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER => false, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT => 4, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT => 8, CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE => "", // < "", // << makes curl post all supported encodings, gzip/deflate/etc, makes transfers faster CURLOPT_USERAGENT => 'cac_ticket_search_script' )); $this->login(); } function __destruct() { if (empty($this->ch)) { return; } $this->logout(); curl_close($this->ch); } public function exec(string $url, string $method = 'GET'): string { $opts = [ CURLOPT_URL => $url ]; if ($method === "GET") { $opts[CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST] = null; $opts[CURLOPT_HTTPGET] = 1; } elseif ($method === "POST") { $opts[CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST] = null; $opts[CURLOPT_POST] = 1; } else { $opts[CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST] = $method; } $this->opts($opts); $ret = curl_exec($this->ch); if (!is_string($ret)) { throw new \RuntimeException("curl_exec failed!: " . curl_errno($this->ch) . ": " . curl_error($this->ch)); } return $ret; } public function opts(array $opts): void { if (!curl_setopt_array($this->ch, $opts)) { throw new \RuntimeException("curl_setopt failed!: " . curl_errno($this->ch) . ": " . curl_error($this->ch)); } } protected function login(): void { $html = $this->exec('https://members.cloudatcost.com/index.php?fuse=home&view=login', 'GET'); // sessionHash: 7665ecbbb4b50cd1384b149317533af8 // $domd = $this->loadHTML($html); // $xp=new DOMXPath($domd); // clientexec.sessionHash\s\=\s(?:(?:\")|(?:\'))(?[\"\']*) $matches = []; if (!preg_match('/clientexec\.sessionHash\s\=\s(?:(?:\")|(?:\\'))(?[\"\\']*)/', $html, $matches)) { throw new \RuntimeException("failed to fetch sessionHash"); } $sessionHash = $matches["sessionHash"]; $this->opts(array( CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS => http_build_query(array( 'email' => $this->username, 'passed_password' => $this->password, 'sessionHash' => $sessionHash )) )); $html = $this->exec('https://members.cloudatcost.com/index.php?fuse=admin&action=Login', 'POST'); if (false == stripos($html, 'Welcome ')) { fwrite(STDERR, $html); throw new \RuntimeException("failed to login - after login, could not find welcome needle. html dumped to stderr"); } } public static function loadHTML(string $html, int $extra_flags = 0, int $exclude_flags = 0): DOMDocument { $flags = LIBXML_HTML_NODEFDTD | LIBXML_NOBLANKS | LIBXML_NONET; $flags = ($flags | $extra_flags) & ~$exclude_flags;
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} $cac = new cac('', ''); $tickets = $cac->getAllTickets(); var_export($tickets); ```
sample output: ``` $ time php cacsearch.php int(0) .....array ( 0 => array ( 'id' => 62905144, 'subject' => 'got error while paying invoice ', 'date' => 'Date Created: 09/05/2020 03:35 pm', 'status' => 'Closed', 'textContent' => 'View Ticket - Cloud At Cost Client portalHomeDashboardProductsProduct listOrder new servicesBillingMy invoicesEdit Payment MethodSupportMy ticketsSearch knowledge baseSubmit a requestWelcome Hans Henrik B.Edit ProfileAlternate AccountsAccount NotesLogoffDashboard/My Tickets/Viewing TicketTicket #62905144Got error while paying invoice ClosedMessagesCustom FieldsSave Custom Fields09/05/2020 03:35:36 pmBergan EF an error occurred (unfortunately i didn\'t save the error) when trying to pay invoice id can you confirm that invoice id has been paid? 09/14/2020 09:46:58 amGary C Hello

