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Keanison Alpha Flipper Delete #78 - [email protected]$10

Spots/Price: [email protected]$10
Total Price: $1,300
Make and Model: Keanison Alpha Flipper Delete #78
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/6u1XFhH
Escrow: For Laz_EDC
Description: Handmade Custom knife made in Texas Keanison Alpha Flipper Delete #78 Sports a Bronzed infused Fat carbon CF scale with full titanium lock side, clip, back spacer and collars. Nitro V Belt Satin Blade with Skiff bearings. Knife comes in custom engraved case with COA and Keanison stickers and patches. OAL: 8.5 Blade Length: 3.25in (cutting edge) Closed Length: 5in Bearings : Skiff Blade Steel : Nitro V Belt Satin Condition is A for flipping never cut or carried spec out the build and purchased directly from Bryan at Keanison on 10/12/2020.
Please pay ONLY via Paypal Friends and Family with NOTHING written in the comments. Remember to respond with a PM once spots are given and paid for. If you specify a spot and it has been taken, you will be assigned a random unless otherwise specified in your comment. Shipping CONUS only.

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BoyAndHisBlob
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BoyAndHisBlob.
1 thaaatguy PAID
2 thaaatguy PAID
3 Jubakuba PAID
4 Chinaman707 PAID
5 tehbehemoth PAID
6 knifelunatic PAID
7 thaaatguy PAID
8 SlowAsDirt PAID
9 i_donthavea_name PAID
10 brianhewitt PAID
11 slumcat72 PAID
12 i_donthavea_name PAID
13 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
14 thaaatguy PAID
15 MatchesMalone_247 PAID
16 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
17 i_donthavea_name PAID
18 thaaatguy PAID
19 thaaatguy PAID
20 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
21 madknives23 PAID
22 thaaatguy PAID
23 i_donthavea_name PAID
24 Chinaman707 PAID
25 tehbehemoth PAID
26 thaaatguy PAID
27 thaaatguy PAID
28 knifelunatic PAID
29 brianhewitt PAID
30 mrkreef256 PAID
31 thaaatguy PAID
32 Chinaman707 PAID
33 i_donthavea_name PAID
34 Gboogie3 PAID
35 claaark PAID
36 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
37 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
38 knifelunatic PAID
39 mrkreef256 PAID
40 thaaatguy PAID
41 ruthbuzzicooperberg PAID
42 vilenrx PAID
43 tehbehemoth PAID
44 thaaatguy PAID
45 i_donthavea_name PAID
46 thaaatguy PAID
47 mrkreef256 PAID
48 vilenrx PAID
49 thaaatguy PAID
50 mrkreef256 PAID
51 brianhewitt PAID
52 i_donthavea_name PAID
53 knifelunatic PAID
54 i_donthavea_name PAID
55 knifelunatic PAID
56 ruthbuzzicooperberg PAID
57 sasebo123 PAID
58 i_donthavea_name PAID
59 thaaatguy PAID
60 i_donthavea_name PAID
61 vilenrx PAID
62 slumcat72 PAID
63 Chinaman707 PAID
64 thaaatguy PAID
65 mrkreef256 PAID
66 mrkreef256 PAID
67 brianhewitt PAID
68 MatchesMalone_247 PAID
69 slumcat72 PAID
70 brianhewitt PAID
71 thaaatguy PAID
72 thaaatguy PAID
73 mrkreef256 PAID
74 thaaatguy PAID
75 thaaatguy PAID
76 knifelunatic PAID
77 madknives23 PAID
78 SlowAsDirt PAID
79 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
80 i_donthavea_name PAID
81 MatchesMalone_247 PAID
82 thaaatguy PAID
83 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
84 knifelunatic PAID
85 knifelunatic PAID
86 thaaatguy PAID
87 thaaatguy PAID
88 Chinaman707 PAID
89 thaaatguy PAID
90 i_donthavea_name PAID
91 thaaatguy PAID
92 mrkreef256 PAID
93 claaark PAID
94 Chinaman707 PAID
95 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
96 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
97 Chinaman707 PAID
98 slumcat72 PAID
99 af1onmyfeets PAID
100 i_donthavea_name PAID
101 MatchesMalone_247 PAID
102 mrkreef256 PAID
103 -LieutenantObvious- PAID
104 Lentu12321 PAID
105 i_donthavea_name PAID
106 thaaatguy PAID
107 tehbehemoth PAID
108 Chinaman707 PAID
109 MatchesMalone_247 PAID
110 Chinaman707 PAID
111 knifelunatic PAID
112 thaaatguy PAID
113 mrkreef256 PAID
114 mrkreef256 PAID
115 thaaatguy PAID
116 tehbehemoth PAID
117 i_donthavea_name PAID
118 MatchesMalone_247 PAID
119 thaaatguy PAID
120 i_donthavea_name PAID
121 slumcat72 PAID
122 i_donthavea_name PAID
123 i_donthavea_name PAID
124 mrkreef256 PAID
125 slumcat72 PAID
126 Jubakuba PAID
127 tehbehemoth PAID
128 Chinaman707 PAID
129 slumcat72 PAID
130 thaaatguy PAID