yes it was successful we will look into the error you received thank you

Gary Dedicated Support Engineer CloudAtCost Support
www.cloudatcost.com This ticket has been closed for some time and unable to be reopened. You may create a new ticket if you need assistance with an issue. Powered by', ), 1 => array ( 'id' => 62904925, 'subject' => 'server down', 'date' => 'Date Created: 08/15/2020 01:41 am', 'status' => 'Closed', 'textContent' => 'View Ticket - Cloud At Cost Client portalHomeDashboardProductsProduct listOrder new servicesBillingMy invoicesEdit Payment MethodSupportMy ticketsSearch knowledge baseSubmit a requestWelcome Hans Henrik B.Edit ProfileAlternate AccountsAccount NotesLogoffDashboard/My Tickets/Viewing TicketTicket #62904925Server downClosedMessagesCustom FieldsSave Custom Fields08/15/2020 01:41:09 amBergan EF the server has stopped responding, both to RDP and pings, unless there\'s some network outages or something, i guess it needs a reboot 08/15/2020 01:43:18 amBergan EF ** File Attached: LenovoThinkCentre.jpg ** it\'s not a standard dedicated server, it\'s a "Lenovo ThinkCentre" system, product Id ip , looks like picture attached 08/15/2020 11:53:29 amGary C Hello Hans I am on site and I have rebooted this for you

Let me know if you need anything else

Gary Dedicated Support Engineer CloudAtCost Support www.cloudatcost.com 08/15/2020 12:42:45 pmBergan EF thanks, it works fine now. seems like the outage was Windows Updates-related, something probably went wrong during automatic windows-updates setup This ticket has been closed for some time and unable to be reopened. You may create a new ticket if you need assistance with an issue.Attachments: by: Bergan EF LenovoThinkCentre.jpg Powered by', ), , 3 => array ( 'id' => 62904460, 'subject' => 'what CPUs is used for "Dedicated Server XL1" ?', 'date' => 'Date Created: 07/15/2020 06:31 pm', 'status' => 'Closed', 'textContent' => 'View Ticket - Cloud At Cost Client portalHomeDashboardProductsProduct listOrder new servicesBillingMy invoicesEdit Payment MethodSupportMy ticketsSearch knowledge baseSubmit a requestWelcome Hans Henrik B.Edit ProfileAlternate AccountsAccount NotesLogoffDashboard/My Tickets/Viewing TicketTicket #62904460What CPUs is used for "Dedicated Server XL1" ?ClosedMessagesCustom FieldsSave Custom Fields07/15/2020 06:31:45 pmBergan EF what CPUs is used for "Dedicated Server XL1" ? 07/16/2020 09:39:43 amGary C Hey Hans

our dedicated XL1 is running 4 xeon x7560 cpu giving 64 logical cores

Gary Dedicated Support Engineer CloudAtCost Support www.cloudatcost.com 07/16/2020 10:45:29 amBergan EF thanks This ticket has been closed for some time and unable to be reopened. You may create a new ticket if you need assistance with an issue. Powered by', ), 4 => array ( 'id' => 62903908, 'subject' => 'reboot server id ', 'date' => 'Date Created: 06/18/2020 03:50 am', 'status' => 'Closed', 'textContent' => 'View Ticket - Cloud At Cost Client portalHomeDashboardProductsProduct listOrder new servicesBillingMy invoicesEdit Payment MethodSupportMy ticketsSearch knowledge baseSubmit a requestWelcome Hans Henrik B.Edit ProfileAlternate AccountsAccount NotesLogoffDashboard/My Tickets/Viewing TicketTicket #62903908Reboot server id 904934ClosedMessagesCustom FieldsSave Custom Fields06/18/2020 03:50:07 amBergan EF ** File Attached: LenovoThinkCentre.jpg ** ** File Attached: LenovoThinkCentre2.jpg ** it went down during the "Emergency Maintenance (...) We have experienced a cooling issue" thing at June 17, 2020, https://members.cloudatcost.com/index.php?fuse=home&controller=announcements&view=announcement&ann_id=145 but this server does not have (or at least does not have activated) anything like iDRAC, so i can\'t reboot it myself, also note that this is not a normal U1 rack, it\'s a mini-computer thing looking like the images below 06/18/2020 11:05:16 amGary C Hey Hans

the switch this was connected to was giving issues this morning and was fixed do you still need a reboot on this server ?

Gary Dedicated Support Engineer CloudAtCost Support www.cloudatcost.com 06/19/2020 05:21:28 amBergan EF no i don\'t need a reboot, it\'s working now, thanks :) This ticket has been closed for some time and unable to be reopened. You may create a new ticket if you need assistance with an issue.Attachments: by: Bergan EF LenovoThinkCentre.jpg by: Bergan EF LenovoThinkCentre2.jpg Powered by', ), ```
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