submitted by slumcat72 to KnifeRaffle

[MAIN] Assembly Square - 118 @ $3

Reminder, if you prepay, no notes on PayPal and send a message here on reddit!
Day/Time: Nov 4, 2020 10pm
Escrow for u/dragonstryke017
Contact u/dragonstryke017 for Canadian PayPal.
Item Name Set Number: 10255 Assembly Square
Lego Price: $280 + $34 BC tax (12%) - 31 (10% reraffle)=283
Shipping: $70
Raffle Total/Spots: $353, 118 spots @ $3/spot
Price justification? Lego.com
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? No
Duration of spot limit? N/A
Location(Country): Canada
Will ship international? Yes, shipping cost reflects items being shipped from Vancouver, Canada to the most eastern part of Canada (St. John, Newfoundland). Winner outside of Canada will be responsible for any shipping difference over $70
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/frlHCO3
Description: Big building
Payment required w/in 15 minutes of raffle filling.

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BoyAndHisBlob
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BoyAndHisBlob.
1 cravejosh PAID
2 franklywritten PAID
3 Bosskz PAID
4 HorizonXP PAID
5 JoseTheDolphin PAID
6 VR38-R35 PAID
7 wacowillie3281 PAID
8 Bosskz PAID
9 VR38-R35 PAID
10 Bosskz PAID
11 JoseTheDolphin PAID
12 HorizonXP PAID
13 _parameters PAID
14 Tofusenin PAID
15 _parameters PAID
16 mulligansteak PAID
17 VR38-R35 PAID
18 r1955 PAID
19 r1955 PAID
20 _parameters PAID
21 nik0nguy601 PAID
22 _parameters PAID
23 littlebistro PAID
24 HorizonXP PAID
25 Lord_Vision PAID
26 Lord_Vision PAID
27 r1955 PAID
28 franklywritten PAID
29 Meer7474 PAID
30 hshamshu PAID
31 Samjamesjr PAID
32 jaycsilver PAID
33 Nawojski26 PAID
34 wacowillie3281 PAID
35 Bosskz PAID
36 copperXmine PAID
37 Bosskz PAID
38 VR38-R35 PAID
39 wacowillie3281 PAID
40 wacowillie3281 PAID
41 Nawojski26 PAID
42 kraftymonkey PAID
43 Xterminator5 PAID
44 HorizonXP PAID
45 Samjamesjr PAID
46 MCOC_Dhakkon PAID
47 wacowillie3281 PAID
48 Samjamesjr PAID
49 CoffeeGulp PAID
50 stollba PAID
51 Samjamesjr PAID
52 jaycsilver PAID
53 nik0nguy601 PAID
54 acrobbins0 PAID
55 r1955 PAID
56 hshamshu PAID
57 Samjamesjr PAID
58 franklywritten PAID
59 _parameters PAID
60 r1955 PAID
61 Xterminator5 PAID
62 stollba PAID
63 _parameters PAID
64 copperXmine PAID
65 Nathan_Lego_Raffles PAID
66 VR38-R35 PAID
67 _parameters PAID
68 hshamshu PAID
69 acrobbins0 PAID
70 copperXmine PAID
71 wacowillie3281 PAID
72 acrobbins0 PAID
73 jaycsilver PAID
74 MCOC_Dhakkon PAID
75 Samjamesjr PAID
76 Samjamesjr PAID
77 Lollerskates1337 PAID
78 Lollerskates1337 PAID
79 Lollerskates1337 PAID
80 HorizonXP PAID
81 CoffeeGulp PAID
82 Bosskz PAID
83 Lord_Vision PAID
84 wacowillie3281 PAID
85 kadave85 PAID
86 franklywritten PAID
87 Samjamesjr PAID
88 acrobbins0 PAID
89 wacowillie3281 PAID
90 wacowillie3281 PAID
91 HorizonXP PAID
92 JoseTheDolphin PAID
93 r1955 PAID
94 wacowillie3281 PAID
95 kadave85 PAID
96 HorizonXP PAID
97 HorizonXP PAID
98 kadave85 PAID
99 jaycsilver PAID
100 copperXmine PAID
101 Tofusenin PAID
102 Lord_Vision PAID
103 SenorRojo PAID
104 hshamshu PAID
105 Samjamesjr PAID
106 stollba PAID
107 Nawojski26 PAID
108 Tofusenin PAID
109 cravejosh PAID
110 Samjamesjr PAID
111 Samjamesjr PAID
112 Lord_Vision PAID
113 Meer7474 PAID
114 Samjamesjr PAID
115 jaycsilver PAID
116 Samjamesjr PAID
117 acrobbins0 PAID
118 copperXmine PAID

submitted by TronicZomB to lego_raffles